9-1-1: Lone Star (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Back in the Saddle - full transcript

Now if you'll look up ahead,

you'll see an exact replica

of the most famous artillery
pieces in Texas history.

The Twin Sisters.

They were key
in helping Texas triumph

at the Battle of San Jacinto,
avenging the Alamo,

and winning the Republic
her independence.

Who helped the Republicans?

I don't know.
I think some girls,

but I can't hear
with these masks.

May I continue?

Now, some people believe

the cannons sank in quicksand,

others, a Galveston bayou.

Mom, look!

But their whereabouts remains
a mystery.

Oh, my goodness!

- Do you see that?
- Holy smokes!

They have rides?

So here's something

you don't see every day...

A military tank
on the streets of Austin.

Sources are saying
it's an M1 Abrams

first used in combat
during the Persian Gulf War.

Apparently, whoever's driving
that thing

stole it from the
Texas Military Forces Museum

in the last half hour or so.

Police should have no
trouble finding him.

He's left a trail of destructin
for more than a mile.

His name's
Lieutenant John Vasquez.

The curator at the museum
says he volunteers there.

- Helps maintain the equipment.
- Inform Austin PD.

See if you can get a number
on the guy.

Copy that.

This is

the Austin Police Department.

You are in extreme danger.

Stay clear of the road!

Park 'em at least two deep!

We're talking
about a 57-ton tank.

You really think
he'll stop for this?

No, but hopefully
his treads will get stuck

- when he tries to go over.
- And if he decides

to just shoot us
with the cannon?


Everybody, take cover!

Get ready to run.

Somebody needs to come up
with a new plan.

Where do you want us, Sergeant?

Hell if I know.

We got no idea where he's going.

And we can't talk to him.

And he's not picking up
his phone.

So you know who he is.

Lieutenant John Vasquez.

He was a tank gunner
at Desert Storm.

Wife says he's been despondent

since they buried his daughter
on Friday.

She was 27.

Served two tours in Afghanistan.

She died in Afghanistan?

No. She died here.

We'll keep pace. Strand out.

The poor bastard.

Yeah, first the world ends,
and now this.

Plus, there hasn't been
a decent military funeral

- in a year.
- No wonder he's pissed.

Cap, I think I know
where this guy's going.

He's headed to the VA Hospital.

Come on, people!
We gotta evacuate!

Let's go! Let's go!

Go, go, move.
Let's move it, come on!

You sure about this?

His daughter was denied care
at this facility.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

All right, come on!
Let's move it!

Move, move, move, move!

There's still a lot
of sick folks in there, Cap.

Cap, we haven't even hit
the east wing yet.

We should call it.

We need to consider
our people's safety too.

What about his people?


Oh, mi amor. What are you doing?

They forgot about her, Elena.

Our baby. Everyone forgot her.

I'm gonna make them remember.

John, stop. Listen to me.

These people,
they wanna help us.

What people?

Mr. Vasquez.

My name is Grace Ryder.
I'm a 9-1-1 dispatcher.

I do have a friend on the line.

He has something
he'd like to say to you.

Mr. Vasquez.
This is Captain Owen Strand.

Austin FD.

I wanna say how sorry I am
for your loss.

No one should ever have
to feel what you're feeling.

I understand you wanna
blame the government

for what happened
to your daughter.

For denying her sacrifice.

I know how painful that feels.

You have no idea how that feels!

No idea!

Oh, but I do, Lieutenant.

You see, on 9/11,
it was the one day

this country swore
that it would never forget.

And it did.

Those of us
who were there that day,

we don't have that luxury.

We don't get to forget.

And I know too many people
who survived that day,

only to die years later



Because their problems
were too expensive.

Too inconvenient.

So yeah...

I understand your rage.


The men and women
standing with me aren't moving.

How would Sophia feel

about you taking down
all these heroes?

Heroes just like her.

How is that gonna
honor her memory?

Do not make
your daughter's life a footnote

to something stupid
you do here today in her name.

Captain Strand?

Still standing.

Let's move.
Let's get him out of that tank.

Please don't shoot!


Good one, Cap.

Hey, hey, hey, social distance.

- All right.
- Social distance.

Lord, help me.

- Well?
- Hot damn!

Back in the saddle, babe.

Yeah, the saddle's a little
tighter than it used to be.

In all the right places.

You look like a boss.
A sexy-ass boss.

Well, I'm glad I look the part

'cause I sure as hell don't
feel like it.

What are you talking about?

Tommy Vega, you were
the best paramedic captain

- in Travis County.
- Exactly.


That was the better part
of a decade, Charles.

I mean, what if I just
don't have it anymore?


Greatness is in your DNA.

You got this. You believe that.


- For breakfast?
- Steak and eggs!

It's classic.
Besides, I got 40 pounds

of this stuff frozen
in the garage.

Along with five buckets
of scallops,

two cases of lobsters,
and not to mention,

15 cases of toilet paper,
70 formal place settings,

and stir sticks.

Oh, so many stir sticks.

Well, upside,
world ends tomorrow,

- we're ready.
- Yeah.

I'm pretty sure
it ended last March.

- Baby?
- Mmm... mm-hmm?

I'm sorry about this.

- I failed you.
- Hey, uh-uh.

No, you didn't fail,
and neither did the restaurant.

We were doing great.

Then a damn virus
blew up the world.

And not just our world.
The whole damn world.

I know that going back to work
isn't what you want right now.

No. No, it isn't.

I always figured
I'd go back at some point,

and I'd hoped that it was when
the girls were a little older,

but... that's all.

- But now?
- Hmm?

They get their daddy at home
to take care of them?

I mean...

- We're gonna be okay.
- Mm-hmm.

Assuming I don't forget
the difference

between Dextrose and DuoNeb.

Ooh! Oh, that's it.

- Talk dirty to me, Captain.
- Oh, you like that?

- I do.
- Dextrose.

- Oh, my God.
- Yeah.


It smells like dinner.

It's not. It's breakfast.

It's steak and eggs. A classic.

Hey, doesn't your mama
look like a boss?

Mama is the boss.

I love my girls!

Well, if you ask me,

what she did was
incredibly selfish.

What are we talking about?

- Michelle.
- Again.

- What'd she do?
- The same thing.

- She quit!
- She did not quit.

She gave up her occupation
in pursuit of her vocation.

And I admire that.

Don't those mean the same thing?

Hell no.

Vocation is much more
than just a job.

It's more like a calling.

Well, I feel like being
a firefighter's my calling.

And some of us are lucky
when the two line up.

- But when they don't?
- You gotta make a choice.

Which Captain Blake did.

Which was incredibly selfish.

Right, Tim, she
selfishly gave up job security

to dedicate her life
to helping mentally ill people

living on the streets.

People like her sister.

What a monster.

She abandoned us, Nancy.

For some new rando captain

who hasn't been on the job
in, like, forever.

You realize how much EMS
has changed since 2013?

I remember 2013.

- Live concerts.
- Nightclubs.


- You want a hug, Probie?
- I need a hug.

You should've asked.
I'll give you a hug.

Okay. Cool.

And this is your office.


Well, my last office was
more or less a broom closet.

Well, we have one of those too
if you'd be more comfortable.

I bet it's
a really nice broom closet.

Yeah, it ain't bad
to be a broom in my firehouse.

Hmm, well, I'd heard
you made some renovations,

but I gotta tell you,

I've never seen a firehouse
like this before.

Actually, my inspiration was

architectural designer
John Pawson.

I don't know
if I have enough stuff

to fill up this space.

But it's not as big at it looks.

See, that's
the minimalist aesthetic.


I'll stop.

You'll fill this place easily.

I wasn't really talking
about filling the space.

I was talking about the shoes.

Michelle Blake was a rock star.

You know Michelle?

I should. I trained her.

Then, she comes
from a long line of rock stars

because I hear the same thing
about you.

I don't know
who you've been talking to.

Hey, girl!

Guess what I just found
in your truck.

- Juddy.
- Hey.


You have no idea how hard it is
to social distance

at this particular moment.

I appreciate that.

So, Owen, this is
my good friend, Tommy.

She also happens to be the best
EMS captain in all of Texas.

- We've met.
- Oh, you think you have.

Wait till you see her work.

- All right?
- She's very modest.

Did I ever tell you, Cap,

that Tommy did me
the supreme kindness

of introducing me to my wife?

- Many times.
- Well, it's still true.

Well, I'll let you settle in,

let you guys catch up.

Captain, welcome to the 126.

He's something, ain't he?

He's something.


So first day.

I know it's not
the most fun circumstances,

but how do you feel?

Like I need a lot of Jesus
and a little bit of Jack.

- I think you'll be great.
- Okay.

Okay. Okay.

Don't let them get
in your head, girls.

Yeah, Carly's big. So what?

There are only one of her,
and there are 15 of us.

So as long as we roll together

and we watch each other's backs,

we're gonna annihilate
those bitches!

Right, Julie?


Julie, are you okay?

Come on, everybody gets jitters

their first game back
from an ACL.

Yeah, but not everybody
has to go up against

the same cheap shot artist
who tore it in the first place.

Two surgeries.

Five months on crutches.

I mean, I'm an accountant
with three kids.

I would be crazy to risk
going through all that again

for some stupid game.

Some stupid game?

Oh, hell no.
You started this team!

Okay? Look around.

It's because of you
that Holly had the courage

to dump
her asshat of a boyfriend.

And Ruth demanded that raise.

And Yasmeen finally moved out
of her parents' attic.

Now it is your turn
to show Carly that you are not

Julie Shumpert,
scared accountant.

You are Betty Bad Wheels.

And you are back in the saddle!


- Yes!
- One, two, three...


Oh, and it looks
like Betty Bad Wheels

is making her move!

You might tear something.

Oh, my God! Tonya!

Please! She's over here.

There's blood everywhere.

She slid across the floor.

A splinter or something
must have been sticking up.

It's all my fault.

I'm her captain. I let her down.

I never should've come back.
I... I wasn't ready.

- Please help her.
- Captain, scene's medical.

It's your lead.
Where would you like Fire?

Get ready to lift her up.

Get the floorboard
so we can move her.

Paul, let's get a backboard.
Marjan, the reticular saw.

- Mateo, you're with me.
- Your friend.

- What's her name?
- Tonya.

Tonya, my name's Captain Vega.

You've gotten yourself
into quite a little trip here.

I need you to hang in there,

We're gonna get you out of this.

I'm not going anywhere.

Get her in a C-collar.
Start a line.

- Run it wide open.
- Copy that.

Stabilize that shard
with two rolls of Kerlix.

Copy that.

Backboard flying in!

We're almost there, Tonya.

- How are we feeling?
- I'm so tired.

No, ma'am. I need you awake.

I can't have you
going into shock.

I'm pushing fluids, Cap.

Kitten Crusher?

What, you have something
against cats?

I'm a kitten... who crushes.

Ah, you must be a blocker.

How did you know?

I can recognize my own.

You should lace up again.

We're gonna be down a blocker.

- Splinter's secure, Captain.
- All right.

Lift her up. Cut her loose.

All right. Nice and easy.

On three.

One, two, three.

- All clear.
- All right.

Easy. Get her on the backboard.

Guys, watch the shard,
Keep it clear of the board.

Oh, my God!

- Her arm.
- What?


All right.
Get her on the gurney.

No radial pulse. No cap refill.

Tissue's about to go necrotic.

Cap, we gotta restore
circulation now

or she loses the arm.

Captain, what's the plan?

- I reset it.
- You? You sure?

We only get one shot at this.
You haven't been in the field...

- Get me the vacuum splint.
- Copy.

Tonya, I'm not gonna lie,
this is gonna pinch.

- All right, you ready?
- Yeah.

Scene's medical, your lead.

We only get one shot at this.

Michelle Blake was a rock star.

Best EMS
captain in all of Texas.

Let's not raise
any unrealistic expectations.

Oh, my God! Her arm, her arm!

- You got this.
- About to go necrotic.

What if I just
don't have it in me?

Lord, help me.

Oh, my God!

We got a pulse, Cap.

Does that mean that I'm...

That means
she just saved your arm.

Oh. Thank you.

You can breathe again, Captain.

I got it, man.

- Hey.
- You get the cheeseballs?

No, I didn't get
the cheeseballs.

Why not?

Because Mateo, my boyfriend
goes to a lot of trouble

to make us healthy snacks

and provides us
with a safe place

for us to gather
so we can at least have

some human interaction
in this uncertain age,

and I'm not gonna spoil that
with cheeseballs.

Also, I forgot.

Did you remember
the orange juice?

- Yeah, I got it.
- Oh, you remember

the orange juice,
but you forget the cheeseballs.

It's not like they have
all the orange stuff

in the same corner
of the market, Probie.

You seem a little stressed.

- Is it that noticeable?
- I noticed.

And I'm pretty sure
I haven't looked at you

- since you walked in.
- I noticed her noticing.

I had some trouble
getting out of the house.

- Again?
- That's still going on?

Oh, if anything, it's worse.

TK, did you use the last
of my Naseberry Eye Exfoliant?

Do you think
I have a death wish?

That's unbelievable.

You know, she also moved
my hand towel,

which I expressly asked her
not to do.

Dad, please don't freak out.

And her long chestnut hairs

are in my brush.

Who does she think she is?

Do you mind?

I was on with clients in Osaka.

TK, will you tell your mother
that I can put up with a lot,

but I will not stand for someone

stealing my last line
of defense beauty products?

No, I'm not gonna do that.

And would you kindly
remind your father

that he stole my beauty products

for all ten years
of our marriage,

and this is no way
to treat a guest?

- I'm not gonna do that either.
- A guest?

Ha, a guest stops being a guest
after a month.

Or four.

From there on out,
you are a squatter.

Oh, Dad. Why?

It is not my fault
that you allowed

our only child to be shot

right before
a worldwide pandemic hit.

Mom, why?

So why is she still here?

Yeah, doesn't she run
a big law firm in New York?

Well, New York was rough
at first,

and like most people,

she's taking her meetings online

and she doesn't have
to be anywhere.

Plus, my dad got cancer.

She wanted to come
and support him.

By giving him another tumor?

I don't know.
I-I've seen them together.

I think they like sparring.
They're pretty well matched.

Oh, there is no sparring.

Nobody's wearing gloves.

Oops, we did it again.

That probably stopped
being funny in July.

Maybe it was a little funny.
It was just more dorky funny.

You have a very dorky side
to you, Owen Strand.

It's the side I've always found
very charming.

Even when I'm yelling
about exfoliants?

- Particularly.
- Whoa, where are you going?

I have a 3:00.

In the next room.

Yeah, well, you know my rule.

I show up to these Zoom meetings

like I would
any real-world meeting.

It keeps me from getting lazy.

Lazy is the last thing anyone
would ever accuse you of being.

But it does explain
the dearth of exfoliants.

You do so many
of those Zoom calls.

How the tables have turned.

When we were married,
I was the one

always complaining
about how much you worked.

I'm not complaining.
I'm saying it's 3:00.

We got time.

You really think I'm a squatter?


A barnacle.
A beautiful barnacle.

Attached to my home.

Come on, round two.
TK's gonna be gone all day.

Oh, but what if
your folks come home?

You are hilarious!
You're the one who insisted

we be sneaking around
behind his back.

There's no sneaking!

There's just also no point in
confusing him by telling him.

I mean, we know what this is.

- We do?
- Yes.

We are two consenting adults

who happen to be
very fond of one another

who have been closely confined

and have found an option
other than homicide.

Step away from the exfoliants!

- You can't see that!
- I don't have to!


Where are the girls?

Where they are every Wednesday.

You took them to school
without letting me see them?

Letting you see them?

Why didn't you wake me up?

Well, you just finished working

your first 24-hour shift
in eight years.

We wanted to let you
sleep a little, so...

That's not okay, Charles.

I haven't seen my babies
in 24 hours.

I come home, and they're asleep.

I wake up, and they're gone,

and I was here.

I was right here, Charles!


Come here.


Come here.

Come here. Come here, come here.

Come on.

I'm sorry.

I don't know
what's wrong with me.

There's not a thing
wrong with you.

Maybe that's the trouble.

Being perfect is a lot.
You need a flaw.

No, I'm not perfect.

Far as I'm concerned, you are.

I'm still annoyed.

I know.

I promise to wake you up
next time.

- After a 24-hour shift?
- Mm-hmm.

You'll do that
at your own peril.

I'll take the risk.

They miss you as much
as you miss them, you know?

- They do?
- Sure, they do.

This is hard on everyone
right now.

But it's like
the scripture's saying...

"We rejoice in our suffering."


I wish this last year
hadn't given us

quite so much to rejoice about.

Hmm. You and me both, babe.

You and me both.

Phone company said
his name's Carl Hubbard.

He's 41 years old.

His boss says
he's fit at a fiddle.

He got no cardiac history.

He said the guy runs Ironmans
on the weekend.

Well, something's
definitely wrong with him.

What do you think, Captain?

Could be a heart attack,
a seizure.

He may have just fainted
from dehydration.

It's impossible to tell
from down here.

All right, we gotta get him down

so Medical can have
a look at him.

TK, get the rescue harnesses.

- Mateo, deploy the rescue bag.
- Radio West Park.

Tell them to have their cardiac
and stroke teams on standby.


I'm gonna need two bags of D5.

Is that...



I'm gonna need
one of those harnesses.

How you doing
back there, Captain?


Other than forgetting
how much these chafe.

Last time I was in one,

- "Gilmore Girls" was still on.
- Oh, don't worry.

I got your Hibiscus
Blister Balm in the truck.

Yeah, you laugh now.

You'll thank me later.

Carl, can you hear me?

He's in shock.

He's got a wound
in the upper left leg.

It's bleeding out pretty bad.

Looks like some kind
of a puncture wound

from a tool maybe.


I'm secured here.

Hold him as still
as you possibly can.

- Can you reach him?
- Yeah.

All right.

Captain, that's not
a puncture wound.

- That's an exit wound.
- Maybe from a bullet?

That doesn't look like
any gunshot I've ever seen.

Get behind the dish!

What the hell was that?

- It's a bolt.
- A bolt?

You mean, like, from a...

126, we're taking fire.

Did you just say
you're taking fire?

'Cause we don't hear anything
down here.

That's 'cause it's coming
from a crossbow!

A crossbow?

From where?

Looks like...
I think from the south.

Get down, Probie!

Look, we have
a severe leg injury.

He's bleeding out.
We're kind of pinned down here.

Dispatch, this is 126.

We need APD.
4206 Ridgewood, but quick.

Why the hell is someone
taking shots at a cell tower?

Everyone hates
the phone company.

There. Stucco apartment.

Second floor,
third unit from the left.

Really? How can you tell?

The window's open.

Yeah, but only one next to
a running air conditioner unit.

Keep your eyes open. Come on.

Open your eyes. Stay with me.

Guys, come on!
We gotta stop him!

Hey, hey, hey!

Police are gonna be here
in two minutes.

Yeah, that's two minutes longer
than my dad has

- hanging up there.
- TK's right!

Cap's ass is
blowing in the breeze.

- I'm going too.
- Me too.

Hey, killers!

If we're gonna do it,
let's at least do it smart.

Hey, no, no. Stay with me.

Look at my eyes. Stay with me.

Hey, Captain!

We gotta stop this bleeding!

Captain, let's go!

Trying to focus here!

All right.

Hold him as still as you can.

I'm gonna close his wound
with this iTClamp.

All right.

- Hey!
- Suck it!


Don't even play!


You know,
if you get yourself shot again,

you're never making it
out of the doghouse.

Maybe don't make us
do your job for you next time.

You really are a smug bunch.

You love it.

Hey, so what was
her deal anyway?

Lady Legolas with the crossbow?

According to her,
she was trying to stop

the spread of COVID-19.

She read on the internet
that it was being spread

- by 5G towers.
- Oh, good.

I thought for a second
she might be crazy.

Told you, everybody hates
the phone company.

Hey, what'd I tell y'all?

What did I tell y'all
about this woman right here?

She's something, ain't she?

Yeah, that was
objectively badass.

- Hey, I was there too.
- Yeah.

You were just hanging up there
getting shot at

and she was performing surgery
100 feet up, taking fire.

He's a loyal friend.

Yeah, he is that.

And I couldn't have done it
without you, Captain.

And somehow, I think you coulda.

Well, you say that now,
but admit it.

You thought I was
freezing up again, didn't you?

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

We both know you saw me choke

at the roller derby
the other day.

You were resetting a compound
fracture with your bare hands.

You're entitled
to an extra breath.

Well, I want you to know that
that was a one-time only,

first day back kind of thing.

The rust is off.

I'll stay on my toes.

Hey, Cap.

I think we're gonna have
some fun.

You bet your ass we are.

Now, it's been a month
since you finished

your last round
of immunotherapy,

and it's at this point
we can begin determining

the efficacy of your overall
cancer treatment plan.

That's doctor speak for,
"Did any of this stuff work?"

I won't keep you in suspense.

Your blood work and your
pulmonary function tests

look good, but the CT scan
is the real bellwether.

Looking them over,
what I'm seeing here is...

Frankly, it's not...

- Oh, God.
- Hey.

No, no, no. Come on, come on.

No. Hey.

The gravity of this,

we usually recommend counseling.

Uh, so it's... so it's bad?

- My cancer spread?
- What?

- What?
- What?

Shoot! Wait, did I freeze?

Yes, yes! You freaking froze!

- We didn't hear the whole...
- Oh, I am so sorry.

Technology has allowed me
to make house calls,

but it has been hell on
my bedside manner sometimes.

No, no,
your cancer has not spread.

Your tumor has been reduced
by 73%.

Captain Strand, your lung cancer

is officially in remission.

I'm sorry, but what were you
saying about counseling?

Well, because
sometimes good news is

just as difficult
to process as the bad news.

Are you saying that...
That he's cured?

Mm, he's in good shape.

We could even do
a wedge resection surgery soon

to remove the tumor completely.

Captain Strand, you're going
to get your life back.

Wow, um...

- Wow, indeed.
- Wow.

Go, why don't you
take some time to celebrate?

We will get another visit
on the books

to discuss further steps.

Thank you.

Thank you so much, Dr. Jacobs.

Oh, my God. Dad, that's amazing!

Everybody at the firehouse
is gonna freak out!

Look, let's just...
Let's just hold off a beat,

'cause I wanna get
a second opinion.

And I don't wanna do
an end zone dance

and have the ref call
the play back.

Whatever you say.

You did it!

- Mm.
- Oh, my God!

You know this is
good news, right?

The best.

I'm so proud of you, Owen.

The way you fought through
those last rounds of chemo.

You never complained, you never
felt sorry for yourself.

It'd be hard to complain
to the woman

who's holding your barf bag.

Thank you. Thank you.

No, you did this.

You did this.
You were so strong.

I knew it would
turn out well today.

- I knew you'd beat this!
- Mm-hmm.

Which is why I, um...

I bought a ticket
out to New York for Saturday.


You know, TK's gunshot wound
healed a long time ago

and now you're in the clear,
so I feel like it's time

that I get out of your...
perfectly coiffed hair.

Well, um...

it has been a pleasure
sheltering in place with you.

These folks aren't
just our clients.

Many of them are friends,

so they deserve
to keep their benefits

even if they miss a premium.

Thanks, Mary.

The pandemic's been hard
on everybody.

I'd love to hear
accounting's take.

Well, I've been
running the numbers,

and it'll be tight...

But the good news is
that we should be able to...

Larry? Can you mute yourself?

We can hear you chewing.

You... you can?

- Yeah.
- Yes.

Oh, my bad!

Go ahead, Vern. Go ahead.

Well, it's gonna be tricky,
but if we part out

the homeowners and the auto
from our umbrella policies,

we shouldn't have any...

- Uh, Mary?
- Yeah, Mary. Mary!

- No, no!
- Nuh-uh, Mary!

Mary, we can see you! Mary!


Poor thing.

I saw nothing, Mary.

- Okay.
- Hey, Larry!

Larry, is everything okay?

- Is he okay?
- Are you okay?

Is he choking?

- I think he's choking.
- He's turning red.

Oh, my gosh! Is he okay?

- What's happening?
- Larry, can you hear us?

- Oh, my...
- Oh!

- Do something!
- Oh, my God.

- Ooh...
- Aw...

- Gross!
- Wow.

Come on.

You're on mute!
Unmute, unmute, unmute!

He's gonna be all right,

but, uh, tell your friend,
smaller bites.


- Oh, good job, you guys.
- Thank you!

- Oh!
- Great!

There she is.

- Hey, baby.
- Hey.

Hey, the girls only went down
about an hour ago.

Why don't you, um...

Why don't you wake them up
and get in a little QT?

No, it's a school night.

- Um, what's that stain exactly?
- Oh.

Curl and style milk.

Your man got the bright idea
to do the girls' hair.

You know, like a dry run
for picture day next week?

Well, how'd that go?

Oh, I'm not gonna lie to you,
it was a battle.


There was a lot of crying,
there was a lot of tears,

a lot of pain.

I'm sure that one of the girls
even cried too.

But it was all worth it.

Um, let's see.

Tell me that...

that is not
a solid French braid.

Oh. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

- Boom.
- Oh, I see.

Well, you know, Evie's symmetry
is just a little off,

but, yeah, I'd say
that's a good, solid start.

- It's a good start?
- Uh-huh.

Shoot. You give me a week.

I'ma have those girls rocking
box braids and Marcel waves.

I bet you will too.

- All right.
- You're my hero, you know that?


You're the one
who's climbing up a tower.

- Getting shot at.
- Oh.

Yeah, I saw the news. Mm-hmm.

Oh, well, believe me,
I have the easier job.

Oh, you do, kinda. Don't you?

- Oh, and...
- What?

I need you to shut up.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

Mm-mm, no.

Now, who the hell...

Okay, give me just one second.

- Yeah, okay.
- All right.

I don't believe this.

Hey, y'all.

We brought some cheesecake.

Well, what are you doing here
at this hour?

You said
you wanted a little Jack.

Well, I brought a lot of Jack.

Anybody who makes a save like
that their first week back,

and they're...

Gonna celebrate that.


You didn't have to do that.

- You really didn't.
- And we're not going to.

This is for you.

No, no, no, no. Come on.

Stop. Come on in.

I'll get some plates.

We'll talk about calling ahead.

- I'm sorry, brother.
- Yeah.

Oh, my fa...

Mm-hmm, it better be
damn good cheesecake.


Well, somebody's
anxious to leave.

Oh, you know me.
I like to be ready.

But my flight doesn't leave
till late tomorrow.

Maybe in the morning, we can
have one last family hang.

Finally get out to that bridge
with the...

The thousands of bats.

Yeah, 1.5 million bats.

Yeah, I... I don't think
it's a good idea.

what about, uh, Barton Springs?

It's where
all the hippies go topless.

No, I mean I don't think it's
a good idea that you leave.

Wait, you mean stay? Why?

Why not? Come on.

You have to admit
it's been really special

having us all together
under the same roof again.

Yeah, but it's also been like
living in a pressure cooker.

We know how to release steam.

Yes, we are excellent,
really, but...

Are you serious?

I'm not ready for you to go.

What about the firm?

They would lose their minds

- if I didn't come back.
- The firm?

You mean the one
with your name on the door?

Come on, I think you've been
working just fine from here

for the last few months.

But the pollen down here!

It's... it's apocalyptic!

And I've met
so many amazing people

in the medical community.

Look, Gwyn.

Remember when you said
we both know what this is?

I'm not so sure we do.

Or what it could be.

Don't you want to find out?

Are you sure you're not
just trying to get out

of driving me to the airport?

I was just gonna
put you in an Uber.

This could end in homicide.

It could.

But how many times are we
gonna get a second chance

at the best relationship
of our lives?

Oh, crap.

We're gonna have to tell TK

if that's what's
really been going on.

TK knows.

- What do you know?
- More than any son should.

The walls here are
not that thick.

Who else knows?


Well, he's a wise-ass.

Remember when he was
young and adorable?

No, not really.

Do you find
yourself looking for stability

in this chaotic world?

I bought
a food truck in February 2020.


Yeah, dude.

stability comes from within.

So let's try a focus exercise.

What are you doing now?
Say it out loud.

I am massaging the kale.

You may feel your mind

start to wander.

If this happens,
close your eyes.

Return to your center.

Bring your attention
back to your task.

I am massaging the kale.

I am massaging the kale.

I am massaging the kale.


Feeling better?

You know...

I do.