9-1-1: Lone Star (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Difficult Conversations - full transcript

Judd is shocked at the latest victim of an emergency call. Grace and Carlos must save a woman literally trapped in a domestic abuse situation. The 126 arrive at a horrific highway crash that threatens the lives of a father and daughter.

Are you okay?

Yeah, no, I'm fine. You okay?


I'm just mentally drafting

my lawsuit
against the pee stick company

if this is all a mistake.

A mistake?
You think it could be a mistake?

Or when you say "mistake,"

- do you mean...
- Owen, we've had this conversation.

The conversation about
not having a conversation?

Unless there is something
to actually talk about, yeah.

- I... I wasn't doing that.
- Okay.


You're pregnant all right.

You two really beat the odds.

Never tell me the odds!

Han Solo.

It's a... it's a thing he does.

- So I guess it's not menopause.
- Nope.

Looks like somebody got in
just under the wire.

How about that?

And how far along?

Based on your HCG levels,
I'd say about four weeks,

but the ultrasound
will narrow the window.

I take it this wasn't
something you planned.

No. This was a...

A total, complete accident.

Uh, well, it's not like
we crashed.

There were a couple
of collisions, you know?

I mean, there were multiple

- accidents that could've...
- Okay.

Well, there's no
easy way to say this next part.

While geriatric pregnancies
are not uncommon, they're rare.

There's a piece of paper
in this folder

that has a lot
of scary numbers on it.

- Yeah, I Googled.
- You have?

You've Googled?
I have not yet Googled.

The risks are heightened.

And not just for the baby.

There are serious complications

that could arise
for you as well.

Increased risk
of heart conditions,

blood clots, preeclampsia,
even maternal mortality.

And I'm sure you've read
that a significant percentage

of these pregnancies end
in stillbirth or miscarriage.

Well, that's bleak.

So what do couples
in our situation normally do?

- Honestly?
- Terminate the pregnancy.

♪ ♪

Is that what
you're recommending?

I'm not recommending anything.

It's really a conversation
for the two of you.

Dude, you dissed her banh mi?

Bro, I am an honest man, okay?

And aioli is
an insidious condiment.

That oily, flavorless fat

showing up in everything
these days.

It's a problem, and I told her.

Brutal. I mean, she packed you
an entire picnic.

Look, if you don't have

the difficult
conversations now,

that stuff's gonna start
showing up in everything...

Fish tacos,
your seven layer dip...

The veggie burgers.

And then you'll end up...


Is there a reason why you are
losing a wrestling match

to your sweatshirt right now?

Yeah. You wanna give me a hand?

- You sunburnt or something?
- No.

I got a back tat.

Dr. Z took me
off the wait list.

Please tell me it's not
Star Wars themed

or Spider-Man.

First of all, if I was
to get a Marvel character,

it'd be Thor.

And you should talk, dude.

You're the one with a beetle
on your arm.

It's not a beetle.
It's a honey bee.

Did it sting?

Did you know
that honey bees pollinate

a third of our food supply?

No, you didn't.

Easy, man.

Man, that's not a back tat.
That's a blade tat.

But it's on my back.

You like it?

It's actually pretty badass.

I designed it myself. Oh.

One of you help a brother out?

I gotta redress it.

♪ ♪

Oh, and there's words.


Guardian angel.

Because that's what we are.

Dope, right?

It's dope.

All right. You're all set.

Thanks, man.

And that's cool
about the honey bees.

I'm gonna help spread the word.

I'll see you guys out there?

I'll let this guy dry
a little bit.

- Sure.
- Yeah, you know.



That didn't say "angel."



It said "guardian angle."

My man has a typo permanently
tattooed on his back.

That is unfortunate.

Who are we here for?
Him or her?

Him. I'll hold the elevator.

RA unit from downtown
will be here any second.

Sounds like maybe
his heart gave out

in the middle of a little
afternoon delight.

There's worse ways to go.


I think it should be
this one right here.

Austin FD. Open up.

All right.
Everybody stand back.

Let's go.

Clear the door.

I thought I propped it open.

He's unconscious on the bed.

Please help him.
He won't wake up.

Tell me he's not dead!

- Please tell me he's not dead!
- Ma'am, just try to relax.

Take some deep breaths.
Come sit down.

They're gonna do
everything they can.

Miss, do you know if he was
drinking or doing any drugs?

No. I mean, a little champagne.

We were just fooling around.

Firefighters, can you help me
turn him over?

Yep. On two.

One, two...

Airway's clear.
Breathing is labored.

He's tachycardic.

Looks like
a myocardial infarction.

That's a heart attack,
isn't it?

Let's prep a line
and push nitro.

I'm on it.

Uh, somebody should check
his glucose.

Are you saying
this isn't a heart attack?

I'm just saying,
you should check his glucose.

He is clammy.
Could be hypoglycemic shock.

Ma'am, do you know
if your friend is diabetic?

I don't know.

We're not really that close.

They look pretty close to me.

Blood glucose is 25.

Damn, you're right.
He's diabetic.

Forget the nitro.
Let's run a line of dextrose.

How'd you do that?

- Hey.
- He's coming back.


- Vitals stabilizing.
- Oh, thank God. Pooh Bear!

Sit down.
Just let them work.

TK, get that
service elevator ready.

We'll bring them down.

Hypoglycemic shock.

And you called it
from across the room.

What, are you Dr. House now?

- It was just a lucky guess.
- Mm-hmm.

You know him, don't you?

I thought I did.

♪ ♪

That's your father-in-law,
isn't it?

That's Grace's daddy.

- And that is not her mom.
- No, it ain't.


You on shift?

Yeah, I was.

My cap gave me
the rest of the afternoon off.

You were there.

- The love nest?
- I was there, yeah.

Much as I wish I weren't so.


that's just the Lord's hand.

That's what that is.

Yes, sir.

He's using you to give me
a good kick in the butt.

Is that what you reckon?

I have walked the narrow path
my whole life, son.

And then the minute I stumble,

he sends my very own son-in-law
to save me.

Now, if that isn't
the hand of the Almighty,

I don't know what is.

It ain't the hand
of the Almighty

that you need to worry about.

You told Grace?

You mean,
did I mention the part

about finding you ass-up

with a woman
that wasn't her mother?

No, sir, I didn't tell her that
over the telephone

'cause it's not
the kind of thing

that I share with people
I care about.

Yeah, well, that was
very respectful of you.

No, sir, it ain't respectful.

That's got nothing
to do with it.

You know what they say
about shooting the messenger?

I figure
that's your bullet to take.

Ugh, Dad.

Hey, hey, baby girl!

Benjamin Williams.

Do realize the fright
you put in us?

I know, baby,
and I'm sorry for that.

Dad, listen.

I thought we had
learned this lesson.

You have to monitor
more carefully, Dad.

- You have to.
- Oh, come on, baby.

The doctors already scolded me.

I told them... I said, "Just wait

till my girls
get through with me."

We are just getting started.

This is the calm
before the storm, Mom.

I keep telling him,
"Have your kit

with you at all times."

Does he ever listen?

Not in 35 years.

How'd you let this happen, Dad?

Well, this...
This is humiliating.


Well, the truth is, I...

I stayed too long
on the treadmill at the gym.

Yeah, they had ESPN on,

and I... I guess I got
carried away watching the game.

Daddy, I promise you,
you could see a football

sitting on the side
of the road,

and you would pull over
and stare at it.

And I bet you hadn't eaten?

Yeah, yeah.

Got a little shaky
on the drive home,

so I just stopped
and got a milkshake

over at the hotel restaurant.

Just didn't kick in
fast enough, I guess.

Next thing I know,
I just passed out in the lobby.

Yeah, levels just dove
off a cliff.


My favorite son-in-law
was there to catch me.

Oh, you were on the call, Judd?

You didn't tell me that.

Guess I just figured
he'd tell you.

Well, looks like
the good Lord above

was looking out for you today.

Mm-hmm. He surely was.

He surely sees everything.

♪ ♪

♪ Girl, you're my angel

♪ You're my darling angel ♪

Man, it's like
The Tell-Tale Heart.

Every time I look at it,
it gets a little bit bigger.

It's like those weird paintings
when the eyes follow you.

- You gotta tell him.
- Me?

Why do I gotta tell him?

Because you're the one
that's all about

the difficult conversations.

Okay, no, not all about.

I just said
it's the right thing to do.

- So do the right thing.
- Why me?

Because you're the one
who noticed it first.

Since when has anyone ever
noticed something before you?

All right, well,
someone's gotta tell him.



- Hey, Marjan!
- Hey.

Did you, uh,
see Probie's new tattoo?

- Probie got ink?
- Yeah. Hey, Probie!

- Oh, yeah.
- Come on over here.

Marj wants to inspect
the new artwork.


Trying to blast my delts

so I can be like, "Ta-dow!"

Ta-dow, yeah.

He designed it himself.

Awesome. You got skills.

Um, Marjan.

You barely even looked at it.

I did. It's cool.

Hey, Probie, Probie.
Lift the shirt, man.

Really show it to her,
you know?

- Gimme some!
- Get at that "ah!" ta-dow.

- Get up in there.
- Ah!

Yeah, all that.

- All of that.
- All right.



Tell him. Tell him!

Uh, it's really
quite something, Mateo.

Yeah. Thanks.

Waiting for the swelling
to go down

so I can post it on Insta.

My people are gonna flip!

I don't doubt it.

♪ ♪

What are we gonna do?

I don't know!

We get to have cookies today.

Wait, dessert after lunch?

Since when is that a thing?

Since Daddy said.

Oh, did he now?

Uh, last night, I promised

that they could have one
if they helped me make them.

Are those your pecan sandies?

Well, see,
now I'm just jealous.

Maybe you should
check the outside pocket

of your lunch box.

You are too good to me.

Don't you forget it.

My compliments to the chefs.

Oh, mi niñas.

It's been great
having lunch with you,

but Mom's gotta go
back to work.

So be good.

We will.

Y mis besos?

Give Mom a kiss.

I'll see you tonight, T.

I love you.

You have a beautiful family.

Oh, don't I know it.

Gwyn used to bring TK
by the firehouse

back in the city
when he was about their age.


Slide up and down
that fire pole all day.

Never got old.

So when did you know it was two
for the price of one?

Oh, trust me, they're two
for the price of two.

Honestly, we'd just about
given up.

- Mm-hmm.
- Tried everything.

Hormone treatments
and the whole IVF thing.

Nothing worked.

And then I, uh...

I crossed the Rubicon
into the big 4-0

and... just started to think
it wasn't gonna happen for us.

What kept you going?


It's a tough dream
to give up on.

I'd see a mom smiling
at her baby in a coffee shop

or hear children laughing
at the park and gain hope.

Hope that I'd hear
my own kid laugh one day.

It was definitely
worth the wait.

So let me ask you something.

If... if you don't mind.

How far past that Rubicon,

was it before it happened?

Well, not all the way to Rome.


Is Gwyn pregnant?

I did not say that.

That is not a thing I said.

Of course not. I inferred.

Are you saying I implied?

Is she?

You cannot tell anyone.

Oh, my God.

Oh, congratulations.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

But I think we should

keep the champagne on ice
for a while.

We were at the OB-GYN
this morning,

and he feels like
Gwyn's chances

of carrying the child
to full term are not good.

And then I Googled,
and it does not Google well.

I'm aware of the stats.

Did your doctor give you
any idea

of what your next move
might be?

He did, with the subtlety
of something very unsubtle.


What do you think about that?

I know that moving forward
would be irrational.

Reckless, even.


But then I hear the sound
of your daughters laughing,

and I think about TK sliding
down the fire pole, and...

Remembering that building
a family with Gwyn

was the greatest gift
of my life.

What does Gwyn say?

We haven't discussed it.

Well, don't you think
that you should?

Only 160 more miles to Houston.

Are you nervous? I'm nervous.

I'm a little nervous.

You know, as much as
I hated you having to do

your first semester online,
I did love having you

at college and home
at the same time.

Me too, Dad.

But this is good.

It's important for a child
to go out in the world

and... stake their claim.

Please don't cry again.

I wasn't.

It's just...
my baby got into Rice.

The hardest school to get into
in the whole Southwest.

You set a goal,
you worked hard,

and you achieved it.

Your mom and I
couldn't be more proud.

What if I told you
I didn't wanna go?

- What?
- Dad!

Would you look at this jerk?

Sweetheart, this is just
leaving home jitters.

It's not leaving home jitters.

I just don't wanna go
to college.

You're telling me this now.

I tried to tell you
in Santa Fe.

Well, how about
before we packed the car?

You just get so excited.

It becomes difficult
to talk to you sometimes.

Okay, but we're almost there.

Actually, um, Dad,
we are there.

Uh, we're only in Austin,

I know.

I used the tuition money
to rent an apartment here.

In Austin, Texas?

It's the best music scene
in the country.

And look, I don't even know
if my songs are good enough,

but I figure
I have to give it a try.

No, your... look, look.
Your songs are wonderful.

But what about Rice?

Dad, I don't wanna be
an engineer.

I want to... Dad!

Damn tire blew.

I was just about
to set the flares out

when they hit me.

Girl's pinned bad,
but she's talking.

I can't get to the driver.

All right,
we'll take it from here.

Mateo, go get him checked out.

TK, Judd,
you take the passenger.

Paul, Marjan,
stabilizing equipment.

Hey. Everybody focus up.

Each one of these
weighs two tons.

The only thing
holding them up is gravity.

Be safe.

Yes, sir.

Sir, I'm Captain Owen Strand.
Can you hear me?

Yeah. My daughter.
You have to help her.

That's what we're here for.

Ma'am, I'm from Austin Fire.
We're gonna get you outta here.

I can't breathe.

TK, TK! Whoa, whoa.

Hey, TK,
these beams are shifting.

Try to stay calm.
Nice, slow breaths, okay?

- Nice, slow breaths.
- Oh, boy.

How's she doing?

I don't see
any superficial injuries,

but that beam is pressing
on her lungs.

Dad's stable,
so she's our priority.

- Okay.
- Hey, Cap?

That's why we gotta 'em both
outta here, one at a time.

Starting with her.

- Mateo!
- Yeah, Cap?

Cribbing. Secure the vehicle.

Paul, Judd, get the
ratchet straps and the webbing.

We gotta anchor those beams.

Marjan, get the airbags ready.

TK, come on.
Let's get in there.

Let's get in there.

Wedges in place.

Straps and webbing on the move.

Ratchet straps have tension.

- Vehicle secure, Cap.
- You good?

It's like life-or-death Jenga.

Let's focus
on the life part, Probie.

All right, get clear.

- All right, come on.
- Got it.

Kara? How you doing?
My name's Owen.

How is my dad?

- Kara?
- Dad?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I need you to be very still.

Guys, how we doing?

Almost there, Cap.


It's gonna be okay, sweetheart.

Be brave, baby.

It ain't gonna hold
much longer, Cap!

Her breathing's slowing.
We don't have much time here.

Guys, we gotta move.

Marjan, bring in the airbag.

Copy that.
Airbag's coming in.


Hey, we gotta move!
We gotta move!

Kay, here we go.

Okay, nice and easy.

Nice and easy. Nice and easy.

Good, good. Okay, good.

- We're good.
- Clear!

I got her.

All right. You did great, Kara.

We got you now.

My dad. How's my dad?

- We're gonna work on him next.
- Okay.

All right,
let's get her outta here.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Cap!

This ain't gonna hold
much longer!

TK, help them on the straps!

Marjan, get the saw out!


Allen, how you doing?

Just got jostled a bit.

Kara's okay? She's out?

She's both,
which means it's your turn.

Just close your eyes
for a second.


You okay?

A little pressure from
the steering wheel, I think,

but all things considered,
not terrible.

All right, we'll cut
the steering wheel off

and get you outta there.

♪ ♪

Captain, you available?

Yep. She's stable, Captain.

She's refusing to leave.

She wants to travel
with her dad.

Copy that.
I need you driver's side.

Coming to you.

Whoa, whoa, ma'am.
Sit back down.

What's up?

What's going on?
Why are... why are you stopping?

There's no easy way
to say this.

It's bad, isn't it?

It's bad.

But it doesn't hurt.

Why doesn't it hurt?

I think you're in shock.

Allen, this is
Paramedic Captain Vega.

Hey, Allen.

I'm just gonna check you out,

Hey, am I gonna make it?

We're gonna do
everything we can.

I know what that means.

No, you don't.

We'll get you outta here.

Wait. Tell me the truth.

Am I gonna see
my daughter again?

Would you like me
to bring her over here?


No, I... I don't...

I don't want her
to see me like this.


Then let's get you
out of there.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

If this goes
the way you think...

Will you... will you
tell her something for me?


Tell her whatever...

Whatever she decides to do...

I... I will always...

Be so proud of her.

And tell... tell her that...
That she's good.

Um, she's... really good.

And she needs to keep singing.

She has an amazing voice.
People should hear it.

♪ ♪

Starting compressions.

Heading out.
See you in 24 hours.

Oh, hey, Marj,
before you bounce,

can I ask you
an important question?

What's up?

For Insta, should I use

the Juno filter or the lo-fi?

'Cause the Juno makes
the reds pop,

but the lo-fi
is pretty sick too.

Yeah, you can't post that.

You think I should
make a TikTok instead.

We need to talk, Probie.

About what?

Did they say anything

when you brought the design
into the tattoo shop?

Yeah. They said it was fire.

Asked if it was exactly
what I wanted.

- And you said...
- Hell yeah!

Any chance they were laughing
while they did it?

I guess, but we were all
busting chops.

Wait, why?

Angel is spelled



And that's why I wrote
A-N-G... oh.

Oh, no.

No, no.

"Guardian angle"?

How could I be so stupid?

No, Mateo, you're not stupid.
You're dyslexic.

Those guys at the tattoo shop.
They were clowning on me.

And they're a bunch of tools.

Yeah, and what about TK
and Paul?

They must be
having a laugh too.

No, they're not.

Then why didn't
they say anything?

Because they love you.

And they didn't wanna look
at the face

that I'm looking at right now.

Nobody likes to say
the hard thing.

I almost posted this.

Now I gotta live with it.

I thought I was gonna be
at least 30

before I was too ashamed
to take my shirt off.

We can fix this.

Yeah, how are we
supposed to do that?

I have an idea.

It's gonna sting, though.

- Come on.
- Oh, God.


Yeah, I'm in here.

What are you doing?

You remember when pictures
came on paper like this?

- Look at that.
- Yeah.

This was the day we rented
the rowboat in Central Park.

And it drifted into the reeds.

I recall someone steering it
into the reeds.

Uh, the currents
are surprisingly powerful

in that pond.

Look at TK.

That's why.
Look at his...

Well, we may not
have been perfect,

but we made a beautiful boy.

Yes, we did.

Can you imagine
doing this all again?


Little tiny body
resting on your chest.

Chasing a toddler around.

First day of school.

Hiding little notes
in their lunch box

for them to find
so they know they're loved.

You did that for him too?

♪ Mortar and pestle
they grind ♪

♪ ♪

Are we actually
considering this?

I... I don't know. Are we?

Seems like we are
considering it.

Look, we're young for our age,
you know?

We do all the healthy things.

Yeah. 50's the new 40.

Is 67 the new anything?

Because that's how old I'll be

when I'm teaching them
to parallel park.

Well, it'll be a skill
that comes in handy

when one of us breaks a hip
moving them into a dorm

and they have to rush us
to an ER.

Yeah, I had a case today.

It was terrible.

- Dad. I couldn't save him.
- Mm.

And his daughter was maybe 19,

and now she's left
without a parent.

That's awful.

So would it be fair
to do that to our kid?

Well, that's assuming

the pregnancy goes well,
which is...

A huge assumption.

- I mean, the risks...
- Yeah.

No, you're right, I...

Not just for the baby. For you.

Maybe we should just do
the logical thing.

Schedule an appointment.

Oye, niña! Despacito!

Judd, kale?

Uh, no. No, I'm...

Actually, I'm trying to quit.

Judd, you better eat that kale.

Um, well,
he's doing better than me.


To see him like that, I just...

Always thought
my dad was invincible.

Y'know? But he's okay.

Is there, um,

an upcoming shortage
I don't know about, Judd?

No, I was just...

It's been a day, that's all.

It's definitely rough
seeing your parents decline.

- Mm-hmm.
- Your dad has always

been everyone's
Rock of Gibraltar, you know?

Well, here's to the restaurant
at the Clover Hotel.

Saving lives one milkshake
at a time.

The Clover sells milkshakes?

That's what he said.

It's an Asian bistro.

It's milk and ice cream.
It ain't tricky.

Okay, okay, okay, all right,
all right, all right.

- Ladies, it's time. Please.
- Get 'em.

Into your pajamas.
Brush your teeth. Thank you.

I'll be in to tuck you in.

How about we let Auntie Grace
handle bedtime duty?

Girls, what you think
about that?

- Yay!
- Uh-huh.

- Yay.
- They're all yours.

You know, hell with it.

Why don't you take one home
with you?

If I take one,
I'm taking both, T.

Oh, promises, promises.

Judd, tell 'em.


All right, Ryder.

What the hell's
going on with you?

Grace's daddy wasn't...

uh, at the hotel
getting no milkshake.

He... he was upstairs.

Do I wanna hear
where this is going?

I think you know
exactly where the road leads.

Yeah, he was there
with another woman.

I just...

I don't know
what I'm gonna do, y'all.

I... you know?

It ain't no secret,
but me and Benjamin

have always had our...
Our problems.

From the first day
I came courting,

the man wasn't easy on me.

I was never good enough
for Grace.

Well, he was right.

Yeah, I know.

But I always respected him

because he was
protecting his girl, right?

But that's my job now.

I just... I never thought
I'd be protecting her from him.

Well, who's gonna
protect you from Grace

when she finds out you've been
keeping this from her?

Look, my dad stepped out
on my mom,

and it nearly broke her heart.

I don't want Grace
to have to go through

that kind of pain, you know?

I don't think you're gonna
have a choice, cowboy.

So you drove 45 minutes
to visit me

on my 15-minute break?


I mean, I figure I'll be
helping Uncle Cash

clear brush out of his ranch
this weekend.

- Mm.
- I don't know.

Kinda started
to miss you already, so...

So you just racking up
the points lately, huh?

Well, I'm just
doing my civic duty,

making sure
that our dispatchers

are well-caffeinated.

- And do I taste cinnamon, Judd?
- Mm. Mm-hmm.

'Cause you never remember
the cinnamon.

Well, that's the barista.

And for what he charged me
for that thing,

he oughta change the oil
in my truck.

Did you hear
from your dad today?

I have not.

But Mom says he's been
a terrible patient.

He is ready
to get back to work.

Mm-hmm. Sounds about right.

Yeah, but, you know, the silver
lining in all of this...


Is that next time he tries
to give you a hard time,

you say, "Hey, Dad?

"If it wasn't for me, you'd still
be on the restaurant floor.

- Oh, that'll go good.
- Mm-mm.

Ooh, okay.
15 minutes is about up.

Thank you, sir, for the coffee.

Hey, just hold on right quick.


You, uh...

What's wrong?

I just love you. That's all.


Well, I love you too.

You tell Uncle Cash I said
"hey," you know?

I'll see you Sunday.


♪ ♪

I think you've dialed

the wrong number, ma'am.

I don't think so.

Do you still have
the cheesy crust?

The address? Sure.

It's 235 Hayward Street.
Apartment 3F.

Ma'am, are you in danger?

Is someone making you feel like
you can't speak freely?

- That's right.
- I understand.

My name is Grace, okay?
And help is on the way.

I need you to tell me
how many people

are in the apartment.

Would a medium pepperoni pizza

be big enough for two people?

What are you doing?
I said large.


Okay, so there's
one other person with you.

- Is that who I'm hearing?
- Yes, that's right.

Okay, you're doing
really great.

Can you tell me your name
for the order?

Um, the name on the card
is Kristen Smart.

Okay, Kristen, and is the
person threatening you armed?


Move the puck! Come on!

Okay, if he's armed
with a gun,

I want you to ask
for extra pepperoni.

Extra pepperoni would be great.

And Kristen,
is this person known to you?


Okay, spouse? Ex-spouse?

The second one.
How long until you get here?

We're looking
at about eight minutes.

Uh, say "peppers"
if there's somewhere safe

- you can get to.
- No.

Definitely no peppers.

It's a pizza, not a damn salad.


Hurry up.

The ex's name is Andrew Smart.

Two priors
for aggravated assault.

Just got out on parole.

She has a permanent
restraining order against him.

Okay, so this is
his third strike.

He's definitely not
going peacefully.

No, I wouldn't think so, no.

Be advised, all units.

Code 3 at 235 Hayward Street.
Unit 3F.

Hostage situation.

Suspect is armed
and dangerous.

this is 363-H-20 responding.

♪ ♪

Okay, just confirming,
you're on the third floor.

Yes, that's right.

- Southwest corner?
- Yes.

What the hell
is taking so long?

I don't know,
they're just really busy today.

Then call somewhere else!

I'm starving.

Listen, I might just have
to cancel this order.

My boyfriend's getting
kind of mad, so...

Okay, listen, Kristen.

I will have officers
at your door

in under two minutes, okay?

I really need you to try
and stay on with me.

Kay, I think I can do that.

Okay, good.

Now, I need you to try to move

as far away from the door
as you can.

Can you tell me
if he's facing it, the door?

Nice try, bitch.

Andrew, where's Kristen?

She's right here.

Say "hey" to your friend.


- Pl-please.
- Okay, listen, Andrew.

The police are already
on the way,

so how this ends
is gonna be up to you.

This only ends one way.

No, that's not true.

There's gonna be a transcript
of this call.

And it's either gonna show
that you were cooperative,

and that you
did the right thing,

or it's gonna show
that you deserve to go away

for the rest of your life.

- Please. Please.
- Shut up.

- Shut up!
- Hey.

What's going on, Andrew?
Talk to me.

She ruined it.

She always ruins it.

Nothing is ruined, okay?

Now, we can fix this,

but you've gotta
let me help you.


My grandmother always says

that when God closes a door,

he opens a window.

Sometimes you have to take
a leap of faith.


♪ ♪

You're okay, ma'am.

You're safe now.

Get on the ground!
Get on the ground right now!

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- On the ground! On the ground!

363-H-20. Suspect in custody.

Another operator
would've hung up on her,

but not you.
How'd you know?

Sometimes it's not
what they say, Elliot.

It's what they don't say.

Milk and ice cream.
It ain't tricky, right?

9-1-1, what's your emergency?

My boyfriend's not moving.

I think it's a heart attack.

Where's your boyfriend now?

On top of me!

Okay, ma'am, try to stay calm.

Tell me where you both are.

The Clover Hotel downtown.

The corner suite
on the fourth floor.

♪ ♪


Thank you for stopping by.

I know that you've had
a crazy week.

Oh, please, any excuse
to get out of the house

while your father's on bedrest.

You know,
he discovered a channel

where they play old ball games?

I kid you not, that man

has already watched every game
in UT's 1970 season.

Oh, well...

at least you are able
to keep an eye on him.

- Gracie?
- Oh, sorry.

Everything okay?

Yes, ma'am.
Everything's okay.

Then why do you look as nervous
as a fly in a glue pot?

Because, Mom,
I have to tell you something.

And I'm just not sure
I know how.

Goodness, sweetie.
What's... what's going on?

Well, it's about Dad.

Oh, Lord.
Did the doctor say something?

I had a feeling
he wasn't being forthcoming.

No, no.
No, it's nothing like that.

Come on, child.
Just best come out with it.

♪ ♪

No, it's, um...

♪ ♪

Mom, it's Grandma's china.


I'm sorry,
I was moving some boxes

around the house,
and I broke some of it.

Oh, good Lord.

I was worried
it was something serious.

Well, you know Dad.

He loved that china
more than me.

It was our wedding present,


With what we could've lost
this week?

I don't care
about some old plates.

No, I... I know you don't.

I love you, Mama.

I love you too.

- All right.
- Okay.

So what kind of tea is this?

Hey. You ready?

- What time's the appointment?
- Still at 2:00.


Probably some traffic.

Yes. So should we go?

Yeah. We should go.

Have you eaten?

Do you want something to eat?

I'm not supposed to eat before.

Right, right, so we can...

We can get something after.

- If you want.
- Late lunch.

- So dinner.
- Early dinner.

I'll buy.

I know a great sushi place

very close
to where we're going.

No, I don't trust Texas sushi.

Oh, this place will
disabuse you

of that misapprehension.

All right, Mexican.
You can have a margarita.

Which is how
this whole thing started.

- Tequila and pain meds.
- Right.

Right. Right.
Well, Italian.

Pizza and pasta.
Any kind of comfort food...

Damn it, I don't want pasta!

Well, what do you want?!

I wanna have this baby!

Good! So do I!

A... are you sure?

I think so.

But it's crazy.

Oh, bananas.

It's probably
a terrible mistake.

Oh, without question.

So are we doing this?

I think that's what
we've been saying.

- Hey, how'd it go?
- Terrible.

Aw, man, don't tell me
they botched it.

They did not botch it.
Probie is just being a baby.

It stings.

I told you
it was going to sting.

Come on, let's see it.

- Are you serious?
- Yeah.

Ah. Ah. Careful!

- Ah!
- All right, all right.

Oh, nice, man.
I love the flame.

- It's not flame, it's blood.
- Oh, shut up.

Probie's gonna go back
once it heals

and get the letters redone,
and the best part is,

the shop agreed
to do it all for free.

Marjan had a...
conversation with them.

Must've been some conversation.

That's a lot of ink.

Amazing what a little
direct talk can do, huh?

- Mm.
- All right, look, I'm sorry

that we didn't give you
a heads up.

Yeah, man, it's just
really hard to hurt someone

with the face of an angle.

Too soon.

Oh, and hey,
while you're back there,

can you hook me up
with some ointment?

Your boy's feeling scaly.

All right, but just do me
a favor.

Do not use the word "ointment."

It's a thing.

Okay, it just needs
to be moist.

That's the other thing.


Patty Griffin's
"Let Him Fly"...

♪ Ain't no talking
to this man ♪

♪ Ain't no pretty other side

♪ Ain't no way to understand

♪ The stupid words of pride ♪

♪ It would take an acrobat

♪ I already tried all that ♪

♪ I'm gonna let him fly ♪

Hey, Grace, are you awake?

Yeah, I am now.

Grace, I gotta
tell you something.

I think it's gonna
make you mad.

But I just want you
to really, really consider

who it is
that you're angry with.

I wanna tell you...

♪ You can't recall
just where or why ♪

♪ There was really
nothing to it ♪

Judd, if you're
about to tell me that my father

is not the man
that I thought he was

or that you kept this from me
because you love me

and you didn't want
to see me hurt,

I will say I understand,

and I appreciate it.

Beyond that,
I don't wanna talk about it.

♪ He's been trying
to tell me so ♪

♪ Took a while to understand ♪

♪ The beauty
of just letting go ♪

♪ ♪

♪ 'Cause it would take
an acrobat ♪

All right, then.

♪ I'm gonna let him fly

♪ I'm gonna let him fly ♪