90210 (2008–2013): Season 2, Episode 2 - To Sext or Not to Sext - full transcript

The twisted Naomi continues her personal quest to destroy Annie's personal and professional life by spreading a false rumor about the existence of a nude photo of Annie, which causes a ...

What can I say?
You just caught my eye, Danny.

- Donny.
- Donny, right.

I just didn't realize
the Tech Club had such cuties.

Well, thank you.

So random question.
My friend and I have this bet going.

She says I can't send out
a text anonymously.

And I was like,
"You totally can".

- You totally can, right?
- Did Konrad Zuse invent

the first binary
programmable computer?

- Well, the answer's yeah.
- Oh, perfect. That's great.

So would you mind just showing me

so I can settle this bet
once and for all?

- There you are.
- Hey, what you doing?

Oh, the geeks are trying to recruit me
for the Tech Club.

We'll talk later.

Dirtbag, 2:00. Don't look.

That's subtle, you guys. Nice.

- He better not try to talk to me
again. - Hey, don't worry.

He won't get by us, right, Silver?
Silver? Hello?

I have to try to talk to him again.

Me and Dixon,
we have something really special.

And just because I made a mistake
it doesn't mean that it's over.

- I just have to apologize.
- But you did, right, last night?

- Last night he was furious.
- You know what? Give it a week.

- Why?
- Why?

Because it's only been 24 hours.

If he was mad last night, you're
not gonna get through to him now.

Wait a week, he'll have cooled down

and he'll be a lot more
receptive to your explanation.

- Come on.
- I guess it can't hurt.

Still have a few spots left
on The Blaze!

Don't miss out on your opportunity

to participate in West Bev's
only serious journalistic enterprise.

And when I say serious, I mean fun.

- Hey.
- What's up, boy?

- Silver still staring at me?
- Affirmative.


Ade says she's still pretty broken up
about it.

She's been lying to me all summer.

And besides, now that it's over,
I kind of feel relieved.

You know, I'm free.
A new year, a new Dixon.

Douche bag alert.

Dude, seriously,
what's your problem?

Just look at him.
He's been here for exactly three hours

and he's already Mr. Popularity?

Why is that so funny?

I can't believe Ade lost her virginity
to that guy.

Look, who cares?

- It's not like she's into him.
- Of course she's not.

Why would you even say that?
Join The Blaze!

We may not be popular,
but we've got heart!

Well, lookie here, it's the skank.

You have no idea how hellish
I'm about to make your life.

- Naomi, wait. Gotta talk to you.
- Don't.

For three months, not a word.
Now you gotta talk?

I don't gotta talk now.

Look, my stepdad sent me away
that night to this wilderness thing.

- I had no phones, no computers...
- Poor you.

That's not what I mean. I just...

I'm really sorry.

You're sorry?

You had sex with Annie
and you're sorry?

- Annie?
- Oh, great.

Now you're gonna deny it.

You know what?
I walked in on you half-naked, Liam.

No, no, no, I...

I had sex with someone, yeah.

But it wasn't Annie.

Then who was it?


Right. Okay. Your time's up.

What did that loser want?

Who cares?
Let's just get out of here.

I'll never figure out
this coffee machine.

My old one cost 20 bucks,

but at least I could make
a cup of coffee.

- Hi, Ma.
- Liam, hi.

- Good you're home.
- Hello, Liam.

This is Jen Clark.

She came over
to talk about her sister, Naomi.

Apparently, you caused Naomi
a lot of pain.

So we both think
it's best that you stay away.

She's finally begun to heal,
you know?

- You psychotic...
- Liam, that's enough.

- I'm so sorry. He's...
- No. No, it's okay.

This is all very emotional.
I completely understand. It's okay.

Well, you have my word.
He will stay away from Naomi.

That's all I care about. I mean...

Listen, I'm gonna skip the cup
of coffee, sweetie.

But, Colleen, thank you so much.
I feel better already, really.

Bye, Liam.

And I really miss you.

I've been thinking about you

Uncle Don.

And it's just been so long
and I cannot wait for Thanksgiving.

Okay, bye.

Hey. That was Uncle Don.
He's a great guy.

Just been so long.

And I thought you might
actually be calling Dixon.

- Dixon?
- Yeah.

No, that was not Dixon.

It was Dixon
and I have to call him back.

I just left him
the weirdest message in the world.

What happened to waiting a week?

Sorry we're late.

All right, let's get started.

Welcome, everyone, to the
first meeting of Blaze News.

Let me just say that I am so pumped,
so pumped to see you all here.

We had six people sign up
at the activity fair,

so now we're up to 12 people.

So we're moving in the right direction,

Yeah, so now it's definitely
gonna be an uphill climb.

Last year the staff drove
Blaze News into the ground.

They didn't really produce
news stories.

They just, you know,
came up here to smoke weed.

It's gonna be different this year.

And we're gonna have a lot of stuff
on the table... Yeah?

- Can we still smoke weed here?
- No. No weed.

So here's what I'm planning.

A once-a-week,
hard-hitting news magazine...

This place is lame, bro.

- Peppered with
personal-interest stories,

that I think we can all, you know,
contribute a little something to.

I just made a reservation
for sushi, but wow.

Oh, no, what a debacle.

You're gonna hate me.

- Come here.
- Hey, hey, hello.

I must have double-booked tonight.

An old friend is taking me
to this benefit.

I feel sick about it.

- You hate me, right?
- A little bit. No, I don't hate you.

It happens. Yeah, I should
probably get going anyways.

I think I stood up
two swimsuit models.

You're so sweet, which only makes me
feel worse about this whole situation.

Can you just at least
come in for a bit

until I absolutely have to go?

- Sure, of course.
- Fabulous.

Oh, and we have to reschedule

Well, I'll have to see if I can
move some things around.

Nice pad.

- Could you?
- Sure.

Thank you.

You know, between you and me,
pearls remind me of old ladies.

I feel like I should be storing tissue
in my bosom or something.

You could always not wear them.

I wish.

But Gregory bought them for me.

He's the friend I'm seeing tonight.

So anyway...


- So welcome back.
- Thank you.

Tell me,
did you absolutely love Vietnam?

I went bananas my first time there.

Yeah, well, I'm guessing your Vietnam
and my Vietnam were a little different.

Bach Ma National Park
is Bach Ma National Park.

I don't care
where you sleep after seeing it.

You did
Bach Ma National Park?

That's a pretty gnarly hike
getting up there.

What are you implying?
That I don't do gnarly?

That you don't do hike.

Okay, fine. I helicoptered to the top,

but there were
plenty of sweaty hikers up there

who told me all about
how steep it was.

Already? What a drag.

Gregory, hello.

- You look beautiful.
- Thank you.

This is my dear friend, Ryan.
He's a teacher at Naomi's school.

I double-booked tonight.
I'm atrocious, I know.

Shall we go?

Bye, Ryan.

Okay, we are good on the news.

All we need now is another segment,
you know, lifestyle piece.

Something buzz-worthy.

- I got a no-brainer.
- Yeah?

Rumor has it there's a naked picture
of the principal's daughter out there.

A sext text, people?

No, absolutely not.
That's out of the question.

Guaranteed eyeballs, dude.

No, Blaze is not in the business
of slinging mud.

Other pictures. Think positive, people.
Think only Beverly Hills.

All right, I got one for you.

- What you got?
- New student

just transferred to West Bev.

He placed second in some
big deal national tennis tournament.

he's gonna go pro in a year.

Interesting story, right?

Balancing a pro tennis career
with high school.

- Well, do you have a name?
- Teddy Montgomery.

As in the son
of Spence Montgomery.

Major movie star, people. Come on.

- Yeah.
- Yeah. That's perfect.

But I sussed him out
and he has some no-interview policy.

Apparently, his dad's been burned
in the media a couple times.


Damn, damn, damn. That would have
been perfect. That sucks.

- Anyway, any other ideas?
- Navid,

if you really wanna interview Teddy,
I can ask him to make an exception.

- He might do it since
we're old friends. - Really?

- That'd be freaking awesome.
- Right?

No, that'd be freaking awesome.

- Hello?
- Annie, hi.



Sorry, this is awkward.

You called me, so...

Look, I heard a rumor tonight
and I wanted to tell you,

because if it were me,
I would want to know.

What is it?

Okay, apparently,
someone has a text of you,

like a naked text.

- Oh, my God.
- It might just be a rumor.

I have to go. I have to go. Bye.


Yeah, I just wanted you to know
the rumor, dude.

Yeah, look, the thing is, me and Annie,
we're doing our own thing now,

so I'm done dealing with her crap.

All right? I'll talk to you later, man.

You know, Ade, I've been thinking
the Teddy story's a little soft.

I was thinking about
covering the sex piece.

- What?
- I won't mention Annie's name.

I'll just talk about
the phenomenon in general.

I mean, sext texts
are big in high schools.

Okay, Navid, you can't do that.
Everyone will know it's about Annie.

- Yeah, but we need a great story.
- And you have one.

- Teddy, remember?
- Come on.

- That's not nearly as interesting.
- No, but it is.

Honestly, you have no idea
how juicy Teddy's life is.

His godfather is Marlon Brando.

Could you imagine?

Baby, you can't do the sext.

But Teddy is amazing.
Trust me, he is beyond amazing.

You were completely out of line.

- You don't talk to people that way.
- But Jen is psychotic.

And I don't care about Jen.
I care about you.

Look at me.

She said Naomi asked you
to stay away from her?

Is that true?

Well, okay, then, that's it.

When someone says they are done
with you, you've got to believe them.

Remember what they taught you
in Utah.

Stay away from people who trigger
bad behavior, people like Naomi.

I know.

I know.

Just stick to the plan, honey.

You need structure. Down time
is when you get into trouble.

You're still gonna join the team,

Good. You'll make some friends
like you had on Long Island.

- It's not gonna be the same.
- So here's a question.

How hard could it possibly be
to make a flower garden symmetrical?

- Hi, honey.
- Hey, baby.

So I asked the gardener

to trim back the roses
a little bit, right?

I get there and the left side
is about 6 inches wider than the right.

Could you imagine what would happen
if I did shoddy work in my business?

Hey, maybe that's the answer.

What I'm gonna do
is invite the gardener's wife

over for a little plastic surgery.

And I'm gonna give her
one big, beautiful D cup

and one tiny, little A cup.

That's a good idea,
bully the gardener.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought
the whole idea of my dropping $20,000

so you could sleep in a tent

was so that you would lose
the attitude problem.

- I'm just saying.
- That's enough, Liam.

Help me, honey? I want a decaf.

You're walking on thin ice,
young man.

You're lucky I didn't call the police

and tell them how you stole
my patient's credit cards last year.

Liam knows and he's grateful.

He better be grateful.

Because if I see a sign
of any bad behavior from you,

I'm making the call, young man.

And trust me, juvie is nothing at all
like your little namby-pamby

"let's get in touch with our feelings"
wilderness crap.

You understand me?

You have to understand,
this is really important to Navid.

Okay? The Blaze, it's everything.

And your life is so interesting.

Why are you smiling at me like that?

Okay, Teddy, will you do it
for me, please?

- Pretty please?
- Of course.

It wasn't ever a question.

I just enjoy watching
beautiful girls beg.

- You're evil.
- Oh, come on, don't act surprised.

You of all people know me.

Yeah, well, I thought you might have
grown up after a few years.

What's the fun in that?

Although rumor has it
you've grown up.

- Whatever could you be talking about?
- Come on, Ade,

- what's been going on?
- Not much.

Give or take a pregnancy.

That's intense, Ade.

Was the baby Navid's?


But he was really great through it.

I mean, he actually wanted
to marry me and help raise her.

It was a her.

But in the end,

I just wasn't ready.

What? Why do you look so serious?

You're never serious.

Are you okay now?

Me? Yeah. I'm good. I'm on track.


Because you're pretty important to me,
you know.


- Hey.
- Hey, buddy.

So it looks like
I'm doing my first interview.


That... That's great.


- Donny.
- Right. Sorry.

So listen, you were gonna show me
how to send an anonymous text.

I'd love to.
How about over dinner tonight?

I have plans.

Lunch, tomorrow.

- Off-campus?
- The farther the better.

But I'll meet you there at 12:15.
Don't forget.

I'll meet you in the cafeteria?
Actually, the Media Lab.

Hi, Naomi. Bye, Naomi.

- He seems stressed.
- It's The Blaze.

He just wants it to be a success
so bad.

He's even considering
doing a segment

on that supposed text sext
that's going around.

You've heard of it, right?

- Annie?
- Yeah. He should run the story.

Come on, Naomi, whatever Annie did,
she doesn't deserve that.

I can't believe someone would take
a picture of it and send it around.

How evil is that?

Your ball.

Come on, buddy. What's the deal?
Where's your head at?

Girl trouble.

- Jen?
- I'm playing with fire, man.

Cardinal rule: Don't like her
more than she likes you.

That, my friend,
is why you're still single.

Trust me, I like Deb
way more than she likes me.

- Yeah, I know that's true.
- What?

What? Nothing. It's your ball, man.

All right, here's the thing with Jen.
I don't have a chance.

The other guy she's dating,
they're seriously loaded.

Did you tell her about
your pension plan?

Trust me,
when those benefits start kicking in,

she's gonna be happy
you're a teacher!

Make me feel worse.

It's not helping, huh?

Hey, just stay in the game.

As long as you're in it,
you got a chance.

And, man, she is worth winning.

Speaking of winning.
Kobe for the three.

I don't think so. Not in my house.

Sorry, Kobe got robbed there.

Is it true?

Oh, hey.

Is it true?

Did you take pictures?

How could you?

This is not...
It's not gonna be a big deal.

Not a big deal?

What the hell?

Look, I'm not the one you should
worry about here, okay?

Talk to your friend Naomi.
She's got a copy of the picture too.

All right, little grommets, listen up.

Everybody trying out for the surf
team, there are five heats.

Top three from each
are gonna move on to the next wave.

Any questions?

All right, you four, I want to see
you be totally agro out there.

Let's go. Let's do it.

So why are you out here?

I mean, aren't you supposed to be
like Roger Federer or something?

More like Nadal.

But surfing's my first love, man.
It's the way I blow off steam.

Hey, can I borrow some wax?

- I didn't know you surfed.
- Used to.

Jones Beach back in Long Island.

Long Island? Wait, New York?

- You're from New York?
- Yeah.

How did I not know?
I'm from New York.

I mean,
I moved when I was 8, but...

- No, man, that qualifies.
- Oh, boy, here it comes.

The whole "we're bros because
we're from New York" thing.

- Clearly from L.A., huh?
- Yeah.

- And what is that supposed to mean?
- Nothing. I could just tell.

You and Ryan Seacrest have that
certain something.

Certain something.

I got to admit, I didn't take you
as a team kind of guy.

Well, I'm not. But an idle Liam
makes for very bad things.

All right, you five, in the water.
Let's go.

- Let's go.
- Let's go do it.

Hey, just so you know,
I didn't sleep with your sister.

I don't want to talk about Annie

Me and her, we're like
two different people, all right?

That's as fast as you can go?

That, my friends,
is why I love California.

Liam, you have to talk to Naomi.

You have to tell her
that we didn't have sex.

- I did.
- You told her that it wasn't me?

Yeah, I told her.
She didn't believe me.

Well, did you tell her who it was?

- Why not? Why wouldn't you?
- I'm sorry. It's complicated.

It's not complicated.

How is it complicated, Liam?

You and I didn't have sex
and you had sex with somebody else.

And if you don't tell Naomi the truth,
she is going to ruin my life, Liam.

I gotta go.

And five, four, three, two...

I'm here today with
Teddy Montgomery.

Son of two-time Academy Award
winner Spence Montgomery.

- How you doing today, Teddy?
- Not too bad.

Cool, so let's dive right in.

Word has it that you're a pretty
amazing tennis player.

According to my notes
you ranked second in nationals?

Well, I was lucky. I got a good draw.

Yeah. Gotcha.

Let me ask you this.

You have to be pretty arrogant
to be an athlete, right?

Do you bring that arrogance
to your personal life?


Do you feel guilty about the fact

that your last name
has opened so many doors?

How's it feel that you'll never be
as successful as your father?

You've lived a pretty charmed life,
haven't you?

Anything bad ever happen to you?
What? No regrets?

So you think you're perfect?

So here's a question that I think
has been on everyone's mind.

Why did you return to Beverly Hills?
Why not stay at Exeter?

I miss California.

- There's nothing quite like it.
- Interesting.

Nothing to do with the fact
you were kicked out

after being caught with two naked girls
in your room? Maybe you forgot.

You were so busy sleeping around

that you can't remember
who you did or didn't sleep with.

I didn't forget, I just...
I don't kiss and tell.

Please, don't send out that picture.

It's gonna ruin my life.

Naomi, please, erase it.

I'll do anything that you want.

You know what I want.

I want you to stop lying.

I'm not lying.

Admit that you had sex with Liam.

- I didn't.
- Admit it.


If I admit it,
will you just erase the picture?

I just want you to admit it.

Fine. Then I did it.

I had sex with Liam. Okay?
You happy?

Please, just don't send it.

What the hell was that?

You just attacked him.

What? I'm a journalist.
Journalists don't pull punches.

They also don't attack someone

just because that person
used to date their girlfriend.

You're paranoid.


Hey, Teddy, can I catch a ride
to the beach with you?

- Sure thing.
- Awesome.

Thank you.

Go, Dixon!

And everybody else.

All right, ladies,
tone down the enthusiasm,

you're making a scene.

What if I told you I'm having doubts
about whether Annie slept with Liam?

I would say that's great.

- It's great. - Relax, okay?
I said I'm having doubts.

She's not in the clear yet.

Okay, I gotta say, Dixon's pretty good.
He's gonna make the team.

And when he does,
he's gonna be in a great mood.

Which means it's gonna be
an awesome time to talk to him.

Clearly, we have to keep her away
from him.


What are you talking about?
Of course you made the team.

I wiped out twice.

It's whatever, man.
You know, who cares?

All right, everybody, listen up.
Here's the team.

Come on.

No way. Guys, guys, I did it.

All right.


- Yeah.
- Yeah.

We all made it, man.
We all made it. Yes.

I wanted to thank you
for the beautiful necklace.

- Does this lock?
- Oh, yeah.

Glad you like it.


Dude, Silver called me again.

I don't know what else to do.
I already told her it's over.

She's just having a hard time
believing it.

When someone says they're done,
you got to believe them.

Wait? You're talking about Naomi?
Because that's different.

- Naomi is not over you.
- What do you mean?

Ade told me. Didn't hear from me.
Ade'll kill me.

Actually, she already wants to kill me.
What the hell?

No, man. She's wrong.

- Naomi told me to leave her alone.
- Come on.

You know girls never really say
what they mean.

They're always
like double-triple talking.

Yeah, they're not dudes.
You know, we're very straightforward.

- Yeah.
- Amen.

I mean, girls, they're all like,

"Yeah, babe, do you want
Japanese or Chinese food?

I really don't care". You're like,
"Yeah, let's get some Japanese".

And then they're pissed,
because they wanted Chinese.

Why they didn't just say Chinese?
Dude, I'll never know.

So if Naomi says she wants me
to leave her alone...

She wants some Chinese food, kid.

I mean, she wants you to try harder.

- Chinese food?
- Chinese food.

Silver, are you okay?

- Let's go. All right?
- Come on, Silver.

Come on, come on.
Come on, it's okay.


Stay. I'll take her home. Come on.
Come on.

- Can I talk to you for a second?
- Yeah.

Look, I was a jerk.

I ambushed Teddy
because he was your ex

and it was a stupid way to handle it.

I should have just been upfront
and told you

that I didn't want
the two of you to be friends.

- That's your apology?
- Look, I said I acted like a jerk.

Then why are you still
acting like one?

I'm not.
I'm just being honest with you.

It's not like the two of you
talked the past few years.

Yeah, well,
we go to the same school now.

I know and you can say "Hey,"
or whatever.

Oh, thank you. Thanks.

It's not like
he's some random dude.

He's the guy
you lost your virginity to.

It's fair for me
to ask you not to talk to him

if it makes me feel

You know what makes me

The fact that you can't trust me.


Could you...? Ade, wait.

- I gotta talk to Naomi.
- I'm so sorry. She's not here.

- That's her car.
- Aren't you the little detective.

Why don't you give me a message
and I will be sure to pass it on.

Yeah, whatever.
I'll just talk to her at school.

Just what are you planning
on talking to her about?

I didn't want to tell Naomi
what happened between us,

because I didn't want to hurt her
even more.

I thought there was no point,
because she was done with me.

But she's not
and she needs to know the truth.

And when I deny it, who do you think
she's gonna believe?

The person who she relies on
most in this world

or you, the person
who broke her heart?

You're not gonna lose your temper,
are you? Your mom says if you do,

you're going straight to juvie.

You bitch.

You're unbelievable, Liam.

Jeffrey didn't think
that you were ready to come home

after the wilderness program.

- Like a fool, I said you were.
- I am.

You punched her door!

Why did you go over there
in the first place?

Go over where?

I was boiling water and tripped.

This idiot tried to catch the pot.
Burned himself good.

- I'll take a look at it.
- No.

No, he's fine.

He needs to think before
he does stupid stuff.

Okay. All right.

- I will.
- Good.

Because next time,
you're on your own.


- Naomi, hi. How's Silver doing?
- She'll be okay.

Oh, good. I saw your teacher earlier.

Ryan? What's the deal with that?

Are you, like, seriously into him?


Of course I am not like
seriously into him. Thank you.

Same time tomorrow.

Look, here's the thing.
L.A. Is a very small town.

And if a girl isn't careful,
she can get labeled a gold digger.

And that, my dear,
is something that I can't afford.

It scares the rich men right off.


Keeping an economically,

you know, challenged teacher around
protects from that pesky little label.

Oh, you're just using him.
Thank God.

Of course I am using him.

The other night, I "accidentally"
double-booked a date

with Ryan and with Gregory.

Gregory is one of those paranoid

who thinks that women
are only after his money.

Of course, we are.

You should've seen the look
on Greg's face

when he saw Ryan walking back
to his crappy little car.

Suddenly, I was Mother Teresa.

- You're brilliant.
- Thank you, darling.

So did you figure out
how to send out that text?

Yes, finally.
After a two-hour lunch at IHOP.

So did you send the text?


I don't know, it just...
It's pretty evil.

- I would ruin her life.
- She ruined yours.

- Yeah, if she slept with Liam.
- Lf?

Something's just not adding up.

I mean, Annie's been saying
all along it wasn't her,

but then Liam said it wasn't her.

Well, did he say who it was?

Well, no, but maybe
if I just ask him again...

- What?
- Nothing.

- What?
- Nothing. You're just

so sweet, so optimistic.

I remember before we all accepted
Daddy's affairs as par for the course,

there was this incident.

Mommy had found
some sort of proof

that Daddy was sleeping
with Florence Kinald.

But despite all the evidence,
she didn't want to believe it.

Everyone was talking about
what a fool our mother was.

But as I grew up,
I realized she wasn't a fool.

She was just optimistic like you.

In fact,

every day you remind me
more and more of our mother.

Naomi, what are you doing?

I'm sending out that text.

The evidence was all there.
I don't know what I was thinking.

Did you see this? She's naked.

Nice rack.

- Annie, I'm here for you, okay?
- Thank you for warning me.

- I never thanked you for warning me.
- That's okay.

No, no, it's not okay.

You were being nice and a friend

and I don't know why
I never even called you back

- when you called me this summer.
- Annie, it's okay.

It's gonna be okay.

Hey, if it makes you feel better,
they've all seen me naked too.

- It's gonna be okay?
- It's gonna be okay.

I just can't believe
Naomi would do something like this.

- Naomi?
- Yeah.

Look, I know you think
she's evil, but she...

No, I don't think, I know. She did it.

Think of all the awful things
she's done to you.

Yeah, but nothing like this.

- Well, lucky you.
- Annie, trust me, this...

Why? Clearly, you're on her side.


Hey, man.

According to my notes
you ranked second at nationals?

Well, I was lucky.
I got a good draw.

Gotcha. Let me ask you this.

You have to be pretty arrogant
to be an athlete, right?

I mean, do you bring that arrogance
to your personal life?

Yeah, you've led
a very charmed life.

Has anything bad
ever happened to you?

I found what I thought
was a dead body back in June.

That was pretty bad.

It was my second day back in L.A.
And I was driving to tennis practice

when I found this homeless guy.

He was nearly dead on the side
of the road, right on Mulholland.

He'd been mowed over
by a hit-and-run driver.