90210 (2008–2013): Season 1, Episode 18 - Off the Rails - full transcript

When Dixon creates a strain within their romance, Silver reaches her breaking point and takes off on an irresponsible spree and ends up at a train station hoping to travel to Kansas to find...

"Previously on" 90210:

I wanted to get something
to symbolize our love.

We had sex in the media room.

You and me in the storage room,
right now.

- Being your friend? I'm over it.
- I already beat you to it.

Us getting together didn't work out
for either of us, okay?

But don't punish my sister.

West Beverly High doesn't revolve
around Kelly Taylor's love life.

If anybody should be pissed here,
it's me.

Brenda, really?

- Will you be my valentine?
- Yeah.

- I don't wanna keep fighting.
- Me neither. Let's end this.

I wanna show a film
as my presentation.

- I'm in it?
- Just you wait.

You filmed us having sex?
What's wrong with you?

- I love you so much, Dixon!
- Just stay away from me.

- Silver did this?
- Silver, what are you doing?

I want you to fix all of this!

Silver, listen.

- Okay! Silver, please.
- Don't you move!

- I'm not.
- We both know

- you tried to turn Dixon against me.
- Okay.

How can I fix things?

You can start
by telling him the truth.

You tell him
how you were manipulating him

and feeding him lies about me.

Okay, no problem.

Do you want me to call him?

- Stop! Get off of me!
- Silver. Silver!

- Put it down! It's okay. It's okay!
- Get off of me!

- Silver! It's okay.
- Let go of me!

- It's okay.
- Get off! Get off! Get off!

Silver, listen to me.

It was because of the movie.

He really hated the movie, didn't he?

I thought he would love the movie,
but he hated it.

I don't know Dixon at all.

He's the one person
that I love the most,

and I don't know who he is.

- I don't understand.
- Come on.

You don't have to
figure it all out now.

Listen, let's call Kelly. Okay?

Ryan, my hand's bleeding.

I might get blood on your couch.

Hey, it doesn't matter.

Let me get you a bandage. Okay?

- Then we'll call Kel.
- Okay.

Then we'll call Kelly.


Bandages. Yeah,
I know that I have them in here.

This ought to do it.

Let's see that hand.


I thought we were meant
to be together,

but if you wanna be alone,

then just go.

Mom, can I call you back?

Is everything okay?

No, I'm not with her.
Why? What happened?

Is Dixon all right?

Yeah, no, I'm coming home now.

- Is everything okay?
- No!

I don't know. It's Silver.
I have to get home.

And I didn't drive.

I'll take you.

You need to tell us
exactly what's been going on.

Don't leave anything out.

What do you mean,
Silver broke into your apartment?

I mean, I come home
and the window is smashed,

- okay? And Silver is there.
- No way.

- She got a giant tattoo of your name?
- You didn't think

- this was worth mentioning?
- I'm sorry.

- Something is going on with her.
- No, I would know.

Do you know about her movie?

What movie?

She kind of filmed us having sex.

I think I'm gonna throw up.
I had no idea.

- You had sex?
- You made a movie of it?

Freaky. Totally, totally freaky.

- What?
- Silver apparently...

Flower scallion rolls.

- Don't eat the leaf.
- What?

- Don't eat the leaf.
- Got it. Thanks.

- Silver apparently what?
- Hold up.

Can we get
some sesame balls too?

Please? Thanks.

Oh, it's Naomi. Hold on.

- Hey.
- We have to talk.

Crazy night.

- I know, I heard.
- Heard what?

That Liam's a psychopath
and an awesome kisser?

I was talking about Silver's movie,
but wow.

- Wow, what?
- Liam is a total psychopath

and an awesome kisser.

- What happened with Silver?
- She made a porno of herself

- and showed it at some theater.
- What?

- Naomi?
- No, Silver.

Why would she do that?

I don't know.

- Unless...
- It's drugs. It's gotta be drugs.

No. No way.

- Cocaine?
- Maybe meth?

- PCP?
- Or LSD?

- Could be speed.
- Weed?

Methadone, mescaline,
amphetamines, ketamine...

- Ecstasy.
- Stimulants, sedatives.

No! Stop!

All right? She's not doing drugs.

- I would know.
- Why else would she break in?

- Or set a fire?
- Or get a tattoo?

Why film yourself having sex?

Well, to improve your moves,
of course.

What? Athletes watch replays.
It's the same thing.

I don't know. Sesame balls?


Is that your pet name for Navid?

Let's call Dixon.

It's Kelly.

I'll take it.

- Hello?
- No, Dixon's not answering.

What did Sesame Balls say?

No, we don't know where she is.

- I'm worried.
- I'm scared.

We have to find her
before she hurts someone.

- Or herself.
- Oh, God, what is happening?

We need to divide up. Debbie and I
will check out the Peach Pit.

Dixon, I'm gonna drop you off at home
so you'll have access to another car.

- Got it.
- Somebody should check the school.

Annie, here are the keys.
Ethan, you go with her.

- Sounds good.
- Kelly,

you wanna stay here
in case she comes back?

No, I have to do something.

Okay, well, at least let somebody
drive you. Ryan, you mind?

- No, that's okay.
- Yeah, no prob... Okay.

Let me be your chauffeur.

Sammy. What about Sammy?

Adrianna and I can watch him.

- It's no problem.
- Okay, good.

- He's upstairs sleeping.
- Okay.

- We should go.
- All right. Stay in touch by cell phone.

- Really? Babysitting?
- Yeah, why not?

It would probably be safer for me

to be out searching
drug-infested neighborhoods.

You kidding me? He's sound asleep.
It'll be cake.

A loud, screaming cake.

I checked around back too.

There's no sign of her.

You okay?

Harry, Dixon had sex.

Yes, he did. That he did.

- And we had no clue.
- Which is normal.

Teenage boys don't run and
tell their parents when they've had sex.

- And if they do, well, they're peculiar.
- I guess.

Look, sweetheart,
a lot of what's going on is not normal.

But Dixon not telling us is. Trust me.

- Think. Where would she go?
- I am thinking.

Doesn't make sense
why she would go to your apartment.

It doesn't make sense because
Silver wasn't making sense, okay?

Sensible was not the overall tone
of that particular interchange.

Yeah, but there's gotta be
some reason she blames you.

- I'm telling you, I didn't do anything.
- That you know of.

Some people aren't aware
of how they hurt people.

Aren't aware or don't care.

Your sister breaks into my apartment,
threatens me,

throws a wine bottle at my head,
and you're blaming me.

You are the one who left her alone.

You are the reason we are out here
looking for her.

She lives with you, Kelly,
not me, okay?

You're the one who's supposed to be
taking care of her.

- Maybe we should check the pier.
- Yeah, fine.

Is he asleep?

Eyes closed, drool flowing.

- You're like the baby whisperer.
- What can I say?

I'm impressed.

I do not understand baby.

I do not speak baby.

I don't know from baby.

Well lesson number one,
Sammy's not a baby, okay?

He's four.

Exhibit A, it's not my forte.

I'll incubate the little thing.

Then, after that, I think it's probably
best that I pass on the baton.

- You know?
- Pass the baton?

You mean adoption?

Yeah, I'm leaning towards it

pretty strongly.

Pretty much horizontal
toward adoption, yep.

- What?
- Well, I just...

No, oh, nothing. It's just

we never really talk about this stuff,
do we?

About the pregnancy, I mean.

Well, it's not like it's your baby.

There's no reason
you have to deal with this.

So adoption, huh?

That's the plan?

I don't know what else I should do.

I mean, you saw me with Sammy.

When he started crying,

I was even more scared
than he was.

- Silver?
- Dixon? Dixon?

I just had to call you
because I want you to know

that I know
that I don't know you, and...

So I'm going back to the source.

- Source of what?
- The source of everything.

You're all that I have.

The only thing that I...
Only thing that matters to me.

You're all that I need.

And without you,
life isn't worth living.

Dixon? Dixon? Dixon?


- Dixon?
- In here.

- We've been trying to reach you.
- Yeah, I turned my phone off.

- Why did you turn your phone off?
- Silver called.

- What?
- Where is she?

Who knows? Who cares?
She's a manipulative drama queen.

I'm not buying her crap anymore.

- Hey, Dixon.
- Damn it.

What did Silver say?

Who knows? When she called
she was so hysterical

I could barely understand her.

She was just ranting on and on
about how all she has is me

and how life isn't worth living
without me.

- She was going to back to the source.
- What's the source?

Beats me. Silver's a freak.

I got better things to worry about.

We should call the police.

I love you.

One shade the more
One ray the less

- That's Silver.
- Come on.

Which waves in every raven tress

I love you.

One shade the more
One ray the less

Had half impair'd

- God.
- What are you doing here?

Looking for Silver.

I was in the parking lot.
Ade told me she went AWOL.

Heard about her little movie. I figured it
would shed some light on the subject.

Gotta say, it's pretty creepy stuff.
Little arty for my taste.

Not exactly a Sunset 5 kind of girl.

How did you get in?

We have my dad's keys.

Well, if you'd dress
a little more like me,

the janitor opening the door for you
is only the beginning.

Although, I don't know if it would help.
You'd still be stuck with that face.

Have you checked
the whole school?

No, this is the first place I came.
Do you think she's okay?

Please. Don't pretend to be concerned.
You guys are not friends.

For your information,

we've been hanging out
quite a bit lately.

- Oh, since when?
- Since Valentine's.

- It's really none of your...
- Stop it!

Focus on Silver. Look, the school's big.
She could be anywhere.

- Then we should probably split up.
- Are you sure?

It gets creepy around here at night.

Oh, that's really sweet, E.

Couldn't be any creepier than hanging
out with my ex and his little girlfriend.

- Actually, we...
- Know.

Know that Silver's not
in the east wing.

We already checked. FYI.

Right. Fine.
I'll check the auditorium.

I'm sorry about that.

I guess the thought of Naomi
finding out we broke up...

Yeah, whatever. It's fine.

I'm gonna go check the cafeteria.

- Cool.
- Okay, the source.

What are we talking about here?
A water source or a power source?

She said life isn't worth living
without him?

Don't go there. Okay?

What kind of source?
A fuel source, a source of information,

a news source,
a hip-hip award show, maybe.

Or the source of her pain.

Okay. Sure.
What's the source of her pain?

- Kelly, what a surprise.
- Is Silver here?

- Silver? No.
- Mom, we have to talk.

Dierk doesn't know I have kids.


Hey, nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too, Dierk.

Kelly is my niece.

My older sister's daughter.

This is Kelly's boy toy.

- What did you say your name was?
- Ryan. And he's my colleague.

Colleague? Sure.

Do you two enjoy working together?


Silver is missing.

Oh, I wouldn't worry. She is probably
out partying somewhere,

or slutting it up with some guy.
That's what Kelly always did.

I think Silver is in trouble.
Real trouble.

So if she shows up here,
I want you to call me right away.

Do you think this is funny?

Yeah, I do, actually,

because you pranced in here,
all holier-than-thou,

talking about how bad a aunt I was,

and that you could do a better job
with Silver.

Well, it looks like
you are no different than me.

And at least when she lived here,
I knew where she was!

Okay, we better go.
You'll call if you hear anything?

Yeah, you got it boy toy.

Bye, Mom.
Oh, actually, I have a kid too,

which makes her a grandma.

That woman.

Every time I think she can't get
any worse, she gets so much worse.

- Hello?
- Is this Kelly Taylor?

- Yes, this is Kelly Taylor.
- This is Officer Lewis, ma'am.

We found your sister's car
abandoned in a parking lot downtown.

No sign of your sister.

If Silver's not in her car,
then where is she?

I can't believe this. She's gone.
I did this. I...

I don't know. I tried. I mean, I... Maybe
I gave her too much freedom, but I...

I had breakfast with her
every morning,

and I checked to make sure
she was doing her homework.

I've just been too focused on myself
and my work and Sammy.

- Kelly, no. You can't blame yourself.
- Why not? You did.

You said it yourself.
I'm the one that lives with her.

I should have been taking care of her.
Oh, my God, I can't believe this.

After everything I've been through with
my mother, here I am, just like her.

No, no. Are you kidding?

You and that woman,
you're night and day. Okay?

You're Tolstoy and Dean Koontz.

You're Baryshnikov
and Michael Flatley.

I kind of like Michael Flatley.
But what I'm trying to say, Kelly,

is that you are not your mother.

- You're kind...
- Hey, you know what?

If this is you trying to comfort me,
just don't.

All right? Because you have done
nothing but try to avoid me

since you came back to school.

So you're not here tonight
as my friend.

You're my chauffeur. That's it.

- Dixon?
- What? I'm busy.

We wanted to let you know
they found Silver's car.

It was abandoned downtown.

Yeah? Well, big deal.

- Let me know when they find a body.
- Dixon?


I told you, she's playing you,
and I'm not falling for it.

Now, can you leave me alone?

You're blocking my view.

Excuse me?

Last train for San Bernardino,
Track 416, departing...

Yes. Kansas.
I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.

What's in Kansas?

It's where Dixon's from.

Wait, you don't know Dixon.
Of course not.

Well, neither do I, apparently.

That's the problem.
How do you know anybody?

You have to go backwards in order
to understand how to go forwards.

So, working backwards,

why didn't Dixon react to the movie
the way that I thought he would?

Because there are fundamental things
about him that I don't understand.

It's like chemistry.
Like baking soda and vinegar.

You can put vinegar with something
other than baking soda,

and it won't react the same way.

So my movie, in this example,
is the vinegar,

which means, inherently,
that it's not a bad movie.

Because if Dixon was sugar,

then everything
would have been fine.

But he is not. He is the baking soda.
Hence his eruption.

So I have to understand
what makes Dixon baking soda.

And how do you understand
how anyone becomes who they are?

You have to go back to the past.

All of their previous
chemical reactions.

Imagine all the moments in Dixon's life
that made him who he is,

all the moments and the moments
that lead up to those moments,

because there are no
disconnected moments.

Every moment is connected
to a million other moments.

God, it's exhausting.

But if you track them back,
you find the original moments.

- The source of everything, which is...
- Next in line.


I'm going to Kansas.

Here. I have to get to Kansas.

11:35, Track 12.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Next in line. Sir?

- I want my mommy.
- Wait. Baby, do something.

Hey, Sammy.

- I want my mommy.
- Hey, it's okay.

- Adrianna can help you.
- Hey, Sammy.

Everybody, stop crying. Stop crying.

- I want my mommy.
- He's turning pink. Is that normal?

Okay. It's okay.

- Look. Look. Look, big smiling face.
- Put it away.

- Okay, it's okay, it's okay.
- I want my mommy.

I am dying here.

- The couch.
- Okay.

- I want my mommy.
- Those are really cool pj's.

You look sharp. Is that...?

What do you have on them?
Is that trucks?

Oh, my gosh, I love trucks.

- My favorite mode of transportation.
- Tractors.

Except for tractors.
I was gonna say that.

I just... I love them more.

Sammy, you know
what Adrianna's really good at?


Opening my hands like...

Reading books.

I'm really good
at reading books to kids.

It's actually a secret talent of mine,
actually, so...

You want us to read this one?

- Picture book about trucks?
- Tractors. Get with the program.

- Okay.
- Sammy,

Adrianna does a great tractor voice.

Hit it.

I'm a tractor.

I like to tract things.

Professional actress
right there, Sammy.

You should hear her do
a dump truck.

Anyways, let's get started.

Do you wanna move closer to Navid,
be more comfortable?

Let's go.


"Once upon a time,

there lived a grouchy old tractor
named Mr. Grumples. "

Look, it's Mr. Grumples.

- What are you doing?
- Just trying to open Silver's locker.


She's had the same combination
since sixth grade.

I don't know what I'm looking for.
This is all so weird.

Yeah, I know, right?

Oh my, God.
I can't believe she has that.

- That's you?
- Yeah, me and Silver.

With what seems to be
pots on your heads?

Yeah. We were alone at my house,
hanging out.

I think we were, like, 12.

We suddenly felt this huge earthquake
and totally freaked out,

and got a bunch of pots, and ran
and hid under the kitchen table.

- Was it a big earthquake?
- It wasn't an earthquake at all.

Apparently, our neighbors decided
to upgrade to a pebble driveway,

and had been jackhammering
the pavement up next door.

How long were you under the table?

At least an hour, maybe two.
I don't remember.

I don't know how long we would've
been there if Ethan hadn't showed up.

- Anyway.
- Yeah, anyway.

- My dad said we should keep looking.
- Yeah, I'm gonna go check the gym.

Train 407 with service to San Diego

will be boarding on Platform 5.

Train 407 to San Diego
boarding on Platform 5.

- What are you doing?
- Trying to figure out Dixon's password.

His name, birthday, the Chiefs...

- Why do you need to get into...?
- Because I have no idea who he is.

- Deb, what's going on?
- I have no clue what's going on!

Our son is acting like a stranger!
You saw him down there!

He is hostile and callous
and having sex!

Okay, fine. Maybe that's normal,
but the rest of it is not!

It's this place. It's L.A., Beverly Hills.

The morals are different here.
I mean, kids grow up way too fast.

And we made a huge mistake
by coming here!


- Silver?
- No, my name is Kevin,

but I'm here
with a girl named Erin Silver.

She's in a pretty bad way,

and I thought I should
call someone and let them know,

and, you know, this was
the last number she called.

Where is she? Where are you?

Union Station.

Erin here bought herself
a ticket to Kansas.

Anyway, her train hasn't left yet.

Right now, she's kind of passed out.

She's acting pretty erratic, and...
I mean, who knows what she might do.

We're on our way.
We will be there as soon as we can.

Look, we can't break up.

- What?
- Relationships are work,

and that's all we need to do.
We need to work on things.

- We shouldn't give up so easily.
- But, Annie, things haven't been good.

- We haven't been happy.
- I know. I know that.

Okay? But we will be.
We just have to fix this.

Okay? We have to.

- We have to work at this!
- Why?

Why? Because. Because of Naomi.

- Naomi's gonna find out eventually.
- Naomi's gonna find out about what?

This isn't about Naomi finding out.
This is about Naomi.

When I first moved here,
she reached out to me,

and we had the potential
to be friends, to be real friends.

And then she asked me
not to go out with you,

but I didn't listen.
I went behind her back

and I started dating you,
which is a really jerky thing to do,

but I did it
because I had a good reason.

I believed that you were the one.

I thought that we were the ones.

Our relationship, you and me,
it was worth anything.

It was worth sacrificing friends
and even some of my self-respect.

But if we're not together,
and we break up, then what?

Then I didn't make these sacrifices
for our relationship.

I was just being a jerk.

If we can't make things work,

then I have to accept
everything that I've done.

And... And...

And we are.

We are...

We are broken up.

And I've been a jerk.

I have been a jerk,

and me and Ethan,

we're broken up.

- It's okay, Erin.
- How do you know my name?

What time is it?

No, no, no.

Oh, I gotta go. I gotta go.

Erin, wait.


Stop! Don't... Don't...

Don't leave without me!

Stop! Please, stop!


Silver, get off the tracks.

I missed my train!

First Ryan drained my gas tank,
and then I miss my train.

I'm never gonna make it to Kansas.

Okay, Silver, calm down. It doesn't
matter if you missed your train.

She's such a drama queen.
She's unbelievable.

How can you say that?
I had it all figured out!

I was gonna go to Kansas,
because Kansas equals Dixon,

and Dixon equals baking soda.
It doesn't make sense.

But it did. It did make sense.
Now it doesn't!

- I know.
- Don't!

- Don't come near me!
- Okay.

Everything was making sense,
and now it doesn't.

Everything was so great.

Now it's so dark.

It is so dark here.
It is always, always dark.

- Silver, please get off the tracks.
- I'm so confused.

Come on. Silver.

I don't know
what's going on anymore.

Silver, get off the tracks!

- Silver.
- Silver!

You don't understand!

- Silver, no!
- No!

- Dixon.
- Wait, wait. I got this.


It's me! It's Dixon.

Listen, I do understand.

I do.

Everything was so good for you,

and now it feels like
the world is crumbling around you.

Everything made sense,
and now it doesn't.

But it's okay, Silver.
I know what you're going through,

because my mom used to go through
the same type of thing.

Some days, she was so happy
she couldn't contain herself.

Like, one day,
she just took me out of school.

Just showed up in the middle
of the day and took me out of school.

Said we were going to Disneyland.

But she didn't stay happy.

By the time we got there,
she was just sad and confused.

We didn't end up
leaving the motel room.

That's how she was.

Up and down, up and down.

But that wasn't her fault.

She just needed help, Silver.

It's okay. All right?

I'm here.

And I'm gonna help you get help.

All right?

All right?

Everything's gonna be okay.

Kelly, I'm so sorry.

I screwed it all up, didn't I?

You invited me in your house,
gave me a chance,

tried to make things better,
and I screwed it all up.

You're gonna get rid of me,
aren't you?

- You're gonna send me back to...
- No, no.

I'm not going anywhere,
and neither are you. Come on.

Are you okay?

She's manic depressive.

It's not drugs.

Silver has bipolar disorder,
just like my birth mom.

It has to be.

Well, I'm just glad she's safe.

Yeah, it's a huge relief.

I'll drop you off at home.

- Okay.
- No, I'll take her.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I mean, it's on the way home.
Well, sort of.


Bye, Ethan.

Bye, Annie.

So there are a lot
of other fish in the sea.

Equally cute fish.

Thanks. And I really am sorry
about how I acted.

I get it. It's okay, trust me.

And I wasn't exactly
the nicest person either.

I mean, nice is not really my thing,
but still,

- I'm sorry too.
- Thank you.

I guess.

Okay, not to gossip or anything,

but have you heard
what Adrianna calls Navid?

- Sesame Balls.
- What?

- Sesame Balls! Sesame Balls!
- No way!

And what is your relationship
to the patient?

I'm her sister.

"And he went into the barn,

and who did he find there
but Mr. Grumples,

looking all spiffy with a shiny new coat
of bright red paint.

The end. "

He was a nice tractor after all.

He's out.

When did he fall asleep?

Back when Mr. Grumples
was crossing the bridge to Jersey City.

Oh, I wanted to see
how it turned out.

This was actually kind of fun.

Yeah. We make a pretty good team.

Yeah, we do.

Nurse supervisor to Room 2104.

Nurse supervisor to 2104.

Oh, hey.


- How is she?
- She's gonna be okay.

You didn't have to stay.

A chauffeur is not done
until his charge is safely back at home.

Look, Ryan, I owe you an apology
for the way I treated you.

Kelly, I owe you an apology.

I haven't really been your friend.

I slept with Brenda,

which I knew would hurt you,
which is why I did it.

You know, I had feelings
for you, Kelly,

and to see Dylan, and...

Doesn't matter,
because you didn't owe me anything,

and I was stupid and spiteful,

and I'm really sorry.

And I realize
it's completely unprofessional

for a chauffeur
to try and befriend his charge,

but I'd like to.

I'd like that too.

But I'm still gonna sit
in the back seat on the way home.


Dixon was great out there.

I know. He was.

Can you imagine
what that would be like?

Your birth mother and your girlfriend
both being manic-depressive?

Be like lightning striking twice.

No wonder he reacted
the way he did.


Listen, I'm sorry
I kind of lost it before.

Oh, no, honey. It's okay.
It's understandable.

But I think that we should talk.

You know, if you're unhappy in L.A.,
we can leave,

but you can't keep bringing it up
every time something goes wrong.

- I know.
- We haven't taken the bid

on the house.

We can move back to Kansas
if that's what you want,

but we can't have one foot here
and one foot there.

We have to decide.

- What do you want?
- Me?

I like it here.

And I think it is a great place
to raise our kids.

And I think that kids in Kansas
have sex too.

I know. I know they do.

And I like it here too.
But the most important thing for me

is whether or not this is a good place
to raise a family.

And I think it is.

There are opportunities and culture,

and all sorts of things here
that you can't find in Kansas.

Museums and galleries and theater
and gluten-free bread.

And I don't even know
what gluten is,

but I like the option
of not having to eat it.

I like options.

And Beverly Hills has options.

It's a bigger world here,
and I think that's a good thing.

You think we should stay
in Beverly Hills?

I think that we should stay
in Beverly Hills.

Well, it sounds
like you were pretty amazing.


And not at first, for sure.

When Silver called,
I totally bugged out.

You know, she just kept going on,

saying I was the only thing
that made her life worth living,

and it was
that kind of manipulative thing

that my mom used to say to me.

You know, so I just had a bad reaction
and just freaked out.

Did you know that then? I mean,
did you know why you were upset?

No. I didn't have no clue.

I mean, I didn't put it all together
until we were at the train station.

Then I guess I saw how she shifted
from being so happy

to being so despondent.

It all made sense.

Jeez, what a night.

You can say that again.

What a night.

You can say that again, again.

What a night.

French toast.

I'm starving.

- The bread? It's gluten free.
- Which I will explain later.

Oh, whatever. I can eat a house.

How about some French toast?

Drown it!

We're gonna end up in a diabetic...


All right, let's see
if we can taste the...

- Gluten. I don't know what that is.
- Gluten-free.

Gluten is a carbohydrate.