7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 7, Episode 4 - Bowling for Eric - full transcript

Eric is told he has to have open heart surgery and is faced with telling Annie and the family.

The results from your angiogram
aren't good.

It's what I and your other
doctors suspected:

blockage in two
of your arteries,

almost 70% in one,

which is why I think you've been
having some twinges of pain

in your chest and why you've
been a little short of breath.

But it's a good thing
you came in when you did.

I mean, left unchecked...

it's very good you came in.

Now we still need to do
a few more tests,

but I'd like to operate
as soon as possible.

So how's, uh...
next Monday for you?

Open-heart surgery?

I didn't think I was that sick.

Well, I'm afraid you are.

I want a second opinion.

I am your second opinion.

Are third opinions available?

I mean, maybe you got
my test results

mixed up
with someone else.

You know, someone who needs
open-heart surgery.

You've got a major blockage.

And if you remember, blockage
due to high cholesterol

was the cause of your heart
attack three years ago.

Do I remember
my last heart attack?

Yes, I-I remember it.

I also remember what caused it,

which is why I started
exercising more,

why I adhere
to a low-fat,

low-cholesterol diet.

It's why I take
the cholesterol-lowering drugs.

And sometimes

it's not a patient's lifestyle
that's the cause,

but genes, heredity.

It's likely that there's
a history of high cholesterol

and heart disease
in your family.

My father has

never had a heart problem,

and that goes
for my grandfather

and my great-grandfather.

And sometimes

there's no explanation.

But not having an explanation
doesn't change the fact

that you've got a blockage
and you need to take care of it.

I just thought,
I don't know...

I've been under
a lot of stress.

Can't I just take vitamins
or herbs or something?

Bypass surgery
is successfully performed

on hundreds of patients
every day.

And with your age and good
overall health,

you're a terrific candidate
for a "beating-heart bypass."

On that procedure, we eliminate
the heart-lung machine,

which means you'll have a
quicker recovery time,

spend less time
in the hospital

and have fewer

then you would with
traditional bypass surgery.

If everything goes well,

you'll be out of the
hospital in a week.

What are my other options?

Surgery is your only option
at this point.

Now, if you need me to
talk to Annie, or anyone

in your family, to explain
the procedure, I'll be glad to.

Actually, uh, I was a bit
surprised you came alone.

I figured Annie would want

to hear about your test results

Annie knows about
this, doesn't she?

You've talked to her, right?

I'm not the first doctor
you've seen about your heart

in the last week.

Look, you need to tell Annie
and your kids

and the rest of your family.

You need to put your affairs
in order, Reverend.

Affairs in order?

With any surgery,
there are always risks

and unforeseen complications.

Just tell your family.

I have to have
open-heart surgery...

next week.


Open... heart... surgery.



I specialize
in terminal illness.

You know, helping people
that have no treatments

or options available.

You have treatments and options.

You're not terminal.

But you know who I am
and what I do,

so what do you want from me?

How can I help?

Well, I-I have
to tell my family.

I thought that telling you
would be like a warm-up.

You haven't told Annie
and the kids?

No, I haven't.

I can't just look them
in the eye and tell them

that I might not be
around after next week.

Where you going?

What do you mean,
where am I going?

I-I could die.

Yeah, if you don't have
the operation.

No, if I have the operation.

And maybe even
during the operation.

Who told you that?

My doctor.

First of all,
we both know that

a doctor can't tell you how
or when you're gonna die.

And secondly,
if your doctor thinks

you're gonna die,

you need to get another doctor.

He didn't exactly
say I'm gonna die.

He said I should put
my affairs in order

because with any surgery, there
are risks and complications.


in life there are risks
and complications.

You could step off the curb
and get hit by a bus

before you go into the hospital.

That's not gonna happen.

Nothing's gonna happen.

And your life's
already in order.

The people closest to you
know that you love them,

and you know
that they love you.

Which means
all you really have to do

is tell your family
about the surgery.

Repeat after me:

"I'm gonna be fine."

I'm gonna be fine.


Okay, when you
tell the family,

that's where
you need to be,

in the "I'm gonna be fine,
this surgery is no big deal,

I can handle this" mode.

If you're calm,
they're gonna be calm.

If you're not worried,
they're not gonna be worried.

If you don't make it
into a big deal,

they're not gonna make it
into a big deal.

I can do this.

Yeah, you can.

Because it's no big deal.



Your father just called.

He's on his way home.

He wants a family meeting
right now.

What's the emergency?

Well, he didn't say
it was an emergency.

But whatever it is,
he wants to tell us together.

What do you mean,

"whatever it is"?

You always know what it is.
What is it?

He wants to tell us all,

Fine, don't tell me.

After the meeting, uh,
can I go out with Cecilia?

Maybe next weekend.
I'll talk to Dad.

Why do you guys have
to conspire against us?

Why can't either one of you
be the lone gunman?

Uh, family meeting, living room.

Your father's on his way home.

Okay, who did what?

Who did what
that requires

a family meeting?

It's not like we have
family meetings all the time.

The last time was when Matt
brought Sarah home.

Hey, is Dad bringing home
a nice Jewish girl?

I'll see you downstairs.

Maybe the meeting's
about you.

I didn't do anything
and I'm not gonna do anything.

You have no idea
what my life is really like.

So just knock off
the accusations

and stay out
of my personal business.

It's just Mary's not here,

and Lucy never gets in trouble,
and you're next in line.

That's just where my head went.

Hey, maybe it's me.

I-I-I meant now.

Your father should be here
any minute.

But I have to write this.

It can't wait?

No it can't.
It's due tomorrow.

I have to write an outline
for my autobiography

listing my greatest

Well, it can't be that hard.

Yes, it is.

I hate creative writing.

So, why did you take the course?

It's required for all religious
studies students.

The thinking is that
a more creative writer makes

a more creative minister,

and a more creative minister
writes more creative sermons.

I don't want
to be a creative writer.

And I don't want
to write about myself.

I mean, the Bible--
I can write about.

Jesus, God-- I can write about.

But me?
What have I done?

What's my big achievement?

What do I write about me?

You've achieved a lot
in your life.

Like what?

It's not like I gave up
my only begotten son

so that man could have
eternal life.

It's not like I created
the world.

It's not like I started
a religion.

So, make something up.

It's creative writing,
so create.

Just do it after
the family meeting.

Let's go.

I'm gonna be fine.

This surgery is no big deal.

I can handle this.

Am I gonna be fine?

Is this surgery no big deal?

Can I handle this?

I repeat...

am I gonna be fine?

Is this...?

One of your friends
gave this to me.

Moving violation.

I guess it's traffic
school time for you.

Oh, no, no.

I can't go to traffic school.
I just went a year ago.

And the rules say that
you can't go to traffic school

to get rid of a ticket
if you've already done so

in the last 18 months.

That's too bad.

No. I think it's
a little worse than too bad.

If I can't go
to traffic school,

then the ticket
goes on my record,

which means the insurance
company will raise my rates

for the next three years,
and I can't afford that,

let alone having to
pay for the ticket!

Then you probably shouldn't have
run that stop sign.

See, that's the real crime.

I didn't run the stop sign.
I didn't do anything wrong.

Then fight the ticket.

Maybe there's an easier
way we can handle this.

Pay the ticket?

Come on. Can't you just...?

Get rid of your ticket?

Sure, I'd love to put
my entire career on the line

just so you don't have to pay
more on your insurance.

Now if you don't mind,

I have a family meeting
to go to.

Okay, one, two, three...

Where's Dad?

In the backyard sitting
on the picnic table,

talking to himself.

Hey, if you don't believe me...

All of you wait here.

Well, no Matt,

no Mary...
I guess I'm the oldest.

I'll go see what's going on.

All of you wait here.

I'm with Lucy,
and technically,

I'm the oldest,
so all of you wait here.

I was the oldest

before Kevin got here.

All of you wait... wait here.

Well, I'm the oldest person
in the room.

And if you leave,
I'll be the oldest.

After you.


We need to talk.


but not here,
let's go inside.

No, we, as in the two
of us, need to talk alone.

But I want to talk

to everyone at
the same time.

Fine, you want
to call a family meeting

without so much
as talking to me first.


Fine, have your meeting.

Here, now, go!

Are we out of money?

My friend Samantha's dad
called a family meeting once

to tell her and her mom
they were out of money

and had to move to Wisconsin.

We're not out of money.

Are you and Mom
getting a divorce?

No, we're not getting a divorce.

That's what happened
to my friend, Jan.

Are you going away to Africa to
work for a relief organization?

Did we win a trip
to Disneyland? Are we...

Why don't I just tell you
why I called this meeting?

And... okay.

Let me just start with,
it's no big deal.

We're all going to be fine.

We can all handle what
I'm about to tell you.

I need... to...

...go bowling.


Not just me--
we all need

to go bowling, as a family.

But right away, tonight.

"We all need

to go bowling" is why you
called a family meeting?

We need to
spend more time

together as a family... bowling.

So, after dinner,
prepare yourselves

for some good old-fashioned
Camden family fun

at the bowling alley.

Okay, what's wrong with Dad?

He's fine.

We're all fine.

And we're going bowling!

Okay, what's wrong with Mom?

You didn't tell them?


And you're going bowling.


What happened to your

being calm and not worried

and, "This isn't a big deal"?

Uh, those were lies.

It is a big deal, and even
if it's not supposed

to be a big deal,
I've made it a big deal

and now I...
I can't tell them.

Well, what are you going
to do, Eric?

When you go to the hospital
and you don't come home,

I think your family's gonna
be a little bit suspicious.

It's a busy household.

They may not even realize
I'm gone.

They may not, but...

then again...

Oh, just tell them
and get it over with.

I want one more night
with my family

before I tell them
and everything changes.

And you know everything
is gonna change.

I can't go
through this surgery

and not come out of it
a different person.

Annie and the kids, too.

So, before everything changes...

You want to bowl?

Yes, I do.

When the kids were younger,

we used to bowl all the time.

Oh, it was fun.

We would bowl and talk.

It was great.

Tonight I want us all to spend
some family time together

and have some fun,
'cause tomorrow...

I understand.

I think you're being a tad
dramatic, but I understand.

Also, I need time

to remind people
how much they mean to me

without their knowing
I have to have this surgery.

I need to talk
to my parents, my sister,

and everyone I care about
without the fear of my death

looming over us
like a dark cloud.

So, you think you
can just call everyone,

tell them you love them
and nobody's going

to get suspicious
that something's going on?

That's exactly what I think.

I-I should go now,
I have work to do.

Yeah, okay.

Um, well, if you need
to talk, I'm here.

Thanks... and Doc?

I love you.

I love you, too, big guy.

You didn't answer
my question.

Your question
about Robbie?

Do we have to talk
about him right now?

He didn't even
come down to dinner,

and I suspect that has something
to do with you.

Maybe, but I don't want
to talk about it.

Maybe it isn't about you.

Maybe it's about me.

You two are fighting
about me, aren't you?

I don't want to
talk about it.

It is about me.

How long are you
gonna be upset

that Robbie and I dated?

What's going on
between Robbie and me

has nothing to
do with you.

He asked me to do
something, I said no.

He didn't like it.

But you said no
because of me.

I said no because I'm
not going to help him.

It has nothing
to do with you.

You don't
believe me.

No, I don't.

Let's just
drop it.

I don't want to drop it,
I want to know.

Let's drop it and get
ready to go bowling.

Okay, okay.

If it's not about me,
then prove it.

Tell me what Robbie
asked you to do for him

that's caused this huge rift
between the two of you.

I can't, and it's
not a huge rift.

Stop making it more important
than it is-- it's nothing.

Fine, then tell me
if you've ever had sex before.

You're not
telling me

what's going on with Robbie,

so tell me what's going on
with you.

I asked you last week if you've
ever been with anyone,

and you still haven't answered
my question,

so tell me now, I need to know.

How did we go from the stupid
argument with Robbie

back to the stupid
argument about my past?

Just answer the question.

What question?

The one about Robbie
and the one

about you
and all your old girlfriends.

Do only old girlfriends count?

No acquaintances,
no one-night stands?

Is this how it's going
to be when we get married?

Us fighting over Robbie?

I hope not.

you're not telling me things,
because if it is,

I'm telling you
right here and now,

I can't live that way.

Just look at what
it's doing to my mom.

What are you talking about?

Dad doesn't want to bowl.

He's hiding something
from her, from us.

And his not telling her
what's going on

is driving her crazy,
and she's already pretty crazy.

And I don't want
to be crazy like my mom.

Too late.

So, if I'm on restriction,

why do I have to go bowling?
I hate bowling.

Because bowling
is a family activity,

and you're not being restricted
from family.

Please, Mom, restrict me
from the family.

Don't make me go bowling.

Isn't it bad enough
that I'm grounded?

I can't be seen
at a bowling alley

on a Friday night
with my family, too.

I think there's a lot
he's not telling us, too.

Why do the Camden men
keep it all inside?

It's not like the Camden women

can't handle
whatever comes along.

Dad still hasn't told you, huh?

Why don't I go get ready
to go bowling?

I love bowling.

I love family.

I love bowling with our family.

Hey, I missed you at dinner.

I wasn't hungry.

What's going on
between you and Kevin?

I'd rather not say.

But I think I'll skip
bowling tonight.

You don't really
need me there.
No, I need you there.

And I need you and Kevin
to figure out a way

to get along with each other.

I don't think I should
go bowling tonight.

Oh, because of Robbie?

Because of Lucy.

I don't care about Robbie.

Kevin, you may already
know this,

but I'm going to say it anyway.

Being part of a family

means being there
for the good

and the bad, the comfortable
and the uncomfortable.

Now you're living
under this roof.

You want to marry
my daughter.

I consider you family.

So does Eric, and so does Lucy,

when she's not fighting
with you.

Robbie's part
of our family, too.

You know what I'm saying.

I'm going bowling?

I'll be outside waiting.

I'll gather the troops.

So, I just wanted you to know

that you mean a great deal
to me,

not just as a brother-in-law,
as a friend.

Okay, Eric, what's going on?

Nothing's wrong,
I... I just...

I haven't talked to you
in a while,

and I... I just wanted you
to know how I felt.

Once again, Eric, I ask you,
what's wrong?

Nothing is wrong.

Can't I just call and say...

That you love me?
No, you can't just call

to tell me that you love me.

Now, what is going on?

Is Julie there?

I'd like to tell her
I love her, too.

Julie went to the store.

Oh, that's too bad,
could you tell her

I love her when she gets home?

Uh, I, uh, have
to go bowling now.



Who were you talking to?



Well, you've been
up here for hours

on the phone talking
to... "people."

Well, if you're
finished talking

to "people,"
I think we're all ready,

uh, downstairs to go... bowling.

You know, you know...

why aren't you
talking to me?

Why... why are we
all downstairs

ready to go bowling?

Because bowling is fun.

Don't you like to bowl?

Yes, I love bowling,

but you know what I love
more than bowling?

Is your being honest with me.

You know what else I
love more than bowling?

Your telling me
what's going on.

Whatever you're hiding
from me, isn't it harder

to hide it from me than
to just tell me, hmm?

Come on, tell me.

I won't cry, I won't
scream, I won't yell.

Just tell me.

I love you.

I really do.

For the person you are

and for being my wife

and the mother
of our children.

I don't say that
often enough,

and I want you to know that...

I can't even imagine what my
life would be like without you.

Come on, let's go bowling.

Mom said
she'd talk to you,

but I'd rather
talk to you

because she doesn't

What doesn't she

That I need to be

with me friends,
and Cecilia is my friend.

We just want to hang out.
I see.

But your mom thinks that
hanging out with Cecilia

would be more like dating
than hanging out.


But you're also restricted
from hanging out.

You can't date
or hang out.

But why?

running an escort service
carries a high penalty,

and you know what they
say, if you can't

do the time, don't
commit the crime.
I thought

the whole point of punishment
was to learn a lesson.

Well, I've learned

my lesson.

And this girl is too special
to just wait around for me.

Ah, now we're getting somewhere.

While you're on restriction,

dating and that
bothers you because

you don't really see
her as just a friend.

I don't know.

What I do know is that she's out

with some... football player.

And you're afraid
you'll lose her,

but you won't.

Let's give this restriction
another week or two.

You know what
the scariest

thing is in my life?

Those bowling shoes?

The scariest thing in my
life is the thought

that someday I
might not be here

to make sure you learn the
lessons you need to learn.

Go pick out a ball.

Do you want the bumpers,

or do you want to
play without them?

I don't want no
stinking bumpers.


I finally get it.

I don't know why I
didn't see it before,

but it just now
came to me.

You don't want
to help Robbie

because you think Robbie and
I did more than date, right?

Well, we didn't.

Like I told you,
we just kissed.

Nothing more.

And that night we
spent together,

nothing-- we just stayed
up late talking

and fell asleep.

Good to know.

So now you can tell me.

Tell you what?

Tell me what I want to know.

Tell me if you've ever
been with anyone.

I can't.

You want to know what I think?

Not really.

I think that if you
hadn't been with anyone

and it didn't mean
anything to you,

you'd tell me about it.

And since you won't
tell me about it,

that must mean that you
have been with someone

and she was so special to
you that you can't even

talk about her because it hurts
too much to think about her

because she's no
longer in your life.

You want her more than
you want me, don't you?


The woman you were with.

What woman?

The one you won't tell me about.

Honey, you're not going crazy,
you're already there.

Ooh, relationship

Hey, maybe we can
make a deal.

Help me with my ticket,

maybe I'll help
you with Lucy.

She'll listen to me.

I'm good with Camden women,
I speak fluent crazy.

I'm just gonna take a
lane next to everyone,

let the twins roll
some balls.

You're sick, aren't you?


Yes, you are.


Are you lying to me?


Then why is Hank here?

Because he likes to bowl?

What are you
doing here?

I know.

You do?

What's your prognosis?

How long did the doctors
say you have?

What did they say you have?

Why are you bowling?

Come on,

that phone call earlier,
the way you talked.

It was the gibberish of a man
facing his own mortality.

Since I know you're not
going off to war,

I assume it's some sort
of a health crisis.

I have to have a double bypass.

That's all?

That's all?

It's open-heart surgery.

Yeah, I know.

But, well, I mean,

with advances in medicine
and today's technology,

open-heart surgery isn't
what it used to be.

Fine, you can take my place.

You really had me worried.

I really had myself worried,

if that's any consolation.

How are Annie and the kids
taking the news?

They don't know?

I started to tell them,
but then I...

bowling seemed
like a better idea.

This is not like you.

I'm gonna

tell them tomorrow.

Tonight, I just want to...


Who's your doctor?

Dr. Dunne.

Well if you're gonna have
open-heart surgery,

Dr. Dunne is the doctor
you want.

He's the best.

Is there anything
I can do?

Don't tell anyone.

Not even Julie.

Let me do it.


I love you, too.

gather around.


So, everybody ready
to bowl?

I think
it'll be more interesting

if we split up into two teams
like the old days.


Your father said
it would be more interesting

to split into teams,
so split into teams.

Teams sound great.

Fine, but I'm not playing
with Kevin.

Okay, you know,

we'll make you
and Kevin

team captains.

Doesn't that sound fun?

Big fun.

Super fun.



Fine with me.
I'll pick a team.

And I'll take anyone that
wants to beat him.

All righty, and so, Luce,
we'll put you with Kevin.

I'm not playing with Kevin.

Okay, you can be
on Robbie's team.

I don't want Robbie either.
He started the whole thing.

What thing?

I don't want to talk about it.

Neither do I.

Cute, very cute.


you have to pick a team.

No I don't.

I'll play with the twins
and Mom.

How do you feel about Kevin?

I don't want to be on a team.

I don't want to be here.

I think you know
where I want to be.


you are never going
to leave this bowling alley

until you pick a team,
put a smile on your face

and pretend like
you're having a good time.

And that goes
for everybody.

Your father wants us
to bowl,

so we're gonna bowl.

We're gonna be
one big happy bowling family.

Kevin's team.


I'll play with

and then Ruthie you can...

And, well...

hmm, well,

that'll leave the teams uneven.

Okay, new plan.

How about you four

against me?


I mean, that sounds great.

Okay then,


take your positions.

Let's bowl.

♪& ♪&

You seem kind of upset.

Are you okay?

Can I help you?

Kevin won't talk to me.

I stink at bowling.

And I have no major
accomplishment in my life,

which means I'm going to fail
my creative writing class.

So can you help me?

No. No one can help me.

What happened to
everyone else?



No one besides me
likes to bowl,

and that includes you.

But everyone looked like they
were having a good time.

Mom scared us into it.

And it was an act,

much like the act
you've been putting on

since you got home today.

Are you okay?

Don't lie to me.
I don't like liars.

And if you lie to me, I'm going
to be very angry with you.

Are you okay?

Do you know how much I love you?

Yes, I do.

You tell me all the time.

Now I answered

your question,
now you answer mine.

Are you okay?

Do you know how special you are?

How much potential you have?

And not just as a woman,
as a human being?

Yes, I know all those things
because you tell me all time.

Promise me that
no matter what,

you'll live up to
your potential,

because the world needs
people like you,

now more than ever.

It's people like you who are
gonna solve all the problems

that my generation is
leaving your generation.

You're not gonna answer
my question, are you?

I'm fine.

And you're not lying to me?

But you are lying to me, right?

Thanks for helping me
motivate the kids.

I think everyone
had a good time.

Well... I had
a good time.

Please, I'm asking you
one last time.

Just tell me what's going on.

Is it health related?

What makes you think
it's health related?

Many, many years of marriage,

being with you through sickness
and health,

in good times and bad...

Look, everything's fine.

It's just fine.

I give up. I give up.

I- I don't want to know anymore.

All I want to do is go home,
that's what I'm going to do.

You-You can stay here and bowl
until your hands fall off,

or-or talk to Hank,
or some more of your people,

because as of right now,
guess what?

I'm not talking to you.

Not everyone's
a good bowler.

Simon, something
happened last week

when you left the house

to give a friend a
ride to a safe place.

I let you off restriction
for whatever that was.

I can't tell you about it.

I trusted from the
sound in your voice

that it was something...

maybe more important
than anything

you've ever had to deal
with in your life.

I know you're becoming a man,
I'm going to be proud of.

But it doesn't mean
you're there yet.

You still need
a little help.

And I think it would help
if you hung out with me

and the rest of the family
for another week.

You have no idea
what my life is like.

You have no idea what it's like
to be your son.

No idea the things
people ask me to do.

The things I have to do,

the thing I can't talk about.

You just have no idea.

And you have no idea
what my life is like.

I'd just like to have you
close to home next week.


I can't tell you right now.


I will, maybe tomorrow.

It's always tomorrow,

or next week, or soon.


At the bowling alley,

you said you were scared
of what would happen

if you weren't around
to teach me the things

that you'd want me to learn.

Well, I'll tell you what would
happen if you weren't around.

I'd be a normal guy,

without having to live up
to your ideas

of what's right
and what's wrong.

I'd be out there making
my own mistakes,

learning my own lessons,
without being treated

like some juvenile delinquent.

I'd be less in the spotlight,

and part of the crowd.

I'd be happy.


you don't mean that.

I think I do.

I love you.

Just love me less, would you?


Uh, so the fight between you
and Lucy started

because you wouldn't tell her
that I asked you

to fix that ticket for me?

Why didn't you just tell her?

Because asking me to fix
a ticket was pretty low

and she thinks a lot of you.

If you're really like
an older brother to Lucy,

then it didn't seem right
to make you look bad.

That's pretty big of you,
considering you don't like me.

It's called maturity.
Try it, you might like it.

Something tells me that you had
a lot of it before I moved in.

By the way...

I'm sorry.


For kicking your butt
in bowling.

I'll try harder
to hate you less, okay?

Thanks, I'll do the same.

I just came in
to say good night.

How's your paper coming?

How is that I'm
almost 21 years old

and have no major

Wait, accomplishments?

Hey, I'd settle
for one accomplishment,

even a minor one.

Sometimes a person can
accomplish a great deal,

but, uh, to the outside world,
and maybe even to the person,

it doesn't seem like
they've accomplished anything.

Because what they've
accomplished is internal.

And their accomplishments
aren't the kind that, uh,

get their picture
in the paper

or get them an award,
but they...

they are the kind
of accomplishments

that make someone
a better person...

and in your case,
a really outstanding person.

Will you write my paper?

No, but, uh...

I'll give you
some notes.

Okay, you're intelligent,

kind and sweet.

You'd do anything
to help anyone.

You're a wonderful daughter

and a caring sister.

You have principles,

and no matter how hard it is
for you, you live by them.

You constantly
challenge yourself,

your friends
and your family.

You're extremely passionate
about all things

and people you love.

You, Lucy Camden,

are a fantastic person.

And if they gave out an award
for best in the human race,

you would win it
year after year.


Listen, Dad, I know
it's not my place,

and I don't know what's
going on with you and Mom,

but you should talk to her.

She's really upset.

And it may not be my place
to say,

and I don't know what's going on
with you and Kevin,

but you should talk to him, too.

He won't talk to me.

He's really angry with me,
and I don't blame him.

I've been acting
like a real jerk.

I'll talk to you.

Good night.

Good night.

I'm sorry.

I talked to Robbie,

and I know why you
didn't help him,

and it had nothing
to do with me.

And I'm sorry for
pressuring you

about telling me about
your past relationships.

I can't always tell you
what you want to know,

and I have my reasons.

Just like your dad has his
reasons for not telling your mom

whatever's going on
with him right now.

And just for the record,

whatever women are
in my past are in my past.

But the only woman
I want in my future is you.

I love you, Lucy Camden.

You're crazy, but I love you.

So, are we okay?

More than okay.

I love you, Daddy.

I love you, too, Daddy.

I love you guys.

I love Spider-Man.

I love Batman.

Me, too.
I love Batman, too.

You know what?
I love Batman, too.

What about Spider-Man?

Yeah, I love him, too.

Which one do you love more?


I have no idea.

Now go to sleep.




That's the best conversation
I've had all day.

Good night.

Good night.

By the way,

Kevin and Lucy are making up.

Well, that means
they're making out.

Want me to break them up?

Give them another minute
and then move in.

Aye, aye, Captain.

I had fun bowling.

I did, too.

Was it like it was
when we were all younger?

No, it was different.

But we're all different, right?

We've all changed.

Change happens.

Yeah, but family
is always family.

I think I'm quoting you.

I'm honored.

Love you.

Love you, too.



I'm really glad
that you're okay.

I was worried.

I'm ready to talk.

Oh, are you?
Because I'm not talking to you.

You were right,
there is something going on,

and I need to tell you
what it is.

I'm going to tell the kids

but you should know first.

I have to have
open-heart surgery...

a bypass, a double bypass.

I knew you were
going to say that.