7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 7, Episode 9 - Lost Souls - full transcript

Since the new associate pastor is doing a good job, Eric decides to give up his job as pastor, and tires of everyone asking him for advice. Kevin and Roxanne seem to have a good working relationship and this worries Lucy.

Hey! You're going
the wrong way.

The fun's in there.

Did you ever love someone
so much

that you felt completely out
of control

and kept making an idiot
out of yourself,

but you just couldn't help it?

Yes, I did.

What happened to her?

It's not what happened to her,
it's what happened to me.

She broke up with me.

Well, if Kevin wants
to break up with me,

then he can
just break up with me!


You, you want to talk?

That was great.

You were great.

I think I stepped
on your feet.
Are you okay?

I'm wearing steel-toed boots;
I'm fine.

You're really catching
on fast.

Well, who knew
cowboys could dance?

Um, probably everyone
but you.

Have you seen Lucy?

No, but we just got here.

She was supposed to meet me here
an hour ago,

but she's not here, and it's
not like her to be late.

Well, did you call
the house?

Yes, I called the house
and I actually got through.

She left an hour ago.

But I'm a little worried
about her.

I called the station.

No major accidents
in the area.

So it's probably something
simple like she went

to the mall, stopped by the
library or ran into a friend.

Remind me, why doesn't your
family get cell phones?

Never mind.

If she's not here in 15 minutes,

I'm going out to look for her
and so are you.

I have a date.


A guy.

What guy?

A guy you know.



No, you can't date guys
we work with.

It's not good for your career.

What you mean is it's not good
for your love life.

You don't want Lucy thinking
I like cops.

What I mean is you're canceling
your date

to help me look for Lucy.

Cecilia and I are
actually on a date...

right now.

So what?

You're looking for Lucy, too.

♪ I don't want the truth
when I'm feeling so down... ♪

Well, the boys are
in their beds,

but that's no guarantee
they'll stay there.

Who called earlier?

It was Kevin
looking for Lucy.

I thought they were out

Well, Lucy's supposed
to meet him at the pool hall.

They have a country/western band
and dancing all week.

Oh, that must make, uh, must
make it difficult to shoot pool.

I-I don't think
they're shooting pool.

Well, what a shame, what with it
being a pool hall and all.

The music sounds really fun.

Maybe we could go.

We, we haven't been
out in a long time.

No, I went out last week
and it just got me in trouble.

I'm not going out anymore.

Well, you got to have some fun

No, I don't think I do.

I'm just gonna stay here
in my house with my family.

We could do
something else.

I am doing something else.

I'm thinking.

It might be fun to go
and sit out under the stars

and, and think.

That's a good idea.

I meant together.

I meant we could sit under
the stars and think together.

There's a boy
throwing rocks
at our window.

What boy? Jake?

No, a new one.
A stranger.

Stranger, danger.

What are you doing here?

I don't have
your cell phone number.

Well, that's because I don't
have a cell phone.

Did I get the
right window?

No, it's one floor up.

You live in the attic?


How long are you
on restriction?

How long is she on restriction?


He's not sure.

Any chance I could go inside
and talk to her?

Who are you?

Peter Petrowski.

I'm new in the neighborhood.

I go to Ruthie's school.

We have classes

I think I'm in love with her.

She already has a boyfriend.

I know, but if I'm not mistaken,
she can't see Jake right now.

She can't see anyone.

Come on, Mr. Camden,
just let me talk to her.

"Mr. Camden." Mr...

Well, you sure aren't
Mrs. Camden, are you?

Mr. Eric Camden.

You run along now.

What are all
of you looking at?

Dad's talking
to this new guy
in the neighborhood.

I have some classes with him.

Well, it would be nice
to ask him in,

only you're on restriction.

When is restriction over?

You still got another week.

I understand.

But on the other hand,
he's just a neighbor,

a new neighbor who doesn't know
anyone but me.

And I'm just the mother,

the mother who has
to say no sometimes.

I'm gonna go
to the pool hall.

Your father's here
if you need him.

And you two are supposed
to be in bed.

I tucked you in
a half an hour ago. Come on.

Good night. I love you.

Good night. I love you.

How's our new neighbor?

He's, he's good.

He gave me a startling
new insight.

Did you notice that I-I
changed my clothes

and freshened my make-up?

Is that a trick question?

- It's not a new hat.
- I'm wearing a gas mask.

Never mind. Just...

Do you want to tell me what
your startling new insight is?

Not right now.

Right now, I just want to sit
and savor every aspect of it.


Have you seen Lucy?

She's at the pool hall.

Do you remember what time
she left for the pool hall?

It was a long time ago.

Did she say anything about
running an errand

or stopping by the library
or anything like that?

No. Why?

I just thought
maybe she misunderstood

we're supposed to meet,
that's all.

Is Robbie around?

He went to the library.

He's going to be there
all night.

Do you remember
what Lucy was wearing?

Something cowboy or cowgirl
or cow-woman. I forget.

Oh, jeans, she had jeans on.

Why do you ask?

Is that so you'll recognize her
when you see her?

Or are you worried about her
and you don't want me to know?

I'm a little worried,

but I'm sure it's just
a misunderstanding.

Talk to you later.

Let's roll.

♪ You come and go
like the breeze ♪

I've never actually eaten
in the sanctuary before.

Normally, we would
have talked in
the office,

but I thought you
might be uncomfortable

in your father's office.

And this, well, this is my
favorite place in Glenoak.

Inside this church.

It's beautiful.

I feel at peace here.

That's the same way
my dad feels.

I quit.

Excuse me.

Have you seen Lucy
and her boyfriend Kevin

or, or Simon and his date?

Yeah, I think they're around
here somewhere.

I know I saw Simon
and a good-looking blonde.

I came down here
to meet my family.

Mm, me, too.

My family, that is.

Hey, would you like to dance
while we're waiting?

Oh, I couldn't.

Can you two-step?

Not really.

How about a
dance lesson?

♪ It's like they always say,
good things come and go... ♪

Come on.
What you afraid of?

♪ In this place, you didn't have
to wait too long ♪

♪ Every minute of every day,
you quickly paved the way... ♪

You go first.

No, no,
you have to go first.


I want to be a minister

I want to be like my dad.

I want to do
what he does.

I want to be who he is
in the community.

And I want to serve God.

And I want
to serve mankind.

And I believe that this
is my purpose in life.


I was guided
to that purpose

in a unique way,

by the being the daughter
of a minister.

You know, there are some people
that would say

women shouldn't be ministers.

Some women shouldn't.

Some should.
I should.

I know I should.

I'm absolutely certain of it.

What makes you
so absolutely certain?

This is work I have
vital interest in doing.

It challenges me.

It makes me feel whole.

I love to study religion
and history and the Bible,

and I love talking about

religion, history,
and the Bible.

Who do you talk to
about all that?

Sometimes I talk
to my dad.

Or sometimes
other people in class.

Or sometimes a perfect stranger
if I have the opportunity.

What interests you the most
about religion and history?

That the truth survives both.

You're a really smart woman.

And you've got
a great sense of humor.

Thank you.


I got into this...

to make my parents
really, really angry.

This is the last thing on
the earth they want me to do.


They're not religious people.

They're not even
nice people.

They're hateful
and negative and critical.

That's enough about them.

I forgot we were
talking about me

and why I decided to get into
this line of work.

Well, I did start studying
religion in college

just to annoy them, but, uh...

then I really became
interested in it.

So I transferred to Kobel
Seminary without telling them.

And when they
found out,

they cut me off financially,

thinking that I would
just come back

for my degree in business.

I don't like business.

I don't like numbers.

I don't like seeing
a page filled with columns

and neat little lines.

I need things messier than that.

I like things where

you can't know the answer.

Not on paper, anyway.

So you just have to trust in
the unseen, all-powerful

to guide you without knowing
where you're going.

I think the willingness to do
that is empowering

and awesome--
in the old sense of the word.

And I like words.

I'm fascinated with words.

Not just in their meaning,
but in the abstract...

in the creative power

that they hold
in infinite combinations.

I'm not a great speaker.

I'm more like a great reader and
a mediocre conversationalist.

I'd say you're a little bit
better than mediocre.

So, who do you like to talk to?

Any one person.

Any more than that and I'm lost.

What about church services?

Speaking to a crowd
from the pulpit?

I'm okay as long as I don't get
more than one heckler.

Kevin, I'm not doing this.

I'm not wasting
my entire night

looking for your
crazy girlfriend.

She may be crazy, but she knows
her way to the pool hall.

Then chances are
she came to the pool hall,

saw us dancing and left.

Did you see Lucy
come to the pool hall?

No, but...
But nothing.

It isn't like her to be late.

And if she did she us,
then she would've come up to us

and said something,
because that's how she is.

She says what's ever on her mind

and doesn't care
who's listening.

If she saw us
and she was jealous,

you know and I know
she'd be right in our faces.

That's how she is.

She's very good at communicating
her feelings.

I know you don't like her.

I don't care
if you don't like her.

Because I don't.

I think she's silly
and immature and...

You do care
that I don't like her.

Of course I care.

Well, then you shouldn't
have said that.

Now I know that.

So from now on, you should just
not share your feelings.


Just kiss me.

Just once.


That's all I'm asking.

Just one kiss.

Come on, it's not like
you're officially engaged

or anything.

I don't have to be
officially engaged.

I'm in love with Lucy.
I don't want to kiss you.


That didn't sound polite.

I don't want to kiss any woman.

That didn't sound
right either.

You know what I mean.

Don't be trying to seduce me.

You're my partner.

My life may depend on you
some day.

We're not kissing.

Not now, not ever,
not for any reason.

I just thought that one time
wouldn't hurt anything.

One kiss can change everything.


Why did you
become a cop?

I've wanted to be a cop
since I was a kid.

So don't get all confused

and think that
I'm not good at my work

just because I wanted
to kiss you.

We're not on duty.

I just wanted
to know.

I thought maybe it's time

we get to know each other
a little better.

Maybe if you
knew me a little better,

you wouldn't have asked me to do
stupid stuff like kiss you.

My mom was a witness to a crime.

A neighbor nearly
beat his wife to death.

My dad talked her into
identifying him.

She came out of the police
station and somebody shot her.

She died three days later.

And even before that, my dad was
obsessed with his work.

Then he became more obsessed
with his work.

Then I became
obsessed with his work.

And we never did find out
who killed her.

I'm really sorry about your mom.

Really, really sorry.

It was a long, long time ago.

Now will you kiss me?

I'm just trying
to lighten things up.

I still miss my mom.

And believe me, kissing you

is not going to make me
miss her any less.

Come on, smile.

I will never try
to kiss you again.

Maybe we shouldn't even
talk again, either.

Maybe you were right.

Maybe we should talk more.

Why did you become a cop?

Your dad was a firefighter,

He died in a fire.

That's why Ben
became a firefighter.

Ben wanted to go after the thing
that killed my father.

But I don't want to die
like that.

And I don't want to live
like that either.

You put out one fire,
another one always comes along.

You fight the same faceless
enemy over and over.

Yeah, but it's kind of
the same for us, isn't it?

I mean, we get one bad guy

and then another bad guy
comes along,

and then another and another.

I've never found two of them
to be exactly the same.

Different faces,
different personalities.

And you never know
who the enemy is.

I like that.

I just made myself nervous.

I hope Lucy's okay.

I'm sure she's fine.

You're not always right.

You know I almost got into
profiler training, right?

What's "almost"?

Well, they didn't accept me,
but... they'll reconsider.

Until then, you're just
an amateur psychic.


Well, I predict
Lucy's going to be fine,

and one day you're going
to kiss me.

All the stores
are closing.

There's no Lucy.

She's not at home.

Are you worried?

I'm a little worried.

I'm sure Kevin
will find her.

I'm sorry about having
to spend the whole night

looking for my sister.

It's okay.

Can I make it up to you,
tomorrow night?

I have to work.

I didn't know
you had a job.

I work for my dad.

I make really good money
scrubbing toilets.


Really and truly.

Mopping floors and
cleaning sinks, too.

My dad owns
the cleaning service

that cleans schools
for the county.


I thought you knew.

You don't have a problem with my
being a night janitor, do you?

'Cause it's honest work.

There's nothing
wrong with it.

Of course there's
nothing wrong with it.

I didn't say there was
anything wrong with it.

You have a job?

No, I don't have a job.

You know I went
out of business.

I know the escort service
didn't work out.

What happened after that?

After that, nothing.

I just went back to
collecting my usual allowance,

which isn't much.

You still get an allowance?

You could get a job, but instead
you take an allowance.

I help out around the house.
That's good, honest work, too.

I help out around the house.

What responsible family member

doesn't help out
around the house?

You get paid to do that?

I'm going to get a job.

I am.

I would hope so.

Look, Mr. Camden,

I know you told me to go home,
but I can't.

I think my mom fell asleep
and locked the door.

She probably thought
I was in my room

since I left via my window.



It was the shortest way
to the garage.

My science experiment's
out there.

Would you like to go inside
and use the phone?

Yeah, that would work.

Phone's on the counter.


Who are you?

I live here.

I live down the street.

Ruthie's dad said
I could use the phone.

There's some kid
downstairs named Peter.

What's he doing?

He's using the phone.
Is he a friend of yours?

I don't really know him.

He was the new guy at the
beginning of the school year.

He seems okay.

No, he doesn't.

It's 9:00, and he's in the
kitchen using our phone.

He said your dad let him in.

Is Lucy here?


Ma, pick up the phone.

It's me, Peter.

Peter, your son.

Let me in the house.

You locked me out.

I got to do my homework
and go to bed.

I got school tomorrow.


Mom, pick up please.

You go get your dad.

I'll keep an eye on Peter.

Where do you live exactly?

Corner house, end of the street.

My partner and I
will take you home.

I'm a police officer.

You don't look like a cop.

I am. Come on,
I'll take you home.

No, that's okay.

It might scare my mom
if I just showed up

with some stranger, even a cop.

I'm fine.

You want a sandwich
before you go?

I was going to make one
for myself and my partner.

Well, if you were going
to make one anyway.

What are you doing outside?

I came out
the front door

to avoid the kitchen,

because Peter's in the
kitchen talking to Kevin.

We heard him on the phone and
it sounds like he's in trouble.

So, hurry up.
Get in there and do something.

I think his mom fell asleep

and accidentally locked him
out of the house.

Does that sound right to you?

Does that sound
right to you?

Dad, it sounds like
he's in trouble.

Well, don't panic.

I-I'll get someone to help him.


Why can't you?

I'm out of the business.

Do you mean you're taking
some time off?


I'm quitting.

Quitting what?

My job.

What are you going to do?

I don't know.

But I'm sure it'll come
to me, and I...

The possibilities
just seem endless,

and exciting and energizing.

Okay, but for now, there's a
12-year-old in our kitchen,

and Kevin's keeping him there

until you can figure out
what to do.

Maybe Kevin can figure out
what to do.

Maybe, but Kevin's busy
trying to find Lucy.

I think they had a fight
or something.

So, you go help Peter.

You know...

I'm tired of people
needing my help.

But-but what about Peter?

Kevin can probably handle it.

And if he can't,
your mom will be home soon.

♪ You say that some day
you'll be leaving me ♪

♪ But you moving
toward the door ♪

♪ Is something
I have yet to see, baby... ♪

You having a good time,
Mrs. Camden?


I love to dance. It's fun.

Of course I'd rather be
out with my husband.

Something's wrong with him,
and-and I don't know what to do.

Well, didn't he just have
open-heart surgery?

Yes, about a month ago.

And I'm afraid

they took out
a piece of his heart.

Did you have a good time
at the pool hall?

I would have had
a better time

if you'd come with me,
but I-I danced.

I was hoping you would.

You need to dance
and sing and play.

We all do.

I mean, everyone does.


You've had a few rough
weeks here, but...

it's going
to get better,

You know that,
don't you?

One day soon,
you'll feel like your old self.

Hmm, I don't think so.

Why not?

'Cause I don't want
to feel like my old self.

I'm getting out of the business.

You're what?

I'm getting out.

I'm tired and I hurt and...

I'm finished with God
and church and helping people.

Are you finished
because you thought

your heart problems
were behind you,

or-or because there's an
associate pastor at the church

who you had nothing to do with?


you needed the help.

Even if you hadn't
had the surgery,

you still would have needed
the help.

And that's not a bad thing.
It's a good thing.

You've done such a great job
of building up that church

that it's a little too much
for any one man, even you.

Especially me.

I don't know.

The God business...

is just not working
so well for me anymore.

I'll tell you what's
not working anymore.

This anger,
this self-pity

is not working anymore.

Chandler is not your enemy.

Your doctor, your surgeon, your
heart, they're not your enemies.

They're gifts.

Gifts from God.

You're taking lemonade
and turning it into lemons!

So you have a few challenges
ahead of you.

Get out there
and start working again,

start living again.

I thought you didn't want
me to push myself?

I don't want you
to push yourself,

but it's time to start
getting back in the game.

You know, ask not what God
can do for you Eric Camden.

Ask what you can do for God.

Well, I knew she'd be upset.


It's me and my friends,
Kevin and Roxanne.

Open the door!



I don't know who you are,
but you better not have

done anything to hurt
my son or I'll...


Okay, who are you?

I live down the street
with the Camdens.

Reverend Camden asked me
to walk Peter home,

because Peter was
locked out of the house.

I'm a police officer.

This is my partner.

We're off duty.

Did you say Reverend?

I thought he was just a mister.

I had no place to go.

I know Ruthie Camden,
so I went down to her house.

Plus. she's really cute
and I know she's not allowed

to see her boyfriend right now.

How did you get locked out?

I was outside in the garage
working on my science project

and you locked me out.

He's just a little kid.

You can't let your problems

with drugs or alcohol
ruin his life.

Get some help.

I don't have a problem
with drugs or alcohol.

Where did you get
an idea like that?

The kid says he's been
calling you all night.

You wouldn't pick up
the phone.

We assumed you passed out
from something.

You ever consider I might have
passed out from being tired?

I'm tired.

I wake up at 5:00 a.m.

I run three miles.

I come home.

I make breakfast.

I make Peter's lunch.

I get dinner prepared
so he can put it in
the microwave

in case I get stuck
at the office.

I drive him to school.

At lunch, I take a yoga class
to reduce the stress in my life.

And then I work all afternoon.

And sometimes until 8:00
or 9:00 or 10:00 at night,

at which point I stuff
my briefcase with whatever work

I wasn't able to finish,
and I bring it on home with me,

not that I ever get around
to working on my work at home,

because once I get here,

I have laundry and ironing
and house cleaning

and all that other fun stuff.

I am a single working mom.

I work.

That is how we got this house.

And that is how we are going

to keep this house.

And I am going to do
whatever I have to

to see that my son has
the same life

he would have had if his father
hadn't run off and left us.

So you can take your crazy
drug and alcohol theories

and shove 'em, pal!

That's why you're trying
to be super-mom?

'Cause super lazy,
no-good dad left us?

You knew he was lazy?

And no good.

Parents think we don't notice.

I don't need a house.

And I can make my own
sandwich if I have to.

So you can lay off
the casseroles.

The only thing I need is you.

So try not to kill
yourself working, okay?


We'll just...

say good night.

Good night.

Is that guy single?

I'll find out.

Your mom's been down here
all night looking for you.

Did she just
say "all night"?

You better call her.

Simon, hey...

your mom's looking
for you and Lucy.

Well, we're all
looking for Lucy,

but what's my mother
doing down here?

I think she just wanted
to get out of the house.

Did you have any luck?


Lucy never showed up?


We went by the house,
she didn't go back home.

Anyone check the church?

What would she be doing
at the church?

I have no idea.

If she did see us dancing

and she didn't say anything
to us,

maybe she needed to talk
to someone else.

Maybe she's talking to Chandler.

Why would she be talking
to Chandler?

I don't know.

He's a minister.

He helps people, doesn't he?

Maybe she needed some help.

Well, if she needed help
from a minister,

she could go home
and get help from her father.

I don't even know
why I said the church.

She probably isn't even there.

Why don't you just go home
and wait for her?

Because I think
I've waited long enough,

and she better not be talking
to that new minister

instead of talking with me.

The one time a camera crew
came to film my dad,

Ruthie stuck a Tic-Tac
up her nose.

He had to rush down
from the pulpit

and take her to
the emergency room.

I'm glad someone's amused.

Hi, Kevin.

Uh, Lucy and I
were just discussing

the perils of being
in the ministry.

For three hours?

I'm sorry.

I should've called you.

Yeah. That way
I wouldn't have been out

looking for you all night.

Especially if I had known

you'd been out on a date
with another man.

Oh, this was not a date.

What was it?

We were just talking.

Looks like you were
having a picnic and talking.

What else were you doing?

Well, we weren't dancing

and holding each other
close and laughing.

We weren't doing that.

You saw me dancing with Roxanne
at the pool hall?

And so you thought
you'd get back at me

by going out with Chandler?

No, I didn't think
I'd get back at you,

and I'm not out
with Chandler!

Yes, you are out with Chandler.

Look, I saw Lucy come
out of the pool hall,
and she was upset.

I asked her if she wanted
to go somewhere and talk.

So she didn't ask you out;
you asked her out.

I don't care--
all I care about is that you two

were out together when Lucy
was supposed to be out with me.

No, wait-- that's
not all I care about.

I also care about the fact
that you two seem to think

that this is all okay
because you're in a church

and you're a minister
and you want to be a minister.

But I've got news
for both of you.

I'm not buying it.

You were angry and jealous,

and so you've been out
flirting with him.

You saw an opportunity
and took advantage of it.

Kevin, I'm sorry.

Don't! Don't apologize.

Don't make up any excuses.

If we have problems, Lucy,
in the future,

we work them out together!

Is everything okay?

That's my dad.

I have to go.

Dad, this is my friend Simon,
who is out of work.

Simon, this is
my dad George.

Uh, are you over 16?

Yes. And I'm
gonna get a job.

Well, I can give you
a job right now.

You ever scrubbed
a toilet before?

Only at home.

That's okay--
they're all basically the same.

You can start tomorrow night.


♪ ♪

♪ I don't want
to go home tonight ♪

♪ And pretend
that it's all right... ♪

Peter called,
and everything's fine.

Evidently, his mom is
just single and overworked.

I'm sure he'll be fine.
They'll be fine.

Good night.

Good night.

You don't want to know
any of the details?

Nope, don't need to. Thanks.

If things don't work out
with Lucy and Kevin,

Peter's mom
is interested in him.

Good to know.

Where have you been?

On the back porch with Dad.

I think he's going
to be fine, in time.

Well, he's had enough time.

Whether or not
you continue doing God's work,

you still need your sleep.

We're going to bed now,
you and me.

Whatever it is,
I can't help you.

I can't help anyone.

I don't want to help anyone.

I quit.

I'm going to bed now.

We have to talk.

You have to listen to me--
that kiss was my fault.

Earlier this evening when I
was riding around with Kevin

looking for you, I practically
begged him to kiss me...

and he refused.

You what?

I just wanted to see
if he would kiss me.

Just one kiss.

And he refused,
because he's in love with you,

and he never wants to kiss
any other woman again.

Yet he did.

But it was stupid,
the whole thing was stupid.

And he only did it because
he completely lost control

when he found out you'd been
with Chandler all night.

Talking, not kissing.

Listen to me.

That kiss was my
fault, all my fault.

And I'm sorry, I'm
really very sorry.

But I know Kevin loves you,
and you know he loves you,

so if you want
to blame anyone

for this whole terrible
evening, blame me.

Believe me,
I'd like to blame you,

but it's not your fault.

It's my fault, and I accept
complete responsibility.

Or I did before I heard this.

I knew Kevin would be
out looking for me

when I didn't show up,
yet I didn't call him.

I was almost hoping that
he would find me and be jealous,

because I was angry at the two
of you and jealous of you.

I was really looking forward
to going out tonight.

And I didn't know that
you would be at the pool hall,

and when I saw
the two of you dancing, I...

I just snapped.

I feel like I'm always
competing with you.

Competing and losing.

And... Wait,
you begged him to kiss you?

I was supposed to be on a date.

Instead, I spent
my one night off

riding around with Kevin,

looking for you and listening
to how much he loves you.

He's a great guy, Luce,

and he is madly
in love with you,

yet somehow you always
seem to doubt that.

So... I don't know,

I... I doubted it, too.

I wanted to see if I could
get anywhere with him.

I can't.

Because he is truly and madly
in love with you.

Tell me again why you're here.

Because Kevin's
down at the pool hall.

He's not going to apologize
to you for kissing me,

even though we both know
he feels like an idiot.

So... I'm apologizing to you.

Go to him.

Make up with him.

He did kiss you.

Come on.

Don't you minister types
preach forgiveness?

I'm not a minister yet;
I don't preach anything.


Aren't you a Christian?

Don't you believe in forgiving?

♪ When you and your baby ♪

♪ Have a falling out ♪

♪ Just call me up, sweet mama ♪

♪ And we'll go stepping out ♪

♪ And we'll go ♪

♪ Honky-tonkin'... ♪

Could I have this dance?

For the rest of my life.

♪ We'll go honky-tonkin'
round this town ♪

What's really
bothering you?

That I was dancing
with Roxanne

or that I was
married before?

If you can
call it that.

I can call it that.

And thinking of you
with anyone else

makes me very... very jealous

and angry,

and motivates me
to do stupid things.

Lucy, I was 18.

18 when I married,
18 when I divorced,

18 when I fell out
of love with her.

I'm not gonna let you
punish me for a mistake

I made seven years
before I even met you.

I really wasn't trying
to punish you for being married

or for dancing with Roxanne.

It's just that...

I want to be
the only woman you dance with

for the rest of your life.

By the way, about tonight,

you're forgiven.

By the way, you're not.

♪ And bring along to-go ♪

♪ And we'll go ♪

♪ Honky-tonkin' ♪

♪ Honky-tonkin' ♪

♪ Honky-tonkin' ♪

♪ Honey, baby ♪

♪ We'll go honky-tonkin' ♪

♪ Round this town. ♪