7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 7, Episode 5 - The Heart of the Matter - full transcript

Eric has double bypass surgery and most of the family waits for results at the hospital. Ruthie stays home to watch the twins. Lucy tells her parents she is ready to accept a wedding proposal, but Kevin is no longer ready to propose.

Reverend Camden,
we're almost ready now.

The doctor would like to
know what kind of music

you would like
during surgery.

There's going to be music?

Shouldn't they be
concentrating on my heart?

The music helps
them concentrate,

and on a subconscious level
keeps you in a good mood.

So what would you like?

I like Elvis.

I always wanted
to be the King.

Okay, the King it is.

Now, just count
backwards from ten for me.


Ten, nine, eight, se...






Stop calling me.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Just as fine as I was the
last four times you called.

Your dad is doing well.

Uh, uh they just started,
but everything looks good.

Who told you that?

A surgical nurse.

Well, then I guess
you can believe it.

Now, if Dad told you he was
fine, that wouldn't be good,

because Dad lies.

He lied to me.

He told me he was fine,
and he wasn't.

He's a big fat, stinking liar.

I wish you would change your
mind and come to the hospital.

I can get Mrs. Poole
to watch the twins.

I have to go.

Sam is trying to put
David in the dryer.

I think we should
get back.

I think your mom
sent us away

because she's tired of
everyone staring at her.

How is it that last
week we were bowling,

and now Dad's having
open-heart surgery?

What if I never get
to talk to my dad again?

What if he...?

Okay, come on back
from the dark side.

Nothing's going
to happen to your dad.

How do you know that?

I have faith.

I wish I had more faith.

If something happens to Dad,
my mom will be all alone.

And if something
happens to Kevin,

I'll be all alone.

Nothing is going to happen
to your dad or Kevin.

And if it did,
neither of you would be alone.

But something could
happen to Kevin.

He's a police officer.

People shoot at police
officers all the time.

I love him,
and he could die.

How do we go from

your dad having heart surgery
to Kevin getting shot?

Look, if something does happen
to Kevin, what will I have?

We're not married,
we're not even engaged.

All I'll be left with are some
very good memories

of making out, but that's it.

Are you saying...

I'm saying I don't want
to waste any more time.

I love Kevin.

I... I want to marry him.

I'm ready to get married.


I think I'm ready now.

I think I am.

This is great.

I think I'm ready
to get married.

No. This... this isn't great.

This is bad.

I shouldn't be the first person
to know this information.

Take it back.

You're right.
You're right.

I take it back.


I don't know what
I was thinking.

Of course I should tell
Kevin first.

It's just that you and I
are really close and...

You won't say anything, right?

Oh, thanks.

Where's Matt?

Where's Mary?

Dad's having
open-heart surgery.

Where are they?

You know Matt wanted
to be here,

but your father told
him it would

be more stress on him if
Matt missed his midterms.

He insisted that Matt stay
at school and take the test.

What's Mary's excuse?

I called her,
I haven't heard back.

I don't know how you
can forgive them for
not being here.

Matt should be here,
Mary should be here.

Dad's having
open-heart surgery.

This is huge.

Let it go.

I can't.

I'm not talking about them,
I'm talking about you.

Let it go.

Stop feeling guilty
for the way you talked

to your father last week.

You apologized.

He forgave you. It's done.

I'm not feeling guilty.

I'm not.

Hey, I'm angry with them,
not with myself.

I'm gonna take a walk.

How's Eric doing?
How's the surgery?

So far, so good.

I hate doing this to you, Annie.

We have a bit of a problem.

I spoke to Eric about
this last week,

and he kept saying
we'd get to it,

and of course
we never got to it.

And it's my fault too,

because I didn't want
to stress him out,

and I just, let it drop.

What is it?

Clearly Eric will
not be able

to be at the church this Sunday,
and we have no one to fill in.

What about Morgan Hamilton?

Reverend Hamilton is
not available.

He's back east for the
next couple of weeks.

So you want to replace
Eric with a... a stranger?

Fill in, not replace.

And I need somebody for this
Sunday and next Sunday too,

and I want to get somebody
Eric approves of and I...

I've run out of names.

And like I said, I
hate bringing this to you

at this time, but I'm,
I'm a little desperate.

Well, I don't know
who we should ask.

I don't want to pick someone
to replace Eric.

Not replace, fill in.

And, and I'm sorry, I know

you're under a great deal
of pressure.

We don't want Eric waking up
to problems at the church.

I don't even like
thinking about this.

I don't think Eric did either,

which is why I have
300 people coming

to a church
with no minister.

Well, maybe we should wait

until Eric's out of surgery
and ask him.

I don't think he'll see this
as a problem.

Lou, I don't think he'll
see this as a problem.

You know what?

I shouldn't even be here.

Not, not like this.

I'm going to go make some
phone calls and fix this.

You've got enough
to worry about.

I'll be back.

What are you doing here?

Oh, did, did Mary send you?

How is Mary?
She hasn't called.

Is she with you?

Kevin called me and
told me what was going on.

I wanted to be here to lend a
hand, do what I could to help.

I haven't heard from
Mary in over a month.

She's in Florida, and
I'm in Buffalo. Sorry.

No, I'm sorry.

Thank you so much for coming.

Where's Kevin?
He's at work.

He volunteered to take
the late shift with me.

See, I, I don't want
to leave Eric,

so he'll come and sit
with me tonight

and that will allow everyone
else to go home

and get some rest.

Mary or no Mary, it's really
good to see you, Ben.

Now, you both understand

that trying to put
your brother in the dryer

is bad, very, very bad.

What about the closet?

The closet is bad, too.

Why are you angry at Daddy?

Yeah, why?

I don't want to talk about it.




Just because.


If you stop asking me questions
about Daddy,

I'll let you lock me
in the closet.


Mrs. Camden.



My midterms are over.

Matt really wanted
to be here with you,

but he wanted to honor
Eric's wishes,

so I volunteered to come
in his place.

I hope you don't mind.


Oh, thank you for being here.

It means so much to me.

Well, you and Reverend Camden
mean a great deal to me.

Come on.

I got your message.

I came as soon as I could.

What's going on?

Is it Reverend Camden?
Are there complications?

Why are you smiling?


I don't want to guess.

Well, I'll give you a hint.

I don't want a hint.

Nah, I shouldn't tell you.

Tell me what?


I have a gun,

and I'm not afraid
to use it.

I think Lucy might be ready.

Ready for what?


She's ready to get married.

She's ready for you to ask her.
She's ready.

It seems like this whole thing
with her dad made her think,

and what she thinks is that
she's ready to get married.

I thought you'd be more excited.

You want to know why
I'm not more excited?

I'm at work.

I get a call from the dispatcher

that says get to the hospital
right away.

As I drive to the hospital,

I'm wondering what this message
could mean,

considering Reverend Camden is
undergoing open-heart surgery.

So I assume,

rightfully so, that for anyone
to call me away from work

and ask that I rush
to the hospital,

that there must be a problem...

a very big problem,
a life-threatening problem.

Oh, no problem.

Reverend Camden is going great.

So, Lucy's ready;
go ask her.

She's in the cafeteria.

Why aren't you moving?

I'm not asking Lucy to marry me.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

since thanks to
your phone call

I have the rest
of the day off,

I'm gonna check
on Mrs. Camden.

♪& To a heart that's true ♪&

♪& I don't want no other love ♪&

♪& Baby, it's still you
I'm a-thinking of. ♪&

♪& Oh baby let me be ♪&

♪& Your loving teddy bear ♪&

♪& Put a chain around my neck ♪&

♪& And lead me anywhere ♪&

♪& Oh let me be,your teddy bear ♪&

♪& I don't wanna be your tiger ♪&

♪& Cuz tigers play too rough ♪&

♪& I don't wanna be your lion ♪&

♪& Cuz lion's aint the kind you,
love enough ♪&

Mom, how did you know

dad was the man you were
supposed to marry?

When it's the right person,

you just...

take one look at him and know

he's the one you want to spend
the rest of your life with.

I love Kevin.

I think he's the
one, wait...

I know he's the one.

I want to marry him.

I know.

Uh, thanks.

Thank you.

Where did all the guys go?

If there's one thing
I've learned

from giving birth
to seven children,

it's that men
and hospitals don't mix.

It must
be something

about the waiting.

Men just don't
like to wait.

And I've kept Kevin waiting
long enough.

I'm going to go find him
and tell him I'm ready.

I don't know
what I was waiting for

and why I kept him
waiting this long.

You wanted to be sure.

Are you?

What's going on?

Lucy's in love.

Good for her.

Now, there has to be
something I can do

besides bring you

Well, there is something...
you could do for me,

something that if Matt were
here, I'd ask his help with.

Well, I'm here.

Whatever it is,
I'll do it.

It's not going to be easy.



on what?

I heard Lucy's ready.

How do you know that?

Lucy told me.

I ran into her in
the hallway.

She was looking
for you.

I've been avoiding her.


She's finally ready.

That's why.

What, is she telling everyone
but me

that she wants to get married?

Not that it matters
if she tells me or not,

because I'm not asking her.

Hold on.

You wanted to marry Lucy

since about five minutes
after you met her.

You've only been waiting
for her to be ready

for you to ask her, and now
you know she's ready and...

She's not thinking straight.

She's upset about her dad.

She's afraid of losing her dad.

She's afraid of losing me.

That's not love, that's fear.

Try again.


Besides the fact

that I don't think Lucy really
wants to get married,

and if she did this is not
how I pictured it.

This is not the romantic picture
I had in mind.

Waiting at the hospital

to see if her father survives
heart surgery

has a romance factor
of less than zero.

I wanted to take
Lucy to dinner

at a restaurant with red roses
and candles.

I wanted to look into her eyes

and give her the most beautiful
ring I could find

and ask her to be my wife.

But most of all,
before any of that,

I wanted to ask her dad
if I could marry her.

And well,
he's a little busy now.

You wanted to ask for her hand
in marriage?

Don't laugh.

I'm more romantic than you.

Hey, I'm Mr. Romance.

I ran to the airport
and asked Mary to marry me

in front of hundreds
of strangers.

Yeah, and she said no.

Not because I'm not romantic,
because she didn't love me.

To be perfectly honest
I didn't love her,

but that does not change the
fact that I am plenty romantic.

I wore a tie.

Oh, I forgot about the tie.

My mistake.

Mr. Romance it is.

Look, none of this matters.

The way I see it,

if it takes a huge,
life-changing event

to scare Lucy into marrying me,

I don't want to marry her.

But huge, life-changing events

only exist to scare us
into doing the right things.

I don't agree.

Who were you
talking to?

No one.

What is going on with
you lately, huh?

Ever since you got busted
with that dating service,

you've been acting

I'm just angry
that Mary isn't here.

Hey, don't be mad at Mary
for not being here,

when you're not
really here.


Well, you're here,

but you're not really here
and I think I know why.

I know you said some things
to your dad last week

that you wish you hadn't.

But no one knew that
your dad was sick.

And he knew that
you didn't know.

And if you had known you
wouldn't have said
what you said.

He knows you love him.

You don't understand.

Then make me

You don't get it.

I can't make you understand.

I can't make anyone understand
because I can't talk about it!

Talk about what?

The thing I can't talk about.

So you can't talk to me,
or your mom or dad,

or Matt or your sisters
or even Kevin?

Well, you need to find someone
you could talk to,

because your family needs you
right now

and you're not there for them.

So whatever it is that's
bothering you,

let it go, figure it out,
talk about it, but do something,

because this attitude of yours
isn't helping anyone,

least of all you.

Who is it?

It's me, Sarah.

Aunt Sarah.

Aunt Sarah,
what did you bring us?

I have something for you
in my suitcase.

Hi, Ruthie.

It's not going to work.

What isn't going to work?

Whatever you're trying to do.

What am I trying to do?

You know.
No, I don't.

Yes, you do.
No, I don't.

Yes, you...

Hey, stop talking like them.

I'm not

going to forgive my dad
for lying to me, okay?

So you might as well go home,

'cause whatever tricks you had
planned aren't going to work.

No tricks.

I just thought maybe
we could just take a drive.

A drive to the hospital?

Nice try.

Lame try.

I'm not going to the hospital.

I promise I will not drive you
to the hospital,

unless you ask me to.

Come on, just take a drive
with me.

You won't regret it.

And if I do regret it,

will you give me your horse?


We can't just leave Sam
and David.

Mmm, that's why your mom called
Mrs. Poole to babysit them.

She'll be here any minute.

Go get your coat.

So where are we going?

The Promenade.

Hey, boys, how are you?

How's Eric?

Oh, I-I think okay.

No news is good news,


Look I, uh,

I spoke to the deacons and
we came up with a plan.

We all feel that
the parishioners
will understand

if we close the church for
the next two Sundays.


We-we'll still operate our
usual programs, but until

Eric returns, we'll
just suspend all the
church services.

You're closing the church,
Eric's church?

We don't want to
pressure you

to come up with someone.

And until Eric is
through surgery

and-and can talk-- then
it would be too late.

Annie, this is not
about the church,

it's about Eric going
through surgery and recovering.

And I just want you to know

that all of us are here for him
and-and for you.

The church, the parishioners,
the deacons and me,

we-we all just want to see Eric
well and up and around again.

And until he is,

we're all willing
to make some sacrifices.

The church has
never been closed. Never.

It'll be okay.

Trust me.

Now if you'll excuse me,

I need to get to the church
and make a lot of phone calls.




I'm sorry, Mom, but I need to go
talk to someone.

I can't tell you who,
but trust me, I need to do this.

This sounds awfully familiar.


Except instead
of helping a friend,

I'm gonna help myself.

I really need to do this.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

Don't do anything
you're gonna regret.

Can I speak to
Kevin alone?

I've been looking
for you all over.

I've been around.

Are you okay?

I've been doing
some thinking.

Me, too.

And apparently, you've been
doing some talking, too.


Never mind.

Okay, you know that question
you wanted to ask me

but have been waiting
to ask me

until I'm ready
to be asked?


I'm ready.

Ask away.

I said ask away.

You know this isn't
the time or place.

Yeah, hospital,
not too romantic.

It's okay, you
could ask me now

and you could ask me later
at some romantic spot.

You do know that in order
to ask me the question

you've been waiting to ask
me since you moved here

you have to open your
mouth and speak.

Come on,



Are you gonna ask me
to marry you or what?



what do you mean "no?"

I mean no.

Maybe you didn't hear me,

I said I'm ready for you
to ask me to marry you.

Lucy, I'm not gonna ask you.


Because I'm not.

So you, what, want to break up?


What are we doing?

What are you doing?

If we're not breaking up and
we're not getting married,

then what are we doing?

I don't know.

But I do know I'm not gonna
ask you to marry me.

♪& Just wanna be,
your teddy bear ♪&

♪& Put a chain around my neck,
and lead me anywhere ♪&

♪& Oh let me be
Your teddy bear ♪&

♪& Oh oh let me be♪&

♪& Your teddy bear...♪&

♪& I just want to be your teddy
bear ♪&

♪& Whoa! ♪&

♪& Rock-a-hula, rock ♪&

♪& A-hula, rock, a-hula,
rock, a-hula, rock ♪&

♪& The way she moves her hips
to her fingertips ♪&

♪& I feel I'm heaven bound ♪&

♪& And when she starts to sway,
I've gotta say ♪&

♪& She really moves
the grass around ♪&

♪& Rock-a-hula baby ♪&

♪& Rock-a-hula baby ♪&

♪& Got a hula lu from Honolulu ♪&

♪& That rock-a-hula baby
of mine ♪&

♪& Rock-a-hula,
rock rock-a-hula ♪&

♪& Rock-a-hula, rock ♪&

♪& Although I love to kiss
my little hula miss... ♪&

I wonder how Reverend
Camden is doing.

I'm sure he's doing fine.

You need to leave.

The hospital?

No, Glenoak.

Leave now. Go back
to my house,

pack your stuff because
you are no longer
welcome at my house.

I'm not leaving Glenoak.

You will if you know
what's good for you.

We should talk.

Are you going to ask me
to marry you?


Okay, we talked.

You can leave now.

You're acting crazy,

and maybe with all
that's going on,

you should act
a little less crazy.

Hey, bucko,
I'm not the crazy one.

I'm not the one who changed
his entire life

and moved three time zones away
to marry someone and then...


What is wrong with you?


You're leaving.

Whether you want to or
not, you're leaving.

And I'm never going to forgive
you for this.

You lead me down this road.

You said you loved me
and wanted to marry me,

and then you just let me fall
into this huge hole.


You won't leave,
I will.

I'll be down the hall,
away from Kevin.

Stop staring at me.

We should do something.

Well, my husband's having
open-heart surgery,

so what do you say,
you two handle Kevin and Lucy?


It's nice to see you.

Thanks for coming.

Okay, what's going on?

Susan, this is Ruthie.

It's nice
to meet you.

I've heard a lot
about you, Ruthie.

Well, I've heard
nothing about you.

Why don't you and Susan talk,

and I'll go inside
and get a burger.

I'll just be inside.

Susan is one of my oldest
and dearest friends.

It'll be okay.

And remember, if you regret
this, my horse is yours.

Fine. Whatever.

I need to talk to you.

Is it your father?
Is he okay?

My dad's still in surgery,

but the nurse is telling us
that he's doing well.

I have to talk to someone,

and I think you're
the only person.

Do you remember
two weeks ago,

when I asked you
about that safe baby program?

It's supposed to be
an anonymous program,

but I think you know
that I helped out a friend.

Yes, I assumed that's
why you asked about it.

Well, it's just that...

helping that friend,
doing what I did, it...

it was a huge thing.

It's changed my life,

but I can't talk to anyone
about it, no one,

not even the friend
that I helped.

That's not
the worst of it.

The worst is...

I feel guilty,
because I want recognition

for doing the great thing
that I did.

I want my dad to understand,

for him to know what I did,

and then he'll know why I talked
to him the way I did last week.

He'll understand.

You know what I think?

I think that what you're feeling
is probably about 1/100th

of what that friend
of yours is feeling.

Okay. You can't talk
about what happened,

and your friend can't talk
about it, right?


Who do you think carries
the greater burden,

you or your friend?

I think it's your friend.

I think it's the girl
who gave up her child.

I think it's the girl
who'll never see

her child grow up, get married,
have children.

I think it's the girl,
who like you,

wants to but can't talk about it
to anyone.

You see, no matter how
right the choice was--

and we both know, as does she,
that the choice she made was

in the best interest
of her child--

that doesn't change the fact,

that your friend will carry
the guilt of her actions

for the rest of her life,

hoping that some day
when her child grows up,

she'll understand why her mother
did the things she did,

and forgive her.

And whether the child
ever forgives,

whether the child ever realizes
the sacrifices,

the mother will never know.

She did the great thing here,
not you.

But you,

you did a very
good thing.

And now you have to let it go,
and realize

that just because no one
but me and your friend knows

about the good thing you did,

doesn't make it any less good,
any less important.

And remember, someone
else besides us knows

about what you did,
and how it's changed your life.



God knows.

So, how about a slice of pizza,

and I'll drive you back
to the hospital?


You haven't spoken
to your dad in five years?



I was angry with him.

What'd he do?

He wanted me to be
something I'm not.

I didn't want
to go to college.

He didn't understand
and so we fought a lot,

and then we just
stopped speaking.

Five years is a long time to be
angry with someone.

Yeah, but the funny thing is...

the longer you don't talk,
the easier it is to not talk.

And we tried talking
a few times,

but he wouldn't forgive me
and I wouldn't forgive him.

We just couldn't
get past the past.

Well, it's not too late.

There was a time,
about six months ago,

where I thought
it was too late.

My dad was in a car accident.

I got a call from the hospital;
it was pretty serious.

As I was driving
to the hospital,

I kept thinking,
all I wanted to do

was talk to my dad
and tell him I loved him.

I thought how stupid it was
to have wasted five years

not talking to him,
not telling him how I felt.

So I prayed and I hoped,

and I swore that if he was okay,

I would find some way
to make peace with him,

some way to...
to speak to him again.

Was he okay?

He was okay,

and we started talking,
and we haven't stopped.

I just wished that
there was some way

to get those five years back.

My dad lied to me.

And that's why you're angry
at him?

Why you quit talking to him?

I think you're angry at your dad
for lying,

but I also think,
you're afraid

something might happen
to him in surgery.

I think you're more comfortable
being angry than afraid.

Anger is powerful.

Fear is...

well, not so much fun.

It's okay to be afraid,

but you should talk to your dad
about your feelings,

not hide them in anger.

Talk to him.

Don't lose time, like I did,

because you can never
get it back.

Do I need to get another


So, are we going to the stables
or the hospital?


And no "I told you so's"
or I'll take the bus.


Let me know how things work out.

How many times
do I have to tell you,

I don't want
a cup of coffee.

Oh no.

Nice try,
but I'm not talking to Lucy.

Why not? I didn't do
anything to you.

It's me who's
not talking to you.

You told me to leave town
and your house.

Only after you said
you wouldn't marry me.

That's not what I said.

It doesn't matter
what you said or what you say,

because I'm not talking to you.

I'm not talking to him!

But I am.

I'm not talking to her.

But I am.

So, Kev, why don't you want
to marry Lucy?

I want to marry Lucy.

Then why won't
you ask me?

I thought you weren't
speaking to me.

If he wants
to marry me, Ben,

then why won't
he ask me?

Well, Ben,

I won't ask her
because I think

the only reason
she wants to get married

is because her father's sick,

and she feels scared
and vulnerable.

Once her father isn't sick
anymore, then what?

That's not true.

I thought you said,
you weren't talking to him.

Shut up.

Is that what
you really believe?

If it's not true, why did
you wait until the day

your father was having
open-heart surgery

to realize you wanted
to get married?

Because I...

This is personal.



I want to marry you
because I love you.

And I'm sorry it took a trip

to the cardiac surgical
waiting room

for me to realize that.

But that doesn't change
the fact that I love you,

and I'm ready
to be your wife.

I'm ready.

Do you really want the memory
of me asking you to marry me

to be here,
in the hospital cafeteria?

Well, it's original.

There's just one thing.


I'll take care of it later.

I don't have a ring.

Will you stop making excuses

and ask me
before I change my mind?

Lucy Camden...

I can't do this.


I want to do this,
but not like this.

I want to ask you in my own way,

and my own way's
not in a hospital cafeteria

while we wait to see how your
dad's double-bypass went.

My way is going to be
better than this,

and my way is going to be
a surprise.

So you're not going to ask me?

No, but I am going
to ask your dad something,

and then,
when you least expect it,

I'm going
to knock your socks off.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Come on, you guys.

Mom wants to talk to us.

Dad's out
of surgery.

Is he okay?

Mom just told me
to find you guys.

♪& Although I love to kiss
my little hula miss ♪&

♪& I never get the chance ♪&

♪& I wanna hold her tight
all through the night ♪&

♪& But all
she wants to do is dance ♪&

♪& Rock ♪&

♪& Ooh-ooh ♪&

♪& A hula baby, rock ♪&

♪& Ooh-ooh ♪&

♪& A hula baby got a hula lu
from a Honolu ♪&

♪& That-a rock-a hula baby
of mine ♪&

♪& Rock ♪&

♪& A hula baby, rock ♪&

♪& A hula baby, rock... ♪&

What's going on?

Where's Mom?

How's Dad?

Nurse said she's
in with him.

Is that
good or bad?

I'm thinking good.

How's Daddy?
How is he?

All we know is that
he's out of surgery.

Mom's in with him.

I have to
talk to him.

So do I.

Not before me.

Or me.

I have to tell him

that Kevin and I are
getting married someday soon.

He's going to ask me,
someday soon.

That's great.


Hold off on the

It's not an almost
official engagement.

I need to do
one more thing.

He's going to ask Dad
for his permission.

Is that romantic or what?

It's a hospital.

They must have barf
bags somewhere.

I'm romantic, too.

I wore a tie.

A tie.

Firemen don't wear ties.

That's what made it romantic.

Hey, Ben?

Shut up about
the stupid tie.

Good tears
or bad tears?

Good. Your
father's fine.

He-he looks

He's all right.
Eric's all right.

Oh, and you
made it.

I'm sorry I'm late.

Oh, you made it.

That's all that matters.

I need to talk to Daddy.
I need to talk to him now.

Okay, the nurse said
we can go in one at a time.

I'll take Ruthie
back first, okay?

I'm gonna go
call Matt.

I'll be right back.

Good tears or bad?

Dad's okay.

Good tears.

I'm sorry.

For what?

I haven't really been there for
you or the rest of the family,

but that's all going to change.

I'm back.

I didn't know you were gone.

I was, but I'm back.

Hey, kiddo.

Glad you could make it.

I'm sorry it took me so long.

You made it. No problem.

I'm sorry.

No, I'm sorry.

I lied to you.

I wasn't okay,

and I shouldn't
have told you I was.

I just...

Well, I shouldn't have lied.

I shouldn't have been so angry.

Let's always talk, okay?

Even if we're angry.


Can I kiss him?

I think I could use a kiss
just about now.

No. The nurse said
only one at a time.

I know, but
I can't wait.


Reverend Camden...


...I'd like
to ask your permission

to ask Lucy to marry me,
which I haven't done yet,

but will do so
in the near future

when she least expects it.


I guess...

...the only thing
I can think of to say is...

welcome to the family.


Thank you.

Thank you.

I really wanted your blessing.

It just wouldn't be right
without it.

Well, you have it.

So, did he ask you?

Did he?


I'm almost engaged,
almost engaged!


Hey, Dad.

I'm sorry for what I said
to you last week, Dad.

I'm really sorry.

You already apologized,

and I told you it didn't matter.

This time I mean it.

When I get out of here,
we can talk.

I know
something's been bothering you.

Not anymore.
We don't have to talk.

I just let it go.

So, do you forgive me?


I love you.

I love you, too.

Room for
one more?


You look good.

You know,
for a guy

that just had open-heart
surgery, you look good.


Getting kind of
lonely out there.

And kind of
crowded in here.

We should leave.

Can't we stay?

Let them stay.

Have you heard from Mary?


You know, even though

you and Mary aren't together

you're still family to us.

Yeah, Kevin's taken care
of that.


It's so good to see you.

How's Matt?

Wishing he
could be here.

I just got off the
phone with him.

Eric, we need
to talk.

Lou stopped by earlier,

and they don't have someone
to lead the Sunday services,

so the deacons thought it best

to just suspend services
until you're better.

Close the church?

Well, what else can we do?

I told my dad about
your heart surgery,

and he asked if there was
anything he could do.

If your parishioners
wouldn't mind a rabbi

instead of a minister,
he'd be glad to fill in.

Being a rabbi,
he does have Sundays free.

I'll call Lou.

It's good to see you, Sarah.

Matt's going to call tomorrow.

Thanks for coming.

Okay, everybody out.

Out. Out!


You've got one minute.

The man needs his rest.

I love you.


Do you forgive me?

For lying to you about all this?

Oh, yeah.

Go and have open-
heart surgery,

and then ask me
if I forgive you.

Nice timing.

Yes, I love you,

and therefore,
I forgive you,

but if you ever lie
to me again, well...

...you know what I'll do,

so don't lie.

We're in this together.


Oh, yeah.

That's my cue
to leave.


But I'll be back.

♪& Rock the hula,
rock, rock, the hula ♪&

♪& Rock the hula, whoa! ♪&

♪& Rock, a hula rock! ♪&

♪& A hula rock, a hula rock,
a hula rock ♪&

♪& Well, when she moves her hips
up through her fingertips ♪&

♪& I feel I'm heaven bound ♪&

♪& And when she starts to sway,
I've got to say ♪&

♪& She really moves
the grass around ♪&

♪& Rock ♪&

♪& Ooh-ooh ♪&

♪& A hula baby, rock ♪&

♪& Ooh-ooh ♪&
♪& A hula-baby, got a hula-lu ♪&

♪& From a Honolu that-a
rock-a hula baby of mine ♪&

♪& Ooh-ooh ♪&

♪& Rock a hula,
rock, rock, a hula ♪&

♪& Rock a hula, whoa! ♪&

♪& Although I love to kiss
my little hula miss ♪&

♪& I never get the chance ♪&

♪& I wanna hold her tight
all through the night ♪&

♪& But all she wants
to do is dance ♪&

♪& Rock ♪&
♪& Ooh-ooh ♪&

♪& A hula baby, rock ♪&

♪& Ooh-ooh ♪&
♪& A hula baby got a... ♪&