90210 (2008–2013): Season 2, Episode 6 - Wild Alaskan Salmon - full transcript

Both Kelly and Silver deal with the shocking news that their mother, Jackie, is dying of breast cancer. Kelly doesn't want to be sucked back into her mother's bad behavior which continues ...

- Hey.
- Hey.

Did you remember the cilantro?
Please say yes,

I am dying to try
this new soup recipe

and it's not gonna taste
like anything without...

I didn't. I'm sorry.


I should tell you something,
I think.

Actually, I don't know if I should tell you
or if I should just tell her to tell you...

What are you talking about?
Come on, sit down.

Tell me.

- It's about Mom.
- What about her?

She has...

She has cancer.

- She's dying.
- What?


I ran into her at an AA meeting
when I went with Ade

and she wanted to talk to me,
to make up with me.

I told her to leave me alone.

Actually, I told her to drop dead.

I didn't know what was going on.

She told Ade that she was dying
and then Ade told me

and then I was dying to tell you,
but I thought

- maybe she would tell you...
- I'm pretty sure she wouldn't.

I made it clear
that I never wanted to talk to her again.

Me too. But now everything's different,

We should call her.

What should we do?


We do nothing. Nothing's different.

I'm sorry that she's sick.

I am, but we can't get sucked
back into that woman's drama.

- It's not drama.
- Yes, it is.

With mom, it always is.

Listen to me, I want you to think about
everything that she has done.

All the ways that she has hurt you.

Just because someone's sick
doesn't change the past.

Promise me
that you won't get sucked back in.

Yeah. I promise.

Who cares how much money
these blockbusters make?

They're insidious.
They're killing cinema.

Kubrick, Tarkovsky, Bunuel.

Where are these masters today?
Where are they?

Well, Bunuel, he directed
Alvin and the Chipmunks, right?

Look, I'm sorry, I know
I take this all too seriously.

No. Are you kidding?
You're passionate.

It's awesome. It's great.

Yeah. Makes me a pretty popular
character around here too.

Who cares what these idiots think?
I'm impressed.

- You're just nice.
- No.

Well, I think you're nice.
I think you're very nice.

Well, how would you feel about taking
a very nice girl along with you

the next time
you went to the cinema?

Feel good about it.

There's a...

Something playing at the Egyptian
in a couple days.

Sounds good.

Yo, Dris, isn't that your booty call
with Mr. Columbine?

Homeboy got dumped for that guy?
That's pitiful.

- It's also kind of funny.
- Shut up, you douche.

What, am I supposed to, like,
keep tabs on every stupid hook-up?

It's cool. No shame in
sharing your candy with Jasper.

I enjoyed that evening
the other night.

The moonlight ride,
dinner in the orchard.

You know, my chef is famous
for his white truffle omelets.

But he only serves them
at breakfast.

Well, if I'm ever up early
and in the neighborhood, I'll drop by.

Still the stubborn bucking filly, huh?


Just not that kind of girl.

Come on...

Oh, wow.

Oh, yes, Continental Accent.

Impeccable bloodlines,
five generations of champions.

- He's for sale.
- He's magnificent.

And he could be worth a fortune.

With his earnings potential
at the racetrack

and his years of stud work after

there's no limit
to how much he could make.

Well, look who's here again.

Have a wonderful ride, ladies.

Well, are you enjoying
your Juan Peron?

Let's just say I'm enjoying access
to the finest riding estate in 50 miles.

So I have some good news.

- I've started my divorce proceedings.
- Hey, that's great.

Well, it's all thanks to your advice.

We just need to send in a deposit
to retain the lawyer.

It's a little over 100,000.
Ideally, by Thursday.

Isn't that kind of a lot?

I've seen divorces advertised on TV
for like $200.

Well, I don't want a TV lawyer.
The pre-nup is pretty solid.

I'm sorry, you signed a pre-nup?


Which is why
I need an excellent lawyer.

If he can show that Olivier
violated the marital contract

by celebrating adultery,
the French national pastime,

then he can prove
I'm entitled to a share of his assets.

But if he can't,
I'm just out $100,000?

I'm the one footing the bill here,
remember? Not you.

How many times are you throwing that
in my face?

Someone needs to be responsible
about money, Jen.

You know what? I don't need financial
counsel from a trust-fund brat.

You're one to talk.
You never worked a day in your life.

We're a little different, honey.
I went to Yale.

You didn't manage to graduate.

You just threw yourself at some
rich guy's feet like it was 1957.

And now you're offering me
romantic advice? That's a laugh.

You couldn't even keep your little
high school James Dean happy.

The shrimp looks good, huh?

- The wild Alaskan salmon is in.
- I'm thinking shrimp.

But then I always get shrimp.

Does that make me boring
and predictable?

No, silly. Get what you want.

Look, Ade, I feel like things
have been a little off between us.

It's okay. I mean going back to school
and putting the acting thing on the side

it's been a big shift for you.
I totally get that.

It's like the tectonic plates
have shifted.

But you and me
we're, like, earthquake proof.

Well, to belabor the metaphor...

Speaking of architecture,
it reminds me...

I'm sorry,
am I blabbering too much?

- Ade?
- No. I'm listening.

And I'm reading this amazing book
by Frank Lloyd Wright

and I'm totally obsessed
with architecture right now.

We have to go to the art center

to check out the Hollyhock house
and the Ennis house

- when the renovations are complete.
- Okay, stop.

- I can't do this.
- What?

This. Us.

I can't do it anymore.


What are you talking about?

I can't be your girlfriend.

Okay, these last few months have
been a blur and maybe you're right.

Okay? Maybe
it's just been all too much.

Not acting. Losing my agent.

I am so overwhelmed.

I need to figure out who I am

before I just become
Navid's girlfriend.

I need some time alone.

We need to break up.

Oh, my God.

I am so sorry.

Look, I was like,
"I might get shrimp."

And then she's like,
"Oh, wild Alaskan salmon, that's in."

And then I said, "Maybe I shouldn't get
the shrimp. Maybe that's boring."

And then she said, "No, silly."

She always called me silly.

- Hey.
- Hey, what's up, guys? Sorry I'm late.

- Wilshire was like a parking lot.
- So cut up to Beverly.

Would you shut up about the traffic?
I'm dying here. Okay?

- Sorry, bro. Oh, okay.
- I'm sorry.

- So nice place you got here, man.
- Yeah, thanks.

- What's underneath this tarp?
- Nothing. Just don't.

Just don't touch that.

Are you hungry? I think
I got sandwich stuff in the house.

My mom made some kind of cake
if you want dessert.

Okay, you know, screw dessert.

Why don't we grab a couple
of six-packs, head down to the beach,

- take your mind off it.
- I don't wanna take my mind off it.

I wanna figure it out,
it doesn't make any sense.

I was at the restaurant
and I sat down

and I was like,
"I might get the shrimp."

And then she was like, "Oh, yeah,
wild Alaskan salmon, that's in."

And then I said,
"Oh, maybe shrimp's boring."

Please tell me how you deal
with those brats all day long.

Well, it's not easy, especially now
that caning is politically incorrect.

Naomi troubles?

Can you disown a sibling?

I know she drives you nuts,

but just because you guys
are so close.

Come on, you know
you're all she's got.

She's lucky to have you
taking care of her.

Now, are you gonna be a gentleman
and help me off with these?

Well, I was considering it,

but then I thought:
"What if I helped her off with everything

but the boots?" And I gotta say
it wasn't the worst image.

Well, I mean,
you don't hear me complaining.

And with her signature
impeccable timing, there's Naomi.

Who's apparently changed her name
to "Eduardo."

This is our time together.

Besides Eduardo's gotta learn
that I'm not always available to him.


You're upset.

No, I love being in the loop

and hearing your strategies
for juggling guys.

- It's a real aphrodisiac.
- Oh, please,

you can't possibly be jealous.

I mean, obviously
we're dating other people.

Yeah, I mean, yeah, sure.

Now, where were we?

- Hey.
- Hi. What's up?

Nothing much.

I was just thinking
we haven't really hung out that much

since Teddy's boat party.

And yet the world
is still spinning around somehow.

Annie, look, I never meant to hurt you
with that sext.

I mean, yeah,
I showed it to a couple of friends

and that was lame,
and I'm really sorry.

- Really sorry.
- Thanks.

Well, come on, the real jerk
in this whole thing is Naomi.

She's the one that sent it.
She's a bitch.

Can't argue that.

So you think, maybe, I don't know,
we could hang out some time?

Yeah, no.

- So, what, are you seeing somebody?
- Maybe.

As long as it's not that Jasper dude.

And what's wrong with Jasper?

You really don't know?

The guy's a psycho.
Pulled a knife on a guy last spring.

- I'm sure that's just gossip.
- No, it's not.

Jasper is a seriously
messed up guy.

So I just...

I'd be careful if I were you.

- Oh, God, hi.
- Hey, there you are.

So when are we gonna have
our lunch?

- Harry, hi. How are things?
- Well, good.

And are we playing hide-and-go-seek,
because I found you, you're it.

And I feel like
you've been avoiding me.

No, I've been really busy with
mid-terms and college counseling.

So what about tomorrow for lunch?

- No, that's no good for me.
- Next day?

Let me check. Okay? I will look.

But I have to go to a thing,
so I'll just shoot you an e-mail.

Hi, I'm here to see my mother.

You must be Silver.

My name's Mindy.
I'm one of your mom's nurses.

Come in.

I'm glad you're here.

Your mother's gonna need support
from her family during this time.

- We have a visitor.
- Who is it?

I just knew you'd come.

- Three months?
- That's just a guess.

Nobody really knows these things.

But I wouldn't buy any theatre tickets
for much after that.

There's no stage five.

You haven't touched your tea.

I don't really drink tea. Just coffee.

- Get out. Really, since when?
- I don't know, four years.

- Well, I can get you some coffee.
- Don't worry about the coffee.

When did they find the cancer?

Last year.
I did everything they told me.

Stopped drinking.
Tried my damndest anyway.

Had the lump removed,
did the chemo and all that, but...

But I guess they didn't get it all
and by now it's spread everywhere.

All I know is that the tick-tick-tick
just gets louder each day.

When I laid into you at your meeting

I didn't know that you were so sick.

You had every right
to say those things.

I was such a lousy mother.

If I could go back
and change the past, I would.

All I can do now
is focus on the present.

It's all I have.

That's good. I mean, it's not too late.

You know, maybe we can
even hang out a little.

I'd like that.

Do you think...

Would you...


Will you move back home?

Lt'd mean the world to me.

Can I join you for lunch?

And before you answer,
you should know

that I haven't asked
one person that

in the past
two miserable years here.

I've actually got this Chem. Quiz
to study for.

It's okay, I eat super quietly.
It's almost freakish.

You know, I'd better eat alone.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm just busy.

What about the Egyptian later?

I totally forgot
I signed up for peer tutoring

and it starts today, so I gotta cancel.

- Okay, well maybe...
- Some other time.

What? I was counting on you. I gotta
get out there and meet somebody.

And now my wingman's bailing on me
at the last second?

That's cold, brother.

I'm just saying, you know, first rule
of the wingman's handbook,

don't bail on your pilot.

Yeah. All right, later.

Sounds like
somebody needs a wingman.

Oh, no, we were just making
a vague future sort of plan.

No, hey. I was a primo wingman
back in the day.

I wouldn't mind getting out
of the house, blowing off steam,

- knocking back a few frosties.
- Frosties?

Brewskies, my friend.
Bitter batters. Barley pops.

Brain hammers.
The real man's Zima.

- I could go on.
- No, I think I got it.

Now, the first round, it's on moi.


- Hey.
- Hey.

I got your text.

Thanks for coming.
I know it was short notice and all.

Okay, here's the thing,

I've been feeling sick
about our fight the other day.

Thank God. Me too.

I mean, when we're not getting along,
I can't function.

I couldn't focus at all in class today.

Naomi, you're not just my baby sister,
you're my best friend.

Stupid things like money
should never get in the way of that.


Which is why
I've decided to move out.

What? That's crazy. Don't be...

Just while I figure out
this divorce thing.

- What are you gonna do for money?
- Oh, I'll make do.

Besides, you'll be better off.

You don't need me around
spending all your money

and dragging you down.

Now, let's see here.

Shall we order an appetizer?

I wanna enjoy this place
while I'm still a member.

- Hey, Ryan.
- Hi.

I was wondering,
since she wasn't in class,

if I could give you
a humanities handout for Silver.

It's just a short story
and a couple essay questions.

- She wasn't in class?
- No.

I think Adrianna
said something about Silver

taking your mother
to a doctor's appointment.

Yeah, I will make sure she gets it.




- I guess Silver told you.
- Yeah.

Pretty crazy, right?

How you feeling?

Much better now that you're here.

- Mom...
- I'm sorry I didn't call you.

I just thought
with all the terrible things I did...

- Please, don't...
- No, I need to say this.

No, you don't.

Okay? What happened between us

We can't change it.

I know.

The only reason I came here
was to tell you to leave Silver alone.

- What?
- She is bipolar, mom.

She's doing really well right now.
We're doing really well.

I know.

I wanna be a part of it,
try to be a mother while I still can.

Fine, be one. Mothers want
what's best for their children.

What's best for Silver
is that you leave her alone.

Take care of yourself.

Hey, Mark. Hey.

Sorry I don't sign autographs
until game day.

Look, I just wanted to thank you
for warning me about Jasper.

Oh, yeah, no worries.
I do owe you, right?

Look, I meant what I said,
I'm really sorry.

So what,
so you're not gonna go out with him?


So you're single? You're alone?

Yeah, well, it's not like
I'm some kind of leper or anything,

but no I'm not dating anybody.

- Are you doing anything tonight?
- Not really.

Me neither. Do you wanna, maybe,
hang out together?

- What the hell, right?
- Yeah, what the hell.

So just put your account number
and your new billing address

at the top right-hand corner
and we'll have this...

Jen, stop.

- No, I can't.
- Yes, you can.

I am not letting money drive a wedge
between me and my best friend.

Thank you.

Now go take the cheating frog
ex-husband for all he's worth, okay?


- Perfect score from the judges.
- Thank you.

Well, there's only one judge
I care about.

Well, extra prefect scores from her.

I know, right?

- I'm having the best day with you.
- Me too.

It's great kissing you and not feeling
like we're doing something wrong.

No, I know.

Mom. Mom,
you shouldn't be standing outside.

- Let's go in.
- I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Silver.
I had no right to ask you to move in.

I have no right to ask anything
of you.

- Kelly's right, I should leave you alone.
- Kelly?

Well, when she first showed up
I was hurt, but she's right.

I'm sorry.

I will stay away.

No, I have a cute girl for you.

You know that Starbucks on Olympic
near the school?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

There's a barista there, works in the
morning, redhead, wears her hair up.

She sings her drink orders
in an opera voice.

Two non-fat extra foam
double caps.

- I know who you mean.
- And?

I wanna murder that woman
in the span of time

it takes her to place my drink order.

Somebody's a diva.

I have got to drain the lizard.
Let's keep spit-balling.

Another round, please.

- Hey.
- Hi.

- So who's your friend?
- Oh, no, he's not a friend.

They just let him out
of the institution, actually.


Well, if you can lose him,
I'm just right over there.

Yeah, okay.

- Excuse me.
- Sure.

Okay, you know the French lady

that came to talk about
the semester abroad program?

- You know the one?
- With the withered hand?

You're such a diva.

It's so strange, you know,
like ever since that night at the party,

even though
I hadn't seen you in years,

it's like we just picked up
and we'd never been apart.

I know. I feel the same way.

I mean, even though
you were with another guy

didn't seem like you were.

You know, I really
don't wanna hurt Navid anymore.


So maybe for a while we just keep
our relationship on the down-low.


Relationships are just...

You know, they're just not my thing.

- So you don't want to...
- Don't take everything so seriously.

Oh, my God.

Look, we can still have a great time

I am such an idiot.

I mean, how can you be depressed
all the time? Snap out of it.

- Back on Annie now?
- Little miss mopey.

That's right. Yeah.
She is in high school for Pete's sake.

I don't know, I think high school
can be pretty rough for some.


"Poor kids, they have it so rough

with all the daily grind
and the peer pressure..."

- Wait, so this is Deb again...
- Yeah, who is now in a huff with me

about how to raise the kids.

I mean, at least before, you know,
I can go to school and vent but...

But this is Kelly again?

Yeah, who now hides every time
I come around the corner.

Well, imagine that.

- What?
- Nothing. Go on.

Well, I don't know.
We used to be best buds, you know.

And what is it the kids say?


Hello? Silver?
I've been calling for dinner.

- I'm eating along tonight.
- But I made...

How dare you talk to Mom
about me behind my back?

Okay. I'm sorry. I just...

I think it's best
if you don't get involved with her.

She's dying, Kelly.

Don't you get that?
Don't you care about her at all?

It's not that I don't care about her,
it's that I really care about you.

Yeah, well, I can make decisions
for myself, you know.

- I can take care of myself.
- No, frankly, you can't.

- Excuse me?
- Silver, you're bipolar.

Not that that's a bad thing
it's just a thing, okay?

You are different.
You can't handle intense stuff.

And Jackie is intense.
What she's going through is intense.

It's gonna bring up stuff,

stuff that you shouldn't be thinking
about or dealing with.

- Trust me.
- You can't decide

what kind of relationship
I have with my dying mother.

Yes, I can. I'm your guardian
and I'm the one who takes care of you.

Now come in to dinner.

I wouldn't have called you,
but I was just losing my mind.

Going over every second
of every day, just trying to figure it out.

And then it hit me.


What do you mean?

Well, you've known her
longer than anyone, dude.

- Of course, right.
- So what's your take here?

What do you think
could have happened?

I don't know.
People are complicated.

Yeah, I tried talking to Ade,
but I got nothing.

It's like she's trying to hide

No, look, don't let your imagination
go crazy on you.

No, all I can guess is
that I let her down somehow

and she doesn't wanna hurt me
even more by telling me what I did.

I don't know, man. All I know is that

I'm dying here.

- Another lovely dinner.
- Yes.

And the chances of it leading
into an even lovelier breakfast?

You never give up, do you?

Yet to meet a horse I can't break.

You know what?

I'm in.

- You're spending the night?
- No.

I'm buying a race horse.
I want Continental Accent.

- It's an extremely risky business.
- Which is why it sounds fun.

Yeah, but why be impulsive?

I would hate to see you
lose your money.

Who's talking about my money?

I've just received a generous gift
and I have a spare hundred grand.

- Sorry, forgot a blanket.
- It's okay.

- You want a glass of wine?
- Yeah.

Didn't really peg you
as a picnic basket guy.

Yeah, my parents are
Hollywood Bowl fanatics

and they never go
without a full spread.

Well, that's nice
that you learned from them.

- No, I just took their basket.
- You stole their food?

They were seeing
Barry Manilow tonight.

Anybody lame enough to see
Barry Manilow deserves what they get.

You're awful.

I'm such an idiot.

I had a perfect life
and I completely sabotaged it.

I just lost the love of my life.

- What am I gonna do without Navid?
- Okay, enough with the self pity.

This just happened, Ade.

It not like he's gone off to war
or married some wealthy duchess.

You can still fix this.

- You really think I can?
- Yeah.

He's a great guy, granted.

But it's Navid not George Clooney.

It's not like he's moved on
or anything.

Wingman surrendering his keys,
pilot, sir.

- I don't even know how they talk.
- I think you nailed it.

- Call me.
- What, me or him?

Whatever, skank.

Silver, Adrianna, follow me.

God, Annie, you are so hot.

We're a little exposed out here.

Oh, no, we're okay.

Unless someone's flying
into LAX super low.

Worst case, we just give them a thrill.

You know, we should probably
start thinking about getting home.

Come on, don't be a tease.

I'm not being a tease.
I'm just ready to leave.

- It's still early. Come on.
- No, seriously...

What is the big deal?
Don't be a prude.

Mark, no.

Your lips are saying no,
but your body says yes.

- Mark, get off of me. I mean it.
- Yeah, right.


Take one step near either of us
and I'm calling the cops.

Hey, you okay?

I hope I didn't scare you back there,
jumping out and all.

No, please. I'm so glad you did.

Yeah, I just...

I don't know, when I saw you guys
leaving together I had a bad feeling.

Well, thanks.

Can you tell me one thing?

What got you all weirded out
the other day in the cafeteria?

Yeah, that.

Fully my fault.

Honestly, I can't believe this,

but it's because of something
that Mark said.

Get out, that creep is dissing me?
What did he say?

Wait, let me guess.

"Man, that Jasper, don't trust him.

He doesn't play football.

He doesn't hang up freshmen
by their underwear. He's a freak."

Yeah, something like that.

I mean, he said you pulled a knife
on somebody.

What? What a crock.

I knew he'd make up
some outrageous lie,

but that I did not expect.

I gotta give him props for creativity,

Look, I know

that's what got you scared off,
but it's cool.

Yeah. But I'm not scared off now.

No, no, now there's no room
for the cranberry juice.

Your mom's magical hangover cure,

Yeah, but cranberry juice...

All right, you know what, honey,
let me take over for you, Harry.

- Knock yourself out.
- Perfect. Thank you, Kelly.

A horse?

You dragged me all the way
across town to show me a horse?

- Say hello to Continental Accent.
- Hello.

His sire was Liberty Ride and his dam,
Frou-Frou both great champions.

Have you been doing mushrooms?

He's mine.

A gift from Eduardo

and he is gonna make me...

Us, a lot of money.

Aren't you?

Nice car, Mark.

- Silver?
- I'd like to move in with you.


I made a huge mistake.

All that stuff
about wanting to be alone.

I realize now that's really not
what I want.

And, yeah, I'm going through
some weird stuff right now,

but the truth is
I wanna go through it with you.

Oh, so, that's what the truth is?


See I thought
it had something more to do

with the fact that you kissed Teddy.

Look, whatever Silver told you
I can totally explain.

No, Ade. You don't have
to explain anything. All right?

And, Silver didn't tell me,
Teddy did.

- Navid, wait. Please?
- Ade,

I want nothing more to do with you.