90210 (2008–2013): Season 1, Episode 16 - Of Heartbreaks and Hotels - full transcript

As Valentine's Day approaches, Adrianna's pregnancy now becomes the talk of the entire school as her 'baby bump' begins to show, while Navid continues to ignore her and grows more closer to Nika. Meanwhile, Silver asks Naomi for h...

Previously on 90210...

I'm the guy that hit you.

It was totally my fault.

You know, the important thing is that we're both all right.

Navid, I'm not really asking you for anything.

Odod, 'cause i-i don't know if I can do anything

Or be anything to you.

I reserved a hotel suite; aying there

-Until mom comes home. -hey, everyone.

I have something to anncounced I'm pregnant

- Christin hey, - nika.

I'd like you to meet navid.

Hi. what's up?

This being in love stuff

Is making me crazy.

- You love me? - I do.

What is this about?

I'm just trying to get to know you.

The accident, it changed things.

I mean, I feel like it woke me up or something,

Like it jolted me out of my bubble.

The bubble that I'm still in.


Morning, aaron.

Good morning, ms. clark.

Have a nice da

Fashion section?


Your car is waiting, ms. clark

Thank you.

Morning, troy.

You're not robert.

Picked up his morning shift.

Hope you're not disappointed, naomi.

How do you know my name?

Oh, robert told me to expect you.

Although... I wasn't expecting you.

Vanilla skim latte.

Extra foam.

Don't walk away from me

When I'm talking to you!

Hey! I am talking to you.

I said I want a bloody scotch.

I'm sorry, sir.

The bar doesn't open until 10:00.

Do you know who I am?!

Let me tell you this slow, right,

So you can understand my english

Get me a scotch!

Or I'll call ins and get you shipped back to mexico

Faster than you y "burrito." how's that?

Excuse me.

Small problem.


Well, just that it'd be odd

If you tried to send miguel here

Back to mexico since he's fm m guatemala.

Unless you meant send him on vavacation,

Which would actually be a nice thing to do,

Considering he works hard

And has to do with drunks like you all day.

You looking for an ass kicking, sunshine?

No, not particularly.

What the hell are you doing?


Get off! do you know who I am?!

Hey! what-what are you--

Get off me!

Hey, babe.

You weren't supposed to see that.

Oh, all right, i... I didn't see it.

But good choice on the red rose.

It definitely brings out my eyes.

And I love your eyes.

I love you.

I love you, too.

I love hearing that.

I love saying it.

I love being in it.

I mean, it's like everything is different now.

I feel different now.

Oh, this morning on the radio, they played whitney houston.

First time I ever heard her and she didn't sound i like

Some big sappy goober I i wanted to strangle.

Oh, yeah?



I will always love you.


Always love you.

Well, you know, you're being

A big cheesy goober right no t too.

Yeah, well, I'm your big cheesy goober, okay?

All right, so...


So you're still not gonna tell me anything about

Our mysterious valentine's plans, huh?

If I tell you it won't be mysterious.

Oh, all right, whitney, do your thing.

Do your thing. uh-huh.

Souhuh, I could pick you up around 8:00

If youanant to just grab dinner before the dance.

I can't.

I actually, uh, got to

The acting intensive that I signed up for.

So I'll be there until 9:00, if you want to pick me up then.


Uh, you didn't tell myoyou got in.

Why not?

Yeah, um, well, it's just,

It's kind of hard to talk to you about acting

Without you thinking that acting's all I talk about.

Um, I said that I'm sorry about that.

Yeah, I know.

But you think it's trite,

and so it's kind f difficult for me to...

Hey, hang on one minute, okay?



What's their deal anyway?

You know, they-they talk

About deep things.

But I swear, if I had to hear about how the accident

Changed everything one more time,

I may actually drive into a tree myself.

Okay. well, you just let me know before you do that,

So I'm not in the car.

I just want her to get better already.

Maybe then, he won't have to hang out with her so much.

Hey, rhonda. morning.

How are you feeling?

A little achy, but okay.

Sorry you couldn't come to the documentary with us last night.

Oh, yeah, I had play practice.

But, uh, was it any good?


It was all just about how

One momoment can change things forever.

Which is so true

I mean, the accident profoundly changed me.

Ethan, too.

I mean, he used to like action movies,

But now he likes documentaries.

Yeah, i-i think she means changes on the inside.

Yeah, I know.

I-i was just kidding.

All right, well,

We should go to class.

Yeah. I'll see you guys later.

See ya.

Okay, maybe you should drive into a tree.

It was probably some dude in rehab.

Bet navid knows.

Hi ? what's up?

Oh, yeah, navid knows everything. what's up?

So who's adrianna's baby daddy?

Oh, yeah, I don't even know that.

Could be anyone. I have no idea.

Man, you dodged a bullet, huh?

Oh, ahah, totally, man.

I mean, adrianna's a mess. I don't even know

What I was thinking, seriously.

I mean, she has her own thing going on.

I'm not even gonna worry about.

Yeah, me neither.

No "b"

Time for rososes.

Okay, so .Megan

And here's one

For you, michael.

Nika, here you go.

Another one for megan.


One for maya.

And adrianna.

Oh, honey.

I'm getting pity flowers from the faculty.

I mean, I thought they only did that

With the 12th grader in the full body cast.

Scoliosis girl? I think she has a boyfriend now.

Of course she does.

Hey, are you okay?

I guess for a second I thought it might be something romantic.

I don't know why.

I mean, obviously, I'm not anybody's idea

Of a great valentine's date.

I mean, look at me.

For the record, you look great.

You have super boobage going on, crazy thick hair,

The dewy, glowlolook that's all the rage on the runway,

You've got it.

If I were going to the island of lesbos,

You'd be my pick.

Thank you.


Oh, my gosh.

You waited?

I was going over my essay with mr. matthews for

At least a half an hour.

It's lunch; aren't you starvin

Yeah, but, I mean, what are a few hunger pains

Compared to what you're going through?

Which is all because of me.

So let's face it, I owe you.

Right? but let's go before

They run out of pizza and we get stuck with

That brown stuff they pass off as meat loaf.

Ethan, wait.

There's something I have to tell you.

I-i just don't know

How to tell you without coming off

Like some kind of crazy woman.

Which-which I'm not.

I-i swear.

What is it?

Um... I'm...

Feeling better than I've been letting on.

A lot better.

I've been exaggerating my injuries.

I can carry my own bag.


I really liked spending time with you,

And I just thought that if I was better,

That you wouldn't want to hang out anymore.

It-it doesn't matter.

I'm sorry I took advantage of you.

You're officially off the hook.

What hook?

We're friends.

Just because of some car accident...

Who cares how we met?

The point is, we did.

And being in an accident

Affected us both, and we get each other.

More than that,

We like each other.

At least, that's what I thought.

I don't know, maybe-maybe you're getting

- Sick of me or something. - No.

- I-i'm not. - Okay.


But we have to be honest with each other from now on.

'cause life's too short for dishonesty.

I completely agree.

I wonder where ethan is.

Probably off discovering the meaning l life.

All righ you got to help me.

I have to plan this unique

Valentine's plan.

I I told you, just go to the dance.

No. everybody's gonna go to the dance.

Take dixon on meme romantic valentine's dinner.

The boy loves food.

Yeah, but hasn't he been on

A romantic valentine's dinner before?

Yeah, but not in l.a.

And-and trust me,

The scene here is way different

Than the all-you-can-eat

Hot wings place in kansas.

- I'm gonna get another drink. you want one? - uh-uh.

Excuse you!

Excuse you!

I have something

Th's's gonna help you feel better.

Tell me it's the portobello quiche I dreamt about last night.



This almost have stalled the valentine pain.

You know, I've eaten the most amazing places in the world,

And nothing comes close to the restaurant at my hotel.

I guess that's why there's, like, a billion cebrbrities

Swarming there all the time.

Oh, my god, you should see

The valentine's day menu they have.


It's beyond.

Lucky you.

Of course, I don't have a date to go with to the restaurant.

And why, almost before we've even begun to live,

Become dull and gray and apathetic

And lazy and useless and unhappy.

Unhappy because I am nothing.


And that's what I'm talking about.

That is it. that's it.

Okay, who's next?

Um, all right, how about you?


Hi. um, I'm annie wilson.

And I will be doing fantine's monologue

From les miserable.

Ah, good monologue. desperate monologue.

A lot of pain and anguish in the class tonight.

Monsieur javert, i-i-i beseech your mercy.

I assure you that I had done nothing wrong.

If you had been there to see it in the beginning,

- Then you would have seen... - No, no. stop.

Um, annie, this, this woman is desperate.

Honey, you got to delve into your soul.

You gotta, you gotta reach into your own desperation.

Bring that out, okay?



And I swear by the good of god that I'm not to blame.

Go deeper.

That, that gentleman,

The bourgeois whom I did not know,

Put snow in my back!

Annie, thas just louder.

Has anyone the right...?

You are about to lose


...to put snow down our backs,

While we are walking along peaceably...

Where's your soul?



Annie, come here.

You are about to lose your freedom and your child.

Perhaps you've never experienced something

Of that magnitude in your life,

But surely there is some painful memory

That you can draw on, some...

- You know? - Yes, yes.

Then go there, please.

Take your time.

I am rather ill, as you see,

And he had said these impertinent things to me...


That's enough. that's enough.

Thank you.

Just, let's get some, somebody else up there.

You're fine.


Why are there sugar hearts in my waffle?

I think, uh, nat got a little carried away

With the valentine's theme.

Is everything okay?

Sure, fine.

Come on. what's wrong?

Um, problems in the middle east.

Significant things like that.


Look, it doesn't matter.

I just want to put it out of my head

And enjoy valentine's day with the boy that I love.

And rhonda?

Oh, um, I'm sorry. uh, she, she's early.

Early for what?

Miss, as I told you over the phone,

We're completely booked.

It's valentine's day.

I know that.

Which is why r really need to get in.

I want to take my boyfriend out for a special dinner,

And your restaurant is the best.

Which is why people make reservations months in aanance.

Months a ago, I didn't know about valentine's day!

No, I meant...

Okay, I knew it existed...

Look, I really wish I could help you.

Fine. I understand.

Thank you for your patience.

Take your ten dollars back, please.

Come on!


Certainly. tonight?

And what time would you like to dine?

Uh, hello? what's that about?

Excuse me one second.

We keep a small number of tables reserved for hotel guests

Now if you'll excuse me.

So, uh, what are you two crazy kids gonna get up to

While I'm off being tortured by my new acting teacher?

Um, probably just gonna go shopping.

For what?

- Clothes. - School supplies.

I, uh...

I asked rhonda to, uh, help me find you

A valentine's present.

Trying to brchch out from the stuffed pentapus thing.

I feel very stupid.

I should get going pretty soon, anyway,

But I assume I'll see you you at the dance?

Oh, i-i don't really do dances.

How come

I just had a really bad experience at one.

What happened?

Maybe she doesn't want to talk about it, ethan.

No, I do.

I mean, I don't,

But I should if we're being honest with each other, right?

Okay, so, at my old school

There was a bunch of girls,

I call them mean girls

But they were so much worse than that.

It felt like their sole purpose in life was just to pick on me.

Anyway, so there was this end-of-the-year dance,

And this guy danny asked me out.

And I was shock.

I mean, I had a huge crush on him.

So my mom and I went shopping,

And we found this dress, and it was

Blue and gauzy and it just,

It reminded me of water, of waves.

And I went to the dance

And went looking for danny.

And I fod d him standing with those girls.

And as soon as they saw me, they just...

They all started to laugh.

And one of the girls threw danny a hundred-dollar bill.

Because apparently, the whole thing was just a dare.

I felt so humiliated.

And so I took all my mom's sleeping pills.


My mom found me in time, and, um,and we moved here.

I am so sorry, rhonda.

I've never told anybody that story before.

Well, I'm glad you told us.

Yeah, I am too.


Do you want?

I need reservations downstairs for dinner tonight

And they are completely booked unless you're a guest

At the hotel, which I'm not, you are,

And I wouldn't ask except it's valentine's day.

Valentine's day...

A holiday you once referred to as "the greeting card mafia's

Stranglehold on the brainless and sentimental."

Well, I know, but look..

I've never been in love before.

You... in love?

Yeah. and I want tonight to be perfect.

It has to be perfect.

And I know that here are no reasons for you

To do any favors for me, and we are not exactly friends

Or even frenemies for that matter,

But we were friends at one point, and i...

Look, when we were 12,

I wrote a book report for you on the pearl

And you said that you owed me one, and I never collected,

And I want to collect now. please?

Larry, hi, darling, it's naomi.

Can you do me a favor? I have a friend

Who needs a reservation for two tonight at 8:00.

Oh, thank you.

Ah! you're wonderful. bye now.

Just make sure you preorder the molten chocolate cake.

They cook it while you're eating.

That's the best part of the meal.

sounds good.

Can I buy you a drink or something to thank you?

So we should sit by the pool.

There's a really nice view.

Actually, it sometimes gets chilly out there

Do you want to just sit at the bar?


I'll be right with you guys.


Well, the view isn't bad here either, huh?

Just don't mention we're in high school.

Oh, okay. I am on it.

So I said to my supervisor at the airline,

"do not talk to me like that again,

Or I will quit and take my skills elsewhere, I will."

Hey, naomi.

See, that's not fair. you knowy my name,

But I don't know yours.

Leo. so what can I get you two?

I'll have a sparkling water.

Trying to avoid the hard stuff

Till I go back over the pond.

I'll just have a chamomile tea, thanks.

What was that?

English accents always make people sound older.

in what world?

I can't stop now.

Okay, but less is more.

- You got it, mate. - seriously.

- Cheerio. - all right...

One sparkling water,

One chamomile tea.

Thank you. and I do appreciate that, I do.

Sure thing. honey?

Well, you're awfully forward, aren't you?

For your tea.


Oh, righ

No thank you.

So you're new here.

yeah, just moved to l.a.

With your... girlfriend?

Well, if I had a girl,

I wouldn't be flirting with your friend here.

Excuse me, sir.

- Can we get another round? - I got to get back to work.




What are you, uh...

Wow, what a coincidence.


Wait, uh, adrianna,

Um, I just wanted

To apologize for what happened by the lockers yesterday.

- It's fine. - no, no, no, it's not fine.

I was a jerk and I'm sorry.

It's just, the guys were talking

And nika was there, and...

I didn't want to make her feel bad.

But I ended up making you feel bad, which--

Which is the last thing I wanted to do.

Look, it's a weird situation all around.

Trust me, I get it.


Well, the next time anybody says

Anything, okay,

I'm gonna...

Shut 'em down. navid-style, okay?

- Yeah, and what exactly does that entail? - I don't know.

I'll let you know when I have that

- Figured out. - okay.

Hopefully, I'll have it

Worked out by the dance tonight.

Well, no rush-- I'm not going.

Sorry to bring up the dance.

Now everything's even more awkward.

No, it's, it's not.

I'm really happy you met someone else.

I really am.

You're such a special guy.

You deserve to have fun, and to go to dances

And just...

Just be normal.

And normal is not really where I'm at right now.

Um, ooh, make sure that you get nika

the butter crunch truffles,

'cause there's really nothing like them

In the entire world.

- Truffles? - she'll love them.

All right.


Have fun eating your chocolate.

Happy valentine's day.

Yeah, you, too.

you know, right? that's what I thought.

I mean, this is nice, but it's not "wow,"

And I'm really going for "wow," or anything better than "wow."

Is there even a word that's better than "wow"?

Here, wear these.



Oh, come here! thank you!

Okay, hugging me over shoes--

Seriously, what has has gotten into you, silver?

You're a completely diffenent person.

It's the love, man.

I'm telling you, it changes things.

It's like I see the world as this whole better place.

And, naomi, I never thought that I could feel like this.

Well, I'm glad you found somnene who makes you this happy.

Plus, it's been kind of cool us hanging out again.

It has, hasn't it?

So, okay, what are you going to do

about hotty bartender?


Oh, oh, okay, wait.

You've got to ask him

for a date tonight for valentine's day.

Well, it's not like I have any other plans, but...

Oh, well, no, his shift just ended.

I think he said he was going home.

What if you send him a bottle

Of champagne with a note

Telling him to meet you by the pool?

Not bad. I like it.

Exciting! exciting! exciting!

- Front desk. - larry. hi, sugar, it's me again.

Listen, I need you to do me a little unusual favor.

Is there any way you can have something delivered

To one of your employee's homes?

Bloody brilliant.

Mymy dad was sitting in his armchair

Drinking and yelling at the tv.

He loved game shows.

And the guy on the tv gets it wrong

And my dad yells at the screen,

"even a moron would know that!"

And I call out, I said,

"well, then you must be a moron 'cause you didn't know."

So that's when my dad gets up

Out of his chair and grabs me

And he, um, he takes his cigarette

And he... grounds it out right into my arm.

So, when I need

To know what pain feels like,

I got a little reminder.


Why don't you come up here.

Tell us a story

From your life.

Something that matters.


Um, well, there was this birthday thing that happened.

This really awful girl--naomi, went behind my back, and...


Go deeper. something really painful.

Something that might

Be hard to say out loud.

Okay. deeper.

Um, well...

At my old school

There were these girls.

It felt like

Their sole purpose in life was to make me miserable.

Well, one day this guy danny

Who I had a huge crush on,

Asked me to the dance.

So, my mom and I went shopping,

And I bought this. blue dress.

And the way that it flowed down to the floor...

It was like water.

I thought, you know, that it was going

To be the best day of my life.

Only, when I got there,

Danny was standing...

With those girls,

And as soon as they saw me,

They started to laugh.

One of the girls actually

Threw danny a hundred-dollar bill,

Because it was just

A dare.

Oh, god, I don't know

What I was thinking,

Except that

That I wanted to stop thinking.

So... I took these sleeping pills

From my mom's medicine cabinet,

And I swallowed them-- all.

'cause I just want the pain to end.

Thank you.

I knew you had it in you.

Thank you.

Ethan, ethan, stop.

- Please! -Rhonda told us that in confidence

- Because she trusted us. - and I didn't say that it was her.

No kidding! you said it was you!

How could you use something like that as material?

I panicked. okay, I panicked,

Because he said, "go deeper, go deeper,"

And then I thought of her story.

It wasn't a story. It's her life.

- I know. - You don't.

Otherwise you never would have done that.

I can't-- I can't even look at you.



I-I mean, what's better than wow?

I don't know, but there needs to be a word.

I was just thinking today

How there should be a word.

Come here.

Told you I'd one-up the high school dance.

Yeah. This place is pretty awesome.

Oh, just wait till

You see the food.

Apparently, they have

The best chef in the whole city.

Oh, and I ordered a special dessert.

You're gonna die.


Just... wow.

Can I get you anything, Miss Clark?

Oh, no, I'm all right. Thank you.

I'm actually meeting someone.

Well, just let me know if I can.

Thank you.

I'm just saying, I've never seen my parents

Gush over anyone like that.

Well, it helps that

They go to the same synagogue as my parents.

Trust me, it was all you.

It was all me-- yeah, right.

Come on, let's dance.

Mmm. man, it's going to be hard

To stuff down mom's casseroles

After a meal like that.

Well, as long as you saved room for dessert

- And here is your menu. - Oh. thanks. I actually

Preordered that molten chocolate cake.

Oh. okay.

Naomi said it is the best thing

- She's ever tried. - um, miss,

Are-are you sure you ordered it?

What? yeah.

I told the concierge.

I'm so sorry.

I don't have you down for one,

And unfortunately,

We're all out of them now.

Okay, but I ordered it.

- I told him specifically that... - Baby, baby,

It's cool-- we'll just get something else.

No! I don't want something else.

I want the chocolate cake.

I'm terribly sorry.

No, you don't have to be sorry,

Just go get us the cake, please.

Go get us the cake.

Um, can you just give us a sec?

Honey, uh,

Why are you getting so upset?

Because I wanted this to be perfect,

And now it's not gonna be perfect!

Silver... silver,


Listen, us...

Being here together, me and you,

That's what makes this perfect.

All right the cake, it's just cake.

All right?

And besides, I didn't even give you your gift yet.

Go ahead, open it.

You like it?

Love it.

I really love it.

Let's get a room.


I love you, and... I want to be with you.

So let's get a room.



Can we?



Um, Where's Annie?

Don't know, don't care.

I thought you weren't coming.

Oh, ye..

But after what happened today,

After telling you guys,

I just felt better.

I don't know

Like maybe I could handle it.

Well, I'm glad you're here.

And you look beautiful.


Uh, you want to dance?


Hey, this is Ethan.

Leave a message after the tone.

Ethan, please call me back.

I know what I did was wrong,

And I'm ashamed of myself.

So please, just forgive me.

Um... are you sure you're ready for this?

I've never been more ready

For anything in my life.

When you said you are bad at dancing,

I totally thought

You were just kidding.

Aw, come on, you were just so jealous

Of my sweet, sweet dance move

Oh, so very jealous!

Your chariot, Madam.


I... I had a really good time.

Yeah. yeah, me, too.

It was just what I needed.


Good night?

Yeah. yeah.


Uh... We-we're friends.

- Yeah, but I... - You know,

I-I have a girlfriend.

Who you broke up with.

What? I never said that.

You didn't need to.

You danced with me the whole night,

You said I looked beautiful

And now you're standing here with me

At the end of the dance.

I-I was walking you to your car.

But you looked at me like that.

Rhonda, however you think I was looking at you...

You were.

You told me to be honest with you.

Then be honest with yourself.

You were looking at me like that.

If I was...

I'm sorry.


Rhonda, wait.

I'm fine. I just got to go home.

Come in.

What are you doing here?

Um, y-your mom let me in.

You are such a mess, Ade

Okay, thanks for that.

You're a recovering addict,

You're pregnant,

And you have what I hope

Is chocolates all over your face.

And you are a total mess.

And I couldn't care less.

Want to know why?

'Cause I was at the dance tonight...

And everything was supposed to be perfect.

But it wasn't anywhere near perfect.


Because I wasn't with you.

So I wanted

To ask you something.

Will you be my valentine?


I will.

Hold-hold on, I got to..

Look, wait, uh, class starts...

You-you know what? yo-you know what?

Uh, let's. Let's just

Get detention for being late

- So we can keep doing this after school. - Okay.

Come here.

You... you okay?



Um... I'm a little sour.

Well, okay, I was...

I was gonna wait to show it to you,

But... who cares!

Uh, wow.

- That's... - Your name. I know.

Don't you go changing it,

- Or I'm gonna be really upset. - Yeah, okay.

Um, is it... is it real?

Yes. I got it done

On sunday at this amazing

Tattoo parlor in Venice.

Come here.

I wanted to get something permanent

To symbolize our love

Okay, so, who wants to

Come up here and solve for x?

Sorry to interrupt-- I wanted to introduce you

To a student that's gonna be joining your class.

Uh, come on in.

All right, everybody, this is Liam Court.

Make him feel at home.

Or at school.

Anyway, carry on.


Take a seat.


Let's have at this equation.

You're in high school?

Thanks to you.


My mom had to sign for that bottle

Of champagne you sent over, with the little note

About how I was your favorite bartender.

Which sort of tipped her off

That I wasn't enrolled here.

Well, how was I supposed to know?

I thought you were older.

Yeah? well, right back at you.