9-1-1: Lone Star (2020–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - Riddle of the Sphynx - full transcript

The members of the 126 race to find, and then save, a mystery victim in a car crash. Owen faces a crisis in his relationship with Catherine. Carlos is surprised when he meets T.K.'s AA sponsor.

Can you tell us what happened?

Not another car on the road

and this gal comes
swerving into my lane.

My truck jackknifed

and now I've got
15,000 pounds of hay to pick up.

Alright, Judd, why don't you
close down those two lanes?

Marjan, get the jaws.

Paul, Mateo, inch and a half
of protective line.

The scene is
extremely combustible.

One spark,
this hay goes up like tinder.

Hi, ma'am. My name is Owen.

This is Tommy and TK.
They're gonna take care of you.

- Are you in any pain?
- Numb mostly.

Can you tell us what happened?

Something darted
in front of my car.

I think it was a deer.

- Did I hit it?
- Don't see any deer.

- Good.
- Hey, can you tell me your name?

I think my legs are pinned.

They're tingling,
like they went to sleep.

Okay. I'm gonna
check your neck right quick.

Just be very, very
still for me, okay?

Definitely feeling
some crepitus.

Be careful with the collar.

- Craptus? What's craptus?
- Crepitus.

Means there's
some free-floating vertebrae.

It indicates that your neck
might be broken.

- Oh, God.
- It's alright.

Carrie, can you tell me if you
can feel me touching your leg?

Yes, but it's fuzzy.
Is that bad?

No, no, no, that's good.

It means that
there's some swelling,

but your spine is intact.

Alright, just need you
to hold very, very still,

so try not to...


Carrie, do you have any allergies?

Hay fever.

That's unfortunate.

Alright. Bone shards
are shifting with every sneeze.

We need to get her
out of here fast

before one of those
slices her spinal cord.


Jaws are flying in, Cap.


- Push 50 mils of Diphen.
- Copy.

Carrie, we're gonna
give you an antihistamine,

but it's very important
that you do everything

that you can not...

...to sneeze.

How am I supposed to do that?

- Right. Say, "Purple elephant."
- What?

My grandma
used to make me say that.

It's impossible to sneeze
while you're saying that.

Purple elephant.
Purple elephant.

Purple elephant.
Purple elephant.

Purple elephant.

...elephant. Purple elephant.
Purple elephant.

One, two, three.

Alright, Judd,
let's get a KED in there.

Strap her in.

- Purple elephant. Purple elephant.
- Okay.

- Purple elephant.
- Easy.

Carrie, we're gonna
lift you out now.

Alright, everybody, no jolts.

Smooth as glass.

On my count.
One, two...

Purple elephant.
Purple elephant.

- Purple elephant.
- ...three.

Purple elephant.
Purple elephant.

-Purple elephant. Purple elephant.

- Purple elephant.
- Easy.

Purple elephant.
Purple elephant.

- Well done.
- Purple elephant.

Hey, Judd, I'm gonna call Street Services,
get all this cleaned up.

Hey, anybody lose a shoe?

No, man, nobody lost a shoe.

How about a foot?


So not a deer.

We have another victim!

Let's check the road.
Both shoulders.

Cap, there's a clip on this.

I think it's a cycling shoe.

Alright, he's a cyclist.

What do I do
with this, Cap?

Uh, should I just hold it,
or-or something?

Put it in a box,
get it on cold packs.

Hey, Cap, we got the bike.

So if the foot is there

and the bike
is over there then... Cap?

Looking for a cyclist
in a haystack.

Everybody, grab the rubbish hooks.
Start digging.

♪ I'm gonna find her

Fire Department!

♪ ...find her, yeah

Call out if you can hear us!


♪ Oh, yeah, I'm searchin'...

Fire Department!


♪ ...which a-way, yeah, yeah

♪ Oh, yeah, searchin'

♪ I'm searchin'

Hey. Hey, Judd.

I got blood here, man.

- It's going this way.
- Yeah.

-♪ Yeah, yeah
- Oh!

- Hey, here he is.
- Sir, can you hear us?

- Ooh!
- I got a pulse.

Marjan, let me
get that tourniquet.

Here you go.
How's he lookin'?

His pulse is dropping.

Sir, sir, you know
where you are?


Okay. Where were we, Judd?

Let's get Street Services...

Oh, no! They forgot the foot.

Theme music plays...

*9-1-1 LONE STAR*
Season 03 Episode 13

Episode Title: "Riddle of the Sphinx"
Aired on: April 11, 2022.

Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Hey. No worries.

How was the meeting?

A lot like last night
and the six before that.

You have any idea
how proud of you I am?

For going to a meeting?

For going to
a few more than that.

Ninety meetings in ninety days
is no joke, TK.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I love going to them.
I just don't love why I have to.

I know. Me too, babe.

Sadie stole
a year of sobriety from me.

All the other times I relapsed

was because of a choice
that I made.

This time,
I didn't have the option.

It was made for me.

I was reading
this article online

and it said that it's best
not to dwell on the people

connected to the relapse,
no matter the circumstances.

That's funny. Cooper said
the same thing tonight.

- Cooper?
- Mm-hmm.

His name's been
popping up a lot lately.

Yeah, he's been coming
to a few of my meetings

just to support me.

You know, I'm down to join you

if... if you want.

Just say the word.

I appreciate it.

We have a few minutes
if you wanna change

before I start
heating up dinner.

That looks really good
but, uh, I already ate.

TK, you can't live
on AA donuts alone.

No, I actually had an omelet
and hash browns.

I went out to eat with Cooper
after the meeting to talk.

There's that name again.

Yeah. I, uh,

I asked him
to be my sponsor tonight.

Oh. I didn't know
you were in the market.

Yeah, well, I've kinda been putting off
getting a local sponsor

since I moved from New York.

But now that this happened,
it seemed like the right time.

So what's he like, Cooper?

He's been sober since he could
legally walk into a bar.

But after all this time,
he's still laser-focused on the program.

That's great.
That's really great.

You know, he made
a really good point tonight.

Oh, yeah? What's that?

I've had so much anxiety
about going back to day one

more than I ever have before,

and he said it's because
it's my first time

going through without my mom.

Can't imagine how hard
that must be for you.



You're just so sweet.

Reading articles
with your adorable glasses,

waiting for me to eat dinner.

Just know that
I'm always here for you.

I know I'm not in the program,

but if there's ever anything you
need to get off your chest...

I mean, there is something
that I wanna get off your chest.

Please don't say my shirt.

It's your shirt.

For a girl who loved
to travel,

Jen could get lost anywhere.

I mean, it was her superpower.

Is it just me
or is he super sexy tonight?

Blanca, cállate.

I remember when I proposed.
We were in Venice.

I had this church all set up.

Three-string band,
a harp, violin,

a gondola waiting outside,
the whole nine.

All Jen has to do is to get
from the hotel to the church.

I kid you not, it's 500 feet
from point A to point B.

This is before we knew

why it was
really getting harder.

Before we knew about the tumor.

Anyway, there I am,

staring at the door on one knee.


Forty minutes I'm on that knee.

Finally, the door opens,

my heart leaps,
the violins start to play,

and I propose to
Mr. and Mrs. Bloomfield from Wisconsin.


Funny too.

I found Jen later
standing by a fountain,

a little confused.

Turned out that
was the perfect spot.

I miss her every day.

- Blanca?
- Hmm?

Don't you think you're
overdoing it a little bit?

My husband is in a jar
next to my bed.

Who am I watching my figure for?

I am less worried
about your figure

than hypoglycemic shock.

Ay, aguafiestas.

What were you two troublemakers
giggling about tonight?

- Well, uh, your share.
- Hm.

It was very funny
and very sweet.

Jen sounded like
a wonderful person.

She was the best.

Also, she thinks you're sexy.

Oh, I do not. I... Um...

Hmm. Wow.

I mean, I don't not think that.

Well, if it
makes you feel any better,

I don't not feel the same way.

You two be good.


- What the hell was that?
- Ay, que?

I put you on the five-yard line.
You can't ask the man out?

This is a grief group,
not a singles bar.

You know he's not married.

You're into him,
and he's clearly into you.

Morris and I are friends.

Just strictly platonic,
that's it.


Hey, Tommy. One more thing...

- I'd love to.
- Oh, great.


- Dinner it is.
- It sounds lovely.

- I'll see you then.
- Yeah.

Oh, yeah.

You're definitely
gonna tap that.

Oh, my God.
You're outta your mind.

How can you possibly think

Twenty One Pilots is
better than Macklemore?

Yes, I've heard "Ride,"

that's my point.

Oh, my God. Alright.

Go back and listen to
"Can't Hold Us"

and then call me in the morning.

Hey, Coop, um...

I really appreciate
you taking the call.

When you said 24/7,
you weren't kidding.

I just...
I just really needed to talk.


I was just thinking
how nice it is.

To have a few moments

without being interrupted
by a kidnapper.

Or a homicidal stalker.

- Or a homicidal cop.
- Hmm.

You know what?
I've cleared my schedule today.

There are gonna be
a lot of moments like this.

Hmm. I like the sound of that.

- Really?
- Ugh.


You're kidding me.

How many of them?

Okay, I'm on it.

What's going on?

Some of the state senators

announced they are
going to walk out

to prevent a quorum approving
the governor's new budget.

Well, at least they're not
homicidal state senators.

No, not homicidal,

though I might be.

I'm sorry, Owen, I have to go.

How long will you be gone?

It could be a couple of hours.

Could be a couple of days.

Depends on what concessions...

Oh, God. Horatio.


It's my turn to have custody.

I was supposed to pick him up
from my ex's this afternoon.

Didn't know you had a son

or that you named him
after a seafarer.

Horatio isn't my son.
He is my cat.

Your cat?
You share custody of a cat?

Patrick and I got him
when we were still married.

And I didn't wanna
traumatize him when we split up.

Oh, shoot.

I think Patrick has
a business trip tomorrow too.

Why don't I just
take care of him?

- You would do that?
- I got nothing else to do.

It'd be fun.

Have your ex drop him off here.


Oh, you're...
You're thinking about my bird.

I am not thinking
about your bird.

Yes, you're thinking 'cause
Ginsberg dropped dead here

that maybe something
would happen to Horatio.

I promise you, I will not harm
a fur on his furry little head.

I know you won't,
because Horatio is hairless.

- He's hairless?
- He's a sphynx.

But I am not worried
about you and Horatio.

I am worried about
you and Patrick.

I won't harm him either.

You think we won't get along?

Oh, no. I think
you'll get along great.

Maybe too great.

I'm not sure I follow.

Let's just say there are some...

uncanny similarities
between you two.

And I don't want you to think
I'm not over him or something.

- Are you over him?
- Absolutely.

Like you're gonna make fun of me

because I
definitely have a type.


You are so sweet
to watch Horatio.

You sure it won't be weird
having my ex at your house?


I'm looking forward
to meeting them both.

Okay, sir, don't pour water on it.
That'll just make it spread.

How do I put it out?
The flames are getting bigger.

Don't panic. I need you
to turn off the burner

and then grab the biggest pot lid
you have, okay?

But nothing glass.
It's gotta be metal.

I got it. I got it.

Now, very carefully,
I want you to place the lid on the pan.

That should smother the fire.

Okay, it's working.
Yeah, it worked.

Fire's out.
Thank you so much.

You are very welcome.

I'm sorry about your eggs, sir.

Hey. What's up, T?

Oh, Gracie, thank God.

You know, I hate to bug you
when you're on shift,

but I-I have a little bit
of a situation here.

Is everything okay?
What's going on?


I have a date.

You got a date?

Uh. Like a date-date?


And-and I just really
need a friend right now.

Okay, listen, if you're
asking me to babysit,

then the answer
is absolutely yes.

I will get Judd
on Charlie duty,

and I'm available
any day this week.

Oh, that-that's amazing.
Thank you.

Thank you so much.

And I will take you
up on that.

But what I need right now,

more than a babysitter,
is a fashion consultant.


Girl, I don't know what the hell
I'm supposed to wear.

Don't say any more.

Okay? I got you.
Help is on the way.

I know I've hit you
with a lot of information,

but I need some sense
that we're on the same page.

We eat treats,
we do not eat cats.

I'm not gonna lose
a burgeoning relationship

because you succumbed
your baser instincts.

Oh, you can whine all you want.

Hey, boy, at least
you don't have to move out

for the next few days.

Oh, you don't have to move out.

Catherine says
Horatio is hairless.

You can still be allergic
to a hairless cat.

Hairless or not,
they still produce dander.

Plus, they look creepy as hell
and I don't need the nightmares.

Oh, that's him.

Hey, uh, listen, can you
stick around for a minute?

I just want you
to have a look at this guy.

Catherine's ex? Why?

She says that we are uncannily similar,
whatever that means,

so just would like to have
an extra set of eyes.

You mean you want me to tell you
how much more handsomer you are.

And every other way that I'm better.

Oh, I'm sorry. Can I help you?

I sure hope so.
You're Owen, right?

- Yes. And you are?
- Patrick.

Catherine said
you're gonna be taking care

of our little monster
here today.

This is Horatio.

Hey, I'm Mateo.

Told ya. D