800 Words (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 4 - Episode #2.4 - full transcript

George's house is bursting with teenagers and he gets another chance to buy his dream house in Weld after all. But is it serendipity or just a bad idea?

# It might be nice
to smash the state... #

Can you hear that?

It's impossible not to.

It's the same song.
Over and over.

You know what this is, right?

We were warned about this.

The summer people.

My only problem with
the summer people is

that the beach gets a bit crowded.

They'll start rolling in soon.

They're good for business.

I make more in one month
than I do over the whole of winter.

The girls are bitches.
The guys are... mainly jerks.

Then there's the noise.

Parties every night.

The summer people love to party.

It's a very busy time for me.

They come, they spend. They're
all gone by the end of summer.

You hear that?



I think we're good.

OK. Goodnight.

What is with that song?

What's going on? Too much light!

Um, Shay... go back to bed.

Why are they playing
that song over and over?

I'm just gonna go and tell them to
turn it down.

Shay, go back to bed.
Go on. Just put some...

Go on.

I hate the summer people.

What are you doing?


Mmm. Dad'll catch us.
He'll be ages.

And when it goes quiet,
we'll know he's on his way back.

I told you, he's...

Really, really old-fashioned, yeah.

But he's also not here.
He'll know if we do under his roof.

He just will.

You know, my folks said
that George was really laid-back.

He's... changed.

Morning, George.

Nice head torch.

I'm just here to investigate
a noise complaint.

Yeah, me too. I've tried knocking,
but there's no answer.

I'd ascertain the occupants
can't hear the knocking,

what with the volume of the music.

Good detective work, Constable.

Here we go.


Morning. Noise Control.
We've had a complaint.

I live down the hill
and the music is very loud.

So you call the cops on me.


I'm not here in my capacity
as police constable.

I'm here in my capacity
as Noise Control officer.

You could have just knocked on my
door and asked me to turn it down.

That's not what I was trying...

It wasn't me
that called Noise Control.

Tell her.
I can't do that.


We can't reveal the identity
of the complainees.

It could lead to tension.

I can neither confirm nor deny that
George called Noise Control on you.

I'll turn the music down.

You're Janet's granddaughter,

How's she doing?

Not well.

Tell her Tom sends his love.

You know this is
the Whitfield place, right?

I'm aware of that, thanks, Tom.

The same house
you thought you were buying.

Also aware of that, thanks.

I still love that story.

Ooh... and job done.

You could come back tomorrow

and ask the young lady
if you can have a look around.

Although I don't think
she likes you very much.

She thinks you called Noise Control
on her.

Serendipity -
a fortunate happenstance,

an unexpected discovery.

And as it turns out,
a chance to right an old wrong.

I was seeking silence

because silence is
a rare thing around my way.

Morning, George. I'm doing
brekkie if you're interested.

Thanks, but no.

Primal coffee?

What exactly is that?

Double shot espresso, coconut oil,
topped with cream.

It'll change your life.

Thanks, but I'm fine. Thank you.


You do know there's sunshine
out there, right?

Sunshine and the sea...

And all the dicks that come to Weld
and act like it's theirs.

Just tell the ducks
to go back to their pond.


Duckhead. Quack, quack.

Are you sure you don't want
any of my hotcakes, George?

Quinoa and herb.
Could change your life.

You're very keen to change my life
this morning, aren't you, Daniel?


Look, I'm going for a walk. Anyone
who wants to join is very welcome.

There's no hot water again.

Go and put some clothes on,
will you?

We need another bathroom, Dad.

Yeah, well, I...

Don't forget to
keep that heart rate up, George.

Are you planning on working today?
Yeah, that's the plan.

Good luck.
There's hardly room to move in there.

Well, where are you headed?

A walk -
clear the head, lose the noise.

Change of plans, then.

I mean, the thing is,
I've done her garden shed,

I whipped her up a new back gate.

And you know what I get out of it?

Well, yeah, that too.
But mainly pain, mate.

Look, if it hurts so much
being around Tracey,

just stop doing jobs for her.

Yeah, but she's asking me
to do jobs for her.

Well, just say you're too busy doing,
say, the jobs that I need doing.

No, 'cause that's gonna
threaten the relationship.

Well, hers and mine. Not... not ours.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I get it.

But isn't the cause of the pain
that she only sees you as a friend?

You've got to move on.

Not that there was ever anything
to move on from.

It's not as easy as it sounds
when you say it like that.

Probably is.


No, I mean, what it's gonna take
for me to move on from Trace

is like true love.

You know, that kind that's
just so powerful, just goes BANG!

and hits you in the face?

I reckon if I could get hit by that,

then, yeah,
I could probably move on.

Sounds painful.
It's not painful, mate.

Magical and rare.

Old Whitfield place.


Hi, there.
Noise Control guy.

No, no, that's why I'm here.

I just wanted to clarify
that it wasn't me...

No, no, no, it was my bad.

Too many G&Ts, and I was very rude,

and it was very late...

..and my music was very loud.

Yes. And the same song.
I love that song.

Yeah, I quite liked it...
first few times.

Hi. Sorry, Woody.

Right. Rebecca. Becks.

So are you...
are you here for the summer?

Sorting out some family stuff.

Are you a Whitfield?
Is this your house?

My grandparents.

Do you guys want to come in?

- Only if it's not...
- Yeah, we'll pop in.

We'll pop in.
Great. This way.

Yes, it's my family.

I mean, I was far too young
to remember any of this,

but my grandparents
did used to rent the house

when the spent Christmas with us
in England.

Rented to my parents.
Small world.

You don't know the half of it.

Hey, cheers. Ta.

It's a bit early in the day for me,

Hey, it's five o'clock somewhere
in the world, right?

Yes, it is.

So, you boys are visiting from Oz?

No, we live here.
In Weld?

Yes. And it's not, um...

It's not us boys, if you...

God, I'm sorry.
I just thought you must be a couple.

No! No. Hell, no.

No offence, mate.
None taken.

No, he's not really my type.
'Cause he's a bloke, mainly.

But, you know, I prefer chicks
myself sort of thing.

But if I did go for blokes,
you know,

I could... I could
go for someone like George.

Thanks, Woody.
Yeah, no worries.

Good to know.

So, um... so how are
your grandparents now?

One dead, one in a home.

I'm sorry to hear that.

No. Gran's having a great time.

She thinks it's 1963,

and that the male nurse
is her brother Edward,

who died 20 years ago.

Well, you know,
the good thing about dementia is

you get to catch up with people
you haven't seen in ages.

Yeah? You get it?

Cooee. Only me.

Shoot, I forgot about this guy.
Come in.


Gin and tonic?

Bit early, isn't it?

However, the client is always right.

Is your family selling?

Well, I am.

My parents are both dead,

and I'm Gran's executor,

and she's never coming back here.

Why, do you want to buy it?

Why not?
He's already bought it once.

My god, you're that guy -

the guy that bought the wrong house
over the internet.

Yeah, that's George.

Monty was telling me
all about it.

As an example of how
sought after the house is.

And the fact that you've sorted
yourself out is the important thing.

I mean, you love where you are now,
right, George?

Yeah, well, apart from the fact that
it's in perpetual need of rebuilding,

it has no sea views,

and currently I can barely move
for teenagers, it's... it's perfect.

Whoops. Maybe I don't need
a real estate agent after all.

Hey, George,
what's that thing called

when everything comes together
at exactly the right time?

Serendipity, Woody.



is a word coined over 250 years ago

by the English author Horace Walpole
from the title of a fairytale

in which the heroes were always
making discoveries by accident.

Knock, knock.

Sorry interrupting your work.

It's OK. I'm used to it by now.

Full house, huh?
Full house, no sleep.

Tom said. Someone at the Whitfield
house having a party last night?

Becks Whitfield.
The granddaughter - what's she like?

She's very... friendly.

And she's thinking of
selling the place.

I went up there
to complain about the noise

and suddenly possibilities arise.

Very serendipitous.

Yeah, exactly. I've just been...

You know, there's a quote...

"You don't reach Serendip
by plotting a course for it.

"You need to set out in good faith
and lose your bearings."

And you'll end up
where you're meant to be?

Yeah, maybe.

Just maybe.

OK, cool, let's go.

Um... are you going to work?

Yeah. I have a job.

I said I'm cool if you
want to take the day off.

No, I have responsibilities,

and I can't just work
whenever I feel like it.

What about our... our guest?

Daniel said he's OK to just chill
here for the day, didn't you?

Yeah. I need to workout.


You know you can
have the afternoon off

if you want to spend time
with your boyfriend.

No, I'm all good.

So he's more of a friend
than a boyfriend?

No, I really like Daniel.

He's a great guy.

In Sydney, he would
drive me around and hang out,

help me to escape my grandparents.

Now he's here.

I said he might want to come over,
and he did.

Just like that?
Just like that.

Have you shown him off to Ike yet?

It's not like that.

Yeah, but,
if you wanted Ike to back off,

it's a pretty good way
of sending that message.

Or you could just be honest
with everyone.

Just saying.



Sorry, Mr Turner.
Just getting my burpees in.

Yeah, he does burpees.

Every day.
Just two years.

Look, Daniel, I know it's
unfortunate that Shay's working,

but you really should
get out there anyway.

You know, see what Weld has to offer,
visit some of Weld's attractions.

Weld has attractions?

Yes, Arlo, it does.

You know it does, and I'm sure you
would like to show them to Daniel.

Hey, neighbour.
Hey. Essential ingredients?

You said it.

We should be careful about
being seen together, though.

You heard all about
the kumara vine?

The what?

Small town web of gossip,
they call it the kumara vine.

Kumara don't grow on vines.
Yeah, I know.

Then why would anyone gossip
just 'cause I'm talking to you?

Well, no reason to, I suppose.

I mean, him. He'll think
we're doing deals behind his back.


Speaking of which,
if you were serious this morning,

I could be tempted into
a private sale.

I mean, who can be bothered with
all that real estate stuff?

All those real estate agents.

I mean, if I sell to you, it's done.

It's like it was meant to be.

Check this out. Looking pretty cosy.



You know what summer people
are like.

Not all of them.

Yes, the guys that you hook up with.
But some people...

Some people are here with
their spouses or their families.

Look at him. Sneaky so-and-so.

What's George done?

What's he done? He's cutting
my lunch is what he's doing.

God, I had her in
the palm of my hand.

Um... ooh.
And I turn up and he's there.

Monty, I think you're punching
well above your weight.


Ooh, where?

George mowing Monty's lawn.

My god, what is it with this town
and the lawnmowing metaphor

when it comes to guys
stealing other guys' girlfriends?

It's pretty bloody demeaning
if you think about it.

What the hell are you talking about?

Yes, the Whitfield place has a lawn,
but I certainly don't mow it.

And I certainly don't have secret
liaisons with prospective clients,

if that's what you're insinuating.

Is it true?

You're buying the Whitfield house
from under Monty's nose?

It really shouldn't surprise me
by now.

The view must be spectacular
from up there.

But is it the right house for you,

Well, surely it's better than
where he is now.

That wouldn't be hard.

But you've got to wonder why she
wants to flick it off so quickly.

True. If she's keen not to even
put it on the market?

Exactly. If something seems
too good to be true, usually is.

It's early days.
I've only been there once.

Well, you can't buy it
after only one visit.

He bought the last one
after no visits.

Yeah, but look what happened there.

I wasn't intending on buying it
after only one...

You need a female perspective,

That's true. They say women
know real estate better than men.

And when you tried to buy a house
by yourself...

You bought the wrong house.

- Hey.
- Hey, babe.

Just been checking out
the local attractions, as ordered.

And, surprise, there are none.
I wouldn't say that... now.

- Barf. You can buy me food now.
- Why me?

For your dad making me
walk around for hours.

Man, she totally leads him on
and he just lets her.

Yeah, it's shocking.

Any chance you could shut up shop
and we could get out of here?

Um, I'm writing an email to Dennis,
one of our artists from overseas.

He freaks out a lot.

I like this one.

I mean, it's pretty generic
but there's something naive,

but charming in how basic it is.

Is that so?

I meant basic in a good way.

Like it's not pretending to be
something it's not.

Like that pretentious sculpture,
for example.

Alright, well, I'll come pick you up
at four. We can hit the beach.

Sounds like a plan.

I'm so sorry.

You know before when I...

I gently suggested you might want to
be honest with Daniel?

Wasn't entirely that...
Man up and do it. He's gotta go.

Yeah, it's an amazing spot.

Is there a LIM report available?

Is that something you get
from the council?

I'll take care of that for you.

Thank you, Fiona.

This place is amazing.

The view is to die for.

Not so much enthusiasm around
the vendor. Cards close to chest.


What's all this, then?
Nothing. We just dropped in.

Well, it looks like something to me.

Looks a little bit like
a... open home to me.

It's not an open home, Monty.

Present. It's for you.
Wow, thank you.

I'm a professional.
You do know that, right?


A ship...

..in a bottle.


I got it from the Weld
Summer Farmer's Market as a gesture

because at McNamara Realty we care.

You know you can't just move house
to escape your problems.

Problems follow you round.

I don't have any problems.

Apart from my house being too small.

This would solve that.

It would.

I can sit up here
and stare at the sea for hours.

Lucky old you.

It's a nice spot,
the Whitfield house?

Yeah, it is.

It's funny, I wanted a bigger house
and there is one.

Not just one, THE one.

The one you wanted to first time
round before you messed it all up.

Yes, Woody.
It's perfect.

Nothing's perfect.


So you know what you need.
You need a building inspection.

Yeah, I'm on it.

I'm on it!

G'day. How you going?

G'day. It's Woody.
Yeah, you remember me, yeah.

OK. Becky. Beckster.

Woody! Hi.


What can I do for you?

Building inspection.

I mean, I'm gonna do
the building inspection, not you.

Um, although we can do it together,
if you want.

Why do I want my building inspected?

Yeah, should have explained that.

Idiot. For George,
in case he wants to buy the house.

Right. Well, you better come in,
then, hadn't you?


I don't know about the black sands.
Looks kinda dirty.

The rest of the scenery, though,
just keeps getting better.

Sorry, that was as lame
as it was true.

We should go for a swim.

Yeah, OK.

Hey, um...

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry

things haven't turned out
like you wanted.

Hey, who's that guy?

Man, that guy looks like
a real tool.


So, ball park,

what would someone expect to pay
for the Whitfield place?

I've appraised that property at
approximately none of your business.

Come on, Monty.

Why should I tell you?
What's in it for me?

Well, if I buy,
I'll need someone to sell my house.

Mate, it took me forever
to flick that property off.

No-one wants it.
Well, I did.

Yeah, and you thought you were
buying the Whitfield place.

Which would have
set you back around...

There, that's the CV.

You'll need a bit more than that
these days.

Bit out of your price range, George?

Well, if I get a good price
for mine...

Which I doubt, what with the TLC
required and the lack of a view.

And the stigma.

What stigma?
It's a real estate lingo.

Used when the house has
a sinister history

due to the gruesome events
that took place there.

The real estate agent is obliged to
disclose this information,

and it usually puts people off.

There is no stigma attached to
your house, George.

Do we know that for sure?

There could have been a murder
somewhere along the line.

Well, there wasn't. There wasn't.
Wouldn't mind living with a ghost.

We'd probably get on well.

Look, there are no ghosts or ghouls
at your house, George.

It is a perfectly good property
and you should stay put.

Maybe the Whitfield place
has got a ghost?

It might have. Might have several.

Hey, Dad, guess what.
Daniel is making dinner.


It's like this Asian
fusion-style curry

I had in a restaurant back home.

It was so good that
I went into the kitchen afterwards

and made the chef
write down the recipe.

I've cooked it loads of times,

just making little improvements
along the way.

Will it change my life?
Mate, like you won't believe.

Hey, you have an amazingly
well-stocked kitchen, by the way.

Because I like to cook.

So do I!

When everything
lines up perfectly synced,

it would be rude not to take notice

when fate is pointing you
in a certain direction,

when everything adds up,

even miraculously,

the numbers.

So, this particular sauce,
it's a slow burner, right?

So you're doing OK. You're thinking
what's the big deal, right?

It suddenly starts to
creep up on you.

Mouth on fire.
Wanted to rip me bloody head off.

FYI, I'm not very good
with hot food.

No, no, no. No worries. You can
only get this stuff in Mexico.

You know, last time I was in Mexico,

I bailed from the resorts
where my parents like to stay.

And I went out looking, you know,
searching for the authentic,

the little hole-in-the-wall places,
the real food.

When I travel, I want to live like
a local, eat the local cuisine.


Well, the local cuisine here
is fish and chips.

Fish and chips, tartare sauce...

Hey, here he is, the main man!
Man of the hour!

Hey, I been up at
the Whitfield house, like you asked.

You OK, Woody?
Yeah, yeah.

I mean, I may have had
one or two gins... or four.

I don't actually drink gin
as a rule.

I thought you were up there
to do a building inspection.

Yeah, I did. And I did.
I'm a professional, George.

And here is the written report.

So, guess there's nothing
standing in my way, then, he?

Not a thing.
Standing in the way of what, Dad?



Gosh, something smells delicious.

That would be Daniel's cooking.

Wow. An art connoisseur and a chef.
What a renaissance bloke.

Look, I think you and I got off on
the wrong foot.

Why don't you stay for dinner?
I'll make it up to you.

Billy and I were just gonna have
fish and chips.

I like fish and chips.
Please stay.

There's plenty.
I'll set another two places.


He's in your kitchen.

Yes... he is.

Yeah, beautiful!

Nothing like a curry
on a hot summer night. Mm-mm.

- Get a grip. It's not that hot.
- Bit of a kick, though.

Yeah, well, the original recipe is
what you'd call more flavourful.

But I decided
it needed to be bolder.

What restaurant did you say
this was from - Satan's Butthole?

It's actually from
a pretty high-end joint.

I doubt you've heard of it.
It's called Karma Police.

Isn't that one of Uncle Terry's?

Wait, you're related to
Terry Turner?

Never would have picked that.

What, the name wasn't a giveaway?
It's a pretty common name.

Man, you're full of secrets.

Here she is.

Ice-cream. Ice-cream -
that'll cure the problem. Yes.

So, you staying long, Daniel?

No plans, you know.

Keen to check out the South Island,

see those mountains
people always rave about.

Yeah, you should.
It's beautiful down there.

What do you say, babe, -
road trip, me and you?

Except I've got work.

Your boss is pretty cool.

I'm sure she could give you
some time off.

No, it's summer
and it's one of our busiest times.

And I really need the money
and I really like my work, so...

If I sell the house for
what I paid for it, get a mortgage,

I think it can work.

Do you really want a mortgage?
Well, not really.

But if I finally
get the house I want...

What do the kids think?

Um... I haven't actually
spoken to them about it yet.

Haven't you already
made that mistake once?

Well, I didn't want to get their
hopes up in case it came to nothing.

Still, it's always good to
talk things through with people.

Well, isn't that what
we're doing now?

I mean, with your kids.

Yeah, I know. And I will.

But I value your opinion.

So what do you think?

I think you should ask yourself
why you want to do it.

It's there.

It's better.


Take your pick.

I mean, why you want to
change your life again.

It's just a house just up a hill.

Yeah, exactly.

Hey, there he is.

Hey, Georgie, thanks for
the hospitality, George.

Yeah, night, Woody.

Hey, tell Shay to keep that kid on.
He does a mean curry.

See you.

And on that subject...
Yeah, I know.

You know what?
Yeah, she's not really into him.

I'm not entirely blind.

She's using you as the old-fashioned
dad to keep him at bay.

You think he's fallen for it?

For now.

Mum, can we go home now?
I don't feel very well.

Yeah, sure thing.
You hop in the car.

Just talk to her, George.

More talking, less...
Faffing about.

I don't faff.

You faff.

As for the Whitfield place,
if it feels right, it's right.

Arlo. Arlo.



Why am I awake?

I do not feel good.

Here we are.

The house I thought I was buying.

What if I told you we can buy it?

For real this time.

I mean, it's amazing
how things fall...

We're removing again?
We could, but only up the hill.

It's bigger, it's better,
there's more rooms.

It's the house I stayed in
when I was a kid.

The one I was meant to buy,
and now we can.

Did I mention it has
an incredible view?

And can we actually afford it?

We'd have to shift things round
a bit, get a mortgage.

I thought you guys
would be over the moon.

It's early, Dad.
Give me a chance to wake up.


I'm sorry, I need a bathroom.

What kind of teenager
doesn't want a better house?

I've only just got used to
the one we're in.


Sorry. Me again.
This is my daughter Shay.

Hi. Becks.
Did you want to show her around?

It's nice.


And it's heaps better than
the one you actually bought.

It is, isn't it? But we have a chance
to make it right.

Then you should do it,
if that's what feels right.

That's what everyone says.

Then everyone can't be wrong.

I've gotta get ready for work.


I vaguely remember Daniel's always
had a bit of a crush on you.

I do not want to have
this conversation, Dad.

Too bad. I do.

What's the story? The real story.

Things were different in Sydney.

I felt kind of crappy and...

he was fun.

Fun enough to invite him here?

But... sometimes the moment
has passed, you know.

Look, I've never been
a teenage girl before.

Good to know.
But I have been a teenage boy.

And there's nothing worse than
a girl you like stringing you along.

Going back to not wanting
this conversation, Dad.

I think he'll appreciate it more
if you're honest with him.

Maybe not at first...
He'll hate me, you mean.

He came all the way from Sydney.

Maybe if I just do nothing...

things will...

Just fall into place?

You said yourself, they often do.

Shay, you can't just sit around

and wait for the universe
to take care of everything.

You take charge.

Arlo's in there.
Has been for a while.


And Daniel's in the shower.

Probably conditioning his hair.

There's two bathrooms
in the house up the hill.

Yeah, that would be good...

but there's a whole ocean out there.


Picked up that LIM report for you.

Looks OK.

No hidden nasties.

So that's it, then - no reason why
I shouldn't make an offer.



You don't believe in all that
happy accident rubbish, do you?

Serendipity's different.

It's when you head off
in one direction,

make a mistake
and end up somewhere better.

It's a mistake with
better consequences.

By that logic,
shouldn't you stay here then?

This house is the mistake.

Are you not happy, George?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm happy.

Do you have it...
your happy accident,

if you believe in that sort of
thing, which... which I don't.

But I could be happier... I think.

I feel... you know, I'm happy...

but I could be happier.

Sitting by yourself on a hill,
staring at the sea?

Trust me - it's overrated.

But if it feels right... go for it.

That's pretty much what Katie said.

Well... she is a wise woman,

Hey. Feeling better?

Physically, yes.


Lindsay just heard me
violently expelling last night's...

OK, TMI, thanks.

Arlo... I hate to say it, but...

squirts or not, Lindsay's
never gonna go there with you.

It's not like that.

Stop kidding yourself.
You're too much of a...

of a doormat.

Girls don't go for doormats.

Right. Like you don't go for Daniel?

Daniel's not so much... of a doormat.

He's... He's more of a... rug.

OK, whatever you say.

And it's time.
For what?

Lindsay has to go home.

And Daniel has to go back to Sydney.

We have to tell them.

I'm sorry for intruding again.

Intrude away.
I just need to take one more look.

No, it's a big decision.
And it's nice to see other humans.

It can get lonely up here
in my tower, beautiful as it is.

That's from your song,

"Climb down from
your beautiful tower."

You see, you've played it
so many times, I know the words.

I'm sorry.

It's um... it's a bit of a fave.

Lifts me up when I'm feeling lousy.

Music can do that.

You know, when Dad died
and I realised it was just me...

I was like...

this house, everything in it...

what am I gonna do with stuff?

Stuff that's only gonna remind me
of how sad I feel.

My stuff ended up
at the bottom of the ocean.

The container ship sank.

I arrived here with nothing.

And then you finally bought
the wrong house.

You must have been tempted
to see it all as a horrible mistake

and go back to Australia.

I wasn't actually.

Even after everything
that happened... it felt right.

You know, I might have been grieving,
I might have been crazy with it,

but I was sure.

It felt right.

Knock, knock.

G'day, George.

Woody picked up on
a couple of little things

when he did the building inspection.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I said I'd,
sort 'em out for her.


I'll get... to work.

Well, I'll leave you to it...
to your... beautiful tower.

Cheers. Let me know
when you've made a decision.

But, you know, um... take your time.

Don't worry, my head's
much clearer this time around.

Trust me.

You OK?

Yeah... all good. You?

I can let him down gently.


You going somewhere?

I left you a note.

Saying what?

The, road trip
I was talking about.

You're leaving?
Sorry, babe.

But it just...
wasn't how I thought it'd be.


This is awkward.

Yeah, Weld sucks this time of year.

And I hate the summer people.

See you guys later.

You have
got to be kidding me.

It's been wicked.

Arlo, listen to me.

We never tell anyone about this.

Yeah, OK.

You kicked her out,
I kicked him out, OK?

Well... this is novel.

It's bliss.

Yeah, I get my room back.

And are we all OK then?

We're fine. We're really good.

Yep. Yeah, and we don't really
want to talk about it.

Got it. As long as you're OK.

So very OK. No more house guests.
What's not to love about that?

And we don't have to move,
for starters.

I thought you hated this place.

It's grown on me.
Yeah, me too.

OK, a list of pros and cons,
using the head not the heart.

The Whitfield place pros.

It has an incredible view,
lots of space,

two bathrooms,
my childhood memories...

and it was the place
that we were meant to live in.

Cons. We'll be broke.


it just... just doesn't feel right.

You know, in here, that certainty
that it's the right thing.

The right place to be.

What happened to head not heart?


Come in. Our humble abode.


What can I do for you?

You're gonna hate me, George.

You've changed your mind
about selling?

In a manner of speaking.

I'm actually not selling at all.

I've been thinking about
what you said

about knowing if something's right.

And... I'd like to stick around here
for a bit.

That's not the reaction
I was expecting.

I'm just relieved not to have to tell
you that I've changed my mind too.

Turns out that we're happy here.

Thank God.

Well, I'll see you round.

Yeah... neighbour.

# It might be nice
to smash the state

# But it's getting late

# And mostly I'm just
working for the man... #


# It might be good to tell the boss
that I don't give a toss

# And to stick his lame-arse job
But I'm not sure that I can

# The universe... #

A blinding moment of clarity.

And when it happens,
you've got to take charge

instead of faffing about.

The moment you realise that you've
been going in the wrong direction...

Can I help?

Um... yeah.

Arlo, have you met my niece Emma?

She's down here for the holidays
helping me out.

Well, sort of.

The moment you realise

maybe serendipity
has got your back after all...


I like your hair.


..sometimes destiny
is right there in your face.


Hey, I heard about your bloke
taking off with Lindsay.

It's pretty sting.

I'm not really bothered.

That's good.

And sometimes it's a quiet,
nagging voice in your ear...

giving you some clues,

but letting you realise for yourself

that what you thought
you needed to feel complete again...

isn't a house...
or a view of the sea.

It's someone.

Someone to talk to... laugh with...

dance with.


Have you seen Woody?

He hasn't been around
the last couple of days.

I thought maybe he'd been kidnapped.

No, he's around.

OK, good.



I heard you decided against
buying the house.

I did.
Any reason?

Because it's not what I need.

I mean, I thought I did,
need it, but, um...

Katie... would you go out with me?


For a drink?

Or... or dinner or...



Are you asking me out on a date?

Yes, I am.

Is that funny?

No. No, it's not. It's not funny.

I... Yes, I would love... I would
love to go on a date with you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Did you hear that?

Hear what?

I know that laugh.

That's her mating laugh.