8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (2012–…): Season 19, Episode 5 - full transcript


Tonight on 8 Out Of 10 Cats
Does Countdown,

Jon Richardson...

..Sean Lock...

..Victoria Coren Mitchell...

..Kevin Bridges...

..Spencer Jones...

..Susie Dent...

..Rachel Riley...

..and your host, Jimmy Carr!


Hello and welcome to
8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown.

This is the show that loves
late-night digits

even more than your mum.

OK, let's meet tonight's players.

First up,
it's team captain Sean Lock.


Sean is a handsome, charismatic
sex symbol,

perhaps most famous
for his work in La La Land.

I've got Ryan Gosling's card.

Sean is a grumpy old man.


And joining Sean tonight
is Kevin Bridges!


Kevin got married this year
in Scotland. There was a free bar,

everyone was doing shots, downing
pints, and dancing on the tables.

Then they finished breakfast and
went to the church and got married.

Up against them this evening
is team captain Jon Richardson!


Jon and his wife enjoy making lists
of things

they're scared might kill them.

Top of his wife's list - boredom.


Because you are boring, Jon...


..so it's funny.

And Jon's team-mate,
Victoria Coren Mitchell.

Victoria hosts Only Connect.

I love Only Connect.
It's like a big pub quiz,

but without any of that annoying
alcohol, atmosphere or fun.


Kevin, what advice would you give
your younger self?

Well, it depends how young.

Like, my two-year-old self,
I would say, like,

stop pissing the bed
and shitting yourself.

But with my teenage self,
what advice would I give?

Yeah. I would say, introduce
more fibre to your diet...


..reduce your caffeine intake,

and don't strain too hard
during a bowel movement,

because if alcohol and drugs don't
get you, haemorrhoids will.

Is your diet better now?

No, it's fine, I just had
a tough... a tough summer.

Apparently, I strained
the fissure nerve.

It's a small bit of the anus.

So, I had to go to an rectologist,

which is a very niche...

What a...

..what a thing to specialise in.
The guy specialises in... the arse,

so I had to go to the doctor and I
would recommend him for all your...

For all your needs.

So, I thought I'd give him
a plug on Countdown.


Sean, up to... up to anything
interesting lately?

Well, Jimmy, as you know, I spend
a lot of time in my lab.

I thought the RSPCA had banned you
from having dogs.

Well, er...



Now, I'm always thinking up ways,
like, what I think, Jimmy, is

I'm always looking for a gap,
you know, so I can fill it.

And what I saw was, I realised
that most bathroom products

are kind of fruit-based,
aren't they?

They're fruity, you know, they're,
like, peach and pear and lemon.

There's a little bit of pine.

So, I thought, "Time to come up with
more savoury bathroom products."

So, I've created
a salt-and-vinegar talc...

..which is quite lively...

..a full-English shower gel...

..I do a bolognese shampoo...

..garlic toilet roll is very...
I'm very pleased with that.

That does a lovely job

cos the area's already
quite gamey, I find.

I think the garlic...

..the garlic works beautifully.

It brings out the flavour.
Oh, absolutely, Jimmy.

So, that's what I've... that's what
I've been working on, Jimmy.

in my lab. OK. Victoria, what things
in life really excite you?

Oh, a lot of things.
If you mean in a nice way,

Christmas, and free pens, and...

..finding a fiver in your pocket
you've forgotten about,

or a PG Wodehouse you hadn't read.

Or, if it's a sex thing, then maybe
watching two men go at it...


..or erotic spanking.
I'm really into that.


Good to know.

Maybe a little bit of an overshare,
but, no...

He talked about having piles!

No, it was actually
a torn fissure nerve.


I don't want to be misquoted
when it comes to my rectal issues.

Jon. Hello. How's married
life going?

We've been together

to the point where
we can have a good argument

on the phone now.
We don't have to just do it live.

And she rang me last week to ask me
where the cinnamon was

and I think she wanted a slightly
more constructive answer

than the one she got, which is,
"About 100 miles from where I am

"and somewhere within half
a metre of where you are."


"So, why don't you tell me
where the cinnamon is?"

And in the house, it's just
nice... it's nice to realise

how insane you are, because I lived
on my own for a long time

and I picked up some habits
that I didn't know I did

until living with someone else

and it turns out I sort of sashay
up the stairs, sideways,

and I do this with my hands as well

and I didn't know that,
until I did it a few months ago,

and I heard, "What the hell
are you doing?"

But you know, that's toxic
masculinity, isn't it?

I've got to be a real man
at all times.

You're damned if you,
damned if you don't.

Yeah, it's a bit camp using
the stairs. I don't use the stairs.

I just kick the living room
window out

and I throw a grappling hook
up to the bedroom,

and I climb up like that, because
otherwise she won't respect me.


Victoria, have you got a mascot?

I genuinely found it quite sexy
when you talked about throwing

a grappling hook
and then climbing up the thing.

My husband doesn't do that.

A mascot? Yes. OK. Well, not just
a mascot, several mascots.

Right. Last time I came here,
I brought some unrecyclable plastic

and it somehow got left behind.

That worked very well for me.

So, before coming this time,
I looked around the house

for other things that
I don't really want to keep,

but I would feel guilty
to throw away. Right.

I have got...

Well, this, this is some gherkins.

I don't know where they date from,
but they never go off.

But there comes a point
when you think, "I really don't

"want to eat them," but you can't
throw them, people are starving,

so to bin them would be terrible,
so they just sit forever

in the fridge.
Similarly, a panettone.

Nobody likes these. They just exist
to be given to people.

You get them as a gift.
You know, this has been around

for maybe 20... We don't even know
if there's a panettone inside.

It could be a human head.

It's a food that nobody
would ever...

..would ever want to eat.
Similarly, ouzo.

Ouzo. So, this I won in a raffle.

I came down one day, some of it
was missing and the cat was dead.

The name, ouzo. Ouzo sounds like
one of Kevin's symptoms. Yeah.

It's not all food.
I've got a key.

You can't throw away a key.
It could be for something useful.

I don't know what it's for.
I can't chuck it.

So, stuff you can't throw away,
but you want to throw away.

I would feel guilty
throwing it away.

The key I'm really disturbed by cos
I sort of feel like you might have

a basement you don't know about.
It could be...

It could be... I mean...
You know that cup wasn't...?



Oh, yeah! But all of these things...

Got to drink gherkin juice
throughout the show.

Drink gherkin juice and ouzo

and see how it affects your

I'll do an ouzo and a pickle juice.
Good luck. Jon wants to drink

ouzo and pickle juice. Oh, that's
real! Of course, it's real!

Can I just ask a question, before
Jon drinks this? Yeah.

If he dies, do we get sort of
an aggregate score? No.

I can't do this on my own.

I love ouzo. Imagine
if I'm about to invent a thing!

So, this is ouzo and pickle juice.
Ouzo and pickle juice.

All right, let's see. Down in one.
To a happy marriage.


RACHEL: You put them together?!

Now, that's rank. It's fine.


Take the key.
I'll take the key as well.

I'll keep trying it in doors.
What could go wrong?

Stinking of ouzo and pickle juice,
trying to get into people's houses.

Kevin, have you got a mascot?

I brought this creepy bastard.


What is it?

I was at a Christmas Market
last year and I got talking to

this guy. He had a stall there,
makes stuff out of seashells.

And I felt really sorry for him,

so I thought, "I'd better buy"

My wife has said, "That has got
to leave the house,"

cos it terrifies her.

So, I just thought I'd bring it
on Countdown

and it's now Channel 4's problem.
There we go.

I'll maybe put it facing Victoria
and Jon, just to sort of

intimidate them a wee bit. Yes.
It's a pretty scary dude.

Jon, have you got a mascot?

Well, it's more of a way
of improving all our lives, Jimmy.

I've been looking at the health
and safety regs around this building

and this show, and, having looked,
I'm amazed we're not all killed

on a weekly basis. This is a fucking
death trap, this building.

So, I've done my training.

I'm now a fully-approved
health and safety officer.

So, if you'll permit me
to go around, I've got

my health-and-safety hi-vis

I do mainly old people's homes.

These are great, these.
I make these myself.

And they've cut road deaths
in the over 70s by 40%.

Oh, my God. I hate to say this,
but that really suits you.

Thank you.

So, I've been having a look,
this is the first problem.

This is like sitting under
a guillotine every week.

Look how sharp that point is.

And that swings around onto MY head.
It doesn't come near you.

So, I had no choice but to provide
myself with a hard-hat.

So, that's not a problem any more.

Then I... And this is a true fact.
If you have more than ten or more

employees, you are legally obliged
to have

an accident and incident logbook,

and I've never been shown ours,
and I know you've got probably got

ten or more staff,
so I got one for you as well,

to just have at the house.

The next problem is you, Susie, with
that death trap in front of you,

the dictionary. Yeah. We all know
how easily a paper cut can happen,

so I've got you some oven gloves.

If you don't mind wearing those,
just at any point where that's...

Who thought I was going to get
that on the desk?

I feel so masculine.

Rachel, you've got quite a lot
going on there, so...

Good to get some exercise, isn't it?
Some safety goggles there... Thanks.

..just in case anything sort of
falls off or comes near you.

Very masculine run, Jon.

That's my, er...


These things are bloody dangerous,
aren't they?

You never know, you're having
a drink and, then, all of a sudden,

you put your cup down and... Ooh!


So, I got everyone
a little sippy cup.

A Countdown sippy cup!

And then, finally,
looking at the statistics

on how many panel-show comedians
are killed each year

in chair-based falls,
absolutely shocking.

None so far, but I'm not
going to be the first.

So, I got myself...

Let's Countdown.

Jon Richardson, everyone.

Sean, have you got a mascot?
Yes, I do, Jimmy.

You know you get those brown signs
and you're driving through

somewhere and it says,
a brown sign, and it says,

"Go and visit," like, you know,

there'll be like a sort of
farming museum,

and you always go,
it's always shit, isn't it? Yeah.

And you think,
"Why did you lure me down?"

So, I thought I'd come up
with some alternative brown signs

of things you do want to see,
you do want to know

when you're driving around
and also things you want to avoid.

Like this one, you know,
there's, "Don't stop".


"It's a rubbish walk, avoid." Mm.

Sometimes, you know,
you want to stop for a pee,

you want to stop in a good spot.
So, you know, you look...


The scenic pissing spot.

There we go. Hey, you got lucky.

Here's where to go for cheap weed.


That way... for the cheep weed.

What about this?

Porn hedge.


That's a place where people
discard porn.

What about this one? "Childish
photo opportunity, 300 yards."

You know, something childish,
and here would be the photo.


You'd be there, going...

This one, "Affable bloke,
next exit."


Oh, just coming up,
there's a prison.


Who wouldn't want to stop near
a prison full of serial killers?

You know, "Just up there,
it's just full of serial killers,"

and you'd just drive tentatively
up to it, wouldn't you?

Or this one, this one would be quite
popular for some people.


"Woods for men." You know,
like, the sort of woods

that men like to... hang out in.


There he is, looking for a friend.

So, that's my mascot, Jimmy.

Sean's signs, everyone.


Over in Dictionary Corner,
it's Spencer Jones!


Lovely to have you here, Spencer.

What have you been up to since
you were last on, Spencer?

I've been trying to persuade
my agent to get me some more

acting roles playing hard men.
For some reason, I get a lot of,

you know, opportunities
playing dickheads and, so,

I wanted to sort of show you
my hard man stuff, if that's all

right? Yeah, that'd be great.
It's a guy who's...

Well, he's scoping out a bank.
He's thinking of doing a bank job.

Got that.

security guard there.

It's going to be 90 seconds before
we get to the van. Are you ready?


It's good, innit?

Oh, yeah, I'm ready.

It's just that, basically.


30 quid, that cost.

See you in Hollywood.

And with Spencer Jones, of course,
it's Susie Dent.


I'm not saying Susie spends
a lot of time satisfying

the needs of drivers on the A34,
but she's...


..but she's now technically classed
as a service station.


Susie. Yeah. Do you get a lot of
letters from viewers, Susie?

I used to get really sweet letters,
like, you know,

"What's the collective noun
for ravens?" or annoying comedians,

or lexicographers, or something.

And now, thanks to you, Jimmy,
I got one from an 11-year-old girl

and her classmates the other day,
saying, "We thought of you

"immediately because we're doing
a presentation and it's on

"the history of handcuffs."

I don't think... I don't think
everyone knows about

what we get up to. OK.

And in charge of the numbers,
it's Rachel Riley!

Rachel, how is your Russian
coming along?

I'm a little bit rusty because
I only really practise

when I see Pasha's family.
So, I saw his mum over the summer

and when I'm tired and a bit jet
lagged, it's even worse.

So, we just flew in to see her,
and he said he looked really tired,

him and his mum, and I said...
Well, I wanted to say,

"Yeah, I can see your eyes
look red," which would be...


..and what I actually said was...

..and what I said
in front of his mum was,

"Yes, I can see your balls look red.


Yeah, that would explain
the tiredness.

OK. Tonight, the prize the teams
will be competing for is this -

the Countdown Hosepipe.


OK, let's Countdown, everyone.
Time for our first game.

Jon, Victoria, you get the first
pick of the letters. You pick.

Er, a vowel, please, Rachel.

I had to take the corners off
your letters.


Thanks, Jon. Deathtrap over there.
Can't have you working in that.


A consonant, please.


Another consonant, please.


SEAN: Oh, for crying out loud.

A vowel, please. It's good to be
safe, though, isn't it?


Consonant, please.


And a vowel, please.


And a consonant.


And a consonant.


And a vowel, please.

And the last one...


And for the first time today,
here's the Countdown Clock.




Yeah, there's perks to presenting.

Er, Jon, how many?

Eight. Victoria?

Eight. Sean?

Er, seven. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven.

OK. Kevin?

A risky seven.
It's a guaranteed six,

but I might stick an S on there
and, hopefully, it works, so...

You're like a danger freak.
OK, what's your seven?

Well, I was going to go for TINDER

and then I just thought
I'd stick an S in.


It's only a mass noun, which means
you can't put the S on it.

Six, Jimmy.


TINDER. OK. Sean, your seven?


Nice. Victoria, your eight?


Mm-hm. Yeah.

Jon, your eight?

Well, I had RANDIEST as well.

OK, so 8 points
to Jon and Victoria.


Spencer Jones. Could they have
done any better, Spencer?

There is a nine.
How do I say it again?


It's a unit of solid angle,
equal to the angle at the centre

of a sphere sub-dented by a part
of the surface equal in area to

the square of the radius.

A nine-letter word.
Susie Dent, everyone.


OK. Onto our first numbers round.

Sean and Kevin, your turn to pick
the numbers.

The usual, please, Rachel.

Two big ones, four little ones,
and, especially for Sean...

And the target...

And your time starts now.

OK, so the target was 859.
Sean, did you get it?

Er, no.

OK. Kevin, did you get it? 850.
850? OK. Nine away.

Jon, did you get it?

I think I got 858.

One away. Victoria, did you get it?

No, I'm miles away. 869.
Well, Jon's only one away.

So, how did you get one away, Jon?

Well, I did...

100 + 25


X 7

00:22:14,759 --> 00:22:17,278
6 x 3 = 18

- 1 = 17

Yeah. And then take that away. Yeah.

That's seven points.

That's really good.
But how could it be done?

100 + 25 - 1 = 124

x 7


00:22:32,519 --> 00:22:35,518
And then you just take the 6
and the 3 off and there you have it.


The scores at the moment are Sean
and Kevin have no points,

Jon and Victoria have 15.


And here is your teaser.
The words are, CLEAN ROD.

The clue is, mine's full of holes.

mine's full of holes.

See you after the break.

Welcome back.

The answer to the teaser, the words
were CLEAN ROD, the clue was -

mine's full of holes.

It was of course colander.

OK, they've been playing in teams
so far

but this game is
just for Jon and Kevin.

So, Kevin,
your turn to choose letters.

What do you reckon? Got a usual?

I reckon you've got
to trust yourself. Trust yourself.

Consonant. Consonant.




Eh, consonant again, please.


Eh, vowel.


Eh, another vowel. E.

Three consonants.



D. And a vowel.

And, I.

OK, and your time starts now.



Yeah, that's...

I mean, it's not perfect but I think
I've done a pretty good...



Well, I've made a...

I've made a
little cheese sculpture.

I've done one of you as well, Sean.

I did one earlier of you.

Here it is.
I did yours out of Stilton.


That's fucking amazing.

It's quite nice.
Do you want that, Sean?

Do I want that?


Yeah, no, I'd really like that.
I made one of Jon as well.

It's going to be a fucking Babybel,
isn't it?



I know the Stilton one isn't
quite as flattering but

it really captures your veins
and crow's feet.


He's like Nanna's thigh.


If anything, I'd be one of those
cheeses which have

lots of red in it,
rather than the blue.

I haven't got a varicose face.

That's a bit more like my arse.


I've got cheese and crackers
for everyone.

Cheese and crackers!

Er, Kevin how many?


Aw, thanks very much, mate.

Jimmy, what you haven't got
is crackers.

There's no spare crackers.

I'll deal with it, Sean.
Not a problem.

My apologies.

You fuckers bring some biscuits!


Some fucking biscuits.
There's men working over here!

There's no fucking crackers!

It's like Wallace and Gromit,
X rated.

"We've got the fucking
crackers, Gromit."


What does the V mean?
Could you just explain that?

Vegan. Vegan.

It's actually made out of the stuff
that comes out of my nose.


Oh, yeah, you can do that, yeah.

Yeah, nose cheese.

I suppose that's not vegan, is it?
Well, no animals were harmed.

JON: It's not the reason
I wouldn't eat it.


Can I ask quickly,
are the grapes vegan,

or did they come
out of Kevin's arsehole?


I suffered terribly
from piles in my...

..in my younger days.
In your younger days?

I contracted them in the Himalalas,
Himalayans, Himalya.

Well, It's the altitude, of course.
It's the altitude.

And they were so bad I used to,

in the morning I used to poke them
back up with a stick.


It's the only way
I could make the ascent.

Victoria, are you OK?

I'm not sure this is for me.


Well, they won't talk about it
on the news.

JON: No.

So we've got to talk about it here.

Yeah. You're right, you're right.

They're all talking about
all the Brexit stuff

and all that boring shit.

This is more important than
what's going on in Europe.

But a similar debate about in or out
and which is best.

SEAN: It affects me!



OK, Jon, how many letters?
I'll stick with a safe seven.

You've got a safe seven? Yeah.

OK, Kevin, what have you got?

He got seven as well.

You've got seven as well?
Oh, what's was your seven, Kevin?



As in - the rectologist shunted the

back into the anal cavity.


You could say.


Jon, what was your seven?

Well, I also got SHUNTED.

OK, Spencer Jones, Susie Dent,
could they have done any better?

Uh, no, it was all sevens.

and what is that word there?

MEHNDIS, which are Henna tattoos.
Oh, right.

OK, so at the end of that,
Kevin and Sean have 7.

Jon and Victoria have 22.


Right, now time for Sean
and Victoria to go head-to-head.

Victoria, your turn to pick
the numbers.

I have to do the numbers by myself?

Yeah, but it's only against Sean.
Don't worry about it.

I'm terrible at...
Eeh, I'm very bad at the numbers.


Do the easiest. Will you do
whatever's the easiest, please?

In honour of our conversation,

I think we should only have
one from the bottom.


No, there's usually
more than one Jon.

JON: Is there? Oh, yes.

I've had seven or eight down there.

I'll have some numbers, please,

One big one
and five small ones please.

We've got 3, 7,

7, 1,

8 and 50.

And the target, 561.

OK, and your time starts now.

Sean, did you get it?

I got 560.

Victoria, did you get it?

No, I might have 560.

Victoria, how did you get your 560?

I think, 8 + 3 x 50.

You went around the houses here.
Go on. 550.

Does that make 510?


What? Does it? Yeah, no.

OK, Sean, how did you get it?

7 - 1

00:29:50,119 --> 00:29:51,119

No, then add it to 50.

00:29:55,279 --> 00:29:57,118
Very good, Rachel.
Well done, you're coming on.

Thanks, Sean!

7 + 3

Times that by 56.

Yeah, 560. 560.

that's definitely not what I did.


Seven points for Sean.

Rachel, could it, could it be done?

Yeah, it's really close to
Victoria's method.

But if you say,

8 + 3 = 11

50 + 1 = 51

and times those together,
you get 561.


OK, time go across now
to Dictionary Corner.

Spencer Jones,
what have you got for us?

Erm, uh, I've got this, err...

Oh, two, one, two, hello.

Erm, do you remember my mum?

Do you remember?
Do you remember my mum?

Do you remember my mum?

# You remember my mum, you remember
my mum, you remember my mum.

# Do you remember my mum?

# Do you remember my mum?

# Do you remember my mum?
Do you remember my mum?

# Do you remember my mum?
Do you remember my mum?

It's a bike pump.


# Do you remember my mum?
Do you remember my mum?

# Do you remember my mum?
Do you remember my mum?

# Do you remember my mum?
Do you remember my mum?


# Do you remember my mum?
Do you remember my mum?

# Do you remember my mum?
Do you remember my mum?

# Do you remember my mum?
Do you remember my mum?


# Do you remember my mum?
Do you remember my mum?

# Do you remember my mum?
Do you remember my mum?

# Long hair

# Do you remember my mum?
Do you remember my mum?

# Long hair

# Do you remember my mum?
Do you remember my mum?

# Long hair

# Wears too much lipstick

# Do you remember my mum?
Do you remember my mum?

# Long hair, wears too much lipstick

# Do you remember my mum?
Do you remember my mum?

# Long hair, wears too much lipstick

# Walks with a limp

# Long hair, wears too much
lipstick, walks with a limp

# Borderline racist

# long hair, wears too much
lipstick, walks with a limp

# Borderline racist. #

It's not actually about my mum.



Sorry, sorry, the phone's ringing.

Ring-ring. Ring-ring.


Yeah, I'm just there now.

Sorry, was that - just do a quick
visual gag, get them back on side?

All right, then, OK.

All right, mum. OK, bye.




Spencer Jones!


It's really annoyingly catchy. Yeah.

It's in my head now and I have a
feeling it's going to be there
some time.

Yeah, when you're driving along.

# Can you remember my mum? #



She's really got the hump
about it as well?


I think she'd be disappointed.

Oh, dear.


Oh, dear, does Mummy not like it?

Well, get over it, mate?


How did you happen to have
those there?

I've got a backup, mate.
I've got backup just in case.

The scores at the moment -

Sean and Kevin have 14.

Jon and Victoria are on 22.


And here is your teaser.

The words are NUDE LIST.
The clue is - how dare you?

That's NUDE LIST - how dare you?

See you after the break.


Welcome back.
The answer to the tease.

The words were nude list,
the clue was 'how dare you?'

It was, of course, insulted.

OK, time for a quick bonus round.

Victoria hosts Only Connect,
the toughest quiz on TV.

So, we thought we'd
do our own version.

Let's play
'Didn't Go To University Challenge'.

OK, your first question.

This question
tests your geography knowledge.

Which of the following
is not a real place?

Is it A, Big Beaver,

B, Bitch Mountain,

C, Castle Knob,

D, Windy Poop,

E, Titty Hill?

Big Beaver seems pretty,
pretty real.

I'm so thrown that you haven't
included Sandy Balls.

I've never seen a list of
funny geographical names

that didn't include Sandy Balls.

OK, so Jon and Victoria,
what is your answer?

We'll um, uh, Victoria's put D or E.

And I felt for E.

So, we'll go for...
You think Titty Hill. Titty Hill.

OK, Sean, Kevin?
We've gone for Titty Hill as well.

So, you're both
going for Titty Hill?

Shall we change now,
make it interesting?

I'm happy with Windy Poop.
OK, we'll go for Windy Poop.

You've gone for Windy Poop,
you've gone for Titty Hill.

Well, I can tell you
the place there that isn't real

is Windy Poop.

Points to Jon and Victoria.


Big Beaver is a hamlet in Canada.
Of course it is.

Bitch Mountain is the
highest summit in New York state.

Castle Knob is in Staffordshire.

And Titty Hill is in West Sussex.

Time for our music round.

All you have to do is guess
what tune Fabio is playing

on his glockenspiel.

Take it away Fabio.

Well, that's wrong, isn't it?


The very start, it sounds like he's
doing the Rivers of Babylon but then

it just goes to shit, so I don't
know if it's a really bad version.

It's not the Rivers of Babylon?
It's not the Rivers of Babylon, no.

I mean you'll be...
You'll kick yourself.

Go on, go again.

Until then and then
it just goes away.

Oh. Oh. Oh.

# You and I belong toget...

Home and Away.
# You and I belong together...

Home and Away theme tune.
That's correct Kevin, yes.

Well done, well done.


Ladies and gentlemen,
that applause was a little bit weak

considering that's
a week of his life.

OK, so, we have a deciding question,
a question as old as time.

What's taller,
Jon Richardson or 99 urinal cakes?


This is very sexist question.

I don't need something to aim at
when I wee.

That's what those things are, right?

No, this is for snacking.


Have you ever seen this thing?

Yeah, they're like little blue...

About that size.
99 and then Jon is 5'2".

Sean's just asked me how big
I reckon a urinal cake is.

I'd say about two centimetres.

Yeah, but don't tell them that.


I'm gonna go with urinal cake.

You're going urinal cakes
are taller.

I mean, just on a matter of pride,
I would back myself anyway.

So, you're going taller.
Sean, you're going shorter.

Well, let's test.

God, it's a proud moment
in any man's career.

Bring on the urinal cakes!

Jon, get up there.

Get up there, you tiny little fella.

Oh, Jesus, the smell off them!

It's just hit me.

That's my aftershave.

Domestos for men!

A little bit closer to the...
No, he's taller.

Oh, I think Jon's taller than that.

And what? And what?



That's right,
Jon's the winner there.


Jon and Victoria,
you have five bonus points!


OK, on with the game.

Jon and Victoria,
your turn to choose the letters.

It's a real treat to know...

Imagine how many men on the planet
know how tall they are

in relation to
a hundred urinal cakes.

I feel quite honoured.

And I feel big.

Who's picking these letters?
You pick them.

I'm picking these letters.

Will you now use that as the method
when people ask?

How tall, are you?
About 104 urinal cakes.

I'll probably just say, "Come to the
toilet and I'll show you!"


Consonant, please.

G. And a vowel, please.


And a vowel, please.


And a vowel, please.


And a consonant, please.


And a consonant, please.


And a consonant, please.
That vegan cheese.


Comes back, doesn't it?

And a consonant, please.


And a whatever you want.

And a, another O.

OK, and your time starts now.

So, Jon, how many letters?

Let's try seven.

And Victoria? Six. Six.


I've got cock and knob,
and I'm trying to find

one more penis synonym,
and then I'll be happy with that.

No, I'll go for a five.

Sean? Four. Four.

What is your four-letter word?

Book, Jimmy. Book? Yeah, book.

OK, Kevin, your five.


That sounds great in your accent.

Yes, I'll phone you up some nights
and whisper it on the phone, Jimmy.



Victoria, your six.

Beacon. Beacon.

Solid. And Jon, your seven?



Bonkage, and that's kind of what you
get at the weekend, is it?

Yeah, that's... Get a bit of bonkage
in. A nice bit of bonkage.

That was a nice bit of bonkage,

Well, you won't be surprised to know
it was the first thing I looked up

and it's not in. Ah.
I'm sorry.

That's what she says.


OK well, six points to Victoria.


Spencer, Susie,
could they have done any better?

No. Just beckon was also
another six. Yeah.

Could we have done any worse?

Could've had book.

Book. Yeah.

So, at the end of that,

Jon and Victoria are in the lead
with 33 points.


OK, time to go across to
Dictionary Corner one last time.

Spencer Jones,
what have you got for us?

I've brought my son with me.


Ah, shit.

He's a very aggressive child.

He's like that
all the time, you know and I said,

"We've gotta take
him to the doctor."

and the doctor's like,
"No, it's fine, it's normal."

I said, "He's not normal,
he's like that all the time

and he's angry basically.
He's angry because he's got

a very long neck."


And he can't scratch his ears!

What he can do, put him up like that
and then, "you all right, mate?"

"Yeah, yeah."

"Did you have a nice time
on the helicopter?"




Spencer Jones, everyone.


And here is your final teaser.
The words are 'slip a nut'.

The clue is, 'you always need two'.

That's, slip a nut.
You always need two.

See you after the break.


Welcome back.
The answer to the teaser,

the words were SLIP A NUT,
the clue was, "You always need two".

It was, of course, NUPTIALS.
OK, time for our final letters game.

Sean and Kevin, your turn to choose.

The vowel, please.

A. The consonant.


The vowel.

U. A consonant.

T. A vowel.

A. Consonant.

S. Consonant.



F. Vowel.

E. And your 30 seconds starts now.



Susie, I'm sure you're aware
you just hit got by a meteorite,

but where were Health and Safety?
That's what I wanna know.

That's actually all fine, that,
what just happened there.

Sean, how many did you get?
I got a six. Six, OK. Kevin? Seven.

Victoria? Well, see, I've got a safe
seven and a risky eight, so...

Oh... Ask Jon first.
Ask Jon first. Jon?

I've got a safe seven
and a risky eight.

Well, go for your eight. Come on.

I think your seven's safer
than mine.

So I'll go for the risky eight. OK.
You've got 33, they've got 14.

I'm gonna go with seven.
Sean, your six. TASSLE.

You put them on your nipples.
You put them on your nipples.

Yeah, that's fine.
How are you spelling it?

T-A, double S, L-E.

There's only one S.

Well, luckily, I don't give a shit.

OK, Kevin, your seven. FULLEST.
To be the most full, filled.

Very good. Fullest, OK, good,
very good.

Victoria, your seven.
I've got FULLEST as well.

What's your eight, Jon?

Well, you know how you get something
that's highfalutin,

but I don't know what to "falute"
is. So I've put FALUTES.

Er, no is the answer.

Well, seven points to both teams.

Spencer Jones, Susie Dent,
could they have done any better?

No, we only had one other seven,
which was SULFATE. That was it.

OK, so Kevin and Sean have 21.
Jon and Victoria have 40.

OK, fingers on buzzers. It's time
for today's Countdown Conundrum.

Your time starts now.



I was gonnae say that as well,
but it's two.

That's not it. Go again.

ROYALMINT! The only change
is one letter.



NORMALITY. Oh, that's it. Wow.

Let's have a look and see.
That's got to be it. Beautiful.

Yes, it is.

So the final scores are,
Kevin and Sean have 21,

Jon and Victoria have 50.

So congratulations to you,
Jon and Victoria.

You're now the proud owner of this,
the Countdown hosepipe!

Thanks to all our panellists,
our wonderful studio audience,

and to all of you
for watching at home.

That's it from us, goodnight!

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