90210 (2008–2013): Season 2, Episode 8 - Women's Intuition - full transcript

Navid and Blaze News employee, Gia, launch an investigation into student drug use at West Beverly, which leads them to Annie's boyfriend, Jasper, over his history of past drug use which he ...

I can't take it anymore.

I can't.

I can't live like this.

God, you are beautiful.

- Shut up.
- You are.

You're a damned good actress too.

It's like I look into your eyes
and I see something.

Something, I don't know, full of pain,
but it's definitely real.

It's probably just my contacts.

Look, Annie,
you shouldn't joke about your talent.

Unless you think it's all a joke,
me, my movie.

No, of course not.

I think your movie's amazing.

and you are incredibly talented.

I couldn't do it without you.

You're my muse.

Guys, get a room.

- Hi, Navid.
- Annie, hey. Sorry.

No, I'm sorry. I didn't realize
there was a Blaze meeting.

I don't mean to kick you out.

If you want to finish
what you're doing.

We're leaving. Who are we to get in
the way of Woodward and Bernstein?

Okay, Blazers, listen up.

I know you're all excited
about the college edition.

But I want to push in light what just
happened over at Malibu Canyon High.

I'm sure you guys already heard, but
a sophomore overdosed last weekend.

I wanna do a piece about abuse
of prescription drugs in high school.

- What do you think?
- Good story,

but honestly you just let one of
your best sources walk out the door.

I have this ex-friend, Jenny,
she used to play soccer.

Was gonna be the next Mia Hamm.

Anyway, now she's a total junkie.

Strung out, screwed up
the whole delightful package.

And guess who her dealer is?

- Jasper.
- Yeah.

- You sure?
- A hundred percent.

Dude, those waves were
sick this morning.

I saw you wipe out at the end there.

Enjoy a nice Neptune's cocktail?

Hey, that was a serious wave.

Oh, I know, it was at least
3 inches high.

- What, you got a measuring stick?
- Yeah, in his pants.

- Suck it, Sullivan.
- Whatever.

Seriously, man, you were spitting
up so much salt water

I wanted to paddle over there
and burp you like a little baby.

Three inches, what is that?

Hey, take a gander
at Mr. Krinsky's pants.

His belt is, like, nestled up
into his armpit.

Dude, the idea that Mr. Krinsky
is married mystifies me.

And his wife is hot.

I saw the picture on his desk,

unless of course the picture
came with the frame.

I bet all the pictures
came with the frames.

That golden retriever's so not his.

Talk about spitting up salt water.

- You're dead.
- I love this girl.

Hey, what's up, guys?

Hey, man, sit. Take a load off.

- No, I was just going to The Blaze.
- I'm out of here.

I gotta go file a report
in the principal's office

about my damaged tongue.

- I guess I'll sit.
- So that was good.

That was what,
10 percent less awkward

then the last
Navid-Teddy encounter.

Oh, that guy's a tool
and a jerk. So...

- You doing all right?
- Yeah, me, I'm fine, man.

You know, just working away,
lot of homework. Busy, busy, busy.

Especially if I stop for a moment

I'll remember how my heart's been
broken into a thousand little pieces.

Dude, breakups are the worst, man.

Yeah, sorry, man.

But, hey,
you're better off single, right?

Girls are nothing
but trouble and drama.

- Hey.
- Not you, you don't count.

You're not really a girl.

Door's open.

The picture of domesticity, huh?

Martha Stewart
better watch her back.

I am younger. I am cuter.
And I do not have a prison record.

You cooked a chicken?

Well, yeah, that is where she has the
advantage, in the cooking department.

- I tried to cook a chicken, we'll see.
- Sasha, don't...

And I rented The Maltese Falcon.

So we can eat, then watch TV
or we can eat while watching TV.

No, I don't wanna eat.
I just wanna talk.

- Sasha, you're pregnant.
- I know.

What, you think I don't know that?

I don't know.

I mean, you told me
almost a week ago

and I've been over here
nearly every night.

And all we've done
is eat or watch television.

- We haven't talked at all.
- Well, I know.

Sometimes, all I wanna do
is not think about it, okay,

and just be with you.


But there's no time not to talk.

I mean, there's a time limit
on things like this.

Time limit? You mean...?

Are you saying
I should get an abortion?

Let's just be real.

I'm a junior in high school,

and you are a grown woman
with a career and a life.

We're not even dating.

I'm gonna keep the baby, our baby.

Is your school lunch safe?

How safe is your school lunch?

Your school lunch,
is it safe or is it unsafe?

I never meant to break your heart

I wish I knew the reasons why

Trusting is the hardest part

I never want to tell you lies

If I could go back in time
I'd erase the things I did

I'm sorry for the pain I've caused

Baby, please forgive me

Forgive me

I'm sorry

So sorry

I'm sorry.

Navid, please.

Please, forgive me.


- No?
- No.

You cheated on me.

You broke up with me
so you could go out with Teddy.

What, he doesn't wanna
go out with you anymore?

So you come back to me
expecting me to take you back?

You weren't even gonna tell me
the truth. You were gonna lie to me

and pretend like nothing
even happened with him.


After I stood by you through
everything, you treat me like this?

No, Ade. I'm done.

These bloody shoes,
and I mean that literally.

Male shoe designers
are absolute sadists.

If you haven't walked a mile
in my shoes,

then you shouldn't be designing them.
I'm gonna put that on my gravestone.

Jen, it's actually not a great...

Oh, my goodness.
There's a woman in your apartment.

Yeah, I know.

This is Ramona.
Ramona, this is Jen.

- How you doing?
- I'm...

Oh, my gosh,
you two are on a date.

Oh, how silly of me.
Well, I'll just get out of your hair.

So where did you two meet?

I was his bartender
at The Silverlake Lounge.

Oh, Silverlake, right, right.

Apparently there's a whole world
east of La Brea.

Well, I have to run.

You two have a lovely evening.

- Ta.
- Ta.

Would you like some more wine?
Because I know I would.

Hey, guys, sorry, I'm late.

You know,
surf practice ran long today.

Well, I don't see
how that affects you.

Talked to your coach.
He kicked you off the team

because you missed
too many practices. Why is that?

Where were you, Dixon?

Dixon, answer your father.

Put your cell phone down
when I'm talking to you.


- Dixon?
- Fine!

Fine, you guys wanna know
what's going on?

I got a girl pregnant.

- Look, I...
- Don't. Don't talk.

I don't know what to say.

You didn't just get a girl pregnant.

You got a woman pregnant,

an adult woman
you have been secretly dating.

You lied to her.

- You lied to us.
- I know. I screwed up. I get it.

Do you? Do you get it?

Because if she has this baby
you're gonna be a father.

You will have brought a child
into this world.

Your life as you know it will be over.

No, that's not true.
Everything doesn't have to change.

I mean, Dad had a kid
when he was a teenager.

- I made a mistake.
- And so did I.

I mean, I swear I don't even know
how this happened.

- We were safe almost every time.
- Almost?

You used protection
almost every time?

- Yeah...
- Don't.

Don't you say another word.

Is that her?

Yeah. Yeah, she says
she's having cramps.

I don't know
what I'm supposed to do.

Get your coat.
You're going over there.

Oh, you came

- and you brought...
- His mother.

You know, honestly,
I'm feeling much better.

I didn't mean to freak you guys out.
The cramps are completely gone.

I think
maybe it was something I ate or...

You should just sit.

Now, if you give me
the name of your doctor I'll just call

- and make sure everything's okay.
- I, well...

- Do you not have a doctor?
- No, no, no.

It's Dr. Alderman,
but honestly, I'm fine.

You don't have to call.

I think if I get a little rest
I should be fine.

Well, that's good. Mom, why don't
we just let Sasha rest?

Oh, of course,
she should get some rest.

And I'm glad
that you're feeling better.

If you don't mind me asking
how far along are you?

A month.

- And you've been to your doctor?
- Yeah, yeah, totally.

I went and I did all the tests
and the whole sonogram.

And everything is great.
The baby looks great.

Dixon did mention that you were
thinking about keeping it.

Are you sure about that decision?

You know, that really
isn't any of your business.

Well, I just want to discuss...

Look, what I do or don't do
with this baby

is a private matter
between me and Dixon.

You know, I need some rest,
and you need to leave.


- We'll talk later?
- Yeah.


You take care of yourself, Sasha.

Liam. Come here a minute.

Guess who got an honorable mention
in the city-wide essay contest?

- You.
- Yeah?

They give everyone
who entered an honourable mention?

No, they didn't.
It's a real accomplishment, Liam.

Come on, man, I'm not saying you just
won the World Series of Poker,

but, you know, it's something.

Okay, well, not gonna
give you a high five

if that's what you're hoping.

- Come on, real quick. Nobody's
looking. - Get out of here.

- Down low?
- You're a freak, Mr. Matthews.

- Nice.
- Dude.

You're getting better.
You got two in a row there.

I'm learning, okay.

You better back off before I learn
with your nut sack.

Oh, dude, I almost forgot.
I heard back from my mom,

we are totally on the list
for the N.E.R.D party.

Can't wait. It's gonna be cool.

Dude, my mom totally hooked us up.

Hollywood parties aren't my thing.

I'll see you guys at the beach.

- Bye.
- Later.

I'll miss you.

I'll call you
when I'm on my way home. Bye.

Hey, Annie, can I talk to you?

Oh, sure.

Hey, this might be
none of my business,

but I just heard
something pretty messed up

and I want you to know right away.
All right?

- Okay.
- Jasper's a drug dealer.

What? What are you talking about?

Look, I have a friend
whose friend's dealer is Jasper.

Oh, you know someone
who knows someone.

No, I know how it sounds, but
this friend, she's pretty trustworthy.

And so am I. I mean, there's no reason
for me to lie to you.

I'm just telling you this
because we used to be friends.

- I guess I'm worried about you.
- Yeah, well, don't be.


Can I get a French 75?

Oh, hey, you're Ryan's friend.

- Rachel?
- Ramona.

Oh, we met the other night, right?

Oh, how funny. I found myself
in the neighborhood

and I remembered hearing
about this place

so I thought I'd come in
and check out the scene.

It's so funny, I didn't recognize you.
You're much older looking close up.

Sorry, that didn't come out right.

No, that's all right.

I guess I could look pretty young
from a distance.

So could I get that French 75
or are you awfully busy?

Yeah, sorry,
we don't have any champagne.

No. Okay, tell you what, sweetie,

why don't you just grab me
a glass of water?

So tell me about yourself.

What are you, an aspiring actress?

A model?

No, you're definitely not a model.

Maybe you're a singer-songwriter.
That's it.

- You look like a singer-songwriter.
- I'm a bartender, actually.

- Ryan is such a softie.
- Yeah, why's that?

Well, just to take on a charity case
like you.

I mean, let's face it.

You're not exactly
the type of woman he normally dates.

He's so sweet. Don't you think so?



Hey, what's going on?
Why weren't you at school today?

Because I'm a terrible person.

I ruined the best thing
that ever happened to me.

Navid hates me.

I sang for him
and he still rejected me.

You sang for him?

I brought in my guitar
and I serenaded him.

Wow, that's special.

I begged for his forgiveness
and he said no.

I'd do anything
to make my heart stop hurting.

Maybe for now

you should go to a meeting.

I just want the pain to stop.

Harry, I got a hangnail this morning
and I took out my nail scissors

and that's when I remembered
I met Sasha at the nail salon.

Who, hangnail, what?

Sasha. It's a little coincidental, huh?

I thought she looked familiar.

Oh, my God,
I showed her a picture of Dixon.

I bet they were already going out

and she acted
as if she didn't know who I was.

- This girl is weird.
- Deb.

I mean, what kind of an adult
dates a high school student?

Call it women's intuition
but I just know

that there is something off
about her.

It's how she acts towards Dixon.

The way she touched his arm
when they're already broken up.

- Touched his arm?
- And the sonogram.

- I didn't tell you about the sonogram.
- Deb.

- She's not pregnant. She's lying.
- Deb, stop.

I wish it weren't true too.

Harry, it just...
It doesn't make any sense.

Look, I know. I know.

I know.

Navid? Hey?

- We need to talk to you.
- Sure.

Adrianna's not doing so well.

- Adrianna's not my problem.
- Just hear us out. Okay?

We went over to her place last night
and she was sobbing and out of it.

We're worried
she's gonna start using again.

We tried to get her to go to a meeting,
but she wouldn't go.

Will you ask her?

It's just not my place anymore.

You might not be her boyfriend,
but you still care about her.


- Can I have a word with you?
- Ryan.

What the hell
did you say to Ramona?

Ramona? I'm sorry,
I'm drawing a blank.

The girl at your apartment?

The one with the greasy looking
kind of brown hair?

Did you tell her she was old looking

and I was dating her out of charity?
What is wrong with you?

Look, I have nothing
against Ramona.

I barely met the girl
and she seems perfectly nice.

She looks like
she has a great personality.

You're jealous.

Please, I am not jealous.

I am just not entirely comfortable
with you dating all these random

hipster type girls
with pierced God knows whats.

- It's unbecoming.
- And you don't like it.

Fine. I don't like it.

- Who knows what diseases...
- Stop.

Okay, admit that it's not fun
seeing me with other girls.

Fine. It's not.

Well, it's not fun watching you date
one trustafarian after another.

Well, what are
we gonna do about it?

I'm not gonna not date other people

unless you're gonna
not date other people.

- Fine. Fine.
- Fine. Great.

- Perfect.
- Perfect.

What's going on here?

- Are we fighting or dating?
- It's both, I think.

- What?
- Are you gonna kiss me?

- Fine.
- Fine.

I'm so excited. Tonight, I'm gonna
go back up to the Hollywood sign

to shoot some intervalometer
shots of the sunset.

I'm gonna intercut
those with Annie's daydream.

- God, it's gonna be good.
It really is. - Next.

Yeah, could we get
a regular chilidog,

a Guadalajara dog,
and a Swiss cheese with...

- Pastrami?
- The Brooklyn pastrami. Yeah.

That's a lot of money
to be carrying around.

Are you afraid
I'm gonna get mugged?

Don't worry,
I can take care of myself.

- Where'd it come from?
- Where?

Thank you. Keep the change.

What do you want me to tell you?

Who I bank with? Or do you want me
to explain the capitalist system

of symbolic currency or maybe
how trees turn into paper and then...

- Are you a drug dealer?
- What?

Why would you even ask me that?

Navid, Navid Shirazi,
he told me that you were a drug dealer.

- And you believed him?
- No, no, I just...

- I don't know what to believe.
- God, I'm an idiot.

I thought you were different
than everyone else.

I thought it was you and me
against the world.

- Jasper...
- No, you know what gets me?

Never once
when everybody was calling you a slut,

when they were talking about you,
did I ever doubt you?

Did I ever question your integrity?
Not once.

And now you hear one stupid rumor
and you lose all faith in me.

Well, I just lost faith in you, okay?
It's done.

- What?
- It's done. I'm leaving, all right?

- Jasper?
- Bye-bye.

- Hey, buddy.
- Dude, what the heck?

- You can't just come in here...
- Ready to party?

We don't care
if you don't like Hollywood parties.

You're coming with us.

- Are you wearing a dress?
- Yeah, it's not a big deal, okay?

My mom told me to get dressed up
so I did.

My God, you've got perfume on,
don't you?

- No.
- I can smell you from here.

No, I don't have perfume on, dude.

It's scented body lotion, okay?

- Whatever. Can we go?
- Let's go.


- Hey.
- Hi.

- How are you?
- I'm good. It's been ages.

- I know, I know. What's up?
- Here you go.

Oh, Pharrell,
I want you to meet Ryan.

- What's going on? Nice to meet you.
- My boyfriend.

Okay. Well, congrats.

Listen, I want to introduce you
to our guys too.

Chad. This is Ryan.

- How you doing man?
- What's up, brother?


- This is Rhea.
- How are you?

- And that's Shay.
- Hey, man, do the...

I'm not good with that.

So we gotta go set up.
But it was really nice to meet you.

- You too. Big fan.
- I'm gonna see you around.

- Okay. Bye.
- Have a good show.

- I just met Pharrell.
- You did.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Oh, hey, I want you
to meet somebody.

You introduced me
to cool musicians

I will introduce you
to high school students.

- How's that sound?
- Great.

Hey, come here a minute.
This kid's pretty special.

Meet Liam,
one of my favorite students.

And, Liam, this is Jen, my girlfriend.

Oh, hi, we met before.
Where was that?

I think it was at a party. Right?

I gotta go.

Sorry. I don't know what that was.

No, don't worry about me.
Is he okay?

He seems troubled.

Yeah, no, I guess
he is a little troubled.

He's had some anger issues
in the past.

I just thought I was, I don't know,
getting though to him or something.

You are an amazing teacher.

And if anyone can reach a kid
like that, it's you.

Navid, hi.

Hey, you okay?

Not really.

All I could think about
is how I screwed up.

I'm so, so, so sorry.

Naomi and Silver,
they think you might start using again.

I really think
that you should go to a meeting.

Will you go with me?


- It's not my place.
- Oh, my God.

- I'm not your person anymore.
- I can't take this.

I can't be. You have people.
You have friends.

It's up to you, Ade.

Dude, I cannot believe it. So you
snuck into Madison Square Garden.

- That is awesome.
- Well, tickets are expensive.

So we were going
through this tunnel, right,

and it's, like, pitch black inside
and when we come up we're...

We're, like, two feet from the stage.
Whatever, it was cool.

You guys want something to drink?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, sure.

Thanks, buddy.

What's up with Liam
and Malibu Barbie?

Naomi? Well, to make a long story
short, they used to go out.

Ended badly. She's over him.
He says he's over her.

But who knows?

Maybe you could help him
get over her.

What do you mean?
Why? Why me?

Well, I don't know, because
you have a huge crush on him.

- You dragged him here to the party.
- Whatever.

Come on, you're wearing heels
and, like, three gallons of perfume.

Okay, first of all,
its scented body lotion and no,

I do not have
a crush on him.

So that was kind of awkward.

Look, we're bound to
run into each other now

and I want things to be okay
between us.

You're scared of me.

Of you?

You're afraid I might tell Matthews
what happened.

You're crazy.


If you weren't scared
you wouldn't be talking to me.

More coffee?


- Mrs. Wilson.
- What a coincidence.

Oh, by the way I realized I met you
at the nail salon. Remember?

Oh, my God, right. Right.

Imagine running into each other
like that

when you were secretly
dating my son.

Now, that was a coincidence,

especially since you didn't
remember me afterwards.

Okay, okay, I did remember you
and it wasn't a coincidence.

I followed you to the nail salon

because somehow, you know, I knew
that Dixon wasn't telling me the truth,

which he wasn't.

And so there with you

that is when I found out
that Dixon was in high school.

And, Mrs. Wilson, I was devastated.

Call me Debbie.


You know, you really shouldn't be
drinking coffee when you're pregnant.

Oh, no, I know, I'm gonna stop.

It's hard to quit.
Believe me I remember.

All of these things
are suddenly off limits.

You know, you should really get a list
from your doctor.

By the way,
which Dr. Alderman are you seeing?

Is it Karen Alderman
or Ross Alderman?

It's Karen.

Now, that is a coincidence.
Karen Alderman is a friend of mine.

- No kidding. - I'm gonna tell her
to take care of you.

- You don't have to.
- I want you.

No, I'd rather you didn't.


So tell me about the sonogram.

It's just amazing when you
hear that heartbeat

for the first time, isn't it?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, no, it was totally amazing.


It's particularly amazing
since you can't hear the heartbeat

until week six.

- What?
- I'll give you a hint.

It starts with,
"You're not pregnant".

And it ends with,
"Stay away from my son".

Enjoy your coffee, Sasha.

What are you doing here?

I believe you.
And I believe in you.

I'm so sorry, Jasper.
I shouldn't have listened to them.

I mean, of course,
you're not a drug dealer.

I should have known
better than that.

And I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

It's me and...? It's me and you
against the world, right?

Come here.

Just don't ever doubt me again.

I won't. I won't.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Ade just texted me.
She's coming to the party.

Oh, maybe she's starting
to snap out of it.

Yeah. I'm gonna check out
the music. Find me later. Okay?


The O-N-E, it hurts some

When you say you do believe
Anyone else but just not me

WTF, dude

Why's it got to be you?

Since you've been waiting on me

All along you've been hating on me

You said you'd support me
If I got better

And I told you
I could see the finish line

You say you root for me
While I got it together

If you mean it this time

- I think I'm feeling better now
- Hey

Especially since I can hear me
On the radio

You can tell my friends
They need to see the video

And tell your friends
We did it for the CD, yo

- What the, what the, what the,
- Hey

- What the, what the, what the
- Hey

- What the what the, what the
- Hey


- You just get here?
- Yeah.

Guess I better get something to eat.

Hey, Navid, listen.

I'm really sorry about what happened
between me and Adrianna

and I was a jerk.
I really don't know what else to say

other than I thought you were
just, like, some guy I didn't know.

And now, well, you're not.
I'm really sorry.

Yeah, well, you told me. You were
straight with me about what happened.

I appreciate that at least.
I'm gonna get something to eat.

- Hey, Navid, what's up?
- How's it going, man?

All right. Party's not bad, huh?

- For a Hollywood thing.
- Yeah.

Girls are pretty cute.
You should go talk to them.

- Not right now.
- No, you should go for it.

They're pretty cute.

No, I don't know.

Come on, man, you can do it.

- Go.
- Go on, just do it.

- Go.
- Okay, enough. Enough already. Man.

- Are you serious?
- Go.

Glad you made it out. Good for you.

You having fun?

Not really.

That's okay. At least you're trying.

Dealing with a cancer patient
can be really intense.


Can we talk about something
not cancer-related?


I'm using a new hair product
in my locks.

What do you think?

Leaves my hair manageable yet,
you know, touchably soft.


- Come on, touch it.
- Yeah?

Excuse me.

Sorry. There you are.
I got you some chicken satay.

I had to do some vicious things
to procure it.

I'm not proud.

Actually, I am a little proud.
I feel kind of manly.

What's wrong?

Look, I'm sure Liam is a good kid.

I'm sure you're right, Ryan.

He's just self destructive.

What do you mean self destructive?
What happened?

When I met him before at this party,
he propositioned me.

But I didn't think I needed to tell you
about it until now.

- Because now it happened again.
- What?

I was walking to the bathroom
and, well,

basically, Liam suggested
that he follow me in.

- You kidding me?
- He's just a troubled kid.

You try to reach out to somebody,

- you try to be their teacher and...
- Hey, stop.

He doesn't deserve you.

But there are plenty
of other amazing kids who do.

- Dixon?
- Dixon, you in there?

Hey, what's going on?

Dixon, are you okay?

Sasha called.

She had a miscarriage.

She lost the baby and she
doesn't want to see me anymore.

I don't know what to think
or what to feel.

I feel relieved.

I feel guilty and sad.

I really just don't know what to feel.

- Dixon, we have something to...
- You're gonna be okay.

We need to tell you.

These things happen.

And it's hard, but if you learn
from this mistake

you're gonna be okay.

- Sorry.
- Hey.

Look, I'm sorry
I stormed off like that before.

Yeah, that's what you're sorry

You don't want to apologize
for the fact

that you just hit
on my girlfriend?

- What?
- What the hell's wrong with you?

What was that, Deb?
You lied to him.

I know.

I just couldn't bear the look on his
face if he found out she was lying.

It would hurt him too much.
It would break his heart.

I don't know.

Harry, you have to trust me.

Sometimes you have to trust me.


You forgot your swag.

Bath salts. Key chain.

- They put anything good in here?
- Chocolate bar.

I scarffed yours down
on the drive over.


I saw you leave the party.

You kind of just looked upset
or something.

- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm okay.

- What happened?
- Nothing.

Matthews just pissed me off.

- You wanna talk about it?
- No.

- You want me to go?
- No.

So, what's under the tarp?

Nothing. It's private.

Tell me it's not Mr. Matthews.

So... Glad you lost that getup.
What was with that, anyway?

Every once in a while
it's kind of nice to remind people

I'm not actually a dude.

Nobody thinks you're a dude.

- Sometimes you do.
- Me? No, I don't.

I don't want anything serious.

"Serious"? What are you, a girl?

I'm sorry that the sun went down.

You're sorry? It's not your fault.

Yeah, but your sunset footage...

I'm gonna go get some film
from the car.

Works at night. Be right back.

- Okay. Don't be long.
- I promise.

Here you go.

Thank you.