9-1-1: Lone Star (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

Owen Strand, the lone survivor of his Manhattan firehouse on 9/11, takes his progressive philosophies of life and firefighting down to Austin, Texas, where he helps the firefighters of Firehouse 126 start anew.

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ANNOUNCER: Only on Fox.

ANNOUNCER: So it's all down
to this, folks.

A&M's last chance to save
their season.

The Aggies are in
field goal range

with four seconds remaining
in the fourth quarter.

Their kicker is 17 for 25
for field goals on the season.

The snap is good, kick is up,
through the uprights!

A&M gets three.
We're going into overtime.


(dramatic rock music)


Hey, hey, hey, hey.


Oh, kick me!

The flames!
The flames are moving fast!

Just stay calm, sir.
Where are you?

the Farm and Feed Factory,

off Old Walker Road.

I'm in the kitchen
in the main building and--

I'm so fired.

GRACE: 126, please be advised,

caller is trapped
in the break room

in the center of the compound.

Dispatch, this is Engine 126.

This place is going up
like a tinderbox.

We are talking about at least
a four-alarm.

GRACE: Okay, y'all take care
of yourselves out there,

you hear?

All right, keep it at the base!

Hold on to it!


Watch your step.

Over here!

(shouting indistinctly)

We got another one!
We got another one!

Hey, up there, got all
that water in the tower.

Yo, Garrity.
Hit it with everything you got.

MAN: I can't get down
from here!

Right at the base!

Harkes, we need more pressure.

We're almost dry, sir.

What's going on?

Hey, Cap, I think I remember
seeing a hydrant on the map

about a hundred yards that way.

If I can run
a four-inch line to it,

we could have a fair fight.

Get 'er done.

All right, stepping off.


Y'all be ready
to hold on tight!

(dramatic music)


All right!


Take that!

(all cheering)

All right!

GRACE: Come in 126,
do you copy?

Dispatch, this is 126.
What's up?

We just got a call in Spanish
from a maintenance man.

Said they store fertilizer,
ammonium nitrate,

in that facility.

Y'all need to pull
those men back.

Hey, Engine 126!

Engine 126, fall back!

Fall back!
Fall back!



Ladder 126, do you copy?


GRACE: Ladder 126,
please respond.

Ladder 126!


Ladder 126.


I'm gonna ask Alex
to marry me tonight.

Dad, please don't say anything
negative, all right?

I already bought the ring.

How about moving in together

Grand gestures, right?
Isn't that what you always say?

Big swings?

I've also been divorced twice.

New York Fire.
We're here to help.

MAN: Help!
Someone, help!

Come on, help me up!

Get me down from here, please!
Get me out of here!

Oh, God, I love New York.

Help, help!

So, uh, you gonna tell me

what you really think
about this proposal,

or are you just gonna
keep pretending

that you don't have an opinion?

You're an adult,
you think it's right...

I say go for it.



Thanks, Dad.


Hey, you okay?

Yeah, it's some viral thing
I can't kick.

I'm gonna go to the doctor,
get some antibiotics.

All right.


I'm happy for you.

DOCTOR: These are tumors.

They're stage 1B,

which means they haven't spread
to your lymph nodes,

which is very fortunate.

We caught it early.

Lung cancer?

But I had a chest x-ray
last year.

You were at ground zero when
the buildings came down, yes?


Then I don't have to tell you

by the 20th anniversary
of 9/11,

more survivors who were there
that day and during the cleanup

will get sick or die than
people killed on 9/11 itself.

This is gonna kill me,
isn't it?

If you're going to get
a diagnosis like this,

it's the best-case scenario.

-Can I work?

But here's my advice:

Don't worry about
the physical parts of this.

You're young and strong.
The numbers are on your side.

It's the psychological part
of the diagnosis

that trips most people up.

Let this be an opportunity
to look at your life,

your work, your relationships,

and make sure they're all
you want them to be.

My son's getting engaged

Will I make it to the wedding?

I don't like to give timelines,

but we will do everything
we can to make sure you do.





This is nice.

Yeah, I wanted some place
really nice.

So I wanted to talk to you
about something.

-So do I.
-Let me go first.



BETH: Captain Strand.

We were about to give up
on you.

Beth Healy
with the Department of Justice.

We were supposed
to meet at nine?

Yes, we spoke on the phone.
So sorry.

This is Deputy Fire Chief
Alden Radford

from Austin, Texas.

Welcome to New York.

Thank you.

BETH: What is that,
a meteorite?

That's a reminder.

It's from the South Tower.

The, uh--

the heat was so intense,
it melted metal,

and the guys from this house
went in anyway.

That's the standard
they set for us here.

RADFORD: Captain Strand,

I believe that you're aware
of the tragedy

that happened
in our department?

Yes, I am.
I'm very sorry.

We want you to come down
to Texas

and do for Austin
what you did here.

No one has ever built

an entire house from scratch

But you have, Captain,

after 9/11.

Why is the Department
of Justice involved in this?

There was a bit of an
inclusivity issue down there.

Civil Rights division
got involved,

so we had to step in.

Four years later,
it's getting better.

RADFORD: There are
48 firehouses in Austin,

35 of them have made
meaningful changes.

We take this issue
very seriously.

Hasn't been easy.

Well, I'm flattered,

but if you're gonna
put diversity first,

shouldn't you hire somebody
who's, you know, diverse?

We need someone like you.

An outsider who truly

how much rebuilding this house
is gonna heal the community.

Look, I appreciate the offer,

but I was born in Santa Monica,

I moved to New York
when I was 15,

I have lived here ever since.

My son is here.

I mean,
I appreciate the offer,

but I'm afraid I'm gonna have
to decline.

All right.

I tell you what,

why don't you--

why don't you give me a call
if you ever change your mind?

Will do.


Hey, do you know where TK is?

We thought you could tell us.
He hasn't come in yet.


(doorbell beeping)

(door buzzes)


Open the door!

Yeah, it's Captain Strand.

I need the ladder ambulance
at 2735 West 7th,

apartment 105.

And bring the battering ram.




(radio chatter)

He's in cardiac arrest.

over here now.

Sir, you should let us
take over.

Give me the Narcan!

(dramatic music)



-It's okay.

-I'm so sorry.
-It's okay, it's okay.

OWEN: Damn it, TK,
you promised me

this would never happen again.

Where'd you get the pills?

Come on, Dad--I mean,
there's an opioid epidemic.

I mean, you could throw a stick

and you'll hit ten guys
selling Oxys.

Is this your first relapse?

Is there something you want
to tell me?

No, I haven't touched a pill
in years.

I swear.

Were you trying
to kill yourself?


He's in love
with somebody else.

And that's why
he's been acting weird.

A Spin Cycle instructor
named Mitchell.

(somber music)


I'm sorry.

Are you gonna have
to report this now?

We used the battering ram.

The whole crew was there.

The last thing I need right now
is to be suspended.

I'll report it
as an accidental overdose.

That'll satisfy them.

But it won't satisfy me.

It is tough love from now on.

You want out of this?

You do this my way.

Therapy, twice a week,

with a therapist that I choose.

And pack your stuff.

We're getting out of town.

TK: Dad, please, I am not
in the mood for a vacation.

I'm not talking
about a vacation.

* I used to love
to look for a fight *

* Never thought

* It would happen to me

(Chris Stapleton's
"Hard Livin'")


* But this hard living

* Ain't easy
as it used to be *


(somber country music)


OWEN: This place
is exactly like it was

the night the call came in.

They shuttered it the next day.

It's like a tomb.

Dad, tell them you change
your mind.

We--we don't belong here.

We were invited here.

Yeah, not by anyone
grieving the loss of those men.

I mean, they're not even ready

to get rid of the dead flowers
on the sidewalk.

And now what,
some city slicker's

gonna come in here
and scold them

on how they're doing life
all wrong?

City slicker?

An outsider.
A stranger.

Sometimes it takes an outsider.

Someone they can blame,

and possibly hate.

Just don't go out of your way
to prove the point, okay?

You know me.

I tread very lightly.

So, is this in the budget?

I find people work better

in spaces where there's
more natural light.

What you got there?


They've been coming in
from all over the state.

Got a lot of good people here.

This one here,
that is my past--

Uh, who's he?

Oh, that's Mateo.

Frequent flyer in the academy.

Never passed,
but he's a good kid,

so I hired him as my driver.

All right, Chief.

Well, I will look
at your resumes.

I'm casting
a slightly wider net.

This crew can't
just be good.

They gotta be the best.

Gotta be the 1927 Yankees.

No one's gonna cut us
any slack.

We need exceptional people.

Gotta be battle tested.

But this chick just seems
kind of crazy.

You say that
like it's a bad thing.

This is Captain Triplet

from Ladder 106 Miami FD.

We're still waiting
on that marine unit.

We got two civilians
in the water.

OFFICER: What the hell do you
think you're doing, Marjan?


* All you got is this moment

Miami Fire and Rescue
Instagram got, what,

6 million likes now?


Cardi B reposted it last night.

You've racked up 11 reprimands
in one year.

That has to be a record.

Well, my parents taught me

if you're gonna do something,
be the best.

You sure you got the right
Mateo Chavez?

You set AFD academy records
in multiple categories.

Field stuff is easy.

The field is where
you're tested.

Except you have to pass
the written exams too,

but I flunked out.

Four times.

When you wash out
that many times,

why do you keep coming back?

Because I was born
to do it, sir.

reckless behavior.

I'm allergic
to poor leadership.


When you were washing
your boss's car,

you were wiping down the inside
of the door handles.


Nobody would ever know
if they're clean or not.

I would, sir.

Dad, you bring this guy in,

people here would lose
their minds.



* I'm lonely

* What do you think?

* Can't think at all


OWEN: How'd you know
he was the arsonist

and he had a gun?

Got lucky.

OWEN: Yeah, lucky, my ass.

You got a stack full
of Life Saving Commendations,

which tells me you have a gift
for threat assessment.

Would you say that has anything
to do with you being trans?

Growing up the way I did,

there was a lot of folks
who wanted to hurt me,

so I guess I learned
to figure out who they were

before they figured out
who I was.

How would you feel
about relocating to Austin?

Well, look, I'll be honest.

The real reason I agreed
to come out here

is 'cause I've always wanted
to check out

South by Southwest.

Thanks, Cap, but I transitioned
on the job in Chicago,

and that was hard enough.

I don't wanna imagine what
things are gonna be like

down in Texas.

Things have really
changed for me in Miami

since that video went viral.

For the first time,
I genuinely feel respected.

Can you look me in the eye
and tell me

that your department's
not using you as a prop?

How do I know you're not
looking for a prop of your own

to show everybody
how woke you are?

My teachers all said
I was a little slow.

I don't know what your teachers
told you in the past,

but I know what you're not.

You're not stupid.

* Can't think at all

-I'm not?

You're thorough,

you're relentless,

and you're exactly the kind
of man I want in the 126.

When I look at you
and what you've accomplished,

I don't see a Muslim
or a woman.

I see a kick-ass firefighter.

You know, somewhere
in this town right now

is a kid who is just like
you were.

Feeling scared, helpless.

I'd like you to show him,
or her, or they,

it's okay to be who you are.

And I'll double your salary.

* You're one of my kind

(solemn music)


You were there,
the night of the tragedy.

Lone survivor.

That's gotta be rough.

It was six weeks
in the hospital, so.

I'm good now.

-Are you?

'Cause it says here you haven't
completed your CSID.

Ah, well, you know,

I never really
had much use for talk.

I'm sorry about your crew.

They weren't just my crew.

You know,
you should know that.

They were my brothers, so--

let's just--
let's just cut the--

the fake-ass condolences, and--

I don't even understand
why I had to come down here

to interview for a job
that I've had

since I graduated high school.

You're not.

This isn't an interview.

I invited you down here
out of respect

to tell you to your face
that I wasn't sure

whether you'd be ready
to come back.

Now, having talked to you,

I am sure.

You're not.

-PTSD my ass.

I am the best firefighter
in Travis County.

That may very well be,
but until--

Hey, look, man, I saw what
you're doing when I came in.

You got a whole, you know,

"We are the world" thing
going, right?

But you got no place
for a guy like me

who can actually do the job.

Mr. Ryder,
I'm gonna do you a favor.

You gonna do me a favor?

Who the hell do you think
you are?

This is my house.

It was.


I'm sorry.

You're sorry.

So how about this?

How about you take
your "sorry,"

and you stick it up your ass.

(dramatic music)


REALTOR: There's a Jacuzzi tub
in the master

and another bath downstairs.

All the appliances are new.

Kitchen was renovated
last year.

Great backyard,
hill country views.

Rent's 4,500.

You're kidding.

If that's a problem,
we can talk to the owners.


It's not a problem.

I'll give y'all a minute
to chat.

I can rent this in Texas

for less than a studio
apartment in Red Hook.

Well, 'cause that Brooklyn
real estate is dumb.

I mean, I think we kind of
have to do this.

Isn't it a little much
for just one guy?

What do you mean?


I'm not living with my dad,
like, permanently.

Am I?

My only priority right now
is that you live.

That means keeping you
under my roof.

Remember our deal?

You do what I say?

By the way, don't you have
a meeting before your shift?

All right.

All right.

I'm not leaving, Dustin,

so you may as well
open the door.

Fine, I'll just remind
the whole neighborhood

that Dustin Shepard
is a murderer!

You know you're not supposed
to be here.

It's Iris' birthday.

She's 28 today.

You know what I thought
would make a great present?

To give her a proper burial.

I don't know what happened
to Iris.

You can fool the damn cops,
but you cannot fool me!

She spent the last night
of her life alive

in this house.

Tell me what you did
to my sister!

You can hide all you want!

You will never get rid of me!

I'll be back!

On Christmas,


Earth Day!

(dramatic music)


BOY: (wheezing)

You okay?

Do you have an inhaler?


But it's fine.
I'm okay.

Until you're not.


Is there a problem?

The problem is your son
has asthma and no medication.

He needs an inhaler.

We don't have insurance.

Can't afford it.

I volunteer with a group.

Anything happens,
call this number.

We help, no questions.

(siren beeps)

It's okay.
They're here for me.

(siren beeps)

Hey, Carlos.

Hey, Michelle.


You can't keep doing this
to yourself.

You've gotta get out
of this rut, chica.

Happy to.

Just find me a single damn lead
on my sister.

CARLOS: You ever consider that
the reason

we haven't found any evidence
of foul play

is because there wasn't?


Can you just drop me at work?

My shift starts in 20 minutes.

I'm not an Uber.

I wasn't gonna tip.

ANDY: Man, y'all sure do like
y'all peppers.

so should you, bro.

Texas Monthly says
it's the new super food now.

Cranks up your metabolism,
boosts your immunity,

natural aphrodisiac.


And perfect ingredient
for revenge.

So what, you gonna slip
a ghost pepper

in Tony's taco or what?


The man filled my shampoo
with hair remover.

He deserves to be punished.

ANDY: The hell is that?

Look like the devil's nut sack.

The holy grail is what it is.

Carolina Reaper.

2 million Scoville Heat Units.

Hottest pepper on the planet.

Hope you came hungry.

-Always, cuz.

Here we go.

Yo, who is that?

Her, in the blue.

Oh, Maria.


She works with Tanya
at the office.



Hey, but if it makes you
feel any better,

you never had a chance anyway.

(both laugh)


How is it?

A little bland, to be honest.

Real question is,

how's yours?


30 years, you haven't grabbed
me a soda from the fridge.

Now you're making me tacos?

Come on, cuz.

Try that, yeah.

That's why you don't prank
the master, bitch!





TONY: My cousin's up here.
He's in bad shape.

Just spit up some blood.
You gotta help him, please!

OWEN: What's ETA on EMS?

Supposedly on the way.

All right, till they get here,

you assess the patient.

'Scuse us, 'scuse us,

let us through.

Marjan, talk to the family.

See if he has any allergies.

Mateo, move these people back

so we have some room to work.

MICHELLE: You mean give us
some room to work.

This scene belongs to us.

You must have missed the part

where they made me
the captain of the 126.

Michelle Blake,
Paramedic Captain.

And this scene is medical,
so I run the call.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
since when does EMS

tell Fire what time it is?

You didn't read the
Travis County manual, did you?

Uh, I'm more
of a visual learner.

In Texas, EMS calls the shots
involving medical emergencies,

so you do what I say, Captain.

Airway sounds blocked.

Blood in the sputum,
esophageal spasms.

You see his little
pepper garden?

This is Boerhaave syndrome.

Get me the suction tool,

and a 1% solution
of Lidocaine-Epinephrine.


He's not gonna make it
to the hospital.

I need your men to move him
onto the picnic table now.

You heard the captain.

He's got a ruptured esophagus.

His chest cavity's filling
with fluid, drowning his lungs.

I've gotta get the fluid out.

(crowd groans)


Come on, cuz.


Come on.



Thank God.

You home?

Hey, babe.


Cheat day come early this week?

You know you want some.

I do.

So you went radio silent
on me today.

How'd it go?

The big talk
with Captain Strand.


(clears throat)
It didn't.

He says he don't think
I'm ready to come back,

and he says that he's worried
that I got PTSD,

which is just an excuse,
you know, 'cause I'm fine.

Except for the nightmares,

Well, you know, fortunately,

I only have to work
when I'm awake.

Okay, so,

you'll get another job
at a different station.

I heard the 154 is looking.

No, ma--no, I can't.

Look, if I walk away
from the 126,

it's like I'm walking away
from them.

So what are you gonna do?

I don't know.

(solemn music)

Look, the captain's
got it in for me.

He don't give a damn

that I got 20 years
out on that rig.

This job is everything to me.
That ain't fair.

Well, sweetheart,
I hope you're not trying

to tell a black woman
how tough life in Texas is.


No, no.

When you asked for my hand,
what did my father say to you?

He, uh, well, he said
that he would die bloody

before he let a redneck
from Seguin

anywhere near his baby girl.

And what did you do?

I went back the next day
and I asked him again.

And the day after that.

-And the day after that.

Even built his pool deck,
as I recall.

I ain't building Captain Strand
no pool deck.

My point is, Judd,

is the man I love has never
taken no for an answer.

So do not start now.


Turn some lights on
in here now.


Mole check?


Pimple check, actually.

You get pimples?

Yeah, some of the stuff
I have to take can cause acne.

What's your routine?

Your skincare regiment.

Soap and water?

Are you insane?

That is the worst thing
you could do.

Soap dries you out.

-Isn't that a good thing?

Single biggest mistake
all men make

when it comes to skincare
is not washing properly,

which is particularly
problematic for guys like us.

You know, we work, we sweat,

we break out,
so I start my routine

with a gentle
exfoliating cleanser.

It's all organic, and it has
detoxifying malachite.

Uh, yeah, this looks
expensive, Cap.

Here, take this for now.

It's got soothing botanicals.

Guards against razor burn.
Open it.


A little cedar, a little
spruce, a little bergamot.

They put wood in it?



This is the engine.

Keeps the whole thing moving.

No, no, you can't have that.
This is very precious to me.

I think I'm gonna stick
with soap and water.

Hey, Cap?

Thanks for this.

You know, most people tend
to tiptoe around me.

OWEN: You should expect
to be treated

just like any other guy
around here.

I have three commitments
to my people.

Everybody who clocks in
will also clock out,

everybody gets a fair shake,

and no one, and I mean no one,

gets left behind

when it comes to skincare.


Thanks, Cap.

(bell ringing)

(dramatic music)

(sirens wailing)

Captain Strand?
Officer Reyes, Austin PD.

-Good to meet you, sir.
-Good to meet you.

CARLOS: Single vehicle

Looks like she hydroplaned,

hit the light pole, and rolled
the vehicle.

How many people inside?

Just the driver,
Allison Parker.

Doors are too smashed
to get her out,

and don't look now,

but you're about
to have an audience.

Show 'em what we got.

Allison, can you hear me?

She's unconscious.
We gotta move.

Hey, Cap.
We got gas in the water.

The fuel tank must have busted.

Everybody, get back!

Mateo, disengage
that battery terminal.

TK, get the CO2.

Paul, I need you to get me
the Jaws of Life.

On it.

OWEN: Allison, hold on.
Stay with us.

All right, team, let's get
this windshield off.

(glass shatters)

You watch yourself.

Marjan, you're up.

Looks like she's pregnant.

I got a pulse.

She's trapped under
the steering column.

If we can't cut her
out of the car,

we cut the car off of her.

We gotta get her out.
I'm worried about this baby.



Allison, stay with us.

TK: Hey, Dad, the EMTs
just pulled up.

-Nice and easy now.
-You got her stable?

Here we go.

All right, guys, set her down.

Scene's all yours, Captain.

MICHELLE: Strong radial pulse.


My baby!

My baby!
Is my baby okay?

Listen, we're gonna get you
to the hospital

so they can check on you
and your baby, okay?

This baby and my other baby,

My 10-month old.

He's in his car seat
in the back.


Marjan, what do you see
in there?

There's baby seat attachments,
but no baby seat.

All right!

We're looking for a car seat
that probably got tossed

when this thing rolled.

We're gonna assume this child
is still alive.

Why don't you guys start up
at that tree line.

We're gonna look on this side
of the bank.

We'll meet up in the middle.

Where's Paul?

PAUL: Hey, Cap, over here!

The SUV was already rolling
when it struck the pole.

She hydroplaned
into this guardrail

and started rolling
from there.

The doors must have flung open
with some force, because--

(baby crying)

Oh, my God.


Hey, Henry.

Hang on.

(baby screams)

ALLISON: My baby!


(baby screaming)

I see him.

Trying to get to him.

(branches snapping)


ALLISON: My baby!


TK: Oh, no!
The baby!

ALLISON: (screams)

(baby crying)


Yeah, Cap!

(all cheering)

(baby crying)

I think this belongs to you.

Thank you!
Thank you!

God bless y'all!

All of y'all!


He's an impressive guy.

He's my dad.

Oh snap, it's already got,
like, 2 million views.

Check this out.

We're trending as

Okay, look, I've already
gone viral twice this month.

At some point,
I'm gonna need an agent.

No phones at the table.

Here's to...

to the future of the 126,

and the memory of the old.

(country music)

How you doing?

I'm okay.


Do I need to be worried
about you?

No, I'm drinking mineral water.

How'd your AA meeting go today?

Apparently, they're way hipper
in Austin than in New York,

so I actually really liked it.

Thanks for bringing us
down here.

I really like the crew,

and I like that I get to start
something new with you.

I think we're gonna be
just okay.


Look, TK.


I just love you.



Aw, we should go.

That's him?


We ain't leaving.

Judd, you would deny your
wife's one night to dance

because he's here?

No, sir.
Come on.

Let's get some drinks.

EMCEE: All right, y'all.

Now who's ready for some
good old Texas line dancing?

(Brooks & Dunn
"Boot Scootin' Boogie")

Captain Strand, shall we?

Oh, no, no.

You do not want to see me
line dance.

Oh, are you shy?

I thought you weren't scared
of anything.

Ah, now I see why
you invited us all here.

I see you.

Trying to exert your dominance?

Well, I just think a man
should have to earn his spurs.


(all cheering)


* Out in the country
past the city limits sign *

* Well there's a honky-tonk

* Near the county line

I thought you said I didn't
want to see you line dance.

I didn't want to show you up.

* They got whiskey, women

* Music and smoke

* It's where
all the cowboy folk *

* Go to boot scooting boogie



* When it's quitting time

Do you wanna dance?

* I fire up my pickup truck



* I go flying
down that highway *

* To that hideaway

* Stuck out in the woods

* To do the boot scooting
boogie *

* Yeah

* Heel, toe, do-si-do

Where'd you learn how to dance
like that?

Ah, the whole cowboy thing
was huge

in the city in the '90s.

There was a bar called
Hogs and Heifers.

We'd line dance every Thursday.

Guess I never lost my step.

* Oh get down, turn around

* Go to town,
boot scooting boogie *



Excuse me, Captain Strand.

Sorry, I'm Grace Ryder.

Judd Ryder's my husband.


Owen Strand.

We've actually met, Captain,
over the radio.

I work 9-1-1 dispatch.

I took the call that night.

I was on the line
with my husband

when the explosion happened.

He was running back towards
the danger.

Yeah, I read the report.

And his Commendation.

And I read yours.

It was all online.

You and Judd are a lot alike.

You know that saving people
is like oxygen to him.

And he's suffocating.

Yeah, well, he needs
to take a little time

to take care of himself

before he can take care
of anybody else.

I'm not asking you to throw him

back into the action
right away, Captain.

I know he's not ready for that.

So what are you asking me?

What I'm asking is that

you do what you do best.

I'm asking you to save him.


Have him come to the station

Let's see if there's
something I can do.


Thank you, Captain.

Oh, and welcome to Austin.

(emotional music)


OWEN: I have to say, I was
surprised meeting your wife.

'Cause she's black?

Because she's wise.

She's a smart lady.
You married up.

So did I, the first time.

With TK's mom.

The second time was--

ah, anyway, never mind.

Grace thought I should, uh...

come in here and apologize
to you.

Said maybe you'd give me
my old job back.

There you go.


But my old job
don't exist anymore

'cause when you trashed them,
you trashed it.


Well, when you threw them out,

when you threw out
every picture and every card,

every memory of those men,

those incredible men,

you just--you trashed it all.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, cowboy.

Nobody trashed anybody.

Did I drag this place
kicking and screaming

into the 21st century?


Because I know
that after a tragedy,

people need a fresh start.

Oh, I get it.

You're a real American hero.

We should all just bend down
and kiss your Gucci loafers

because your men died

in an attack in New York City

with the whole world watching,

and my boys bit it

in a stupid manure fire
in Texas.


(dramatic music)


I have cancer.

I've never said that
out loud before.

Only three people
on the planet know.

My doctor, me, and now you.


at some point I'll
have to face this diagnosis,

just like you have to face
what you've lost.

I barely got the lid
on this thing, Cap.

If I take it off,

I don't know if I can get
the monster back in his cage.

I'm sorry for what I said.

I'm sorry for everything,

and I appreciate you
trying to help me out, but...

This ain't never gonna
work out.

Thank you.


MAN: Hey!

MAN: Help me!


Aw, man!

Oh, no!

All right.

Chavez, Strickland, why don't
you get dinner started?

Nothing that comes
out of a box.


Oh, man.

It's the first thing I did

when I redid the station
in Manhattan.

Put up one of those.

So we could see their faces

every time we went out
on a call.

To ensure that we honored
their memory.

OWEN: Their sacrifice.

Your men,

your brothers,

they'll never be forgotten.

And they call it PTSD,
but they should call it


'cause that's what it is.

It's not a disorder,
you've been injured.

The monster's coming out
either way, Judd.

Believe me.

COLLEEN: (clears throat)

Sorry, is this a bad time?

Hey, Judd.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

-Hey, how are you?


Hey, hey, sweetheart.

Owen, this is Colleen,

and this is Mable.

This was Chuck Parkland's wife
and daughter.

Oh, it is an absolute honor.

We saw you save a baby
on the news,

so we brought y'all cookies.

Oh, thank you so much,

but you see, I'm keto.

Ah, no, no, he's not.

No, no, no, no,
he's gonna eat it,

and he's gonna love it,
ain't you?


This is the best cookie
I've ever had.

The secret is Daddy's lard.

It's Premium Parkland Lard.

It's been passed down
generation to generation.

Chef's father gave it to him,

and now it is Mable's turn
to cook with it.

Well, that is a--

an unbelievable
family heirloom.

Chef always said anybody
in the 126,

same as blood to us.

So, we just wanted to say,

welcome to the family,
Captain Strand.

Well, thank you.

That means everything.

Well, we'll let y'all
get back to work.


It's good seeing y'all.

Oh, and I love what you've done
with the place.

My Lord, it was so depressing.


(Lil Nas X's
"Old Town Road")


* Yeah

* I'm gonna take my horse

* To the old town road

* I'm gonna ride

* Till I can't no more

* I'm gonna take my horse

* To the old town road

* I'm gonna ride

* Till I can't no more

* I got the horses
in the back *

* Horse tack is attached

* Hat is matte black

* Got the boots that's black
to match *

* Riding on a horse, ha

* You can whip your Porsche

* I been in the valley

* You ain't been up
off that porch now *

* Can't nobody tell me
nothing *

* You can't tell me nothing

* Can't nobody tell me
nothing *

* You can't tell me nothing

* Yeah

* I'm gonna take my horse

* To the old town road

* I'm gonna ride

* Till I can't no more

* I'm gonna take my horse

* To the old town road

* I'm gonna ride

* Till I can't no more

* I'm gonna take my horse

* To the old town road

* I'm gonna ride

* Till I can't no more

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