9-1-1: Lone Star (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Act of God - full transcript

A massive tornado sweeps through Austin, as the crew races to save those in its path.

(man laughing on TV)

(eerie music on TV)

MAN (on TV): Well, whether
it's his temple or not,

it all depends
on your point of view.


(men grunting)


Mama says hitting is
never okay or kicking

or karate chopping.

Well, they're defending
their monastery's honor.

you're at Dad's place now,

where all we worry about is
having fun.

You know, we stay up late,
we eat junk food

and appreciate classic
kung fu cinema.

When are you and Mama getting
back together?

(thunder cracks,
alarm blaring)

What's that?

-(cat meows)

That's the hiding sound.
It just means

we go hide somewhere safe.

It means there's a tornado,

They told us at school

Nico, don't scare your sister.

(house thudding, alarm blaring)

Daddy, I'm scared.

You'll be safe here.
I'll protect you, I promise.

-RAY: Come on.
-NICO: I hope Mom's okay.

-Me too, buddy.
-Wait, Tickles!

We forgot Tickles!

We'll get him
as soon as it passes.

No, he's all alone.
You have to.

I'll be right back.

Stay in tub.
Don't get out no matter what.

Nico take care of your sister.

(both panting)

(dramatic music)

(thunder cracks)

Come on, Tickles.

(house creaking)

Close your eyes.

It's less scary
if you close your eyes.

-(Tickles snarls)
-(speaks indistinctly)

I swear.

(gasps softly)
(glass shatters)

(wind roaring,
glass shattering)

(both screaming)

♪ ♪

WAYNE: So how was it?

-Wayne, right?
-WAYNE: That's right.

So how was it?

What, the treatment
or the puking?

Oh, hell, I figured you got
the puking down pretty good

from the looks of you.


I meant coming clean.

You were gonna tell your team
about the situation.

Mm, no,
I don't think I said I was.

Oh, that's right.
That was my advice,

which you didn't take.

I also

that you were gonna go
a little crazy.

Yeah, you did.

You went a little crazy,
didn't you?

♪ ♪

-I went a little crazy.

Well, that happens.

So you told me.
(exhales deeply)

WAYNE: Now you're feeling sorry
for yourself.

-Not really.
-Well, I mean, it's normal.

I mean, a guy like you:

living a clean life,

probably do yoga,
haven't had a carb since Y2K.

There is such a thing
as good carbs.

You're doing the right thing
is all I'm saying.

And now you're asking yourself
"why me?"

There's no good answer
to that question.

I wasn't asking it.

(solemn music)

(exhales deeply)

But cancer is
a great leveler...

No respecter of persons.

♪ ♪

It comes for the young
and the old

the rich, the poor,
the wicked, same as the good.

(Wayne sighs)

We all have our own
"why me" moments.

Yeah, this wasn't mine.

♪ ♪

Mine was
when the towers came down.

♪ ♪

You were there...9/11.

New York City Fire and Rescue,
ladder 252.

♪ ♪

Son, you're a hero.

No, the real heroes didn't
make it out that day.

Well, it seems to me
like you didn't either.

♪ ♪

Working on it.

♪ ♪

JUDD: Hey, BeastMaster66,

come in on the east flank
and lay down some fire for me.

BOY (over headset):
Copy that, BigBubbaJ.

-Fire in the hole.
-(gunfire cracks on TV)

Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba boom, son.

-(gunfire cracking on TV)
-That's how you do in Texas-a!

You are so loud.

Hey, y'all gotta give me five.

-BOY (over headset): Okay.
-All right.

-So 11 kills, huh?
-(clears throat)

That's a new record, baby.

You think you, uh, maybe

missed your calling?

-Uh, no, I certainly did not.

You heading out?

Thought you didn't work
till tonight.

Actually, I was gonna hit
Bible study.

You, uh, interested
in making it a date?

Uh...a church date.

I don't know.

That's kind of an oxymoron,
ain't it?

You know,
if I didn't love me so much,

I would be a little offended

that you would
rather spend your time

with BeastMaster66 than me.

No, I don't--I didn't
mean it like that.

I just ain't been feeling,

(clears throat)

Very full of the spirit lately,
that's all.

Well, my experience,
the best fix for that is

getting back in the Word, Judd.

Pastor Eric's been
asking about you.

So tell Pastor Eric
that I'm doing God's work

every day, every shift.

(dramatic music)

When you coming back to church?

Who says I am?

Listen, I understand
that you have been dealing

with a whole nother level
of pain,

but that's when we need
God's help the most.

I mean, it's kind of His thing.

I don't know, you know?

It's...He didn't--He didn't
seem, uh...

too interested in doing
his thing the night

that my boys died up
at the factory,

and they were God-fearing men,
each and every one of 'em.

So you gotta forgive me

if the last thing I wanna do
in the world right now is,

you know, like,
raise my hands up

like some sort of singing
half-wit and praise His name.

That's what you think I am...

some singing half-wit?

-I didn't mean you.
-(Grace scoffs)

♪ ♪

Okay, well, you know,

you're not the only one
on this ride.

But it's all right.
You have fun

with Mr. BeastMaster66.

Maybe he can cook your dinner

♪ ♪

-(door closes)

All right, I'm back.

Okay, so these are
short rib enchiladas

with a--ay, what is it?

Oaxaca mole reduction.


Who are you and what have
you done with my mother?

I'm taking this cooking class
down in the warehouse district.

You should come with me

Well, you know it's tough
with my work.

Cooking's not really my thing.

Yeah, it was more
of your sister's domain.


Um...I was wondering
if maybe after lunch,

I could go and look in the shed
at some of her old stuff.

Why would you wanna do that?

(foreboding music)

I've got something, Mama,
a lead.

I went by Dustin's house
and his neighbor told me

that he saw Iris leave
the night she disappeared

in a blue truck.

And he--he told me
that she had some new friends

that she was hanging out with
just before she disappeared.

He said he'd never met them,
but they seemed shady to him.

Did he tell all this
to the police?

Yeah, of course.

But there wasn't
enough evidence,

and so they didn't do anything
with it.

Sweetheart, I--I just--I wish
you could hear yourself.

You used to be so much fun.
You were free.

-Now you have no friends.
-Oh, Mom.

THERESA: You have no hobbies.
You don't date.

Let the police do their job.

♪ ♪

(thunder cracks)

I'm gonna go, Mom.
Storm's picking up.

It's gonna be messy
at work.

I'm sorry, Mama.

(thunder cracking)

MAN (over TV): We have
a severe weather advisory.

Oh, boy, it's gonna be
a long shift today.

That is why we are
kicking things off

with Paul's world-famous
spicy sausage rigatoni.

Really, dude?

It's turkey.

How spicy are we talking?

'Cause my Scotch-Irish
constitution rejects

any and all things cayenne.

-I like spicy.

All right, well, you can have
bathroom duty then.

Somebody's on one today.

(upbeat rock music playing)

Is it that obvious?

(inhales sharply)
I don't know.

Me and Grace had a little,

little disagreement
before work.

-You wanna talk about it?
-Hell no.

(thunder cracking)

It's like the end of days
out there.

Hey, go take down the colors,

'cause we don't fly the flags
in rough weather.

SINGER: ♪ Boom, boom ♪

Well, why--why me?
I got the salad?

-'Cause you're the probie.

SINGER: ♪ Baby,
you're the one I adore ♪


-MATEO: Got me.

-(Mateo grunts)

(Owen retches, spits)

(somber music)

♪ ♪

(exhales deeply)

(water splashes)

(heavy breathing)

♪ ♪

(water running)

♪ ♪

(sniffs, exhales deeply)

(exhales sharply)

-Oh, sorry.
-I'm so sorry.

You okay?

You look a--a little pale
or something.

No, I'm good.

You okay?

You have a little mascara.
It looks like you were...

Oh, I, um--something in my eye.

(laughs) Okay.

(melancholy country music)

♪ ♪

(dishes clang)

(exhales deeply)

(indistinct chatter)

JUDD: Impeccable timing, Cap.

You want me to fix you a plate?

Oh, no, no.
I'm good.

PAUL: Aw, hell, no, Cap.
You're not about to

my rigatoni like that.

Man, it is halal, gluten-free,

nitrate-free, because y'all are

hardest bunch of people
to cook for.

That's okay.
I got a burger on the way in.

You eat burgers?

I haven't seen you eat a burger

since Derek Jeter retired.

Yeah, I passed a place,
and it looked good

so I went in.

What place?

Um, the one over by


It's that place
I told you about.

King's Broiler.

Grace says it's the best
veggie burger in town.

Did you do the whole,
uh--the lettuce bun thing?

-I did.
-JUDD: Oh.

-It was delicious.
-JUDD: Good.

Thanks for the invite.

-(thunder cracks)
-MATEO: Help!

Some help out here!

(tense music)

-MATEO: Oh, God!
-OWEN: Mateo!

Banner came loose in the wind,

Yeah, we can see that!

Guys, let's get him down.

Probie, let go!

♪ ♪

You're good?

First time saving a firefighter
at a fire station.

Well, welcome to Texas.

-You got the colors, probie?
-Right here.


Holy crap, are those...


Judd, you must have
some experience with this.

What's the protocol?

First step is OPCON 1.

We don't get our asses killed

so we can save
everybody's ass later.

You heard the man.
Let's get inside.

(thunder cracking)

RAMOS: ♪ Streets of the city ♪ ♪ Smiling at everybody
she sees ♪

♪ Who's reaching out
to capture a moment? ♪

You getting enough air
back there?

RAMOS: ♪ It's Windy ♪

Well, uh, there's some mints

in the seat pockets
if you want some to go, okay?

♪ Stormy eyes that flash ♪

-(cell phone beeps)

Okay, guys, I think we're here.

(brakes squeak)

RAMOS: ♪ Wings to fly ♪

Hey, y'all into knitwear?

'Cause I have
my own little Etsy shop.

It's called Knitty Nancy's,

and I make hoodies, beanies,

I'm just doing
this ride-share thing

till it gets off the ground.

-(door slams

RAMOS: ♪ And Windy has
stormy eyes ♪

♪ That flash
at the sound of lies ♪

-(radio interference whirs)
-MAN (over radio): Warning.

Multiple tornadoes have
touched down

in central Travis County.

-(radio interference whirs)

(alarm blaring)

-RAMOS: ♪ Above the clouds ♪
-(thunder cracks)

Oh, my good Lord.

RAMOS: ♪ Who's tripping down ♪

(tires squealing)

-(engine revving)
-Come on, come on, come on.

Come on!

♪ Reaching out to capture ♪

-(tires squeal, crashes)

(thunder cracks)


(wind roaring)

(dramatic music)

OWEN: Keep your eyes open
for street signs.

Dispatch says the driver's GPS
last pinged at 4th and Brazos.

There's not a lot of 4th Street
left, much less street signs.

Hell of a thing,
the randomness of tragedy.

One side of the street
just lost everything,

and the other side looks like
it could be

open for business tomorrow.

Allah the most merciful,

help all of them.

JUDD: I mean, if he was
merciful, he wouldn't have

let it happen
in the first place, right?

I'm not about to question
the Almighty, but I have faith.

You sound like my wife.

Slow down.
This is Brazos.

♪ ♪

Good God.

♪ ♪

(siren wailing)

Anybody in there?

Austin F.D.

I'm here.

We're gonna get you out.
Just hang tight.

It's not like
she has a choice.

PAUL: Yeah, that thing's gonna

drop any second.

OWEN: We can't get
the truck in there.

How the hell are we getting
up to that?

We're not.

We're gonna drop down onto it.

Call in a crane
and get it stabilized.

Marjan, Paul, harness up.

You're gonna rappel down
from that roof right there.

-MARJAN: Copy that.
-OWEN: Take probie with ya.

PAUL: Copy.
Let's go.

deploy the rescue cushion.

Yes, sir.

(dog barks distantly)

(tense music)

♪ ♪

(metallic clang)

♪ ♪

Hey, any update
on that crane, boss?

Dispatch says it's hung up
across town.

We have to go without it.

-(radio bleeps)
-Copy, copy.

I think I should go alone.

I'm lighter.

That is very brave of you,

-Thanks, buddy.
-And the fact

that you're such
an eager beaver would

have nothing to do
with that news van

that just pulled up?

Hey, someone's gotta make
tonight's top story.

-Why not me?
-Or me?

Check out how I rock this gear.

Wait till they get a taste
of this chocolate.

That's what I'm afraid of.

(suspenseful music)

♪ ♪


-(siren wails distantly)
-(glass shards clinking)

(Nancy panting)

-Don't move, okay?
-(whimpers) Okay.

♪ ♪

(Nancy grunts)

-(Nancy whimpers)

-I'm Marjan.

Don't worry.
I'm not going anywhere

Every time I move...

-(car creaks)

It moves.

Does anything hurt, Nancy?

I'm okay.
I'm just afraid of heights.

Does insurance cover this?

Let's just focus on
holding still.

-(car creaking)

Paul, get her out of there now.

It's not working, Cap.

I think the rope is
stuck on something.


Tell me you have a new plan,

I do,
but you're not gonna like it.

You see the rescue pad?

Aim for the middle of it.

(exhales deeply)

Copy that, Cap.

(dramatic music)

(rope whips)

Nancy, I need you
to cross your arms.

-(car creaking)

I can't.

And keep 'em hugged in
real tight, okay?

-I can't.
-Oh, no, you can.

-MAN: Get down!
-MAN: It's ready to fall.

(Nancy gasps)

Okay, on the count of three.

All right, when I say "now."

You ready?

(car creaks)

-(crowd gasps)

(glass shatters)


(exhales sharply)


Okay, here I go!

♪ ♪



♪ ♪

(siren wailing)

(upbeat music)

Tell me you guys got that.

(indistinct chatter)

Come on,
how could you not get that?

Looks like somebody
missed your close-up.

(siren wailing)

ELLIOT: We have confirmation
at least three tornadoes have

touched down in the metroplex.

I'm not gonna lie to you.
It's ugly.

One cut south along I-35,

that's three miles
of pin-in MVCs,

an overturned gas tanker,
at least a dozen fatalities,

lots more hurt.

University Medical's
triage unit is

already spilling out
into the parking lot,

so route everything north.

And what about
all these people up here

that are west of MoPac?

Yeah, severely limited access,
downed trees, power lines.

We anticipate
first responder back

from Hays
and Williamson Counties,

but until then,
we need to be resourceful.

And so concludes
our State-mandated break.

Godspeed, everybody.
Austin's counting on ya.

(frantic music)

Sir, I need you to find
a clean towel

to try to stop the bleeding.

If the boat's in the tree,
I'd advise you

to steer clear of that tree.

Ma'am, please do not move him.

Yes, ma'am,
the coroners will do that.

♪ ♪

GRACE (over phone):
Do you know if he's conscious?

Yes, he is crying
like a little baby,

which serves him right,

Because he ran in there
when the tornado hit,

and he left me out to die.

And now he's the one in there,
worried about suffocating.

I'm sorry, Bri.
I wasn't thinking.

Don't waste your oxygen,

Uh, anyway, we cannot
figure out the code, so...

He doesn't know the combination
to his own gun safe?

How'd he get in there
in the first place?

BRIANNA (over phone):
Well, it's not his.

It's his parents',
and they took all

the rifles out
to go on a hunting trip,

and they left the safe open.

And they're the only ones
who have the code,

and we cannot get
ahold of them.

GRACE (over phone): Okay,
well, I'll send firefighters

as soon as I can,
but they're spread thin today.

What's the safe made out of?

I don't know.
Reinforced steel.

I'm gonna die in here,
aren't I?

Quit it, Caleb!
I cannot hear her!

Hey, take a breath,
both of y'all, okay?

I'ma try to help.

Now people usually keep
their combos pretty simple.

Did you try

all zeros, the home address?

Yes, yes.
That--that was, like,

the first thing I tried.

Okay, what about birthdays?

CALEB: Try mine.
It's zero-two-two-four.

(buttons beeping)



-(Caleb coughs)

I guess not everything is
always about you, Caleb.

Ask him his mother's birthday.

Oh, what's your mom's birthday?


Caleb, you don't know
your own mother's birthday?

CALEB: I don't know, okay?

I think it's, like,
August something.

Oh, my God.

Sandra Frankel's birthday is
March 4th.

So try zero-three-zero-four.

If that doesn't work,
Caleb's dad's is 10-16.

(buttons beep)



(Caleb coughs)

Please get me out of here.
It's hard to breathe.

Oh, okay, okay.
Caleb, we're working on it.

Okay, I think he's actually
starting to run out of air.

Okay, stay calm.
We'll try something else.

What room are you in right now?

BRIANNA (over phone):
We're in his dad's office.

I want you to check
around the desk.

Maybe he left the combination
on a Post-it,

look for notebooks,


(drawers clang)

No, there--there's nothing
like that.

There's just a bunch
of signed UT footballs

and helmets and crap.

Brianna, listen to me.

Whose signature is
on the football?


(tense music)

Um--uh, Vance?

Try two-zero-zero-five, okay?
Right now.

(buttons beep)

Oh, my God!

-Thank God!

How did you know that
that was gonna work?

Uh, signature belongs
to Vince Young.

He won UT a national
championship in 2005.

Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.

Don't mention it.

-But Brianna.
-BRIANNA (over phone): Yeah?

Find yourself a new boyfriend.

-Yeah, thanks.

9-1-1, what's your emergency?

(sirens wailing)

(dramatic music)

♪ ♪

Hey, over here!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, sir, sir.
Sir, we got it from here.

Hey, do me a favor.
We need you to see the EMS,

make sure you get yourself
checked out.

-Get off me!
-JUDD: Hey.

Don't put your hands on me,

My kids are in there!

-I'm not going anywhere.
-It's okay.

I'd have done the same thing.

I'm a father too,

but you gotta calm down
so you can help us.

How many kids are
in this house?

Ada, she's eight and--and Nico.

They were supposed to be safe.
I--I put them in the tub.

That's what you're supposed
to do, right?

I just left for a second
to get the damn cat.

So why am I the one
who's still out here

while they're in there?

We're gonna do everything
we can.

So what are you waiting for?

This house is very unstable.

I can't send anybody in there
until I get signs of life.

But when we do,
we're going right in.

TK, prep the extraction tools.

Judd, Marjan, set up
the seismic sensors

on the north side.

Paul, take the south and west.

And everybody,
work on your poker faces.

Copy that, Cap.

What about me?
What can I do?

You wanna help, probie?
Hand out waters.

♪ ♪


I think I got
a load-bearing beam here.

♪ ♪

(radio bleeps)

Hey, Cap, north side's up.

Copy that.
How you doing, Paul?

PAUL: South side's unstable,

but west side is
going live now.

Go with what we got.

So the sensors we put
inside the house will

let us hear anything.

Your kids so much as whisper,
we're gonna hear 'em.



All right, everybody quiet.

Nobody move, nobody breathe.

Call to your kids.

Nico, Ada!
Can you hear me?


It's Dad!
Say something, please!


(birds chirping,
dog barks distantly)

-(whimpering over headset)
-Did you hear that?

That's Ada.
That's my daughter!

All right, we have signs
of life on the north side.

I'm gonna need jaws
and all the cribbing we got.

Let's go, people!

(saw buzzing)

(uneasy music)

(indistinct chatter)

(saw buzzing)

All right, that's it.
Hey, Cap.

We are this close
to a secondary collapse.

♪ ♪

TK, give me
the use of your helmet.


-I'm gonna go in.
-No, you're not.

-You're the captain.


♪ ♪

Nico! Ada!
You in here?

(uneasy music)

(Owen coughing)


♪ ♪

(Owen coughing on screen)

I gotta go in.
Something's wrong.

Hey, hey!
It's just dust.

Look, he's made it through
a lot worse than that.

♪ ♪

TK, where am I going here?

Reservoir Dogs poster was
in the dining room.

The kids are in the bathroom,
to the right.

TK (over headset): Ray says
that the kids should be -in a room to the southwest.

♪ ♪

Who's in there?

JUDD: Who do you think?

♪ ♪

OWEN (on screen) Ada!

(door rattles)

You guys in there?

NICO (on screen):
We're in here.

-Please help.
-(exhales deeply)


♪ ♪

They're okay.
They're okay.

(exhales deeply)

Hello, you must be
Ada and Nico.

-My sister's scared.
-OWEN: It's okay.

I'm Owen.

You guys come with me,
get you out of here.

(grunts softly)
It's all right.

Tickles the cat
wants to see you.

He's okay?

OWEN: Come see for yourself.
Here you go.

Put one of those on.

Follow me.

Watch your head.
Watch your heads.

ADA: All our stuff.

NICO: It's ruined.

OWEN: Well, the good thing
about stuff...

always make your dad buy more.

(house creaking, loud crash)

Oh, my God!
(sobs)Captain Strand, do you copy?

Captain Strand, do you copy?

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

OWEN (over radio): It's okay.
Nobody's hurt.

We're coming out to you.

That's right.
Okay, watch your head.

We're almost there.

-JUDD: She's gonna take you.
-MARJAN: I got you.

Hey, hey, hey.
Come here, come here.

There you go,
watch your head, buddy.

MARJAN: We got you.
There's your daddy.

JUDD: All right, let's get you
checked out, chief.

Here you go.
Good job, man.

Love you.

(sentimental music)

-RAY: I love you two so much.
-ADA: Love you too, Dad.



You scared the crap out of me,
you know that?

You and me both.

Can you just give us a minute

so we can make sure
the children are okay?

-RAY: Yeah.
-MICHELLE: Come with us.

I don't think the dust is
gonna help with that cough.

Does it hurt anywhere?

Speak up, sweetie.
You don't have to be quiet.

Thank you guys so much.

Captain Strand,
I can't tell you--

Whoa, whoa, whoa!


(dramatic music)

He was trapped under
the house before we got here.

Sir, can you hear me?

♪ ♪

Oh, man, blunt trauma.

It feels like
his spleen's ruptured,

maybe his kidneys too.

Get the LIFEPAK.

♪ ♪

(machine beeping)

He's got a weak pulse.

He's coding.
He has hypovolemic shock.

His pupils are blown

GILLIAN: Starting CPR.

(machine flatlining)

♪ ♪

He's gone.
Damn it.

He bled out internally.


-Move them back.

Hey, guys,
let's give them some space.

Let's go check out the park.

Why didn't he say something?

He wanted to save his kids.

♪ ♪

If he would have spoken up,

maybe we could have saved him

♪ ♪

We are waiting for any comment.

Don't even think about it.

♪ ♪

(Velcro strap rips)

(truck beeping)

(engine rumbles)

(melancholy music)

♪ ♪

Keep waxing that thing,
you'll peel the paint.

I guess I got distracted.

Scoot over

♪ ♪

Cap, I--I can do that--

Shut up, probie.

Yes, sir.

That last call
was pretty rough.

How you doing?

♪ ♪

All I did was pass out
water bottles.

That's not what I asked you.

At the academy, they tell you

no matter what you see
out there,

you man up and you suck it up.

-Totally, and I'm--
-And it's crap.

You try to bottle

that stuff up,
it'll eat you alive.

So how are you doing?

(clicks tongue)

It's those kids, Cap.

I mean, I just stood there
and watched their dad die,

and...I couldn't help.

OWEN: Sometimes that's not
under your control.

Sometimes nothing is.

It doesn't do you any good
to beat yourself up about it.

♪ ♪

Thanks, Cap.


(Fleet Foxes' "If You Need to,
Keep Time on Me")

♪ ♪

PECKNOLD: ♪ How could it all
fall in one day? ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Were we too sure
of the sun? ♪

♪ ♪

♪ If you need to ♪

♪ Keep time on me ♪

♪ ♪

♪ If you need to ♪

You realize the amount
of time

it's taken you to gel
your hair,

I was able to shower, shave,

and update
my fantasy basketball roster.

Eh, you can't rush style.
How do I look?

-You look perfect as always.
-Well, thank you, Judd.

but looks can be deceiving.

Um, I'm--I'm guessing

that you didn't skip supper
last night

'cause you're watching
your figure.

No, that was the chemo.


Yeah, this, uh--this
whole PTSD thing, man,

if I didn't have Grace, uh...

you know, I'd be up a creek.

And you shouldn't have
to deal

with this cancer crap
on your own either.

You need to tell your boy.

I'm just waiting
for the right time.

That dad
at the collapsed house...


I'll bet he was waiting
for the right time too.

PECKNOLD: ♪ If you need to ♪

♪ Keep time on me ♪

JUDD: I mean, look,
one way or another,

the truth's coming out,
'cause it always does.

Yeah, you're right.
I need to tell him.

Speak of the devil.

Hey, Dad.

I was thinking maybe
we could try

that paleo place on Lamar.

I have a bunch of AARs
I gotta go through.

You know, after the storm
comes the paperwork.

No worries.

I'll see you at home.

That went well.


GILLIAN: I've never seen
the bus this empty,

completely out
of compression bandages,

saline bags, cold packs.

ROSEWATER: Don't forget about
the antimicrobial towelettes.

There's a huge run on those.


(clears throat)

Hey, I...

I know I don't say it enough,

but you two killed it
out there.

You've never said it.

Wait, there was that one shift
on Christmas Eve when she--no.

No, first time.

-Maybe the last.
-(cell phone buzzing)

No, it's--maybe...

(cell phone clicks)


What's going on?

Okay, um--um,
I'm leaving right now.

Can you guys finish up?

Yeah, is everything okay?

I'm not sure.

ROSEWATER: Yeah, we got it.
Go on.

REPORTER (on TV): Austinites
are picking up the pieces

after a series of tornadoes

that meteorologists have
rated as EF4s.

35 fatalities,
scores more injured,

damages are estimated
in the billions.

But the people
in the city are

banding together,
in no small part due

to the brave efforts
of first responders,

who have proved that
not even tornadoes can

mess with Texas.

-(TV bleeps)
-MARJAN: Wait, what?

I almost got crushed
by a hybrid.

I opened up a house
with the jaws of life.

And the probie makes the news
for what, passing out water?

This world makes no sense.

Do I look that swole
in real life?

Only your head.
Go shine the pole, probie.


Curls for the girls.

(engine revving, tires squeal)

(dramatic music)

♪ ♪


Mama, what is it?

Come here.
I want to show you something.

See that shed out there?

It's about as sturdy
as a soda can.

The wind blew everything else
in this yard all to hell.

(solemn music)

But it's still standing.

Almost makes you believe
there's a reason for it.

♪ ♪

You still want to go
through Iris' old things?

Maybe that's exactly
what you should do.

GRACE: Lord, we pray
that you please bless those

who were affected by the storm.

Give them strength.

And we pray
that you please grant us

with wisdom and guidance
as we help those

during their time of need.

It's only in your son's name
that we pray, Father.

-ALL: Amen.

♪ ♪

-JUDD: Hey.

You weren't at the house,
so I thought I'd swing by

and bring you a latte
and, you know, maybe say howdy.


Thank you for the dinner
you left in the Crock-Pot.

That was good.

Judd, I thought you weren't
coming back

to this house of half-wits.

I'm sorry for what
I said to you,

and, uh, yeah,
I was being a jackass.

-Judd, not in church.
-Oh, um, yeah, I know.

(clears throat)

Look, I saw things today
that were...

So clearly miracles, you know?

And I saw some things
that were just heartbreaking

beyond all comprehension.

And I don't--I don't know
where He is in all that...

and I don't know
where I stand with any of it.

Well, I get it.
I do.

But you and I both know

that sometimes bad things
just happen, my love.

And that's why they call us.

So maybe you just need
a little time.

Yeah, I guess in my time,
I'll figure it out.

And that's okay.

(tender music)

Where does that leave us,

Yeah, that I don't need
to figure out.

That--no, look.

This is important to you,
so it's important to me.

So I will be here with you
same way you've been with me.

So that means
you'll start coming

to Tuesday night Bible study

I'll be at Sunday service.

-Oh, you'll come Sunday?

I might even sing for you.


But I draw the line

at doing the praise hands

-I ain't doing it.
-Well, that's fine.

I'll meet you there
'cause I got

enough praise hands
for both of us.

-Yeah, good.
-All right?

Good deal.

And thank you.

I love you.

I love you too.

Are you staying
or are you going to go?

-Yeah, y'all need help.
-Absolutely we do.

GRACE: Oh, look, this gotta go.

Thought you'd be asleep.

I'm not tired.

Is something wrong?

When I was
in your office today,

I was looking for some gum,

and I found a pill bottle



At least I think
that's how you pronounce it.

I looked it up,
and it's anti-nausea meds

for chemo patients.

The cough...it's lung cancer,

(keys jingling)

I was gonna tell you.

Sure you were.

How long have you known?

(exhales deeply)

-Since before we left New York.

Wow, you must think
I'm so weak.



(soft music)

Admit it.

You didn't think
that I could handle it.

No, it's not that at all.

You thought that fragile TK
would spin out and OD again?

That's what you thought, right?

-It's not like that at all.
-Then why would you lie to me

every single minute
of every day?

The reason I didn't
tell you about my diagnosis is

not because I think
you're weak.

It's because I am.

♪ ♪

I knew that if I told you
and looked in your eyes

and saw grief or fear...

♪ ♪

It would make it real.

♪ ♪

(exhales deeply)

Dad, look at me.

Do you see fear and grief?

You know why?

Because you are gonna kick
the crap out of this cancer,

especially because
from now on,

I've got your back.

I've got your back, Dad.

where have you been ♪

♪ My blue-eyed son? ♪

Thanks, Son.

SINGER: ♪ And where
have you been ♪

♪ My darling young one? ♪

♪ I stumbled down the side
of twelve misty mountains ♪

♪ ♪

(pages crackling,
Theresa gasps)

Look at you two

Remember that?

MICHELLE: Yeah, Mom,
I remember

the Alamo.
(Theresa laughs)

What's wrong?
Your wrists bothering you?

Yeah, they just sort of
seize up in the weather.

The joys of being
a certain age.

Watch it, you.

You know what would help?

My knees were killing me;
I'm a new woman now.


Maybe I'll come
with you sometime.

You know she'd want you
to be happy, Michelle.

I know.


Then I'm gonna fix you up
on a date.

I'm sure you could stand
to get laid.


I haven't been dating,

but it doesn't mean
I haven't gotten laid.



You said Iris
got in a blue truck

that night?


SINGER: ♪ It's a hard ♪

♪ And it's a hard ♪

Oh, my God.

SINGER: ♪ It's a hard rain's ♪

♪ Gonna fall ♪