9-1-1: Lone Star (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Awakening - full transcript

The crew race to a gender reveal party gone horribly wrong, and a father/son trapped in a cave during a spelunking excursion; Judd and Grace aid Judd's aging father.

But it's all about
what you're putting

in the meat, right?
Let me tell you.

Watch it, you little hellions.

They started it, Uncle Todd.

I don't care
who drew first blood.

Move the Jedi battle
away from the grill

before somebody gets burned.

Man, I ain't never having kids.

All right, everybody,
get out your phones.

It's time for the reveal.

Benny, Charlie, Ricky.
Dang it.

You heard your mom.
Get over here.

Come on.

Dear Lord,
please let it be a girl.


Okay, here we go!

Can we get a countdown, y'all?

Five, four, three...

Dang it, Charlie.

It's a girl.

James, we're finally having
a little girl!

Sweet God, hallelujah.

How bad?

Well, you're very lucky
that your brother-in-law

got you into that pool so fast.

Let's push one mil of morphine
to make him comfortable.

Yes, Cap.

Sir, this might sting
a little bit, okay?

I'm just gonna put
this sterilized gauze...

On until you get
to the hospital, okay?

The burns look
pretty superficial, actually,

probably nothing more
than a second-degree.

But my face will be okay,

I think so.

And that eyebrow will
grow back in no time.

What's wrong with my eyebrow?

Nice one.

What do you say, Captain?

- Hey, Judd.
- -Hey.

Hey, y'all, that's good.
That's enough!

Hey, Stollman,
kill the pressure

on the hose, will you?

All right.
Hey, great work, everybody.

Let's pack it up and go.


Man, who knew gender reveal
dust could go out like that?

Yeah, well, you take
any starch-based powder

and put it near an open flame,
watch what happens.

You ask me, the whole idea
of a gender reveal party

is pretty messed up,

people filming
themselves rooting

for a girl or a boy,
it's unseemly.

Yeah, not to mention,
you don't get the gender

from the ultrasound.

You get it from the kid.

Sing it, brother.

126, we're on the move.
Let's go.

- Ohh!
- Miss Molly!

Hey, what happened?

Breathe, breathe, breathe.

- Ma'am, are you okay?
- -She's coming!

Sir, how many months is she?

Uh, seven months.
Uh, it's too early.

Probably induced by the stress.

Ma'am, we're gonna get you

- to a hospital right away.
- -No time.

- But you just went into labor.
- I've had three of these, kid.

Trust me, she's coming now.

- Judd.
- What?

Since Cap's gone,
you're in charge.

Oh, right.
Uh... oh, right.

All right, so go inside,
get... get sheets, towels,

anything that's clean.

- Yeah.
- Get on the radio,

tell them that we need
an RA unit ASAP.

Hey, then grab that med kit off
the truck, come back with it.

You can help Marjan
with anything she needs.

- -Me?
- Yeah, you're certified,

ain't you?

You can do this.
You're almost there.

Take a deep breath and push.

Oh, God!


- I can see it.
- She's coming early.

- Oh, she's coming early.
- -You got this.

I'm not ready for this.
She's too early.

Take a deep breath and push.

Oh, God!

Okay, push,
push, push, push.

I can see her!
I can see her!

- Ooh.
- Ooh.

You did, Mama.

- Wow.
- You did it.


Congratulations, it's a boy.

That's impossible.
That... that cloud was pink.

It was pink, man.



Who misses
their own son's birthday?

One of my guys was
having a hard time.

I just couldn't bail.

Your son was
having a hard time.

TK understands.

Everyone at my station has
lost so many people...

So help me, Owen,
if you throw 9/11 in my face

one more time...

They're calling it
a level two coma.

He moans a little,
chews in his sleep.

- -Mm.
- He's probably starving.

And it seems like he's gonna
wake up, and he just...


Owen, I'm so sorry.

But we were lucky...

that the bullet didn't hit
his heart or his spine.

It's a miracle.

It did nick a major vessel
in his shoulder,

under the sub...

Subclavian artery.

I had to take a couple
of anatomy surveys

in grad school, so...

- Huh. Good recall.
- -Thanks.

And then he went into
hypovolemic shock,

and... some of his organs
started to shut down.

Oh, my God, Owen.

But look at him,
He's... he's doing better.

He's breathing on his own.

Everything seems to be
functioning okay now.

Come on, come meet my boy.


He looks like you.

He looks more like his mother,

Does she know yet?

She's travelling on business
in China.

She's desperately trying to get
a flight back,

but... I told her by the time
that happens, he'll be awake.

- -Yeah.
- And the doctors say

it could be any minute.

So I'm... I'm just waiting here.

I'm glad you're here.

I didn't realize how much
I could use the companionship.

- And a shower.
- -Yeah.

- -Right?
- Yep. Yeah.

- -I'm... I'm guessing.
- You're pretty gamey, yeah.




Hey... hey.

- -Dad.
- It's all right.

- -Where am I?
- It's all right.

- -What happened?
- It's all right.

It's all right.
You're okay.

You're in the hospital,
but you're okay.

I'm here.
I'm here.

What happened?
What happened?

You were shot.

Is she my doctor?

Who, me?
Oh, no.

No, I'm... I'm his, uh, date.

You brought a date?

Last thing I remember is...

being at the station
that night,

talking to you
and petting Buttercup.

After that,
it's... it's all black.

That's probably for the best.

Dad, what happened?

Who... who the hell shot me?

We were responding
to a possible cardiac event

behind a locked door...

Forced our way in,

and a seven-year-old boy with
his grandfather's gun shot you.

He thought we were intruders.

Oh, that poor kid.

Does anybody know
how he's holding up?

I hear he's been meeting
with APD counseling.

He's come from a good family,
goes to a nice church.

It's so like you
to be sitting here

with a hole in your chest

and still thinking about
somebody else.

Right, I'm... I'm gonna go home

but I-I can't even
remember it.

Is that kid gonna be able
to forget it?

Okay, there... there is
one more thing

I have to ask you,
but you got to promise

to give it to me straight.

Sure, anything.

What's the deal
with that hot babe, Zoe?

First of all,
she is not just a hot babe.

She is the head of the
psychology department at UT.


- And she is a really hot babe.
- -Yeah, she is.

So are you gonna tell me how
long you've been seeing her?

When you tell me how long
you've been seeing the cop.

Oh, God.

No, no, no.

No, wait.

You still here?

I'm bonding with Buttercup.

Your shift is over.



You see how good he listens
to Auntie.

That's 'cause you love Auntie
the most.

Okay, it's because you have
the doggy treats.

Wait till TK gets back.

We'll see how much love
you get then.

When is TK coming back?

- -He needs to heal.
- So, like, a couple weeks?

No, sooner than that.

He was shot.

Yeah, I heard that
a firefighter in Los Angeles

had a piece of rebar
go through his brain,

and then he was back at work
within a month.

That's impossible.

Well, my buddy swears
it's true.

California, man.

When's Cap coming back?

Soon, I hope.

What, you don't like
filling in for him?

I mean, I like
the little bump in pay,

but y'all can keep
the rest of it.

Hey, Daddy, where you at?

I'm at home.

Wait, what are you doing?

You're supposed to be
running errands today,

and plus, Grace is cooking.

Well, I hope she didn't go

to a lot of trouble,
'cause I'm... I'm gonna have

to take a rain check.

Wha... oh, you not feeling good?

No, I'm fine.

I just had some things

I had to do around the house,
lost track of time.

All right, well,
get in your truck,

and, you know,
we'll keep dinner warm.

I'm just getting
off of work now.

Not tonight, Juddy.

Think I'll stay in.

Hey, you sound kind of funny.

I am funny.

Life of the party.

Give my apologies to Grace.

We'll talk soon.

All right.

All right.

Hey, Daddy, where are you?

Lord in Heaven.
You drive all the way out here?

Oh, man.

Oh, for Pete's sake.

Why didn't you tell me
you needed help?

Because I don't need
any help.


How long you been
laying here in the dark?


since the sun went down.

Oh, so you've been
laying in here all day?

No, just from the middle
of the afternoon,

and now I've got to go
relieve myself.

Thank you very much.

So you were just holding it
all day?

You can sniff the rug
if you need to.

Yeah, yeah.

I'ma pass.

So how'd that happen?

How did it happen?

I-I just got out
of the shower,

and I tripped over
that damn rug

while I was looking
for my britches.

Oh, here they are.

So how come you didn't call
Mr. Rick or Delores?

What, and have them
come over here

and catch me in my skivvies?

Well, you should have
called me.

Oh, you was at work.

It wasn't an emergency anyway.

Besides that, I was just fixing
to get up

when you walked in here.

Yeah, you looked like
you was just fixing to.

You hungry?

Oh, I-I could eat.

Why don't you let me
fix you something?

You got anything in there?

There's some chorizo
in the icebox,

and, uh, I think there's
some eggs in there, too.

I thought Grace was
gonna cook.

Well, I'ma have
to give her call now

'cause she... she...

She was making a chili...

Hey, let... let me get rid
of that old rug, will ya?

Oh, no,
your mama loved this rug.

It ain't gonna go anywhere.

What are you doing?

Here you go, son.

I'm not even halfway done
with this one.

You heard the doctor.

You can't overhydrate.
If your...

Don't tell me what color
my pee should be again.

- What?
- You need a pillow.

- I'm fine.
- -No.

No, you look uncomfortable.

Last thing you need is
a stiff neck.

I said I'm fine.

Do you really plan to hover
over me like a mother hen

for the next three weeks?

They said you might heal up
in ten days, but, yeah.

I talked to
Deputy Chief Radford.

He said to take as much time
at home as I need.

Dad, that's crazy.
You should get back to work.

What are you gonna do
about food?

You... you stocked the fridge,

and I got a delivery app
on my phone.

I'll be okay, I promise.

- You sure?
- -I'm sure.

You could probably make
next shift.

All right.
I'll go get changed.

Listen, Tk.

You'll be back in no time...
two weeks or less.

Yeah, we'll see.

Devil's Horn.

Now, inside that cave, son,
your destiny awaits.

I always kind of pictured
my destiny including.

Wi-Fi and sunlight.

And, Dad,
I can tell you right now

that caving is not gonna be
my jam.

Okay, how far does this thing
even go?

It's called spelunking,

and whether it's
your jam or not,

it's good to be
a little scared sometimes.

Okay, please don't drop
a quote on me.

"Fear defeats more people
than any other one thing

in the world."

There's a reason that
people climb mountains

or swim with sharks.

It's because when you
push yourself to the limits

and you succeed,
then you feel like

there's nothing that
you can't conquer.


Is this about Trent Davis
kicking my ass?

It's not just about
Trent Davis kicking your ass

or Derek Coburn.

It's about you being
too chicken

to turn in your résumé
for the art gallery internship.

Because I'm not like you!

I didn't inherit
your confidence.

That's just it, Keithan.

I wasn't born with confidence.
I earned it, and you can, too.

By crawling through
a pitch-black hole

into the bowels of the Earth?



You doing any better
now that

we've been in here
a little bit?

No, it still feels like

I'm crawling through
a nightmare factory.

Hey, wait.

Don't... don't bats hang out
in caves?

There's no bats in this cave.

Blind salamanders maybe,
spiders for sure.

You know, you could have
just stopped after saying

there weren't bats.

Dad, this seems
a little narrow, no?

Well, they call it
"the Birth Canal."

Now, it's a tight squeeze,
but just beyond this passage,

the cave opens up

into a beautiful
cathedral of stone.

Every time,
it's like a rebirth,

and I won't let fear... whoa!




- Are you okay?
- -I'm okay.

I'm okay.

Grab my legs...

and I'll try to shimmy
out of here.

You're stuck.

Hey, Dad,
what are we gonna do?

I need you to listen to me.

You need to climb out of here
and go get help.

You can do this, son.

I believe in you.
Now go, okay?

My dad and I were crawling down
this tunnel when he slipped.

He fell face-first.

Now he's stuck up to his knees.
I couldn't pull him out.

Do you know what angle
your dad got stuck at?

Were his legs like
this, this, or this?

Uh, like... like that.

So do you remember
how far in y'all went,

how far down, how many turns,
any of that?


No, it was dark,
and... and I was scared.


My dad called it
"the Birth Canal."

- -Does that help?
- Yeah, it does, actually.

That's a great job
remembering that.

Please don't let him die
down there.

We're gonna do everything
we can to get him out.

In the meantime,

I want you to go get
those cuts looked at.

Paul, take Keithan down to EMS,
have him checked out.

- You got it, Cap.
- All right.


They got to seal
this thing up.

I've had three calls where
people got stuck down there.

Three calls?
How many saves?

How far down is it?

Uh, to the Birth Canal
is 80 feet.

All right,
let's get geared up!

Cap, Cap.

There's some 90-degree turns
in there

that ain't but two-feet wide.

Well, that excludes everybody

This reminds of
The Descent.

It's where these monsters
just jump out

and rip these spelunker chicks
in half...

- Hey, Mateo.
- Yeah?

Would you please stop?

Copy that.

Can you hear me?

Oh. Oh, thank God!

Who's there?

My name's Marjan.
I have Mateo with me.

We're from Austin FD,

and we're gonna get you
out of here, okay?

Is Keithan okay?

Yeah, he's doing fine.

He'll be a lot better
once you're up there, too.

I'ma toss this down, Marjan.

We're gonna pull you
out of here, all right?


You're doing good.
Just hang in there.

We're moving as fast as we can.

All right, Mateo, I'm gonna
throw this up to you.

Ready to catch?

Got it.

And pull!

Come on.

- Ow! Ow!
- Okay, stop!

- Stop, stop, stop.
- Ow!

He's in there pretty good.

Okay, take that back up
to the surface

and drill in rope anchors
at every corner

so it doesn't snag.

What about you?

I need
to open this tunnel up.

Okay, Bennett, you're gonna
feel some vibrations,

and I have to warn you,
this may not feel good.

Ow! Ow! Ow!

We're starting
to lose light up here.

How we looking down there,

I just need to add
a little lube,

and we should be good to go.


I'm pouring soap solution
on you now

to reduce the friction.

How you holding up?

Eh, I can't... I can't...

I find it hard to breathe.

I don't know why.
My chest hurts.

Well, your lungs
weren't built to hold

the weight of your body.

But we're almost done.

- -Okay.
- All right.

Here we go.
Do it, Cap.


It's working.
It's working.


Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.

Bennett, what happened?

My chest... there's a rock

Can you flex your back
and lift yourself up?

I can't breathe.

Cap, we have a problem.

He's snagged on a rock,

and if he had
any strength left,

he could just lift
himself clear,

but he's about to asphyxiate.

Put the radio next to him.

Here, I want you to talk
to your father.

Ben, you still with me?

Okay, my cap wants you to hear



Look, I know
that you're tired...

and scared
and you just want to give up.

But come on,
like you said, right?

"If we face our fears,
there's nothing

we can't conquer," right?


So, when they say "now,"

you got to give it
everything you got.

And, Dad... I love you.

I love you, too.

Good job.

On three,
everything you've got.

One, two...


He's clear!
He's clear!

Send down a basket so we can
get him out of here.


I've never been so scared
in my life.

You did it.
You did it, son.

You saved me.

No, they did.

Your dad's right, he wouldn't
have made it without you.

Thank you.

Keithan, you still scared
of a little internship?

- -Hell, no.
- That's my boy.

Oh, man,
I'm about fit to bust.

this cobbler is one of

the many reasons that
you're my favorite


Well, thank you, Dad, so much.

Daddy, let me ask you this.

How come you always
go on about her being

your favorite daughter,
but you never say anything

about... about where I rank
among your favorite sons.

Oh, you're one
of the top three.

Top three, ah, damn.

Thank you.
You want some coffee?

No, thanks.
It's getting late.

I guess I better be
hitting the road.

So hang on just a...
Just a minute here,


We wanted to talk to you
just about what happened

the other night
over at your place.

What happened?

With you falling down
and everything.

Well, shoot, that's nothing.

Well, you know,
we were talking.

That's the third time
you fell this year,

and that ain't including
the automobile accident

you got in last spring.

- So...
- Well, I told you

that that's because
that nitwit cut me off.

The insurance company
agrees with me.

What... what's that got to do
with anything?

Well, we're just worried
about you, Dad.

That's all.

There's no reason
to worry about me.


we kind of see it different
than that, you know.

You... you being in
that big-ass house

all by yourself
is worrisome.

What's worrisome
about me being in my house?

I've been in that house
for 40 years.

I plan to die in that house.

Well, yeah, at this rate,
it ain't gonna be long.

What the hell
do you mean by that?

You know exactly what it means.

If I hadn't come over there
the other night,

you'd still be on your keister
right now.

What the hell you say?

And who asked you
to come over anyway?

Oh, my God, you can be
a stubborn old goat, man.


What is this?

Y'all trying to get me
to move into a nursing home?

Is that it?

What are you talking
about a nursing home?

Hell, no, we're not.

We're saying that
we want you to have

a-a-a more manageable house

with fewer steps
that's closer to us.

I told you that
I want to stay in my house,


Okay. Fine.

Would you at least
let us get you some help?

Look, I spent 30 years
on the rig, offshore,

in the Gulf of Mexico.

- I-I've worked through heat.
- -I know.

I've worked through

Yeah, I know 'cause you're
a real hard son of a bitch

and everybody knows that.

You know what? But you're not
45 years old anymore.

You're 81, and you got gout
and you got your arthritis

and God knows what else.

Gracey, that... this was...

a wonderful meal.

You... you really outdid

Y'all have a wonderful evening.

A car, sir?

Harry, come down.

Okay, where is your son now?

Hurry, hurry!

He's gonna get himself
killed up there.

Hey, Harry's this way.

He was playing in his room.

I knew something was wrong
when it got quiet.

Too quiet?
Yeah, I know that sound.

You must be a dad, too.

He put one of his toy cars
up his nose.

When I told him we needed to go
to the emergency room,

he bolted.

Now he's up there.

He's very nimble.

All right, Judd,
raise the ladder.

Paul, you're going up.

Hey, buddy.
I'm Paul.

I'm here to get you down.

No, I can't.
I'm too scared.

It's bad.

Aw, come on, now, little man.

Let me take a look at you.
It's just a toy...


I told you.
It's bad, huh?

Nah, we, uh... we see stuff
like this all the time.

Mind if I, uh...

How exactly did you get
that in there?

The tires smell like cinnamon,
and I really like cinnamon.


All right, well,
the good news, Harry,

is that your airways are clear.

So how about you let me
take you down, and we can...

No, if I go back down,

my dad says I'll have to go
to the hospital.

What's wrong with the hospital?

That's where my mommy went
the day she got the headache.

She never came home.

I see.

Look, I'm really sorry
about that.

Hey, how about
we make a deal?

If you come with me now,
you won't have to go anywhere.

- -I won't?
- No, I can get it out for you.

But this is a "limited time,
expires immediately" offer.


Okay, Harry, showtime.

Now, on the count of three,
I want you to blow your nose

like you have
the biggest booger

in the world in there, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

One, two, three.

Blow, blow.

It didn't work.

It's okay, no worries.

It just means we're gonna have
to go to plan B,

where I use my special
"toy car removal" device.

Promise it won't hurt,
though, right?

Uh, yep.

- -You swear?
- Do I swear?

I swear.

Okay, buddy.

Here we go.

- -Ow, ow.
- Yeah, okay.

- Ow, ow, ow.
- -Yeah.

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

- I know.
- -Ow!

- Ow!
- -Hey!

- Got it!
- -Hey.


Look, there's not even
any blood.

You lied!
You promised it wouldn't hurt!

It hurts!

I'm... I'm sorry.

I didn't realize
that it was gonna...

- Wow, you lied to a child?
- -You're a monster.

I-I kind of feel like
a monster now.

Thank you.

Oh, don't tell me
he did it again, sir.

Not exactly.


After you left,
I kept wondering

how Harry got it
so far up there.

So you figured it out.



- -Hey.
- Thanks for coming by.

- -Please, come in.
- Yeah, don't mention it.

I actually teach a, uh...
A grad seminar down the road.

I really love this whole
new look you got going,

without all the tubes
coming out of your face.

- -Oh.
- That's a joke.

I do that.
I joke.

Oh, right.
Well, good one.

Uh, so you're
a psychology professor.

That must be
pretty fascinating,

diving deep
into people's heads,

figuring out
what motivates them and stuff.

I dig it, yeah.

You know, firefighting's
the complete opposite,

always something new
and unexpected.

We never get to, you know,
really drill down on anything.

Um, can I get you an iced tea?

Sure, yeah,
but I have to admit,

no one's ever reached out
through my dot-EDU email

for iced tea before.


- -So...
- Thanks.

You and my dad...

Sorry, was that a question?

You guys are good, right?

We're having fun.

But do you think it could be
something that turns into...


What's going on here?

I just want my dad
to be happy,

in case, for some reason,
I'm ever... not around.

Are you planning on
going into another coma?

No, no.

To be fair, this is
the second time this year

that I've almost died.

That's a long story.

What's going on?

What do you mean?

Why am I here?

- Honestly?
- -Uh-huh.

I'm not sure.

You know, I feel like
I really need

to talk someone, and, well,
you're a psychologist.

- -So...
- I... mm...

I'm a professor of psychology

with a focus
on human sexuality.


But I'm also
a really good listener.

Well, thank you.

I appreciate
any professional advice.

Okay, so who do you
normally talk to

about these things?

like, um, I guess there is my boyfriend.

- -Oh.
- Who I don't even really know

is my boyfriend, boyfriend.

- -Uh-huh.
- It's all kind of new.

Um, not
a professional diagnosis,

but I-I think I see
what's happening here.

You do?
What's, um...

what's... what's happening?

Well, it's common when you have

a near-death experience...
Or two...

- Mm-hmm.
- -Um...

you question your life choices.

But all I've ever wanted
was to be a firefighter,

ever since I was a kid.

I didn't mention that,

But interesting you did.

Grace, I got a caller
asking for you specifically.

- -For me?
- Won't talk to anyone else.

Line nine.

Okay, thank you, Zach.

This is Grace Ryder.
What's your emergency?

I'm... I'm cut up pretty good.


I got a little wobbly

and... and... and fell through
the coffee table.

Are you bleeding?

Yeah, like a stuck hog.


My arm a little bit,

but the bad one is...
is on my leg.

Okay, are you bleeding
above or below the knee?

- Below.
- -Well, that's better.

Listen, um, the cabinet
that's behind you

in the dining room,
can you get to it?

- I'm... I'm right next to it.
- Okay.

Helen kept the nice tablecloths
in the bottom drawer.

Grab one, press it up

- against the wound, okay?
- -I got it.

As hard as you can.


- Is that working?
- No, no, Gracey.

It... it... I'm pressing
as hard as I can,

and it's still bleeding.

Um... new plan.

Grab the candlestick
from the table.

- The candlestick?
- Mm-hmm.

The brass holder.
We're gonna make a tourniquet.

Oh, o-okay.
I got it.

Okay, loop the tablecloth
around your thigh.

Place the candlestick
across the loop,

tie a knot around it.


Okay, now rotate the stick.

That should tighten
the knot, okay?

Keep going until
the bleeding stops.


It... it's working, Gracey.

It's working.

All right.

Well, you just hang tight.

The... the paramedics are here.
I can hear 'em.


Okay, well, they're gonna
take good care of you, Dad.

Gracey, thank you!

You're... you're a lifesaver.



Judd doesn't have
to know about this, does he?

You guys are in
for a treat tonight.

In what kind
of a demented universe

is quinoa a treat?

I think it's farro, actually.

Come on, it's chock-full
of proteins,

antioxidants, and vitamins.

- You're gonna love it.
- -Vitamins, yum.

Don't knock it
till you try it,

you bunch of ingrates.

- Yo!
- Hey!

If it isn't Sleeping Beauty.

- Hi.
- -Hey.

- -Hi.
- My man.

- -Hey, dude.
- Good to see you, man.

Good to see you, brother.

Thanks, guys.

- Ooh, ooh, ooh. Mateo.
- -Oh, I'm so sorry.

- Oh.
- Shoulder.

Son, are you sure
you should be on your feet?

Can we talk?

Yeah, sure.

Yeah, yeah,
looking good, kiddo.

Look who it is.
Look who's back.

Don't forget about me.
Don't forget about me.

How you doing?

Are you okay?
Is everything all right?

Yeah, yeah, everything's fine.

I'm good.

TK, I know your
"everything's fine" face

and that is not it.

I need to ask you a question.


Why'd you decide to be
a firefighter?


'Cause the Yankees
wouldn't take me,

and who wants to play
for the Mets?

Dad, I'm serious.

Did you always know
that this is

what you wanted to do?

Mm, not always.

I was gonna be a lawyer.

Why did I not know this?

Probably because I dropped out
of law school

the second year,

joined the fire academy,
and married your mom.

One lawyer in the house
was plenty.


So what changed your mind?

Well, the summer
before I dropped out,

I had a job in East Hampton
as a lifeguard.

For the chicks.

For the chicks.

But mostly,
I just sat in the tower

and got very, very bronze.

I never had any chance
to even get in the water

except one time.

There was this little girl.

She was probably seven
or eight.

And she was out
with her mother,

and they'd gone
beyond the buoys.

And before I had a chance
to blow my whistle,

they got caught in a riptide,
and they both went under.

Mom came up,
little girl didn't.

And I don't remember
jumping in.

I was just there.

And, um...

I got 'em both
back to the beach.

Little girl was not breathing.
She was turning blue.


And my several hours
of training...

training I thought
I'd slept through... kicked in,

CPR, mouth-to-mouth, and...

it worked.

I could feel myself
breathing life

into this tiny, little body.

And when she coughed up

and started breathing
on her own,

it was the most satisfying
moment of my life,

up to that point.

And I dropped out of law school
three months later.

You're an addict, just like me.

You are chasing
that first high.

Well, I don't... I think
it's more than that.

I think I realized
that being of service is a way

to give my life some meaning.

Yeah, I can see that.

And all I've ever wanted
was to be a firefighter

for as long as I can remember.

I didn't plan anything else.

I didn't consider
anything else.

I knew exactly what I wanted.

At least, I thought I did.

Lately, I've been wondering

if maybe what
I really wanted...

was a father.


Dad, you left
when I was seven.

TK, I didn't leave you.

Yeah, you did.
You left our family.

That firehouse was your family.

That's the family
that you chose.

Do you want me to apologize
for the choices I made?

No, no.

343 firefighters lost
their lives on that day.

14 of them were from my house.

I don't know
what I'm trying to say, Dad.

What you're saying is,
is you're not sure

if you want to come back.

I'm saying I don't know
if... if I can come back.

I don't know
if this is really who I am.

That's not a question
I can help you answer.

I know.

Well, you're right
about one thing.

The firehouse is my family...

and the 126 is
my adopted family,

but you...

are my kid.

And whatever you choose,

I'm gonna be
right by your side.

Well, good, because...

there is something
that I want you to do with me.

Thank you for seeing us.

I can only imagine what your
family's been going through.

Nothing compared to what

yours has been dealing with,

I can't tell you
how sorry we are.

I mean, Colt has just been
sick over it.

You've been in our prayers.

Thank you.
That... that means a lot.

Colt... Mr. Strand is here
to see you.

Hey, Colt.

How are you, buddy?

Hey, uh, Colt.
Do you mind if I join you?

I used to love LEGOs, too.

What are you building
over there?

Police car.

Very cool.

You like cops?

They help people.

Yes, they do.

I think that's a...
That's a three-bump one.

I think you need a four-bump.

Here, try this one.


Colt, do you know who I am?

I shot you.

Yeah, you did.

But you know what?
I'm here, and I'm okay.

And I just want to make sure
that you're okay, too.

So you're not mad at me?

No, no, not at all.
I know it was an accident.

Besides, you were protecting
your family,

which is super brave.

Sorry I shot you.

I know you are.

I won't do it again.



Hey, thanks for coming.

I don't think I realized
how much I needed that.

You know, in 26 years,

I don't think I've ever been
more proud of you.

You're gonna make
a great dad someday.

And so will you.

Hey, Daddy.

Look, I brought you "Suduko"...
One of them puzzles you like

and then that Tom Landry bio

you've been trying to get

You told him, huh?


I'm sorry, Dad.

There are no secrets
in this marriage.

Have I told you lately
she's my favorite?

You and me both.

How you feel?

Ah, the doc says I lost

a whole mess of red blood cells

and I'll feel like hammered
crap for a couple of weeks

till my bone marrow
makes more of them.

Well, I just thank God
that you're okay.

Let's hear it.

- Hear what?
- Riot act.

You're gonna tell me that I'm
not fit to live by myself,

and now you've got proof of it.

I mean, if what you're saying
is that this don't look good,

I agree.

Your mom and I
made that house our home.

We raised you
and your brothers there.

I'd rather die than leave it.


What... what the hell does
that mean... "okay"?

It means okay.

I responded to a call

where a 35-year-old man
put a toy car up his nose.


So what I'm saying is,
people are gonna do

whatever they're gonna do
wherever they are.

You know...

I-I can't worry
about what I can't control.

Now, if you want
to live at home, Dad,

Judd and I are all for it.

And why is it that I smell
a "but" in there somewhere?

Mm, because
we have conditions.


What kind of conditions?

Well, for one,
we are installing shower rails.

Sure are, yeah.

And, um...


You get to wear this now, too.

I don't want to hear about it.
Just put it on.

Because next time you might
not make it to the phone, Dad.

All right.

I have a condition, too.

What do you want, big man?

When are y'all gonna give me
a grandbaby?

Well, what the hell
are you waiting for?

I think that, Grace, we have
plenty to worry about, uh...

for the time being, you know,
ain't that right?

Oh, do we?

That's my girl!

- Y'all gonna team up on me?
- -I got you, Dad.

Don't worry.