7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 7, Episode 11 - Sundays - full transcript

Roxanne starts dating Chandler. Simon and Cecilia talk about having sex for the first time. Eric spends his time writing, and Annie finds out it is book with sexual scenes.

So, let's play the game again.

Now, what do you do
when Daddy pulls his ear?

And when Daddy scratches
his nose?

I thought you guys went
to church on Sunday?

Then why are you here?

My dad was supposed
to take me out today,

but he called
and said he had to work.


Hey, guys, how about some TV?


But just a second.


I didn't think you'd be here,

but now that you are
I can stay, can't I?

My mom's out avoiding my dad
all day.

Well, the boys have colds.

Good trick.

So why are you home?

I'm watching Sam and David.

Mrs. Camden really thinks
they're sick?


I doubt it.

Come on.
I thought you were a minister.

Why aren't you at church?

Why aren't you at church?

We don't go to church.

Well, maybe you should.

Well, maybe you should.

Good morning.

What is she doing here?


I doubt it.

Oh, welcome.
Roxanne, come on.

This is gonna be a long service
even if it's a short sermon.

Hi. Good morning.

I-I made a New Year's resolution
to start going back to church.

And I bet I know why.

It's Chandler.

She's not interested in
anything spiritual, believe me.

I was very moved by your sermon,
and if you have some time,

I would love to talk more
with you about it.

Uh, sure.

Not here.

How about we go someplace
where we can talk privately?

I loved your sermon.

Thank you.

I know I say that every week.

It's always nice to hear.

Are you waiting on him?

She is.

She has some questions
about the sermon.

Oh, so do I.

Church is not
a pickup joint.

This is a place of worship,
and it's Sunday.

And Sunday is not
the new Saturday night.

It's supposed
to be a day of rest.

And yet you're
not gonna give

Roxanne and Chandler
a rest, are you?

What is with
those two?

He's the new minister
and people expect

certain things
from a man of God.

And they do not
expect him to...

do what he's doing.

It's so very Thorn Birds.

So, would you like
to talk over lunch?

Lunch would be perfect.

Did you know Roxanne
was coming to church today?

I knew it was her New Year's

I didn't know
it was this church.

Oh, and by the way,

I thought it was
your New Year's resolution

to focus on the two of us
and our relationship?

I've been focused on it,
and where did it get me?

So you're still angry you didn't
get a ring for Christmas?

No. No, you should take
your time and give it to me

whenever you're ready.

I left something
in my dad's office.

Your pride?

Leave them alone.

It's none of your business.
It's none of my business.

She's been dancing around
this guy since he got here.

Let her see if she's even
interested in him.

She probably
won't even like him.

And if she does?

Then she does.

All I can tell you is

they better not get married
before we do.

What's that I smell?


Well, it doesn't smell
like chicken.

I-I left you
a chicken to cook.

I decided to go
with Beenie Weenies.


Well, Beenie Weenies
are a good football food.

We're gonna watch a game,
a football game, on TV.

I thought you were gonna cook a
nice Sunday meal for everyone.

And instead you open a couple
of cans of Beenie Weenies?

There's plenty.

For everyone.

Hi, Mrs. Camden.


Game's on.

You stayed home from church
to watch TV

with your little friend?

No, I stayed home because
Sam and David have colds.

You did not stay home to
take care of sick twins

because the twins aren't sick.

Now I'm not kidding.

I want you back to work
sooner rather than later.

Yeah, I'm thinking
about it.

You've been thinking
about it for a month.

What's your excuse now?

Well, I want to see if my novel
gets published.

What novel?

I-I wrote a novel.

I don't care.

I want you back to church
next week.

Come here.
Here we go.


where would you like
to go for lunch?

Whenever I work
the Promenade,

I'm so envious of all
the couples I see there.

Could we just go
to the Promenade

and pretend
to be a couple.

You know, walk around
holding hands,

look in shop windows,
maybe see a movie?

Just... just an
ordinary day

like ordinary people.


Although I'd never be so forward
as to think you'd hold my hand

on the first date.

And it's
a little difficult

to consider you just ordinary.

You don't sound like a minister.


I am.

Well, well do you have any
dietary restrictions?

Uh, no.

No, I don't.

When-When you said
it was your resolution

to go back to church...

Actually, I've never been
to church.

Not never...

just not as an adult.

Well, what church did you attend
when you weren't an adult?

Okay, you got me.

It was never.

Not even as a child.

I see.

So, then you actually do have
questions about my sermon?

Not really.

But I'll try and come up
with some

if it'll make you more


I want to change and then
we can go for a walk.

I want to watch football
with your dad and Peter.

Then we could go
for a walk.

Who are you?

A friend of Ruthie's,

neighbor, sinner.

I don't go to church either.

You know, Sunday has gone to...

heck in a handbasket!

Once upon a time,

it was day of rest
and reflection.

Now it's a day
of picking up guys at church

and watching sports!

Don't forget
worshipping at the mall.

That's also a favorite.

Hey, Kevin, you want
something to drink? Soda?


Lucy just wants to spy
on Roxanne and Chandler.

Roxanne came to the church
this morning.

She and Chandler left together.

I'm surprised
it didn't happen before.

I'd love to see Roxanne
settle down with a nice guy,

but I don't see Roxanne
with a minister.

You know, I'm married
to a minister... or I was.

You're settling down
with a minister.

So if you can settle down with
a minister, why can't Roxanne?

Why can't Roxanne
marry a minister?

Might I read your novel?

I didn't think
you were interested.

I changed my mind.

Oh, yeah, it's in, uh,
my desk drawer in my office.


Annie is not in
a good mood.

I didn't mean to upset her.

I have nothing against Roxanne
and Chandler getting married.

I just don't see her with him.

Would you marry those two?

Uh, I'm not in the marrying
business anymore.

And they're on their first date.

They're... they're not going
to get married

on their first date.

My life will become a living...

You're not having
a good day, are you?

If the women of the house
are not having a good day,

no one is having a good day.

It's... a fact of life.

The key is not to hook into the
bad mood, and just wait it out.

That's what women are really.


A series of moods.

Lover Can You Hear Me?

I think you're going to like it.
It's now what you think.

You know, if you've been
hanging out in your office

writing smut, instead of your
comeback sermon like I thought,

I'm going to be really,
really upset with you.


You think
she'll like it?


Did you like it?

Yeah. But I think maybe
you should tone it down,

just a little.
Why is that?

I just think that

when you do go back to church
you might...

the church might...

Some people might think
it's... kind of...

what Annie said.


I was using
the physical relationship

between the hero and the heroine
as a parallel

to the spiritual relationship
between man and God.

I missed that.

Well, it-it can be read on
many different levels,

but the subtext of the title,
Lover Can You Hear Me?

is... can God hear us?

You know, as in prayer.

I guess I read it the other way.


Oh, they're back.

Are you sure we should
do this today?

It was our New
Year's resolution.

How much longer
should we wait?

Well... well,
it's risky.

Not if we approach
it like we planned.

I mean, we are ready
to consider having sex,

and possibly in
the near future.

And hopefully when
we do have sex,

it will be with
their permission,

or at least their

And just run
this past me again.

Why do we think
they're going to understand?

Our grades are very good.

We both work and have savings.

We've both seen
the school counselor.

And remember,
it was the school counselor

who told us
to go to our parents.

We've read the pamphlets,
we watched the movie.

We've talked to each other
for endless hours

about the pros and cons.

I think we both agree that there
are more pros than cons.


And now we should be
prepared for resistance.

But I also feel
that we're old enough

to make the right decision.

And that if we're honest,

our parents will respect
our decision, right?

Right, and-and ultimately
the decision is up to us.

We don't want to sneak around
or anything childish like that.

We don't want to wait for prom,

or something ridiculous
like that.

We're mature adults.

Mature adults who are
in love with each other.

So, what's next?

Would you like to take
a Sunday afternoon walk?

I don't have time to spy
on Roxanne and Chandler.

I have eight hours of homework.

Eight hours, at least.

Then why is that friend
of yours in the living room?

What friend?


I don't know.

And when did he move into
the neighborhood?

I don't have time
for an interrogation.

I have homework.

It's Sunday.

Why didn't you do it
on Saturday?

Because then Saturday
wouldn't be Saturday.

I went to the barn
and mucked the stables

and fed Sara's horse
and exercised him.

And then, on the way home,
Mom and I stopped

at the hardware store

to get stuff I needed
to make a volcano,

because everyone has
to make one.

And then we had to get some pens

so I could finish
my art project.

And then we had to pick up
a book for my book report.

And then I came home
and ate and took a bath.

And then it was Sunday.

I can't take a walk.

I can't.


Go away or help.

Do you have any kinds of salad?

Okay, I'll have
the chocolate shake,

double cheeseburger
and fries instead.

I'll have the same.

I have to confess.

I knew they didn't
have a salad.

I was just trying
to impress you.

Yeah, well, I like a woman
with a healthy appetite.

And you don't have
to impress me.

I'm already impressed.


Yeah. Just relax.

Be who you are.

And what if I'm...
a very bad woman

who is having evil thoughts
that I probably shouldn't have?

Hmm... well,
nobody's perfect.

Penny for your thoughts.

I was just thinking
the same thing

I was thinking
all during church.

Oh, right, that you
want to hold hands.

You have beautiful eyes.

Hold the onions.

♪ ♪

Don't you feel like
you're living in a fishbowl?

A bit.

But, truthfully, the reverend's
really the only one

that's made a big deal
about me being here.

The church members don't
really take me seriously.

They're just politely waiting

for Eric Camden to
come back to work.

I'm probably not held under
the same scrutiny as Eric.

If someone from the church saw
us together, would it be okay?

I would hope so.

I don't live my life based
on the approval of others.


You answer
to a higher authority.

So, what else do
you want to know?

Well, is there anything
in the Ten Commandments

about not having sex
before marriage?

Uh, not in the Ten Commandments.

But, uh,

throughout history there have
been laws or customs

regarding women not having
sex before marriage.

Which were,
and-and possibly still are,

for the protection
and empowerment of women.

Maybe we should
talk about this

when we get to know each
other a little better.

Uh, I don't get nervous
talking about sex

with people during counseling,

I'm sorry, I'm having a tough
time expressing myself.

I-I'm not sure where
that last question was going.

Maybe I wasn't specific enough.

Do you believe
in sex before marriage?

Uh, do I believe in sex
before marriage?

Uh... I believe it happens. Yes?

Come on.

That's not what I'm asking.

Uh, you know...

I really am
just like any other man.

You are not like any
other man I've ever met.

They can all feed themselves.

Why don't we just go
out and take a walk?

It's Sunday.

Remember when Sundays used
to be about taking walks

and spending time
with loved ones?

The boys need a bath.

Happy needs a bath.
I need a bath.

What does that have
to do with Sunday?

Cleanliness is next
to Godliness.

Godliness is next to Godliness.

And doesn't anyone take time

to reflect on spiritual
matters anymore?

Oh, I'd love to, but I haven't
called my dad all week,

and I haven't talked
to Miss Bink in months.

I-I make my calls to people
I care about on Sundays,

while I fold the laundry
and iron.

Why can't all that wait till
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

Thursday, Friday or Saturday?

Well, unfortunately

it carries over from Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday,

Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

So if you're just trying to get
me to go out for a walk with you

so we can see if Chandler and
Roxanne are together, I'm busy.


I'll take a Sunday afternoon
walk by myself.


And maybe while you're alone
and reflecting,

you can go back
to your New Year's resolution

to focus on yourself
and Kevin

rather than obsessing about
Chandler and Roxanne.

How can you be finished
with all the homework?

I did it yesterday
because I thought

I had to go out
with my dad today.

I didn't have a Saturday.

You don't have a Sunday.
We're even.

Well, maybe you can help
me with my homework,

then we can both
have a Sunday.

What do you have left to do?

All of it.

All of it?

And if you want to know why
I didn't do it earlier,

I was busy earlier
with earlier assignments.

I sympathize,

but it just wouldn't be fair
if I helped you.

Who wouldn't it be fair to?

It wouldn't be fair to all of us
who do the work ourselves.

There aren't any kids who do all
the work all by themselves.

Tell the truth.

Honey, you need to learn how
to stay up later at night.

That's when I get most
of my work done,

midnight to 1:00.

Maybe I could just supervise
building the volcano.

Just to make sure you
don't hurt yourself.

I'm not going to hurt myself.

Forget it.

Come on.

The sooner we get started,

the sooner we get on
to the art project.

Is the game over yet?

It's halftime.

Please, not in front
of everyone.

No, it's
perfectly okay.

I'm glad you're
so in love.

Physical attraction

is an important part
of relationships.


It's from his book.

What book?

The book he wrote.

Fiction or non-fiction?

Well, it's a novel, well...
more of a novella really.

I'd like to read it.

You're not old enough.

What does that mean?

You really think it's that racy?


I had no idea.

Would you like to take
a halftime walk?

Do you mean a walk
around the block

or a walk around the Promenade?

The Promenade
sounds interesting?

It might be...

unless Roxanne and Chandler
went somewhere else.

You want to go
to the Promenade or not?

Or not.
It's only halftime.


Uh, r-remember,
it's okay for her to be

in whatever mood she's in.

After this one
will surely come another,

and another one,

and another one after that.

I've been married
a long, long time.

I know these things.

We could go in together.

No, I don't think it's
a good idea to advertise.

Uh, I'll just go in.

You know, it's
not a big deal.

Okay. Well,
I'll be right here.

Simon Camden,
how are you?

I haven't seen anyone
in your family in ages.

Twins doing okay?

Uh, yeah, they're fine.
Thanks for asking.

Your father's okay?

He's fine.

So his not being back at church

isn't anything heart-related?

Well, it's kind of
heart-related, actually.

It's... his heart's just not
in the right place right now.

That's what he says, anyway.

Aw, everybody goes
through changes.

Especially men
your father's age.

It's probably just a phase.

We all know he's not
gonna leave the ministry

and start writing books.

Writing books?

Yeah, he says he's
writing a book.

My-my dad's writing a book?

Yes. Fiction.

It's a love story.

That should be interesting.

From what he tells me, yes.

Now, is there something
I can help you with?

Oh. Um...

Yeah, I was just looking...

Ah, the window display.

Drew you in, didn't it?

You know, it's really nice.

I did it myself.

I used to pay people
to do that.

Then I tried it, discovered
my artistic talents,

now it's become
a passion.

Window design. See that?

Wait till you see
what I do for Presidents' Day.

It's gonna be fabulous,

with all the kids
home from school.

Nice day.


Thank you.

You know, I'm just gonna
get some Juicy Fruit.

Juicy Fruit it is.

He knew me.

I figured.

So, who do you want
to go to first?

My parents-- they're
definitely more likely

to understand
than your parents.

Six months ago I would've
said so, but now, I don't know.

Is this more what
you had in mind?

Pretty much.

Pretty much?

I never really thought
I could get you to hold my hand.

Yes, you did.

I never thought I'd
get you to do that.

Yes, you did.

I really wish I had started
going to church earlier.

Where do you live?

Oh, you don't need
to take me home.

I left my car
at the church, remember?

I-I remember, I was
just, uh, curious.


I don't think kissing
you twice in public

would be a very good idea.

They go to
my church.

I remember.

You look good up there.

I feel good up here.

Are you ready to go home?

I'm just gonna
hang out for a bit.

It's nice here. Peaceful.

What happened
to your football game?

Buffalo's not having a good day.

How'd you know I was here?

I'm a police officer--
I put it together.

I drove by and saw your car.

Did you try the Promenade first?

I thought about
going to the Promenade.

But you weren't sure
they were at the Promenade,

and you saw
Roxanne's car is outside,

so you knew
they'd be coming back here.


Tell me why you
don't want them going out.

I would think
that you'd be happy

if Roxanne and Chandler
did hook up.

Unless, of course, you're
interested in Chandler yourself.

You don't believe
that, do you?


Talk to me.

I don't think
I've liked myself much

since I met Roxanne.

It doesn't feel good
to be jealous and envious and...

out of control.

I don't like who I am
because I feel this way.

It's just
so not Christian of me.

So feel some other way, Luce.

You can choose how you feel.

I'd like to think I can,
but I can't.

And evidently,
I'm getting worse.

Now I don't like Chandler.

At first, I was sympathetic,
but now...

now I... I'm jealous and envious

of him, too.

He's up there where
I always thought I would be.

I always thought I would be
speaking at that pulpit

in this church.

My dad's church.

I've been going here
all my life,

but you know who's up there
where I should be?


Or Dr. Chandler Hampton.

I don't like that.

I don't like him.

Sorry to interrupt.

I would've knocked if
I'd have thought that, uh...

you were, well...

We should've knocked.

How long have you
been standing there?

Oh, we weren't standing--
we just walked in,

uh, somewhere midway
through your speech.

I-I left my keys
in that, um...

thing... the thing
that holds the books.


the boys are taking a nap,

and Peter is upstairs helping
Ruthie with her homework,

and Kevin's out hunting
for Lucy, so, uh...

if you need me for anything...




What was that?

Who is it?

Cecilia's father!

I'm Cecilia's father,
and I'm looking for Simon.

Cecilia's father?

Eric Camden.

Do you know
that your son

is planning on having
sex with my daughter

at some point in
the near future?



Well, it-it sounded better

when it was just me and Cecilia
talking about it.

I never really believed
in love at first sight, but...

You aren't in love.


This is all your fault.

You brought home that...


surely you don't
really believe that Roxanne

is whatever it is
you were gonna say.

Yes, I do.

And you think that you
should be up there preaching?

I could do just as good a job
as you're doing, hot pants.

Yeah, well, be my guest.

Tonight's service is at 7:00.

What service?

Your father asked that we resume

Sunday evening services.

See you tonight.

Uh, behind the pulpit.


Service at 7:00?

I'm an idiot.

But we knew that.

You should have just gone
with me to the Promenade

and none of this
ever would have happened.

They wouldn't be in love

and I wouldn't be
delivering a sermon

that I've got to come up with
between now and 7:00 tonight

in front of my father's

But you'd still be crazy.


At least they asked.

Yes, at least
they asked.

We weren't
exactly asking.

But you were coming
to us to discuss it.

Yes, we were
doing that.

Did I mention you're fired?

I just assumed.

May I say that we
like your daughter.

Well, I don't like your son,

and I don't ever want him
out with my daughter again.

Dad, this isn't
all his fault.

This is my fault, too.

You're fired, too.


Simon, Cecilia,

I think maybe the best
way to handle this

would have been
for each of you

to go to your
respective parents alone,

and discuss this,

I really don't know Cecilia
well enough to know

if she's ready for
that kind of relationship.

But I do know my son
well enough to know

that he isn't ready
for that kind of relationship.

And what if I disagreed
with the two of you?

What if Cecilia disagreed
with the two of them?

Then I still would have
come over here

intending to clobber you

and you still could not
continue seeing my daughter.

I knew we should have waited
for your mother.

What I was going to say
is that even though

this might not have been
the ideal way to handle this,

now that we've all gotten

maybe we can just discuss it,
openly and honestly?


If you think that
we're going to sit here

and discuss my daughter's
sex life-- which she isn't

going to have until
she's married-- you're crazy.

I want you to keep your son
away from her.

preacher's son.

I should have known.

Hey, pal.

You just had a double bypass.

Anyone got any ideas
for a sermon?

You're telling me

that you're not going
to hear Lucy speak

for the first time
in your church?

I know, I'm afraid I
might be coming down

with the boys' colds.

You can't do this, you can't.

I know you.

Your daughter means
more than your ego.

I'm just not ready.

Does that mean when you are
ready you'll go back?

Didn't you like my book?

I loved your book.

I did.

It was a good story.

I particularly liked
the parallel

between man and woman
and God and mankind.

You got that?

and a whole lot more.

My point is that you need
to quit playing around

and go back to work.

Can't you just ease your way
back into it

by going
to the Sunday night service?

I'm surprised
there's enough interest

in the Sunday night service
to continue them.

It was your idea.

Y-You told Lou way back
in September that you wanted

to start the Sunday night
service the first of the year.

It's the first of the year.

I did that?

Are you coming?

We want to go.

I want to see
Lucy be the preacher.

I'll help you
when we get back from church.

I think you've helped me enough.

Look, I'm really sorry,

but I think we both learned
a lesson here.

What lesson?

Sundays are for church.

Hear from Cecilia?

Who are you?
He lives down the street.

Well, you two just stay
out of my business.

I don't even want
to know.
Me neither.

Well, that's good
'cause you're not going to know.

Just the same,
I don't think

an extra church service
will hurt you.

I miss my dad speaking
from this pulpit,

as I'm sure all of you do,

not that we aren't thrilled to
have Dr. Hampton here with us.

Please, call me Chandler.


Anyway, it was my dad's wish

that we return
to the Sunday night services

after the first of the year,

and it was Chandler's wish
that I take the first service,

being my dad's daughter
and a divinity student myself.

So the text of the sermon
is quite short.

Genesis 2,
second and third verse.

"And he rested
on the seventh day

"from all of his work
he had made.

And God blessed the seventh day
and sanctified it."

It wasn't that long ago

that Sunday was
the day we all rested.

We treated Sunday
as a special day--

when we came
to Sunday school and church

and we rested when we went home.

We talked, we read,

we spent time to ourselves

meditating or praying
or just reflecting on our lives,

our purpose, our behavior,

or even just the events
of the week that just passed.

It wasn't that long ago

that businesses weren't open
on Sunday.

If you got in your car,

it was to visit your friends
and family,

just to let them know
that you care

or maybe check out
their situation...

or just help out.

At the end of the day
on what used to be Sunday,

people were rested and looked
forward to the following week,

sometimes with determination
to be kinder,

to do better, to work harder.

What happened to Sunday?

Our parents grew up
with Sundays off.

That means they had 52 days
a year to rest,

and those
were the years

when there was a summer,
a real summer,

three months off from school
for children to play,

a break from the nine-
month-long school year;

when the routine was different,

the energy was different,

the air was sweeter,
the nights longer,

and children stayed up late

because they could sleep in
the next morning.

It was when children
wore themselves out

with the fun of summer

and longed for school again.

We don't really have
those summers anymore.

We don't have those Sundays
anymore either.

Children and parents
and families and adults

have 52 more days a year
to do stuff.

Sunday is the day we catch up
on our work and our homework

because there's so much work
and so much homework

there's no time to do it.

We work seven days a week,

or at least are on the go
seven days a week,

52 weeks a year.

And yet we wonder
why children grow up so fast,

why people need drugs to relax,

why they need human contact

even if it's in the form of
inappropriate unfulfilling sex.

Could it be because we've lost

52 opportunities a year
to rest and reflect

and/or visit our friends
and loved ones?

That's 520 days in ten years.

That's 1,040 days in 20 years.

I've lost 1,040 plus days
in my life

because Sunday
is no longer Sunday,

and I'm stressed
and tired and irritable

and I feel as if I have no time
to do the things I need to do,

and never have the time
to do the things I want to do,

and I'm just turning 21.

How am I going to feel
when I'm my dad's age?

How are all of us going to feel

when I'm my dad's age?

Yet I fear we've lost
our Sundays forever

unless we make an effort
to reclaim them.

And in losing our Sundays
we're losing a lot more.

We're losing ourselves.

It's just something
I was thinking about.

God bless you for hearing
my thoughts and being with me.

It's a beautiful

Nice job.

I'm sorry about everything
and... thank you.

And now, may the Lord
watch over me and thee

while we are absent
from one another.


You got me on my knees.

I need help.

Lucy is a
good preacher.

I want my Sundays.



I'm going over
to Cecilia's after this

and talk to her dad,
even if he kills me.

I don't know
what I was thinking.

I do.

Eh, I'd give it
another day or two,

maybe even a
week or two.

Maybe I should.

You were really good.

Thank you.

Thanks for putting
up with me.

I love you.

Well, I was quite
impressed with Lucy.

You were impressed
but you weren't surprised.


The only surprise
of the day was you.