7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 9, Episode 6 - Fathers - full transcript

There are plenty
of girls out there

who are looking to go out
with a guy like me, right?

So, why can't I find them?

Or better yet, why
can't they find me?

Why am I talking to you?

What does that mean?

You don't have a girlfriend.
We need girlfriends.

I think it's best for my game
if I don't have a girlfriend,

but you should go for it,
if that's what you want.

Of course, Pam
just dumped you,

so you may want to
give it a few weeks.

If I wait then people will start
to think that she dumped me.

On the other hand, if I go out
with someone right away,

it will appear
as if I dumped Pam.

Who cares?

I care. Now, will
you help me, please?

Okay, what about
Kristina Miller?

I tried.

Not only did she laugh
when I asked her out,

but she told me in front
of everybody else,

that I needed to lower
my standards a little.

What about, uh, Lisa Keller?
She's already gone out

with, like, every other guy
on the team.

There's no mystery.

How about Dana Cruz?

She's a freshman.

I don't see the problem.

Lots of juniors
go out with freshmen.

She's only a couple years
younger. Big deal.

I have to go to a doctor's
appointment with Lucy,

but I'll be back
in an hour or so.

You're going with Lucy
to a doctor's appointment?

Yes, you do that when
you're having a baby.

You're not having a baby.

What do you do
at these appointments?

I learn stuff.

What kind of stuff?

Baby stuff.

What kind of baby stuff?

Like how the baby's developing,

what to expect in the coming
weeks, things like that.

Can't Lucy just tell you
that stuff?

Well, she could, but we're
kind of in this together.

Kind of, but not really.

I like going, okay?

I'm there to support Lucy,

and it makes me feel
like part of the process.

But you're not.

Yes, I am.

Ask her if I can come.


Why would you want to do that?

I'm the uncle.

No, forget about it.

It would be completely

and Lucy would never agree to it
in a million years.

Come on, let me go.

Ask her.

Ask me what?


Can I go with you guys

to the doctor?
Um, I guess.

I mean, you,
you can't come

into the room with us,

but you can sit in the
waiting room if you want.


Why'd you do that?

I don't know.

He's the uncle.

I'm gonna stay
in my pajamas all day.

I am, too.

Me, too.

Are you gonna wear
your pajamas to work?

No, I don't have to work today.

It's the first Saturday I've
had off in a long, long time,

so I'm gonna spend it
with you guys all day,

the three of us,
in our pajamas if we want.

You're too old.

I don't think
Mommy will like it.

Oh, why not?

'Cause old men can't
wear pajamas all day

unless they're sick.

I'm not old, and I can wear
my pajamas all day if I want to

'cause I'm just going to play
all day with you guys,

and Mommy will love that.

You can't play all day--
you have to go to work.

No, not today.

Today I'm taking the day off

so I can spend some time
with my guys.


Yes, the two of you.

I'll just be a second.

Uh, no cheating.

We're not cheating.

We're just finishing
before you go to work.

I'm not going to work.

You'll see.

Hey, Charlie,
how's it going?

How's Leanne?
How-How's the baby?

You have to help me.

I-I can't be a father.

I can't.



Where'd you
learn to do that?

Years of watching
Mary and Lucy.

Ah. Well, I have
to say you look good.


Any special reason
why you're wearing makeup?

I just wanted to look good.

Well, you look good
with or without makeup.


Okay, well, I have
some errands to run--

uh, the market,

the dry cleaners,
shoe repair.

I might even go to the mall.
You want to come?

No, thanks.
You don't want

to go to a mall?

No. I don't really
need anything.

But your dad is gonna
hang out with the boys,

and this is our chance
to hang out with each other,

just the two of us, in a mall.

But this is your chance
for a day by yourself.

How often do you
get that chance?

Never. Still, are you sure

there's no reason
why you're wearing makeup?

Do I need a reason?

It's a guy, isn't it?

Not really.

Do you want
to tell me about him?

It's no big deal.

Did you meet him in detention?


Come on, tell me who he is.

It's not someone
I want to got out with.

I'm giving up on boys, remember?

It's just someone

I want to hang out with--
Martin and Mac.

Well, are you interested

in Martin or Mac,
or-or both of them?

I'm just interested
in hanging out with them

if they ask me to hang out
with them.

Wh-What makes you think

they're gonna ask you
to hang out with them?

They don't have
girlfriends right now,

so they're just hanging out,
as opposed to dating.

So, would it be okay
if they asked me

if I could hang out with them?

We could go for pizza
or to the movies

or something like that,
couldn't we,

if they asked me to go?

No, no, no, no.

Stand up. Don't make it serious.

It's not a sit-down.

It's just me hanging out
with Martin and Mac,

if they decide
to include me.

Ruthie, I don't think
it's a good idea

for a 14-year-old young lady
to be hanging out

with 17-year-old guys.

Now, tell me honestly,
are you interested

in going out with Mac, like
going out on a date with a guy

that could potentially
be a boyfriend?

It wouldn't be a date.

Lots of kids in high school
don't date.

They just hang out in groups.

All I'm asking
is to be allowed

to hang out with the two of them

if the situation ever comes up,

that's all.

Well, did Martin
or Mac ask you

to hang out with them?

No, but they might,
and if they do,

I don't want to have
to run upstairs

to ask my mommy and daddy
like a baby.

If it were Simon
and a friend

and they invited me to go with
them for pizza or to the movies,

I could go, right?


Well, Martin's like
a big brother

and Mac's his friend, right?


So, why couldn't I go?

Because you wouldn't
be putting makeup on

to go out with Simon
and his friend,

which makes me think
that you are interested in Mac.

If Mac ever wanted

to go on a real date with me,

and I wanted to go,
then I'd ask you and Dad.

But Mac doesn't
want to date me,

and I don't want to date him.

I just want to hang out
with him and Martin.

If you are being
completely honest with me,

then I guess it's
perfectly all right for you

to hang out with Martin and Mac
if they ask you,

but if you're not being
completely honest

then go and think about it
and then we'll talk again.

Thanks, Mom.

Hey, hey!

I said one cookie,
not a bag of cookies.

But that was
a long time ago.

And we got hungry.

Why are you still
in your pajamas?

We told you Mommy
wouldn't like it.

Because it was my intention
to play with the boys all day,

but now I have someone
in my office.

See? We told you
you work every day.

You can't play with us.

And you can't wear pajamas.

I can play
with them all day,

and I intend to stay
in my pajamas.


Because it's fun, and
we're gonna have some fun,

just as soon as
I'm finished here.

With, uh, with, just...
It's a minor problem.

You should go out for
the day just as you planned.

Well, I can take
the boys with me.

No, no, no, this is
my day with the boys.

All right,
have fun.

Okay. Okay.

So, all right, all right,
set the board again.

By the time you're finished
with your first game,

I'll be done here.

By the way, does Leanne
know you're here?

No. I'm supposed to be
out getting diapers,

but Leanne doesn't

I've got school,

I've got a job at the school,
and I'm on scholarship.

I, I don't have time
to get diapers.

I-I love Ty, but...

You named the baby
after your dad?

Yeah, but we can't
keep the baby.

We can't.
It's too hard.

I mean, I haven't had
any sleep in two weeks.

Leanne hasn't had any
sleep in two weeks.

My mom hasn't
had any sleep.

My-my dad hasn't
had any sleep.

We're exhausted, all
of us, even the dog.

You have no idea

what it's like.

I have seven children,
from five to 25.

I-I know what it's like.

It's tough.

It can be
overwhelming at first,

but I know you can do it.

No, no, I'm telling
you, I can't do it.

And you have to explain
that to Leanne

and my mom and my dad
and her mom.

You got me into this--
you have to get me out.

I didn't exactly
get you into this.

I know where
babies come from,

but honestly, I thought
this would ever happen to me.


I don't want to be a father.

I mean, I mean,
think about it.

We spent altogether maybe
ten... 12 hours at the most

over a few months time,

and, and now I'm stuck
with this responsibility

for the rest of my life?

I mean, he's
nothing like

that flour sack baby
we had in biology

to carry around with
for two weeks.

He's so needy.

Well, the first few weeks
are the hardest.

It does get easier,

I promise.

Excuse me.

We had to take Happy out.

Happy doesn't
feel too good.

Another bag of cookies?

Happy ate them.

Happy did tricks for us.

Now she doesn't
feel too good.

So you said.

When does it get easier?

Wasn't she great?


You kidding me?

What happened?

Nothing happened.

We saw a new doctor, and I
just don't like the new doctor.

Because she's a woman?

Is she single?

Would you stay out of this?


I do not want
to switch doctors midstream.

I'm used to the other doctor.
I like him.

This one was so obnoxious--
a complete know-it-all.

Maybe that's because
she's a doctor

and a woman with children,

so when it comes to babies,
she does know it all.

She talked to you as if
I wasn't in the room.

No she didn't.

You were in the room?

Remind me,
why did you come here?

Because I'm the uncle.

Kevin, glad I caught you.

I've written down some books
I think you should read.

You're not doing very much
reading, are you?

Yes, I'm doing much reading,
whenever I have time, thank you.

Is there a, uh, Cockney accent?

It is not.

Oh, come on, it's so...

It's a British accent,
Uncle Ignorant.

Thank you for

the reading list, Dr. Pearson.
It was very nice meeting you.

And I hope you're the doctor
on duty when I go into labor.

I feel so comfortable
with you.

Me, too.

Anything for the uncle to read?

Perhaps Dickens.

What is that?

That was another insult.

Luce, we can't have
her deliver our baby.

We have a plan.

We use the other doctor,
the one who likes me.

Of course,
the decision

is ultimately yours, but...


Fatherhood's turning
you into a girl.

After practice,
I want to hang out

wherever women
are hanging out.

They're usually hanging out
wherever we're practicing.

Oh, hey, guys.

Hey, Ruthie.


You look... funny.

No, I don't.

You look... good.

Thanks. So, you guys want
to grab a pizza or anything?

Mom's out, so we have
to make our own lunch.

Or we could go get lunch.

We have practice.

Yeah, pizza sounds
good, though.

Maybe later.

Yeah, maybe later.

It's just that if you
were supposed to be out

getting diapers, then Leanne
probably needs the diapers,

so go get the diapers.

It's the kind of thing
my father would say to me.

I need you to say
something like

a minister would say
to me like, God
will forgive me

if I don't go
through with this.

I'm gonna help you

as a minister
and a father and a man,

and I'm gonna get someone

to help you
who I think you can relate to.

You're not gonna send someone
to my house, are you?

Because I don't want anyone

to know that I'm trying
to get out of this.

Look, could you
tell Leanne that

you need to talk to me,

and you dropped by and that's
why you're late with the diapers

and that you really need

to take an hour or so
this evening

and come back?
I think she'll understand.

She won't. She won't understand

because she knows
in her heart

that I'm not capable of doing

what I promised her I would do.

I think you are.

Well, if I am,
I don't want to.

I just don't want to.

Around 6:00?

Hey, no jumping on the bed!

Wearing pajamas all day
wasn't any fun.

I thought it would be
fun, but it wasn't.

I agree, I feel much better
cleaned up and dressed.

What are we
gonna do now?

Something outside.

We're gonna clean up
the picnic table

and anything else in the
backyard that needs cleaning.

We already cleaned
up the poop.

I cleaned it up.

And if you feed Happy
a bag of cookies again,

you'll get to clean it up.

Yeah, my feelings exactly.

What's going on?


Well, don't you look nice.

Uh, beautiful even.

And many years older.


You going somewhere?

Maybe later. I might go hang out
with Martin and Mac.

Get a pizza or something.

Oh, Martin and Mac.

Are you interested
in Martin or Mac?

Martin is practically my
brother, and Mac is Mac.

They just mentioned earlier
that they might want

to go get a pizza,
so I might go.

Huh. Did you talk to your mom
about this?

About what?

About hanging out
with Martin and Mac.

Yeah, we talked about it.


And it's a non-issue.

Oh, a non-issue.

You want to clean up

the backyard with us?

It's work, but it's
going to be fun

because we're
doing it with Daddy.

I need Mom.

Is Mom here?

Dad's here.
Will I do?

You're busy.

With us.

Hey, nice job
with the makeup.

Um, thanks
for the offer, but no.

Well, in that case,
come on.

Is it a guy?

Is what a guy?

The new look.

No, I'm just experimenting.

So, what's up?
Why do you need Mom?

Oh, Kevin doesn't like

the doctor that we had today,
but Ben and I like her.

Ben who?

You know, Ben,

Kevin's brother, Ben?

What does Ben have
to do with this?

I don't know. He's the uncle.

I know, I, I guess what he
really has to do with it is,

he's on my side.

You have nothing
to do with this.
I'm the father.

I'm the uncle!

So what? Are you
gonna be there

when the baby
is born or am I?

How about we both
be there?
No, we won't.

And if you want a wife
and a baby, get your own.

You know who I
blame for that?
For what?

Not having a wife
and baby of my own.

Oh, let me guess:
not yourself but someone else.


Who, who could possibly be
responsible for you not having

a wife and baby other than you?

That Wilson guy.


You know that jerk

Mary was going out with
when I met her.

If it hadn't been for him, I'd
be married to Mary right now,

and we'd have a baby, and I'd
be living with the Camdens, too.

You weren't in love
with Mary Camden.

Actually, I was, I just didn't
realize it at the time.

So, it's your fault.

No, it's Wilson's fault.

He got her so confused, she
didn't know what she wanted,

and she ran off and married
that Carlos guy,

and now they have the baby
that I should have.

So, who confused you?

Confused me?

If Wilson confused Mary,
then who confused you so much

that you didn't know you were
in love with Mary at the time?

Aren't you listening? Wilson.

He confused Mary,
and she confused me

because she was confused
by Wilson.

Forget about Wilson, will you?


all you had to do today was
tell Lucy that you thought

the doctor was rude, and then
maybe she wouldn't have decided

that that was the doctor
we have to have.

I thought she was hot.

She's an arrogant, condescending
man-hating witch.

Okay, Dad, Uncle Ben will
fix this for you, I promise.

Thank you.

You guys are really
good workers.

Mommy's going to be so
happy we cleaned this up.

She's been asking me
to do this all week.

Thanks for
helping me out.

You're welcome.
You're welcome.

You're a good Daddy.

Thank you.

You do nice things
for Mommy.

I like doing things for Mommy

because Mommy does
so many nice things for us.

They're not gonna show up.

You want to bet?

Do you need some help
with the table?

Uh, no, we got it.

Maybe we should help them out.

No, I'm sure he's just spending

some time
with the boys.

I wish my dad would spend
some time with me like that.

Like washing down
a picnic table?

Yeah, or just hanging out.

What's going on?

Eh, you know the usual.

I don't think
he's been to a game

since I've been in,
like, third grade.

He says he doesn't want
to run into my mom,

but she hasn't been to a game
either, so they divorced,

and I lost them both-- oh, when
it comes to baseball anyways.

You never said anything
about them before.

I didn't know
they were divorced.

I just thought
they were busy.

Well, your dad's in Iraq.

I'm didn't want to whine
about my dad being across town.

I don't think so.

Besides, all I need
is a woman anyways.

Yeah, right.

So, how did practice go?

Good. We're starving.

I'm just gonna
check my e-mail,

then we're gonna
go get pizza.

I'm starving, too.

I'm going for pizza
with you, remember?

Uh, no, I don't remember.

I'm the one who asked you guys
if you wanted to go for pizza.

You said maybe later.

It's later.


Do you want
something to drink?

Sure, maybe water.

Thank you.

Honey, maybe you
ought to think about it.

You know, if Kevin's not
comfortable with this doctor,

then he won't be comfortable
with you in the birthing room,

and then you're not going
to be comfortable.

I'm not going
to be comfortable anyway.

Again, think about it.

You know, you just
met her because she
was filling in today.

You like your other doctor
and so does Kevin.

And he's seen Kevin
pass out before,

so it won't come as a big shock
if Kevin passes out again.

Thanks, Mom.


Chocolate chip
or sugar wafers?

You pick.

I'd pick fruit.

Okay, chocolate chip.

Hi, Mac. Guess I'll
go talk to my husband.

Have fun.


Remember me?

The uncle.

Oh, so you do remember.

What can I do for you?

You were a little tough on me

and my brother today,
don't you think?

If you've come here
just to start a row...

A-A what?

A fight. If you want a fight,
I'll call security,

and you can fight with them.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa. I-I just came

to see if you'll have dinner
with me.

Fish and chips?

Why? Why would you want to
take me for fish and chips?

You, you're British, aren't you?

Yes, what I meant was,
why would you take me out?

You're hot.

Oh, you think so?

Yes, I do.

And that's your only reason
for asking me out?

My brother and I lost our father
when we were in high school,

and then Kevin's really nervous
about being a father

and not knowing what to do,

pretty much from now
until the kid is grown.

So, I, I just wanted to ask you
to go easy on him.

You wouldn't say that

just to make me feel badly

about the way I acted today,
would you?

Thanks for the dinner offer,
but it's really not necessary.

I'll call Kevin next week
and make things right.

I could have been nicer
to your brother

and to you.

I'm sorry,
and I'm sorry about your father.



It's just fish and chips?

We could get something better
if you want.

I don't know
what you people eat.

I mean, other than fish
and chips.

You're not a cop, too, are you?


Or one of those other

high-testosterone professionals?

A firefighter?

I don't do very well
with those types.

I like artists, musicians,
creative types.

I'm a, uh, flu-tist.

A flutist?

I play the flute
in an orchestra.

Is that safe enough for you?

Your brother and sister-in-law
think you're a firefighter.


Come on, Uncle Ben, we have
to pick up my children.

Children, right, right.

We're going for pizza.

Why don't I
want her to go?

I don't want her
to go either.

Good instincts.

We men like to protect
the women in the family.

Then why don't we?

Well, after many generations
of men protecting women,

it turns out women can
protect themselves.

Sometimes we just have
to be there for them,

And sometimes we just have
to be there for each other.

That's what makes us a family.

And sometimes our family
can help other families,

and that's what makes us all
part of a larger family,

part of a community,
even part of the world.

It's a big idea.

You, you may not understand
it until you're bigger.


Reverend Camden,
I'm glad you called.

I need your help.

Hey, what kind of
pizza do you like?

I like the one with everything
on it, including the anchovies.

Hey, my kind of woman.


So Mac, where's Pam tonight?

Do you have a date later?

No, she dumped me.

Oh, that's too bad.

You know, it's
really tough

finding someone
to go out with.

Harry and I broke up, you know.

No, I-I didn't know.

How old are you?

Where do you work?

At Crawford University
in the business department.

Where do you live?

Near here-- with my wife
and her mom.

It's her mom's house.

We don't remember you.

You never met me.

I was around before
you guys were born.

I used to date your sister,

Our Mary?
Our Mary?

Wilson, this is Charlie.

Nice to meet you.

I'm gonna cook
some hot dogs

on the grill with the boys.

You guys should feel free

to join us
if you want.

Come on, Hap.
Come on, Happy.

So how are you?

Reverend Camden tells me
you're a new father.

Not that great.

I-I don't want
to be a new father.

My father wants me
to be a father,

my mother wants me
to be a father,

my girlfriend wants me
to be a father, but...

You left off the
most important one.

Your son wants you
to be a father.

I think we could get
him a better father

and a better mother.

Leanne and I weren't
ready for this.

There's lots of
other couples

out there wait-waiting to adopt.

I know. My wife and
I are one of them.

We want to adopt.

Is that why Reverend Camden
wanted us to meet?

No, he wanted us to meet
because I had a baby

with my high school

She died from complications
when the baby was born.

It was a really
horrible situation.

Her parents,
of course, blamed me

and wouldn't have anything
to do with me or my son,

and they still don't.

You kept the baby?

You raised him all on your own?

Not all on my own.

My parents helped a lot,
but when I went to college

I took my son with me,

and then it was
pretty much on my own.

I got through college, I got
a job, and I fell in love

with a woman who had had
a similar experience.

She had a baby
in high school.

Her mom helped her out
until she went to college,

and she went to college
with her daughter in tow,

graduated, got a job
and married me.

Even in the best
of situations,

the first few weeks
can be overwhelming,

but the baby needs you.

And the baby's mom needs you and
they're always gonna need you.

And you are gonna need your
family and some friends.

And I can be a friend to you.

Why would you want to
be a friend to me?

You don't
even know me.

Because I feel
very strongly

that children
need their fathers,

and if children have
their fathers in their lives,

they're better off.

Therefore, we're
all better off.

I was lucky
that my father

stood behind me
and supported me,

and I know your dad's
doing the same.

You're lucky, Charlie,

that you grew up with a mom
and a dad,

and your son will be lucky
if he can grow up

with a mom and a dad.

Hey, you guys want hot dogs?


Have you seen Ben?

Uh, no, but I'll throw on
a few extra dogs

just in case he shows up.

I wonder where
he went off to.

You didn't get in argument
or anything, did you?

Uh, no.

Did you and Ben
get into an argument?

Didn't he come over

to the house and talk
to you today?


Then who made you
be nicer to me?

No one made me be nicer to you.

You came back from
the house nicer to me.

Nicer than you've been all day.

Don't make me look bad
in front of my dad, okay?

I'm sorry about the
doctor appointment and...

Did you say something to me?


I was nicer to you,

because my mom told me
to be nicer to you,

and she's right--

I should be nicer to you.


Because you're my husband
and the father of my baby.

Oh, guess who's inside

talking to Charlie?

Who's Charlie?

Leanne's boyfriend.


the young woman who was going
to give her baby up for adoption

and she changed her mind
at the last minute,

had me go find her boyfriend--
her boyfriend, Charlie.

Oh, yeah.

Who's Charlie talking to?

Wilson West.


That's not good.

Can I have
the check?

What, are you in a hurry?

Well, take your time.
Let's not rush.

This place
is just getting busy.

Yeah, all right.

Hey, Mac, you want to get me
another soda at the counter?

Why can't the waiter get it?

I either have to have
another drink right now,

or I have to get out of here.

All right, all right.

I think I know

what's going on here, Ruthie.

Three friends having pizza?

You're not interested
in Mac, are you?

I mean, like interested
in going out with him?

I don't know.

Is he interested
in going out with me?

Hey, look
who showed up.

Oh, who is this?

Is your little sister?

No, that's Ruthie Camden,
but she's like a little sister.


Where are you?

I'm at the Promenade.

I felt like some fish and chips.

We're cooking hot dogs.
You want a hot dog?

Uh, no, thanks.

You don't eat fish.

When you said you were
gonna fix everything,

I thought you were
gonna talk to Lucy.


Who are you talking
to Mr. Fish and Chips?

Please tell me you're not
talking to that doctor.

What doctor?

Why is your brother
talking to our doctor?

Why are you talking
to our doctor?

Because I'm the uncle.

Because he's the uncle.

I think you and your brother

should spend more time
with my father.


Because as much as I love you,
and as much as you love me,

and as much as we're in
this pregnancy together,

fatherhood might be
explained by... a father.

I don't want him to think that
I don't know what I'm doing.


Because I'm a man,

and I'm supposed to
know what I'm doing.


Wow, you are all grown up.

Shut up.

I'm fine.


Just saw you run

across the backyard,

and you didn't look fine.

Did Martin say something?

I... didn't stop
to talk to Martin.

May I come in?

You can if you want.
It's your house.

Pizza didn't go well?

The pizza was fine.

Mac and Martin were fine.

He thinks I'm like
a little sister.

You're not talking
about Martin, are you?


I knew his friend Mac
was too old for me,

I knew he wasn't even
interested in me,

and yet, like an idiot,

I thought I could get him
interested in me

by putting on more makeup
and looking older.

But he still just thinks
I'm like a little sister.

That's what he said

when he introduced me to these
two girls that showed up

to meet him and Martin there,

who I didn't even know
were going to be there.

He said, "This is Ruthie Camden.

She's like a little sister."

I didn't mean to lie to you.

I was just lying to myself and
it spilled out to you and mom.

I thought if I could

just hang out,
he would get to know me,

see how mature I was,

if I looked so much
older with makeup on,

he might even ask me out.

And then I could ask you
if I could go,

and I'd feel all-important

because some 17-year-old
asked me out

even if you said I couldn't go.

But you are important.

Yeah, to my family.

Yeah, to all of us.

And I think all of us
would agree

that you look beautiful
without makeup,

but, but you look
beautiful with makeup.

I think you kind of shocked us.

Um, we had no idea that you have
skills in the makeup area.

I mean,

you might feel like...
like you wasted it on Mac today,

but there's no reason
why you can't do that

for yourself whenever
you feel like it.

It's very interesting
the way you...

changed your face.

You know, from its,
its own natural beauty

to a... more
sophisticated look.

You think I look sophisticated?

Too sophisticated for Mac.

I mean, you know, I like him,

but even if he
were your age

or you were his age, you'd
probably end up wanting

someone who has more
in common with you,

someone who goes to church,
someone who... doesn't drive,

someone I can completely
intimidate and control.

This growing up
is tough business.


I thought you gave up on boys.

Sorry, that was just
another lie I told myself.

I love you, Ruthie.

I know, but... I want
a guy to love me.

Yeah, I know.

You think you and Leanne
will get married?

Maybe, but
we're just 18.

Do you love her?

I've loved her since
we were in grade school,

but if we didn't
have a baby,

I don't think I'd
want to get married

until I get
out of college.

But you do have a baby,

and being married
would make it easier

for you to be
with your son every day.

It's more likely that he would
be healthier and do better

in school if you were married
to his mother.

It's a lot to take on.

I'm still adjusting to the idea
of just, just being a father.

It's just something

to think about.

I mean, when guys get married,

they focus on their wife
and children.

It helps us to have
fuller lives, happier lives.

Isn't it enough that you've made
me feel a little more confident

about being a father,

do you have to push marriage
on me, too?

I imagine once everyone
gets some sleep,

they'll start pressuring me.

You're right,
I can't do it all in one night,

but call me, we'll talk
whenever you want.

I'm gonna say good night
to Reverend Camden.

Tell him
I'll call him.

All right.

Good night.
Good night.


It's Ben, right?

You ruined my life.

Because of Mary?

Yeah, because of Mary.

That's funny, because of
everything that happened,

I, I ended up meeting and
marrying a woman that I love,

having the family
that I always dreamed of,

and I got a great job.

I mean, of
course you get

to hang out with the Camdens
any time you want,

so it can't be that bad, can it?

Yeah, well, Camdens or not,

it's still the booby prize.

Good night. Good to see you.


I really don't like fish,
even when it's fried.

But I learned a lot about
childbirth and babies,

and you are in for
a wild ride, my friend.



Do me a favor--

if Mac is clueless
as to what happened,

just let him
remain clueless.

Ruthie's request.

He's clueless, and I don't want
to make excuses for him,

but I never knew until today
that his parents

were divorced.

His dad lives around here,

but he doesn't see him
that often.

I think I have a better
relationship with my dad,

and he's halfway
around the world.

How is your dad?

He's alive
and he's doing his job.

I mean, I understand who he is

and why he has to do
what he does.

You're a good man, Martin,
so is your dad.

Thank you, sir.

Good night.

I love you.
I love you.

I love you, too.

It makes it tough
finding a guy

when you have
a dad like Dad.

How's that?

I'm not gonna be able
to settle for any guy

who's less than that.

You shouldn't have to settle
for any guy less than that.

I know I didn't.

Oh, I didn't know
I was gonna be so late.


So how did Ruthie's hanging out
with Martin and Mac go?

I mean, she did hang out
with them, didn't she?


and it didn't go that well.

I knew it wouldn't.

I knew she was
only kidding herself

about not being interested
in Mac.

Did he hurt her feelings?

Yeah, but he has no idea
he hurt her feelings,

and Ruthie doesn't want him
to know.

She's, she's okay,
I, I talked to her.

I'll talk to her, too,
while you go talk to Kevin.

Lucy's upstairs
with Ruthie.

How is she?

Oh, she's okay,
she'll, she'll be fine.

So, how are you?

Fine. Nervous about
the baby, but excited.

Yeah, even when the boys were
born, I was nervous.

Well, I mean, not nervous--


Of something going wrong with
Annie or the boys, or both.

Me, too, but you know,

I'm gonna do everything
I can to make sure

that it all goes
okay, right?

I'm gonna be there
for Lucy and the baby.

Yeah, I'm sure of that.

You're gonna make a good father.

I'll try, but

I don't know a lot about it.

I don't know anything about it

other than what I read
in the books.

Books help

of course, but books can't
really relay the miracle

of childbirth and all
the feelings you have

when the baby's born.

Books can tell you about each
stage of development in a child,

but every child's different,

every day with every child
is different.

It's just that

I don't want
to make any mistakes,

and yet I have no idea
of what to do really.

You're gonna make mistakes.

I've made plenty of mistakes.

You? I don't think so.

Oh, I probably made a mistake
tonight letting Ruthie hang out

with Martin and Mac,
but it all ended up okay.

The most important
thing you can do

as a father is be good
to your wife,

which you already are,

and just be there

for your daughter, spend time

with her, spend time with her,

be involved in her life
from day one.

Have I ever told you
how proud and happy I am

to have you in the family?

I bet your dad
is proud of you, too.

I'm sorry, I can't
talk right now.

Want to shoot some hoops?