90210 (2008–2013): Season 1, Episode 23 - Zero Tolerance - full transcript

As West Beverly prepares itself for the annual prom, Annie, Adrianna, Naomi, and Silver go out shopping together for the right evening gown to wear and try to get all glamored up for the event by visiting a famous hair stylist. A dateless Annie agrees to attend the event with the socially awkward Charlie, who has a massive crush on her. However, when he realizes that Annie is only interested in being friends, Charlie turns against Annie... showing his true repressed psychopath colors to plot a cruel revenge. Naomi attends the prom with Liam while she learns that Jen has emptied out her trust fund to support them living at Jen's new house. Meanwhile, Dixon is nominated for prom king, while Ethan learns that he has been accepted into lacrosse camp for the summer. Also, both Kelly and Harry take action to help Liam get on the right track, while he continues to try to temp Annie to embrace her own dark side as he has with his own. Ryan grows more closer towards Jen, and he also ignores Kelly's warnings that Jen is a devious, sociopath seductress whom is using him for self interest. At the prom, Harry informs the students in attendance that any after-prom activities will be dealt with punishment, while Navid provokes a fistfight with Ty when he reacts with indifference over the pregnant Adrianna's unborn child which is in fact his. When Silver learns that Dixon has nominated himself for prom king, she decides to enter for prom queen as a write-in candidate and finally gets to speak her mind to the attendees.

Absolutely. For real.
Where do you want to live?

I can't go to prom. I can't
deal with West Beverly kids yet.

I'm pregnant, and
it's your baby.

Are you trying
to ruin my life, Ade?

You are a volcano.

This whole good girl
routine-- it's just a mask.

And when you finally can't take
it anymore, and you explode,

it's gonna be fantastic.

I would enjoy having dinner
with you.

How about tomorrow night?
Why the hell not?

I don't want to be some
booty call. I'm not the type

of girl you run into
at a Chinese restaurant

and take into a bathroom.

Would you like to go
to the prom with me?


We got the house.
Now the bank is saying

that it might take up
to a week to sort out.

I so don't want you
to have to pay with your money.

But I don't mind.

You're so sweet.

(rock music playing)

I thought the prom was fun,

but this after-prom party's
even better!

(music stops)

This year, after-prom parties
will lead

to very serious consequences.

All joking aside,

I have a real message here
for the sophomore class.

As you know, parties after
this year's junior prom led

to one student being arrested
for a DUI,

several others being treated for
alcohol poisoning.

Which is why the school board,
in conjunction

with the Beverly Hills
Police Department,

has come up with a new policy
on after-prom parties.

If you are caught
at an after-prom party

where alcohol is being served,
you will be suspended.

(people groaning)

If you're suspended,

you will have to go
to summer school.

So, you're saying that one party
can ruin my whole summer?

Yes, it can,
so think about the consequences.

Attend the school-sanctioned
post-prom party only.

Be smart and safe
on prom night.


Okay, what were
you thinking?

Oh, my dad begged me,
guilted me,

and then promised to buy me
whatever prom dress I wanted.

Well, I certainly hope
you're getting Chanel.

Seriously. Not that
I have a prom date yet.

Hey, Annie.



So, how do you know
the dorkasaurus?

Charlie Pinkwater?

Oh, he is very big
in the world of stage crew.

Mmm. Tasty.

Hey, uh, maybe Charlie Pinkwater
could take you to the prom.

Shut up. No way!

Oh, right. He probably
saw the video.

Ugh. Am I ever
gonna live it down?

Of course you
will, honey.

I mean, Mariah Carey
got over Glitter, right?

Not helping.

Thank you.

Thank you.

What is this?

It's a California Horn Shark.

See the spots?

The, uh, large
pectoral fins?

Why didn't you take the test?

Well, it only counts
for 20% of your grade.

I have an 85 average.

So, even with a zero,
I'll still have a 68,

which means I'll pass.

I don't get you, Liam.

I mean,
what are you trying to prove?

You're clearly a smart kid,
you got a lot of potential.

Why are you throwing it away?

You know, it's too bad
I'm not from the inner city.

Then you could inspire me
to win the Academic Decathlon

with your tough but earnest

coaching and wise platitudes
about life.

(gasps) They could even make a
major motion picture out of it.

You can go.

O, Captain! My Captain!

Very nice.

What's up, man?

Mr. Matthews,
you wanted to see me?

Yeah. I have great news.

Can you follow me to
the living room, please?

The couch
goes in here.

Facing the fireplace
or facing the windows?

The window.

The window.

You want to always
prioritize the view.

You have much to
learn, Grasshopper.

I mean, I still
can't believe

you wanted
to buy a white leather couch.

God, you are so L.A.

Hey, can I ask
your advice?

No white leather
pants, either.

Okay, so I'm sort of, whatever,
seeing this guy Liam.

He likes me. I'm not sure
if he knows he likes me,

but I know he likes me.

He just has a really, really
bad case of relationship phobia.

But I want him to go
to the prom with me.

Ah. Well, if you want to get
a man to do what you want,

you pull a Lysistrata.

What's that,
like an inner thigh muscle?

The play?

By Aristophanes?

Where women withhold sex
to get what they want.

What if what they want is sex?


You have a lot to learn,

Oh, don't touch that!

Uh, don't
touch that.

Okay, so, do you want to be
good cop this time or bad cop?

I was the bad cop
with David Harris last week.

That was your bad cop?

I thought
you were being the good cop.

What? No. That was the bad cop
with a heart of gold.

Oh, is that what that was?
(knocking at door)

Okay, I am gonna
be bad cop.

Yes. Yes.

Wow. Both of you.

I had no idea
I could expect a threesome.

Sit down, Liam.


Is this about Matthews?

Because I'm telling you,

that man does not
appreciate art.

I will cut
to the chase.

Your father called us yesterday.

Oh, wow.

Oh, I haven't talked to him
in... ten years.

What'd he say?

Where's he been?


Were you referring
to my stepdad?

Right. Your stepfather.

He's concerned
about you, Liam.


He thinks that you are detached,

Not committed to this school.

the operative word.

This isn't a joke, Liam.

He requested your records.

He's looking
at military schools.

God, you don't want to go
to a military school.

You know what?
Maybe he does.

I have brochures.

No, Kel,
he doesn't need those.

Look, there's not much time

left before the end
of the year, hmm?

You make a little effort,

study hard for your finals,
bring up your grades...

Oh. Here we go.

Show willingness
to get involved

with the community
here at West Beverly.

How? Join the pep squad?

Student Council?
The Wildcat Crooners?

Frankly, any of those things
could help at this point.

He just needs to see
that you're making an effort.

Plenty of options.

So, how tan do you want to go?

I'm not sure.

I've never done this before.

My friends just said

Oh, it's for prom?s tanning

Why didn't you just say so?

All right, we'll go
with Weekend in Barbados.

As long as it's not too dark.

I don't want to look silly
or anything.

Oh, you won't look silly.

You'll look awesome.

Oh, God, I love proms.

Are you psyched?

Yeah. I'm just not
the most experienced prom-goer.

Turn around, bum to me.

Well, you came
to the right person.

All right,
here's what you need to do.

You need to get your hair
blown out, your eyebrows done.

You have to get acrylic nails.

Nails? Really?

Well, yeah. You don't want
to stand out, do you?

No. Definitely not.

Okay, good.

Now, let's see.

The day of...

This is very important.

Shave everywhere.


(phone ringing)



What's up?

Oh, not much.

Just reading a classic
Greek play.

So, listen, do you want to go
to the prom with me?


yeah, sure.


So, look, I'll talk to you
tomorrow, all right?

Yeah. Sounds good.


Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh,
my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Take your seats.

Seats, everybody!

Put your tucheses
in your chairs

if you know
what's good for your health.

(Annie sighs)

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

What is that
supposed to mean?

Nothing. Just wondering
how long it's gonna take

for you
to drop the nice girl act.

Did it ever occur to you
that maybe it's not an act?

Maybe I'm just a nice person?

Not really.

Tick, tock.

Tick, tock.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen,
could you all pick a partner?

Oh. You and me?

Hey, Annie?

Do you have a partner?


Okay, ladies and gentlemen,
the first part of CPR...

Hey, so, I happened to
hear through the grapevine

that you might
be prom eligible.


All of which is a
long introduction

to a-a question
I'd like to pose.

(clears throat)

That, uh, question being:

uh, would you
possibly want to go

to the sophomore
prom, uh, with me?

...which brings us
to the ABCs of CPR.


Sure, Charlie. I would love
to go to prom with you.

I would be thrilled.


You're gonna tap for the
response, and then...

Uh, hey, come on.

Pretty sharp, huh?

Girls-- I'm telling you,

are not into
that flashy stuff.

They just want it
simple, classy,

like James Bond.

All right, fine.

Would James Bond use a cane?

No! He would not.

No. Hey,

so, uh, I got picked

for the All-American Lacrosse
Camp this summer.

Shut up!

That's-- you know what?

I'm so impressed, I-I can't
even be jealous.

Yeah, it's pretty cool.


You're set, man.

There's scouts all
over that camp.

They see you, you get recruited,

you get a scholarship
to any college you want.

Damn, bro, your whole life,
it-it just got figured out.

I guess.
I mean, I was just

planning on
going to Montana this summer.

You know, visit my dad.
Take a road trip.

But now it's going to be nothing
but wind sprints

and shooting drills for me.

Sounds pretty amazing
to me.

What sounds amazing?


Mr. Ethan, here,
just got tapped

for the All-American
Lacrosse Camp.


That is amazing!

I forget sometimes
you're like King Jock.

Yeah. Yeah, me, too.

Uh, anyway, I'm going
to head out.

Well, how goes the online
tux shopping?

You guys got accessories
and whatever picked out?

Oh, well, I'm
not going.

But I think we got
Dixon all squared away.

What do you mean
you're not going?

Uh, I don't have a date.

Well, you should
just go with us!

I mean, you don't
need a date.

We're all basically
going as a group.

Yeah. We've got

a pretty sick ride.
Come on.

I could really use
the moral support.



Yeah, sure.

Uh, see you
guys later.

All right, man.
Hey, yo.

I'm, uh, I'm going to get you
this top hat, all right?

Uh, no, please do not.

What is this?

He-he asked for it.

He said--
You are not--

You are not going...
He said I should go
for that T-Pain look.


All right, only you.

Only you can
pull it off.

I-I could pull it off.
I think I can.

We are going to Navid's, Dad.

His parents are going to be
there. It's not a party.

I am not asking you
to be a tattletale.

I am just saying that if there
is an illegal non-school

sponsored after-party,
I think

that you should tell me
about it.


Come on, sweetheart, this is

a Beverly Hills party
we are talking about.

I grew up here.

I went to these parties

and there were drugs,

sex, booze.

What'd I miss?

Just dad telling me an
intoxicating story

about his degenerate peers.

And I do mean

Honey, is Silver staying for dinner?

Oh, um, no, no.

It's-it's-- I know,

she had a lot of homework
and stuff.

Did you find a tux?

Yeah. You know,
it's oretty boring though.

But it's cool.

All I care about is Silver
having a good time.

If she has a
good time,

she sees West Beverly isn't
such a bad place,

I bet she'll come back
to school next year!

Yeah, well,

I hope it works out.
I just don't

want you to get your hopes up.

I appreciate it, Mom.

But don't worry about me.
I got this.

I got this.

So, Dixon,

where were you saying that
after-prom party was again?



Okay, this...

is so... pretty.

Eh, too sweet for me.

I'll try it.


I don't imagine that you have
any maternity prom dresses?

Well, of course.

Come here.

You know what you
should do?

Call Jaws like the last
possible moment,

tell him you're sick,

then you can find another date.

He'll never know.

I am not saying that I'm sick.



I can't decide.

These all look
so good on me.

I'm going to get
all of these,

then ask Jen's
advice later.

No problem.

Oh, credit card.

Okay, ladies.

What do you think?

(Annie sighs)

It's so pretty.

But not you.

I'm really just going
for Dixon.

I don't want to stand out.


Okay, I'm going to go
try on my dress.

Oh, shoes.

You know what
we could do?

Run over your legs
with my car.

Ugh, enough. Okay?

I'm not exactly crazy about
your prom date either, FYI.

(clears throat)

You know what, Annie?
You need to get on board.

Liam is clearly over
his commitment issues.

Why else would he have
invited me to come with him?

You're right.

I'm sorry.

I'm just glad that
you're happy.

I am.

Hey, Naomi,

had a bit of a problem.

Your card was


Don't track mud
on the rugs.

Jen, I need to ask you

Oh, wait! First,

let me show you my...

...prom dress!

Your what?

Ryan Matthews asked me
to be his date.

I thought I'd go as a lark.

Anyway, how hilarious is it

to wear couture
to the sophomore prom?

Yeah, pretty hilarious.

Listen, Jen, my Amex was
declined today.

I called our business

she said I reached my limit.

I didn't know the card
even had a limit.

Oh, my God, how mortifying.

Um, I didn't know I was
paying for everything.

I mean, the-the furniture,

the paintings,
the couture.

It all went on my card,
didn't it?

I'm sorry.

I don't get it,
I-I thought you worked out

the whole wiring money business.

What's going on?


Oh, God. Um...

the truth is I lied to you.

This is so

Um, I'm in a bit of a
pinch financially.

I invested in the market
at the wrong time.

But it-it'll all turn
around, I mean,

the market is looking up.


But in the short term...

I'm a bit strapped.

I'm sorry.

I am truly...

truly sorry.


It's okay.

I just--

Why did you lie to me?

I, um...

I'm the big sister.

I wanted to take care of you.

I didn't want you to have
to take care of me.

I'm glad to help.

I really am.


if I am paying for everything,

then I get to choose the couch.

We're going with white leather.

Okay. Cool.

White leather it is.

("Poker Face" by Lady GaGa

* I wanna hold em' like they do
in Texas Plays *

* Fold em', let em' hit me,
raise it *

* Baby, stay with me
* I love it *

* Luck and intuition play the
cards with Spades to start *

* And after he's been hooked *

* I'll play the one
that's on his heart... *

Guys, one second.

Um... you ready?

I can't.

I'm sorry. I thought I could,
but I can't.

Come on, baby.

I know you can do this.

Everyone's going
to be staring at me.


Not if you walk
by me.

I mean, hello?
Eight months pregnant.

Yeah. If things get
bad, you could hide
behind her stomach.

Come on,

baby, I know you can
do this.




Come on, girl.
My lady.


* The end begins just
as it starts *

* And leaves me wondering

* What we left behind

Come here.

Come on, man.

* You told me not to talk

* But please explain
my thoughts *

* That float around my mind

Can we just
go inside?



* So take a step back

* Will you be all right,
feel all right? *


Do you think that they
shot The Poseidon
Adventure here?

Look at that jerk.

Hey, don't worry about Ty.

All those sleepless

deciding whether or not
to raise the baby.

He should know
about that.

He should know what
it's been like.

And I'm gonna tell him that
right now.

Ow! Ow.

Ow. Ow. Ow.
You all right?

Hey, have a seat.

Whoo! I'm-I'm--
I'm fine.

It's just a false
labor pain.

You know, there's a difference

between false labor pains
and fake labor pains.

Just ignore Ty.

That's really unfair.

You should be up

Oh, no, no.

Really, that's okay.

No, you should be.

You're one of the five prettiest
girls at West Bev.

I guess just because
you're new.

DIXON (laughing):

I'm nominated for
Prom King?

Silver! Hey!

Really glad
you could make it.

Me, too.



What did I tell you?

Everybody's being nice, huh?


I'm sorry, you're right.

Everyone's being nice.

They're treating me like
I have a terminal disease,

but they're being nice.

That's not true, come on.

Yeah, whatever,
I'm fine.

I can deal with this
for one night, right?

* I go ooh ooh

* You go aah aah

* La la la la, la la la la

* La la la, la la la

* I wanna wanna wanna

* Get get get what I want
* Don't stop *

* Gimme gimme gimme
what you got *

* 'Cause I can't wait
wait wait anymore *

Go Charlie, go Charlie!

* ...talk about the
consequence *

* 'Cause right now
you're the only thing *

* That's making
any sense to me *

Come on.

Teachers don't dance.

Does this count as dancing?

I think that's okay.

Okay, what if I do this?

Is that okay?

And what if we just sway
back and forth like this?

Is that okay?


I, uh, want to introduce
you to a friend of mine.

Hey, Kelly.


Ms. Taylor.

You two know each other?

Oh, Ms. Taylor was
my guidance counselor

back in the
good old days.

Call me Kelly, please.

Wow, how about that?

Oh, cool band, huh?


I got like 20 cases of beer

and Topher's brother
brought over vodka,

gin, whiskey, bourbon...

Wait, are whiskey and
bourbon the same thing?

Anyway, all we have to do

is bring it in
from the garage

after my parents leave
for Palm Springs.

It's going to be so much fun!

Thank you, Phoebe Abrams.



This has been fun.

Oh, yeah, totally.

We'll have to go out
again sometime,

you know, under less
formal circumstances.

Oh, um...

Look, Charlie,
I'm not interested.


Then why did you say yes?

Well, you asked.

And you said you'd be thrilled.

Well, I didn't have
a date and I knew how much

you wanted to go with me.

So, it was a pity date?

I was just trying to be nice.

Well, you know what
would've been nice?

Being honest with me.

I could've asked a girl who
actually wanted to go with me.

Who actually was thrilled.

You know what, take
your pity and shove it!

* Christy,
are you doing okay? *

* A rose that won't bloom... *

* The lights are out,
and I barely know you *

* We're going up and the
place is slowing down *

* I knew you'd come around *

* You captivate me, something
about you has got me *

Hey, how are you?

Where's this Liam I've
heard so much about?


Seems like the life
of the party.

Oh, yeah, he's
not a prom person.

He's just here for me.

It's sweet,
he really likes me.

I'm sure he does.

* Just take me on the floor
* Da da da da, da da da da

* I can give you more
* Da da da da

* Da da da da

(Harry whistles)

Excuse me! Can I borrow
this mic for a second?

Thank you.
Uh, hey, everybody.

Quick announcement.
I just, I want to tell you

that I am really stoked
about the after-prom party

at Phoebe Abrams's house
tonight, all right?

I will be there with
a bunch of my friends

from the Beverly Hills
Police Department.

So, anyway,

I'll see you there.

Carry on.

Who the hell told him?

I know who it was.


* The lights are out
and I barely know you *

Hello, Ms. Taylor.


So, how funny that you and I

would end up having
the same taste in men?

I'm sorry?

Didn't you and Ryan?

Oh, come on, I was
totally picking up vibes.

Um... uh, yes, we dated.

Briefly a while ago.

I thought so.

I'm rarely wrong
about vibes.

You know, I think academics
are terribly sexy.

And I don't just
mean teachers.

When I was at Yale,
I briefly dated

someone in the
Registrar's office.

You don't say.

He was pretty much
a bore, actually.

Although I did get to read

my, uh, recommendation
letters from high school.

That was sweet.

Most of them were
rather glowing.

There was one, though,

that was slightly
less than glowing.

I wrote that letter

because it's my job
to give the colleges

an honest appraisal
of the students.


You said that, in your opinion,

I was "a narcissist
with no moral compass."


Did you really think

Yale was gonna listen to you?

A guidance counselor?

I had an impeccable transcript.

I was president
of the senior class.

I'm a legacy.

I got in early.

You stole Liz Hartigan's
term paper.

God, you're still on about that?

You're like Ahab.


Such a busybody.

Drop the innocent act, okay?

Because I know what kind
of person you really are.

devious, willing to do

whatever it takes
to get what you want.

Oh, take it easy, okay?

I haven't even
slept with him yet.

No, this has nothing
to do with Ryan.

It has to do with you stealing

that girl's term paper right
out of the teacher's desk,

all so you could beat her
out as Valedictorian.

Ugh, I am appalled that
you think so little of me.

Simply appalled.

Oh, hey, being that you're
a guidance counselor,

maybe you could give me
a little guidance about Ryan.

Tell me, Ms. Taylor,

what does he like in bed?

* Please don't stop *


Ladies and gentleman,

welcome to the Prommies!

(applause, cheering)

Tonight we have a terrific
bunch of nominees.

And I'm sure
they would all agree,

it's an honor to be nominated.

But it sucks to lose!

(mild laughter)

So, without further ado,

the Prom King...

is Dixon Wilson!

(applause, cheering)






Wow, um...

Well, this is, uh...

This is pretty cool.

Um, I wanna, I want you guys

to give it up for
my fellow nominees,

who are also very, very cool.

Thank you, guys.


And now, the moment you've
all been waiting for.

The Sophomore Prom Queen.

And might I say,
you're all lovely ladies.

Not my type, but lovely.

Oh, wow.

Uh, it seems that the
winner is a write-in.


(nervous laughter):
Is that fair?

And the Prommie goes to...

Erin Silver!

(applause, cheers)


Get up there!

Get up there, go!
You get up there!

See? I told you
everybody supports you.

Did you do this?

Did you get everybody
to write me in?

Well, it was my idea,

but everybody here
likes you, Silver.

Go get your Prommie.


Thank you, guys, so much.

Um, I'll tell you,

uh, this has been
a hard year for me.

It's made me question


Who I am.

What I like.

What I'm all about.

So, thank you.

For reminding me.

This is not me.

I hate proms.

I do.
I'm sorry, but I really do.

They're all about
conformity and popularity

and all these things
I really detest.

All I wanted recently
was to fit in.

And I tried really hard.

I mean, look at me.

I paid good money,
real human earth dollars,

to have some foul-smelling
orange chemicals

sprayed on my body

to approximate the
effect of sun damage.

I have pieces of God knows
what kind of toxic plastic

superglued to my fingernails.

And these shoes...

are hideously,
hideously painful.

At this moment, I'm telling you,

I cannot for the life
of me feel my toes.

And I want to feel my toes.

So, maybe I am a freak.

But that is better than being

some weird zombie,
prom-loving loser.

I don't know exactly who I am.

But I do know who I'm not.

And I am no prom queen.

Let me help you with that.

So, thanks.

But no thanks.

(upbeat rock music playing)

* All the gold and the guns

* In the world...

Hello, Ethan.

Hey, Mr. Matthews,
so listen...

I'm-I'm not gonna go
to the lacrosse camp.


I'm gonna go visit my dad
in Montana.

Go backpacking
for a couple months.

Well, you sure?

I mean, you're giving up
a huge opportunity.

There's gonna be college scouts
there and...

I know, but, look,

I-I may not be sure
what I'm about exactly,

but it's not lacrosse.

I know that.

Why'd you tell your dad
about my party?

I didn't.

Yeah, right.

Wait. Is that
what everyone thinks?

They don't think. They know.

Everyone saw you
in your dad's video, Annie.

You're a rat.


I didn't tell my dad.

Of course you didn't.

Then why do people
think I did?

Who cares what
people think?

Um, I'll be
right back, okay?



I've been looking
everywhere for you.

Thank you so much for getting
everyone to write my name in.

It was just what I needed,

you know?

It, like,
woke me up.

I feel so much better.


I want to come back
to West Beverly, Dixon.

I'm ready to come back.

That's great.

What's wrong?

You okay?

Why do you care?

I'm just a zombie,
prom-loving loser.


That speech was...




God, it's such a drag they
don't serve any liquor.

Yeah, well, it is
the sophomore prom, so...

(phone ringing)

Uh, sorry. I-I
have to take this.

Uh, yeah. No problem.

Hurry back.
I will.

Hey, can I talk to you
for a second?

Yeah, sure.
What's up?

Uh, there is something
you should know.

Jen-- not a nice person.

I know her pretty well.

She is a compulsive liar.

She's practically a sociopath.

She used to have everybody
snowed over, but not me.

Look, I'm sorry.

I, uh... I should
have asked you

if it was cool for
me to bring a date.

I didn't mean to
disrespect you, Kelly.

Wait. No. No, no, no.

I just... I thought
we were cool

after that night,
and you know,

we said no
strings attached.

You know what?
I'm not jealous.

I am trying
to be your friend here.



I'm not interested
in you anymore.

I'm not.

Is there someone else?

I've moved on.

That's enough.

I'm hanging up on you, Olivier.

You see, this is exactly why
I want a divorce.

* Get hot

* Get too close
to the flame... *

It's nice getting air.

I could tell you were
claustrophobic in there.

And I was, too,

Have you ever been
on the Paramount lot before?

Oh, look,
they're shooting something.

Want to walk by and see
if we get discovered?

Definitely not.

Yeah. Me, either.

Want to walk
to New York?

So, you're probably
one of those people

who thinks New York
is better than L.A.


Give L.A. time.

It has everything.

Mountains, beaches,
oh, great weather.

There is no
weather here.

I miss the snow.

Ms. Taylor.

Oh. Hey, you two.

I was just getting ready
to head back inside.

Liam, I'm glad to see
you came to the prom.

And I'm sure your stepfather

will be glad, too.

It's a step
in the right direction.

Have fun exploring the lot.

What did she mean,

your stepfather
will be glad you came?


(clears throat)

What did she mean?

I don't know.

My stepdad wants me to get
involved with school stuff.


Is that why you
asked me to the prom?

What does it matter?

I'm here.

You know why
it matters?

Because I like
you, okay?

I don't care if
it's not cool.

I'm tired of

I actually like you.

And everyone said
that I was a fool,

you don't treat me
right, and it's true.

I mean,
all night,

you haven't wanted to dance
or take photos or talk,

but still, stupid me

just kept on
defending you.

I was, like, "Oh, my God,
he invited me to prom."

"Oh, my God, he cleaned out
the trash in his car."

"Oh my God, he bought me
a black orchid corsage."

I mean, why did you get me
this corsage?

I knew I was supposed to.

But it's a black orchid.

That's what they had
in the store.
That's not true.

You have to special order
black orchids.

I know because
they're my favorite flower, but

the question is,

how did you know
they're my favorite?

Did you ask someone?


No. I...

You looked on my Facebook page,
didn't you?

You did.

You wanted to learn about me,

so you looked
on my Facebook page,

and then, you looked
at my personal interests,

and in between spicy tuna rolls
and the smell of Neiman Marcus,

you saw black
orchids, so
you went out

and ordered one for me
to make me happy.



you like me.

Admit it.

You like me.

You like me, don't you?


(rock music playing)

Freeze! Don't move
a muscle!


Oh, my God, Harry.

Hey, I was being
the bad cop.


So, you having fun?

Oh, yeah, totally.

Okay, not totally.

I tried to give
a friend advice,

and I should have
just stayed out of it.

No. That-That's not you.

Right, 'cause
I'm a busybody.

No, that's not
what I meant.

You care about people, yeah.

You're passionate.

And whoever
this friend is, if

they can't see that,
then, he's an idiot.

Or she's an idiot,
but I'm guessing that it's a he.

Thank you, Harry.

Mm. I mean it.

(phone ringing)


It's my wife.

She-She wouldn't go
to prom with me.

Maybe I should
punish her

and not answer it.

Go, go.

All right.

Hey, sweetie.




What was that for?

For being a jackass.

Dude, I'm so sick
of looking at you.

Do you know what
Adrianna's gone through?


(crowd clamoring)
Oh, damn!

What's wrong with you?

Get him, Navid!
Get him!

Kick his ass!
Get him!





My water just broke.

I think I'm going into labor.

Man, your stepfather
sounds like an ass.

What about your mom?
Can't you talk to her?

No. She's...

I mean, we used to be tight,
but since she married him,

she's totally different.

I don't know. I tell
you, I'd rather be poor

than rich and
live with him.

That sucks.


* Sometimes it just don't make
no sense at all *

* I'm still trying
to find a reason *

* For it all

* My life

* I thought it would be
something beautiful *

* And now it feels

* Like there's nothing
there at all *

* Anymore

* Give us the sunshine
instead of the rain *

* Give us the sunshine...