90210 (2008–2013): Season 3, Episode 15 - Revenge of the Nerd - full transcript

Navid and Dixon convince a music producer to shoot a music video at Shirazi Studios. Adrianna's suspicions are confirmed, and she tells Silver about her plot for revenge. Emily distracts Annie and tries to get close to Liam, but her plan backfires. Teddy leans on Silver for support. Meanwhile, reality producers follow Adrianna and her friends around trying to shoot a pilot, and Naomi is surprised by her reaction to a nerdy lab partner who helps her out.

Previously on 90210:

Screw my spiritual journey!
I want my money back!

Oh, I'm sorry, Naomi, but you already
signed the deed to my foundation.

Like it or not, that land is mine.

Emily told me she saw you guys
making out on the back porch

right before my big audition, which
I then proceeded to screw up royally.

I wanted to tell you
I'm glad I took a chance on you.

- You got the part.
- Are you serious?

I trusted you.

I don't think I can see you anymore.

Don't you get it?
That girl Kaitlyn is a junior.

Which means my dad
put an underage girl in his movie.

You're not getting your daughter back,
are you?

I can't be a mother,
but I can totally be a reality star.


I can't do this anymore.

I can't keep running around
behind her back with you.

I don't love you. No, not anymore.

He's cheating on me.

- Why would you think that?
- Because I found this in his room.


I just can't get over the fact
that Navid was cheating on me.

Mm. Men are pigs.

Yeah, I guess.

But I am surprised about Navid.

I know. He was always so faithful
and so loyal.

No, I'm surprised
that he could even get a side piece.

But, yeah, that he's faithful
and loyal and all that.

I blame the slut who seduced him.

I wonder who she is.

Okay, okay.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

I mean, Ade, you're right.
It doesn't sound like Navid.

He's not the type. He's loyal
and faithful, and he wouldn't...

Yeah, but I found another girl's earring
in his bedroom.

I know.

But that is circumstantial evidence.
Could be anyone's.

It could be, like, his sister's.

He's got like 18 sisters, you know.
It could be one of theirs, I'm sure of it.

Yeah, you're probably right.

Cut! Oh, that is just great, girls.
Really, really good.

We had a little lighting issue.
We're gonna clean that.

But this is fantastic. Terrific.
Really good energy.

Can you believe this?
We're gonna be on TV.

Hell, yeah. Oh, not too much blush.

Okay, uh, I don't know
if I'm really up for this.

I'm not a reality-show type person.

Silver, no. You have to.
Giles said I need a posse for the pilot.

I can be your posse.
Or you could be mine.

Okay, does it seem a little uncool
that we're trashing Navid like this

if it's gonna be on national TV?

Um, no. Navid deserves it. Even if
he didn't cheat on her, he dumped her.

Okay. We're ready to go again.

Adrianna, great energy.
Naomi, the camera loves you.

- Ha. The feeling is mutual.
- Right.

Silver, tiny note. Try not to look
like you're being tortured. Yeah?

- Oh. Yeah, okay.
- Let's take it again from the top.

And action.

I just can't believe
Navid was cheating on me.

- Thanks again for breakfast, Mom.
- You're welcome.

- We should do this more.
- Yeah.

- Here you go, Mrs. Shirazi.
- Thank you.

You related to that kiddie-porn guy?

Uh, no. Uh, no relation.

Of course, Alexander the Great
was the most controversial

of the Macedon kings,
and he remains so today.

The Greeks in Alexander's time,

they did not think about
sexual orientation the way we do now.

Looks like Teddy was born
in the wrong era.

No talking. Now, when Alexander
lost Hephaestion,

he was overcome with grief.

The last thing I did? Oh, darling,

it was so far off Broadway,
it was in Newark. Ha.

- Thanks, darling.
- Sure.

And by the way, everyone, I'm Annie,
the intern at the Abbott Playhouse.

So if you need anything,
please just let me know.

- I'll be at your beck and call.
- Hi, guys. Ha, ha. Hey.

- Here you go.
- Oh, thanks, Annie.


I really appreciate the good attitude
you've had about everything.

I know how much you wanted a part
in the play.

Oh, please.
I'm just happy I got an audition.

I knew it was a long shot.

Okay, people,
we'll begin the read-through shortly.

- We are waiting on one more actress.
- Sorry I'm late.

And here she is right on cue.

Everyone, this is Emily Bradford.

She will be our Cecily.


I'm so excited.

It was unbelievable, Mom.

The way that she was just prancing
around the theater

like she owned the place.

She's such a snake and a phony.
I don't get it. How did this happen?

Annie, try to calm down.

But she went behind my back
and she stole the part.

I knew that I couldn't trust her.
I knew it.


Annie, I am so sorry.

I knew I shouldn't have gone out
with the cast last night.

I should have come right home
and just talked to you.

You know what, Emily?
I don't want to hear it.

No, I swear I did not mean
for this to happen.

When you left the audition,

the director assumed
I was there to audition too.

And I just figured,
you know, what the heck?

It'd be a good experience, right?

I never dreamed
that I would actually get it.

- Ugh. Yeah, right.
- Annie, hear her out.

Emily, don't you think
you should've told her?

I know. I know. I just...
I knew how bad she wanted the part

and I didn't know how.

I'm so sorry, Annie.

Look, if it's that upsetting to you
then I just...

I won't take the part. I'll quit.

Good. Quit.

Annie, you don't mean that.

Fine. You know what?
I don't care. Do what you want.

Once we determine the alkalinity
of the soil,

we can then begin
to form a hypothesis

about the local geology, all right?

Let's get to it, people.

Hi. I'm Max. We're lab partners.

Mm. Lucky for me.

Are you gonna put on
your lab goggles?

Ha, ha. Yeah, right.
They're gnarly, I'm not wearing them.

Why do I always get stuck
with the airheads?

- Where are your soil samples?
- What?

Our homework last class
was to collect soil samples

from various regions in Los Angeles.

Fine, I'll bring some dirt in next class.

Oh. Hello? Speaking.

No, I'm not busy at all.
Put him through.

Maybe you can go ahead and do
your little experiment without me.

Phil, hi. Please tell me you're calling
with good news. What?

What do you mean?

You're the attorney, not me.

What? No.
Guru Sona stole my money.

She bought ten acres of land
with my trust-fund money.

What do you mean,
"no legal grounds"?

Okay, I'll just bury you
in the legal ground.

How about that, Phil? I'll sue you.

Speaking of ground,
we have an experiment to start here.

Listen, um...

- What's your name again?
- Max.

Listen, Max,

I'm getting a migraine.

So I'm gonna make a deal with you.

I'm gonna rest,

and you, uh, do your little experiment
just as quietly as you can, okay?

You should have seen
my mom's face.

It crumpled like a tin can.
It was horrible.

- Sorry, man, that sucks.
- Yeah, I couldn't even sleep last night.

But then, Dixon Wilson,
I had the genius idea

of how to redeem the family name.

- Change it?
- No.

Shirazi Entertainment 2.0.

Dude, turn my dad's studio
into a mainstream production facility.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

We have the space, the equipment.
We can shoot anything we want there.

And I bet we can rent it out
for way cheaper than the big studios.

What do you think?

- Sounds awesome, man.
- I know, right?

I was thinking, you know,
we'd start small, like, uh, training films,

local commercials, that kind of thing.
I even put in a call to my orthodontist.

You know the guy that dresses up
like a big molar?


Now it's starting to sound
a little less awesome. Um...

What about music videos, huh?

They shoot all the time, all over L.A.

And a lot of them
have to be super low budget.

Yeah, but I know my orthodontist.

I don't know anybody
in the music business.

Come on.

It was really cool of Ivy
to hook us up with her mom, huh?


- Hi.
- I'm Navid Shirazi.

I have an appointment
with Laurel Cooper.

Just have a seat. She's just
finishing up with Willow Smith.

For real? Willow Smith?

- You know the song.
- Big fan. Ha, ha.

- I'm here to see Chris Jackson.
- Dude, do you know who that is?

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Uh, no.
- Vaughn Floyd, the music producer.

- Who?
- Ha, ha.

You are so pathetic.
He's worked with everybody.

Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj.

- What, do you live in a cave?
- I spend a lot of time on the Blaze.

Uh, Young Jeezy? Nelly?

Oh, yeah, Nelly. Nelly, I heard of.
Ha, ha.

- I should hope so.
- Yeah.

Uberscope Records.
Could you hold, please?

- We should talk to him.
- What are we supposed to say?

Walk with me.

Yo, Cee-Lo was so stoked man.

He said Shirazi Studios was the best
place he's ever worked, hands down.

- Yeah? He said that?
- Yeah.


Uh, not that I'm surprised.


Uh, what did he say about the price?

Oh, it's the lowest he's ever seen,
man. Seriously.

Ha. Uh...

Vaughn Floyd?

- Yeah?
- Oh, uh...

- Dixon Wilson, man. A big fan.
- Thanks.

This is my associate, Navid.

Hi, Navid Shirazi, Shirazi Studios.

- Like the porn?
- No, um, no relation.

We run a legit, full-service,
top-quality production house.

Uh, twenty-five thousand square feet
of studio space

and best prices in town.

All right,
you got any openings this week?

Uh, this week?

- To tell you the truth...
- Actually, we just had a cancellation.

- So we're completely available.
- Oh. That's right.

Oh. Well, I shot a video with Nelly
last week over at Raleigh,

but need a place
to shoot some pick-ups.

So I'm thinking maybe I can use you.

- Yeah. Just give me a call.
- Yeah, that'd be great. Thank you.

- Hey, Vaughn, they're ready for you.
- Ah.

- Later, Vaughn.
- Nice meeting you.

Oh, dude.

Hey, now we just have to figure out
how to produce a music video.

- Amy Mills?
- Here.

Teddy Montgomery?

Anyone know where Teddy is?

Uh, he wasn't in English Lit either.

Wait, wait, wait. Uh, bear with me.

So the Merlin is the same
as a Steadicam, right? Ha, ha.

Okay. Wait, is there a way
to have that to the studio by 4?

Okay. Thank you. Thank you, bye.

I called in every favor I could
with my dad's friends.

And assuming they come through
with the equipment, we might be okay.

Dude, I cannot believe in a few hours
we're gonna be hanging out with Nelly.

We're not hanging,
we're gonna be working.

Have you ever heard his first album
with the St. Lunatics?

Dude, it's dope.

You sure know a lot about Nelly.

Dude grew up in Missouri, uh,
started wearing his signature Band-Aid

when his half-brother City Spud
got jailed.

What else?

Oh, yeah, he loves candy corn.

Dude, we gotta have candy corn
on the set.

Got to. Got to.

Candy corn? Uh...

Sure, but, Dixon,
I think the larger concern

is that we don't have
all the camera equipment.

Oh, no, we'll get it.

Oh, my God, it's totally a sport.

I would like to see a football player do
the splits on top of a human pyramid.

- They should cheer for you. Ha, ha.
- Yeah, totally. Ha, ha.

Hey, do you think maybe
I could borrow your bullhorn?

Yeah. You know what?

- Sure.
- Thank you. Ha, ha.

- Go Wild Cats! Whoo! Ha, ha.
- Go Wild Cats! Ha, ha.


- You're not going anywhere.
- What are you doing?

No, what are you doing? You promised
you'd get soil samples for our project.

You didn't show up in lab.

I'm sorry. I was busy dealing
with something important.

Look, I have a perfect GPA, Naomi.

I know you don't know
what that means, so let me tell you.

It means, my chance to go to MIT.

And if we fail this project,

I will no longer have a perfect GPA
and I will be pissed as hell.

Okay, it's a science presentation,

You're good at science,
I'm good at presentations.

So do the stuff with the dirt

and I will show up
and give the whole thing pizzazz.

You want me to do your work?

If it's gonna keep you
from being pissed as hell...

That's cheating. I don't cheat.

Fine. I'm busy today.
The dirt will have to wait.

The dirt cannot wait.

- What are you doing?
- Oh, I'm getting in your car.

- We're gonna go get soil samples.
- No, we are not.

Yes, we are.

Are you seriously
not gonna get out of my car?

I am seriously
not gonna get out of your car.


Buckle up.

It moves.

- Zip.
- Zap.

- Zap.
- Zip.

- Zap.
- Zap.

- Zip.
- And zippitty-doo-dah.

Excellent, everybody. Good job.

All right, everybody, take five.

And then we'll try a run-through
of Act 1.


Nice work so far, Emily. Impressive.

Really? Thank you.
That means so much.

Hi, Liam.

Actually, I would love for you
to come by.

No, now's great.
I'm about to go on break.

All right, I'll see you soon.

You know, I could really go
for some Snow Yo! right now.

- Oh, girl, that sounds good.
- Ha-ha-ha.

Curse you.

- I'm trying to lose this muffin top.
- Oh, we need a treat, right?

Hey, Annie, would you mind
doing a Snow Yo! run?

- No problem.
- Watermelon's my favorite.

They don't have it everywhere.
See what you can do.


You realize we passed plenty
of great places to collect soil.


do you think
you could drive this car?

Uh, I guess so.


What's going on?

Welcome, everyone,
to the groundbreaking ceremony

for the Shining Tree
Wellness Center.

What a glorious day.

I would like to express my gratitude
to all of you.

And most of all,
thank you to the land itself.

Thank you, land, for welcoming us

and allowing us
to create a sanctuary

for travelers on the spiritual path.

- Namaste.
- Namaste.

Now, let us all close our eyes
and enjoy a moment of silence

while we honor this special
and sacred land.

Back away from the guru!

Guru Sona is a fraud.

Back away from the guru.

Stay behind me, Guru Sona.

It's okay, Warwick. I can handle this.

This woman is a fraud, everyone.

She's a cheater
and a con-artist and a liar.

My bikini waxer is more spiritual
than Guru Sona.

Naomi, my child,
I sense that you're hurting.

Oh, well, I sense that you're a phony.

And I'll tell you what's hurting.
My bank account,

after you stole $200,000
of my money.

Screw you, Guru.
Come on, say it with me.

Screw you, Guru.


Screw you, Guru.

Everyone, let us not hate Naomi.
Let us give her compassion

as a fellow traveler
who has lost her way.

- Hey, are you a reporter?
- For The Weekly.

I have a story for you.

- She conned me out of 200,000...
- Yeah, I got the story already.

Rich trust-fund kid realizes
the world doesn't revolve around her.

Front-page news, definitely.

Goodbye, Naomi.

Go in peace.

- Namaste.
- Namaste.

- Naomi?
- What?

Wait up.

You know what?
I'm not really in the mood

to look for soil samples, Max.

- You're...
- What? An idiot?

Yeah, I know that already.
Thank you very much.

I was going to say "upset."

Well, it doesn't take a 2400 IQ
to figure that out, does it?

There's no such thing as...
Never mind.

Are you okay?

No, I'm not okay.

I'm an airhead.

You were right.

Why? What happened?

- And who's that creepy lady in white?
- Ugh.

A con-artist who tricked me into giving
her hundreds of thousands of dollars.


I don't know.
Because I'm a lame idiot.

She made me think
I was this "chosen person."

She said that I was special.

Well, I wouldn't expect
a genius like you to understand.

It's like what Morpheus told Neo.

- What?
- You know, in The Matrix.

The movie with the hideous
leather coats? I saw it.

Hey, um,

we all wanna feel important,
you know?

Like we have
some special significance.

So you are not lame.

You're just human.


Ah, athene cunicularia.

- Do you know what that was?
- You nerding out our nice moment?

It's a burrowing owl.
It's an amateur ornithologist's dream.


- Do you know how rare those are?
- Uh, no, I don't.

Man. Oh, it's gone.

They're fascinating.

They live in burrows and they're small
but they have these really long legs.

They're kind of dorky-Iooking
but cute, you know.

Anyway, they're a species of concern
in California.

You mean, like they're protected?

by the Department of Fish and Game.

So if there's owls, burrowing owls,
that live on this land

no one can build on it?

In fact, no one could sell it.

The state would have
to cancel the land sale.

Then I would get my money back.
Would this really work?

Sure, if we had some proof.

We gotta find that owl.

It's just crazy, you know.

I mean, one point Navid and I
are gonna get married

and now we're over.

- It's insane.
- Yeah.

Oh, my God, did I tell you about
the nightmare I had last night?

Um, yup. Actually, you did.

Navid and I were at prom
and everything was wonderful

and we were just about to kiss,
and suddenly, it wasn't Navid it all.

It was Perez Hilton.

I screamed so loud,
I'm surprised nobody called the police.

- Ugh.
- Okay, cut.

- What's wrong now?
- Uh, what's right?

Ivy, sweetie,
you can't look into the camera.

Um, right. Right, of course.

You know, the thing is, I just...
I don't watch a lot of reality shows.

So, um, I don't really know
how this works, right.

Yeah, actually,
maybe I just shouldn't be a part of it.

No, no, no. I need a posse.

You know what? She's not... It's...
The real problem is

all we have is hours of you whining
about your ex-boyfriend.

- Whining?
- Yeah, I don't wanna be harsh

- but we don't have a show here.
- Yeah. Yes, we do.

We totally have a show.

Okay, let's just make it more
about my career.

You know,
that's what this is supposed to be.

- It's my comeback.
- I know. But what comeback?

I mean, just give me a chance, okay?
I will do anything.

I'll sing. I'll dance.

I'll do whatever it takes.

Hey, maybe, um, Navid and Dixon
could just give you a part

in that music video they're shooting.

Navid's shooting a video?


- Liam.
- Emily.

- Ha.
- Hey, what are you doing here?

Oh, didn't Annie tell you?
I'm in the play.

No kidding.
I didn't even know you auditioned.

- Congratulations. That's incredible.
- I know. Thanks.

- I can hardly believe it.
- Yeah.

Hey, uh, do you know where Annie is?
I'm supposed to meet her here.

Oh, um...

She's on a run.

She probably tried to call.
My stupid phone is dead.

Mm. Well, she should be back soon.

Hey, do you wanna, um,
help me run lines?



Come on. Follow me.

- I think we pulled it off.
- Nice, man.

I never had any doubts about it.

Yeah, well, I did.


- Candy corn?
- I'm good.

- Oh.
- Navid.

What the hell?


What are you doing?
What is all this?

It's my reality show.
It's pretty cool, huh?

So I was hoping to meet Nelly.

I heard that he really liked
to collaborate with other artists

and maybe he'd want me
to do a cameo in his video. Ha, ha.

It's worth a try, right?

Are you joking?

Please? Giles, my producer,
said it'd be really great for the pilot.

Yeah, uh, well, I don't care
about your pilot, okay?

Um, I'm trying to run a business here,
and this is a very big day for me, Ade.

You gotta get out of here.

Navid, come on. I really need this.

Ade, I can't help you.
It's not like it's my music video.

Seriously, just go. Now.

- Pfft. Sorry I bothered you.
- Can you believe this?

What do we do now?

You heard what he said,
it's not his video.

So go over his head.

Go talk to Nelly himself.

I can't. Navid would kill me.

Look, Adrianna,
do you want a show or not?

Yo, I don't really know
about that last dancer.

- Ten minutes, man.
- Thanks.

Will you grab me
something to drink?

- Um, excuse me, Nelly?
- Yeah.

Hi. I'm Adrianna Tate-Duncan.

It is so nice to meet you.
I'm such a huge fan.

Nice to meet you too.

So I was wondering if maybe
I could be in your music video.

- For real?
- Ha, ha.

- Are you a dancer?
- Yeah, I can dance.

Wait a minute. I know you.

You're the chick that stole the songs
from the dead Mexican dude.

- That's me. Adrianna.
- You tripping.

Somebody come get this chick
before she steals my songs too.

Whoa, Nelly,
is this girl bothering you?

Yo, V,
I don't know how she got in here,

but I'll be in my trailer
until you figure it out.

Okay, who are you
and how'd you get in here?

- I'm a friend of Navid's.
- Navid.

She a friend of yours?

- Ade, what are you doing here?
- She upset Nelly, that's what.

- Who the hell is she?
- Um, she's nobody.

And she's leaving.

That's great. Now I gotta go
talk Nelly out of his trailer.

God knows how long
this is gonna set us back.

- You are covering any overtime.
- Of course. I'm really sorry, Vaughn.

I can't believe you guys would just let
your friends wander all over set.

What kind of amateur operation you
running here? Get it together, man.

Adrianna, hold up.

Turn that off. Right now.

Keep rolling.

Do you realize what you just ruined?

You're the one who ruined my chance
at having a reality show.

I can't believe you wouldn't help me.

Oh, my God, I can't even believe
how totally self-absorbed you are.

You just... You don't think, Ade.
You don't think about anybody but you.

Is that why you cheated on me?

You did, didn't you?


I cheated.

I'm sorry.

But what I should have done
is break up with you a long time ago.

And cut.

This is gold. This is the kind of drama
I was talking about.

Do you think we can get him
to sign a release?

All right, look, I know
why you've been blowing off school.

I've been there, you know?

What are we doing up here?

Well, I thought you could use
a little tennis therapy.

Haven't held one of these in a while.

So you wanna talk about it?

I don't know. I just...

I'm so angry at myself and lan.

I can't believe
I came out of the closet for that guy.

You didn't come out of the closet
for lan.

You came out for you.

Yeah, well, it doesn't matter
why I came out. Can't go back.

- Is that what you really want?
- Yes.

No. I don't know.


I don't think
you can see this right now,

but you're being honest with yourself
and with everyone else.

It's only gonna lead to good things.

Really? Like what?

Unh! What the hell?!

Keep the ice on it. You'll be fine.

Attacked him right back there.

Hey, I'm kind of the guy that hit you
with that tennis ball. Sorry about that.

Oh, well, I thought
it'd be a rough game tonight,

I just wasn't expecting to get hit
off the field.

You got a killer serve.

Thanks, I guess.

- I'm Teddy. This is Silver.
- Hey.

I'm Marco.

- What were you doing on the roof?
- We, uh...

To be honest, she was talking me
through a bad breakup.

Wow, somebody must have
really pissed you off.

Yeah, he did.

Yeah, I've been there.

Look, uh, I gotta get back to the bus.

Maybe you can make it up to me
with a free tennis lesson sometime.

Give me a call.

- Ha, ha.
- Did he just hit on me?

What did I tell you? Good things
are gonna start happening to Teddy.

You know,
birdwatchers spend years

without ever getting
a burrowing-owl sighting.

Or getting laid.

Maybe we should give up.

You know what, Max?
I'm a lot of things.

An airhead, a clotheshorse,
occasional bitch.

But I am not a quitter.

"Cecily, ever since I looked upon

your wonderful
and incomparable beauty

I have dared to love you,

wildly, passionately, devotedly,

I don't think you should tell me
that you love me wildly,

passionately, devotedly, hopelessly.

"Hopelessly" doesn't seem
to make much sense, does it?

Emily, wh?

Oh, it's just part of the scene.

Uncle Jack
would be very much annoyed

if he knew you were staying on
until next week at the same hour.

Ahem. "Oh, I don't care about Jack.

I don't care for anybody
in the whole world but you.

I lo..."

Okay. Um...

"l... I love you, Cecily.

You will...
You will marry me, won't you?"

I had to stop at three different
Snow Yos! just to find...

- What the hell is this?
- Hey. I was helping Emily run lines.

Ha. I know what she was doing,
it had nothing to do with running lines.

- Get away from him.
- No, I'm so...

- It's not like that.
- It is like that.

Don't you see it? She won't stop
until she destroys my entire life.

Don't, okay?
Just spare me the tears.

It's okay. Annie, take it easy.

- Liam.
- Calm down.

Ugh. Fine. You know what?
You two enjoy yourselves.

Play back.

Okay, everybody, that's a wrap.

- Vaughn hates me.
- Good job.

Well, at least we made it
through the day.

No thanks to Adrianna.

These guys think we're a joke.

Hey, great job, Nelly.

Yeah, love the new song, man.
The video's gonna be hot.

Thanks, I appreciate that. I had fun.

- Yo, props on the candy corn, yo.
- What?

Candy corn. I love them.
Hard to get past Halloween, you know?

- You don't mind if I take this with me?
- Please, be my guest.

Hey, yo, Vaughn, this place is ill, yo.
We'll shoot here again, won't we?

- Of course.
- Cool. No doubt.

Take it easy.

- Have a good one.
- Later, Nelly.

My boy. Ha, ha.

Well, looks like you pulled this one
out of your ass.

First rule in this business,
keep the artist happy.

I'll be in touch.

"Keep the artist happy."

- Dude likes candy corn.
- Dude likes candy corn.

Can you believe it?

It's pretty dark.


Might be hard to find this bird

seeing as we, unlike owls,
cannot see in the dark.

I know.

Wait, that's it. That's their call.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- What?
- Oh, my God. There it is.

Once they see our findings,

the city planning office
will issue a delay,

pending a full
environmental-impact report.

But substantial evidence already
shows that building on this land

will have a devastating impact
on the habitat of this...

Of this cute,
adorable little burrowing owl.

Any questions?

I don't believe this. An owl?

You can't get caught in the middle
of an environmental firestorm.

The PR damage alone.

Fine. End it.

We won't protest the cancellation
of the land sale.

Take me to In-N-Out.
I need red meat.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Oh, my God, we did it. Ha, ha.

- You did the science...
- And you did the presentation.

- Nice pizzazz, by the way.
- Thank you.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How was school today?

It was, uh, pretty good.

Oh, I forgot. I got you something.

- A little something.
- What's this?

- A gift?
- Yeah, open it.

Thank you.

Ten dollars?

Well, when you subtract, um,
our expenses, uh,

that's what we made
on the shoot yesterday.

Oh, I know it's not much,
but it's honest money.

Shirazi 2.0, Mom.

Shirazi 2.0.

It's gonna be okay.

I'm so proud of you.

All right,

you just sign here
and you'll have your money back.

You seem rather subdued
for someone who's $200,000 richer.

Are you okay?

No, I'm not.

I'm happy I have my money back.

Now I have a bigger problem.

I think I have the hots for a nerd.


I am so sorry
about what happened with Liam.

The whole thing was really innocent.

Nothing about you is innocent,

If you think you're gonna
steal my boyfriend,

it's not gonna happen.

Oh. And spare me the tears, Emily,
because I'm not buying it.

Fine, cards up.

All my life I've looked up to you.

And when I moved here,
all I wanted was to be friends with you,

but you wouldn't let me in.

You looked down on me,
you ignored me,

and you basically told Dixon
and Aunt Deb that I was a stalker.

Yeah, I heard that.

And now the tables have turned.

So who wants
to Single White Female, who?

People are gonna find out
what a psychotic, manipulative,

crazy bitch you are,
because I'm gonna tell them.

Go ahead.

Who do you think
they're going to believe?

You, or innocent little Emily?

Please, Annie,
all I want is to be friends with you.

Good night.

Hey, I got your text.

What's going on?

Navid admitted it.

He told me he cheated on me.


I can't believe it.


Did he say who it was?


Guess this doesn't belong
to his sister.


Maybe it's time you try to move on
from Navid.

Take control of your own happiness.

Yeah, you're right.

You know what would make me
really happy?

Getting revenge
on the skank he cheated with.

That's why I'm gonna find out
who this belongs to

and I'm going to destroy her.