9-1-1: Lone Star (2020–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - The Big Chill - full transcript

An ice storm hits Austin. Owen deals with the fallout of the 126 closing and Tommy, T.K. and Nancy settle into new employment. Judd and Grace prepare for the birth of their first baby.

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Please state your full name
and rank for the record.

Owen Marshall Strand.
Captain, 126.

I'll remind you, Captain,

that you are entitled
to have a union rep

present for these proceedings.

I'm not here
to hide behind anybody.

Well, frankly, I'm disappointed
that you're here at all.

Regarding the events
of last week, May 24th...

do you deny that you struck

a superior officer
without provocation?

I deny it was
without provocation,

and I'm not so sure
I would use the word "superior."

Deputy Chief Tyson was not yet
deputy chief when it struck him.

And as for provocation,
he used his influence

to shutter my firehouse
over a personal grudge.

All due respect,
that's a bunch of bull

and Captain Strand knows it.

What I do know, Billy,
is that you've always

wanted to captain the 126.

It's like an obsession with you.

And when you couldn't have her,
like a scorned lover

you made sure that
nobody else could either.

I would just remind
Captain Strand

that the decision to not reopen
the 126 was not personal.

It's about the budget.
And numbers.

Numbers you yourself
put together.

So if you would like to
blame anybody, blame yourself.

And yet, I blame you.

the purpose of this hearing

is to decide what, if any,
disciplinary action

will be taken
against Captain Strand

for his assault
on Deputy Chief Tyson.

This is not about
the fate of the 126.

Well, it damn well should be.

Suspend me, fire me,
clap me in irons.

What happens to me
isn't important.

What matters is the 126

and the people who comprise it,

people who've
uprooted their lives

to serve this city.

And have done so
in exemplary fashion.

You're not just
closing a firehouse,

you're breaking up a family.

So I am here to respectfully ask
for another chance

for some more time
to audit the books.

I'm confident that I can find a way
to keep the house open.


How bad is it?

- Not great.
- Did they can you?

- Suspended.
- For how long?

- Unclear.
- What about us?

For the time being,
they'd like you to stay

in your temporary assignments

I-I don't understand.

So they're really not gonna
reopen the 126th?

Not only are they not opening,

but they've red-tagged
the building for demolition.

- They're tearing it down.
- They can't do that.

They're the city.
They can do whatever they want.

So it's really over then.

You kidding me?
This isn't the end.

This isn't even the beginning
of the end.

- Is it the middle?
- They knock us down seven times,

- we get back up eight.
- That's right.

The 126 is our home.
We built it together,

we're gonna fight for it
together, like a family.

- As a family.
- That's right, Captain.

These people have zero idea

who they are up against.

No, they really don't.

So we fight,
we're gonna keep fighting.

And we never give up...

until hell freezes over.

Travis County
remains under a severe winter storm alert.

Residents are advised
to shelter in place

and stay off the roads,

which officials say are icy

and extremely hazardous.

God, you hear that, Carol?

We're officially
breaking the law now.

Oh, would you stop?
We are not.

Well, he just said residents have to
stay off the roads,

the icy hazardous roads.

Honey, I love you,
but I need you to shut up now.

I grew up in Ann Arbor.

I know how to drive
in the snow...

Oh, God!

See, like my dad always said,

"Steer into the swerve."

Come on.

We can walk from here.

You babies be good.

We'll be right back.

You see any?

Nothin'. No. You?


It is chilly.

Joe, maybe we should pack it up.

I think I found one.

Joe, be careful!

We don't know
how stable that ice is!

Okay, pal.

I'm gonna scoop you up

and get you all warm and toasty.

So please don't bite me.

- Oh, God!
- What is it?

There's a boy under the ice.

A boy?

I think he's dead.

Call 9-1-1!

Folks, it's time to bring in
your plants,

your pets, and your husband

if he's in the doghouse,

because it just
might get cold enough

to see a few snowflakes
out there.

Thanks to a polar jet stream
from Canada,

our temperatures could creep
all the way down to freezing...

Jacques, you wanted to see me?

Captain Vega.

Please, come in.

They're saying we might get
a flurry or two today.

Bet little Lizzy and Emmy
are excited.

Izzy and Evie.

And, yes, they're ready for it.


Listen, I wanted
to go over a few details

on a call your team
ran last shift.

The slip and fall
at Sunny Glades Senior Living.

Mrs. Jimenez.

Did something happen

after we took her
to the hospital?

Did we miss something?

No. No, no. You called it.

She's fine.

In fact, she sent

That's sweet.

I'm just glad
everything worked out.

But did it, though?

I see here you somehow managed
to avoid administering

a single drug
en route to the hospital.

She didn't ask for anything.

Right. And that's where you
as a professional come in

to make
professional recommendations.

To upsell controlled substances,
you mean.

Captain Vega, this company's
mission is to provide

not only elite care,
but quality comfort.

Look, it's right there
on the wall.

We're not some municipal service
funded by taxpayers, Vega.

We're a privately held company
with all the financial pressures

and opportunities
that come with it.

If that's not a fit for you,
I get it.

But you need to understand

you're not at
the 126 firehouse anymore.


- You don't have to tell me that.
- Good.

Then I hope we don't have
to have this conversation again.

So I'm thinking I'll make
my signature micheladas...

Ginger beer for yours...

And then I'll break out Catan.

A proper 126 hang
just like the old times.

So who did you invite so far?

Ah, usual suspects.


How usual
and how suspect?

If you wanna know if Carlos
is invited, dude, just ask.

This is sad.

Is Carlos coming?

He is invited.

I do not know if he's coming.

Are you kidding me, Nancy?

I told you two
I'm not taking sides.

Look, I just think, you know,

if you're gonna have a 126 hang,

it should be exclusive
to the 126 crew.

There is no 126 crew.

The 126 does not exist anymore.

So I think it's okay
if I bend the rules.

- Hey, Cap.
- Hey.

So what did
step-Count Dracula want?

To give us these cookies
from Mrs. Jimenez.

And a friendly reminder to gouge
our patients on every call.

Cap, can we please
get the hell out

of this capitalist cesspool

I would love to,
but where would we go?

Think about it this way, right?

At least here
we get to stay together

and we're still
making a difference, so...

Yeah. You keep
telling yourself that.

Snickerdoodles do not lie.

Here, try one.

- Cap.
- Really?



See, it's not so bad here.

Damn it.

Judson Ryder,
you've been in here all night?

Yeah, there's no time for sleep

with this nursery
ain't ready yet.

You look like you're fit to pop.

I don't know
how I fell so far behind.

Well, sweetheart,

the baby's not
gonna be able to see

but ten inches
in front of her face

for the first two months, so,

I think you've got
a little time.


That's not
what's bothering you, though.

No, I reckon it ain't.

I know how hard
what's happening this morning

must be for you, sweetheart.

But you have a 24-hour shift.
You gotta get some sleep.

I mean, how am I
gonna get any shut-eye

knowing what they're
gonna do to the 126?

Well, if you don't do it for your sake,
at least do it for folks

that'll be depending
on you out there.


Don't worry about this.

I will finish
your rhino tomorrow.

What, rhino?


That's an elephant.


- Is it really, Judd?
- Yes, really!

Oh, okay.

This is a,
this is a rabbit, right?

Anybody ever tell you
you play dirty?

Yeah, whatever.
I win, don't I?

Yeah, most of the time you do.


- What was that?
- It's nothin'.

That ain't a damn thing.

reached Judd, you know what to do.


All right, everybody stand back,
we're ready to get started.

Okay, Marty, knock it down.

Screw it.

Hey, what you doin'?

- Oh, not this one again. Call the cops.
- You got it.

Stand down, Marty. Stand down.

Look, lady, the cops are
already on their way, all right?

We don't want any trouble.

The thing is, trouble,

is exactly why I came.

What's up, people?

Hey, it's your girl, Firefox,

coming to you live
from the 126.

I know most of you know

that my team
has tried everything

to save this firehouse.

But today is D-Day,

so I'm not just
going to the wall,

I'm chaining myself to it.

Oh, yeah, that's great.
That's just great.

We have a GoFundMe page.

- Yeah, hello.
- I hope you'll check out.

I know that 4.6 million
is asking for a lot

but that's what the city
says they need

to reopen
the best little firehouse

in Texas.

Where it's just
started snowing.

- Is it snowing?
- It doesn't snow in Austin.

Yeah, look it up.

So maybe that's a sign.

Everybody, pack it up.

Boss says
we're shutting down

till the weather clears.

Looks like you got a reprieve.

Hope it's worth going to jail.

Hey, Carlos.

Hey, Marjan.

You better hope that they
don't press charges, chica.

For what?

Exercising my right
to peacefully assemble?

Let 'em try.

I don't recall the right
to pour sugar

in a bulldozer's gas tank

or cut a crane's
hydraulic lines.

Those were totally
baseless accusations.

That set them back two weeks.

And I just bought us
at least another 24 hours,

which is plenty of time
to figure out the next move.

Marj... there is no next move.

Look, everyone's devastated
about the 126 closing its doors.

Really? 'Cause they have
a funny way of showing it.

I didn't see anyone else
out there, did you?

That's because
everyone's accepted

the reality of the situation.

Brutal as it is.

Are you talking about the 126

or are you talking about
you and a certain paramedic?

It's important to know
when a thing is over.

When to move on.

Give up, you mean.

We used to be a family.

Call it
a slightly estranged family.

Some more estranged than others.

"Thank God I'm a Country Boy"
by John Denver playing...

♪ Well, life on the farm
is kinda laid back ♪

♪ Ain't much
an old country boy ♪

♪ Like me can't hack

♪ It's early to rise

♪ Early in the sack

♪ I thank God
I'm a country boy ♪

♪ Well, a simple kinda life
never did me no harm ♪

♪ A raisin' me a family
and workin' on the farm ♪

♪ My days are all filled with
an easy country charm... ♪

Nice form...

Thank you.

...for a city slicker.

I think Austin's
a slick enough city.

Yeah, well,
you're in the Hill Country,

Folks around here don't use
as much hair product.

And have substantially
less volume, I'd reckon.

You'd reckon correct.

I'm Sadie.

I live in the cabin over yonder.

Did you just say "yonder"?

I did.

How long you been "yonder"?

I've been renting this
for about a month and a half.

Well, since my divorce
was finalized three days ago.

Ah, sorry to hear it.

Been there. Twice, in fact.

Thanks, but it was for the best.

Yeah, no, I know the feeling.

Uh, I'm Owen by the way,

and the big dog is Buttercup.

You're, uh, pretty handy
with a blade there, Owen.

Where'd you learn
to swing an ax like that?

Eh, I used one occasionally
in a former life.

And what do you do
in your current one?

Now that you retired
from being an ax murderer?

Well, um, I came up here
to kinda figure that out,

and yet...

Wherever you go,
there you are.

Well, I was gonna say
that I'll never fully retire

from being an ax murderer.

You take care, Owen.

They're saying
it's gonna get pretty frosty.

Yeah. Well, listen,
that's nothing.

You want cold,
you should try walking down

32nd Street in February.

I'll be fine, but thank you.

It's not just you
I'm worried about.

This is Texas.

When the snow hits here,

people tend to lose their minds.

Roger that.

Texas, baby!

Y'all are witnessing a legend.

Brody, how you feeling, bro?

First man to ski
South Lamar, baby,

how do you think I'm feeling?

I'm shreddin' Texas, baby!

- Ha, ha!
- Yo, what's this clown doin', man?

Hey, yo, man, go around!

Yo, share the road, bro,
before somebody gets hurt!

- Yo, what the hell, man?
- Come on!

Yo, man, go around!
What's your problem, dude?

Dev, get this dick's license!

We got you on camera, bitch!


- Hang on, bro, just hang on.
- Stop!

Stop! Don't move it.

Okay, but that thing
weighs a ton.

TK, check his airways
and his breathing.

Nancy, hook him up
to the LIFEPAK.

- What's his name?
- Brody.

He's my best friend.

Brody, this is TK and Nancy.

They're gonna
check you out, okay?

Hey, Brody,
do you feel any pain?

It's so cold.

He's hypotensive
and tachycardic.

Probably from all the blood loss.
He needs an OR now.

No, we move him now
and the weight from this ice

is gonna take his head off.

I don't care if you're
freezing your nuts off,

it only benefits the gene pool.

Let's move it, grunts!

Oh, good. This guy.

I'm Captain Tommy Vega.

I know who you are.

I was hoping
you can do us a favor.

For the paramedics who saved me
from choking to death

on dust and my own bile?

Uh, yeah. Name it.

We gotta cut the ice
before we can travel him,

but it needs a delicate touch.

It probably nicked the carotid.

It wiggles an inch...

Okay, I'll put
my best guy on it.


What's up squad?
It's been a minute.

Good to see you, Mateo.

Listen, Brody, this is
gonna be uncomfortable,

but I need you to stay
as still as possible, okay?

I need you to cut a single arc,

leaving a foot of ice
on either side of the wound.

The most important thing is
keep it steady, keep it smooth.

No problem.
Smooth is how I do.


All right, let's get him
on the gurney.

Nice work, Mateo.

Hey, look at
our little probie all grown up.

Shut up.

Good seeing you guys.

Good to see you too.

Marwani. You're sprung.

One cell phone,
one tube raspberry lip gloss,

one can tactical pepper spray,


- Sign here.
- Thanks.

Who bailed me out?


You... should put me
back in the cell.

You know, Marwani, a thank you
might not go amiss here.

Instead of bailing you out,
I could've suspended you,

even fired you.

So why don't you?

If you fire me, the story
might get more traction.

Hashtag Firefox is back up
to seven million followers.

Raking the AFD over the coals
on social media every day,

that's not helping anybody.

Is this you ordering me
to shut up?

- No.
- Okay.

It's me asking for your help.

To build a department up
instead of tearing it down.

Why would I help you?

It wasn't enough for you
to take our house,

now you have to railroad
our Cap too?

What do you mean
railroad your Cap?

He satisfied every term
of his suspension

for punching you in the face.

He's jumped through hoops,

community service,
anger management,

but nothing he does
is ever enough

to satisfy the department.

Oh. Is that why you think Strand
hasn't been reinstated, hmm?

I'm afraid he's not being
totally honest with you.

There is one more hoop
that he hasn't jumped through.

I'm gonna AirDrop you

his continued contract
of employment,

you can see for yourself.


Oh, hey, Marwani,

could you get Judd to call me

'cause I got somethin'
I gotta tell him,

and he just won't
return my calls.

Yeah, well,
why don't you take a hint?

Oh, hell no.

TK, Radio West Park.

Tell 'em to have
a vascular surgeon standing by

and try not to hit
any potholes on the way.

- Copy that, Cap.
- Hard part's over.

We're taking you to the best
trauma center in Texas.

They'll fix you right up.

Can you text my, my girl?



Okay, what's the number?

Five... one... two...


Brody, can you hear me?

BP's 75 over 45.

He's in free fall.
I'm pushing fluids.

Stop! His carotid's perforated.

The ice must have been
acting as a shield,

now his blood's melting it.

53 over 36!
He's gonna bleed out

- if we don't clamp the carotid.
- No, we can't clamp the carotid.

It'll stop the blood flow
to his brain.

So what do we do?

We have to make our own shield.

Pull over!

- What?
- Pull over!

Nancy, grab the puke bucket.

Scoop up as much as you can.

We'll use it to pack the wound.

Cap, he's circling the drain!


Kill the heat.

Roll down the windows.

Pack it on tight.

That's it, that's good.

Barely registering.

All right.
Bolus the fluids.

And let's pray it holds.

81 over 50.

90 over 62. It's working.

Hey, Brody. Welcome back.


Okay, listen up.

Weather service is saying

it might dump
another two feet on us.

The grid is already going down
for the count,

so folks are gonna
start losing power

and when they do,
they're gonna get cold.

Now we have six warming centers
on their feet and more to come.

And if you get callers making
firewood out of their furniture,

remind them to remove
their upholstery first.

That's right, just keep
pouring warm water, okay,

and it should come unstuck.

You're very welcome, sweetheart.

9-1-1, what's your emergency?

I had a break-in
at my store.

Pike's Furniture Warehouse.

I think they're still inside!

Okay, sir,
listen, I need you

to stay a safe distance away

from the store until
the police officer arrives.

I'm sending one
your way right now.

I came by to turn off
all the outside faucets,

you know, with the freeze,
and I saw this.

Have you been inside at all?

No, I tried going in there,

but I heard the looters
talking in there,

so I turned around right quick.

Looters don't usually
hit furniture stores.

Any idea how many people
are in there?

More than one.

Have you seen
anybody come out?

No. Whoever they are,
they're still in there.

This is Reyes at the 10-62,

suspects still on scene.

Requesting backup.

Okay, copy that,
but please be advised

nearest backup
is 12 minutes out.


This is Austin PD!

Show yourself.

APD, let me see your hands.

- Let me see your hands.
- Behind you.

- Whoa, don't shoot!
- Put your hands up, sir.

They're just pillows, man,
we weren't stealing.

So much for
my long winter's nap.

Put your hands up.

If I was gonna shoot you,

I'd have done it by now, son.

Major Garrett
was a door gunner.

So you can
lower your peashooter.

We're just trying to stay warm.

Thank you for your service,
but I need you to stand up.


Sir, I know it's cold outside...

Guess you're gonna
have to either

arrest us or leave us be.

Hey, man.
Somebody's coming in hot.

Hey. I'm sorry I didn't
take your call this morning.

Guess you was there
when the ball swung.

There was no ball swinging.

Well, actually maybe a little
from Deputy Chief,

but the building
is still standing.

At least
until the weather clears.

No kiddin'.

I don't know how
I feel about that.

It's like Tom Petty said,
waiting is the hardest part.

Look, so you know
how everyone just gave up

once Captain Strand
abandoned us?

Hey, to be fair,
he didn't abandon us.

They wouldn't reinstate him.

That's not true, actually.

He could have been reinstated
the next day,

but he chose not to.

Check this out.

"I, Captain Owen Strand
humbly apologize

"to Deputy Chief William Tyson

for my unprovoked,
cowardly attack."

Where'd you get that?

Your old pal Billy,

who would love a catch-up,
by the way.

Yeah, he can go to hell.

I know, he sucks,
but the headline here

is that all Captain Strand
has to do

to be fully reinstated
is sign it.

You mean all he has to do
is bend the knee.

Bend the knee?
What are you, Jaime Lannister?

Hey, I wouldn't apologize
to that snake neither.

'Cause at the end of the day,
a man is gotta be able

to look at himself
in the mirror.

Or in Captain Strand's case,
every hour on the hour.

This isn't funny!

If he'd just
sucked up his pride,

he could have been helping
to fight for the 126.

Marjan, that fight's
been over for months now.

It's only been over
because we lost Cap.

He walked away,
we lost our leader

and then we lost each other.

Where are you going?

To get him back.

Hey, you got a shift.

Well, tell Captain Andrews

I'm taking a snow day.

We get snow days now?

I don't know,
but I'll tell him.

See, Major? As promised.

It's warm, it's clean,
and they've got plenty of space.

So how are we feeling?

Like a rat being put in a cage.

Yeah. Well,
at least you're a rat

who can feel his face again.

Come right on in.

First thing we tell
all our guests

is Jesus loves you.

Good for him.

This is Major Garrett
and Sergeant Vincent Thompson.

We don't need your charity,

just somewhere
to ride out the storm.

You've come to the right place.

Um, this is Lindsey,
one of our volunteers.

Why don't you find a spot
for our new friends?

Welcome to, um,
Providence Pasture.

What? Speak up, child.


Welcome to Providence Pasture.

I'll show you around.

You guys be good now.

Yeah, we will, Officer Reyes.

No promises.

- Nice fellas.
- Yeah.

They were in a bad way.

You're really doing
God's work here.

"Give to him that asks of you."

The Sermon on the Mount.

Trust me, they did not
ask to come here.

- Can somebody get a...
- Yeah, I got it, got it.

Let's move this out of the way.

Careful with, with the glass.
Got it?

I got it, I got it, I got it.
Go ahead.

Well, no, I didn't put
no chains on her tires

because, uh, she got
out of there too quick.

And you just let her go?

You really think
anybody can stop Marjan

from doin' something
she's set to doing?

I just don't like the idea
of her driving up

into the Hill Country
in this weather, Judd.

The weather wasn't
like this when she left.

Gonna be
a wasted trip, though.

There ain't no way
that Owen's gonna sign

no apology letter to Billy.

I mean, he did
strike the man, Judd.

Yeah, he did, and he
ain't sorry for it.

And he didn't even
hit him that hard.

He knocked that man out cold.

He's still alive, ain't he?

Okay, you the worst, Judd.

I am that.

Anyway, how are
my girls doin'?

Y'all staying toasty?

You're the one out there
in a blizzard.

We just in here enjoying
a nice cup of chamomile.


What, you got a sore throat
or something?

No, my throat is fine, Judd.

Well, are you
feeling queasy?

I mean, the only time
you drink that stuff

is when you're feeling
under the weather.

Or when the call center

is out of English breakfast.

We're fine, I promise you.

Grace, just take care
of yourself.

Will ya?

Hey, Judd, I'm losing you.

- What'd you say?
- Babe.

Hel... Judd, say it again.

Grace, if you can hear me,
I love you, okay? Have a...

Judd, you there still?



You expecting someone?

One second!

- Hey, Cap.
- Marwani?

Whoo! Sure ain't Miami.

No, it's not.


Hi, Buttercup.

Come here. Come here!

Oh, my goodness, I missed you.

Yes, I did.

Oh, you're
so nice and warm.


Even your clutter
looks art-directed.

Ooh, is that coffee?

It's twig-spresso.

I mean, the twigs are the fuel,

but it's-it's basically coffee.

So why are you here?
Did something happen?

As a matter of fact,

no, nothing happened,

which is exactly why I'm here.


Do you even know what day it is?

- Monday.
- It's D-Day.

As in Demolition Day.

Ah. Well, I guess
I missed the livestream.

Yeah, I guess you did.

The building's
still standing, Cap.

This little freeze
we're experiencing,

it stopped the wrecking ball
cold, literally.


What do you mean "and"?

The universe intervened.

It granted us
a stay of execution.

The universe did that?

Yes, it's speaking to us

and we need to listen.

The universe doesn't speak.
It's indifferent.

You're wrong.

It's a cold snap, Marwani.

The snow will melt and that building
will come down.

You just need to accept
that we've done

absolutely everything we can.

Really? Everything?

- Yeah.
- Hmm.

What's that?

It's your AFD apology letter
to Billy Tyson.

Where'd you get that?


You-you could've
signed this months ago

and been reinstated,
why didn't you?

Because it'd be a lie.

I'm not sorry I hit him.

Nobody is.
That's not the point.

You let your pride
get in the way

of the thing that matters most,

putting our house back together.

We can't do it without you.
We need our captain back.

Marwani, even if
I sign that letter,

that doesn't put
the 126 back together.

Even if I gave in to
that Rasputin in a man-bun,

there's nothing to be
the captain of.

126 is dead and buried,
regardless of what I do.

We've brought people
back from the dead.

How can you just give up?

'Cause I'm tired?

Tired of playing the hero.

'Cause at the end of the day,
what does it get you

other than haters?

People like Billy are looking
to just take you down

any way that they can.

I've learned my lesson,

and I haven't given up.

I've given in... to reality.

And that's something
you should consider.

We can't save the world,
because you want to know why?

The world doesn't
want to be saved.

So instead of trying
to fight it...

I'm actually gonna try to
enjoy it for the first time.

Because it's gonna keep turning
no matter what I do.


So that's it.

Yeah, I think so.


All right. I'll give you
some twig-spresso.

No, I'm fine, thanks.

I'll stop at an actual Starbucks
on the way home.

You sure you don't want to stay
until the storm passes?

I'll be fine.

Look, I know youthink you can
hide up here behind your beard

and you're strategically
placed clutter,

but the universe knows
where you are

and it knows who you are.

Even if you've forgotten.

Oh, hush you.

- Thanks again, Officer Reyes.
- My pleasure.

Get me out of here.

Get me out. Get me out,
Sergeant Thompson!

- That's an order.
- Relax.

- Shh.
- Get me out.

It's gonna be all right.

You just need to relax, Major.

That's an order.

Please just relax.

I don't wanna be here.

I know.

- Hey, hey.
- I want out.

- Is he okay?
- Hell, no.

I don't like walls.
I hate walls.

He was a POW for two years.

He doesn't like closed spaces.

- Give me my chair.
- Hey, Major.

Hey, hey, hey.

You can't go outside right now.
Okay? It's not safe.

You and Sergeant Thompson
are safer with a roof...

get out of the building.

Everybody get out
the building right now!

Right now! Right now!
Go, go, go!

- Hey, can you grab him?
- Yeah.

Amazing, isn't it?

What, that the guy
somehow managed to get blood

into the microbial scrub bin?

I mean, we're gonna have to
throw all these out too.

That dude
was basically decapitated

and is going to make
a full recovery.

It's kinda awesome
the power of modern medicine.

Yeah. And a puke bucket
filled with snow.

It's funny how it works,
though, isn't it?

In the rig, as in life...

once you pinpoint
what the problem is,

you're already
halfway to solving it.

I guess.

But, you know,
sometimes the problem

isn't as simple as
a perforated carotid

or a virtual decapitation.

Right. But that's why
we roll as a team, right?

When we put
our heads together,

there's no mess
we can't clean up.

I'm not telling you why
Carlos and I broke up, Nancy.

Why are you being
so annoying about this?

Why are you so obsessed
about this?

I love you guys together.

Everyone loves
you guys together.

Also, the mystery is killing me.

You've... you've got a little
schmutz there.

You suck.

Olsen, move the civilians back

and start giving first aid
to anybody who needs it.

I'm Officer Carlos Reyes.

I was in the gym
when it caved in.

Guess the roof couldn't
bear the weight of the snow.

Yeah, we don't build 'em
for it in Texas,

but I bet it took that gas line out
when it dropped.

Any idea how many
are still inside?

None, thank God.
Everyone we checked in is accounted for.

Twenty-five souls.

wind chill's at four below.

We don't get these people
out of the weather soon,

we're gonna need
25 hospital beds.

I just talked
to the warming centers,

they're filled up.

So we got nowhere
to transport 'em to

'cause the shelter said
they're not open

for another four hours.

Four hours?
We have elderly here!

I think I know a place
that's ready now.

- You said now?
- Yeah.

Right now.

- Hey, Paul.
- What's up, buddy?

Bye, Paul.

Y'all gear up.

Find a hydrant
that ain't froze over.

This way, folks.

Welcome, everybody.

Oh, no feet
on the couches, please.

Thanks again.

It's very generous of you
to open up your store like this.

Well, it is
the right thing to do.

Hey, buddy.

- It's the right thing to do.
- Yes, it is.

Where can we set up triage?

Oh, I called in
cuts and bruises.

Um, didn't know dispatch
was sending in private units.

City's spread thin today.


Well, uh, you could, uh, just...

There might be some space
in the, in the, in the...

Just use
the dining room display.

- Yep.
- Thank you.

That would be great.

So how many people are here?

Uh, 25 area residents.

Three church volunteers...

Are you thinking all green tags?

You good?

Somebody's missing.

You guys ever see
anything like this?

No, man, never.

Not in 37 years on the job.

Hey, we see them
all the time in Chicago.

Called 'em ice palaces.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Hey, hey, hey.

It looks kinda like Elsa
from Frozen, her palace.

Yo, man, you watched Frozen?

'Cause I got a daughter
on the way.

- Somebody's still inside.
- Wait, what?

- A teenage volunteer, Lindsey Robertson.
- No, they had a list.

No, she-she was the one keeping the list.
She didn't count herself.

How much water you think
we put on that fire?

Twenty-five hundred gallons,
I reckon.

At 8.35 pounds per gallon,
that's like...

Ten tons of
additional water weight

hanging over that kid's head.

If we send a team in,

could be looking at
a secondary collapse any moment.

That assumes she survived
the first collapse.

A sense of shock here at
Providence Pasture Church,

where a teenager
is still trapped inside

a collapsed gymnasium.

Firefighters are preparing
a rescue effort,

but with an estimated
20,000 pounds of ice

enveloping the already
unstable structure,

risks to first responders
are dire.

Two-member teams,
thermal cams all around.

Now, Strickland, you scouted

the double doors
on the alpha side, right?

Yeah, from what I can tell
they're uncompromised,

if we chop some of that ice off.

Hey, I use that circular saw

and then we can just
crib our way in.

Good. We'll make
entry from there,

begin a slow, deliberate search

through all discovered
void spaces.

Copy. Don't wanna miss
any signs of life.

Yeah, or signs the roof's
crashing on your skull.

You feel it start to go,
get outta there ASAP.

That's right. Anybody doesn't
feel confident going in,

just speak up.

- No judgment.
- Sorry to interrupt.

These are Lindsey's parents,
hoping for a word.

Of course, yeah.

We wanna say
thank you for, um...

Oh God, please just
save our little girl.

Okay, sir, we're gonna do
everything we can, okay?

I know you will.

- We should let them work.
- Yeah.

You can wait in my
vehicle where it's warm.

Thank you.

All right, let's go, boys.
Come on, let's go.


Lindsey, Austin FD!

We're coming to get you!

You getting anything
on the FLIR?

Ugh! Not yet.

Hold up.

We've gotta make this quicker!

You got any ideas?

Yeah. We should fan out.



It's a tight squeeze, Ryder.

Everybody be quiet,
I think I heard something.

if you can't holler back,

try banging on something.

Lindsey, is that you?



How's that fur treatin' ya?

The universe is
sending us a message.


I didn't hear
any message, did you?

This is perfect.
Just where I wanna be.

I'll do you one better.

This is exactly
where I'm supposed to be.

All right, it's cold.
Come on, let's go back inside.


Oh, Jesus.




Can you hear me?


Can you tell me
what happened?

Are you in pain?

Dejame... en... paz.

I'm sorry, I don't,
I don't speak Spanish.

Are you in pain?

Dejame en paz.

Really, universe?

Seriously, Texas?

♪ Searchin' for my baby

♪ Yes, I am

♪ Searchin', searchin'
for my baby ♪

♪ Yes, I am

♪ Searchin', searchin'
for my baby... ♪

♪ Make it,
make it on my own ♪

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