90210 (2008–2013): Season 1, Episode 9 - Secrets and Lies - full transcript

Silver invites a few of her female friends over at her house for a girls' night, but the event quickly turns into a house party which causes massive damage to hers and Kelly's house. ...

We need to talk.

We have a son together.

-I'm ozzie. -now that I know who you are,

It's gonna sting so much more

when I never talk to you again.

I am tired of pretending that everything is okay

When it's not-- we need to tell the kids

About your birth son sooner than later. no, no, no.

I caught her buying drugs.

I'm a cop, you dumbass.

-How old are you, anyway? -I'm 25, why?

-I would literally do anything for you. -oh, my god.

-You paid for my rehab? -yeah, I did.

I don't think we can be friends

if you're with ethan.

I know that I can't stop him from dating other people.

It just can't be you.



So, I have something

That I would like to discuss as a family.

When I was in high school, I dated tracy clark.

Uh-- I'm sorry.

That was just disturbing.

It was a long time ago.

When I was in high school, I dated tracy clark,

And at the end of senior year,

She... got pregnant.

Very surprising, and obviously

A big deal, but, um...

Well, tracy and i, we weren't... Right for each other as a couple

And weren't ready for the responsibility that a child would entail, so,

We decided not to keep the child.

The baby.

Tracy was gonna not have it.

So, basically, I went away to college

And that was that.

Only that wasn't that.

Apparently tracy... didn't

Not have it.

She had it.

A baby boy.

She put him up for adoption.

-You have a son? -no.

Another son. a second son.

I already have a son.

Exactly how long have you known about this second son?

Not long. at all

We found out about two months ago.

You've known about this for two months?

All I can say is that I love you guys.

I love this family,

And this news doesn't change any of that.

I have no interest in digging up the past.

So why are you telling us now?

Because tracy clark

Is interested in digging up the past.

She's already hired a private investigator,

And she is planning on telling naomi.

So you wanted to, you know, fill us in on your little secret

Before the whole world knew.

No secret.

You are my daughter.

You are my son.

This is my family.

This is what is important to me.

I'm just really hoping that

This doesn't affect us in any way.




Dixon, what are you thinking?

Well, ac-actually, I'm thinking I gotta go to school.


Yeah. school.

Better go.

So? so.

How do you think that went?

Um... it... could've been worse.

Ugh! what?!

"i-i'm really hoping that this doesn't affect us in any way."

It's like, what did he do?

Did he practice last night in front of a mirror?

Like, really?

Maybe he was, you know, nervous

About it or something, you know? yeah.

Well, he had about two months to prepare for it.

Come on. cut the guy a little bit of slack.

Face it-- dad's a hypocrite.

He tells us not to have sex, but when he was

In high school he got tracy pregnant.

Okay, plus, did you see

The way he kept, like, glancing at mom the entire time

and what was she doing, holding his cue cards?

All right, um...

For the record here, I just need to know.

Are you mad at him because he rehearsed what he was

Gonna say? because he has a son?

Because he's a hypocrite? or, d, all of the above?

Doesn't this bug you? at all?

It's freaky.

All right? but I'm cool.

So, half your brother, and half naomi's?

Yeah, but it's not like he's half her and half me.

You're making it sound like some weird mythological creature,

Like a minotaur or mermaid or something.

Well, it's weird, though.

Yeah, it's a hundred percent weird,

And it certainly complicates things between naomi and me--

Which weren't not complicated before.

I mean, she asked me to not date you at homecoming.

Well, it's none of her business who you date.

Yeah, I know, but...

Well, we're kind of at a fork in the road here. I mean...

Should you and me be you and me?

Or should we be you and me?

You know what I think?


Maybe we should try to keep our relationship on the d.l. for a few weeks.

You want to hide that we're seeing each other?

Look, I want us to be you and me,

But I think if we act like we're just you and me

For a little while, it'll make things easier with naomi

and that'll give her time to hook up with some other guy

And she'll forget all about us.


Yeah, that's another path... in the road.

Think about it this way.

We'll get to make out in secret places.


Oh, it's killing me. I'm so close to you, yet

I-- sss!-- can't touch you. shut up.

Hey, you want to hang out after school?

We can be you and me after school.

I really want to be you and me, annie.

Me, too, ethan.

All right, fine. go away.

I'll see you later.

Hey, there. hi.

Don't tell me you're trying to be the rebound girl.

With ethan? me?

No. no rebounds.

Not me. I'm going to let that ball bounce right off the hoop.


Smart girl.

So dixon told me about the new brother.

That's intense.


Well, I figured maybe you want

To blow off some steam, get away

From the parental units for a night?

Mmm. what you have in mind?

Well, kelly's coming back this weekend,

And I have to take advantage of my last nights of freedom

So I'm thinking-- slumber party at my house.

All right, I mean, it sounds a little pg-13, but...

No! no, it'll be fun, and I would love to get away

From it all-- and by "it all," I mean my family.

I'm definitely in.

So how are we doing?

Great. except,

Everyone's staring at me like I forgot to wear pants.

I went to rehab. now I'm out, so what's the big deal?

I think they're just checking out your cute hat.


It's uh... very pete doherty.

In a, in a, in a feminine , non-skanky

Uh, british guy sort of way.

Thanks, navid.

Jelly beans?

You brought me jelly beans?

Yeah. I was just feeling that, you know, you might...

Deal with today better if, you know, you had some jelly beans.

Either that or you'll just get high off the sugar.

I-i can't believe

I just said "high" be-be-because you,

You wouldn't get high.

It's okay.

I like jelly beans.

What's your favorite flavor?


The most disgusting jelly bean

Ever known to mankind?

Uh, it's buttery and delicious.

Okay, I was just about to say "just like you,"

And then I changed my mind.

And then you somehow managed to say it anyway?

True. ah...

Mmm. isn't that yummy?

I gotta go to class.

"buttery and delicious."

Seriously, navid, "buttery and delicious"?

That's all you could think of?

Hey. can we talk?


-Naomi! -oh, can't talk.

Geometry quiz. gotta figure out why a square is a rectangle

But not every rectangle's a square.

So. your dad and my mommy,

Doing the nasty...are you as grossed out as I am?

Yeah. I'm guessing I'm a little bit more grossed out than you.

So when did she tell you?

Oh, you know, at breakfast.

She was all, "darling, good morning.

Could you pass the probiotic yogurt?

Oh, and by the way, you have a brother."

Parents are clueless.

No kidding.

Hey, you bummed out about it?

It's just... whatever.

Well, you know what helps me when I'm bumming?

Jimmy choo.

Chinese food?

Oh, god.

Oh, kansas.

No. jimmy choo shoes.

Oh. god's gift to women.

What are you doing after school?

Today? um... today after school, i, me, um...

Today I'm, I'm, um...

Are you okay? are you having a stroke?

No, i... i...

Have no plans at all.

No plans? what happened to "you and me"?

Yeah. I guess I panicked. I mean, all of a sudden

My mind was just a snowy snowscape of blank.

And, I don't know... maybe this d.l. business

Just isn't my cup of tea.

No, no, it's cool, it's cool.

You just got to be prepared

In case naomi asks you to do something.

You're an actress.

Let's rehearse, okay?

Okay, I'm, I'm naomi.

Why, naomi, you're looking rather butch today.

Okay, shh...

Just give me a second while I get into character here.



Hey, annie, what do you say after school

We, uh, hit up the polo lounge

And you can watch me blow off david spade for the 80th time?

No, naomi,

I'm sorry.

I'm busy.

See, there it is, there it is, okay.

So next time it's you and me.

I invited adrianna, by the way.

I don't know if she's gonna come, but...

That's very sweet of you.

Trying to be a girl's girl.

It's a little new to me.

Hey, naomi,

Do you want to come to a slumber party

At my house tonight?

Kelly's still out of town,

And we got to take advantage.

A slumber party?

How retro of you.

What are you gonna do, braid each other's hair

And put on face masks?

Well, you don't have to come if you don't want.

Oh, no, I'll be there,

I'm just gonna bring my own face mask.

These pores deserve the very best.

Plus, I really have to get to know

This family of mine, don't i? right, sis?

You can wear your new jimmy choos.

-Sure, -sis...

Hey, we should totally play truth or dare.

That way, I can get to know everything

About this new sister of mine.

Penny for your thoughts.

A penny... in beverly hills?

We're in a recession.

Come on. what are you thinking about?

About my dad's laugh.

Is that a poem or something?

'cause I like it.

Whenever annie laughs, you know, people always say,

"oh, she sounds just like her mother."

Well, now I know that somebody out there...

Who has your dad's laugh?

I don't need his laugh. I got my own laugh.

Yeah, and your laugh probably sounds like your birth dad's.

Yeah, maybe.

You know,

I've been wanting to ask you about your adoption,

But I never really knew when was the right time.

Well, I don't feel bad talking about it.

I used to live with my grandmother in brooklyn.

Dad wasn't in the picture...addiction problems.

So when my grandmother died,

I moved to kansas to be with my mom.

So you knew your birth mother?

Unfortunately, she was crazy.

Not so big on taking medication, so long story short,

Social services came

And took me away.

Do you ever want to see her again?


I know the feeling.

Come on now. it's cool.

I'm not about to play myself a violin.

I mean, look where I live.

Look where I go to school.

My super-hot girlfriend, hmm?

And my family, I mean, come on.


Yeah, and I guess

The wilsons saw how special you were.

They knew they had to have you.

So, uh, when you gonna realize that you just have to have me?

Ooh, I don't know, soon.

Shut up.

Punctuality. I like that in a student.

Thought I could get a couple seconds alone with you.

Yeah, we can't really be alone here.

You know,

It's getting harder for me to see you every day in school.

How do you think I feel?

I'm supposed to be completely focused on this case,

And here I am thinking about one of my teachers.

Uh, that is why you can do the extra credit

To make up the assignment.

That blows, mr. matthews.

That's life, kimberly. take a seat.

So... I'm working on getting you

Those "party favors" you mentioned.


I'm, uh, looking forward to "celebrating."

I don't love slumber parties.

You still have to come, ade.

I don't know. I got my meeting

Students against destructive decisions.

It's one of my preconditions for coming back and...


Sadd is right.

Okay, so you'll come after. fantastic.

I don't know, though.

If you guys are drinking,

I don't want to be the downer.

You're being a downer now.

The party's not gonna be all booze.

It's about ice cream and cookie dough and face masks.

It'll be really cute.

There you go! hey!

These are for you.

I sorted out just the popcorns.

You sorted jelly beans for me?

Yeah, well, I'm a man of many talents,

The majority of which are rather useless.

Uh, I'll see you later?

Okay, this took hours of freaky jelly bean sorting. hello?

He's either ocd or he wants to sleep with you.

He's just being dorky navid.

Oh, yeah, well, dorky navid paid for your rehab.

He wants something from you, clearly.


You're so going to have to use

Your powers over him

To get him to sort my closet.

Color code.

Nnaomi, Que pasa?

What are you doing tonight?

Oh, I have a date. mama celeste.

You're eating pizza?


And you can't reschedule?

Oh, no, it would have to be something really special.

You're making that guy run in so many circles

He's gonna get dizzy.

Mm-hmm, and I'm not stopping till he's sorting

The mikes from the ikes and the goods from the plenties.

Hey, got a call from our credit card company.

They said there was some unusual activity on the card.

Quite a significant amount of unusual activity.

You know anything about that?

Sounds unusual.

I kind of bought some boots.

Annie, that's an emergency card.

I really needed boots?


Items of footwear?

They cost as much as a small car.

What is this? where are you going?

Silver's having a sleepover at her sister's house.

I thought kelly was still out of town.

No. no, you can't stay there

If there's not going to be an adult around.

Oh, come on, dad!

Sorry, no party.

It's a slumber party.

It's a bunch of girls sitting around watching movies

And eating pizza-- I'm nearly 16 years old!

When you were my age, you were making babies.

Annie, you are not going to the party.

Rules are rules.

And, and these boots, they're going back.

No way!

Yes... way.

Are you stalking me?

Because I'm over this whole

"finding stalkers attractive" thing.

No, no, no, I thought

That maybe you'd want to go get

Something to eat after your meeting.

Yeah, I don't know. come on.

Give a guy a break.

Those were gourmet jelly beans

And I got carpal tunnel from sorting. you owe me.

Right. I owe you.


That's the second time she snuck out since we moved here.

We know she's at silver's.

Let her stay there for the night.

No way. we didn't give her permission.

We just dropped a huge bomb on her.

She's acting out.

She won't talk to me.

Harry, when she's ready to talk to you, she will.

We have to trust her.





Way to go, kansas.

You sure you don't want another one?

I am done for the night.

Okay, annie?

Mm, s-t-l me.

We're out of lime.

Then just "t" me, I guess.

It works.

All right.


We so should do this at my birthday party.

What party? my 16th birthday party.

My folks said I can invite anybody that I want.

I don't think the 'rents meant that you could invite

Mr. tequila here.

Yeah, no.

Ooh, I got it.

We should play a game. here.

Twister! lame.

Hello? you don't play twister unless there's guys around.

Why would you entangle your limbs with another girl's

Unless a boy's watching?

Hey, I'm glad you could make it. thanks for coming.


You have to come to my birthday party, okay?


Getting there.

I never.

What are you talking about?

You've been drunk, like, a million billion times.

Okay, kansas, "i never" is a game.

All right, so, I say

Something that I've never done

And whoever has, takes a drink.

I'm gonna start.

I have never... had sex before.

Okay, what are you waiting for? dixon's adorable.

Okay, dixon's sister

In the room and getting nauseous.

I'm just waiting for the right time is all.

Oh, please, it's not like angels start singing.

Right? you go.

Okay, my turn. I've never...

I have never been in love.

Really? never?

Nope. don't get sappy about it.

Annie, your turn.

I... I've never been drunk.

Drink, drink, drink, drink.

You know, when dixon first came to live with us,

I completely flipped out.

I actually fantasized

About putting him in a cardboard box

And mailing him off to taiwan.

I don't know. I guess I thought, like, my parents

Would love him more or something.

I still feel crappy about it.

Meanwhile, my darling sister won't even answer my calls.

It's awesome.

I was kind of hoping to start fresh

With that new brother of ours.


You know, my dad's been

Cheating on my mom for a few years.

My mother tramps around like a pussycat doll,

And god forbid I'd ever want to talk to my sister about it.

I was kind of hoping to have a relationship with someone

Who doesn't make me

Want to scream all the time.

Sometimes, I just, you know, feel so alone.

Hey, you're not alone. you have me.

And these bitches, right?

Holy moly!

My shirt totally matches your nail polish


Holy moly, kansas!

You're right, it does.

Let's trade shirts.


Yours... and mine.

All right.

Hey, hey! whoa!

Come on. annie, shirt on!

No boys!

What, uh, kind of party is this?


Zip me.

I am so sorry that I wanted to mail you to taiwan.

Are you drunk?

S.t.l., baby! whoo!

Hi, ethan! hey.

Okay, um...

Are you gonna come to my birthday party next week?

Everybody's invited!



You're a mess.


Word on the street is there's a party going on.

Did you tell people I was having a party?

Naw, I just told navid and maybe a couple other people.

Oh, there's boys--

Now I have to give a crap what I look like.

You made it.

I got your text.

I'm not one to miss a party.

Thought you might be thirsty.

I thought you were going to find me something stronger.

Uh, yeah, no trouble, no trouble.

I got you covered. be right back.

Hey, adrianna.


We should celebrate.

Celebrate what?

Your testicles have finally dropped?


You getting out of rehab.

So, you just couldn't stay away from me,

Could you?

You know it's like mother hubbard territory in here, right?

This girl's got nothing to eat.

What, so you're a food snob or something?

I prefer epicurean.

And you're cooking?

Yeah. you just gonna stand there or you gonna help me out?

Yo, ozzie.

Naomi, this is my buddy, julio.

Hey, what's up? hola.

who was that?

Naomi, it's ozzie.

Yes, it is.

And that's julio, his friend. hi.

And this is us going.

Excuse us for a second.

Darling, listen. very important.

Julio is ozzie's as his wingman; I need you to be my winggirl.

Okay, um, you want me to be your ring girl...

No, no, no, wing... winggirl.

Okay. listen.

Julio's cute, right? he's cute.

You're single. help me out here.

Um, he's cute, and I am very single.

Not a boyfriend in sight.

Perfect, fabulous. okay, so what you're

Going to do is keep julio very busy while naomi get's ozzie alone.

Okay. I am her winggirl.

Just winging it. hello.

What's up, adrianna?

Okay, I hope this doesn't come off as totally tacky,

But could you hook me up with your dealer?

I don't do drugs anymore.

So you don't really need your dealer's number, do you?


I heard the slumber party turned into a party party,

So I thought I'd come by and check it out.

How are you doing? I'm cool.

Okay, uh... do you want to go somewhere

A little more private like upstairs?


Yeah, let's go.

Okay... cool.

Mmm. this is the most amazing

Grilled cheese I have ever had in my life.

You're just drunk.

No, I'm not, actually.

So, who taught you how to cook?

My dad.

He worked in a bunch of kitchens,

Saved his money and opened

A hole in the wall in echo park.

Now that hole in the wall just got written up in la weekly,

So we're booked six weeks in advance.


You know, you're not like anybody at school.

I'm like a lot of people at school.

Just not people you hang out with.

You should travel outside your comfort zone.

Oh, is that what you're trying to do?

Throw me off my game?

Revealing choice of words.

You like games, huh?

Oh, you know, they're... pretty entertaining.

I don't like games, and I don't like people who play games.

Yo, this party's dead, let's bounce.

What happened to annie? your girl?

Dissed me-- let's get out of here.

All right. let's get out of here.



I'm really supposed to be chatting with what's-his-name right now.

Which what's-his-name? huh?

Who? julio.

Who's julio?


Naomi I am so happy

You decided to come to my party.

I've really missed hanging out with you.

Well, that's pathetic... uh, but sweet.

I've missed you too.

Awesome. hey. why don't you catch me up

On everything that's been going on, yeah?

you're sexy.yeah.

I'm sleepy.



Okay, I'm... I'm gonna get you some water.

Water sounds delicious.

I'll just be here... waiting.

I think I have a condom in my purse.

I didn't think that was going to happen tonight.

Okay, let's do this.

What's going on?

You wanted to have sex; let's have sex.

But it's like you're not even into it.

Come on, navid.

I wasn't born yesterday.

You covered my rehab, so I'm paying you back.

Is that what this is about?

There's no such thing as a free lunch.

Okay, so because I paid for your rehab you think I expect sex?

Is that the kind of guy you think I am?

Kiss me.

Oh my god.

You know what? no, I'm done.

Navid, wait!

No, I'm out of here.

Sorry to waste your time.

There you are!

I'm warn you, this floor is very wobbly.

Um... okay, what happened?

I thought you were going to be my...

Wing girl.

I'm sorry, naomi.

It's okay.

I just don't get ozzie.

He's so weird.

One second, we're flirting,

He's cooking, and everything's cool, and then...

All of sudden, he says, "i don't play games, I'm out of here."

I think I'm gonna try something radical with ozzie.

What's that?


It's not exactly me, per se.

But I am sick of the lies.

I mean, my dad's having an affair... no one tells me.

Apparently, I have a brother.

No one tells me.

Everyone's so full of it.

I'm really sick of being lied to.

I feel terrible.

I know. you do?

About your dad? yeah.

Sure, I get it.

I mean, it seemed like you really looked up to him.


I did.

When I was little, I thought he was just like

Superman or something.

And he turned out to be a liar like all the rest.

Yeah. I don't like liars.

Yeah, it's a bummer.

Well, any-whoo,

I'm going to go fix my makeup.

Apparently, there are still a bunch of boys around here.

excuse me coming throug Hey, cutie...

I heard there was some shirt swapping

Going on earlier tonight.

You want to switch shirts with me?

Only if I can do your nails and makeup first.

If that's what you're into.

Oh, my god, get away from me.

We need to talk.

Yeah, I've been looking for you.

Yeah, I've been talking and thinking

And we need to talk.

I can't lie like this.

Listen, annie,

let's talk about this tomorrow when you're sober.

I'm not drunk.

Actually, I think you are.

Actually, no I'm not.

I'm totally not.

Wait... hold on.

Thanks for coming to get me.

How was the party? was it ragin'?

Things were starting to get pretty wild.

Should we do something about it, or...?

I already called a colleague.

hey, look at you

everybody, listen--

party's over.

let's go. um...

come on.

hey, um, dad...

got a call from a colleague.

said this party

was out of control, and that annie was inebriated.


drunk? what?

uh, principal wilson,

we collected everybody's keys,

and already called a bunch of cabs.

oh, honey.

oh, daddy...

i drank too much.

yeah, i can see that.

oh, sweetheart, you stink.

i threw up.

yeah, i figured.

you okay?


no. i'm not okay.

it's your fault.

i'm not okay with you having a son.

and i'm not okay that you kept him a secret from us.

and i know... i know you didn't want it

to affect us, dad, but it...

it affected me.

and you weren't honest.

for two months you were a liar.

and now i have to be honest,

and i have to tell you that it made me

so mad at you for not being honest,

because secrets--

they just make me feel so sick...

and wobbly.

and everything's a big mess now.

and i have vomit boots!

you have "vomit boots"?

ah, you have vomit boots.

oh, sweetheart,

i'm sorry that i wasn't honest.

and i'm sorry that i acted

like it wouldn't be a big deal.

tried to do the right thing, and i didn't.

i'm not perfect, annie.

i make mistakes.

that's okay.

are you going to let me get you out of here?

yes, please.

we're going to have to stand up.

hey, daddy, tell me the truth--

am i in big trouble?

well, we all make mistakes.

hey, dad, i made another mistake.

i cannot return these vomit boots.

yeah, i kind of figured that.

hey, dad...

you know who you remind me of?



only not so big into the tights,

thank goodness.

i want back on the lacrosse team, mr. matthews.

my six-week suspension is up.

that's true, george, but your grades are down,

right, and you know the school policy.

you need a 3.0 or higher to get

back on the field.

then give me an "a" in your class.

why would i do that?

oh, i can think of a pretty good reason.

he only saw us

in a car together.

teachers cannot be alone off campus with students.

right, but...

kim's not a student.

i am as far as the kids know.

if anyone finds out who i am,

i could be in serious trouble.

i'm sorry, ryan,

but i'm gonna have to ask you to take a paid leave

of absence, effective immediately.

this is my job, harry, my reputation.

what are the students going to think?

we will reinstate you as soon as kimberly's work

is done here.

i'm sorry.

i'm sorry, too, ryan.

this is not fair.

you know, you got to take responsibility

for your actions here.

what you did-- it wasn't illegal, but...

it wasn't quite appropriate either.

can we talk?


look, i didn't mean to hurt your feelings.


it's just nice guys aren't usually interested in me,

and i thought...

that i was a sleazebag.

yeah. you know how many directors have lied to me and used me?

they act like these nice guys and...

you're a nice guy, navid,

and i guess i got scared.

hey, that's terrible,

but sometimes a nice guy who acts like he likes you

is just a nice guy who likes you.

but you paid for my rehab.

because i care about you.

no, i, i know that now.

i just-- i guess...

if we're going to be together...


you want to be with me?

well, yeah.

i kind of like spending time with you and you're...

kind of an amazing kisser.

i am?

but you don't, you don't have to do this.

you can, you can walk away right now.

how about we walk together?

that was pretty sappy.

yeah, it's one of the side effects of being a nice guy.

i think i still have a hangover.

yeah, you were a little...

a lot.

was a lot.

so you wanted to talk?

yeah, um...

i don't want to keep us a secret anymore, ethan.

it's wrong to lie to naomi

over and over again,

and i think we just need to tell her

and we just need to accept

whatever consequences are going to come.



if that's what you want.

yeah, that's what i want.


what's up?

i don't want to play games with you.

that's crafty.

the "i don't want to play games" game.

i'm serious.

ozzie, i like you.

i'll tell you what. this is my number.

you call me.

don't wait three days, don't wait a week.

just call me.




In memory of Ronn Cooney 1937-2008