90210 (2008–2013): Season 2, Episode 5 - Environmental Hazards - full transcript

Naomi learns that her SAT test scores may not be high enough for her to be accepted into California University. She devises another devious plan to be tutored by Richard, the son of the ...

- Hey, Janine.
- Yeah.

- Hey, hey, Jordan, my man.
- Hey, Navid.

- Oh, cool kicks, Alisa, wow.
- Thanks.

And, Natalie, way to work
that Bunsen burner in lab.

Hey, man.

Mr. Wong just slammed me
with all kinds of homework.

Dude, now how is that funny?

I was thinking of something
Adrianna said to me last night,

you know, after we did it.

Right, of course.

Hey, hey, what's the word?
You guys have a good weekend?

Oh, yeah.

Finally have a way
to get Naomi back.

Are you serious? How?

Come on.

He doesn't wanna talk about it.
Leave him alone.

So my weekend was pretty awesome

- Oh, yeah, how come?
- No reason.

Why? Do I seem
different or something?

Home boy finally got laid.

Geez, dude,
what's up with that?

I was trying to keep it
on the down low.

But since the cat's
out of the bag, it's true.

This guy, no longer a virgin.

Holler! Yeah.

Finally talked Ade into it, huh?

No, I didn't have to talk her
into anything.

She came back from the beach club
Friday, couldn't keep her hands off me.

She showed up all, "I want you, Navid".
So I gave the girl what she wants.

- Gave her what she wants.
- Put your hand down.

You've reached your high-five limit.

- Really?
- Yeah.

You know what?
We should go on a double date.

You and Ade and me and this little
hottie from English class.

Jasmine Lotan. You guys know her?

Yeah, she's cute. You guys dating?

- We will be once I ask her out.
- Okay.

But seriously, I think it'd be cool
to double with you and Ade.

You know, show Jasmine I am friends
with respectable couples.

- Sure, yeah. That sounds fun.
- Great. Lot of fun.

What colour is that? I love it.

Oh, it's called Dulce de Leche.

I'll get that too.

I've never been here before.

Are they any good?

Actually, this is my first time here

We just moved nearby.

Oh, "we,"
as in you and your boyfriend?

Yeah, right. Me and my husband.

You're married.

Of course.

- So how long you been married?
- Nineteen years.

- Nineteen years?
- I know, it's a long time, huh?

I wouldn't believe it myself except
my kids are juniors in high school.

You know, I'm such a mom,
I actually have pictures.

Well, I don't suppose
you wanna see them?

Sure, why not?

Here we go.

This is my daughter Annie.

And this is my son Dixon.

College is a big decision. As a junior

I'm sure you've already started
thinking about where you wanna go.

- Right?
- Right. Exactly.

No, I was gonna do you a favor
and save you some time

so you can focus
on those kids in woodshop

or read fashion magazines,
your choice.

I will be going
to California University.

- CU is certainly a great school.
- It's more than great.

It's perfect. It's beautiful.

It's where my grandfather went.
He took me there as a kid.

It's just like being on those
east coast campuses except

weather's great
and the people are good looking.

Well, it's definitely important
to know what you like.

- But you need to think about...
- I've thought about everything.

I know exactly how my four years
at CU will play out.

Freshman year, I'll pledge Pi Phi
no matter how much the DGs beg.

And then sophomore year,

well, that is when
I'll find my Mr. Clark...

- Naomi?
- He'll be a Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

- He'll probably play football...
- Naomi, stop.

CU isn't going to happen.

What do you mean?

Your test scores aren't anywhere
near what they require.

Neither are your grades.

And you have
no extracurricular activities.

But I love it there. I'm a legacy.

I'm afraid
that's not going to be enough.

However, if you wanna stay nearby
there are plenty of other schools

that are well within your reach,

places like
Santa Monica Community College.

We're all in the gutter.

Some of us are looking at the stars.

- Hi.
- It's Oscar Wilde.

I had a really good time
the other night with you star gazing.

Yeah, me too.

You have any plans after school?
Thought I'd hit Chinatown.

There's this Dim Sum place my uncle
used to take me there as a kid.

Just really like to get back there,
you know, in his memory.

Yeah, sure.
Sure, I will come with you.

Trust me, this is the best meeting.
There are a lot of celebrities.

Can't really tell you who they are
because, well, it's anonymous.

Let's just say last time I was here

there was someone that rhymes
with Ritney Rears.

They also have the best donuts. None
of that powdered sugar business.

I've seen actual fritters.

Listen, today is about you
and your accomplishment.

I mean, six months sober,
that's a big deal.

Thank you so much for coming
to support guys. It means so much.

Of course.
We would not miss it for the world.

Now, let's get some fritters.
No, no, no, you stay.

I'm gonna go. Just in case
I need muscle to get to the front.


You know
how proud I am of you, right?

Yes, I do.

- He's so sweet, right?
- Yeah, he is.

You're really lucky
to have such a great boyfriend.

I know. I am.

Really lucky.

I agree.

Here you go one apple, one pear.

- Thank you, sweetie.
- I'm gonna find us some seats. Okay?

Oh, my God. I have to go.

- Why?
- I'm sorry. I'll call you later, okay?

What happened?
Who is that woman?

Jackie, Silver's mom.

I can't remember.


- Hey.
- Go away and don't come back.

- Wait. Wait, wait. Why?
- Why?

Because you're a junior in high school,
that's why.

How? How did you?

- Look, Sasha, I can explain...
- Explain what, that you're not 17?

- No, no, I mean, I am, but...
- But what?

I feel like such a fool.

I cannot believe I was actually
falling for a high school kid.

- Sasha...
- No.

Stay away from me.
I'm serious. Just stay away.

- You forgot your fritter.
- Come on in.


I'm sorry I left the meeting.

- I just couldn't deal.
- No, I totally get it.

You know,
your mom got a chip tonight.

- Thirty days sober.
- Good for her.

She talked to me after.

She said
she really wants to see you.

She says she's changed.

Like I haven't heard that before.

No, I know. I'm just saying
she seems really different.

She's an addict.

Yeah, and once addicts sober up
they become different people.

When I think about
what I used to be like,

so sneaky, manipulative, a liar.

And you've changed?


What's that supposed to mean?

Nothing. Just forget it.

No, you obviously
meant something by that. What is it?


I saw you kiss Teddy
at the beach club.

Look, I...

I made a mistake.

Please don't tell Navid.

I'm not going to, okay?

- But you should.
- No.

Look, these things,
they don't just go away.

You think that they will,
you want them to, but they don't.

Trust me. I mean, look at what the kiss
with Ethan did to me and Dixon.

That was a completely
different situation.

- No...
- Yes, it was.

You were confused.
You didn't even know who you liked.

Me, I'm not confused.

I made a mistake.
And so I'm gonna move on

- and pretend like it didn't happen.
- It's not gonna work.

You know,
it's really none of your business.

So maybe you should
just stay out of it. Okay?

Joseph Campbell got the term
"monomyth" from Joyce.

He also called it
the "Hero's Journey".

So who are some heroes
that have famous monomyths?

There's Buddha, there's Moses

there's Christ, Luke Skywalker,
Ryan Matthews.

I just got this phone. Have you
downloaded the beat app yet?

- Give it back.
- Let me show you how to get to it.

Don't touch anything.
Just give it back, man.

I'll take the phone.

No, it's all right.
I'll just put it away.

You just give it to me.
You get it back at the end of class.

Come on, man, that's not fair.

Write about it.
Your own personal monomyth.

why are you wearing sweat pants?

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Well, since I'm not going to CU,

I'll probably end up working
at a fast food joint

so I might as well dress the part.

Now, look,
I know that you're mad at me,

but we have a much bigger problem.

Oh, my God,
Naomi's wearing sweats?

- Yeah.
- What?

I don't know.

So can I have my...

You know, I wanted to talk to you
about your paper.

What's the problem with it?

Well, there is no problem.
It's great.

In fact the LA Times is sponsoring
a high school essay contest

and I really think you should enter.

Look, I made some suggestion
for revision...

Do I have to enter?

No, you don't have to.

Cool, then I'll pass.

Can I just have my phone?

I don't get you, Liam.
You're a smart kid.

What is it not cool to care?

Find another special project
because it's not gonna be me.

Just give me back my phone.

"Give me back my phone?"

Sorry, give me back my phone,

Absolutely, at the end of the day.


Looks like I found something
you care about.

You sure you don't wanna
even up the teams?

- You three against me?
- Wanna break, Dixon?

I just can't believe
it's over between me and Sasha.

Yeah, I'll just break.

- You know what's gonna help?
- Death.

That or this super hot chick
from my history class.

She might not be a cool DJ

with an unbelievable amount
of sports knowledge,

but she does have some
really nice curves.


Honestly, guys,

I just can't accept that
that's the last time I'm gonna see her.

And I know Sasha's going through it
too. I know she's torn up.

She told me
she was starting to fall for me.


If she said that
you still got a chance.

- Yeah?
- No, he doesn't.

Sorry, but you don't.

Sure, he does.
It's like me and Naomi.

Oh, right, like that mysterious plan
that you haven't implemented yet.

Technical difficulties.

Point is if you like someone
and they like you

there's a way around obstacles.

Yeah, like if Dixon went into
a rapid aging machine.

Dude, what's your problem?

I don't want you to get
your hopes up. All right?

- She's told you she's done.
- So why not give it another shot?

- I mean what's he got to lose, right?
- Yeah.


I mean, what do I have to lose?

Did you guys just drive me here
for lunch to torture me?

I should be getting used to
double beef burgers and the fryolater.

We are not torturing you.
We are inspiring you.

This is your dream.

I mean, come on,

how many times have you done
Pilates to CU fight song?

Who cares?
I'm done with Pilates forever.

Because some jaded
college counselor said

you wouldn't get in here?

Come on, you are not a quitter.

Yeah, when have you ever
taken no for an answer?

This morning, coffee shop.
They were out of soy.

Well, you should have made them
get more because that's who you are.

Remember at Hermes when a
saleslady said there were sold out

of the Birkin bag you wanted?
What'd you do?

I called the regional manager,

demanded they have
the salesgirl fired.

Exactly. And then what happened?

- They tracked down the bag...
- And?

And I bought two, the blue calf-skin,
the brown crocodile.

That's right.
Because you are Naomi Clark.

When someone says you can't
have something you get them fired,

which for the record,
I do have a problem with,

but you don't so it doesn't matter.

You go after what you want
and you don't take no for an answer.

- What the?
- Sorry about that.

You have a good arm.

You're right. You're right.

I'm not gonna let some
college counselor

who wears an ankle bracelet
under her stockings get in my way.

I just have to find a way
to get into CU. And I will.

That's what we wanna hear.

Oh, my God.
I'm wearing sweat pants.

The only thing that would
make me happier right now

is if you had a refrigerator
right by your bed

- with a pot roast inside.
- Oh, yeah.

I'm so famished.

But I'm thinking
more like fried chicken and waffles.

- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.

Oh, shoot,
I forgot to tell you something.

Say you have Roscoe's
in your book bag and all is forgiven.

No, but it is about food.

- It's about dinner actually.
- Yeah?

Teddy asked us to double date
with him and some chick.

- What? No.
- No?

- No, I don't wanna double date.
- Why not?

Because I'd rather just be
with you alone.

Well, yeah, me too,
but he already asked.

Okay, so just say no.

Well, I already told him yes.
He wants to impress a girl.

Come on, he asked me for a favor.
I wanna help him out.

It's one night. What's the big deal?

Okay, fine.

What are you doing?

You were supposed to give me back
my phone, but you weren't here so...

So you just started
going through my desk?

My phone's got important stuff on it.
Stuff that can't get erased.

You just got yourself
a week's detention. All right? Move.

That is so unfair.

I wouldn't have had to go through
your desk if you'd...

You had to?
You didn't have to do anything, Liam.

You shouldn't have taken my phone.

Let's make it ten days of detention.

What is this about? Is it because
I didn't enter your stupid contest?

Excuse me?

- Why are you being such an...
- All right, that's it, man.

I am sick of your attitude problem.

You know your parents
told the school to call

if we had any problems with you
this year.

- Wait, wait, what?
- And this qualifies.

So we're all gonna have
a little sit down.

No, look, I'll just...

- I'll take the detention...
- Yeah, I'm sorry.

- It's too late.
- You don't understand.

- My step-dad is a jerk.
- Everybody's a jerk, right?

Your step-dad? Me?
Well, I got a thought for you, Liam,

maybe we're not the problem, okay?
Maybe you're the problem.

Hey, you. What's going on?

What's it look like?
I'm studying to get into CU.

That's awesome.
Little known fact,

huge corollary between studying
and raising your grade.

Who said anything about grades?

I did a little research
on the dean of admissions.

Her son goes to CU.
He's a SAT tutor.

- So I hired him.
- Cool.

So you're gonna focus
on the SATs?

Yeah, no, I'm gonna date
the dean's son.

Honestly, Silver, try to keep up.

Once we start dating,
well, he'll take me home to mom.

Naturally, I'll charm her instantly.

Eventually, dear Richard
and I will part amicably,

but not before the dean
and I have forged a lasting bond.

The type of bond that will guarantee
me a place at CU in the fall 2011.

Wow, Naomi, don't you think
it's just a little bit easier to,

I don't know, study?

The key to success
is knowing one's strengths.

I am terrible at tests.
But I'm an excellent dater.

Unfortunately, Richard
is a bit of a snooze-fest.

His Facebook says
he's some super environmentalist.

I have to read these
global warming books

to make him think
we have stuff in common.

Hey, easy on the pours, seriously.
We're in a drought here.

What do you think? Sounds like I care
about the environment, right?

Please, listen, just hear me out.

And afterwards if you want me
to get lost, I'll get lost, forever.

I brought you a pizza

because when we met
at the pizza parlor

we didn't know each other's ages.

All we knew is
that we liked each other.

And, yes, when I found out
that you were older, I lied,

which was a really,
really stupid thing to do.

Look, the only reason why I lied

is because I couldn't believe
that a girl as cool,

as down to earth,

and as beautiful as you existed.

But you wanna know something?

Although I feel terrible about lying,
I'm actually glad I did.

Because if I would have told you
I was 17,

you would have
never gone out with me.

So, yes, I lied about my age.

But all the things that we
talked about, everything,

all the stuff about how I was feeling,
how you were feeling,

none of that was a lie.

So I'm here because
I'm hoping maybe we could start over.

No more lies.

Just you and me

and half sausage, half pepperoni.

Get lost.

"Please come to the meeting tonight,
I'm speaking.

I really wanna make things right
with us, love Mom."

- Right on the dashboard?
- Yeah.

So you gonna go?

I have no idea.

You haven't seen Metropolis?
That's even more egregious

than your lack of experience
with Dim Sum.

Hey, don't I get credit
for trying chicken feet?

Okay? I popped back,
like, three of those suckers.

Okay, yeah, yeah, you're right.
Credit gained.

And then it's deducted
for your staggering cinematic naivet?

And, no, Annie, I'm sorry,
but Kansas, it's not an excuse.

You've lived in L.A. For, like, a year.

Well, I guess I've been hanging out
in the wrong scene.

Yeah, no kidding.

It's gonna blow your mind,

It's huge.
It's all about man vs. Society.

Big influence on the movie
I'm making.

- You're making a movie?
- Oh, yeah.

Half narrative,
half documentary,

half really just sick
experimental stuff.

Think, like, Matthew Barney
meets Michael Moore.

- Cool.
- Yeah.

Actually, there's a band
playing tonight, The Script.

Thought I might use them
for part of my score.

- Do you wanna come?
- Where are they playing?

Beach club.

Yeah, I will pass.

Most of the people I hate
hang out there. So...

What if I guaranteed you
wouldn't have to see any of them?

Then would you go?

- Hi, are you Richard?
- Naomi, hi.

I'm sorry I'm late.

They really should repaint
the bike lane by the Shrine.

You rode your bike here
from Beverly Hills?

Just doing what I can do
to reduce my carbon footprint.

That's impressive.

- Oh, stop...
- No, seriously, I mean,

I feel like I'm surrounded by people
who don't care about the Earth.

You know, they just guzzle water
from plastic water bottles...

- How do they sleep at night?
- No idea.

You know I wish, we could put pictures
of choking dolphins on the bottles.

- They'd think twice about using them.
- Yeah.

Choking dolphins
would be awesome.

Oh, hey, before we get started
with vocab, do you know

where the independent theater
is around here?

I heard there's a showing of Flow

and I wanna see
if I can catch it later tonight.

- Flow as in For Love of Water?
- Yeah.

I tried catching the rerelease
last night, but they were sold out.

Rumor has it that you'll never view
water politics the same way.

Well, hey, you should come.
I mean, I have another ticket.


you know, I'm your tutor.
I'm not sure that's appropriate.

Come on, it's not a date.

It's just two like-minded individuals
going to see a film

about something
they're passionate about.

Plus I hear it's kind of one of those
flicks you gotta see on the big screen.

Kind of like The Dark Knight.

You're tempting me.

Yeah, you know, what the hell?
It's just one movie.



- Sorry, we're late.
- Hey, no worries.

- How are you, buddy?
- Good. How you doing?


- What, no hug?
- Oh, of course.

Guys, this is Jasmine.

- Jasmine, this is...
- Hey, I'm Adrianna.

- Hi.
- And Navid.

Have a seat.

- Jas just moved to L.A. From Kauai.
- Oh, no kidding? Sweet.

Ade, you went there once,
right, with your mom?

- Yeah, a long time ago.
- Yeah, I remember.

When she came back
she would not take off her lei.

I am telling you this thing
was not only wilting,

but it was actually starting to stink.

You know, my family actually
vacations in Kauai every Christmas.

- Right on. Whereabouts?
- North Shore.

- It's one of the most beautiful...
- I'm starving.

- Shall we look at the menu?
- Yeah. Sure.

Hey, honey, do you wanna order
two dishes and split?

Yeah, sounds good.

Hi. Can I get you guys something
to drink?

Yeah, I think I'll have an iced tea.
No, make that an Arnold Palmer.

I'm good with water.

- I think we're all good for water.
- Great.

- Oh, babe...
- Oh, my God.

I got it. I got it.
Don't worry about it.

I'm so sorry.

I am very impressed, Liam.

It only took a month
for us to get called into school.

You held it together longer
than I thought you would.

- Honey...
- Sweetheart,

I know this is tough for you,
but we had an agreement.

- If he screwed up one more time...
- I know. I...

Sweetheart, we gave him a shot.

We let him move back into the house,
but obviously it's not working.

Some kids are just bad seeds,
you know.

Liam is one of those.


Jeffrey Sarkossian.
This is my wife Colleen.

- Hi.
- Ryan Matthews. Nice to meet you.

Look, I wanted to apologize
ahead of time

for whatever trouble
Liam got himself into.

- Trouble?
- Yeah.

Liam hasn't gotten into any trouble.

Listen, the reason I called you both
down here was to tell you in person

how great Liam's been doing.

His first paper was terrific.

It was insightful, well structured,
beautifully written.


You should be very proud of him.

Okay, everyone, welcome.

My name's Tim and I'm an alcoholic.

Hi, Tim.

Sorry, I'm late.


what you did, that was cool.

Ten days detention still stand.

Yeah, okay.

Your phone.


Hey, that essay contest thing

did I miss the deadline?

No. Three days left.


Oh, yeah, so I hiked the waterfall.

Of course I thought
it was three miles instead of nine

and I ran out of water and vomited.

I gotta go to the ladies room.
I'll be right back.

Okay, sure, babe.

Do you wanna try any...

- What's wrong with you?
- What are you talking about?

You know exactly
what I'm talking about.

Why would you ask Navid
and I on a double date?

- Just thought it'd be fun.
- Yeah, right.

And you had to make out with Jasmine
right in front of me. Really?

I'm sorry. Did that bother you?
It's interesting,

- you know what bothered me?
- What?

Having to listen to Navid brag
about having sex with you

- right after we kissed.
- Oh, so this is about getting revenge?

Look, what do you care
who I make out with?

You've got a boyfriend, remember?

I know I have a boyfriend,
I don't need you to remind me.

- Why you acting jealous?
- I'm not jealous.

It's just really annoying

because I know that you're trying
to make me jealous.

So what if I am?

- It's obviously working.
- It's not working. It's pathetic.

Okay, you know what?
I really could care less.

Kiss whoever you want.

- Okay, fine.
- Fine.

You shouldn't have done that.

I'm sorry you're not feeling good.

Still want me to come over?

No, I just need to sleep.

- You sure everything's okay?
- Everything's fine.

Am I not allowed
to have a headache?

Yeah, of course. Sorry.

You look like you're lost.

Yeah, I'm looking for Reed Tower.

I'm going that way. Come on.

Thank you.

- I'm Jamie by the way.
- Naomi.

- I take it you don't go here, huh?
- No, I'm going to apply.

Yeah? You should. It's the best.

And you are a Pi Phi
waiting to happen.

So you're psychic, huh?

Psychic, SAE pledge. Same thing.

- Yeah, we know things.
- Oh, like what?

Like I know when I see someone
I have to meet.

Why do you think I threw my football
at you yesterday?


You thought that was an accident?

My arm is pretty damn accurate.

Don't think I would have made it
on the football team otherwise.

- So you're on the team?
- Yeah.

Would you wanna come
to a game sometime?

Hey, there you are.
I was afraid you got lost.

Richard, hi.

I was actually just asking
for directions.

- Jamie, this is...
- My roommate Richard.

Hey, man.

So we should get going
if we wanna catch the bus.


- So these guys are from Ireland?
- Yeah.


Sorry, man, just not
really in the best mood.

Hoping that music
gets my mind off Sasha.

Yeah, no problem.

- So what do you want to drink?
- Whatever.

Oh, no.

- What are you doing here?
- Look, I just came for the music.

I had no idea
you were gonna be here.

Yeah, well, the musicians
are friends of mine, adult friends.

I'm sorry.

Let's go.

You wanna split?

Thanks everyone for coming down.
We're The Script from Dublin.

And the song we're gonna do
is called "We Cry".

Let's just stay for the set,
you know, and then we'll bounce.

All right.

Together we cry

Together we cry

Jenny was a poor girl
Living in a rich world

Named her baby Hope
When she was just 14

She was hoping for a better world
For this little girl

But the apple doesn't fall too far
From the tree

Told you we could hear the music
without seeing anyone you hate.

It's perfect.


Nothing. Nothing, just

thank you for this.


And I've let down so many people
over the years I've lost count.

But the ones that I regret
hurting the most

are my children.

I was such a terrible mother,

which is why I'm so grateful

that one of my daughters
is here tonight.

Thank you, honey,
for giving me another chance.

I promise you
I will not let you down again.

- I'd like to say something if I could.
- Go ahead. Please.

I really wanted to be here tonight

so that I could tell my mother
once and for all

to stay away from me.

Everything that she said,

trust me it's gonna last
until she's had a bad day.

She's gonna go back to the bottle
or the pills,

whatever she can get her hands on.

But you did get one thing right,

you were a terrible mother.

The worst of the worst.

And if you think you can buy me back
with a car

well, that's just proof
that you don't know me at all.

Stay away from me. I mean it.

You're dead to me.

Hey, let's just go, man.

It's hard being in the same room
with her.

Yeah, it's cool.

- Actually, give me ten minutes.
- When she get here?

I don't know, but I gotta act
while I got an opening.

Do your thing, man.

You already talk to her?

There's nothing to talk
about anymore. Too late.

She moved on.

Let's get out of here.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Where are you going?

That kiss was inappropriate
for a tutor, huh?

I'm sorry. I know
this is not supposed to be a date.

- I'm just having such a good time.
- Yeah?

Me, too.

I gotta say you really surprised me.
When I first heard Beverly Hills

I thought, "Great, she's gonna be
about clothes and hair and make-up..."

Yeah. Man, was I wrong.

You're pretty unique, you know?

You too.

You must have
pretty inspiring parents.

What are they like by the way?

My parents?

Pretty normal. My dad's a radiologist

and my mom's actually
the dean of admissions at CU.

Really? I had no idea.

Naomi will never believe
that we slept together.

I really need to talk to you.

I'm sorry for the way I acted.

Call me back, okay?


This is the last time. Okay?

We're just saying goodbye.

Ade, are you okay?

Did the Teddy thing...?
It didn't go away, did it?

I mean, yes, you were right, it didn't.

That's not why I'm here.

Silver, we're friends.

Okay? We have to stay
in each other's lives.

- I know. I'm sorry that we fought.
- Your mom called me.

Ade, let it go.

She wanted advice
on how to get through.

- She shouldn't have bothered you.
- No, you don't understand.

She told me something
you don't know.

Please, there's nothing that
that woman could tell you

that'll make me change my mind.
Our relationship is over.

She has cancer, Silver.

Your mom is dying.