7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 9, Episode 16 - Brotherly Love - full transcript

Hi. I'm Kevin Kinkirk,
the new owner.

What's going on?

Oh, so nice
to meet you finally.

I'm Milton Madison.

Call me Milt.
Hi, Milt.

This used to be my house.

My wife, Edie, and I lived here
for 25 years.

Raised our daughter here.

You have to do more
than just call the gardener.

You have to tell them
what to do.

I mean, these, these plants
need some work.

Oh, okay, I'll let them know.

How does your wife
like the house?

I haven't shown it to her yet.

It was supposed
to be a surprise.

I was going to bring her over
after the baby shower,

but the baby was born that day,

so I haven't gotten
over here yet.

So she hasn't even seen it?

Nope, but I'm sure
she's going to love it.

I'm hoping to bring her over
tomorrow, and I'm hoping

that once she does see it,
we can move right in.

What'd you have,
a boy or girl?

A little girl, Savannah.

Ah, nice name.
Nice name.

The girls are special.

My wife and I have a daughter.

Just the one daughter, Sally.

You know, we gave up
on Sally getting married.

I mean, she's 40,
a professional type.

More interested
in career than family.

So we bought
a place in Florida,

sold this one,
and wouldn't you know it,

Sally and her boyfriend
get pregnant.

They're going to have a baby.

They were married last weekend.

We're going to be


Oh, yeah, we're very
happy about that.

But sure wish we hadn't
sold the house.

I mean, Sally lives here
in Glenoak.

So you're here visiting?

Nah, not exactly.

The place we bought
in Florida got demolished

by one of the hurricanes,
so we don't exactly

have a place to live now.

We rented something nearby,

so we could be around
when the baby comes.

But sure wish we hadn't
sold this house.


Oh! What are
you doing home?


Hey, Dad.

I just felt like
a home-cooked meal

and some family time.

Well, I, I noticed you
brought your laundry.

I figured I might as well.

Oh, just throw it
in the laundry room.

I'll be happy
to do it for you.

Thanks, Mom.

The goal is
to get them all

out of the house
and on their own.

I know.

What would you
like for dinner?

Uh, anything.

Some steaks would be nice.

I'll pick some steaks up.

I'm going to go put
my stuff upstairs.

Where upstairs?

Didn't Lucy and Kevin move out?

Oh, no. She hasn't even
seen the new house yet.

Weren't they supposed to move
out this weekend, though?

Well, you know,
maybe, maybe they could.

Now that you're home,

maybe Kevin and Martin
and you and I,

maybe we could move them
this weekend.

Yeah, maybe, maybe you could.

I guess we could.

Matt can help.

Matt? Is he coming home again?

Yeah, he's done
with his thing--

the, the seminar.

He said he was coming back.

He better.


Yeah, well,
I mean, that's, uh,

that's kind of the reason
why I'm here, actually.

I miss him.

You miss him?

Yeah, I miss Matt.

I'm going to go put my stuff
in the living room.

Okay, something's up.

Yeah. Our son misses
our other son.

They're brothers and they want
to be with each other.

Isn't that great?

No, it's not great.

It's... curious.

Hey, it's me.

What are you doing?

I'm thinking of you, too.

What else are you doing?

Oh, come on.

It's only going to be
48 hours before I'm back.

How's my apartment?

All right, well,
don't get too comfortable.

You know we can't live together.

No. No, because.

Because it'd be wrong.

No, my dad did not help me
get that apartment

so that we could live together.

All right, fine.

Well, look, Sunday you have
to get back to your dorm.

All right,
Monday morning then.

Hey, I have to go, okay?

I'll talk to you later.
I'll call you back.

Hey. When did you get in?

Oh, uh, just a few minutes ago.

Everyone in bed?

Yeah, everyone's in bed.


Was that, uh, Georgia?

No. No, it wasn't Georgia.

I have nothing to do
with her anymore.

When I see her walking
on campus, I keep walking.

That's over.

So, uh, who was on the phone?

That was my new
girlfriend, Anna.

Are you nuts?


You just broke up
with Georgia

because she lied to you
about being pregnant.

And now you're in another
relationship like that?

Like what?
Like having that kind
of relationship again.

I happen to be in love.

No, you're not.

Yes, I am.
No, you're not.

I am, Matt. That's why
I came down to see you.

Because I want to make sure that
nothing happens to me again,

like when I was with Georgia.

Then don't have sex.

I thought we...

I could just be safer.

How could you be safer?

I thought you could write
a prescription

for my girlfriend
for some birth control pills.

Her dad is

the doctor at the school clinic.

Okay, she can't go there.
She's afraid he'll find out.

So I told her I'd ask you.

I can't write prescriptions.

Well, get her some samples
from the hospital or something.

No, I can't.
And even if I could,

the answer would still be no.

Absolutely not, and you
shouldn't be doing this.

Well, what do you want
me to do, Matt?

You want me to get married just
so I can have sex like you did?

I didn't get married
just so I could have sex.

Yes, you did.

No, I didn't. I was in love.

You fell in love
on the first date?

Or did you stay out all night
on the first date

and then you couldn't
get out of it?

So, you, being
the minister's son

and, her, being
the rabbi's daughter...

You know, you say,
"Hey, we've fallen in love.

We're getting married."

Don't forget you're
my little brother.

I'm not so little
anymore, Matt.

Oh, yeah,
you've gotten

a lot taller, but
not any smarter.

Smart enough not to get married
just to have sex.

You think having sex
makes you a man, huh?

Don't push me, Matt.
I'll push you back.

All right, knock it off!

Great. You woke up Savannah.

You can't have
a gun in this house.

What's with
the weapon, man?

I thought someone was
breaking in. Sorry.

Look, I don't agree
with what you're doing.

And I don't agree
with what you did.

With what Mary did
or what Lucy did.

I don't want to get married
until I'm, like, 30 or 40 even.

I'm happily married
and Lucy's happily married.

Have you talked to Mary



I thought someone
was breaking in.

But it's just Matt
and Simon downstairs

killing each other
with their bare hands.
Oh, yeah?

Well, what's going on?

I don't know, but someone

told me people were sleeping
in the living room.

Oh, right, I'm sorry.

Well, when you move,

you'll know who everyone is
in your house,

and where they're all sleeping.

So anyway, uh...

Do you know what Matt and Simon
were arguing about?

Uh, I think it was women.


Come on, think.

I'm too tired to think.

Good night.

Uh, hey, uh,
in the future...

Could you possibly
leave your gun,

like, in the
trunk of your car

or somewhere other
than in our house?

What if someone
was really breaking in?

Then we'll call the police.

And I'm the police.

And I'd show up,
or some other cop

would show up with a gun.

You're not going
to have a gun in your house

when you have your own house
with your own precious,

little daughter in it,
are you?

Probably. I'll keep my gun
and the bullets

in two separate places,
each with a combination lock,

just like I do now.

Oh, no, you're not. Ch...

Children can get into anything.

Not if anything is safely
locked away and hidden,

which is what I will do
when I move.

I'll safely lock my gun away,
and the bullets away,

in a safe and secret place.

Okay, well--
well, until then,

and I hope "then" is soon,

I'd like it if
you'd leave your gun

somewhere other
than in my house.

All right,
if that's what you want.

Where are you going to put it?

I'll figure it out tomorrow.

I don't want the gun
in the house tonight. I...

No offense,
but it makes me very nervous.

You... you could have shot
Matt or Simon.

If you knew what they were
talking about,

you'd probably want me
to arrest one of them.

Aha, so you do know
what they were talking about.

Which one?

You said I'd probably want you
to arrest one of them.

Which one, Matt or Simon?

I shouldn't have said that.


For all I know,

it could be both of them.


You guys asleep?

I was going to...

I was going to get a snack.

Either of you feel like a snack?

I think there's pie
in the refrigerator.

Your mother was saving it
for tomorrow, but...


Good night.


Don't do that!

I have a bad heart.


Hey, Kevin?

You see?

You see how easy it would
be to shoot someone?

Did I shoot anyone?

You still have your gun?

I'm not an idiot.

I don't think every noise
in the house is a burglar.

I locked my gun away.

Away where?

In a lockbox in the closet.

I thought I made it clear

that I don't want a gun
in the house.

Fine, I'll go get the gun
and get it out of your house

right now,
in the middle of the night.

What are you
doing up so late?

I was on the phone with Vincent.

It's okay.

I don't have school tomorrow.

It was kind of like
a phone date.


How long were you
on the phone?

Until a few minutes ago.

No, I meant...

what time
did the phone call start?

About 8:00.

You've been talking on the phone
for four hours?

What could you possibly be
talking about for four hours?


What kind of stuff?

School stuff, mostly.

I don't see any reason

for you to be on the phone
for four hours.

I know, but you're old,

and you and Mom have probably
said everything

you're going to say
to each other,

and we just met.

We have things to talk about.

We have one
phone line.

We don't have

I know,

but Simon has a cell phone now,

and Matt has a cell phone,
and Martin has a cell phone,

and Sam and David
don't call anyone,

and you and Mom are home
talking to each other,

repeating the same conversations
you've probably had

over and over again
since you've met.

What makes you think that?

Vincent and I were talking

about what it would be like
to be married,

and we were wondering
how long it takes

before you've said everything
you can say to each other

and you just start
repeating stuff.


Well, believe it or not,

when you have children,

there's always something new
to talk about,

but no one needs
to be on the phone

for four hours at one time.

I thought someone
was breaking in.


I was just putting my gun away.

In the middle of the night?

Dad doesn't want a gun
in the house.

I don't think it's a good idea
to have a gun, either,

but it's also not good
to be wandering around

in the middle of the night.

Well, I'm a cop.

I have a gun.

I know how and when to use it.

I was just forced
to wander around with it

in the middle of the night.

I'm done now.

I'll go back inside--
good night.

What is all the screaming about?

I scared Martin.

And I scared Kevin.

That's what you'd do

if someone were breaking in?

You'd grab a frying pan?

You know, maybe Lucy
and I shouldn't move out.

Maybe you should.

Then no one
would be scaring anyone.

Right, but if you
did get scared

in the middle of the night,
you could call me at my home

and I'd rush over with
my gun and protect you,

because I plan on having
my gun in my house

when I move
into my house.

You know, if...
if you're scared out here,

maybe we should move you back
in the house with everyone else.

I wasn't scared.

I have a bat.

I'll be fine.

Okay, well, I'll just...

lock the garage door
on my way out.

Good night.

Good night.

You scared me.

It's been a very scary night.

Yeah, it has.

Simon and I were
having an argument,

and suddenly Kevin
was holding a gun on us.

Oh, yeah, well, I,

I told him to take it out
of the house,

and I guess he was locking it
in his car.

And Martin heard him and thought
someone was breaking in.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

It's really time
for Kevin and Lucy to move.

Although, I hope
when they do move,

that he doesn't keep a gun
in the house.

Yeah, probably not a good idea.

I've seen gunshot wounds,
not a pretty sight.

So you and Simon
were arguing.

You want to tell me
what that was all about?

Look, I know
something's going on.

Yeah, something is going on.

And maybe I should tell you,


Where have you been?

I just went downstairs
to check on things.

"Things" like Matt and Simon?



You were gone a long time.

I ran into Ruthie
in the kitchen.

She was on the phone
for four hours

talking to Vincent tonight.

Four hours.

Oh, it must be nice to have
so much to talk about.

I remember those days.

We never stayed on the phone

for four hours talking
to each other.

Oh, yes, we did.


So Matt and Simon?

Matt didn't want to say.

Other than that he doesn't like
Simon very much right now.

He thinks he's making
some bad decisions.

He didn't say.

He didn't go back
with Georgia, did he?

No, he didn't.

He never said
why they broke up.

No. He didn't.

Good night.

Did you ask Matt why
Simon and Georgia broke up?

No, I didn't.

I don't know.
Lately, he just seems

to be going
from one woman to the next.


Aren't you curious
why Simon and Georgia broke up?

Sure, I'm curious,
but just because I'm curious

doesn't mean I can get
an answer out of Matt or Simon.

Besides, I...
it never seemed to me really

like those two would last.

So it doesn't really matter why,
does it?

Good night.

Maybe he's talking
to Cecilia again.

No, he'd probably tell us

if he was talking
to Cecilia again.

Good night.

Why do you keep saying
good night?

Because I'm tired
and I want to go to sleep.

I guess I can't
stay up all night talking.

Sometimes I miss those days.

I honestly don't
remember those days.

But if you say that we
used to stay on the phone

talking for hours,
I believe you.

Good night.

Where are you going?

I'm going to try
to get some information

so I can sleep.

I told you something was up.

Yes, you did, dear, but you
didn't tell me what it is.

And until I know what it is,
I can't sleep.


Good night.

I thought you were
staying with Savannah.

I was, but she's
sound asleep.

I wanted to talk to you.

Great. So you're going
to tell me

what Matt and Simon
are arguing about?

No. I'm going to tell you what
we're going to be arguing about.

You know I want to move.

Well, I want to move, too.

And I can't wait to see
the house tomorrow.

And if we don't have
to do any painting

or replace any carpeting
or anything,

we can move any day now, right?

We should be able to,
but there's a problem.

Something wrong with the house?

No, nothing's wrong
with the house, but...

But what?
It's the middle

of the night already,
just spit it out.

I sold it back to the people
we bought it from.

I sold it back to the people
we bought it from.

I-I, I didn't want you
to repeat what you said.

I wanted you to explain
what you said.

They bought a place in Florida.

They lost it
in the hurricanes.

Their daughter unexpectedly got
married because she's pregnant.

They wanted their house back.

So you sold it back to them
without even asking me?

I didn't ask you
when I bought it, so...

I think I hear Savannah.

No, you didn't.

When did all
this happen?

Yesterday afternoon.

I haven't told your mom and dad,

if that makes you feel
any better.

It does. I...

It does make me feel better.

You know what? I don't care.

I didn't want to
move yet anyway.

And I'm sure that
the house was great,

but I'd love it if we bought
the next house together.

So you're not angry with me?

No, I'm not.

You know, I think it's great.

Your mom and dad aren't
going to think it's great.

Your dad can't wait
to get us out of here.

Oh, he wants to get
the gun out of here.
He doesn't want

to get us
out of here.

I'm a cop. I have a gun.

Oh, guns kill people.

People kill people.

People with guns kill people.

I'm well aware.
That's why I'm not just armed

with a cell phone
and a Taser.

We can have this argument

when we have our own house,
until then...

My gun will be locked
in the car.

So that if my car gets stolen,

the car thieves
will then be armed.

I'm going to go downstairs.
You want anything?

I'll get you whatever you want.
What do you want?

I want to go downstairs
to the kitchen.

I'll be fine.

I'll be fine.

And my parents will be fine

when we tell them
that we're not moving.

Maybe we can wait
until they get

the other bad news--
the Mary news.

Then we can tell them
and then it won't be so bad.

Yeah, well, the only thing wrong
with that plan

is we don't know when they're
going to get the other bad news.

And I'm still praying
that the bad news goes away.

His parents don't mind if you're
on the phone all night?

No. You met them.

They don't know if
they're supposed

to care or not.

Sometimes it worries me

for you to have
a boyfriend

whose parents are just
discovering parenthood.

Don't worry.
Vincent's a cool guy.

He's not going
to do anything stupid.

Which means?

He's not going to try

and have a physical relationship
with me or anything like that.

I should hope not.

Lots of kids our age

are having
physical relationships.

Well, you're not lots of kids.

You're my daughter.

I know. I'm not going

to do anything,
not until I'm older.

Much, much older and married.

I have a plan.

Well, stick to the plan.

Wait a minute.
What is the plan, exactly?

Can I come in?


Oh, is the baby keeping you up?

Oh, the baby and everyone else
in the house.

What's going on?

Ah, we're just


Lots of things.

We were wondering
what's going on with Simon

and why he's really home again.

I tried getting it out of Kevin.

I tried having your dad
get it out of Matt.

Sorry. I was on the phone
all night.

I don't know anything.

Talking with Vincent?


I hope you two aren't getting

too close too fast.

No. We're just getting
to know each other.

It's a lifelong process,
getting to know each other.

Yes, it is.

I'm just finding out
that Kevin is a gun freak.

Well, you had to have
suspected. He's a cop.

He probably just didn't tell you

because you're a minister.


Sometimes I miss being up here.

Miss being single
and sharing a room with me?

Sometimes, yeah,
but I'm happy with who I am.

I'm happy being a mother
and a wife.

Tell me the truth.

If you had to do it over again,

would you have gotten married
before you were out of college,

had you thought it'd be okay

to be with Kevin
before you're married?

Well, hmm...

You know,
it doesn't really matter,

because I don't think it's okay

to be with a guy
before marriage.

That doesn't exactly
answer my question.


Well, Mom,

why did you and Dad get married
so young?

Because I was in love
with your father.

And you and Dad wanted to...?

Get married.

You know, there are some things
that parents just don't,

you know, want to share
with their children.

It's getting late. I think

we should all get some sleep.
Good night.

I'm gonna miss you and Kevin
when you move, but it's time.


It's time.

You must be so excited
about your new house.

When you see it, you're gonna
want to move right in.

What? Are...?

Are you trying to get rid of me?

No, of course not.

I just know how happy

you're going to be
about your new house.

This might be our last
hanging out time,

if you move right away.

We might hang out again
before we move.

I just wish Mary was here
hanging out with us.

Yeah, I do, too.

Why did you say that?

Oh, I don't know.

I was just talking to her

about the same stuff I'm talking
to you and Mom about,

and I asked her
if wanting to have sex

made her get married so young.


And she said
that was part of it, yeah.


And I asked her
if she had any regrets, and...

And what?


Have you talked to Mary lately?

Who locked the door?

Uh, your dad did.

Oh. Well, do you think
I could use your shower?

All the showers are taken,

and I want to get out
of here for a while.

Uh, sure. I was just going
over to get some breakfast.


So, uh, how's school?

School's fine. Why?

I was just wondering.

Does everyone know
I'm having sex?

I mean, does the whole
family, like, talk about it?

Do they know that I'm
in a new relationship,

and I'm with
her, too, huh?

I mean, am I just the subject
of all the family gossip now?

Actually, I didn't know
any of that, but now that I do,

maybe I could get some
relationship advice from you.

You didn't know?


Any of that?

Well, I kind of suspected,
but, uh, no.

Oh. Okay, uh, what
do you want to know?

Well, I haven't been
dating that much,

because it seems to me that
everyone just expects everyone

to have sex, and I don't know.

I ju... I just thought that
I'd wait until I got married.

Well, yeah,
everyone thinks that.

It-It just seems like
the honorable thing to do,

and being raised by a Marine,
honor's a big thing in my life.

Well, I was raised
by a minister.

Yeah, right. I, uh, forgot.

That-That must be tough
on you, too.

I mean, trying to justify
what you're doing.

No, it's not.

I don't have to
justify anything.

So you don't feel guilty
or like a bad person or...?


Even though you know
you're not gonna marry

any of these women
you're involved with?

No, I-I don't feel guilty.

It's... It's just sex.

Just? That-That seems so, uh...


No, it seems kind of, uh, cold.

Look, um...

It's not like I don't care,
or I'm not involved.

I'm just being realistic.

Okay, it's not likely I'm going
to get married anytime soon.

And these women

that you're involved with,
they-they understand that?

They understand
it's just a physical thing

and it's not going to be
anything else?


And even with the way
you've been raised,

you can still live
with yourself?

Yes, I can live with myself.

So, let's say
in a few years from now

when Ruthie goes off
to college,

and-and she meets some guy
like you,

and she wants to have
a relationship with that guy...

Hold on. No.
No, no, no, no.

This is about me,
this is not about my sister.

Yeah, but every girl is

someone's sister
or daughter, right?

See you.
Hold it.

Have you got a minute?

No. I got to get to work.

Oh, just wait a second.

Last night, when you said

that you should tell me
what's going on,

you didn't tell me
what's going on.

What's going on?

What, what's going on
with Simon?

Ask Simon.

His new girlfriend.
Really, I've got to go.

Problem with Simon's
new girlfriend?



Is he...? Are they...?

Oh, I hope not.

I hope he's not...

They're not...

What's wrong with Simon?
He's just jumping

from one girlfriend
to the other.

Oh, we don't know that.

Why would Matt know that?

I mean, why would Simon even
bother to, you know,

tell Matt about
his new girlfriend?

Because Matt's almost a doctor?

You don't think Simon's in some
kind of trouble, do you?

Some kind of medical trouble?

You don't think Simon's sick?

Matt's almost an ob-gyn.

What's going on?

Tell her.

I sold the house.


He sold the house.

I sold the house.
He sold the house.


What does that mean?

Well, what does that mean?

You sold the house.

It's a long story.

The owners offered
to buy it back.

Well, that doesn't
mean anything.

You bought it, it's yours.

Not anymore it isn't.

Why do you care?

I care because I was just

so happy for you.


Yeah, but I can be happy
for you again,

because you must have
another house in mind

since you sold
that one, right?

Well, you're going
to look soon, right?

Well, yeah.
I mean, eventually.

No. No, no.

Not eventually.

Now. Today.

You can't tell Mom and Dad

you're not moving--
they'll crack.

No, they won't.

I think they will.

Just tell them you're going over

to look at the house that you
were supposed to move into.

And then,
go look at another house

and buy that house and move.

Really, I think you're
the only one

who thinks we haven't completely
worn out our welcome here.

Dad thinks that he, Matt
and Simon were going

to help you move all your stuff
over there this weekend.

I haven't even seen the house.

How does he think
that's going to happen?

Well, I assume he was
counting on a miracle.

Great. We better just

go downstairs and
get this over with.

Get what over with?

Just tell me, okay?

Tell you what?

Look, I know something's
going on.

Whatever it is,
just spit it out.

I know you know.
You know we know...?

I know you know why
Matt's home this weekend,

and it's not for some
seminar again.

He's home 'cause Simon's home.

And Simon's home because...?

Do you know
if Simon's in trouble?


Simon's in trouble?

Is he?

Is he?
Is he?
Is he?

Okay, maybe he's not.

Well, what gave
you that idea?

Nothing. I was just...

Hey, shouldn't you be
over at the house?

Oh, yeah. We're going.

As-as soon
as the baby wakes up

and we feed her,
then we're going.

We're just going
to rush over

and take a quick look.

And then?

Well, then, you know.

Okay, well, uh,

we can keep an eye on Savannah,
whenever you're ready.

And I'll help you, too.


Go downstairs and find out
what's going on.

What's going on?

Yeah, lots.


Simon's having a baby.

Where did you hear that?

Sitting right here.

Yeah, you can hear a lot
sitting right here.

Okay, tell me
exactly who said what.

Simon said he was having a baby?

No, he told Matt.

Simon told Matt
he was having a baby.

You're sure?

That's what Daddy said.

Daddy said Simon told Matt
he was having a baby?


Simon's having a baby.


Yes. Sam and David

overheard Mom and Dad
talking in the kitchen.

Who? Who's he having
a baby with?

I don't know.

I mean, they didn't find out

They're six.

Simon is
having a baby.

So now when
do we tell them?

Well, I think it
should go like this.

They know about Simon,

which may or may
not sound bad

after they hear
about Mary.

And then we tell
them about us.

And then our news won't
sound that bad at all.


It's true.

Simon is having a baby?

Oh, God.


Mom said
dinner's almost ready.

Dinner can wait; I
want to talk to you.

Did you talk to Simon?

No, Simon's been
gone all day.

Well, maybe we should talk
after you talk to Simon.

I want to talk now.

I need to talk now.

So Simon's
gotten himself

into some real trouble
this time, huh?

How long have you known?

How long have I known what?

That Simon and his
girlfriend are pregnant.

I don't think so.

You don't think so, or
you know they're not?

I-I'm pretty sure
that they're not.

I-I'm certain
they're not.

Well, maybe you're
just the last to know.

Hi, Matt.

Uh, i-if you two
are talking,

Kevin and I
can come back later.

No, no, we're all going to talk.

Isn't that
what you want to do-- talk?

Let's talk.


First of all,

it was great getting
out of the house today.

Thanks for the break.

I didn't do that much.

Your mother and Ruthie
kind of took over.

So, second of all?

Dad, could we talk to you
about this alone?

We could, but if it's about
Simon, I think Matt should stay.

It's not about Simon.

But you know about Simon?

I heard you talking.

So you know
about Simon?

I don't know what's going on,
but we should wait for Simon.

Okay, we'll wait for Simon
and your mother and Ruthie

because this affects us all.

Come on.

Hey, Ruthie, where is
everyone... specifically?



Mom's upstairs, Dad's
in the living room,

Kevin and Lucy are
probably with the baby,

and the twins are
upstairs taking a bath

and putting
their pajamas on

while there's still
hot water in the house.

Okay, let's talk.

Yeah, let's.

What does that mean?

Nothing, go ahead.

Uh, I have something
I want to tell you

now that, uh,
now that you're dating.

I'll bet.

Um, it, it, uh,

it may or may not have come
to your attention

that, that I'm the first
family member to break

that no physical relationship
before marriage rule.


I knew everyone knew,
I knew everyone knew.

Well, it was pretty obvious
to me.

It seemed pretty obvious to you
or Matt told you?

It had to be Matt.

It doesn't matter--
you know why it doesn't matter?

'Cause I was gonna
tell you anyway.

You know why I was gonna
tell you anyway?

Because I've come
to the conclusion

that it's a mistake,

and I, I don't want you
to make the same mistakes.

You see, Ruthie,
there's a lot of--

there's a lot of pressure
on guys to do it, there is,

and, uh, and it's easy for guys

...there are girls
who will do it.

And it's easy to get into and...

i-it's very difficult
to get out of

once you're there.

I just... I want to make sure
that, that you...

that you never get there,

and I-I want you
to promise me that...

you're not going to have sex
before marriage.

And what made you decide to have
this conversation with me now?

Because you're dating now.


And what?

And why have you just come
to the conclusion

that this was a big mistake?

No, someone brought
to my attention recently

that... the women

that I've,
I've been involved with are,

you know, th-they're
somebody's daughter and sister,

and you're my sister and...

And just say it.

You and your girlfriend,
whoever that is,

are going to have a baby.

I want everyone
in the living room now.

I'll go get your mother.

Why does everyone think
I'm having a baby?

I don't know.

Sam and David overheard
Mom and Dad talking.

They know
you're having a baby.


All right, let's
all just sit down

and, uh, get all this
information everyone's

trying to keep secret
out in the open.

Simon, is it true?

Did you come home
to talk to Matt

because you think
you're having a baby?

That was months ago.

Months ago?

You thought you
and Georgia were pregnant?

I never said a word.

Wait, that was,
that was months ago?

Then, then why
are you here now?

Oh, y-you think

you're pregnant
with someone again?

A second time, Simon?


Then why do you
want to talk to Matt?

What's going on?

I have a new girlfriend.

I just wanted to talk to Matt,
so I could make sure

I didn't go through any scare
like that again.

It wasn't my information
to share.

And I, I advised him to cool it
with the indiscriminate sex.

Hey, I'm in love, okay?

Back up.

When did you think
that you and Georgia were...?

It was Thanksgiving.

She told me that

she was pregnant
so I'd marry her.

She was afraid
of losing me.

Are you kidding me?!

Oh, I knew
I didn't like her.

Didn't I tell you while
I was in the hospital

that I didn't like her
and I didn't trust her?

Wait. And you knew
what was going on?

Oh, he knew,
'cause I told him.

But it doesn't matter,
it's not true.

We'll get to that later.

What about
the new girlfriend?

Simon's never going
to have sex again

until he's married.

What? No.

No, no-- I said you
weren't going to have sex

until you got married and that
I had made some mistakes.

I'll say.

But you can't tell me
it's wrong for me

and not wrong for you.

You said it was wrong for you.

I'll promise if you promise.

But I want you to promise me.

Promise her.

Did you and Kevin
come down here

to talk to me about Simon,

or do you have
your own bad news?

We're not moving.

I sold the house
back to the owners.


Why didn't you tell us?

We were waiting
for Simon to tell you

his bad news
about his girlfriend.

Then we thought
we'd tell you, because

it wouldn't sound so bad.

But you are moving.

You're going
to get another house.

Yes. We're going to get
another house.

You really want us to move?

Well, Luce, yeah.

You know, when you can.

Uh, this is a lot
of information.

Uh, in fact, enough
information for right now.

I'm going to go
finish making dinner,

and then, uh,
then we can all eat.

And then, we can sleep
on all of this, you know?

And, uh, talk again.


It's not getting easier.

It's supposed
to get easier.

Uh, I'll be in to
help you in a minute.

I just want to ask
Lucy something.

All right.

I'm going to go
check on Savannah.

Just one more thing.

Earlier, when I
overheard Lucy

and Kevin and
Ruthie talking,

there was mention
of a plan.

You two weren't going to give
your mother and me

your bad news until Simon
gave us his bad news--

and correct me if I'm wrong--
Mary gave us her bad news.

What's Mary's bad news?

Well, if no one else
is going tell you...

Let Mary tell them.

Yeah, it's Mary's news.

Mary and Carlos' news.

We shouldn't say anything.

We promised.

I don't want any more secrets.
I can't take any more secrets.

Okay? I promise that
I'll, I'll be surprised

when Mary gives me her bad news.

But I want to know
her bad news.

And I want to know it right now,
this very second!

They're having another baby.

Another baby?

But Charlie's just...?

They thought you and Mom
would be upset.

That's why they're waiting
to tell you.

And it's, it's kind of soon.

You never know.
She might not even be pregnant.

Yeah, and she wants
to wait a couple of months

before she makes it official.

But once they tell you,
it's official.

I mean, we're just
the aunts and uncles,

so it's not the same
as telling the grandparents.

Well, I mean, I don't know
if that's such bad news.

And I-- I'm going
to want to tell your mother.

In fact, I'm going to want
to tell your mother right now.


You promised
when Mary calls,

you're going
to be surprised.



I had to tell him something.

Well, you didn't have
to tell him a lie.

Although, I've got to hand
it to you, that was a whopper.

Well, I...
It's just
like old times.

Here we are again,

lying for Mary.