8 Days (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Hoffnung - full transcript

Uli and Jonas return to Berlin where survival appears possible again. The government announces a fair lottery for the distribution of bunker spots.

You won't flake out on me, will you?
Because you are my driver.


Why do I always have to drive?

Hi, I called to order some noodles.

- Number 53, noodles.
- Yes.

Come on, let's go.
Go and pay.

- Come on, pay.
- Yes, all right.

- There you go. Keep the change. Bye.
- Thank you.

- Ouch! Shit!
- Shit, I'm so sorry.

That's really annoying.

- Here, let me... Is that better?
- No.

I'm sorry.

Please don't sue me.

You look like a lawyer.

No, I'm a billposter.

Wearing a Hugo Boss suit?

No, wearing a noodle suit.

I put up campaign posters
for Beate Gauler,

but the printers put
"Gaul" by mistake

and some idiot failed to spot it,

so they got put up, about 500 of them,
all over Berlin.


Can't someone help you?

No, unfortunately not.

I was that idiot.

You guys are done for anyway, with
your conservative talk of opportunity.

- Can we go now?
- Well, then...

It's half past one,
I got 300 posters to put up,

and my noodles
have probably gone cold by now.

Are you coming?

No, I still have a few
posters to put up.

My saviour.

My guardian angel.

Do you have a condom?

I can go and get some.

Forget it.

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Everyone out!

Everyone out!

Get out of here!

That was for Lutz.

That was for Lutz Bader,
you arseholes!

The impact zone's centre
is no longer in Europe,

but probable survival rates in Germany
are extremely low outside of bunkers.

The Federal Office for Civil
Protection and Disaster Management

since this morning
has gradually been releasing

the anonymous passport numbers of
those to be granted shelter places.

However, government has still not
commented on what will happen

to all the people without
a place in an official bunker.

Leonie, can't we talk
about this calmly?

I was afraid
you wouldn't get it.

Well, I don't.

Dad and Jonas are in Siberia
and you...


- How long has it been?
- That's irrelevant.

Just wait till the asteroid
hits Russia and you're fine.

Following the diversion
of the trajectory of asteroid Horus,

the government's
large-scale bunker project

marks a significant turning point
in German security policy.

Over the last six months,
everything has been done

to create over 10,000
new civilian bunker facilities

with a total capacity
of over 15 million shelter places.

Marion, darling,
you were supposed to rest.

Why weren't more bunkers built?

- What?
- You had almost a whole year.

We thought the Yanks
would shoot the bloody thing down.

But you need a plan B for this.

If the asteroid had hit La Rochelle,

bunkers would have been pointless,
it was just a token

to keep people calm, just as pointless
as life vests on aeroplanes.

- Things have changed.
- Yes, exactly, they've changed.

Where's that stupid paper?

Herrmann, 15 million is not enough,
it's nothing.

It's actually a lot less.

What do you mean?

Most facilities weren't even completed.

There was some foul play.

What do you mean, "foul play"?

I can use some info to our advantage.

I can get us shelter places,

this time for all of us.

Including my sister?

Yes, including your
sister, of course.

Hopefully. I can't promise anything.

Are you OK?

- What is it?
- I'll be fine.

The motorways remain closed as they're
reserved for selected passport numbers.

Please do not reveal your selection

and swiftly make your way
to your designated check-in point.

So how is this going to work?

This looks stupid.

But it's very reliable.
We were told...

Yeah, sure. Who's first?

You. Come, have a seat.

Sit down.


Error message. Great. Very reliable.

If you read the numbers,
I'll type them in.

Eight, seven...

...three, one...



When the comet hits...

Nora and I will sit
down there all cosy,

and I'll light one, to celebrate.

To celebrate.

Five days to go.

I hope my bunker's strong enough.


We are the survivors.

She's looking more and more
like her mother.

I'm sorry.


Jonas! Come here.

Where's your mum?



My darling.

Hello, Sus.

There was some looting
in the neighbourhood.

Thanks again for coming over.

That's what I'm there for.

Thank you.

- I jumped off the train.
- Oh dear, that must have hurt.

- The asteroid won't come here.
- I know.

And there was a horse...

I need to go to the hospital.

He needs a cream for his leg.

- What, now?
- Yes, I won't be long.

The Russians even caught me...

When we were on the train...

all I did think of was you two.

- I'll see you in a bit.
- Yes.

It was just bad timing.

I didn't know what to do.

Shall I come back in a week's time?

Deniz, wait.

I'm happy for you
that your family's unharmed.


- Deniz, please...
- "Deniz" what?

What, Susanne?

Please understand. Please.

I understand. But do
you understand me?

It's not just your
world that's ending.

Go away.

This is Beate Sigilko.


Is there anyone there?


Be quiet.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm here every Saturday.

Where are the table and chairs?

It's all...

- Go away. Please.
- Why?

The comet... dead... all gone.

No more cleaning. Done.

- I'm sacked?
- Yes. Go away. To China.

To China? Korea!

Go to Korea, then.
I don't give a damn.

Get lost. Please.

What happened here?

Well... Ben farted and everyone...

Some stupid tossers
were trying to gas us.

Come on, I need them for my illness.

Please, Nora, I'm in pain.

You don't want to share.

Are you insane?
Hydromorphone is super strong.

- I can take it.
- It'll kill you.

Sorry, Ben. Shit.

I'm really sorry.

Piss off, what the hell? Screw you.

You were really worried.

Shit, it's Domi.

He suffocated.

- Are you mad?
- So what?

Four days either way...

- Shut up.
- No, you shut up!

Acting all compassionate.

How often did you visit,
when I was dying in hospital?

How often did he visit?

Once, because he wanted to buy weed.

And now we're all in it together.

Shit feeling, isn't it?

Long live death.

Piss off.

Get the fuck out of here.

The party's over.

Well, look who's back.

- I don't owe you an explanation.
- True.

But you don't work here anymore.

You abandoned us, Susanne.

Maja, this is for my son.

Dr Valente, we have a new A & E case,
and the pregnant woman is waiting.

I told you to send her away.

Her husband refuses,
he says the baby isn't well.

I'll take care of the woman.





Listen, I...

Thanks for doing this for us.

We're family.

Yes. Listen, I...

I shouldn't have put the phone down.

I shouldn't have called you.

Yes, you should have.


Everything's changed now.

I may be able to make
everything right.

I mean for all of us.

Marion is waiting.

Yes. Sure.

OK, I'm no gynaecologist,

but I should be able to manage.

- Can you lift your dress a bit higher?
- Sure.

It won't hurt.
It might feel a little cold,

and I might have to...

...press down occasionally.

Right, here we go.


- Look, can you see the head?
- Yes.

He's an active little fella.

There's the heartbeat.

- Did you see it?
- Yes.

Incredible how much he moves.

So he's fine?

Yes, I can't see anything unusual.

That'll do. Here.

I can get you a cream for the...

for the burn.


When are you due?

In two weeks.

...the usefulness of shelters

in terms of withstanding the
originally predicted direct impact,

the building project has been criticized
by certain parts of the media

over the last few months.

Horus's altered trajectory

and its revised impact zone

provide irrefutable evidence that...

Where are you going?

- Out.
- Can I come?

- Please.
- Come on, then.

With the official
evacuation efforts in progress,

people have been taking to the
streets in all major German cities.

They are the ones missing out in the
government's selection algorithm.

The fight for the allocated places
has begun.

Neighbours are being separated,
friends, relatives, families.

Where are the children?

Don't know. Let them be.

If Jonas's leg is infected...

Then what?

What you did with the traffickers

was incredibly brave of you.

You saved all our lives.

It wasn't me.

I don't know who shot that woman.

I always knew
you're much stronger than me.

And that I'm not good enough for you.

That's rubbish, Uli.

You brought our son back.

I'll never forget that.

Come on in.

Thanks for taking me.

Once the driver, always the driver.

At least you can rely
on your big sister.

Herrmann is trying to get
bunker places, for you, too.

For me? I find that hard to believe.

He's never hurt you.

But he's an opportunistic arsehole.

Enough, Petra. You hardly know him.

I know his government's policies.

There are rumours among editors.

They say the lottery is a total fake.

- What do you know?
- I know nothing.


I'll make us a nice cup of tea
and then you'll have a hot bath.

It'll do you good.



You won't forget me, will you?


You're on the list.

Meissner, please.

I need to speak to you. Now.

- Hello, Minister.
- Go ahead, I could do with a break.

Let's go outside then.

- Seven places.
- What?

Have you gone insane?

For my wife, myself and my family.

Why not include
the female volleyball team?

- You owe me.
- Why do you think you were flown out?

Because you're important? No.

Because I made it happen.

I can guarantee bunker places
for you and your wife.

But I can't do any more.

Chin up, it could be worse.

And don't you ever threaten me again.

You will get me the places.

Or I'll expose you.

I will expose you.

Are you all right?

What are you doing?

I got to go.

Whatever you have there
belongs to my husband.

- Let me get past.
- No.

Have you any idea what your dear
husband gets up to behind your back?

- What do you mean?
- Just look at this place.

Do you really believe he got
a big pay rise all of a sudden?

You may choose to ignore it,

but everyone else
deserves to know the truth.

The parliamentary ethics commission

ensures the fair distribution
of bunker places.

A specially programmed algorithm

makes random selections from our
nationwide citizens register.

Bunker lotto.

Bunker lotto!

- Brilliant, isn't it?
- Yes.

All those millions out there
left without a bunker place.

- It's tough, isn't it?
- No.

They'll do anything to get to safety.

There'll soon be war out there.

- Elvis?
- Yes, boss?

- You want to survive?
- Yes...

- Of course.
- Well, Matze,

there's room for at least ten people
in Lutz's bunker.

Or you'll have to defend it alone.

What are you saying?

- Well, Elvis could move in with you.
- Could I?

- If he behaves.
- That's for me to decide.

Hey, Matze.

Lutz was my brother.

All right, move in on your own,

if you want to end like him.

What did you just say?

Klaus is right.

We must stick together.

We... are...

the survivors... say it.

We are the survivors.

- Come on.
- We are the survivors.

We are the survivors.

All right, all right.

We are the survivors, all right.



Look at this.

- Does this suit me?
- Yes, how much is it?

- 60.
- They must be joking.

Luckily, it's closing down sale.

Everything must go!

Everything must go!

Hey, you pervert.

- I should have left, too.
- What?

The party.

I don't know. Whatever.


I don't know, I'm always
the odd one out when you're with Ben.

Ben's a tosser.
He's self-obsessed.

This looks shit.

I need to smoke a spliff now.

Come on.

You'll man the road block
on the A10 near Pankow.

It's not a main artery,

so you should have enough officers.

Only citizens with the relevant
passport numbers may pass.

You can scan the numbers
with your military document reader

in order to positivise them.


- And everyone else?
- You will stop them.

- And how do we do that?
- You've all had police training.

I missed the Armageddon course.

Are we to shoot them?

The government appreciates your
efforts. Germany is counting on you.

- Any questions?
- Yes...

What about... what about us?

I mean, is there a special allocation
for the public service?

You'll be informed in due time.

That's all from me.

Goodbye. Thank you.

- Well, hello...
- Hello.

Are you after some gear?

I stopped selling stuff,

but I'll make an exception
for you lovely ladies.

Only problem is,

what do I need money for now?

But maybe you can pay me
in some other way...

Jörg, don't scare them.

He's harmless.

He can't get it up anymore.

Shut up, you old slag.

- This doesn't agree with me.
- Come on now.

As if you've ever smoked crack.

Not too much, take it easy.

I want to try some.

Absolutely no way.

You're not his mother.


Now you're one of the big boys.


Look who's coming.

The holy one.

What does he want here?

Do you know him?

He's a lunatic.

I... need the loo.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Your passport, please.

- Are you alone?
- Yes.

- You may continue.
- Thank you.

- Another lucky one.
- Yes.

Have you seen the cars
coming past here?

All of them super expensive.

Pure coincidence.

Jens is right.
I find it quite strange, too.

Maybe we should start saving ourselves
instead of waving on rich guys.

Enough of that crap, OK?

We're police officers, remember?

He's right.

And you heard what Bruck said.
There's a special allocation for us.

- What?
- You believe this shit?


Sorry, I'm high as a kite.

Water connects everything.

The earth and the sky.

Do you live here?

Everyone's living everywhere.

Yes, I guess so.

Do you want to stay?

On the boat?

You can sleep here.

You'll have great dreams on my ark.

I keep dreaming
everything around me is going dark.

The best way to see the light
is in the dark.

You wear a cross.

It was a present.

And Jesus was also a man.


Jörg! Help!


Wake up.

Wake up, you old bastard. Wake up.

Oh, Jörg...

No emergency services.

What are you doing?

Get your hands off.

Why are you staring at me?

A miracle.

No. You just need to press here.

A miracle.

Your passports, please.

I'm sorry, you're not authorised.
Please turn around.

I just want to get
to the motorway.

That's not possible.

Please let us through.

I can't. Come on now.

- There are cars waiting.
- Here.

You'll turn around now,
do you hear me?


Well, so much for fairness.

Hello there.

May I see your passports, please?

- Get out.
- We're on the list.

- We're on the list.
- I told you to get out!

- And what are you waiting for?
- Jens, damn it, what is this?

Franzi, come on.

What are you doing?

Come one!

Shit. What is this?

Why are you doing this?

- I'm sorry.
- Please.

- Let's talk.
- Drive!

Stay here, wait!



Who is it, Beate?


Are you all right, buddy?

- Where have you been?
- I'm tired.

You can't just do what you want.

But you can?

What do you think you're doing here?

Educating me?

Don't you realise how absurd this is?

Daddy, Daddy!


Give me that.

One... seven... two.


Six... two... three...
six... two... five.

Three... five... one.

- We're safe!
- It was Herrmann.

Herrmann did this.

This was taken when
we took our oaths.

Look at that.
We were so young back then.

"I swear to serve
the German Democratic Republic,

my mother country,

faithfully for all time."

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

To the good old days.

To the past.

Do you have a family, Egon?


Lotte died years ago.

But I've got a daughter
who's a doctor,

a son who's a politician

and two wonderful grandchildren.

That's nice.
Where are they now?

Oh, I see.
I don't know.

I hope they're...

- Can I smoke?
- On the balcony.

You gave up smoking?

Years ago.

Shit, what's going on now?

The motorway's closed off.

- You must know that.
- But we're on the list.



- Does she have one, too?
- Yes, sure.


Don't worry, it's fine.

Another time.

I wish you and your family
a safe onward journey.

Wait here, I'll open the barrier.

Wasn't that the guy
from this morning?

Or not?

Yes, maybe.




What is it?

They're gone.

They got bunker places.


Don't be upset now.

As long as we've got each other.

Subtitles by explosiveskull