7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 7, Episode 21 - Life and Death: Part 1 - full transcript

Chandler's father is dying. Eric tries to get Chandler and his father to talk before he dies. Simon asks Cecilia to the prom. Ruthie has problems but does not want to talk about it. Mary has news for her father. Sarah thinks she is pregnant.

The vampire returns.



That's okay.

It doesn't hurt
half as much as

having a ten-pound baby
pulled out of you.

You a medical school student?

Yep. Me and my wife
are both med students.

We're from California.

But I'm a licensed phlebotomist;
I took the training

because I needed to get a job

to get through medical school.

And having fainted at the sight
of needles for most of my life,

I think I'm pretty good

at keeping other people
from doing the same.

Do you have any children?

No, we don't.

We thought we'd better wait
till we're out of school.

That's my wife now.


All right.

I have what I need.

Do you have everything you need?

I'm fine for now.

How did your appointment
with the witch doctor go?

My doctor had an emergency,
so I didn't get in to see her.

Are you okay?


I'm tired.

I'm stressed out
from school.

And this is the last thing
I needed, a health problem.

It's going to be fine.

It's funny you refer to this
as a health problem.

That's quite a bedside
manner you're developing.

No kissing
the patients okay?

I love you.

And I love you.

But what if?

What if I am pregnant?

Don't do that.
This is not a happy thing.

I don't want to be
pregnant right now.

That's why I'm on the pill.

Evidently I'm stronger
than any pill.

Let's hope the home
pregnancy test was wrong.

Wait, wait... which one?

The first one, or the second
one, or the third one?

Let's just go with whatever
it is and be happy about it.

I want to have children someday,

but not in the second year
of medical school.

I want to have children
any day that happens.

This would be so embarrassing.

I'm going to be a doctor,

but I don't know
where babies come from.

Oh, you know.

I have to go.
I've got class.

Wait... buy another test
on the way home.

We've done three tests already.

I'm not doing another one.

I'll see my doctor tomorrow.

What time are you going
to be home tonight?

Probably around midnight.

I'll see you then.


My son, the doctor?

Well, you want to ask me that
again in about eight years?

Well, is it a guaranteed yes?

Is anything?



What are you doing here?

What? Do I have
to have a reason?

You didn't fly all the way
to New York without a reason.

Or is it more of a mission?

What's the difference?

Well, a reason would be
you're here to see someone,

A mission would be
you're here to see someone

and get them to do something.

And I'm hoping it's not
a mission involving me.

No, of course not.

But... I am on a mission.

Who is it and what do
you want them to do?

And I caught your tone
with "of course not."

You have time for a sandwich?


Can you come back
after your mission?

How long are you
going to be here?


Well, it's my dad.

He doesn't look sick,

and I don't look happy, do I?


Find me after you
finish your mission.

Good luck.
All right.

My son the doctor. Hmm.

It's Christine, right?

We had that creative
writing class together.

I haven't seen you
since last semester.

And you probably won't.

Aren't you in theology
or something?

You're going to
be a minister.


And I'm sorry I forgot
what you're studying.

I'm going to be a teacher.

Well, I hope.

I'm just trying to make it
through this year.

Do you want a cup of coffee?

I'm studying,
but I take a break.

I can't.

I have to find a place to stay.

Everyone in our apartment
building has dogs, lots of dogs.

And the whole place is infested
with fleas.

So they're tenting it, and we
all have to leave for 48 hours.

Where is your dog?

I'm the only person
without a dog.

I walk everybody's dogs.

That's how I pay
my way though school.

So you're a dog walker.


A dog walker with no place
to stay tonight.

I've got to get going.

But it was so nice to see you.

Wait, wait.

You know, my dad's a minister,

and there are seven kids
in my family.

We're used to having a lot of
people drop in, a lot of people.

You could stay with us.

But you don't even know me.

I know you don't have
a place to stay,

and there's an empty room
in our house.


That is so nice of you.

I accept.

That's good.

Can Peter come over
for dinner?

His mom is working late.

Of course, anytime.

I don't see why his mom has
to work all the time.

Well, she's a single mom,
you know,

without any support
from Peter's dad.

They need the money.

And I think she...

works hard because
she likes her work.

It gives her dignity
and self-worth,

not to mention that she makes
a contribution

to the community
of business when she works.

Okay! Okay!

I was just thinking out loud!

Are you okay?
Yes. Are you okay?

I was, but now I'm feeling...

sort of annoyed.


By you.

I'm not sure I like
the tone in your voice.

I didn't mean anything!

Why are you always accusing me
of being in a bad mood?

You're the one
who's in a bad mood!

I think you're in a good mood.

A very good mood.

Thank you.

You have to stop him.

Why do you two keep
looking at each other?

Because we don't know
where else to look.

You... you made
your decision.

It was a good decision.

Everything's going
to be fine.

Everything's not
going to be fine.

It was not a good decision.

At least make some phone calls.

Don't you know some police
officers in New York?

Somebody at the airport?

Anyone who's anyone that can
stop him before it's too late?

Stop it!

Look, man, I'm sorry,

but he's already on his way and
we don't know how to reach him.

And even if we did, I think
you're just panicking.

Roxanne's right.
You did the right thing.

No, I didn't.

Could you get off the
phone for two seconds

so I can make
a phone call?

You're not the only one in this
house who has a life, you know!


Uh... no, we're not hanging up.

Well, it's fine with me
if we do.

We have nothing to talk about.

We do have something
to talk about.

You just talk about it.

We're not talking,
we're arguing.

It's just the prom.

It's part of being
in high school.

We're a couple in high school.
Why wouldn't we go to the prom?

It's a big waste of money, and
by the way, mostly my money.

Because the biggest expense
is a dress,

and I don't feel like spending
a lot of money

to wear a dress one time.

Not to mention the shoes

and the bag and jewelry
and the makeup and hair.

I'm not doing it.

What if I paid for it,
all of it,

since I'm the one
who wants to go?

It's just as stupid
for you to pay for it

as it is for me to pay for it.

I have to make a phone call!

Oh, hey.

Um, what's your hurry?

I want you to meet someone.

Hi. Sorry. I have
to kill someone.


Simon, this is Christine.

She's a friend
of mine from school.

She's going to be staying
with us for a couple of nights.

It's nice to meet you.

I still have to
kill someone.

What is wrong with you?

Stop saying
you have to kill someone.

That's not very nice,
and we have company.

Do you have any idea
what's wrong with Ruthie?

No, but whatever it is,

you should calm down
before you talk to her.


More like rude.

How old is he?

Too young for you.

He's 17.

Who do you think
you are grabbing

the phone
out of my hand like that?!

Someone who needed
to make a phone call!

And I made it, so you can
have your stupid phone back!

Isn't it a rule in this house
that we have to respect

each other, or at least
pretend to respect each other?!

Well, no one respects me!

No one even pretends to!


What's going on?

Go away!

Go away?

Come on, it's... it's me.

It's Simon,
your favorite sibling.

I'm the guy you shared
a room with. Let me in.

Come on.

Cecilia already
won't talk to me.

I can't take
your not talking to me, too.

Is Ruthie here?

She locked herself
in the bathroom.

Why'd she do that?

I don't know.

Are you two having a fight?

Not that I know of, no.

I'm just here for dinner.

If you ever do anything
to hurt Ruthie,

ever, I'm going
to find out about it.

I know where you live.


He's gone.

Have you been crying?

Do I look like I've been crying?

Kind of.

Well, I haven't been crying.

Stop looking at me!

I haven't been crying!

No problem.

I'm on my
way home.

I'm sorry you have
to work tonight.

I am, too. But my dad's here,

so maybe I'll get to at least
spend a few minutes with him.

Your dad is here?

Did we know he was coming?

No, I didn't know he was coming.

He's on some sort of mission.

Will he be staying with us?

Well, I don't think so. Maybe.

Why wouldn't he
be staying with us?

Did you tell him
what's going on with us?

Because I don't want
anyone to know.

No, I didn't say a word.

I barely had a chance
to say hello to him.

But you're not
going to say anything, right?

About what?

I'll see you at home.

Bring your dad
with you.

Is it "bring your family
to work" day, Camden?

Uh, no, sir.

What's your problem?

I'm just making sure
I... have the right room.

Are you Mr. Hampton?

Chandler and Sid Hampton's

He's in there.

Just got back from
having some tests done.

So go easy on him.

Mr. Hampton?


Are you Mr. Hampton?


I'm, I'm Eric Camden,
Chandler's friend.


Reverend Camden from California.

I'm so very glad to meet you.

Please, have a seat.

Feel free to take
a piece of fruit.

And please, no more Mr. Hampton.

I'm Andrew.

I want to die.

And I want to die
without seeing Chandler.

I've made a lot
of mistakes.

Too many

It's embarrassing.

So embarrassing,
I-I can't face him.

But you see Sid?


I can face Sid.

I can even laugh with Sid.

You want to know why?


Sid's just like me.

He's made mistakes.

Too many mistakes.

And we're on equal ground,
Sid and me.

He understands me.

And Chandler...

He's nothing like me at all.

I don't think he's ever made
a mistake in his life.

Well, he-he's a smart kid.

He's got more self-respect
than any man I ever met.

When he decided to
continue on with his studies

after I cut him
out of my fortune,

I realized that he's got
something I'll never have:



don't you want him to know
that's what you think of him?

Why don't you tell him?

And tell him I love him.

Thanks for stopping by,



I really need to get
some rest now, my friend.


Oh, I hope I didn't keep you
from coming back into your room.

Yeah, you did.

Guy's got more visitors than
the Empire State Building.

Wouldn't you think
he'd have a private room?

What do I look like,
a hospital administrator?

How the hell should I know?


I just got your message.

What's the emergency?

You know what?

The Camdens need cell phones.

All the Camdens?

No, not all of them.

Well, just Reverend Camden.

It's been offered.

He-he doesn't want one.

Well, he needs one.

If there's an emergency,
how are we gonna reach him?

Eric has always felt
that everyone would think

everything was an emergency,

and people would call him
24 hours a day.

Eric does not want a cell phone.

Yeah, well, it's dangerous
him not having a cell phone.


I'll tell you what's dangerous,

this conversation.

Mind if I
join you?

What's going on?

I just didn't feel like
sitting around

with Roxanne, Lucy,
a girl from Lucy's class,

Ruthie and Cecilia.

Where's Peter?

He's with the twins.

Are you two fighting?

I'm not
having a fight.

I'm just
sick of him.

Maybe you're spending
too much time together.

Hang out with us.

Do you have
a boyfriend?

Yeah, I have
a boyfriend.

Do I know him?

No. He's not
in school.

What does he do?

Oh. He's a cop.

What division?

You know, Roxanne's in the
police force and so is Kevin.

Maybe they know him.
What's his name?

Your husband is a policeman?

So am I, yeah. What's his name?

Oh. I don't know
if I should say anything.

You know, maybe he doesn't want
everyone to know we're dating.

Why not?

Is he married?

No, he's not married.

But we just
started dating and...

Come on. I won't
say anything to anyone.

Who is he?


And that's all I'm saying.

Why aren't you
speaking to Simon?

I'm speaking to him.

You didn't speak to him
at all during dinner.

He's bugging me about the prom.

Why don't you want
to go to the prom?

Because you have to buy
a dress and shoes,

and then there's the hair
and the makeup.

And for what?

To dance in a gym?

It's not worth it.

Mike Cain?

She doesn't want to say.

Oh, come on. Is it?

No, it's not.


Why does Simon
want to go to the prom?

He thinks it's part of
the high school experience.

I didn't go to my prom,
junior year or senior year.

No one asked me.

No one asked me, either.

Same with me.

Why didn't you
ask a guy to take you?

'Cause I was afraid
of being turned down.

So was I.

Me, too.

I'm going to go to the kitchen.

Does anyone want anything?

Maybe some more chips.

And unless anyone else wants it,

that half a hamburger
left over from dinner?



Who do we know named Mike?

Mike Cain.
Who else?

Mike Smith.
Who else?

Why you asking?

Did Mike Morrow
ever get divorced?

I have no idea.

Who is it?


Has anyone there heard
from Reverend Camden?

Not that I know of, no.

Are you, uh, coming by
my house tonight?

Not tonight, but maybe you can

take me out for dinner
tomorrow night.

I just feel like
being with you tonight.

Why Associate Pastor Hampton,
what are you saying?

I'm saying that it's a good
thing that I'm distracted

by Reverend Camden
going to see my dad.

Otherwise, I'd be
going insane right now.

Does that mean
you think you're sane?


I just need to see you.

I don't usually hang out
with grown men,

so I don't know the rules.

But are we supposed
to just ignore the fact

that he's embarrassing himself?
If we can.

Roxanne wants
to ask you something.

What about Mike Tortarichi?

I have no idea.

I have to go.

I wouldn't bother.

I think she's lying.

You could be right.

I think she's weird.

Hey, aren't we supposed
to like everyone?

Aren't we supposed
to suspect everyone?

Ask her some stuff.

I can't do that.
Christine is Lucy's friend.

Believe me, every friend
we've ever had in this house

has something wrong with them.

Maybe this Mike guy is the key.


Hey, Ruthie, is Dad there?

Dad's in New York.

In New York, New York?

Yes, New York, New York.

You don't have to snap at me.
I was just asking.

Why is he in New York?

Why do you want to know?

Hey, what is with you?

What is with you?

What do you mean what's with me?

I mean you called
looking for Dad,

so obviously something is wrong.

I'd like to stay and color
with you guys,

but your mom says it's bedtime.

Good night.

Good night, Peter.

Good night, Peter.

Can you stay over?

You could sleep
on the floor.

It's very comfortable.

I can't.

Thanks. Good night.

Can you come over tomorrow
and play?

I'll try.

But I don't know,
depends on Ruthie.

Good night.

Get away. Shoo!

She won't hurt you.

Happy's very friendly.


She won't hurt anyone.

I know that.

Good night.

How long have you
known Christine?

She was in some
of my classes.

And why is she
staying here?

Everyone else in her apartment
building owns dogs

and the place got
infested with fleas,

so it has to be tented
for 48 hours.

She pays her way through college
by walking her neighbor's dogs.

She's a dog walker?

Are you sure?

Why do you ask?

No reason.

She just doesn't seem like
a dog walker to me.

I'm leaving now.


Can I talk to you?

Is there something going on
with Ruthie

other than she's tired of Peter?

Not that I know of.

I hope you feel
better tomorrow.

I feel fine.

Maybe I've been coming
over here too much.

I get the feeling that you don't
want to hang out with me.

Unless it's something else.

Something you don't want
to talk about.


Maybe which?

Maybe both.

Good night.

It's probably time
for me to go home, too,

before Simon gets here.

I thought Kevin and Chandler
would be home before now.

Chandler is not coming home
with Kevin, is he?

Probably, since he
knows you're here.

Maybe I should get going, too.

Are you avoiding Chandler?

He's just a little
intense right now.

And, besides, playing hard
to get is working for me.

Good night.

But, what about... you know?

The key to being a good
investigator is patience.

Good night.


She wants to find out
who Mike is.

And you want to find out
who Mike is, too?

I doubt it.

Is there something going on
with you and Peter?

The last time I'm saying it.

No! Nothing is going on!

We can go home now.

Son... son.

That's my son.

Didn't you forget something?

You told the woman having
the ten-pounder

you'd stop by to see
how she's doing.


Well, how's she doing?

Mm... lousy.

I'll be right back.

And don't believe a word any
of these women say about me.

Oh, he's so nice,
we just love him.

I can believe that.

His wife's nice, too.

Yeah, I can't wait
to see her.

Good night, Grandpa.



It's me, Grandma.

Hey, you.

What do you mean Grandma?

Well, Matt's coming.

I have to go.

We're going to be grandparents.

I have to go.

What, you can't take even
one night away from Lucy?

Sure, but I have to get some
sleep at some point.

If I'd known you were
going to bail out on me,

I would have tried talking
Simon into hanging around.

I don't think you could.
He was bored.

Oh, finally.

Is that Eric?

Good night.

Nice guy?

What, are you kidding?

He's not a nice guy.


No, no.

It's impossible.

Oh, no, you caught me.

I'm so embarrassed.

I forgot my robe.

Please, you don't have to.


I have three sisters.

I don't get embarrassed
that easily.

Can I get you some more milk?


I love being in a kitchen
where there are

actual home-baked cookies
and cold whole milk.

It's heaven.

And it's nothing
like living alone.

So... I hear you want to go
to prom, but Cecilia doesn't.


So she won't talk to me...

but she'll talk to you.

Here, why don't you
put this on?

You'll be a lot warmer...

and less visible.



You know, maybe I will.

You know, I never

had the opportunity
to go to my own prom.

So, it's hard for me
to understand

Cecilia's feelings about this.

I mean, proms are so magical,

don't you think?

Oh, I don't know.

That's why I want to go.

Poor Simon.

Hi, wife.

Hi yourself,

I missed you.

I had no idea
I'd be gone this long.

Did you really miss me?

No? Is the honeymoon over?

Of course not.

I would have been here sooner,
but your dad only just called.

Chandler's been going out of his
mind waiting to hear from him.

How'd it go?

I didn't stick around
to find out.

You know, if you ever
want to make detective,

you're going to have to get
a whole lot nosier.

How was your night?

It was okay.

Oh, I haven't
talked to you all day.

I have a friend of mine
from school

staying in the house
for a couple of nights.

Her apartment's being fumigated.

Is she the one dating Mike?

You didn't know
Roxanne called me?

No, but I knew she and Ruthie
were up to something.

Do you know Christine?

I didn't even know
her name was Christine.

I just knew
someone was dating Mike.

I don't know what Mike,
and I don't really care.

Neither do I, but it's
driving Roxanne crazy.

Speaking of which, Roxanne
is driving Chandler crazy.

Do you have anything
to do with that?

I have no idea
what you're talking about.


Luce, we have to talk.

It's Mary.


Yeah, I'm here.

Want to say hello to Kevin?

Good night, Mary.

Yeah, good night.

How are you?

I'm lousy.

I've done something really,
really stupid.


Never mind what.

I need to talk to dad.

Where in New York is he?

I would guess he's at Matt's.


Don't tell mom I called.

I didn't sleep all night.

Why didn't you call me back?

Well, I couldn't.
I was with Matt and Sarah.

They told you,
but they can't tell me?

No, no.

They didn't tell me;
one of the nurses told me.

Oh, I just can't believe it.

Neither can I.

No, I mean, I don't believe it.

You-you've got to ask Matt.

Well, I-I can't do that.

I mean, we have to let Matt
tell us in his own way.

You know, maybe they're waiting
for a certain time to pass.

You know, I-I just find it odd
that they would choose

to have a baby at the second
year of medical school.

No, it was odd
that they-they got married

the summer before
medical school.

Well, that's true,
but still, I...

Look, I have to go.

I'm-I'm-I'm coming home
this afternoon,

and I didn't make much progress
with Chandler's dad yesterday.

Although, I have to say,
after the terrifying way

that Chandler described him,
you wouldn't believe

what a sweet man he is.

Maybe I'll just call Sarah
and, you know, hint around

and see if she'll
tell me anything.

I'll bet they're waiting
to tell us together.

Well, they can tell us together
over the phone.

I want to know now.

All right, I'll see
what I can do. Love you.

I love you, too.

If I don't talk to you again

before I get to the airport,
don't worry.

No, you'll-you'll
talk to me again

before you go to the airport.

I'll-I'll try.

No, you'll promise.

I promise.


What's going on?
Did you and Cecilia make up?


But I think
I found a compromise.

What would that be?

Uh, I want Cecilia to be

the first to know, but I got
the whole thing figured out.

What's for breakfast?

Well, any cereal
in the cabinet that you want.


I was just walking by, and...

and I was hoping we could talk.

I'm sorry I was so mean to you

That's okay.

Sometimes that happens
with girls.

Sometimes what happens?

Girl stuff happens.

stuff happens.

Well, this is certainly awkward.

It's life, honey.

There's nothing awkward
about it.

At least not for me.

My mom and I talk about
everything, even this stuff.

Can I get you anything?

Do anything for you?

Hey. Come here.


Did you see your doctor?

I don't have to.

This morning.

Oh, well, perhaps another time.

In a couple years,
when we're ready,

and it's a planned pregnancy.

I have to say, that sounds
a little different

than what you were saying

Don't get me wrong.

Whenever you're pregnant,
I'll be thrilled.

But I'd rather be thrilled
when we're out of school,

working and have
money in the bank.

Me, too.

I'm sorry I scared you.

It's okay.

I'm sorry you were scared.



I was thinking I'd go to Florida

this weekend with my family.

Well, fine.

Fine. Maybe I'll-I'll go home
with my dad for a few days.

Just because
I'm going to Florida?

No, I don't mind
if you go to Florida.

But were you gonna go to Florida
if you were pregnant?


What, because you want
to tell them without me?

It's kind of a moot point
since we aren't pregnant.

And what would be
so wrong with that anyway,

since they might not be
as thrilled as you were?

What would be wrong with it is,
is that I want to be there.

And by the way,
I-I told you I'd be thrilled.

But you didn't mean it.

If we're going to communicate,

we have to say what we mean
and mean what we say.

You know, it's nice
that I'm working full-time

and going to school while
you sit around reading Oprah.

Wait, that-that is a quote
from Dr. Phil, isn't it?

If you don't have time
to read Oprah,

then how would you know that?

Maybe because you hang out

in the nurses' station
looking at Oprah with them,

yet you don't have time
to read Oprah with me.

Okay, okay, let's not do this.

Let's not get into a fight.

Especially about Oprah.

And especially not
while my dad's here.

You didn't tell your dad,
did you?

Of course I didn't tell my dad.

I would never
tell my dad without you.

I'll talk
to you later.

It's so cliché.

The supply room.

Why don't you try your bedroom?

What are you
doing here?

I came to say good-bye.

I'm going to New York.

So Reverend Camden
talked your dad into seeing you?


But I'm going anyway.

Well, I'll be here waiting
for you when you get back.

When you say you'll be waiting
here for me when I get back...

I'll pick you up at the airport.

Hmm. And then...

I'll take you home.

Well, as soon as
I get back from New York,

I have something
I want to ask you.

Something I've been wanting to
ask you since Valentine's Day.

Uh, good-bye.


Wish me luck,
I'm going to need it.

Good luck.

He didn't get drafted, did he?

No. He's on his way
to see his dad.


I looked up all the
Mikes on the force.

Tell me if you
know any of them.

We don't have time for this.

If I were you,
I'd make time for this.

I don't know who Lucy's friend
Christine is,

but whoever she is,
she's a liar.

He's got a plane to
catch this afternoon.

I just need you to do this
for me one more time.

I can't.

I-I'm too weak.

I'm sorry, Mr. Hampton.

How's $1,000?

In cash?

I'm feeling much better.

All you got to do is keep him

from encouraging my son
from coming back here.

I'll do my best.



is there a bonus
if he doesn't show up?

I just wanted
to see if you wanted

to go to
the library with me.

No, thanks.

But I've got
some studying to do here.

Cecilia and Simon,

have they been
going out for very long?

Almost a year.

Well, the entire school year.

You're not thinking of...

You wouldn't
go out with...

What I'm trying to ask you is:

You wouldn't break up a high
school boy and his girlfriend

when you already have
a boyfriend

who's a grown man and a cop,
would you?

What do you think, I'm nuts?


I'm sorry. I-I don't know why
I jumped to that conclusion.

I feel like such an idiot.

You and Simon dating.

Wow, where would I get
such a crazy idea like that?

I don't know.

I mean, just because we're
going to the prom together,

doesn't mean we're dating.

I can't afford to be a woman.

I think they're cheaper
at the grocery store.

I think you know too much.

Do you want me to wait outside?

I think it's a little late
for that.

Besides, it's no big deal.

If it's no big deal,
why can't you

tell someone in your family,
like your mom?

Because to her, it's a big deal.

There'll be tears, laughter,
presents, a special dinner.

I don't want that.

Peter, hi.

Hey, Peter, this is
not your usual brand.

Are you sure this
is what you want?

I'm not shopping for my mom,
but thanks for caring.

No problem.

Oh, my mistake, Miss Camden.

Ah, that's $7.49, dear.

Thank you.



Bye, now.

How was it?


Baby okay?

Yeah, I'm expecting him

to take his first steps
any minute.

Can I just take
a phone call in here?



I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, too.

I love you.

I love you, too.

I have to go.

I have another call.

I'll talk to you later.


Careful. That's
how I got here.

Oh, I'm-I'm fine.

Yeah, I'll feel better
when Eric gets home.

How are things there?

Everything is great.

We had so much fun
with Eric last night.

We stayed up way too late
catching up.

Oh, you should be
getting your sleep.

I'm getting used to no sleep.

It's okay.

No, no, still...

I'm sorry, Annie,
my battery is going out.

Did you need me
to tell Eric anything?

Did you know that...

Matt and Sarah are pregnant.

I wasn't supposed to know,
but dad found out, and, well...

Well, are you sure?

That doesn't sound like
something Matt and Sarah

would do going into
their second year of med school.

Well, maybe it wasn't planned.

I mean, sometimes birth control
doesn't work.

There are surprises in life,
wonderful surprises.

What do you mean, sometimes
the birth control doesn't work?

I got pregnant
with the twins on the pill.

You know, it happens.

Anyway, don't tell anyone.

We have to let Matt and Sarah
tell us when they're ready.

The 12th.

There are surprises in life,

wonderful surprises.