7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 7, Episode 3 - The Enemy Within - full transcript

Ken Smith threatens the church because he disapproves of Mary's relationship with his son. Ben reads Lucy's diary and Simon's old girlfriend is rumored to be pregnant.

We all want inner peace.

The problem is,
how do we get it?

How do we silence the conflict,

the warring sides, the...

the voices that argue within?

"Do it."

"Don't do it."

"Say something."

"Don't say anything."

"Relax, everything's fine."

"Take action, or something bad's
gonna happen."

You know the voices.

We all know the voices...

as-as children, as adults,

as sons, as daughters,

as parents.

It-it's important for me

to be different than I am.

I should improve myself.

Hey, what's wrong with me?

Why should I change?

It's everybody else
who needs to change.

It's important
for me to have my way

and I'm going to get my way
by complaining.

Oh, no, don't...

don't complain.

You're-you're better off
just going with the flow,

try to please everyone else

or-or you'll never get
what you want.

Okay and what about this duo?

I have my rights and I'm going
to stand up for my rights!

On the other hand...

I... I better just do what
my authorities tell me to do.

It's... it's like
the old cartoon

with the devil on one side
and the angel on the other,

only it isn't always so clear

as to which side is right
and which is wrong.

Life is complicated.

Like when do we interfere

with our children
and when do we just...

let them go off
and make their own mistakes?

I mean, when do we go
by the book?


when do we realize our children
aren't in the book?

And when do we take matters
into our own hands

and when...

do we turn them over to God?


When you cannot quiet
the voices,

when you find yourself
torn apart with indecision,

sometimes the best way
to get to that...

quiet place where the answers
can come through

is just to observe
your thoughts.

Whatever those thoughts are,
let them come, and go.

Just be aware of them.

Shed light on them...

and the source of that light

And the source
of that light will...

Eric, dryer!

Just a second, hon!

The source of that light will...

Yeah, the door is closed.

That means I'm working.
Why can't she see I'm working?

No, no, no.

No, it's not Annie's fault.
It's my fault.

I-I could go down
to my church office,

but then I'd run into Lou.

Eric, I'm feeding
the boys.

You know those
are jeans.

They're gonna
get wrinkled.

I'd better get the jeans.

On the other hand,
they're just jeans.

This is my sermon.


I'm sorry, were
you writing?
It's just that

you said to yell if-if I needed
help, and I need help.

I just got a little carried away
here. I'm coming.

Okay, love you.
I love you, too.

But sometimes
you just drive me...


Mrs. Camden.

Publisher's Clearing house?

I think your daughter is, uh...

dating my son.

He's too old to have a son
young enough for Ruthie.

Kevin's father is deceased.

I'm Jack's dad.


Jack Smith.

Captain Jack Smith.

The airline pilot
your daughter Mary seduced?

He thinks my daughter
seduced his son?

Would you like to come in?

Yeah, come in, pal.

'Cause I'd like to kick your...

Be nice.

So, Ken Smith.

Now why does that name
sound so familiar?

I'm in the real estate

I own a lot of real estate.


I own all the real estate
around your church property.

Well, that's, uh,
a bit of a...

of a coincidence, isn't it?

That your son is
dating my daughter

and you own all the property
here around my church?

I didn't own it before.

I own it now.

And it's not a
coincidence at all.

And it won't
be a coincidence

if I decide to
resell it to...

whomever would be the worst
possible neighbors

for you and your

I'm not happy about your
daughter dating my son.

You make
that abundantly

clear, and...

we're not too happy

about Mary dating
your son either.

So, I don't know,

looks as if we're all
in complete agreement

that the two of them would be
better off with someone else.

I just don't think parents can
always control these things

with their adult children.

I think they should give it
their best shot, don't you?

I am.

And do you really think
that threatening me

is the best way to go
about this?

Do you really think
that this situation called

for buying up the property
around the church?

That's a little drastic.

Don't you think?

Not to mention expensive.

How much do you think
my son's worth to me?

Let me just cut to the chase.

How can you possibly accuse Mary
of seducing your son,

when your son is old enough

be me?

He's widowed.

He's vulnerable.

He finally fell in love
with a-a wonderful,

age-appropriate woman,

after years of grieving.

And then this woman
he was in love with

recently broke things off.

Next thing I know,

there's Mary
the flight attendant,

sitting on a rock
in the sea of love.

And like a siren beckoning
my son out into the storm,

where I fear he'll hit his head
on the rock she calls her heart.

I simply
can't bear

to see my son's heart
broken again.

You know she's not really
interested in him.

And even if she says she is,

how many times has Mary claimed
to have been in love

in her young life?

I hope

we're not interrupting.

I want to know if we can take
the boys to the park.

I'm not on duty
until 3:00.

This is Mary's boyfriend's

You're not my father.

Our father's dead.

Who are these
two clowns?

You you remember
Jack Smith,

the pilot that
Mary's dating?

Well, this is
his father, Ken.

He wants Mary to stop
going out with-with Jack.


I think maybe
we should be going.

I don't.

I met Mary when she was
engaged to Wilson.

Then I dated her,

but she dumped me
for your son.

So, if I were you,

I wouldn't worry
about Mary and Jack.

What's going on?

This is Mary's
boyfriend's father.

He wants Mary and
Jack to break up.

Yeah, don't we all.

That was Robbie,

another one
of Mary's old boyfriends.

Before me, after,
and before Wilson.

He lives here.

So as you can see for yourself,

Mary's not exactly serious
with anybody.

Thanks for confirming
my worst fears.

Have a nice day.


Anybody care to tell me
what happened to my hat?

I had a hat.

Do you boys have my hat?


Wh-what are you saying,
they stole your hat?

That hat was my father's.

He gave it to me
the day Jack was born.

So what I'm saying is,
I want my hat back!

And I want my son back.

And the sooner the better.

You'll be hearing from me.

Good day.

Did you take the hat?



You don't have the hat, do you?


We don't have the hat.

You know I'm not even sure
if he was wearing a hat.

Then what was that ugly thing
you put on the table?

Oh, right. Oops.

Hat gone away.

No more hat.


We have to find the hat.

Daddy's job and our church
may depend on it.

You sure you haven't
seen the hat?

What hat?

It's my fault
that the hat disappeared?

Uh, I...

Let's find the hat,

I said
find the hat!


Did you find out

I don't know any
more than I did.

Everyone thinks
Claire is pregnant,

and everyone knows you
were going out with her.

Can anyone who thinks
that do the math?

I went out with her
just last week.

They think you went
out with her last year,

but no one knew.

They think
you did this

because everyone was
calling you Virgin Camden.

I didn't do this!

I didn't
do anything.

And no one really knows
if there isn't anything or not.

Claire doesn't look like
she's having a baby to me.

Then why is she wearing
all those big clothes?

She never wore them before.

And where did the cleavage
come from?

From wherever it
usually comes from.

And what if she is wearing
big clothes?

That doesn't mean anything.

I can't take it anymore.

If she shows up
to my front door

claiming I'm the father
of her child

after everything else
that I've done,

my life will be over.

I'm just going
to confront her.

So you're just gonna
walk up to her

and ask her
if she's having a baby.

If it's waiting or asking,
I'm asking.

That's a little rude, isn't it?

It's the only way
I'm gonna end all the rumors.

Good luck.

Sam and David couldn't
possibly have come

all the way up
the stairs

to the attic bedroom
and hidden the hat

and then walked
all the way down the stairs

through the kitchen
into the foyer.

The timeline doesn't fit.

I just thought we could look
around in here.

I just thought we might

come across Mary's new address
or something.

We have to save the church.

So you're snooping
in the name of God?

I-I just want to talk to her,

If I could get her back...

I really would
be saving the church.

You're the one
who told me not to
give up so easily.

What are you reading?

Lucy's diary.

Put it down.

It might have information I need
about Mary in it.

Could be vital to my game plan.

Or it might just be interesting.

Put it down, it's private.

Here's something about you.

Ah, don't make
me tear this.

She'll know we were
looking at it.

I wasn't looking at it.

You don't have to.

I'll tell you anything
you should know.

I'm not having anything
to do with this.

Look, there goes

Hey, monkey-lover,
where's your monkey?

Did you just call me

If the name fits.

I don't get it.
How does it fit?

Don't you have a monkey
for a boyfriend, monkey-lover?

Are you talking
about Eisenhower,

the chimpanzee who lives
across the street from me?

He's not a monkey,
and I'm not a monkey-lover.

But you look like
a monkey-lover to me.

Don't pay her any
attention, Ruthie.

Who told her about Eisenhower?

He did.

He told everyone in school
you were a monkey-lover.

I thought it was cool

that you had a monkey
over your house.

It's cool--
for a monkey-lover.

Maybe one day

you can get a real boyfriend.

I am her real boyfriend.

And you better stop calling her

Or else?

Or else...

...Ruthie's gonna punch you.

Punch me.

See what happens, monkey-lover.

I don't think
you're worth punching.

Uh, I'm sorry!

I'm sorry,
I was looking for a hat.

I'm sorry,
I fell asleep.

How could you?

That's my journal.

Those are my very
private thoughts!

What is going on?

He was reading my journal.


I couldn't help it.

I thought there might
be something in there

that would help me
get Mary back.

That's ridiculous!
Like what?

I don't know--

a-a new address,
a new phone number.

Oh, okay. Let's not make
too much of this.

You're just gonna let him
get away with this?

What's she gonna do, spank me?

Okay, okay. That's enough.

Uh, could you go pick Ruthie up
at school?

Do you-- do you know
where it is?

Sure, no problem.


He better not tell Kevin
anything he read in this.

And what do you think
the chances are of that?

Surely he's not that immature.


You set off a passion

she fears cannot
be quenched.

No kidding?

No kidding.

What did he
tell you?

Nothing I didn't know already.

I want to know what he said.

Aren't you a little old
to keep a diary?

So, I'm the problem?

I'm the problem?!

Your brother was
in my room, in my bed,

reading my diary,
yet he's not the problem,

I'm the problem
because I'm keeping a journal?

That's not funny!

That journal is a collection
of my very private thoughts.

And I'm interested in your
very private thoughts.

So talk to me.

Ugh, what if I read
your journal?

I don't need to
keep a journal.

I tell you what
I'm thinking.

Is that right?

So I know everything
you're thinking,

everything you're doing,
everything you've done?

I don't think
I said that.

Have you ever been with a woman?

A woman as opposed to?

Just answer the question.

Where did that come from?

I was just in the kitchen
minding my own business,

making a sandwich

and now you want to know
something like that?

I really have to go to work.

I really want an answer.

I've wanted to ask
for a long time.

Luce, I'm 25 years old.

I'm a police officer.
I'm a man.

I... I have a "passion
I fear cannot be quenched."

Not funny!

I'll talk to you later.

Or maybe I'll just write a diary
of my own.


I was looking for you.

Yeah, I figured.

When I went outside,
Mom wasn't there,

so I came to the office to call,
but the phone was busy.

Oh, look, the monkey-lover's
with a big ape now.

Uh... what
did you say?

She called you a big ape
and me a monkey-lover.

She's been calling
me that all day.

Oh, yeah?

Well, look here, munchkin,

you better watch
who you're calling names.

What's going on out here?

That big, scary man
threatened me, and...

he called
me a munchkin.


I don't
recognize you.

Do you have a child
at this school?

Not exactly. Uh...

I was picking up Ruthie
for the Camdens.

I think he's lying.

Yes, well, I'm afraid
we're going to have

to call the police.

Can we talk?

Is that really
a good idea?

People are talking about us.

People aren't talking about us.

They're talking about me.

Everyone thinks I'm pregnant.

They think I'm responsible.

Well, that's absurd.

We just went out last week.

Everyone thinks we
went out last year,

and that I... well,
that we... you know,

so that people would
stop calling me...

what they were
calling me.

Why did you ask me
to go out with you

every night
last week?

I... I asked you because you
were running a dating service

and 'cause I just wanted to
get out of my parents' house

in case anything happened.

Wh... what do you mean,
in case anything happened?

What would happen?

Are you...?

No. I'm not pregnant.

There is no baby.

There can't be any baby.

You have no idea
what my father is like.

He would kill me.

And I mean literally kill me.

Probably my mother, too.

Claire, if you're
really in trouble,

then maybe my dad could...

There's nothing
your dad can do.

There's nothing anyone can do.

I'll take care of it
when the time comes.

Don't go.

Let me help you.

It's hard, you know.

You've got someone.
Lucy's got someone.

Simon's got lots of someones...

It is so good
to hear your voice.

I felt so stupid
after I left that message.

Well, I can't reach the Camdens.

The line is busy,
and I have no idea

what's taking the
police so long.

You might never get
through to the Camdens.

They only have one phone line
and... no call waiting.

It's true.

I swear. Everything
I'm telling you is true.

I'm Mary Camden's
old boyfriend.

I'm a fireman.

I came out here
from Buffalo, New York.

I'm staying at the Camdens'.

My brother lives
in the garage apartment.

It's all on the up and up.

Yes, well, that will be
for the police to decide.

My brother is a police officer.

Yes. I mentioned that
to them when I called--

and yet, no police
brother has appeared.

Okay. I understand.

You can't be too careful.

Why would you come all the way
out here from Buffalo

if you're Mary's old boyfriend?

I came out here to try

to talk Mary into
getting back together.

She broke up with me
for some pilot she met.

Yes, well.

I'd like to see
what he looks like.

I can see you, Ruthie.

Oh, and I can see you, too.

Did I tell you
his father came by here?

No, I'm not kidding.

Would I make up
something like that?

Do you know who Robbie's
on the phone with?

No, but hopefully it's someone
he can fall in love with

who will make him
forget all about Joy.

Yeah. Did you
find the hat yet?

Why does everyone think
it's my job to find the hat?

'Cause you put
it on the table.

Well, I didn't take
it off the table.

Have you found
Ruthie and Ben?

Why do you think it's my job
to find Ruthie and Ben?

'Cause you're the mom.

You're the finder
of all lost things.

Uh... did you find Simon?

Well, I'm sure Ruthie

talked Ben into an
after-school field trip,

and I'm just as sure that Simon
will be here any minute,

'cause he knows it's school,
then home. That's it.

And if he doesn't come home?

I'll call the police.

You mean... Kevin?

We can't just use him as
our own private police officer.

Why not? We did it for years

with Sergeant Michaels,
and he made detective.

What are you
doing here?


Hi, Simon.

What can we help you with?

I stopped by the library
to do some research,

but I couldn't find
what I wanted.

It's kind of a legal thing
I have to research, so...

I was wondering
if Kevin could help me.

Or I could help you.

I'll help him.

I've been
calling Lucy for an hour,

and someone at your house
has the phone tied up.

Why can't your family move
into the 21st century

and get cell phones?

That was helpful.

It's a church thing.

They have to approve everything

if we want them to pay
for it, and my parents feel

it's a convenience
we don't have to have.

So it's not a religious
belief or anything?

You think the Bible
has something

in it about cell phones?

Told you.

Did you need something?

Kinkirk, I thought you
left a half an hour ago.

I'm going right now.

You're going to
Ruthie's school, right?

Did you check your messages?

No, sir.

Again, told you.

The vice principal called.

She wants you to I.D.
your brother.

He caused some kind of a problem

when he picked
Ruthie up at school.

Your brother's in town?

Why didn't you tell me?

Why would I?

Kinkirk, you're wasting
taxpayer money.

So, you think I'm not

good enough to go out
with your brother?

I think he's not over Mary.

What are we running here,
a dating service?

I'll talk to
you tomorrow.

What exactly
do you need help with?

It's just some research
for my biology class.

Look, if this is
about a woman...

Kevin might not be
the best person to ask.

Research for
biology class, huh?

I just have to write a paper
on that thing

where women can just
drop off their babies

at the hospital
without questions asked.

I need to know
what states it's legal in,

how it's done,
stuff like that.

But I don't have
a computer at home,

so I thought maybe
Kevin could help me.

This is a school

Yeah, I haven't been able
to reach my parents

because someone's on the phone,
and I better be going.

They don't know where I am.


if someone needs to give up
their baby in California,

all they have
to do is take the infant

to the emergency room,

fire station or
police station.

That's all there is to it,
no questions asked.


It's just a paper.

I don't know anyone
in trouble or anything.

It's just that... I was supposed
to go straight home,

so if you could not mention

that I came by,
that would be good.

Simon, if you know a young
woman who is so desperate

that you feel she may
actually harm her baby

or abandon her baby, I'll
help you in any way I can.

I'll talk to her, her
parents, your parents.

No, you can't.

Not that there is such a woman.

Did you hide the hat
in here?





What about here?



I hear your sister
snooping around out in the hall.

I better go.

No, it's Lucy.

I won't, I promise.

And look, I really appreciate
your taking the call.

I really needed to talk to you.


Uh, tag.
You're it.

You take them.

I can't spend any more time
looking for that stupid hat.

Sure. I'll see if I
can get it out of them.

Could I ask you something
about Kevin?

What would I
know about Kevin

that you
don't know?

It's not a fact.

It's more of an opinion.

Do you think Kevin ever...?


Hold on.

Little ears
right in there.

That's why I'm trying
to be discreet.

So, do you think he ever...?

Don't you?

No, I hope not.

Did he tell you he never...?


Then ask Kevin.

I asked Kevin.

And he said?

I didn't get an answer.

He just quoted something

that Ben told him was
in my journal

and ran out the door.

Aren't you too old
to keep a diary?

It's a journal.
It's not a diary.

It's a journal.

And why does everyone
keep asking me that?

And why doesn't anyone
ever say anything

about Ben violating my privacy?

I think my time is better spent
looking for the hat.

Oh, finally.

Come in.

Hi. I'm Officer Kinkirk.

So, what's going on?

Just tell this woman
I'm your brother.


Not until I know
what's going on.

That's your brother?


this man threatened one
of our students

and called her a name.

He only did it because
she called him a big fat ape.

Big ape.

That's your brother?

I have no idea
who he is.

I can only vouch
for the little one.

It's a Mrs. Camden
on line two.

Oh, thank goodness.
I'll take it outside.

You can join me, Ruthie.


You sure you want to marry
into the Camden family?

Um, I'm Roxanne,
Kevin's partner.

Nice to meet you.

I may not get to marry
into the Camden family.

Thanks to your
reading her diary,

Lucy now wants to know if I've
ever been with another woman.

What does that have to do
with my reading her diary?

I quoted that "desire that can't
be quenched" line back to her,

and it opened up a can of worms.

Oh, why did you do that?

I don't know.
Why did you read her diary?

Because he's a big ape.
We can go now.

I can't believe
that's your brother.

I'm not fixing you up.

Yeah? Well,
who asked you?

Can I leave
my cell phone number?

Oh sure, just a second.
I'll get a pencil.

I don't know what's taking Simon
so long to get home.

I know he's on restriction,
but, um...

we had to do some research
for a class...


It's my fault.
Uh... I asked him to help me.


Oh, he's on restriction,

but he's still allowed
to help people.

Oh, here he is now.

It's Claire. She said you're
helping her with some research.

So help her.


Simon, please tell me
you have some good news,

'cause I need good news
right now.

Did you find my hat?

No, I-I'm sorry, I didn't,
but I'm sure it'll turn up.

I hope so.
I really love that hat.

Why do I have a feeling this
visit isn't just about the hat?

Would you care
to step into my office?

Uh, it's okay, Reverend.

If I can just step
inside here a minute.

I-I guess I went
a little crazy

when I saw your daughter
out with my son.

And I-I guess I went
a little crazy

when I saw your son
out with my daughter.

He's too old for her.

And she's too young for him.

But young as she is, I know
she's a good person.

And I can't tell you how
grateful I am that she

broke things off with my son,

especially after I...
threatened you.

So there'll be no bookstore, no
movies, no... massage parlors?

When it comes to family,
I, I get a little nuts.

I've heard, but look, all
parents get a little nuts.

We just don't all have
your money to go nuts with.

I just want to say I was wrong
about your daughter.

You know, she even talked Jack
into asking for a transfer here

so we can be together more,
get to know each other better,

and see if we can't make that
transition from father and son

to friends, if...
if that's possible.

Sounds like a good suggestion.

You know, it-it doesn't seem
to matter how old our sons

or daughters get,
they're still our children,

and we still want
what's best for them,

and we just have to hope
they want what's best for them.

Well, I feel like an idiot
acting the way I did,

and I, I thank you for
being so understanding.

It's not a problem.
Thanks for coming by.

And, and, hey,
if you ever want

to drop by
for a Sunday service...

I might just do that some
Sunday soon. Good night.

Good night.

Uh, if you do
find the hat...

Of course.

♪& Good-bye..Good-bye ,we're
leaving you skiddlely da ♪&

♪& Good-bye, we wish von

♪& Fa da da da ♪&

Who was that?

That was Ken

with good news--
Mary broke up with Jack.

And even better, Ken thinks
that I talked her into it.

♪& Good-bye..Good-bye
,we're leaving you skiddlely da

♪& Good-bye, we wish von

Oh, this means we really should
find that hat,have you found
that hat.

♪& Good-bye, Good-bye, da da da ♪&

If it wasn't you,
then who is responsible

for getting Mary
to break up with Jack?

I'm hoping Mary.

Have you talked to Mary
since she's left?

I've called Mary,
but I haven't talked to Mary.

Well, we just heard
that she broke up with Jack.

I figured she would.

Just like I'll probably break up
with Kevin.


Because Mary and I

can't seem
to make a commitment.

We're commitment nomads running
across the desert of love.

You're not Mary, okay, Luce?

You're not Mary.
You can make a commitment.

Or you can keep looking
for reasons

not to make a commitment.

And this isn't a desert,
this is real life.

Where you going?

Oh, I'm going to study
in the garage apartment
where it's quiet.

You know, even if it's just to
study, Luce, you think it's okay

to hang out in Kevin's apartment
when Kevin's at work

and Ben's out and...?

We're all our own worst enemy.

You know that, right?

Yeah, I know that.

Hey, how was dinner?

It was great.

I had the biggest steak
on the menu.

Hey, if you spent the afternoon
in the vice principal's office

through no fault of your own,
you'd be hungry, too.

I figured I was gonna
spend the money

on a big dinner with Mary and...
Mary's not here,

and, evidently, she's not
coming back, so why not?

Why not?

I'll tell you why not,
my friend.

I just got word
that Mary and Jack broke up,

so maybe Mary will show up
on our doorstep once more.

Even if she does, this was
pretty much a farewell dinner.

I'm going back to Buffalo.

I called and begged the chief
to let me have my job back.

Don't worry.

I think we all know
he'll be back.

He just doesn't know when.

Do me a favor.
The boys are hiding a hat.

See if you can find it.

No problem.

Good night and have a safe
trip... there and back here.

Are you sure you
want to leave?

I have to.

But I'm happy
Mary broke up with Jack.

He was way too old for her.

You're not thinking
of going back

with your old
girlfriend, are ya?

I'm going to give it a shot.

Why not a new woman?

Why not put a third
choice into the mix?

Or a fourth or... fifth?

It's probably like Ruthie said.

I'm a lazy dater.

Dating has just never been
that much fun.

Even for you?

Even for me.

So when are you leaving?

Tonight, but I...

I don't want to make a big deal
out of it

or say any big good-byes
in case I do come back.


It's time for me to go home.

I understand.

Thanks for everything.

You're welcome here any time.

That's it?

We're just letting him go

knowing that Mary
and Jack broke up?

Well, maybe Mary
will learn something.

I'm not telling him not
to go to teach her a lesson,

but still, she has to learn
a few things about life

before she can be
in a relationship with Ben.


Yeah, it's me.

Simon, you have to come now.

I'm going to leave it
in the phone booth

that we talked about.

I have to go home.

Please, just wait for me
to get there.

Are you okay?

I'm not okay, I...

I want to go home.

I have to go home now.

Let me tell someone, please.

No, don't, Simon, don't.

I told you no one can know.

I was there when my mom
had a baby.

How can you just do that
on your own?

I don't have any other choice.

Are you coming or not?

Yes, I'll be there.

Don't panic.
It's okay.

But let me take you and the baby
to the hospital.


I'm not going.

I can't.

You do it.

Well, don't you want to do it?

Don't you want to make sure
your baby is safe?

I have to go.

I have to go somewhere.

I have a friend
who's in trouble.

If I don't go to help her,

I'll never be able to look
at myself in the mirror again.

I just have to give her a ride
to a safe place, okay?

That's all it is.
I'm not in any danger.

I'm not doing anything wrong
or illegal.

It's nothing like that.

I just have to help her,
and that's all there is to it.

Is this about Claire?

I'd rather not say.

Let him go.

Do you want me to go with you?

Do I want you to go with me?!

Yes, I want you to go with me,
but you can't.

I have to be a grown-up tonight.

All right, son,
but if you need me...

Are you sure we
shouldn't follow him?

We can't follow him.

All right, but I...

I... I have a feeling
we should do something.

What happened to snooping around
my apartment?

Ben talked me
out of it,

probably because he needed
a ride to the airport.

So I hear you introduced
him to Roxanne.

No, she was with me when I got
a call to go to Ruthie's school.

And then you introduced
them to each other?

She introduced herself.

Why do you keep introducing
her to every guy you know?

I don't.

Look, I can't stay.

I just came by to tell you
that I love you,

and even if you've been
with another man...

I still love you.

That won't work.

I haven't been
with another man.

That's personal information
I don't need to know.

I have to go.

This isn't over.

You have to put your pajamas on.

Come on, it's late.

Do you want the hat?

Yes, I want the hat.

That's very good.

Don't ever do it again.

Yes, ma'am.

Yes, ma'am.

"When you only have two choices,
that's called a dilemma,

"and it's hard to make
a decision

"when you feel forced
to go to this side or that side

and no place between
or beyond..."

Get in the car
and go find Simon.

Trust that Simon
will do the right thing

without you being there.

If she calls, don't say anything
to Mary about Jack.

I can't do that.

I have to tell her
how proud I am.

Sorry, I didn't want
to interrupt.

It's okay.
Come in.

I was just thinking out loud.

I talked to Mary.

She and that guy broke up,
but you know that, right?

Mrs. Camden said.

I didn't know you talked to her.

You're the one
who talked her into it?

You know Mary.

You can't really talk her
into anything

she doesn't want to be
talked into.

Is she coming home?

She still wants to live
in Fort Lauderdale

away from everyone, where she
can make her mistakes on her own

without having everyone
in the family involved.

You think she'll call?

Yeah, she'll call.

Or I could call her?


You were saying before

that's it's more of a dilemma
than a choice

if you can only do one thing
or another?

Well, yes, I did say that.

So, I'll have to come up
with some more choices.

You could write her a letter.

Well, yes, I could, but I...

don't have the address.

I don't think she'd mind
if I gave it to you.

You don't think she'd mind?

She asked me to give it to ya.


Good night.

I'm giving up,
I'm going to bed.

What are you giving up on?

On finding out
whether or not

Kevin's ever slept
with another woman.

And if he's slept
with another woman,

you're breaking up with him?

I was.

But maybe I won't.


Because I don't want him

to pack his bags and go home
like Ben.


I have a feeling
this isn't over.

I'm going to try.

Late night meeting?


I'm going to bed.

I hope I'm better
at relationships

than Mary and Lucy.

I think you will be.

So, what happened exactly
at school this afternoon

that got you that steak dinner?

My boyfriend tried to get me
to punch this girl, Linda,

because she called me
a monkey-lover.

I just walked away.

But then Ben came
to pick me up from school

and we ended up in the
vice principal's office anyway.

You know what I like
about this story?

I like that you didn't
do something

just because a boy you like
told you to do it.


I wanted to, but...

it's hard when you
have to come home

and face parents
like mine.

I love you.

I love you, too.

And don't worry.

Simon will grow up,

Lucy will end up
with Kevin,

and Mary will
come home again.

And Matt will graduate
from medical school.

So, you can go to bed and
stop worrying about that stuff.

Thanks and good night.

You're welcome
and good night.

You are keeping an eye
on Simon, right?

Well, I'm afraid this is it.

But you're going to be fine.

You're going to be just fine.

There are lots of parents
out there

who are looking for babies
just like you.

Your mom just can't take care
of you, that's all.

She wants you to have
the best life can offer--

that's a family.

I want to drop off this baby
for safekeeping.

God bless.