9-1-1: Lone Star (2020–…): Season 3, Episode 14 - Impulse Control - full transcript

Owen and the 126 race to emergencies all with one common element tying them together. Tommy's brother-in-law makes a surprise appearance in Austin and Marjan confronts Owen about his anger management issues.

CASHIER (over speaker):
Howdy. Welc... Big Ol

(static over speakers)
Um, yeah, howdy.

Can I get a bacon
ranch burger with tots?

- Get me the spicy chicken.
- A spicy chicken.

And what did you decide, hon?

I'm thinking it's a nuggets day.

Oh, 9- or 12-piece?

You know what, I feel like
being bad. Make it 12.

And a 12-piece nugget,
please and thank you.

CASHIER: Burg, spicy
chick... and nugs.

Anything else?

Not sure. Can you
repeat that back?

CASHIER: I got it, sir.
Just pull up to the window.

- That'll be $38.90.
- Oh!

$38.90? Boy, that
inflation is no joke, huh?

- It's all there, sir.
- Oh, no offense,

but, uh, we've just
learned the hard way.

Trust, but verify.

Ah. Ah!

Looks like we only have
a 9-piece nugget here.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, well, I ordered a 12-piece.

No, you said 9.

No, I'm positive I said 12.

But with that squawk box of
a speaker you guys have...

Look, I already
charged you for 9.

Anyways, we're out of nugs.

You're out of nugs?

You're telling me in
that whole restaurant,

these are the last 9 nuggets?

Al, sweetie, it's no biggie.

Yeah, Dad. Seriously. Chill.

No, I am chill, Brian,
and it is a big deal.

You ordered 12 nuggets
you deserve 12 nuggets.

We're not leaving until my
wife gets three more nuggets.

Sweetie, this really
isn't worth it.

It's not like I really
need them anyway.

She really doesn't, man.

Wh... what did you say?

(car horn honking)

- CASHIER: Nothing, man.
- Can we just please go, Al?

No, no, no, no, no.

You said she-she really doesn't.

She-she really doesn't what?

She doesn't need
any more nuggets.

- JOY: Al!
- BRIAN: Dad!

(theme music plays)

(horn blaring)

What happened exactly?

This lunatic lunged
at my employee.

He tried to come
through the window,

and now he's stuck
clogging up my dinner rush.

- Oh.
- Nancy.

Tell him to stop yanking on
him. They're gonna break a rib.

Hey, you guys, you need to leave

the yanking to the
professionals. Thank you.

Paul, Marjan, get some
cribbing underneath the legs.

- What's your husband's name?
- Al.

Excuse us.

Excuse us.


Al, how are ya?
Owen. This is Tommy.

We're gonna get
you out of there.

Oh, please and thank you.

Hey, Al, this is my friend TK.

He's gonna check your vitals.

Hey, I need you to tell
me, are you in any pain?

Do you think you've
broken anything?

Other than my dignity,
I-I-I think I'm okay.

But I'll be hearing about this
from the wife for a long time.

She says I have
an anger problem.

Hey, those are nuggets.

I knew it, liar!

- TOMMY: Al. Al.
- AL: No, no.

Do you see the nuggets?

They said they
were outta nuggets.

That's how this
whole thing started.

You're a liar!

Al. Keep your heart rate down.

- Liar!
- OWEN: Whoa!

Hey, hey. They're
not gold nuggets.

Marjan, why don't
you get the silicone?

- Yep.
- Tell Judd and Paul to do the same.

- MATEO: Copy, copy.
- OWEN: Uh, hey, listen, man.

Uh, your wife might be onto
something here with this anger thing.

You ever thought about
getting professional help?

Oh, you sound like her.

Well, maybe you ought
a listen to her.

No shame in getting help.

I did.

- You-you went to therapy?
- Hmm.

I don't believe that.

Oh, believe it.

For a while there,
he was punching

more people than Russell Crowe.

Would you guys
focus on your work?

Man, these pants are
really soaking up the lube.

Hey, don't use the whole thing.

I ain't even cover
half his booty yet.

Okay, back up, please.
Back up. Back up.

Thank you. Back.
Thank you. Thank you.

God, he's gonna go viral again.

This is almost as
bad as Six Flags.

What happened at Six Flags?

We don't talk about Six Flags.

Alright, we're gonna rock him back and
forth gently and then we're gonna pull,

we're going to get him
out of here. On my count.Okay.

- One, two, three.

(Al screams)

- Ow, ow! Stop, stop!
- OWEN: Okay.

Stop, stop, stop. We
don't have enough lube.


Well, this night
couldn't get any worse.

OWEN: Okay. Um, Marjan,
get the Sawzall.

- We're gonna have to cut him out of here.
- Yup.

Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait. Hold on.

- Who's gonna pay for that?
- Insurance.

And if it doesn't?

You sue him later for damages.

Wait. Sue? Sue who?

Oh, I can't afford that.

I got a kid going off
to college in the fall.

Please. There's gotta
be some other way.

Is that lard?

Really grease him up.

Judd, get plenty of
lard on his behind.

(onlookers laugh)

Well, I guess this
night could get worse.

♪ Ain't but one way out, baby ♪

♪ Lord, I just can't
go out the door ♪

Alright, let's all try
this again. On three.

One, two, three.

♪ Lord, I just can't
go out the door ♪


♪ 'Cause there's
a man down there ♪


♪ Might be your man

♪ I don't know

TOMMY: We're gonna get
you to the hospital.

They're gonna take some
tests just to be sure.

Thank you, all.
I'm so embarrassed.

No judgments. I've been there.

Hey, wait. You forgot
your nuggets, lard ass.

Hey, that was unnecessary.

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

Yes. Eso.

Y'all got four-alarm
with frosting, huh?

Mm-hmm. Good thing you have
a firefighter on the premises

in case you cannot
manage the wind, ladies.

- Oh, no, they've got the wind.
- Okay.

TOMMY: Alright, well,
before it all melts, please.

(mariachi music playing)


GRACE: I'll tell you
what, Tommy Vega,

birthday manicures
is where it's at.

(baby talk)

You partying too?

(both laugh)

TOMMY: You know what?

I figured they were
too old for ponies,

too young for strippers.

(Judd laughing)

They do look like they're
having fun, though, right?

Yeah, they're having a
ball. What'd you mean?

Well, it's their first birthday
without their dad, so...

This is where the party's at?

EVIE AND IZZY: Uncle Julius!

JULIUS: Double trouble! Ohh!

How are my girls?

Oh, hell, no. No.

That man did not just
walk into my house.

Is this the infamous
Uncle Julius?

JUDD: This Charles'
baby brother.

I can't believe I
haven't met him yet.

Oh, you're not going
to today either.

- Oh, watch this.
- T, T, T, hang on. Just...

I'm not gonna make a scene.

Okay? Alright.

- EVIE: Look!
- (Tommy chuckles)

- Uncle Julius came.
- I see that.

- Hi, Tom.
- I didn't know you were in town.

Got in last night.

The band has clubs lined up
here for the next six weeks.

- TOMMY: Hmm.
- You should come.

And you should have called.

I... I tried, but

the only number I have
is Charles' old one.

You know what, we're just so
glad that you decided to stop by.

It's so great. Girls, say
goodbye to your Uncle Julius.

- Goodbye?
- TOMMY: Mm-hmm.

He just got here.

Oh, I know, but
he's here for work

and his band's waiting for him.

They have to rehearse 'cause,
you know, he's got gigs.

He can stay for a little
while, Can't you, Uncle Julius?

Please. It's our birthday.


Come on, Tom.

Let's just make today
about my nieces.

It doesn't have to
be about whatever

bad blood is between us.

Oh, honey, I don't
have bad blood.

No, my blood's good. It's up.

And you abdicated all
of your uncle privileges

when you decided to skip
on their father's funeral.

Say goodbye.

(inhales and exhales deeply)

Your mama's right.

I got folks waiting,

but nobody more
important than y'all.

Happy birthday. Twice.

Double trouble.

(bell ringing)

- Hey, Juddy.
- Hey, T.

How are you feelin' today?

Good. Yeah.

Is there a, is there a
reason why I shouldn't be?

Well, no. I know you
got pretty turned

when, uh, Julius
showed up at the party.

Well, yeah, I did for
about ten minutes.

And then I didn't
think about him again.

I mean, the girls
sure seemed excited.

Well, of course.

I mean, he's a musician.

He brings expensive
gifts, right?

He has the emotional capacity
of a, of a fifth grader.

He makes the perfect playmate.

I mean, the only thing is,
he's only shown up to play,

what, like, four
times in 11 years?

Hey, sometimes, sometimes
it's better like that.

Like, uh, every time
my cousins from Georgia

would come and visit, it
was that way, you know.

We didn't see 'em much, but
when we did, it was big-time.

Yeah, well, this is different.

I gotta protect my girls.

That sounds a little harsh.

'Cause I remember Charles
telling me one time that,

you know, the guy
was a little flaky,

but that he had a good heart.

Oh, that's because he
could charm Charles

almost as easily as he
could charm their parents.

Just guess that's a gift

of being a sunshine
child, right?

I mean, there ain't nothin' wrong
with being a sunshine child.

Come on, what are
you talkin' about?

No, no, you're-you're...

- You're one of the good ones.
- Mm-hmm.

Look, their parents had
Julius so late in life

that they really just
didn't have the energy

to keep up with him.

He didn't have rules.

He didn't have curfew.

He never had to clean
up his own messes.

That was left for
his older brother.

Who never complained about it.


Charles never complained.

Charles always forgave him.

But I can't even imagine
what Charles would think

if he knew that his own brother

didn't bother coming
to his funeral.

Hey, Cap, you have a sec?

OWEN: Yeah, sure. Come on in.

What can I do for you?

Oh, it's not about
what you can do for me.

It's what you did for lard ass.

Lard ass?

You know the dad from the
drive-thru the other night?

Yeah, I guess some people

have taken to
calling him lard ass

'cause we had to lard up...

- His ass.
- MARJAN: Yep.

By the way, that is very mean.

Oh, you're right. You
are absolutely right.

And I will tell Mateo that.

So what's going
on with lard ass?

Nothing. Nothing. Uh, we were just
saying how impressed we were with,

you know, how you talked to
him about therapy and stuff.

Well, you know, I've always
thought that this job

is about more than heroic
saves and larding people up.

It just, uh, it really
resonated with me

how you said there's no
shame in getting help.

- There isn't.
- And how therapy had worked wonders for you.

- Oh, it did.
- Right.

So why'd you stop going?

Oh, I didn't stop going.

- You didn't?
- No, I finished.

- You finished?
- Yeah. Yeah.

I completed the department-mandated
anger management

and got a certificate
to prove it

and, uh, also got my
Tuesday nights back.

So, as the kids say
today, I'm all Gucci.

Are you?

I just... I'm doing the math,

and it seems like maybe you
stopped going to therapy

before you punched
the last three guys.

Oh, no, no. Oh, no.

All three of those were
very unique circumstances.

Nuance, Marwani. Very important.

MARJAN: Of course. Um...

(clears throat) How
about your meltdown

with Catherine the other night?

How nuanced was that?

How do you know about that?

You do know who you
live with, right?

I didn't talk to Mateo.

Well, did you tell Judd?

Okay, now I'm pissed off.

- Leave.
- Cap...

You are overstepping
your bounds.

- I'm try...
- This is above your pay grade,

and it's none of your business.

Cap, look, with all due respect,

your emotional well-being
is all of our business.

Okay, you know what?

Tell your co-conspirators that
I have a resting heart rate

of 54 beats per minute.

I meditate every morning,
and I'm happy to report

my chakras are all aligned.

All of them!

I'm full of equanimity,

and I've got work to do.



- Okay.
- Unbelievable.

(buzzer blaring)

(crowd cheering)

AL: Come on, Bri.

- Bri!
- Come on, Brian.

Come on, Vaughn.

Don't be a wuss.

Stop wasting time
with this loser.

You hear that guy?

He's obviously an idiot, honey.

Don't let him get
under your skin.

He's talking about our son.

FATHER: Would you
stop playing around?

Hey, don't look at
me. Do not look at me.

You keep your head in the match.


- Get out of it. Get out of it.
- Come on.

Get out of it.

Yeah, there you go,
Brian, there you go.

- FATHER: Dominate that shrimp!
- Shrimp?

- He just called Brian a shrimp.
- JOY: Al, take a breath.

Stop wasting time
with this loser.

There you go, baby. Yeah, baby!

Come on, Brian.

Put his skinny ass on the mat.

Come on, Brian.


Put him on the
mat! Get him down!

Put his ass on the mat.

That's a cheap shot!

FATHER: That's what
I'm talkin' about.

- (blows whistle)
- Just squeeze that bug!

Illegal take-down.
One point red.

FATHER: That's BS. Come on.

That is BS.


(Al grunts)

OFFICER: Thankfully, the minor
was unhurt in the assault.

The suspect's situation, though,
is a little more complicated.

Excuse us. Excuse us. Thank you.

- JUDD: Comin' through.
- OWEN: Coming through.


I don't wanna say that I
recognize the view, but...

Same butt.

- MARJAN: Seriously?
- What are the odds?

I'd say with this guy,
probably about 50-50.

Alright, Marjan,
Mateo, you're with me.

Everybody else, just
move the people back.

And get some support
under his legs.

Uh, TK, Nancy, check
on the other wrestlers.

- Make sure they're okay.
- Yeah, Cap.


- Hi, Al.
- Oh, God.

Find yourself in
another pickle, huh?

You in any pain?

I'm too humiliated to feel pain.

TOMMY: Oh. Take a
deep breath in for me.

(inhales deeply)


Lungs sound good.
Vitals are strong.

He's all yours.

Maybe next time, take a
deep breath before you act.

You sound like my wife... again.

And you're not listening
to either one of us.

How'd you get yourself
in this position anyway?


Kid pulled a cheap
shot on my boy.

I saw red.

Defending your family,
it's a noble thought,

but it can lead to some
very serious consequences.

Trust him, he knows.

Mateo, get the saw.

Wait, the saw?

Unless you want the lard again.

Oh, no, no, no.

Hashtag Lardass
is still trending.

Hey, take it from someone
who's been viral many times,

the memes, they never last.

Alright, listen, I'm gonna give
you the number of my therapist.

I really think it could
be useful for you.

Dr. Patt can make a
big difference here.

I'm putting it in your pocket.

I'm sure he'll have an opening.

He's not been all
that busy these days.

(chainsaw revving)

Alright, she's coming
around the horn.

- Yeah. Give it a pull.
- JUDD: One, two, three.

(onlookers laughing)

My pants just split
open, didn't they?

You barely can tell.

Yeah. Come on, let's,
let's get him out.

MATEO: Come on. Get up, buddy.

Ow. (Grunts)

- MATEO: You got it?
- AL: Yeah.

(Al sighs)

Let me check him out
first. Make sure he's okay.

(sighs deeply)

Dad, you okay?

Uh, no, son.

No, I'm not.

(clears throat) But I will be.

A friend gave me the name
of a great therapist.

EVIE: How do you
spell "prolific"?

TOMMY: Uh, prolific.


Okay, we're all done
with our thank you cards.

Can we go play?

Let's see what you got.

Hmm. Nice.

What's this? Oh. Oh, wow!

Okay. Y'all kinda went

full Herman Melville
on this one.

- It's for Uncle Julius.
- TOMMY: Oh, I see.

"Dear Uncle Julius,

"thanks for making our
birthday wishes come true.

"Sorry our mom kicked you out.

"We hope she changes her mind
so we can see you again soon

"because we miss you
a lot. You're so cool.

"We hope your time with
your band in Austin is fun

"and your songwriting
is prolific.

"Love, Izzy and Evie.

PS. Sorry again about our mom."

Okay, so was this meant
for Uncle Julius or for me?

We can't help it if you
read all of our mail.

Like a warden.

Hey. Fresh.

Why don't you like Uncle
Julius? He's so fun.

And we never get to see him.

Well, because Uncle
Julius never shows up.

Except he's trying now.

And you won't let him.

- Hey, sis.
- Hey. Thanks for coming.

Well, last time you said that
to me, you were throwing me out.

Well, now I'm inviting you in.

Like a vampire.

God, I hope not.

- Where are the girls?
- They're at a friend's house.

Listen, I know on the phone

I told you that
they've been begging me

to spend time with you, and

that's true. But
before that happens,

you and I need to reach
some sort of detente.

A cessation of hostilities.

Something like that.

I'm good.

Um, actually, this is

more of a venting
of hostilities.

Listen, I just need
to get this out,

because if I don't
do this right now,

then it's just gonna come out
later in front of the girls

and I can't have that.

On second thought...

TOMMY: Mostly, I, uh

can't talk about Charles
without wanting to cry.

But, um, right now

all I feel is anger.

Your brother was many things.

The one thing that he wasn't

he wasn't a fool.

Except, Julius,

when it came to you.

You made him a fool.

You were the only one
who could do that. He...

He believed in you. He-he
made excuses for you.

He loved you without
cause, without hesitation.

And he was there for you

every day of your charmed life.

And when his came to an end

far too soon

you couldn't be bothered
to pay your respects.


You know, and the thing is
that if he were here right now,

I know exactly what he'd do.

He'd forgive you.

Even after that, he'd smile.

He'd say, "Well, that's Julius.

You gotta love Julius."

You selfish jerk.

(puts down glass)

That's pretty much it.

I was there.

What? Where?

I didn't skip the funeral.

Not exactly.

I drove up from Charlotte.

I sat in front of the church.

I watched you and
the girls go in.

I-I-I couldn't get
out of the car.

Yeah, I don't know
what to say to that.

I think you already did.

I failed you,

and my nieces and him.

And I am sorry.

As pathetic as
that is, I just...

I couldn't do it. I
just... I couldn't.

All my strength came
from my big brother,

and now he's gone.

- I don't know what to do.
- Hey.

(sniffles) Oh, I-I
know you hate me.

But not more than I
hate myself right now.

No, I... Um...

I don't hate you.


I could never hate
Charles' brother.

Not when he loved you so much.

God, I... I miss him.

I miss him.

I miss him too.

It's okay.

It's okay.

(tender music playing)

- Tommy. I...
- No.

It wasn't you and it
certainly wasn't me.

- I don't know what that was.
- That was too much Jack.

- You need to go.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Tell-tell the girls...

- Just... I don't know.
- Thursday.

What-what are you
doing on Thursday?

Uh, n-nothing.

Oh, okay. You're
babysitting. I have to work.


Did you drive?


Wait outside.

(door closes)

This place is so adorable.

I didn't even know it was here.


Thank you for taking the
time out to talk to me.


It's good to see
you again, Owen.

So, um, this is your
spot. Tell me what's good.

Well, their special is
the almond milk Gibraltar,

so I would go with that.

Mm. Gibraltar?
What's a Gibraltar?

OWEN: Uh, equal parts
almond milk and espresso.

Comes in a terrific little cup.

It's perfect with a scone,

or, in my case, a large
slice of humble pie.

Only a slice?

Sure you don't want a whole pie?

Yeah. Um...

I just want you to
know how badly I feel

about the whole mistaken
identity kerfuffle

with your ex and your

You mean when you accused me
of having an old man fetish?

Oh, yeah, that...

I mean, I-I just feel terrible
about how it all went down.

(sighs) So do I.

You do?

I-I mean, not as
bad as you should.

OWEN: I really like
you, Catherine.

I mean, I still really like you.

I really still
like you too, Owen.

I can't tell you how
happy it makes me

to hear you say that.

I'd like to...

I'd like to give
us another shot.

So would I.



Well, yee-haw! It's settled!

(Owen chuckles)

I'm sorry. She's... She
became my girlfriend again.

Uh, I mean...

I... Not quite yet, I'm not.

You just told me that
we were dating again.

I said I-I want to date again.

Well, what's stopping you?

Before we do, I think
we should discuss

a certain... foible you have.

Foible? What-what
kind of foible?

I think you know what
I'm talking about.

Well, we've talked about, um

(clears throat) my vanity

and my natural fear
of growing old.

Do... Wait, do-do
I have another?

- There-there is another one.
- What is it?

You're really gonna
make me say it?

Well, unless you wanna emit
it to me telepathically.

It's your anger.

- You have an anger problem, Owen.
- Oh, come on.

That is BS. It's BS.

Everybody says that to me,
and it is super annoying.

- Mm-hmm.
- What?

In the short time
I have known you,

you have lost your temper

and sabotaged yourself
on multiple occasions.

Yeah, well, I sabotaged us.

Yes, but I own it.

That's why we're here. I own it.

Owen, you need help.

Uh, and there's no
shame in admitting that.

I know that.

Okay, then why don't
you just do it?

Because I am telling you
that I don't need it.

Okay, I'm gonna add another
foible to that list.

- Obstreperous.
- Obstreperous?

Yes. It means stubborn...

I, I know what it means.

You know what?

I have some foibles for you
too, Miss Perfect Pants.

A pushy, nudgy know-it-all.

You're not gonna be having your
Gibraltar with me today, are you?

Please don't call me again
until you see a therapist.

I do hope you call.

(country music playing)

♪ On the road again...

Thank you guys for
coming with me.

I know this isn't how
you wanted to spend

your Thursday afternoon.

Don't be silly, Al.

We're just so proud of you

that you finally decided
to go to therapy.

It's true, Dad.

I can't tell you what it means

to have my family behind me

after all I put
you guys through.

Hey, you've been through
so much more than we have.

Drive-thru windows
and gym bleachers.

- Is our son mocking me?
- I believe he is.

Well, I deserve it.

I... I just want
you guys to know

what happened in that
gym and the whole school

seeing me in my tighty-whities,

that-that was rock bottom.

But this, this today is

the first step
towards a better me.

(horn honks)

What's this guy's problem?

I'm already going four
miles over the speed limit.

(horn honks) - Dad, this
guy's totally riding our ass.

AL: I know, son.
And don't say ass.

- JOY: Yeah.
- Okay.

Hey, just go around, buddy.

- Just go around.
- JOY: Can't you let him pass?

AL: Well, I'm trying,
but with this traffic...

He-he's gonna kill somebody.

Okay, remember, honey,
today is a new day, right?

- Keep calm and carry on.
- You're right.

I'm-I'm-I'm keeping
calm and carrying on.

- BRIAN: Is that a beer?
- AL: Oh.

I think this guy's
drinking a beer.

That explains a lot.

Okay, pal, you win.
Just go and pass.

Good job, hon.

Good job.

Oh, come on!

He's got a gun!

- Get down and call the police!
- Oh, my God!

- Dad, just pull over!
- I can't!

- (horn honks)
- (all scream)

Dad, look out!

(Al screams) (glass shatters)

(firetruck horn blaring)

Judd, Marjan, half-inch line.

Driver's still
trapped in the truck.

We tried to pull him
out but it got too hot.

Paul, Mateo, get the masks,
you're going for the driver.

We heard the whole thing
started with road rage.

We heard screaming until a
minute ago and then it stopped.

TOMMY: What about the folks
in the other vehicles?

A few minor injuries,
bumps and bruises.

Nothing serious.

Get ready for a critical burn.

TK, prep the O2 and the EZ iO.

- Yeah, Cap.
- I'll get sterile gauze and water.

Alright, and get
your trauma shears.

- You're gonna need 'em.
- Copy.



Hey, we need to help over here!


You better not have
been a part of this.

AL: No, no.

We were on our way to therapy.

And this maniac
started waving a gun

and tried to drive
us off the road.

We didn't do anything.

Witnesses all back that up.

Will you please help
my wife and boy.

They need medical attention.
My wife, she cut her forehead

and I think Brian
broke his wrist.

Alright, Al, I need
you to listen to me.

There are more ambulances
on the way, alright?

But right now, my
crew's priority

is the man in that truck.

Wait, wait.

You mean the guy who
tried to kill my family?

I know you're upset. I don't blame
you but I need to step back, okay?

I'll get you help as
soon as I can get there.

We're gonna need
another line on this.

Alright, guys, get in there.

TOMMY: Thanks, guys.
We'll take it from here.

Nancy, start cutting
his clothes off of him.

TK, get him on a LIFEPAK.

Start a line.

Bolus one liter of LR.

- TK: Copy.
- TOMMY: Alright, airway seems clear.

He sucked back a
lot of that smoke.

Nancy, how's he looking?

I'm seeing a few
third-degree burns,

but it's looking like his
clothes got the brunt of it.

Alright, TK, how
about his vitals?

Not good, Cap.

I think he's going into
respiratory arrest.

- Pulse is thready.
- (steady beeping)

He's going into
cardiac arrest, Cap.

Alright, pushing epi.

Nancy, start compressions.

Come on, dude.

TK: Hey, I got a pulse.

- (monitor beeping)
- (gasps)

Wha... What the
hell happened to me?

Sir, you were in an accident.

But you're lucky today
because you're gonna be okay.

Nancy, get him on oxygen.

- Great save, EMS.
- You too, Fire.

Nice and easy.

TK: Alright.

Watch your step.

Hey, hey, be careful. It's hot.

That guy and his family
said this guy had a gun.

But I don't see anything.

(Al breathing heavily)

MATEO: Hey. It's Al, right?

I recognize you from the
drive-thru and the gym.

Well, I recognize you too,

but, uh, I-I don't
recall your name, son.

It's Mateo.

So, um, tell me, is

is this guy gonna make it?

(sighs) Yep.

Looks like he's
gonna pull through.

Okey-do key then.

(tense music playing)


- Gun!
- (gunshots)

(muffled): Nancy! TK!

Are you hit?

No. Just the patient.

(flat line)

- Why?
- He hurt my family.

(heavy breathing)


(somber music playing)

Hey. So, um...

I know there's not
a lot I could say

about what happened out
there tonight. Um...

It shouldn't have happened.

But it's nobody's fault.

Except the one person
who's responsible.

So I don't want anybody
leaving this house

thinking about was there

something more that
you could have done.

'Cause there wasn't.


I know some of you are gonna

play it around in
your mind anyway,

so I would advise you


I'm incredibly proud of how you
all behaved in the field today.

All of you.

It was admirable,

as it always is with this team.

Oh. My-my bad.

I wasn't paying attention.

Oh, it's alright, neither was I.

Hey, uh...

How are you holding up?

I'm alright.

My right ear won't stop ringing,

but Cap says it should
pass soon, so...

MATEO: Oh, that's great.

That it's gonna pass. Um...

It's good.



How are you, really?

I keep thinking
about that patient.

He looked right at me when
he died, like I let him down.

I was the one that was making
small talk with the shooter.

I didn't even know that he had a
gun in his hand the whole time.

- I'm so stupid.
- It's not on you.

It's not on any of us.

I know.

Uh, Nancy?


Do you wanna get coffee?

Yeah. I do.


- (girls giggling)
- (Julius talking indistinctly)

(Julius laughs)

JULIUS: Oh, good
times. Good times.

(girls giggling)

I got up on the stage
just shucking and jiving.

I felt like I was gonna puke.

But you don't get nervous?

No. No, no, no. Not anymore.

But this was my first open mike,
so I was more than nervous.

I was petrified.

If I hadn't been frozen
in that spot in terror,

I would have ran away.

But you didn't.

I couldn't.

Because I had to save your dad.

IZZY: Save him?

JULIUS: Yes, ma'am.

Because I refused to go up,

he gets up himself,

takes the mike,
cool as you like,

and starts singing "Lean
on Me," a cappella.

People just stopped
what they're doing.

They couldn't believe
what they were hearing.

I didn't know our
dad could sing.

JULIUS: Oh, no, he couldn't.

He was terrible.

Like cats screaming
in an alley terrible.


The whole place was
booing and hissing and...

He just gets louder and louder.

And finally, he calls me
on the stage and asks me

to help him on the piano.

So I run up on the stage,
start to play, to sing.

And before you know it, the
place starts going crazy.

Your dad set the
bar so low for me,

it was impossible to fail.

That's so funny.

Our mom never told
us that story.

Because she probably
never heard it.

Okay, chicas, time
to go to sleep now.

(sighs deeply)

Maybe you can see
him in your dreams.

Do you?

(clicks tongue) All the time.


IZZY: Good night, Uncle Julius.

I love you.

JULIUS: I love you too.

Sleep tight.


I didn't hear you come in.

Treading softly is an
underrated mom skill.

As if you weren't
intimidating enough.

(Julius chuckles)

To be honest, I thought I was
gonna walk into a disaster,

but, um, the place
is immaculate.

Thanks for letting me have
this time with them, Tom.

They love their Uncle Julius.

And you're right, I-I
did not know that story.

Boy, it sounds just like him.

Well, I'm sure you have a
few stories of your own.

Not nearly enough.

Tom, about what
happened before...

Except it didn't.

And it will never happen again.

No, most assuredly not.

I'll call my Uber
and I'll be outside.

Or you can stay.

We have a guest room.

You can come and go as you like
for as long as you're in town.

You can see your nieces
as much as you want.

And maybe

maybe you can share
a few more stories.

Are you sure that's
what you want?

I was sure the minute I walked in
here and I heard them laughing.

It would be lovely

having Charles' whole
family under one roof.


I want that.

And I'm pretty
sure he would too.


Me too.

Thanks for seeing me. I
know it's been a while.

DR. PATT: It has.

What's going on, Owen?


I have rage.

Captioned by Point.360