7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 7, Episode 1 - Monkey Business 1 - full transcript

The season starts with the Camden house in a state of change. Kevin moves in the garage apartment and plans to propose to Lucy. Robbie meets Kevin's police partner and is ready for romance....




Because I haven't.

Because they're not going
to take it well.

'Cause they're not.

Soon, I promise.

Yes, when you're in
the neighborhood.

Yes, we're having dinner
tonight, but...

Trust me, it's not a good idea.

Because you're not a good idea.

I have to go.

Please tell me that
you've come to your senses,

and that was Ben.

I have come to my senses,
and that was not Ben.

Well, who was it?

None of your business
or anyone else's.

When are we going to meet
Mr. None of Our Business?

You are not going to meet him.


Because Mom and Dad
wouldn't understand.


Because they don't think of me
as an adult woman with a career.

They think of me as Mary.

And no need to ask
because on that one.

However, I think of you as
an adult woman with a career.

I do.
Let me meet him.



Just tell me why is
he not a good idea?

Hey, guys.

Hi, Mom.

What's up, Kevin?

Hey, man.

Uh, why don't you just
call me Annie

until you officially
ask Lucy to Mary you?

Because I like the sound of Mom,

and I am going to ask Lucy
to marry me

as soon as I think
she'll say yes.

You moved here and changed
your whole life for her,

and you don't think
she'll say yes?

Not yet, but she will.

By the way, I finally got
a permanent partner

assigned to me, a rookie.

Do you mind if she joins us
for dinner tonight?

I want Lucy to meet her.


You better get over Joy.

I can't.

It's a woman.

Sorry, I thought he was
in his room, but he's not.

I'll have him call you back.

She said, "Sure."

You get it next time.

I'm swearing off women, okay?

Yeah, right.

So, what do you want to do?

I think we should practice

making out until
we get it right.

That's fine with me.

What is your name again?



What's going on?


Nothing. Great.


Who is that?

Anyone you want him to be.

I'm chimp sitting.

You remember Eisenhower
from across the street?

Well, his owner, Curtis,
had to go to some meeting

because Eisenhower got in
a fight with his girlfriend.

Eisenhower has a girlfriend?

Curtis has a girlfriend.

And Eisenhower threw
banana pudding at her.

So now there's this whole
big meeting about it.

Oh. Okay.

Hey, Dad?


You mind if my boyfriend
comes over tonight?

I'm not eating at a
table set by a monkey.

Fine with me.

Feel free
to set you're very own place.

You know
that's a chimp,

not a monkey.

So I offended him?

You know, I want everyone

to feel comfortable in my house,
even Ben,

so any chance
that Ben might fly in

on one of your buddy passes
and have dinner with us?

What about
tomorrow night?

The next night?


We like Ben.

Ben is a nice man.

What happened
to the nice man Ben?

His girlfriend came back
from London.

That's what happened
to the nice man Ben.


Why didn't you just
tell us that before?

Did Ben break up
with you for his old girlfriend?

Oh, no, I broke up with him
for his old girlfriend.

He's too nice
to break up with me.


I cannot wait to get out
of this circus

and get back to Buffalo.

How much longer are you going
to work out of Glenoak?

Two whole lousy weeks.

I'll get it.

Hi, um, is Kevin home?

He's in the garage.

He has the garage apartment.

I'm sure I can find him.

Uh, the garage is...
it's right over there.


Who was that?


I have no idea.

Well, where did
she come from?

I don't know. She just
showed up at the back door.
Well, uninvited?

I think we both know how
this will turn out.

I want to know
who she is.

Well, I'm sure Kevin
will introduce you.

How can he entertain
another woman

in a garage apartment
my mother built?

Well, it is his apartment.

He is paying rent.

It's a very nice rent.

Well, that doesn't
entitle him to...

to anything.

Why don't you give
the guy a break

and let him know he didn't
move here for nothing?

I think he'd ask you to marry
him if he thought you'd do it.

But he doesn't think I'd do it,

so he went out and found
himself another woman?



What's going on?

A beautiful blonde woman just
showed up asking for Kevin.


I don't think
I'd call her beautiful.


I don't think I'd call
her gorgeous either.

What would you call her?

His new partner.

She's having dinner
with us.


Kevin asked if he could bring
his new partner to dinner.

He finally got a
permanent assignment,

so he knew that you'd
want to meet her.


Maybe I should be there.

Uh... the twins had
a really late snack,

so they're taking
an even later... nap.

Maybe we should
check on them?

Well, how long before
dinner's ready?

Long enough.

Are you sure this
is a good time?

Oh, yeah.

Does Mary know the two of you
are using her car?


Does she know you're
not driving it,

you're just using it
to make out?


Do you know there's
a really hot blonde chick

up in Kevin's apartment?

She's not hot.

Yes, she is.

You won't hurt me.

Wait here, I'll be right back.

Where you going?

Where does it look
like I'm going?

I don't know, but I want you
to come back upstairs

and meet my new partner.

She's really nice.

And I suppose you think
she's really hot, too?

I guess.

Wrong answer.

So, you think she's hot?

Is she?
You tell me.

Okay. She's hot.

He's an idiot.

Yeah, but only when
it comes to Lucy.

Did you ask her
to be your partner?

No, I didn't ask her.
She was assigned to me.


I don't know.

But probably by your friend
Detective Michaels.

He works with the academy.

I think he has something
to do with the assignments.

How did Detective Michaels get
involved in our business?

It's not our business.

It's police business.

Yeah, well, if you love me your
business is my business.

I think she's going
to make a phone call.

Who's she going to call,
Detective Michaels?

Yeah, she would call
Detective Michaels.

Take my work for it.

You might want to stop her.

Where were we?

Would you stop worrying?

Sam and David have at least
another 20 minutes in there.

But what...
what about dinner?


if the pot roast
goes up in flames,

then we can just send
everyone out for pizza and...

then we'll have the
place to ourselves.

I... I...

I don't know what's
gotten into you.

Not that I don't
like it... but, uh...

Oh, I dropped my HRT therapy.

Suddenly I'm alive again.

Ah... yes.

Well, remember I have
a weak heart.

Okay, let... let's
not kill me.

Well, I can't
promise anything.

Okay, okay, could
I get a rain check?


It's not you, it's me.

I'm... I'm getting the "it's
not you, it's me" speech?

You're not breaking up
with me, are you?

Of course not.

I was just kidding.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

I'm just...


Do our children have normal
relationships with other people?

And chimpanzees?


You worry too much.

How can you be jealous
of any other woman

when you know how
I feel about you?


You think I'm jealous?

Hey, just because

you love me and
want to marry me,

doesn't mean you can't be
attracted to another woman.

All right.

All right?



What is wrong with you?!

How's it going?

I brought my partner
over for Lucy to meet

and it didn't go very well.

I didn't really want to know.

I was just saying
how's it going.



You look the same as
you did in seventh grade.


well, you look even better.

You look the same, but...

even better, too.

You used to be the good girl.

You used to be the bad boy.

You know, I think I spent
the entire seventh grade

thinking about
making out with you.


Yeah, really.

Who are you calling?

Because you can't call Detective
Michaels and embarrass me.

I'm still new in the department.

I'm a transfer.
I'm not one of the guys yet.

I'll tell you what.

When I'm one of the guys and
everyone knows me really well...

then you can call down to the
station and embarrass me.

I promise.

Please, just talk to Roxanne.

Get to know her.

I'm waiting for
a real phone call.

One that comes from
outside the house.

Could you two settle
this in the same room?

Why don't you just marry him
and get it over with?

Maybe I don't want
to get married.

You can't just lock him
in the garage

where you can keep an eye on him
the rest of your life.

Kevin's going to be

with this woman all day,
every day.

She's already got
a bad impression.

Do you want to make it worse?

She's going to be talking
to him about you,

and he's going to be talking
to her about you.

He's not even interested
in her, you know.



He's not interested
in his old girlfriend.

It doesn't matter.

She's interested in him.

It does matter.

His old girlfriend may have
wanted to move back

to Buffalo for Ben, but that
doesn't mean that Ben wants

his old girlfriend to
move back to Buffalo.

But, the fact is she did.

And ever since she did,

she's either been bumping
into him or calling him.

And Ben is enjoying
every single minute of it.

But that's because he got
dumped by this woman

and now he has
somebody else-- you.

No, he does not have me.

And I do not want to be used to
make Ben's girlfriend jealous.

Because the only reason
he wants to make her jealous

is because he wants her back.

So, I have officially moved on.

Ben loves you.

No, he never loved me.

He never got over
his old girlfriend.

And he's never going
to get over his old girlfriend

until the two of them
date again.

So, you know what?
I'm dating, too.

Who are you dating?

We all know you're
dating someone.

And my guess is it's someone
you shouldn't be dating, right?

Stop being a cop.

I was just being a brother.

As Ben's brother, I'm interested
in who you're going out with.

Because I'm sure
Ben's interested

in who you're going out with.

Which is why you're not going
to meet who I'm going out with.

Because you're hiding something.

I'm sorry I was rude to...


I'm going to apologize to her
and invite her inside,

where I can find out more about
her and more about you.

What does that mean?

I've seen cop shows.

I know who these
partnerships work.

I'm sure there's a
logical explanation.

Yeah, and I have one: Roxanne...

Captain Smith, um...

what are you...

uh... what are you doing here?

Hey, you said if I was ever
in the neighborhood

and needed a good home cooked
meal just to drop on by.

So I did.

Did I say that?

Well, please come in.

Any friend of Mary's is
a friend of ours.


Mrs. Camden...

Jack Smith.
Nice to meet you.

We're just about
to have dinner.

Do you like pot roast?

I love pot roast.

So, Kevin, how long have
you been on the force?

I went to community
college for two years

for background training,

then I started at
the academy at 20,

and I just transferred here

from Buffalo, New York,
to be with Lucy.

Five years.

Thanks. I was having trouble
adding that up.

What's going on?

Oh, we thought we'd, uh...
go out for a movie.

Well, maybe Kevin and Lucy
should go along with you,

so you can all get to know
each other better.

You're right, Mom.

Why don't we all
go out together?


It was nice
meeting you, sir.

By the way,

you never said how you
and Mary know each other.

Well, I'm sorry.

I thought it was obvious.

We both work for the airlines.


And that's how we know
each other, officer.

It was nice meeting you.

Yeah, it was, uh...

Hope to see
you again sometime.


It's okay.

Mary told me she used
to date Kevin's brother.

I guess he's just, uh...


Funny you should say that.

We cleared off the table.

My boyfriend is coming
over now, if that's okay.

Oh, I forgot to discuss
this, uh, little friend
of Ruthie's with you.

Little friend?

Eisenhower is a little friend.

Ruthie's boyfriend's
name is Jake Davis.

Friend. Friend's name.

Lucy had a boyfriend at 12.

No, it was 13.

Still, I'm a lot more mature
at 12 than Lucy was at 13.

In fact, I'm more mature
at 12 than Lucy is now.

So, why can't I have
a boyfriend?

We'll see, but for now,
you know, why don't you

just call Jake your friend--

if you want him to come over
and you don't want your father

sitting with you in
the living room all night.

I'll sit in my
living room all night

if I feel like sitting in
my living room all night.

I'm sorry about all this.

Do you have daughters?


One in college,
one in high school.

My wife and I married
very young.

You're married?

I'm widowed.

My wife died quite
a few years ago.

I... I'm sorry
to hear that.

So am I.

Should we be
going soon?

I'd kind of like
to stay around.

I want to know if Mary's
really dating him.


She's not dating him.

Where'd you get an idea
like that?

Women do date older men.

It happens all the time.

But he's way too old for Mary.

And... and he's a... a nice man.

A nice man who knows
he's too old for Mary.

Nice man, no good.

Nice man, no good.

I like Ben.

I like Ben.

Can you watch him
while I change?

I smell like a chimp.

No offense.

Is that guy downstairs Mary's
friend or Mary's date?

How did I miss that?

Could it be that you've
become so interested in
boys you're slipping?

What's going on?

I'm just suspicious
about that pilot.

Kevin, the movie starts
in five minutes.

We can see the
movie anytime.

I hope this is important.

It's important.

What do you think
the story is?

If you tell her, you have
to tell the rest of us.

Maybe it's confidential.

Maybe it's not.
Is it confidential?

If it's police work,
it's confidential.

Could you two
just stop it?

Stop what?!

No offense, but I don't think
this is any of your business.

I think it involves me
more than you.

How's that?

Roxanne and I are
on a date,

and your girlfriend or,
or fiancee or whatever she is,

is so jealous, she's
embarrassing herself.

Oh, is that right?

Yep. I have to
agree with him.

Roxanne, you're single, right?

Do I need a lawyer present
for this?

So, being single, you got
yourself partnered

with the best-looking single guy
on the force.

Yet I find that
a little suspicious.

You went to Detective Michaels
and asked him

to put you with Kevin,
didn't you?

Yes, I did! 'Cause he's
a nice guy and a good cop.

And he's single.

Okay and he's single.

Oh, and, and he's not,
he's not just good-looking,

he's the best-looking guy
on the entire force.

So I've confessed.
What are you going
to do about it?

Okay, you two, stop it.

I said that
five minutes ago.

So, Lucy, are you jealous
because I'm Kevin's partner

or because I'm on a date
with your old boyfriend?

What old boyfriend?

Lucy and I went out a couple

Didn't he know?

I never mentioned that?

In all this time, I never

mentioned that?

So if we're waiting
here just to tail Mary

and that old geezer,

my bet is they're not
even gonna get out

of the Camden
house together.

What are you talking about?

As Ben's brother,
I think I owe it to him

to find out what Mary
and her date are up to.

By the way,

did Ben know that you and Robbie
were together at one time?

We were never together.

We went out a couple times;
we were both on the rebound...

Excuse me, I think it was
a little more than that.

What, what date?
What are you talking about?

He's talking about Mary
and Captain Smith.

Did Ben know?

Okay, could we just forget about

me and Robbie for a second?!

I don't think so.

I'm sorry.

I didn't know
he didn't know.

You think my sister
is actually dating that guy?

Yeah, I think that.
And when I confirmed it,

I was gonna tell Ben.

But, hey, if my brother doesn't
want to share information,

then why should I?

What are you doing?

I'm just getting ready
to take Jack--

um, Captain Smith,
my friend-- to the airport.

He has a late flight tonight.

That's a pretty nice dress

just to drive a friend
to the airport.

I'm surprised they let him
fly on the later flights.

I mean, older people usually go
to bed pretty early, don't they?

He's not old.

He's practically as old as Dad.

He's older?

I don't know.

But I do know
he's a very nice, very smart,

very successful man.

I agree.

He's nice and smart
and successful and...

Oh, come on-- how old is he?

I told you I don't know,
and I don't care.

He's your friend and you don't
know how old he is?

I know, okay?
But no one else needs to know.

And you two are just friends.

Yes, we're friends.

No, I asked you
if you were just friends.

We're friends.

The kind of friends who date?

Who wants to know?

I'd say everyone in the family

plus anyone who sees
the two of you out together,

plus Kevin...

probably Roxanne and Cecilia...

Oh, yeah, and Ben.

He'd probably want to know, too.

Well, it's really no one's
business, especially Ben's.

You can't seriously be dating
a guy that old.

I didn't say how old he is
and I didn't say we were dating.

All I said was we were friends.

Would you go out with him
if he asked you out on a date?

I asked because it looks like
you're going out on a date.

Want me to put
some lipstick on you?

Maybe some gloss, so you look
really, really pretty

for your boyfriend?

Would that be the same gloss

you're wearing
for your boyfriend?

If, if you ever feel
a need

to, uh ,talk
about your wife,

please feel free
to drop by my office.

I-I'm sure it's been a very
difficult time for you.

And, and please,

you know, um...
we're happy to have

any of Mary's work friends here
at the house anytime.

And I might even have a couple
of nice women for you, you know?

I mean, when you're ready to go
back and start dating again.

Mary told me how wonderful
both of you are.

And I really appreciate
the offers.

But just so you know, I did get
some grief counseling

that was very helpful to me,
when I was grieving.

And it has been several
years since my wife died,

so I've kind of gotten back
into dating again and...

Oh, ready to go, hon?

Yes, um, I'm just gonna drop
Captain Smith at the airport

and I'll be back late.
Good night.

Good night.
Thanks for everything.


Hi. Is Ruthie home?

My feeling exactly.

Is he sick or something?

My sister Mary
is dating a man
as old as he is.

Wow. Cool.

Eric, uh, could I get your help
with something in the kitchen?



You're doing great.

So far, we've managed
to avoid all conversation.

That's been easy.

Your dad hasn't said anything.

He will. And remember,
yes-and-no answers,

and no explanations
that would draw him in.

Okay. I hope it works.

It's working already.

Believe me, he's gonna be
right back in here.

Put your arm around me.

Don't worry so much.

How many boyfriends
have we seen come and go?

It's nothing serious.

You can't let
every little thing get to you.

The man's as old as I am.

Oh, he's 12.

Not that one, the other one.

Captain Smith's just a friend.

He called her "hon."

That doesn't necessarily mean

I mean, they do work together.

Are you that naive?

Okay, even if they are dating,

you know, sooner or later,
Ben's gonna show up

and convince her
he's still in love with her,

and you will have spent all this
time worrying for nothing.

I doubt it.

Did you need help
with something?

Yeah, you can give the boys
their juice

and then read them a bedtime
story with me.

Fine, but it's gonna be
a quick one

'cause I'm not leaving Romeo
and Juliet alone

in the living room all night.

Had you rather be with Ruthie
and her boyfriend

and that chimpanzee
than with me?

All right,
if that's what you want.

Just, you know, go back
in the living room

and embarrass yourself.


Hey, cut that out!

Oh, Dad, we
didn't see you.

Yes, you did.
You saw me coming and then...

What's going on here?

You'd better go home.

I'll drive you.

Oh, that's okay.

My sister's been sitting
outside all this time

just hoping to get
a glimpse of Simon.

Good night.

12 is an awkward age.

I'm too old for dolls
and too young for boys.

But I thought you wanted Jake
to be your boyfriend.

You saw how weird that was.

I mean,
I just don't think I'm ready.

I don't think he's ready.

I just think what I need is...

a pet.

But you have a pet.
You have Happy.

That's Simon's dog.

No, Happy's... you know,
everybody's dog.

You want a dog?

A cat?

A chimpanzee?

You want to keep Eisenhower?

That would be better than my
having a boyfriend at my age.

Don't you think?

Are you insane?

I'm sorry.
I said that out loud. What?

Eisenhower is part of a study.

And the people doing the study
think that Eisenhower's getting

too old and too attached
to Curtis and too protective.


They think that
tossing banana pudding

at Curtis' girlfriend
is an aggressive act.

And they want to send Eisenhower
back to the lab,

unless Curtis can come up
with another solution.

Well, I'm the solution.

I can take care of him.

And I promise.

And I won't even have time
for boyfriends.

Please, please, please?

We can't keep him,

We can't have a chimpanzee
in the house.

This place is a circus already.

Besides, I don't think we'd be
allowed to take Eisenhower.

I'm not sure the people who
control the study would let us.

I'm overwhelmed by your
enthusiasm and encouragement.

Maybe Eisenhower and I
should just go upstairs

and say a little prayer.

Maybe God will be more

Not the eye roll.

She's too young
for the eye roll.

Well, the boys are asleep,

and I just saw Ruthie
heading up to bed.

Ruthie just gave me
the eye roll.

I thought we had at least
another year before that.

Well, girls are hitting puberty
early these days,

and there's really nothing
we can do about it.

Are you coming upstairs?

Not yet.

There may be nothing
I can do about Ruthie, but...

But what?

I'll be up in a minute.

Fine. But during that minute,

you really should think about
whatever it is

you're thinking about doing,
and don't do it.

Forgive me, for I know
just what I do.

I honestly
thought you knew.

I did.
I thought everyone knew.

I don't see what
difference it makes.

So I went out with
Robbie once or twice.

So what?

What's the big deal?

Okay, it was more
than once or twice.

But it was only
for a few weeks.

Maybe we went out
a dozen times.

But it was only a
month at the most.

Did you kiss him?

Did I kiss him?

Did I kiss Robbie?

I'm taking a walk.

What are you doing?

What am I doing?

Kevin and Roxanne--
they just... they...

They didn't do anything.

He brought her over to the
house to introduce her to you

the very day he got
the assignment,

because he didn't want you
to be jealous of her.

Well, I wouldn't be
jealous of her

if I didn't have a reason
to be jealous of her.

She wants Kevin!

Maybe, but...

the real question is,
do you want him?

He's up to something.


I don't know.

Sex maybe.

You better have
a talk with him.

Why don't you get, uh, Kevin
to have a talk with him?

Why Kevin?

Kevin's the new
Matt, isn't he?


Well, that's what he thinks,

that he's the oldest and

I don't think Kevin's interested
in being anyone's big brother.

I think he's only interested
in being my husband.

Either way, he still gets to
call your mother "Mom."

Wait a minute--
you're jealous of Kevin?


Are you making out
with my girlfriend?

If I'm your girlfriend,
then why were you making out

with another girl right
here, just last night?

Oh, wait...

not just last night,
the night before,

and the night before that.

Look, could we talk?

I don't know.

I'm on a date.

Please, I don't want
to get in the middle here.

Why don't you work it out

and if you can't, then I hope
you'll call me, Cecilia.

Ain't love grand.

So you've been playing
all your life, huh?

Yeah, it's just my game's
a little off because...

Because I remind you
or your dad?

No... no... you don't
remind me of my dad.

But I am nearly as old
as your dad.

Which is why I left it
up to you to call me

if you wanted to go out with me.

And I do want
to go out with you.

And, And I've enjoyed
going out with you

the past couple weeks.

But I didn't call you tonight
and you just showed up,

and now I have
to explain things to my parents

that I didn't want to explain.

You were never going
to invite me over.

And I'm never going to feel
comfortable going out with you

unless I know your parents
are comfortable.

It's just
the kind of guy I am.

I don't want to sneak around.

You're right.

It's best to...

get it all out in the open,

if we're going to continue
going out with each other.

But what about Ben?

Why don't I just wait over
at the bar with your friend?

Would you stay
out of this?

I intended to stay
out of this

and then I saw you two talking
and I couldn't stay out of it.

Has anyone mentioned that
that guy's your father's age?

What's a guy in his 40s
going out

with a woman in her 20s for...

other than the obvious?

He's going out with me
for the same reason

any man goes out
with any woman.

He likes me.

He's interested in me.

Are you really that naive?

Stop acting like we're doing
something wrong,

because we're not.

Captain Smith is...
is a very smart man.

he's very responsible.

He's... he's a nice man.

He's... he's...

A pervert?

Listen to me--

if you're just going out
with that loser

so I'll tell Ben, forget it.

I'm not going to tell
him anything.

And you shouldn't either,

because I think it'd
just creep him out.

But call him.

He wants to hear from you.

And get rid of this loser.

He's my age.

My age, I'm telling you.

She's just doing this
to get to you.

I don't get it.

She's angry with you for going
back with your old girlfriend.

Well, so she's dating
some guy as old as you?

How's that getting back at me
for seeing my old girlfriend?

My old girlfriend's
gorgeous and...

she's my age.

So, you are seeing her?

I wasn't, but I am now.

And you can tell Mary that.

Tell her I've decided to go back
with my old girlfriend.

Uh... re-dial... re-dial...


I'm sorry I'm so late.

I heard about
Eisenhower's predicament,

and I'm sorry
I can't help you out.

I mean, I'd love
to take him, but...

That's okay.

I... I didn't really
expect you to.

I, uh... got a little help

solving Eisenhower's problem
from the research department.

So, Ruthie, it looks as if

Eisenhower isn't going
anywhere after all.

And my guess is he's also
going to be, uh...

happier at home.

Let's hope so.

Oh, here you go, Ruthie.

Twenty dollars?

That's a lot of money for
something I'd do for free.


Oh. Right.

It was my pleasure.

No, you earned it.

Maybe, but if you'd
rather take it back,

donate it toward the animal fund
of your choice, that'd be great.

Thanks, Ruthie.

Thank you.

Other kids may be awkward
at 12, but you, you're...

something special.


And you know what
I've been thinking?

Maybe I'm not too young
for a boyfriend after all.

I kind of liked that guy.


By the way, how much
did you charge her?

I didn't charge
her anything.

She offered to pay me.

How much did she pay you?

Forty dollars.

Wow... 40 bucks just
to make out with a woman

to make her
boyfriend jealous.

Well, don't forget there was
some danger involved.

That guy could have hit me.

You're right.
And even more dangerous,

what are your mom and dad going
to think if they hear

you got money
for taking a girl out?

You get to be more and more
like a big brother every day.


So, you'll take my advice
and not do this again?

I can't promise that.

Then I can't promise
I won't say anything.

Wow, that was almost Matt-like.

Good night.

Good night.

I think your dad
is up to something.

What's he up to?


He's holding the phone.

Ben, I imagine.


Good night, Mom.

Love you.

Love you, too.

Good night.

Love you!

Love you, too.

It was a pleasure
meeting you, Lucy.

And I'm sorry we got off
to such a rocky start.

Me, too.

Well, maybe I'll give
Robbie a call

and the four of us can go out
for real next time?

Great. Good night.

Good night.

I still think she's a...

I love you.

I love you, too.

It would be nice if I felt you
were ready to make a commitment.

It would be nice if I thought
you were willing

to take a chance that someday
I will make a commitment.

But not now, not until
I'm really, really ready.

Good night.

Good night.

Why is that some nights you
all come in the front door

and other nights you all
come in the back door?

Well, the nights that
the garbage cans

are blocking the street,
we park in the driveway

and come in back here.

On other nights,
we park on the street.


Who are you calling?

No one.

Good night.

Well, that was a long
drive to the airport.

Say what you want to say, okay?


He's too old for you.

Way too old for you.

I am an adult.

I have a job.

I pay my bills.

I'm responsible around here,

and I'm responsible when I'm not
around here and I'm in Buffalo.

So I think that
who I go out with

should be left up to me.

You are my dad,
and I love you.

But I'm over 21 now, and...

and I think that I have to
decide who I want to be with

for the rest of my life.

Rest of your life?


Did you just call me?

I star sixty-nined you.

It's for you.

Good night.