90210 (2008–2013): Season 2, Episode 15 - What's Past Is Prologue - full transcript

Gia encourages Adrianna to audition for a lead singing spot in a new all-girl rock band and admits she has a crush on Adrianna who doesn't know how to respond to Gia's revelation. Dixon's birth mother, Dana, shows up at the Wilsons for a surprise visit and tries to develop a relationship with her son. Meanwhile, Silver and Teddy go on their first official date, but Silver finds it difficult to deal with Teddy's playboy swinging past and she enlists Naomi's help to track his whereabouts afterwords. Navid returns to school from his suspension (after being framed by Jasper for the drug possession charge) to find that Naomi has fully taken over Blaze News and even started a gossip segment, which he adamantly opposes. Navid decides to get back into the dating scene by asking the new Blaze volunteer, Lila, out on a date. As Annie reestablishes relations with Naomi, Silver, and the rest of her former friends, she also realizes that Jasper has started following her around town, and is frustrated that she cannot confide in anyone about what is going on with her out of fear that someone will figure out her secret. Also, a worried Debbie confides in Kai, her yoga instructor, about the arrival of Dixon's birth mother.

Previously on 90210...

Why'd you do that? You helped me out
tonight, and I wanted to help you.

It was actually harder to
track down than I expected.

Is this a threat?

You want to get back together?


I like you a lot, and

I want to trust you, but I don't.

What do we do now?

I think it's time for
me to see my birth mom.

Dixon, who's there?

Hi. I'm Dana. I'm Dixon's birth mom.

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Harry, this, uh, Dana Bowen.

I-I'm sorry. I should have called. No, no.

D-Don't be silly.

We're... We're really glad that you're here.

Really, really glad.

So, uh, would you like to have a seat?

Thank you.

Thanks. Well, see, it's just that, uh,

Dixon e-mailed me, and, uh, he said

he wanted to come to Phoenix for a visit.

And I kept trying to write back, and...

Look, I-I must have started a dozen e-mails.

And-And then I thought maybe I should call.

But the truth

was, everything I wanted

to say just seemed better in person, so

I jumped in the car, and,

well, here I am.

Way better than a phone call.


- Hi, Annie.
- Hi. Dana.

What are you doing here?

You-You two know each other?

Uh, yeah. Um... last year,

we headed down to Phoenix for spring break

when we were supposed to be at Grandma's.

You what? What?

Look, I'm sorry.
I had no idea you didn't know.

No-No, look, we didn't tell
you because we didn't want you

to be upset.

Look, when we got to Phoenix,
I couldn't even do it.

I-I couldn't even get out of the car.

I wasn't ready, I guess.

But now I am, and here you are, and...

This is great.

But look, I am sorry to intrude.

Um, I passed a hotel on the way here,

so I'm gonna stay there, and...

No, no, no, no. You can stay here with us.

Right, Mom? Right, Dad?



Uh... yeah.

We would love that.

So, are you the kind of vegetarian

that will occasionally eat Kobe beef?

Not so much.

Hmm. Rack of lamb.

It's okay if we can't share a meal.

Come on, we have to share.

I mean, that is the whole point

of being in a relationship, right?

You get to try two dishes

when you go out to restaurants.

Yeah, that is the whole point.


Teddy. Hey, Teddy.

Of course if you dated them,
you could try three dishes.

(clears throat Two is plenty.
(clears throat Two is plenty.

Hmm. You pick.

Anything but the vegetable medley.


Sorry about that.

This girl programmed it in, and...

No. Yeah. I-I get it.

So, what can I get for you two?





Chloe, remember?

I do.

Long time, no sEe.

Yeah. It's-It's nice to see you.

So, do you know what you want?

Yeah. Uh, I think I'll
have the vegetable medley.

Okay, everyBoDy, dig in.

Oh, um,

actually, would you mind if we say grace?

Of course.

That would... That would be great.

Who wants to...?

I will.

Great. Uh, terrific.

For what we are about to receive,

may the Lord make us truly thankful,

and may we always be mindful
of the needs of others.




Haven't said that in a while,
but it just came right back.

Think we must have said it every night, huh?

Most nights.

Would you pass the salad, please?

Oh, sure.

You know, I don't have a lot of memories

of when I lived with you, but you know,

sometimes it just comes
back out of the blue.

Like, when I eat tacos,

I remember that we had tacos a lot.

So, what made you guys decide
to move to Beverly Hills?

Oh, well, actually, Harry grew up here.

Oh, no kidding.

Yeah, you know, when we finally moved here,

it was like a huge culture shock all around.

Stop. You had, like,

no adjustment problems.

He had no adjustment problems.

I mean, he's on the surf team.

I mean, hey, what can I say?

I'm a natural athlete.

Hey, um, when I used to plattle League,

we almost won the pennant, remember?


Yeah, that was a long time ago.

Come in.

Hey, boss, what you up to?

Watching anti-drug PSAs.

Principal Wilson is making me
produce one for the Blaze.

Ooh, fun. Yeah, no kidding.

I swear, I am going stir-crazy at home.

Can't wait to get back to school.

Yeah, I wouldn't say that too loud,

unless you want to be called a geek.

By who? Me... geek.

That the latest edition

of the Blaze?

Yeah. Um..

It sort of features Naomi's first segment.

What? What...?

What do yoan?

Who-Who gave her the segment?

I left you in charge.

Look, I have classes, dude, okay?

I can't squat in the media lab
and guard all the equipment.

No, I-I didn't say you had
to squat. Is it awful?


It's worse than awful.

It's worse.

All right, Wesvers, it's time

for your about-to-be favorite new segment

brought to you by me.

So you know it's gonna
be extra hot and spicy.

Blind item.

What senior lacrosse star was seen hooking u

with a not-so-virginal cheerleader

outside Health class Monday?

His initials are M.T., and hers--

Erin Graybridge.

Oh, yeah.

Let me tell you, they were
definitely getting busy.

Lust is not really an issue for me, people,

but in public-- uh-uh.

Get a room. Ugh!

Speaking of disgusting,
what former reform student

likes to stick more up his nose
than you care to know about? Okay.

Uh, how-how long is this crap?

About seven minutes.

Yeah. We got to put a stop to this.


News flash! Teddy Montgomery
is a major player.


a major player. He's not anymore.

Why are you so upset?

'Cause there were these bi
g-boobed bimbos all up

in my face all night.

Are you asking me if you
should get implants?

Because if you are,
I think that is a great...

big no-no.

I'm not getting implants.


Then what are you going to do?


I just have to get comfortable

with the fact that Teddy has a past.

'Cause that's all that it is.

It's-It's his past,
and... and I can deal with that.

Well, you're a lot stronger than I am.
I mean, if I were dating

him, I'd be constantly wondering,
"When is he gonna

cheat on me? When is he gonna
cheat on me? When is he...?"

Naomi! No, you're right.
There's no need to worry.

You just have to be sensible, that's all.

So check his e-mail,

monitor his cell phone

anllow him occasionally.

You know, the usual.

Sync By YesCool


It wasn't that bad.

Worst... dinner... ever.

Every time I'd say something,

every time I tried to connect,
she changed the subject.

This was a mistAke.

I don't even know what I was thinking,
wanting to see her.

Come on, don't say that.

It's true, though.

I mean, we're basically strangers.

I don't even know what to call her.

Mom? Dana?


and-doesn't-want-to-talk-to-me at-dinner?

Well, that one seems a little long.

I'm serious.

I know.

Uh, well, look,

maybe tonight didn't go well

because there was too much pressure.

You know? With all of us there?

But if you spend some time alone with her...

In awkward silence?

It'll get better.

Come on, you have to a
least give it another try.

I mean, you've waited too long not to.


That comment about saying grace...

you don't think she was judging us?

I don't.


Not that I would blame
her if she was judging.

I mean, we aren't exactly coming off

as the world's greatest parents.

We had no idea that our son and daughter

drove to Phoenix for spring break.

I know. I know.

Why didn't Dixon just tell
us that he wanted to see her?

I don't know.

He probably thought we'd
be threatened or something,

which is crazy.

Yeah, of course.

So we just need to make sure

he knows we're comfortable with this,

with having her here as a part of our lives.


You're right.

We will make sure that he
knows we're comfortable.

Nothing like early morning waves.

You were on fire out there, my man.

Yeah, I gues that's what happens

when you have girls fighting over you.

Helps the mojo.

Did Naomi really bite Ivy?

Whoa, whoa.

Uh... guys... where the hell is my car?

Oh, my God!

I love this song.

You have an amazing voice.

So, just so you know,
I have no place to be after school.

So, if you have stuff at the Blaze

that you need to deal with,

I could just wai for you there.

Come on, you are so transparent.

You clearly want to go to the Blaze

'cause you want to bump into Navid.

That is so not true.

Okay, that's totally true.

But, I mean, can you blame me?

I mean, the boy

almost got expelled... for me.

What are you talking about?

Come on, Ade, spill.

You cannot tell anybody.

Okay, so I talked to Navid,

and he said he bought the coke

and planted it in Jasper's locker.

And then Jasper somehow found out,

and planted it in Navid's locker.

He was going after Jasper

because he knew Jasper was dealing me drugs.

He was doing it for me.

He was always like that.

How could I have thrown that away?

And how the hell am I supposed
to get over a guy like that?

You will.

When you meet someone else.

That's what happened to me.

Um, excuse me?

You like somebody and you haven't told me?

Dude, I can't believe
someone stole your car.

That is so messed up.

Maybe they'll find it.

Yeah, right.

Please tell my parents
not to hold their breath.

Lemme get a bagel?

Onion, my favorite.

Dude, how did you know?

Hey, hey, the prodigal son returns.

What's up?

You know, I still don't get how
being suspended from school

is a punishment-
sounds more like a vacation.

You ever face disappointed Persian parents?

My own mother said that I urinated

on the legacy of my ancestors.


And very specific.

Yeah, I'm just glad to be back, man.

Especially since I can't destroy
Jasper's life from home.

Yeah, it might be time for
you to let that go, buddy.

What, are you kidding me?

Well, the last plan
didn't exactly go so well.

Yeah, well, the next one will.
He needs to go down.

The guy got ADe back on drugs.

Oh. So that's what this is about.


No, dude, it's about a lot of things.

The guy pushed me down the stairs.

But that's not what you said.

You said he got Ade back on drugs.

Are-Are you a lawyer now? What's your point?

My point is,

maybe this is less about Jasper

and more about the feelings
you still have for Adrianna.

Come on, dude, that's ridiculous.

I've clearly moved on.

All right. Really?

Because it's been a few months

and you haven't so much
as looked at another girl.

Dude, I've looked at plenty of girls.

In fact, my cousin came over the other night

and I couldn't help noticing

that she had suddenly become very womanly.

If you know what I mean.

What? Well, okay, the point is,

I'm over Ade, okay?

I'm-I'm totally ready to date.

I am. I'm even gonna ask
someone out very shortly.

Sounds good.

Just not your cousin.

Uh, I'm sorry, are you copying off of me?

I thought we were study partners.

Oh, so what am I getting
out of this partnership?


Copy away.

I'll be right back.

Health... care... reform...

is...definitely... a... public... issue.

She sounds smart... SMART.

Yeah, she looks like she's
having an epileptic fit,

but we're much, much better. We're good.

Yeah, we're really good.

We're brilliant. Brilliant.

Yeah, it's totally unusable. Totally.

I know.

Let's watch it again.

Health... care.n. reform...

is... definitely... a... public... issue.

Do you want to go to dinner?


I mean, uh, do you
-- do you want to go to dinner with me?

Maybe? Sometime?

Or not. Uh...

that-that's also an option.




Um, yeah. I mean, um...

I eat dinner.

And you eat dinner.

And why not eat dinner together?

Yeah. Yeah.

Cool. Great.

All right.

Sounds good.


You don't have to thank me.

For the flier?

Not a problem. I wasn't going to.

Read it.


"The Glorious Steinems are
looking for a lead voCalist."

That's good to know.

You've heard of them, right?

They're rad.

They go to West Bev,
but they're like a real banD.

They play all over L.A.

The lead guitarist's dad
was in Guns N' Roses,

so they get serious exposure.

And... you wantto go se?

Once you're singing with them.


Come on, you've got the most amazing voice.

And you need something to
get your mind off Navid.

Gia, you're sweet.

And, yeah, I do have to get over Navid.

But joining a band?

That's just not going to work.

Thank you for trying, though.

You're a really great friend.

Want some coconut water?

Restores balance to your doshas.

Can I get it with a shot of tequila?

Everything okay?

Oh, yeah, totally.

Come on, what's going on?

Nothing really.

Things are just a little crazy at home.

My son's birthmother has come


How's that going?

I think it's hard for him, you know?

He hasn't seen her since
he was eight years old.

There are obviously a lot of expectations.

No, Deb.

I meant, how's it going for you?

Me? Yeah.


Oh, I'm-I'm fine. Yeah, no...

I just... I just want to
make sure that he knows

that I'm not threatened,
so he feels comfortable.

But is it true?

I mean, I imagine

it would feel threatening, having her there.


It does.

But that's not fair.

I need to focus on my son.

Look, I know you're dealing
with a complicated situation.

But I just want you to know
that everything you're feeling,

it's valid, Deb.


I mean, we've barely begun dating,

and he's already cheating on me.

At least I-I think he is. Maybe he isn't.

Do you think he is? No,
don't answer that. You have no idea.

Yeah, that's what I was gonna say-
I have no idea. Oh, come on!

Don't be naive, Naomi. He-- okay.

This girl programmed his ringtone

to be "I Want Your Sex."

Why else would he be meeting up with her?

Maybe he won't go.

You think he's gonna stand her up?

I don't know, Sil. Me, either.

I just--

I wish that I could un-see the e-mail.

There's nothing that I can do.

I mean, I can't exactly
talk to him about it,

because then he'll know that I spied.

Well, you didn't actually spy.

Spying would be going to the coffee shop

to see if he shows up.

You should go to the coffee
shop and see if he shows up.

Yeah, right. What,
just say it's a coincidence?

No, don't let him see you.
If he sees you he won't do

whatever it is he might or might not be
planning on doing. Yeah, you're right.

Maybe I'll just bring out
my fake curly moustache.

No, unfortunately, that won't work.

Just send someon he doesn't know.

Okay, maybe.

But who?


We need a favor.

Amy! The foam soy latte.

Hi! Hey!

I thought you were gonna stand me up, babe.

I just couldn't find a parking spot.

So... Hmm?

What's been going on with you, anyway?

mean, you've been kinda AWOL.

And my parents are out of town, which means

the Malibu house is all ours.

Look, Amy, the thing is...
I'm dating someone.

Well, the good news is,

I'm not gonna tell her
if you go up to Malibu.

And I'm guessing you're
not gonna tell her, so...

there's no problem, right?

Uh... I can't. I...

I really like this girl,
and I want to give the, uh...

the whole monogamy thing a try, you know?

So then why did you come here?

Look, I made a mistake.

You're right, I shouldn't have come.

Yeah, no kidding.

You know,

you can talk all you want

about giving this whole
monogamy thing a try,

but guess what?

It's not who you are.

Well, I guess we'll see.

Take care of yourself, Amy.



Hi. Sorry I'm late.

Oh, no, you're not late. Um, I'm early.

Uh, you know, I'm always early, you know.

Well, like they say, the, uh,
the early bird catches the worm.

Not that, not that you're
a worm or wormlike.

Thank you... I think.

Was that a compliment?

Uh, not a very good one.

Well, you look great. How's that?

Better than "not wormlike."


Let's go.

Oh, ladies first.

Thank you.

You're not having a stroke, are you?

No, no, no, I'm not having a stroke.

Uh, are forearms rude?

I can't remember.

I know that elbows are rude.

Forearms are fine.
And I say that with authority

because my mother actually
forced me to go to cotillion

when I was in fourth grade. Are you kidding?

I had to do that, too.

Yeah, it was a colossal waste of time.

Yeah, right up there with learning

the quadratic equation.

Yeah, right, and I mean does a ten-year-old

really need to know how to foxtrot?

Ugh! The foxtrot.

Remember that?

"Slow, quick-quick, slow, quick-quick."

"Rock left and promenade."

Yeah, and I was always
steppin on my partner's foot.

She was this funny little tomboy

who was always wearing, like,
this sailor suit-style dress.

She's probably in the Navy now.

That is, if she can still walk. Poor thing.

Whenever we had to go left,
I went right. You went right.

And you didn't so much

as step on my foot as stomp on my foot.

That was you?

That was me.

But I'm not in the Navy.

Uh, no, no, you're not.


That-That... that's... that's weird.

No kidding.

So I guess, technically,
this is our second date.


Oh, thanks.

Yeah, it is.

Is there anything else I can get you?

Thank you.

Thank you.

So, what's the score?

You into sports?


I mean, it don't get much better than that.

No kidding?

Plus I got a few bones riding on the game.

You gamble?

It's just a little bit online.

It just makes the games
a little more exciting.

You don't approve?

No, no, it's not that.

Just surprised, that's all.

Yeah, well,

just getting to know each other, right?

Do you want to get to know me?

Dixon, of course.

I mean, why else would I be here?

I don't know. It's...

It's just that last night was weird.

I kept trying to say something,

and you kept changing the subject.

Yeah. Well, you kept bringing up the past.

Was it stuff you didn't remember?

Are you kidding?

I remember everything. Everything.

The tacos you like.

We ate 'em for 89 days straight once,

for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I was having a manic episode,
and I made my kid eat tacos

for 89 days straight.
And I'm sitting there with the Wilsons

in their fancy home with
their home-cooked food,

and I just didn't want them

to hear about 89 days of tacos.

Didn't want them

to think I was a worse
mom than they already do.

Aw, they don't think you're a bad mom.

Come on. How could they not?

They knew you couldn't handle the kid,

so you gave me up to people who could.

Honestly, I think they're pretty grateful.

'Cause you know, I... I am quite the

Why would you say that?

What do you mean,
I'm a bad dater? I'm just saying.

Okay, on our first date
you stomped on my foot.

On our second date you not only implied

that I'm wormlike,

but you also insinuated that I have

the fashion sense of a sailor.

I'm sorry.

That dress was lovely.

Too little too late.

Okay, you know what? You're right

sort of.

Uh, I'm just terrible with
first and second dates, okay?

But the third...

...the third is when I come alive.

How do you ever get

to the third date?

I rarely do.

But if you'll give me the chance, well...

prepare to be swept away.

Swept away, huh?


So, what do you say?

Can I tell you something?


When you first asked me out,

I thought you were just doing
it to get over Adrianna.

I was.

But that's-that's not why I'm here now.

I'm here now because I really like you.

So, will you please give me another chance

to take you out again and to not insult you?

And maybe even kiss you?


Okay, okay, 20 questions.

If I can guess your crush,

you have to tell me, okay?

Yes, and that was your first question.

Are you serious?

18 and counting.

Oh, my God, you are such a brat.

Okay, next question.

Ade, stop.

I just... I just wasn't expecting...

I know.

What's wrong with me?

I knew that that was gonna
happen at some point.

It's okay to be upset.

Yeah, for how long?

I have to find a way

to get over him. I have to find a way.

Those auditions are still going on tonight.

Yeah, okay.

Right now, I will try anything.

Thank you.

Thank you.

You were unbelievable.

Thanks. Let's get of here.

Adrianna, wait.

Look, we're supposed to wait till tomorrow

and have all kinds of callbacks,

but hell, we don't need to.

You're in.


You blew us away.

?T× ?T×

Mmm! Why are cupcakes so
much better than cake?

Is it just the shape?

No, it's the fact that you don't have

to bother with birthdays.

I mean, let's face it, everyone,

birthdays suck unless they're mine.

How's your cupcake, Sil?

What's with the mood?

We're supposed to be celebrating.

Teddy didn't cheat. Yay!

I sent Gia to spy on him.

What kind of person does that?

Well, you did find that
incriminating e-mail.

Exactly. I read his e-mail,
instead of just trusting him.

I feel terrible.

So, you got a little carried away.


point is, it's over.

You got the answer you wanted.

Can we just put this behind us, please?

Yeah, she's right. What's done is done.

I mean, sometimes we mess up
and we just have to move on.

Oh, my God...

Oh, my God, we need to go right now.

What, what's going on? Are you okay?

What the hell?

Is he stalking you?

I don't wanna talk about it.

Let's just go.

Maybe I should text Dixon.

I mean, they should've been home by now.

Yeah, go ahead, send him a text.

But I shouldn't, right?

I mean, he's with Dana.

I'm sure he's fine.

Yeah, no, I agree, I'm sure he is.

Yeah, I'll wait.

Give him some space.

Oh, maybe that's him.

Yeah... Hello?

Is it Dixon?

Oh, you... you're kidding me.

Harry, is everything okay?

Yeah, it's not Dixon.

Right, okay.

Well, I appreciate the call.

Yeah, thank you.

Well, the police found the kids' car.

Downtown, completely stripped.

Oh, unbelievable.

What?! The Suns challenge
the Lakers for the West?

In your dreams.

I don't need to dream it,
I just need to see it.

Hey, you two. You have fun?

Yeah, yeah, we did.

Look, I'm sorry to keep him out so late.

We just lost track of time.

No, that's okay.

We're glad you had fun.

Well, we did.

Anyway, um, I'm beat, guys.

So, good night Mom, good night, Dad.

Wait, I'll, uh, I'll walk up with you.

Night, you two. Sleep well.

Huh, see?

It went well.


It looks like it did.

Well, so all this anxiety
was for nothing, right?

You know, everything I'm
feeling is valid, okay?

And it would be nice if my
husband understood that.

Hey, hey, look who's here.

Hey, guys.

Adrianna, hi.

So, where's your tambourine?

Oh, I don't have a tambourine.

I told you she didn't, Liv.

Liv hates the tambourine.

Because it's not an instrument.

It's a glorified baby rattle.

Okay, well, I promise you
I do not own a tambourine,

nor will I ever take up the tambourine.

All right then, we're cool.


All right, it's five past-- where is she?

Dude, would you chill?

I'm here, I'm here.

Yeah, seven minutes late.

Relax, it's fine.

Adrianna, this is Lila, our bass player.



Hey, hey!

So, somebody had a hot date last night.

Me, I met somebody.

Please tell me it wasn't your cousin.

Dude, will you get off that already?

No one thinks it's funny.

Uh, actually I do.

Whatever. Now I don't
even feel like telling you

who I went out on a date with.

You guys just blew it.

All right. Cool

Okay, it was Lila.

All right? And... it was cool.

It was really cool.

Cool enough for you to move off
your whole Jasper vendetta?

Yeah, it was, actually.

I mean, whatever you could've been right.

I mean, the whole thing, it could've had

a little something to do with Ade.

I got a question.

So, who's hotter?

Lila or your cousin?

Dude, will you shut up?

But Lila, definitely Lila.

I cannot believe this.

I joined the band to get over Navid

and now I have to spend every day

with the new girl he's dating?

It sucks! It does.

It really sucks.

How am I gonna do this?

You'll figure it out.

No, I won't, I can't.

Maybe I should just quit.

Are you serious?

Every day I'm gonna be

reminded of Navid and what I lost.

You know what? That's it.

I cannot hear about Navid anymore.


I'm sorry I've been going on and on

about him. That's not the problem.

Then what?


Gia, you can tell me.


Hey, we're friends. I like you, okay?

The problem is... I like you.

Then my coach wAs like,

"You're gonna have to
kick it into high gear."

Which is true, I've got a bunch
of tournaments coming up.

You've never seen me hardcore.

I hope it doesn't scare you off. Stop.


I can't... I can't do this.

I'm still gonna have plenty
of time for us, and...

No, look, it's not that.

I... I gotta tell you something, okay?


I read your e-mail.


I did, I...

I opened it up, and I saw that
there was this message from Amy

and that she wanted to meet you and...

Look, nothing happened. Noknow that

it didn't, because...


I had my friend Gia go to
the coffee shop, and...

she, like, kind of... she watched you guys.

Y-You spied on me?

Yeah, yeah, I did.

I'm so sorry, okay? I...

It's just been... it's...
it's been really hard

because of your past.

All these girls that keep coming up to you.

I was feeling insecure.

And I didn't know if I could trust you.

But it doesn't matter, because...

it was wrong.

And I was wrong.

But it's never gonna happen again.

Because now I know I can trust you.

That's great, it is.

But the thing is...

now I don't know if I can trust you.

No, hey... Look...


I need some space, okay?

Don't... don't do this.

Hey, Annie, you need a ride?

Stop, just stop stalking me.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I saw you last night,
okay? And the night before that.

You're really scaring me.
No, look, I'm sorry.

But you don't need to be afraid of me.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Okay, I'm just trying to help.

I don't need your help.

You do, actually. Who do you think

got rid of the one piece of evidence

that's linking you to my uncle's death?


The car.

It was you who stole our car.

Well, what if the police ever

came looking for physical evidence?

Now there is none, it's gone.

See, I'm just... I'm
just looking out for you.