7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 7, Episode 14 - Smoking - full transcript

Eric tries to help Chandler after the young minister learns that his father is dying of lung cancer, but Chandler rejects Eric's aid and pushes him away. Lucy accepts a date with Chandler's chain-smoking tattooed brother Sid (guest star Jason London) in order to make Kevin jealous enough to propose to her. Elsewhere, Annie is shocked when she finds a pack of cigarettes in Simon's bedroom. Lastly, Ruthie's friend Peter begs her to lie and not tell his mother that he smokes.

Okay, I'll bite.

What's wrong?

Upset there's no leap year?

Next week is
Valentine's Day,

and I still don't have
a ring on my finger.

When is Kevin going to
ask me to marry him? When?

You should relax.

He's going to ask.

Yeah, that's what I thought
three months ago,

and yet, no ring, no proposal.

You think he's staying
at our house for the low rent?

He's going to ask you.

How do you know?

Have you seen him lately?

He's totally stressed out.

Yeah, he's a police officer.

Hey, we both know dating you

is way more stressful
than getting shot at.

And asking you
to get married

has to be more stressful
than dating you.

If he's stressed,
it's you not the job.

He's going to ask you,
unless you scare him off

by putting too much pressure
on him to ask you.

I'm not going to scare him off.

And he obviously needs pressure

or he already
would have asked me.

I'm going to miss Kevin.

Where is Kevin going?

If you don't relax
and back off,

I'm guessing he's going
far, far away from you.

Kevin, are you up there?


What are
you doing

in Kevin's apartment?
He was just
helping me

with a paper.
He left to go run some errands.

I smell smoke.

I don't smell anything.

No, I definitely
smell something.

It's piney...

air freshener...

smoky pine air freshener.

And it's
coming from

Kevin's apartment
where you just were.


You're not smoking, are you?

Right, like I'd smoke.

I'm not stupid, Mom.

I'm not smoking.

Do you smell smoke?

You think I'm smoking?

No, I don't think
you're smoking.

But, you think
someone is smoking.

I think... your friend
Peter's waiting.

Let's go.

Hi, guys.


our kiss?


We like Kevin.


I like Kevin, too.

Then marry him.

Yeah, marry him.

He hasn't asked me yet.


Did you pay them to say that?

No, I didn't pay them
to say that.

They're children;
they're naturally curious.

But since the boys
brought it up,

I was thinking, now, there's
no pressure, but, um...

There's nothing but pressure.

Everyone in this house
is asking me

when I'm going to ask you
to be my wife.

Well, that's not my fault.

They're asking
because you want to know.

How do you know that?

Because after they ask me
when I'm gonna ask you,

I ask them why they're asking,

since it's nobody's business
but yours and mine.

And they tell me
that they're asking

because you're
driving them nuts, too.

Will you just throttle back
and let me surprise you?


Surprise me.

But whatever you're doing
better be fantastic.

Because if I've waited
all this time for a proposal

over a burger and a Coke
at the Dairy Shack,

I'm going to be very upset.

She's crazy.


But I love her.

We love her, too.
We love her, too.





I was just
wondering something.

What in the world
do you think you're doing?

I'm smoking.


Yeah, you want
to bum a cigarette?

No, I certainly don't
want to bum a cigarette.

When did you start smoking?


It's a hell of a habit to break.

And when did you get
that motorcycle?

Well, not that
it's any of your business,

but about a year ago.

And the tattoo,
when did you get the tattoo?

I was young and in love...

and really drunk.


like it or not,

until I get back--

and I'm not saying
I'm gonna come back--

but until that time,

you are the leader of
the Glenoak Community Church.

So you have to care about
the image that you portray

to the community and
you have to care about

how the community... feels
about you and your actions.

When you took an
oath to serve God...


Yes, God.

Reverend Camden!

Hey, Sid.

Uh, you know this weirdo?

This weirdo is my boss,

Reverend Eric Camden.

Reverend Camden,
this is my brother, Sid.


I didn't know.

Reverend Camden, I
should have known.

So this is the guy
that hates your guts?


I'm sorry, I didn't know
Chandler had a twin.

Continue smoking.

What about the tattoo?

The... Huh?

Just kidding.

So... Sid, what-what
brings you to Glenoak?

My motorcycle.

And I needed to
talk to Chandler.

That's a long way to go
for a conversation.

Yeah, well, it's not your
normal, everyday conversation.

Our father just...

He came to talk to me
about some family business.

Some private
family business.

Reverend Camden.



Where are you off to?


I'll be home late; I'm
working a double today.

I need the
extra money.

What's wrong?

Nothing. It's just that
you've been so busy with school

and work that we haven't
really talked in a while.


I'm not smoking.

Smoking is stupid and unhealthy.

I don't smoke, and I don't hang
out with people who do, okay?

Just trust me.

I don't believe you.

I want to believe you,

but I know what I smelled,
and it was cigarette smoke.


Just tell me the truth.

I'm telling
you the truth.

I'm not smoking.

And I'm late.

I have to go.

I loved that movie.

The animation
was so cool.

What about the violence
and the fact that

almost every character smoked,
even the hero?

If you call a gassy cockroach
who smokes and drinks a hero.

You so didn't get this movie.

I don't want to get it.

Smoking is stupid
and so is drinking.

And the people who
made that movie

are just trying to make bad
behavior look cool, look okay,

so kids like us will watch it
and think that

doing things like smoking
and drinking is okay.

It's not.

It's just a movie.

Yeah, but lots of kids
watch that stuff,

and they think that whatever
the cockroach does is okay.

Not every kid
is as smart as you and me.

You do think

that smoking and drinking
is stupid, right?

Yeah, yeah.


Now that we've got that settled,
let's go get a burger.

My treat.

I'm back in town.

I know, Roxanne
called me.

I knew she was going
to tell you I was back.

And why didn't you
tell me you were back?

I didn't want
to bother you.



I'm here to train a rescue dog,

and then I'm taking him
back to Buffalo with me.

I figured, with the engagement
and all, you were busy.

I haven't asked Lucy yet.


I'll ask the questions.

So, where you staying?

In a house.

Whose house?
A friend's.

A girl friend or a guy friend?

Okay, her name is Betty.

I knew it.

You know nothing.

So what's wrong with Betty?


You've never picked
good girlfriends.


There's always something wrong
with the women you pick.

What about Mary?

I rest my case.

You didn't tell me

you were here
because you didn't want me

to meet your new girlfriend.


Just tell me
what's wrong with her.

There's nothing wrong with her.

She's perfect.
I mean, she's beautiful.

So why have you been hiding
Miss Perfect/Beautiful from me?

You can meet her

if you want to meet her.

I want to meet her.
Then meet her.

Meet us tonight
at the Promenade.

See for yourself,
she's great.

I'm not hiding anything.

You are such a bad liar.

I'm not back.

Well, back in the building,
that's a start.

You look great.
How's the, um...

Look, I don't want
to talk about me.

I want to talk about Chandler.


Do you think I hate Chandler?

Do I have to answer
that question?

I don't want to.

Because you won't like
the answer.

Okay, let's table
the hate thing.

Look, I met his brother today,

and I just had
this feeling

that something's
going on

with his family,
with his father,

and since you hired him,
I thought you might know.

I don't know anything
about Chandler's brother

or why he's in town.

But I know why
he's in town.

I'll let you two talk.

Now, I saw that look
in your eyes,

and I just knew you
weren't going to let it go.

Let what go?

It's killing you, isn't it?

You are dying to know
why my brother's in town.

No, here, no, no, let me
make it easy for you.

My brother's in town to try
to get me to make peace

with my dad,
who after smoking three packs

of unfiltered cigarettes a day
for the past 30 years,

has been diagnosed
with lung cancer, terminal.

I bet you're curious about
my brother, too, aren't you?

Well, yeah, but I...

You don't have to...
No, no, no, no,
I'd be glad

to tell you about my brother.

Uh, let's see, uh...

he's AA and NA,

and, well, just about
everything else

that ends in an "A,"

and until a few years ago,

he had a lot of problems
with drugs and alcohol.

But now he's clean and sober.

So, to wrap
it all up,

my father's dying,
and my brother

is a recovering drug addict
and alcoholic.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I, uh...

think Roxanne's waiting for me
in the parking lot.

We've got a lunch date.

Look, I'm sorry

about your father.

If you... need to talk
to anyone...

You want to help me?

What, you want me
to talk to you?


yeah, I... I'd, uh, like
to help you if-if I can.

Help me...

You don't even like me.

Do you think I
hate Chandler?


You don't even know
who Chandler is.

He's the man
who took Daddy's job.

That's why Daddy
hates him.

Well, he didn't take
Daddy's job.

Daddy quit.

Then, why do you hate him?

Yeah, why?

Daddy doesn't hate anyone.

Do you think I hate Chandler?

I don't. I-I don't
hate anyone.

Do you mind?

No, I don't mind.

Are you alone?

Alone, as in...?

Are you waiting
for your boyfriend?


Hey, watch it,
I'm engaged.

That is the smallest
engagement ring

I have ever seen.

Okay, I'm almost engaged.

Good, then I still
have time.

No, you're too late.

I'm in love.

With me?

That's great.

Chandler, what is
wrong with you?

Why are you
acting so weird?

You know Chandler?

Yes, I know you, Chandler.

Stop it.

I'm not Chandler.

I'm his brother, Sid.

Not Chandler?

Twin brother.

I'm visiting.

And you are...?


Lucy Camden.

Lucy Camden.

Almost engaged to Kevin.

Third eldest child
of Annie and Eric,

older brother Matt,
older sister Mary,

younger sister Ruthie,

younger brothers Simon,
Sam and David.

Yeah, Chandler writes a lot.

A lot about your family,

What does he say about me?

I'll tell you

if you have dinner
with me tonight.

I can't have dinner with you.

I'm almost engaged.

Are you sure?

I'm sure that I'm
almost engaged,

and I'm sure that I can't
have dinner with you.

It was nice
meeting you, Sid.

Well, I'm staying

with Chandler if you change
your mind about tonight.

I'm not going to change my mind.


I want to tell
you something.

I lied to you earlier.

About what?

I don't think smoking's stupid.


Because I smoke.

Not all the time.

Just when I'm with these friends
who smoke, I smoke, too.

You're 12.

I'll be 13 next month.

Like that makes it okay.

Where do you get the cigarettes?

There's a store down on Fifth

where the clerks don't care
how old you are,

and there's
lots of places

that have cigarette

and nobody's
watching those.

Some of the guys steal
cigarettes from their parents.

You shouldn't make

a big deal out of it,
it's just smoking.

You're 12 years old,
and you smoke.

That's a very big deal.

What's a big deal?

What's a big deal?

Ruthie has this paper

due on Monday
for English,

and she hasn't even
started it yet.


Oh, well, then,
I should get you home

so you can finish your paper.

Come on, I'm double-parked.

I'm sorry I've been
a little crazy

about your asking
me to marry you.

And I'm gonna stop
being so crazy.

I know you're gonna ask me,

and I'm gonna sit back
and wait and be surprised.

What brought on
this new attitude?

A very strange encounter
at the Promenade.

Did you know Chandler
has a twin brother?

What's Chandler's brother like?


He asked me out.


I just said another man
asked me out

and flirted with me
and looked at me in a way

that guys that like you
look at you.

What is wrong with you?

You caught me
in the church

just talking to Chandler,
and you went crazy.

Now I tell you his very sexy,
very gorgeous brother

asked me out,
and you're just gonna sit there

with that goofy smile
on your face?

Don't you care?

I trust you.

And I trusted that you
would be insanely jealous

when I told you about Sid.

So you know what?

I'm gonna call Sid-- that's
his name, the very sexy guy

who flirted with me
and asked me out--

I'm gonna call him,
and I'm gonna go out with him.

So there! Now do you care?

Is this you being less crazy?

You didn't have to walk me
to the door.

You should go--
your mom is waiting.

You're angry at me, aren't you?

Lots of kids smoke.

It's no big deal.

It's a big deal to me.

And I don't like lying
to your mom.

You weren't lying, you just...

weren't telling her
what you knew.

A lie is a lie,
and a liar is a liar,

and a smoker is a smoker.

Look, I like you,
but I'm not quitting, okay?

I like doing it,
and I like my friends who smoke.

We can't be friends anymore.


I don't want to hang out
with kids who smoke,

even kids I really,
really, really like.

And I like you,
but I don't like smokers.



Me, too.


Don't tell my mom, okay?

She'll ground me
for the rest of my life

if she knows I'm smoking.

Come on, promise you won't tell.

Okay, I won't tell.

Oh, great.

What's going on?

I-I need to
talk to you.

Let me guess.

You want to talk about my dad.

Why don't you leave it alone?

Why don't you leave me alone?

I can't.



I don't hate you.

Oh, I get it.

I don't know why
I didn't see it before.

Ever since I came

to town, you've been trying
to find my Achilles heel.

Now you think you've found it.

You think you've
found my weakness,

my flaw.

It's my relationship
with my dad.

My dear old dad who, uh,
cut me off financially

as soon as I told him
that I wanted to study religion.

My dear old dad
who returned

every letter that I sent him
and my mom unopened.

My dear old dad who I haven't
spoken to in years,

because the last time
I spoke to him,

he told me what a huge
disappointment I am to him.

I'm sorry
if you think that, but...

You must love this.

Uh, you misunderstand, please...

What now?
You just thought

that after treating me
like a leper

for a couple of months,
you could just come in and say,

"Okay, now we're best friends."

Or colleagues?

Or you just thought
that if I needed a shoulder

to cry on, which I don't,

that I would choose
your shoulder?

I'm sorry that we haven't
been that close,

and I take some responsibility
for that.

Some responsibility?

Okay, okay,
why don't we all just...

Look, if my brother,
who I love,

can't get me to make peace
with my dying dad,

then what chance
do you have?

I really just want to help you.

No, you don't.

You just want to feel superior.

You want me to feel weak.

You want me to feel
like I need you

and that you
don't need me.

You don't like me.

And I'm tired of trying
to get you to like me.


I am staying in Glenoak.

I'm gonna continue
to work at the church.

And I hope you come back,
and I hope

that we can find a way
to work together,

but please don't...
let's don't stand here,

two men of God,

pretending to be something
that we're not...

just friends.

It's a little too sacrilegious
for my taste.

Don't worry about me

or me and my dad or my family,

because, Reverend Camden,
I don't need you.

I don't need my father.

Let's go.

I-I... I-I, I
don't hate him.

I don't, I...

I'm not a bad person.

Well, then, maybe you need
to find a better way

of showing that to him

and to others because
from where I'm standing

and everyone's standing...

well, let's just say
Chandler has a point.

Are you sure you're okay?

Yes, I'm fine.

Well, you don't sound fine.

Do you want me to come over?

Oh, no, really.

I'm fine, I...

I'm not that close to my dad.

I mean,
I'm sorry that he's dying,

but it's...

I'm handling it.

I meant are you okay
about Reverend Camden?

I'm not that close
to him either.

Uh, but I'm handling that, too.

Really, I'm fine.

Well, I still think I should
come over so we can talk.

Uh, no, I... I've got some work
here I've got to take care of

and then I got to head home.

My brother has a semi-date
with Lucy.

Hope he doesn't
start drinking again.

Wow, you really don't like her.

Well, she didn't like me first.

Yeah, well, that doesn't justify
you not liking her.

Yes, it does.

I'll call you later.

No, do like this.

What are you doing?


Yeah, smoking.

Hey, Rev.


I'm taking
Lucy out.

You do know
she's almost engaged, right?

Yeah, I know, I'm not
going to cause any trouble.

It's just that I
didn't really want

to hang out with
Chandler tonight.

Family always gets to
him, especially our dad.

Oh, and
don't worry,

I do know that the only reason
Lucy wants to go out with me

is to make her
boyfriend jealous.

And you're okay with that?

Yeah, it beats sitting at home
watching my brother implode.

Ask me.

I know you want to.

Chandler probably
wouldn't want us

talking about your family.

Look, I didn't just come
here to take Lucy out.

I wanted to
talk to you.

Look, somebody needs
to get through to Chandler,

and if I can't, maybe you can.

To understand Chandler,
you have to understand

that growing up in our
dad's house wasn't easy.

I mean,
he expected a lot from us,

but what he expected the most
was for us to be just like him.

The only problem was I
didn't want to be like him

and neither
did Chandler,

but our old man really
never cared what we wanted,

only what he wanted, so...

he pushed and he pushed
until he finally got his way--

me working for him
and Chandler studying business.

But all the pushing
in the world

couldn't make
us live a life

that neither of
us wanted to live.

So, you know, I found
it hard to say no

to my dad,
so I took the easy way out.

I drowned myself
in alcohol and drugs,

got myself fired,
ironically by my dad,

who forced me into the job
in the first place,

but Chandler chose another
form of rebellion--

belief, faith, love, religion,

all the things
that my dad neither understands

nor respects.

And when Chandler
defied him--

and that's definitely
how my father saw it,


he took away his support,
his money.

But Chandler didn't care.

He enrolled in Kobel anyways.

He survived, did
what he could.

He got student loans,
took two jobs, whatever it took,

and since then he and my dad
have barely spoken.

And just so
you know,

I don't blame my dad
for my drug use

or any of the problems
I've had in my past.

He didn't force me to
take drugs or to drink.

It was my decision, my problem.

Look, I don't really like my dad
that much,

but a few years ago
I made my peace with him.

I just want to see
Chandler have the same chance

before it's too late.

I had no idea.

Well, isn't
that a choice?

I mean, correct me if I'm wrong,

but you're not that crazy about
my brother being here, right?

It's more complicated than that.

Then un-complicate it.

Help him,
talk to him.

That is what you minister
people do, right?

Y-Yeah, but, uh...

Chandler doesn't want
help from me.

And whose
fault is that?

Look, it's not
rocket science.

Chandler and I
both have issues

with male authority
figures, father figures.

It's pretty easy for
him to push you away.

What do you want me to do?

Push back.

Help him.

My brother needs you,
Reverend Camden.

Uh... you know, this may be
none of my business,

uh, but...

considering your father
is dying of lung cancer,

do you think maybe
it's time you quit smoking?

I've tried a million times.

I just can't.

Why don't you try
a million and one times?

You mean now?

I'll go get Lucy.

this is Betty.

this is Kevin.

I'm glad to finally meet you.

Ben and I met at the airport,
uh, a couple of weeks ago

and I've heard a lot
about you.

Uh, I figured
we'd just

grab a burger
at the Dairy Shack.

That'll give us
a chance to talk.

Uh, shall we?

Do you mind?

Are you still there?

Mrs. Petrowski,
are you still there?

Did you just say
that Peter smokes?


He's only 12.

I promised him I wouldn't tell
you, but he can't keep smoking,

and if he hangs out
with those other boys,

he's going to keep smoking
and maybe worse.

I couldn't get him to stop,
but maybe you can.

Oh, I can get him to stop.

Guess what?


I lied.

I'm not fine.

I thought I was
fine... till I, uh,

was driving
home tonight

and this car pulled
up next to me.

Inside the car, uh,

this dad was
yelling at his son.

And that's when
it... hit me.

My dad isn't even going
to be around anymore

to yell at me...

or to tell me
that I'm wasting my life or...

to tell me what a huge
disappointment I am to him.

My dad's dying.

I know.

And I don't know
what to do about it.

I know.

Excuse me.

Can you please put out
your cigarette?

I'm allergic.

Um, no,

I couldn't.

Thanks for asking, though.

they always think

that they own the air.

It's so weird.

Wait, hold on,
also, just so you know,

thanks to you non-smoking nuts,

in California the new
smoking section is the outdoors,

so get used to it.


Hey, y-you know,
as an American citizen,

it's my God-given right
to smoke wherever I want to.

But isn't it

other people's right not
to breathe in secondhand smoke?

Oh, like secondhand smoke
is gonna kill you.

Actually, according to the
American Lung Association

and the Surgeon General,

that's exactly what
secondhand smoke does.


You know, I'm gonna
go check my messages.

I'm expecting a call.

Don't be so judgmental.

So she smokes.
So what?

It doesn't make her
a bad person.

This is why I didn't want you
to meet her.

This is why I didn't tell you
I was in town.

You always hate my girlfriends.

You always find fault with them.

That's because you pick
really bad girlfriends.

You know, I tried
to get the messages

off my machine
and it's just not picking up.

You don't think that, like,
someone broke into the house

and that's why it's not
picking up, do you?

No, but do you want to go?

Kevin, you should come with us.

Betty's got this great place.

We can all go hang out
and talk some more.



I'm sure
there's a logical reason

why your machine
didn't pick up.

Fire started with a lit
cigarette in an ashtray.

Hey, Ben.

I guess I didn't put out
that cigarette before we left.

All my clothes.

E-Everything is gone.

Oh, stop your whining.

I lost my stuff, too.

Yeah, but you
started the fire.

It was an

I'm just glad nobody got hurt.

Your house is gone.

Oh, it's not my house.

I was house-sitting, so...

He can't go out
with you anymore.

I can't go out with you anymore.

You know what I hate?

I hate

non-smokers who think
the world belongs to them.

There is nothing wrong
with smoking.

You burned down

somebody's house.


Bye, Betty.


Shut up.

So, where you going to stay?

I guess I can stay
at the firehouse.


since it's just for a few weeks,

you could stay with me.


Hey. What's going on?

You're in trouble.

Big trouble.

I knew you were smoking.

Simon didn't smoke.

we didn't say

we saw Simon smoke.

Who did you see smoke?


Are you waiting
for your boyfriend

or fiancé,
or whatever he is,

to come running
through the door

and beat me
to a bloody pulp?

What would make you think that?


And the fact that
you haven't stopped staring

at the door
since we got here.

I'm that obvious, huh?

You know, I have to say,
when you called me,

I thought I had a chance,
but after being with you...

Does this Kevin guy know
how much you love him?

I guess we should go.


We came to have a good time.

Let's have a good time.

A platonic good time.


the later you get home,

the crazier it'll make
your boyfriend.

Hmm. Okay.

Why don't you tell me something
about yourself?


I was a drug addict

and an alcoholic,

and I lost a lot of jobs
and hurt a lot of people.

I went through
a lot of treatment programs.

A lot.

And finally
when I hit rock bottom

and hurt every person
in my life,

I found a program
that worked for me.

I've been sober
for five years now.

Living my life
one day at a time.

Oh, and...
now I help

addicts get clean
and start their lives over

at the same rehab center
that helped me.

What's your story?

Well, um...

I go to school.


I go to the mall sometimes.


We have nothing in common.

My mom said you wanted
to talk to me.

What are
you doing here?

Thanks for ratting me out.

You're right-- those guys
who I smoke with are no good

and I shouldn't be hanging out
with them.

I thought smoking
made me cool,

made me fit in,

but... it doesn't do that.

It just makes me stupid,

and I don't want to be stupid,

I have a feeling
that you don't like stupid guys.

what do you say?

Do you forgive me?

I'd rather give up loser friends
and cigarettes than you.

Do you want me to walk you home?

I'm a guy.

But you can walk me
to the door.

You're in trouble.

Big trouble.

Really big trouble.

The cigarettes I found

in Simon's drawer were yours?

You're smoking?

And you put
the cigarettes in my drawer


I'm sorry.
I had them,

and someone was coming up
the stairs

and I had to put them somewhere.

I didn't mean to
get you in trouble.

Why don't you take
Sam and David upstairs,

and get them ready for bed.

Hey, come on, guys.

Here we go.

Here we go now.


I've just been
so stressed out lately.

And that justifies smoking?

Do you know

that I found Sam and David

that they were smoking?

I've never smoked
in front of anyone.

They said they saw you
out by the trash cans.

I don't know how many times
I can say, "I'm sorry."

If I'd known the boys
were watching me...

I am just so very sorry.

Make no mistake, fiancé-to-be,
son-in-law-to-be, renter...

if you continue to smoke,
you will not live in this house.

I will not have
my family exposed

to the risks
or the behavior.

What in the world made
you start smoking?

I was tense,
nervous and a little scared.

Just ask Lucy to marry you.

She's not looking
for some

romantic gesture.

She's just looking for a ring
and your love.

How did your date
with Chandler's brother go?

It went, and it's
gone and so is he.


I make you so crazy,

you started smoking?

What's next, alcohol, drugs?

You heard me talking
to your mom?

It's not your fault.

It's just that...

Well, it's not all your fault.

I want everything
to be perfect

when I ask you to be my wife,

and that's been making me
a little stressed.

You know what?

I'm going to do us
both a favor.

I'm going to let you
off the hook.

You ask me when you're good
and ready to ask me,

and in return,
I promise to calm down

and stop obsessing about it.

I just think I went
a little crazy

when Chandler made
that mini-commitment

to Roxanne last week.

I mean, if they get engaged
before us, I just...

I'm going crazy again, aren't I?


So ask me when you're ready.

But don't ask me next week.

I thought you wanted me
to ask you on Valentine's Day.

I did,

but it's too much pressure
for both of us.

Proof of that--
you're smoking and...

I'm crazier than I've ever been.

So promise me,

no big Valentine's Day surprise
that ends

with a ring
and you on your knees.

I'm sorry,
I broke down.

You're sorry, you're human,
is that what you mean?

Yeah, that's what I mean.

You had a lot of people you
could have come to tonight.

A lot of people
who would have listened

to you talk
about your dad.

Why me?

Why do you think
I chose you?


That's why I chose you.

So you were serious

when you said you want
to make a commitment, huh?


I think I'm going to like
this commitment stuff.

I'm sorry.

Am I interrupting?

I'll be inside.

Give you two a chance
to talk alone.

Good night,
Reverend Camden.

I went by your house;
when you weren't there,

I... I thought you might be
with Roxanne.

What's that?

I spoke with Lou and Lou spoke
with the other deacons, and...

uh, we all wanted to do
something for you,

for all the hard work that
you've been doing for me,

and for the church
and for the community.

I thought maybe, uh...

a ticket home might be a good
thing right about now.

Didn't Thomas Wolfe say
you can never go home again?

Well, Eric Camden says you can
go home again and you should.

And not for your dad,
for yourself.

I don't know how bad off
your father is, but...

if he passes
before you get a chance

to make peace with him,

you'll never forgive yourself.

You'll be the one
who's in pain, not him.

At any time in our lives,

we can justify our
behavior, good or bad.

I mean, I can justify
why I haven't been

that nice to you
since you came to town.

And you can justify why
you don't speak to your dad.

And he can justify
not speaking to you.

But justifying it

doesn't make it right,
it just makes it seem right.

I'm sorry.

I can't.

I'm not ready.

Well, that's... that's why
it's an open-ended ticket.

You can go when
you're ready to go,

not when I think
you're ready to go.

So, um...

So does this mean that you're
coming back to the church?

Mm, no.
It means...

I'm trying to do
right by you.

Oh, so does this mean
we're friends now?

I don't know what it means.

I guess if you have to have
an answer, uh...

I'd say it means...

that I care.

And I do.

Reverend Camden.