9-1-1: Lone Star (2020–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - In the Unlikely Event of an Emergency - full transcript


Caleb, are you finally gonna
tell me what we're doing here?

It might be
a moonlight picnic.

Oh, what is that for?

The most beautiful girl
in the world took me back...


That's sweet.

What did you bring?

Pretzels. Okay.

And energy drinks,

and, um...

Caleb, is that all you brought?

You hate it.

No, no.

No. Th... This is so nice.


I know I haven't
always been there for you.

Like at prom when I accidentally
took the limo home without you

or that time I was late
to your sister's wedding.

Well, you had
the wrong week.

Or in the tornado, when I hid
in my dad's gun safe.

Yeah, and left me to die.

But I promise things are
gonna be different this time.

I'm never gonna leave you
hanging again.

I swear.

Caleb, what was that?

- What?
- Did you not hear that sound?

Get behind me. I got you.

Holy crap, what are those?


Caleb. Dammit!

Caleb, you little bitch!



Wanna tell us what happened?

Yeah, my boyfriend got spooked

when these like
blue glowy creatures
came out of the woods

and he wrecked his ATV
into a barbed-wire fence

and now he's stuck.

How fast was he going?

He had reached
ass-hauling velocity.

Are we just gonna
ignore the part about

the blue glowing creatures?

They're gone now,

but Caleb thought
they were aliens.

Ooh, aliens?

Um, Brianna, have you
and your boyfriend

been drinking tonight?

Any substances
we should know about?


Help's here, Caleb.

- Brianna?
- Yeah.

You didn't get abducted?

No, no thanks to you.

Caleb, Caleb, I'm Tommy.

Alright, I need to stop moving

so that we can take
a look at you, okay?

Did you see them?
Are they still there?

I think... I think
I heard their ship.

No, baby. I think
you heard the fire truck.

Alright, just stay still.

Nancy, get him on fluids
and a LIFEPAK.

TK, monitor his vitals
and keep him calm.

Copy that.

Those barbs are in there deep.

He's lost
a fair amount of blood.

Frankly, it's a miracle
that he hasn't torn an artery.

Alright, Judd, Marwani,
you guys get the clippers.

Paul, Mateo, you gotta
hold him nice and steady.

We gotta get him out of there
fast and easy.

Cap, he's panicking.

Heart's racing in the 110s, Cap.

Go get the basket.

Caleb? Caleb? Shh.

Hey. My name's Owen.

I wanna talk to you about
those beings that you saw.

Your girlfriend said that
they were blue and glowing?

Yeah, like, uh,
Smurfs but taller.

Like Avatar?

I-I didn't see a tail.

Brianna, did you see a tail?

No, I just saw your tail
when you bailed on me.

I'm not crazy.
They're out there.

I know. I know they are.

What you saw
were called Cobalts.

They're harmless
civilization builders.

In fact, they're the ones that
Eisenhower made the pact with

in order to gain
the advanced technology.

I don't... I don't know
who that is.

He was the President
of the United States,

and he won World War II.

Now, if you'd had found Greys
coming out of the woods,

that would be a different thing
'cause they are the worker bees.

They're involved
in human abductions.

Happily, there's less and less
of that going on now

because they pretty much have

all the DNA information
they need.

- They do?
- Yeah, that's right.

So, believe me when I tell you,

the creatures you encountered
came in peace.

- For real?
- For real.

Now if you can just relax

and hold still
so we can get you out?

Yeah, I mean, um...
Yes, sir.

Okay, good, we're gonna
get you out of here. Let's go.

Come on.

You're doing great, Caleb.

Alright, just a,
just a few more cuts.

Oh, okay.

Last one.

Alright, son, we're
about to bring you down.

Two, three. There you go.

Okay. There you go. Perfect.

Is it cool if I ride with him,
just to make sure he's okay?

Oh, yeah, of course.

Bri, does this mean
you still love me?

No, no,
we are still broken up,

but unlike you, Caleb,
I don't abandon people.

I gotta say,
that was pretty clever, Cap.

Yeah, Cobalts. Eisenhower.

That was some
fast thinking, Cap.

Yeah. The way you were
able to calm that kid down

with your alien B.S.

Oh, it's no B.S.
It's true.

- Google it.
- Cap.

You're not saying
you believe in aliens?

Who do you think
built the pyramids?

The Egyptians.


Oh, no, no, no.

-Damn it!
-What is it?

The bark came off
of the brisket.

It dried out.

I was putting the baby down,

I lost track of time
and I ruined it.

And now we don't even
have time to order pizza

before Wyatt gets here.

I mean, I'm sure it's fine.

Imma taste it, okay?


Oh, Judd.

The mesquite is on point.
It's delicious, sweetheart.

Oh, I know
that it tastes good.

I'm talking about the texture.

Listen, you might be putting

a little too much pressure
on this visit.

Already let this kid down for
the first 17 years of his life.

Baby, you didn't know
you had a son until last week.

You did not let him down.
He knows that already.

But growing up
without a father...

I mean, that must have
given him some scars.

But he has a father now, Judd.

All of those scars
are gonna heal.

Even if the brisket
eats like beef jerky.

Oh, my God.


Wyatt, we are so excited
that you're staying with us.

We really are.

I'm excited to be here,
Mrs. Ryder.

Thank you for hosting me.

Of course.
Please call me Grace.

Here you go. That's brisket.

I know it's a little bit dry.

I mean, if you wanna...

put some barbecue sauce
or whatever on.

Oh, it's okay. I don't eat it.

That's my boy.

I meant the meat.

Oh, you don't eat meat?

Like ever?

Okay. No problem.

Look here, have a double serving

of Grace's truffle mac.

I can't.

I'm vegan, actually.

- Oh.
- Ugh.

Honey, I am so sorry,
I did not know.

Oh, no, it's my fault,
I should have said something.

I didn't wanna be presumptuous.
I'm the worst.

-No, no, no.

Listen, I will fix you
something else.

-I think we have
lentils, actually.
-No, no, please.

I'm-I'm good with
the cornbread and the salad.

Oh, damn it.

What's wrong?

The whole weekend
I had planned

with Wyatt's ruined
is what's wrong.

What do you mean?
I'm sure it's--

Tomorrow, I was gonna
take you deer huntin'.

-Well, how about
you just move up

what you had planned for Sunday?

It was bass fishing.

- Yeah.
- Okay, yeah.

That's, uh, that's
not gonna work, either.

Thank you for that, Grace.

Well, how about this,
how about you ask Wyatt

what he likes to do for fun?

That's great.


...what do you like
to do for fun?

I like to skate.

Do you, do you skate?

On a skateboard?

Man, I haven't been
on a skateboard since...

No-- I don't think
I've ever been on a skateboard.

Okay, well, that's fine,
we don't have to do that.

What else are you into?

I like making TikToks,
uh, play a lot of "Magic."

That's cool. That's cool.

Like you do card tricks

and rabbits
from the hat and all that?

No, it's-it's
"Magic: The Gathering."

It's like a fantasy-based
tabletop card game.

I'm sorry. I'm kinda weird.

Weird, huh?

You like aliens?


Our 15th anniversary
would have been this week.

Yeah, it's hard to believe
ten months have passed

since Charles died.

But the truth is
that I don't feel like

I have any more closure today

than I did
the night that I found him.

And there's-there's
this-this part of me

that feels like
I'm going to see him

when I walk through the door...

just standing there.

But he's not there.

And he never will be.

Because he's gone.

He's gone.

And I'm still here.

And I don't know
how I feel about that.

-Hey, Mrs. Beasley.
-Hello, Mrs. Vega.

How was it tonight?

It was lovely, actually.

-Thank you.

Um, did I make it home in time
to tuck in the girls?

Yes, but they're not
in their bedroom.

They're in yours.

Oh. Okay.

They really wanted
to watch "Ghostbusters" and--

Oh, how bad
are we talking here?

Our house is haunted.

Our house is not haunted.

Why would you think
something like that?

The lights in our room,
they all started flickering.

The lights were flickering,
so you think we have ghosts?

Not just flickering.

They did it in a pattern.

Like one time,

four times, three times.

Over and over.

They did not.

It was just a stupid bulb

blinking on and off!

No, it was Zuul.

It was not Zuul!

How do you know?

Because ghosts
aren't real,

you big baby.

Hey, Buster.

Oh, no, you're not
getting any of that.

One. One, two, three, four.

One, two, three.


Come in!

Hey, Judd. What's up?

Sorry if I'm
interrupting anything, uh...

You, you makin' soup?

It's 8:00 a.m.
I'm not a psychopath.

It's-it's golden milk,
a turmeric-based superfood.

You want some?

No. As a, as a rule,

I never have
any turmeric before noon.

What's going on?


guess there ain't no
right way to put this, Cap.


It's, uh, it's come to my
attention recently that, uh...

I have a son.

As in?

As in a masculine child.

As in, a second child

other than your
newborn baby daughter?

Yeah. Actually,
Charlie's my second

because Wyatt preceded her
by about 17 years.

And may I ask
how Grace is taking this?

Well, I mean, yeah,
it gave her a turn at first.

But you know Grace,

she's-she's living up
to her name.

It was actually her idea
that we, uh...

we host the boy this weekend
to get to know him.

And yet here you are.

Yeah, here I am, hat in hand

because, you know, that boy
may have half of my DNA,

but apart from that,
we don't have a lick in common.

Well, I'm flattered
that you came to me.

I'm happy to share
any hard-learned knowledge

I have about
raising a young man.

Well, I appreciate
that, Cap, but...

that's not really
why I'm here.

Why are you here?



After hearing your little
impromptu spiel the other night,

I figured you know
more about aliens

than anybody I ever met.

No, not any more than any other
card-carrying member MUFON.


Well, so I was hoping

that you might take Wyatt and I

on a little extraterrestrial
spotting excursion.

And I read on the Internet
that they come back

to the same places a lot
because they're trying

to set up their, uh,
their landing pad?

Well, that's true, Judd.

But the real question is,
do you believe in aliens?

I got a 17-year-old Texas boy

who doesn't eat meat
and who's never fired a gun

that wasn't plugged
into a video game console.

So, for me, that's about
as alien as I can imagine.

Alright. We'll do it.

I'll pack up
my alien-huntin' gear.
We'll go.

You, you got gear?

Oh, do I have gear?

I know this sounds crazy,
but I think I've been cursed.

Nothing sounds crazy
to the Skinny Lady.

When I left my ex Julian,

and he said that
he would ruin my life,

and ever since our divorce...

I've been feeling,
I don't know, different.

Different how?

Like, there is this pain,
this sickness deep inside me.

Like something
is sucking my life force.

I found this.

It was under
my bedroom window.

Objecto maligno.

Evil object.

I think Julian used it
to put a hex on me.

But nobody'll believe me.

I believe you.

Your health flame
is the weakest.

And the black is the strongest.

Black represents dark energy.

It is gathered all around you.

What can you do to fix it?

I cannot.
It is up to you.

You've spent your relationship
fearing this man Julian,

-have you not?

That is the source
of the curse's power.

You must face your fear of him
and confront the darkness.

That is the only way
to break the curse.

But I don't want to
confront the darkness.

That's why I came to you.

Can't you do some sort of
cleansing or...

Liza, are you alright?

She's in here. Hurry!
The curse has overtaken her!

This curse have any symptoms
you can tell us about?

The darkness
is consuming her spirit!

-Also, tentacles.

Oh. Tentacles.

Please just
get it out of me!

Please, just...

Alright, alright.
We'll do everything that we can.


-Her name?

Liza, I need you to
hold still for me, okay?

And you should close
your eyes for this part.

A little tug.


- Ah.
- What is that?

Uh, roundworm,
by the looks of it.

- Where did it come from?
- One more.

Probably something
that you ate.

That's impossible.
I eat clean.

All organic, from farm-to-table.

Clean and organic aren't
always the same thing.

Next time,
wash your veggies thoroughly.

Roundworm is transmitted
through feces.

What do you mean?

She's saying some other stuff

went from the farm
to your table to...

- Nancy.
- You mean, I...

Barf bag.

Get it all out.

- Cap.
- Liza.

- I can't... breathe.
- Liza, are you okay?

She must have aspirated
some of the material.

- TK, track her O2 levels.
- Okay.

She's satting at 90, Cap.

Her airway's blocked.

- Nancy, grab me the SEADUC.
- Copy.

She's tachycardic, Cap.

Cap, no pulse.

Come on.

Here we go. Here we go.

-It should be clear. Anything?
-Still nothing.

Nancy, start compressions.

Santisima Muerte, La Blanca,

with your presence,
you can fight

all hexes and evil curses.

I ask that you separate Liza

from that which crosses,

that which is unclean.

By your great power,
heal this woman!

- We've got her back.
- Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

It's okay.
It's alright, Liza.

You're gonna be just fine.

We're gonna take you
to the hospital now, okay?



Save that for Pathology.

And for my nightmares.

It was just like you said,

the darkness came over me,
but I fought back.

Back to the light.

The curse has been lifted.

Thank you.

Cap, isn't this about
where that couple said

they saw the,
uh, little blue fellers?

Cobalts, and technically
they're not little.

-It's the "Cobalts."
-Oh, hang on.

- Gamma rays.
- You foolin'?

Yeah, no, I mean, it's nothing
lethal or anything, but...

...something was here.

That's so cool.

Alright, so I don't think
we should go any further.

We're downwind of it.

We've got good cover
and an unobstructed eye-line.

I think this is a good place
to set up our observation post.

By set up our observation post,

you mean kinda throw
our blankets down here?


-Over here?

So, Wyatt, you, uh...

You got like a girlfriend
or anything up there in Waco?

Uh, no, not really.


I thought you'd be kinda
beatin' 'em back

with a stick by now.

I mean, you know,
unless you're not into girls,

if you're into guys, there ain't
nothing wrong with that.

Uh, no, I like girls.
I just, um...

I don't know. I guess
I never really needed a stick.


Snacks? Who wants snacks?

Can't hunt aliens
without snacks.

Well, yeah,
unless it's jerky.

Wyatt here is a, uh...

he's a vegan.

-Oh, no way.

Well, that's good.
I tried to go vegan for a while,

but a man can only eat
so many beans.

Well, you'd be amazed
with what they could do
with heme nowadays.

It's funny you say that,
I've been thinking about heme.

I need to eat some more things
with heme in it.

You should do it. For sure.

Heme's like a game changer.

It's he... heme?

Soy leghemoglobin.

Uh, yeah, it's...

It's the stuff that makes
veggie burgers bleed.

Wait, why-why would you want
your veggie burger to bleed?

Don't that kinda
defeat the point?

-Uh, well...

Uh, it's kinda hard
to explain, I guess.

Alright. Who wants
some teriyaki seaweed chips?

Yeah, I love
teriyaki seaweed chips.

Where'd you find those?
I could never find 'em anywhere.

- Oh, I have my sources.
- Oh, yeah?

Now we just sit back...

watch the skies.


I probably should have called
to make an appointment.

I was expecting you.

Today, you said that, um...

You thought someone
was trying to contact me,

and I believe that's true.

Some things have been happening
the past few nights.

The lights in my house,
they've been flickering.

- Flickering?
- Not, um...

Not just flickering,

more like... signaling.

Always in the same pattern.

They blink once,
then four times, then three.

Do these numbers
mean anything to you?

I think it's my husband.

He died last year.

When we first started dating,

I was an EMT
and Charles was a line cook

and our shifts never synced up.

We barely even saw each other.

But I had this
blocky old-school pager

and he would send me
one, four, three.

It's beeper code.

It means I love you.

Our anniversary
is tomorrow and...

I think he's trying
to get my attention.

What do you think
he wants to say to you?

No se.

I... Maybe just that,
that he loves me.

Do you think there's more?

I don't know.

Okay, well, you said
that I needed to listen.

And I'm trying.

Can you help me?

Maybe he is not the one
who needs to speak.

Well, what do you suggest I do?

Tomorrow is your anniversary.

Treat like any other.

Light some candles,
put on nice clothes,

your best perfume,

cook him his favorite meal.

And then you tell him
how you feel.

You want me to cook
my dead husband a porterhouse?

Think of it as an offering.

You can always eat
the leftovers later.

It's all in
the congressional record.
It's right there.

A hundred and twenty
unidentified aerial phenomenon,

all by Navy pilots, and that's
just in the last 20 years.

- No way.
- Those are the ones

the Pentagon cops to.

Now they're always
near our nuclear facilities,

always near our
weapons platform.

Do you think
that's a coincidence?

Not anymore.

Y'all are still
talkin' about aliens?

Can you believe he's never
heard of ancient astronauts?

Can you believe
Captain Strand thinks

Martians built the pyramids?

I-I never said that.
Mars is a dead planet.

That's right, you did say that.

y'all are gonna have to

tell me about that in a minute.

I'm gonna go find me
a cactus to water over here.

Of course, Mars wasn't
always dead planet.


Hey, Cap!

You might bring that
Geiger counter over here.

Oh, I got it.

No, no, no, Wyatt, no, no!
Stay there.

- I got it.
- Oh!

What's going on?

Take a look.

You think this is the work
of your little green men?

No, I don't.

We gotta back up!

Come on.

Y'all sure neither one of you
touched any of the dead animals?

No, I stayed back
by the observation post.

The observation post?

Yeah. It's that pile of clothes
back over there.

And then me and Cap went in
and we investigated,

but as soon as we saw that hog,
we hightailed it out of there.

-Nobody got near it.
-Sure you're okay, Dad?

Don't feel any stomach pain
or a headache?

I'm a little caffeine-deprived,
but no, no.

I'm feeling good.
Thanks, son.

Alright. Well, nobody's
spiking a fever.

I'm barely even getting
BG-level radiation off them.

Does that mean
we're gonna be okay?

It means it's safe to transfer
you to the hospital,

and there
they'll take some tests

just to be certain.

Next time, try not to set up

your weenie roast
near a hot zone.

Well, that's the question,
isn't it?

Where did that radiation
come from?

Yeah, that's a mystery
for the DOD to figure out.

Grace said they're sending
a containment team out soon.

Alright. You might wanna leave
your blankets and such there

for the cleanup crew

and then we can all ride
to St. Joe's together.

Thank you, T.

Hey, Grace.
What's goin' on?

You tell me.
Did Tommy check y'all out yet?

Yeah, everybody's doing okay.

Might have been
a different story if we wandered

a little further
into the woods.

Gracie, this is Owen.

Any updates on
the DOD cleanup crew?

No, and it doesn't seem like

they're gonna get there
anytime soon.

- What else do they have to do?
- I don't know.

All I could get out of 'em
is that they were dealing

with a classified situation
down at Fort Sam Houston.

Listen, I just
checked our logs

from the last three hours.

We've gotten three 9-1-1 calls

from within a two-mile radius

of where you're
standing right now.

Well, what did they want?

They were all hang-ups
from a TracFone,

which is probably why
nobody paid much attention,

but now I'm starting to think
somebody's in trouble.

Do we know
where in the two-mile radius
it was coming from?

Not really.

It's all unincorporated land
out there.

I do see three
residential addresses.

I've tried calling all of 'em
and nobody's picking up.

Alright, send us
the addresses.

Captain Vega, gonna need
some of your suits.

My meter's goin' crazy.

Mine too.

I'm up to 200,000 microsieverts.

Mine's already at 220.
Must be getting
close to the source.


This way.


Got it.

Sir. Can you hear me?

Radiation burns.

I can't find a pulse.


It's okay. It's alright.

We're here to help.

I have a patient here
with acute radiation syndrome.

Be prepared
for decon and transport.

I think I found the source.

Oh, no.

I think that's cesium chloride.

They use it in
teletherapy machines
for cancer treatments.

The radioactivity makes it glow.

Close proximity to this...

can kill you in a few days.

How did it all end up here?

Hey, ready to have
your mind blown?

You know that old hospital
in Lockhart?

- Yeah?
- Wren, feast your eyes
on this haul.


Jasper, I...

I know we're
making found-object art,

but is there ever a point
we have found enough objects?

Jimmied this thing out of it.

What is that?

I know one way to find out.



Wait, wait.



♪ In-a-gadda-da-vida, honey

♪ Don't you know
that I'm lovin' you? ♪

♪ In-a-gadda-da-vida, baby

♪ Don't you know
that I'll always be true? ♪

Can we help you
find something?

Yeah, I am throwing
a birthday party for my mom

and I have been looking
all over for a present,

and I have a reputation
to uphold.

Finding the perfect present
is kinda my thing.

Well, we have
just the piece for you,

- but it's pricey.
- Oh.

♪ In-a-gadda-da-vida, honey

♪ Don't you know
that I'm lovin' you? ♪

♪ In-a-gadda-da-vida, baby

♪ Don't you know
that I'll always be true? ♪

We gotta save some of this
for Burning Man.

I feel... kinda funny.

-Gonna get some air.


- No, no.
- Maybe we should sleep it off.

Dammit, Caleb.

Ma'am, this is very important.

Did anyone other than
the two of you

come into contact
with this powder?

Cre... Credit... card.

Credit card?

It's dated three days ago.

Which means whoever
signed that receipt--

Is running out of time.

Grace, we need your help.

That's what I'm here for, Judd.
What's going on?

We believe some of that
radioactive powder

slipped out of the hot zone.

Any idea how?

In the form of a birthday gift.

A pendant filled
with that powder.

All we got on the woman
that bought it

is a receipt with
a partial credit card number

and a squiggle for a signature.

Send me a photo. Imma try to
get you a name and an address.

Grace, you gotta hurry,

'cause I've seen what
this stuff can do up close

if that gift changes hands.

I got you.
Listen, keep your phone on you.

Alright. Come on.

- Hi, thanks for calling
- Mills Credit Corp.

-This is Holly.
-Hi, Holly.

My name is Grace,
I'm calling from--

Our Mills team
is experiencing

a high volume
of calls right now,

so please hold and someone
will be with you shortly.

♪ ...make you understand

♪ Never gonna give you up

♪ Never gonna let you down

♪ Never gonna run around
and desert... ♪

♪ ...birthday, dear Sylvia

♪ Happy birthday to you

Here's a fresh mint julep
for you, Mom.

Oh. You don't have
to liquor me up, Bev.

-You're already in the will.

Mom, you ready
to start the gifts?

- Ah, yes?
- Okay.

Um, why don't you pick out
the one I should open first?

- Okay.
- Hmm.

- Okay, now.
- Okay. Let's see.

♪ ...give you up

♪ Never gonna let you down

Ugh. Human.

Get me a human on the phone.

If this is
about a billing issue
with your credit card,

please say
or press eight now.

Please hold while
we transfer your call.

♪ ...desert you

♪ Never gonna make you cry

Lord, please give me strength.

-This one's from us.
-Open this one next!

-What is it?
-Smell that.

It's an aromatherapy machine.
For scented oils.

♪ Never gonna say goodbye

Hello, this is Dan.

Okay, Dan, listen, I'm trying
to get the name and address

of a card ending
in nine-eight-six-five.

Okay, let me see
what we can do.

Now to get started,
I just need

the three-digit pin number
on the account.

Pin number?
I don't have the pin number.

I'm not the cardholder.
I'm calling from 9-1-1.

Hmm. I'm afraid
our corporate policy

doesn't allow us
to give out information
without the pin number.

Dan, are you being
serious right now?

Your cardholder's life
is in danger

and I really
need you to help me.

You know what?
I'm just gonna get
my supervisor on the line.

Okay, Dan, listen,
do not put me on--

♪ Never gonna run around

This is darling!

Open the kids' next, Mom.
They're really excited.

Okay. Alright.

Excuse me.

♪ ...gonna make you cry
never gonna say... ♪


Yes, yes, I'm here.

Okay, I just got my
supervisor Gloria on the line.

Gloria, listen,
my name is Grace Ryder.

I'm calling from
Austin Emergency Services.

I have an emergency
and I'm urgently trying to get

the name and address
for a Texas-based customer

whose card ends
in nine-eight-six-five.

My goodness, of course.

We'll get that
taken care of right away.

- Thank you very much.
- I just need

the three-digit
pin number on the account.

I don't have that.

And the only three-digit number

you should be concerned
about, Gloria, is 9-1-1.

My associate Dan
should have explained
our corporate policy.

-Unfortunately we're not--
-Yes, he explained it.

And I don't give a damn
about your corporate policy.

A lot of people
are going to die

if they haven't already.

Last one, Mom.

- Oh!
- And it's from me.

You are aware that these calls
are being recorded, correct?

Yes, we record all our calls,
corporate policy.

And you know what?
We record our calls also.

What do you think is gonna
happen to the two of you

when I make
a TikTok out of this call

and the entire world hears
that neither Gloria nor Dan

lifted a finger to help prevent
a mass casualty event?

Do you think anybody
is going to care

that you were just following
corporate policy, Gloria?

Her name
is Beverly Gordon.

May we come in?

Oh, what's going on?

Alright, everybody,
take it easy, relax.

We're fire department,
don't move.

- What's going on here?
- No need for concern.

We have reason to believe
that you are in possession

of radioactive material.

Radioactive? What the hell?

My Geiger's going off.

That. What is that?

That's my gift.

hold as still as you can.

Let's put it
in the container box.

Okay, nice and easy.

Much obliged.

How did they even know?

I didn't know, Mom.
I just thought it was
a cute necklace.

We're sorry for the interruption
but you all have to evacuate.

- Are we safe?
- Yes, you should be fine.

We just need to
strip you down for decon.
Just to be sure.

Strip us down? What...

-Is it your birthday?

-Happy birthday.
-Uh... Thank you.


Hey, everybody. I'm home.

Well, let me
help you with those.

Okay. Thank you.


Oh. Beef tenderloins.

Planning on company tonight?

Something like that.

Good for you, Mrs. Vega.

Hey, girls, it's time to go!

Thank you so much
for taking them tonight.

They love
spending time with you.

And don't worry,
Disney movies only tonight.

-Nothing with a pirate.
-Oh, yeah.


Hey, I think you're
gonna be glad to know

that your ghost
is officially busted.

Uh... Okay.

Well, what do...
what does that mean?

Okay, my son-in-law
is an electrician.

I hope it's okay,

but I had him stop over today

to check out your wiring.

It seems somebody
had been nibbling on them.

That's why the fluttering.

It was mice.

We heard one in the wall.

You were right, Mom.

There's no ghost.

I called the exterminator.

They're coming on Monday.

Well, I-I appreciate that,
Mrs. Beasley. Thank you.

-Say good night, girls.
-Okay. Niñas, come here.

Hmm. Mwah.

Mwah, I love you.

- Bye, Mom.
- Bye, babies.

Watch out.

Can you tell me
how you're doing that move?

I'd tell you,
but I'd have to kill you.

Hey, babe.

There is vegetable lasagna
in the fridge.

I'm sorry I'm so late.

The DOD finally showed up

and we had to spend
another eight hours

going through debriefs.

- Hmm.
- It's no big deal.

Mrs. Ryder and I
have been having fun.

No, it is a big deal.

I missed your whole last day,

and that was our last chance
to redeem this whole visit.

What are you talking about?
I've been having a great time.

You heard what he said?

He had a good time.

Yeah, really?

Yeah, really.

Going alien hunting...

finding a hot zone
with your hilarious captain.

Yeah, thank God
for Owen Strand

'cause he... he saved
my radioactive bacon.

What do you mean?

I just mean,
if it hadn't been for him,

you know, your whole, uh...

whole trip would've been ruined.

No. No, this was
the best weekend of my life

because of you.

What are you talkin' about?

I've always wanted
to go camping with my dad.

Now I have.

I don't... I don't know
if we can rightly call

what we did camping.


You stayed outside
till the sun came up,
did you not?


Okay, sweetheart,
then you went camping.

Well, I'm...

Well, next time, uh,

next time we'll go to
my Uncle Cash's...

Actually, it would actually be
your Great Uncle Cash's ranch.

And they got sunsets there

that are too pretty
for postcards.

Yeah. Yeah,
that would be really cool.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.


Well, um, I'm sure
he's tired of losing.

Imma let you take a turn.

I will check on the baby.

Look at me.

Do not go easy on him
because he's your father.

Do you hear me?

Get out.

I won't, Mrs. Ryder.


Call me Grace, okay?

Y'all have fun.

So what's he like, Uncle Cash?

Uh... Well, he's
a salty old cuss

and most of the time
he's drunk as a skunk, so...

I think you'll like him.

Can't wait.

♪ I cried for you

♪ Now it's your turn

♪ To cry over me

♪ Every road

♪ Has a turning


I guess we're really
doing this, husband.

Oh, it's not to your level.

But I basted the hell
out of that steak.

And I think
you're going to like it.

I... I think you would...

have liked it.

And I don't know

how this is supposed to go.

Oh. Um...


we miss you.

A whole hell of a lot.

And we're gonna be alright.

We're good.

And that's not entirely true.


I'm not always good.

I lie awake at night...


"Would things be different

if I had just come home
just-just an hour earlier?"

Did you suffer?

Are you still suffering?

It kills me.

It still kills me.

Charles, if you're here
with me right now,

could you give me a sign?

Could you make
the lights flicker?


I blame you.

You couldn't catch
one lousy mouse?