90210 (2008–2013): Season 2, Episode 22 - Confessions - full transcript

In the second season finale, after spending time with Liam and seeing his bravery in confessing his theft to his parents Annie finds the courage to confess to her parents about her hit and run. Jasper gets jealous over Liam and Annie's new closeness and sets fire to Liam's boat, leading to a fight between Liam and Jasper. Naomi secretly reveals to Ryan that Jen's baby is his, and Ryan who is upset that Jen will not let him be in the baby's life drives drunk and ruins the school sign. Dixon and Ivy go through a rough patch after he tells her about kissing Silver, but the real disappointment comes when he finds out he can't go to Australia with her. Adrianna and Navid have a public reconciliation and Adrianna must make the decision of whether to go on a year long tour with Javier. Silver decides to leave the decision of whether Teddy can handle both a relationship and tennis career up to him, who is upset when he finds out that his father tried to bribe Silver to end the relationship. The episode ends with Naomi being taken advantage of by a certain teacher, and realizes the desperation of the situation because she has already falsely accused him of harassment before.

And there's your baby, Jen.

Oh, my gosh. Can you believe it?

No. Not really.

It's just Jen's hardly human.

Who would've thought
she could reproduce?

What's the matter, Naomi?
Are you disappointed I'm pregnant?

I bet you were hoping I was having

a love affair with
a coke-addled chimpanzee.

Sorry, hon,
nothing that blackmail-worthy.

I don't know, I'm not ruling out
the whole chimp thing.

What? You don't validate?

I don't have money.
What am I supposed to do?

Get a job.

At 24 weeks you'll be feeling
some kicking.

No, please, she's a regular
David Beckham.

All right. Excellent.

All right, you'll need to see Dr. Boyd
in two weeks. Okay?

So are you gonna tell your stepdad that
you were the one that took the coins?

If I do he'll send me away.

Or I don't know,
press criminal charges probably.

My life, school, surfing, friends.
I mean, all that would be over.

I would never see you again.

You know,
see anyone from West Bev.

Well, you know, maybe you can
make this right.

Maybe you could earn money
and send it to your housekeeper.

Or you could help her find
a new job or something.

Maybe, I don't know. I just...

I messed up and I hurt someone.

Yeah, well you're lucky.
You know? You've got options.

Sometimes you mess up and there's
no way that you could ever fix it.

- You were amazing.
- No, you were amazing.

We both were amazing.

That was so amazing.

What is all this stuff?

Just gifts from my fans.

Chocolates, stuffed animals.
I don't know.


I don't know. Some of this stuff
is from the L.A. Show.


This is not exactly my style.

I think it's sweet.

- You keep it.
- Really?

It's my gift to you.

- Can you help me put it on?
- Yeah.


- What's up?
- You wanna walk me to class?

- Sure.
- Thank you.

You wanna go to this party thing?

What, that thing? What is this?

Well, actually, it's like a tradition,
you know.

It's like the senior class passing
the torch down to the junior class.

The guys wear tuxes.
The junior girls wear red.

Senior girls wear white.
Food, dancing. Should be fun.

Because school-sanctioned
dancing sounds like a hoot.

- You know what? Get down.
- What?

- You know you have a bad attitude.
- I forgot to tell you.

So the water in Australia
goes down the drain counterclockwise.

I'm sorry, I think that's rad. What?

We're going to Australia.

I'm so stoked.

And, Dixon, I gotta tell you, I'm so glad
we got over that stupid fight thing.

I learned my lesson. As long as we're
honest with each other, it's all good.

Yeah, totally. Come on.

Let's go.

We all know the universe
is expanding.

But is it slowing down,
or is it accelerating?

I want you to partner up and start
plotting the supernovae redshift data.

And maybe we'll figure out what's
going on with this universe of ours.

Dude, Mr. Reiss is so high.

It's like his mind supernova'd from
thinking about the universe too much.


Look, I have something
I have to tell you.

I can't not tell you.

Remember that day that we broke up
at Adrianna's concert?

Yeah, what, for like two minutes?


I ended up kissing Silver.

Now, look, we were both
sad and drunk.

And I swear from the bottom
of my heart, it didn't mean anything.

All right? I don't like her.
She doesn't like me.

But I can't keep a secret from you.
I have to be honest.

Man, you know what?
Dixon, you know what?

- Screw you.
- What?

I don't need to play second fiddle
to another girl.

- I've taken that ride. I'm done.
- You're not second fiddle.

Yeah, right.

"Known for his scathing
yet romantic depiction

of frivolous upper-class Americans,

F. Scott Fitzgerald is unparalleled in
the elegance and grace of his fiction."

You recognize that?

- Yeah, well, that's from my paper.
- No.

That is from a paper
that Miss Genlow

pulled off a website called
GreatPapersForCheap. Com.

- I'm sorry, what?
- I don't think you know what's going on.

With this infraction
you'll get an F in English.

And with an F in English,
you're not gonna graduate this year.

Yeah, I just...

You know, I don't think
it's gonna be that bad.

I feel fairly confident

that you can talk to Miss Genlow and
convince her to look the other way.

Why would I do that?

Well, because otherwise
I'll tell the superintendent

how you covered up that your son broke
into school the night of the vandalism.

I'll do it too.

Come on, people, let's hustle.

Liam? Liam?

Hey. Oh, my God, when is Obama
gonna outlaw gym class?

I mean, Guantanamo Bay, that's great.
But what about Phys Ed?

Seriously, am I right?

What's going on?
Why haven't you returned my calls?

- How are you feeling?
- Fine.

I mean, fine. You know,
considering I was pretty sick.

It wasn't the flu, actually, it was...
It was food poisoning.

Serves me right for eating
the cafeteria sushi.

Just stop. Stop lying.

You weren't sick. I heard a car honking.
You pretended you were in bed.

Maybe the sushi thing happened after.
And I wasn't in bed per se, but...

You know what?
Naomi, I'm... It's over.

I don't want to be with you anymore.

We never had much in common.
You're self-centered

and you lied to me too many times.

I mean, I forgave the Cannon thing,
but I just needed to talk to you

and you pretended you had the flu.

It's just too much. I'm done.

Oh, my God. Like you're so perfect.

- Like you always do the right thing.
- No.

I don't.

But this, you and me, we're done.

So your singing career has really
taken off, hasn't it, Adrianna?

It's been amazing.

I was recently signed by Laurel Cooper
at Woodgate Records

and it's been so great.

Word has it that you just did a duet
in New York with Javier.

Yes, I did. It was crazy.

That's so exciting.

And I think all of West Bev is extremely
proud of your accomplishments.

So you and Javier are dating,
am I right?

Tell us what it's like to date someone
so famous and successful.

It's been good.
I mean, he's a really sweet guy.

We just started to get to know
each other...

Hey, cut. I'm sorry. We need to cut.

This is The Blaze Live Edition, Navid.
We can't cut.

We can if I say so.
The lighting looks weird.

And... And I want to
discuss wardrobe and...

- I need to talk to Adrianna.
- This can't happen right now.

- No, can you just please go?
- Okay.

Navid, what's going on?

- Okay.
- Can I

ask you a couple of my
own personal questions?

Like for instance, I don't know,
where'd you get that bracelet?

- It was a gift from Javier.
- From Javier?

Yeah, Javier gave me
this bracelet. What?

So Javier happens to know
that your favorite flower is tulips?

And Javier knows you love butterflies
and your favorite food is hamburgers?

Oh, and there, the 11 and the six,

Javier also coincidentally
put those on there

because he knows the first time
we kissed was on

- November 6th.
- November 6th.

This is from you?

- So much for The Blaze Live Edition.
- That's fine with me.

- What's going on?
- You know what I think, Ade?

Looks to me like it's
The Blaze Live Edition.

You can date Javier.

You can fall deeply in love him.

You can marry him and have a whole
brood of Javier Jr.'s with amazing abs.

You can do that for the rest
of your entire life.

You can do all that.

But you can't do it
wearing my bracelet.

- Who didn't turn off the camera?
- Not it.

My bad. Navid yells, I panic.

Give it back, Ade.
Can you give it back?

Give me back my bracelet.

I don't want to give it back, Navid.

- Navid!
- Leave us alone, Silver.

- What do you mean?
- I don't want to give it back.

Okay, I didn't think you liked me.
All right?

Okay, I know I am a lot of drama
and I just didn't think you liked me.

Well, I do.

I like you.

But I know you're dating Javier,
and he's famous and sexy

and famous.

I'm just Navid.

- I can't begin to compete with that.
- No.

See, that's where
you're wrong, Navid. Okay?

No one can compete with you.

I'm so happy for them.

You okay?


No, not at all.

Liam just broke up with me.

Sweetie, come here.

The surface of this creme brul?e,
it isn't hard enough.

Okay? Creme brul?e,
well, it's like a woman.

It should seem impenetrable,
and then tap, tap...

And you're in.

Can I talk to you?

Yeah, okay. Tio, thank you.

Is it true?
Are you pregnant with my kid?

Who told you that?

I saw a paternity test.

How did you even?
How'd you get my DNA?

You left your gnarly hairbrush
at my house.

Oh, my God. So it's true.

I'm gonna be a father.

You know what?
I'm not gonna mess this up.

I'm gonna get my life back on track.

I want to be there for my kid. I do.

I don't make a lot of money
but I have some savings.

And good thing about my job
is I get summers off. And...

Look, basically, Jen,
I wanna do whatever I can

to help raise this baby.

Our baby.

I don't need your help.

Thank you very much, Ryan.

I'll have nannies and baby nurses
for that kind of thing.

What? No, but this is my baby too,
Jen. I have rights.

Which I will fight you for in court.

Look, just give up, Ryan. Okay?

My baby doesn't need
a public-school teacher as a father.

No, wait.

If you will excuse me,
I have a prenatal yoga class.

What's going on?
You know, you owe me an explanation.

He came over, your dad. He...

He offered me money
to break up with you.

A hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

God, I hate him!

I mean, he thinks just
because he has money

and he's Spence freaking Montgomery,
that he can do whatever he wants.

- God, he's a jerk.
- Yeah. Yeah.

Hey, he's a jerk. Yeah, I'm sorry.

If you? If you didn't take the money,
why did you break up with me?

Because your dad's a jerk
but he's also right.

I was getting in the way
of your tennis career.

I care about you too much to stand
in the way of that. I'm not going to.

If you care about me so much,
why won't you listen to me?

I want you in my life.
I need you in my life.

And I can do both. I can have tennis
and a relationship with you.

I'm sorry. It's over.

Okay, I'm ready to leave.

No, shut up.

Just because we are single does not
mean we can't have a fabulous time.

All the single ladies
All the single ladies

All the single ladies
All the single ladies

Put your hands up, up, up in the air

Yeah, I don't think being single
is what's holding me back.

- Yeah, well, what is?
- I don't know.

Being in a horrifically crappy mood.

I don't get it. How come you're not
in a crappy mood?

Because Liam is a loser
and I'm fantastic.

And I'm gonna meet someone
a thousand times better.

And we just have to keep our chins up
so people don't pity us,

and as a bonus we won't get that
pelican neck in our photos. Come on.

All the single ladies
All the single ladies

Oh, come on, sing with me, Silver.

What? What are you staring at?


Can I ask you a question?

Why did you break up with him?

You know why.
I just want what's best for him.

And how do you know
what's best for Teddy?

Isn't that the same patronizing attitude
his father has?

Shouldn't Teddy get a chance
to make decisions for himself?

Adrianna, there you are.


- I have something to tell you.
- No, wait.

Me first.
I want you to open for me on tour.


Lt'll be a huge opportunity for you.

- And we'll get to travel together...
- Stop.

I got back together with Navid.

- Why?
- I love him.

I'm so sorry, Javier.

Hey, getting ready to sing
for these lucky kids?


What's wrong?

Adrianna just broke up with me.

But it's not over till it's over.

- Hey.
- Hey, there you are.

You're dressed up.

Yeah, I was getting ready for the party
when I got your text.

But it's cool, I got time. What's up?

Well, I came clean.
I told my mom that I stole the coins.

- You did?
- Yeah.

And when my stepdad gets back
from Miami I'll gonna tell him too,

at which point my life
will essentially be over, but...

- Liam?
- No. Which brings me to my point

and my text.

I'm so glad you made it,
because I really wanted you...

I wanted you here for this.

For what? What...?
What's going on?

Take a look.

Oh, my gosh, Liam, it's your boat.

- It's on the water. I mean, it...
- It floats?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, I know.

It's amazing, Liam. So does it work?
I mean, does it sail?

Let's find out.


I can't believe you did this.

Man, I need to get out of here.

Sorry for the interruption.

Would lvy Sullivan please report
to the planetarium?

Lvy Sullivan to the planetarium,

Shut up.



Early astronomers believed
in the geocentric theory.

That the Earth was
the center of the universe.

But in the 16th century

Copernicus presented evidence
for the heliocentric theory.

That the sun was
the center of the universe.

But recently,

Dixon Wilson has come up with
a new understanding of our universe

he calls lvy-centric.

You're it, lvy.

I mean, you're the only girl
in this world for me.

You're the center of my universe.

Please forgive me.

God, you're crazy, Dixon.

Crazy about you.

And also a little crazy, you know.

And I've been working on this nonstop
ever since we fought.

Turns out Mr. Reiss has
some connections here,

so if you don't take me back, hopefully
I'll at least get a little extra credit.

So, what do you say?

- Okay.
- Okay what?


I would really like
to be back with you.

And it'd be nice if you'd still come
to Australia,

because I'd really like you to.

- For real?
- Yes, for real.

Better get home and get your bags
packed, because we leave tonight.

Nothing can compare

To the way you make me feel

Blinded by your stare

Tell me this is real

Wherever you're going

You know that I'll be there

However you need me

Just say when or where


Go already. Go.

And have fun.

- Hey.
- I was wrong.

I love you and I want to listen to you.

And if you think that you can
play tennis and be with me,

then it's your decision.

- Hey, you want to dance with me?
- Sure.

- All right.
- Yes.

The rhythm of you near

Wherever you're going

You know that I'll be there

However you need me

Just say when or where

When I'm dreaming

- Hey, Laurel.
- Hey.

Howdy, Laurel and Hardy.

- How are we?
- Ryan, you're in a good mood.

Not really.

Yeah, was actually feeling
more like a piece of trash.

Because I was excited to be a father,
you know?

Not just a father figure
but, like, a father.

- You're wasted.
- No, what's the matter?

I mean, I thought you were
down with the fun, baby.

Ryan, you need to go home.

You need to go home and you need
to sleep this off. Go home.

'Cause I can't get you
Out of my mind

The West Beverly Hills High School
class of 2010

hereby passes the torch
to the class of 2011.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the class of 2011.

I need to get back to the school.

Can't believe they made us
take shuttles. Ridiculous.

Well, you just missed one.

So drive me now.

Next shuttle leaves in 15 minutes.

Fifteen minutes?

- I'm sorry you missed the party.
- I'm not.

Hey, how come you didn't
name the boat?

I thought I knew
what I wanted to call it,

but I changed my mind.

Because the future is still unwritten.

What are you thinking?

I just can't believe that you're
gonna tell your stepfather the truth.

I mean, it's gonna be rough.


So why?

I've made a lot of mistakes
in the past.

I've done drugs. I've been violent.

And I didn't tell people the truth
about what happened with Jen.

I'm really sorry about that. I...

But this year has changed me.

I became someone who
really wants to do the right thing.

So, yeah, yeah,
it's gonna be tough when I confess

but if I didn't,

I don't know
what that would do to me.

I don't think I'd be able
to live with myself.

Yeah, well, you're a better person
than I am.

No. You would do the same thing
if you were in my position.

No, actually, I've done far worse
and I haven't come clean.

I was the one
who killed Joe Herman.

Naomi had that prom after-party
last year

and I was really upset and drunk.

And I drove like that.

I was coming down Mulholland
when I hit something.

And I just panicked.

I didn't even get out of the car.
I couldn't get out of the car.

I just drove home and secretly got
the car fixed the next morning.

And I hoped that, you know,
it was a coyote or something.

But it wasn't.

I found out online
that I had hit a person.

A man.

And he was in a coma
and then he died.

And his name...

And his name was Joe Herman.

And he was a human being.

And I killed him.

- What are you doing?
- Packing.

Why are you staring like that?

What makes you think
you're going to Australia?

Nobody said I couldn't.

Well, then let me be clear.
You can't.


Dixon, when I said yes I had no idea
the trouble that you'd gotten into.

Mom, I've been planning this for ages.
I already promised lvy.

This is an opportunity for me
to go to Australia.

- Please.
- No!

So I'm supposed to stick around here
and listen to you and Dad fight?

The decision is final, Dixon.

Where were you?

I had a meeting with
the superintendent.

This time of night?
What were you doing?

- Getting fired.
- What?

Some kid in the senior class tried to
blackmail me for trying to protect Dixon.

And I had to go to Miss Angus
and tell her the truth.

It was the only thing to do.

And they let me go.

Have anything to say
on the subject?

Maybe you shouldn't have lied.

That's all you have to say,
"Maybe I shouldn't have lied"?

I lose my job, everything, and all you
can say is I shouldn't have lied?

You want words of wisdom from me?
Some advice?

Well, it's too late.

You should've come to me before
you made our lives a mess.

I made a mess of our lives?
I was doing what I thought was right.

I was protecting our son.

Who said that's what Dixon needed?

What about consequences?

He needs to learn that actions
have consequences.

And, yes, you did make
a mess of our lives.

- How can you say that?
- Don't you get it?

We don't have anything.

You don't have a job.
We don't have savings.

And we don't
love each other anymore.

Is that true?

- Is that true? You tell me.
- You tell me.

- Tell me, is that true?
- No, you tell me.

You look me in the eye and you tell me
if you're still in love with me.

Hey, you two.

Hey, Javier, what's up?


I just wanted to talk to you.
I know we're not together anymore

but I still think
you're incredibly talented.

Yeah, definitely.

Well, the offer for you
to go on tour with me still stands.

What? Really?

You're good, Adrianna.

You should do it, Ade.

Yeah, it's a huge opportunity and what
better way to spend your summer?

- Hey, I can go with you.
- Really?

Yeah, we can spend it together.

My tour's not a summer tour.
It's a whole year.

Well, I'm still in school.

And why do people go to school?

To get the education they need
to get the job of their dreams.

Adrianna, this is your dream.

Right here, right now.

I know it's not the safe move.
But come on, take a risk.




- Hey, Mr. Cannon.
- Hi.

My car won't start.

Who knew that could be
a problem in the modern era?

Apparently there are cars
that don't start.

And my cell phone died.

So I just need to borrow
someone's phone to call AAA.

I didn't know it was you here. So...

Is everything okay, Naomi?

No. It's not.

Everything is not okay.

Everything is wrong.

It's all my fault.

Because I'm self-centered
and a liar

- and a terrible person.
- No.

No, you're not a terrible person.

How can you say that?
I almost ruined your life.

But you didn't.

Would you like a glass of water?


You sure you don't want me
to go in with you?

I have to do this alone.

Well, I'm sleeping on my boat,

you know, to enjoy
my last night of freedom.

I don't know if I get cell reception
out there,

but if you need me,
you know where to find me.

Thank you.

Mom, Dad, I have something
that I have to tell you.

The animal kingdom is brutal.

But no animal is as brutal
as the Homo sapien.

Anyway, it goes on and on and on
like that.

Well, it's an amazing project.

I'm really impressed, seriously.

Well, I'm glad. So...

I'm not just some
boring old bastard then?

Of course not. No.

I... You're talented.

- You're just saying that.
- No.

Thank you. It means a lot to me.

Well, it seems like
a very important documentary.

Thank you.

You don't mind me holding your hand,
do you?

No, that's... No, that's fine.

I should probably call AAA
though, because...

Mr. Cannon.

Oh, come on.

It's okay. I know you wanted me
to kiss you. Don't feel guilty.

What? I don't feel guilty.
I don't want you to kiss me.

Enough, Naomi.
Enough with the teasing.

I see the way you look at me,
and your whole harassment fantasy.

You're trying to provoke me.

And now you're gonna play
the innocent?

Don't bother.

I know you want me to.

Get away from me, you perv.

Stop it. Stop or I will tell. Stop.

Who you gonna tell?
Who you gonna tell?

Who's gonna believe you?

You're the girl who cried wolf.