7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 6, Episode 22 - Holy War: Part 2 - full transcript

The Camden family gather together for Matt and Sarah's wedding. Eric and the Rabbi make amends while Ben and Kevin decide to go to Glen Oak to pursue Mary and Lucy. Ruthie and Simon sort out their issues with Robbie.

Are you sure it's okay?

I don't think I want
to run into your parents

or my parents
or anyone.

I'm just too upset.

It's all right.
My family's at the pool hall.

Our rehearsal dinner. Remember?

I feel so badly

that none of my family made it
to your mother's dinner.

Under the

Still, later tonight
I'll call your mom

and apologize.

I'll make us
a sandwich.

We were this close
to pulling it off.

To doing what neither one
of us thought we could do:

get married
with our families,

thereby bringing us,

them and our two faiths
together forever,

like a family is
supposed to be.

Just for the record,

I didn't think we were
this close to pulling it off.

I-I figured we were
gonna have some drama,

but I, I never
figured the drama

would be your dad
refusing to marry us

and my father
refusing to show up.

You know, let's just end
our torment.

Let's just tell them
we're married

and pack our bags
and head to New York.

So, you just want to give up
and run away?


We can't give up.

Our fathers are never going
to admit they are wrong,

apologize and then show up
at the synagogue tomorrow

like nothing ever happened.

I mean, maybe
in five or six years,

but not in less
than 24 hours.

I don't like your defeatist

It's not an attitude.

It's just an accurate assessment
of the current situation.

Mmm, ye of little faith.

Okay, ye of too much faith.

we do?
What do you propose

We should do nothing.

We tried to reason
with our fathers.

Let's give our moms a chance.

Well, if they can't
do it, no one can.



Is there anything
besides mayonnaise on this?

I'm sorry. I like mayonnaise.

It's a sign.

If I can eat mayonnaise
and white bread,

anything is possible.


Boy, I'm hungry.

I'll have a, uh, little snack.

Where is, uh, Sarah?

What do you care?

I don't believe in the marriage,
so I can't marry them.

It's as simple
as that.

And this just came to you

this not believing
in the marriage?

No. I-I told you this.

I-I felt that way
since the beginning.


I-I just never thought
that, you know,

they would get this far.

But, you know,
when they did,

come on, I had to step up
and do something

before Sarah
ruined her life.

And, and, and by the way,

it's nothing
against this kid Matt.

He's just not, uh...


But he's willing to convert!

Matt doesn't want to be Jewish.

He, uh...

he wants Sarah.

So, he's in love
with your daughter.

And your daughter's in love
with him.

That should count for something,
maybe even everything.

Since when did you join,
like you know, "Club Matt?"


In the beginning I wasn't happy

about Sarah wanting
to marry Matt.

But then I realized

we can't pick out the man
we want our daughter to marry.

The heart wants
what the heart wants.

Yeah, but why can't her heart,
you know, want a Jew?

A real Jew.

I mean, what was wrong
with that...

that Levin fella?

Or that Cohen boy,

you know?
Sarah didn't fall in love

with that Levin fella
or that Cohen boy.

She fell in love with Matt.

Just like I fell in love
with you.

But I'm Jewish.

And if you weren't?

Do you really think I would have
listened to my parents

if they'd forbidden me
to marry you?

Uh, I don't know.

Is that all you can think of?

I'm hungry.

Oh, well, then by all means eat,
be merry.

And mess up this kitchen

the way you're messing up
our daughter's life!

Our life!

No, no, eat!

Don't let the fact that my heart
is breaking stop you!

Can I help it that
while your heart is breaking,

my stomach is growling?


Come in.

Have a seat.

No, thanks.

Is kind of late
for you to be out.

Yeah, but I heard a noise.

Or did you hear that I decided
to move up here permanently?

I thought when I took your room

that you would leave,
get your own place.

I did leave,
and this is my own place.

I thought you wanted
your room back.

Well, yes and no.

Well, Simon's right: I'm not
really part of this family,

and when you think about it,

only family should be living
in the house.

I'm sorry about getting
so upset tonight

at the pool hall,

but I thought about everything

me moving to the garage
is for the best.

Thanks for moving
all my stuff up here.

You're welcome.

You know
with me here

Simon can take over Matt's role
in the family.

I won't get in the way.

You can have your room back.

Everybody's happy.

So you're not leaving?


Unless you can tell me

why all of a sudden
my best friend in this family

has decided
to declare war on me,

and is trying to get me to leave

the only place I've ever
really considered home.



You still plan
on getting married?


Are you still planning
on not being there?


It's a mistake, Dad.

A big mistake.

I mean I love you, but if you
don't show up at my wedding,

I don't know if I'll ever
be able to forgive you.

And if you convert tomorrow,

I don't know if I'll ever
be able to forgive you.

So, we're at an impasse,

both of us refusing
to give into the other.


I wonder which one
of us will win.

Or if we'll both just lose.

Mom just told me.

Dad's not going
to Matt's wedding.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

And Sarah's father's refusing
to marry them.

Blah, blah, blah!

I've got bigger problems
than that.

Where have you been?

Let's see.

I started out in Buffalo,

where Ben asked me to marry him
and I said no.

Then I got on a plane
going to New York City,

then changed planes and flew
to Washington, then to Tampa,

then back to Buffalo
and then nonstop to here!

You know, this
job of yours

is kind of inconvenient
for me.

When I need you,
you're always flying somewhere.

It's been a really long day,
and I...

I met a guy.

I know, Ben's brother Kevin.

No, no, no, another guy.


At the airport.

Well, I thought you were
pretty serious with Kevin.

Well, he won't move
to Glenoak.

I mean he won't even come
to Glenoak for Matt's wedding.

So, don't you think
I should move on,

break up with him?

Did you say that
Ben asked you

to marry him?

And did you say
that you said no?

And why did you say no?

Because I know
you like him,

maybe even love him.

I don't want to talk about it.

Good. Well, enough
about you.

What about me?

I kind of invited Doug
to the wedding tomorrow.

Do you think that's okay?

If you really love Kevin,

I think you know the answer
to that question.

I am so glad you called.

I wanted to apologize for not
being at the rehearsal dinner,

but with everything
that's happened...

It's okay. I understand.


We have to do something
about the wedding.

I thought I could change
Eric's mind,

but he's just too stubborn,

and I'm afraid
if we don't do something,

and if our husbands don't
show up tomorrow, then...

well, I think you know
what I'm afraid of.

We'll lose our children
and break up our families.


We should go over to
the house right now.


We should go find
an inexpensive hotel,

get some sleep,

think about what we're going
to say to Mary and Lucy,

and then go talk
to them.

You think she's going
to be surprised to see me?

Not as surprised
as Mary is to see me.

Do you think we made
the right choice?

We're in love
with those nuts,

so they left us no other choice
but to fly cross-country,

try to work things out
with them.

When I asked for time
off to come here,

I asked the chief for a transfer
to the Glenoak police force.

I'm going to move to Glenoak
so I can be with Lucy.

What's going on?

Hank and Julie
are having a baby.

Mary and Lucy are picking up
our parents at the airport.

Uh, Ruthie's taking
care of the boys,

and Simon's supposed
to help Matt pack,

and I'm off
to help Rosina.

But Mary told me

that Richard's refusing
to marry Matt and Sarah.

Yes, he's being as pigheaded
as you are,

but there is going
to be a wedding,

with or without him
and with or without you.

There's going to be a wedding.

It won't work.
What's that?

What you're doing?
What am I doing?

You know what you're doing.

I'm getting ready for a wedding.

What are you doing?

I'm not going.

And I'm not changing my mind.

Oh, that's okay. I'm sure
we can find someone else

to hold the candle.

Oh, thank you so much

for agreeing
at such late notice, Rabbi.

Yes, this is wonderful news.

I can't wait to tell Sarah.

Thank you so much. Bye-bye.

Did I actually hear
someone say, "Wonderful news?"

Mom got Rabbi Silverman
to agree to marry Matt and me.

Thank you, Mom. Mmm.

At my synagogue?

Well, I'm not going
to have the florist

and everyone else
change everything

because you won't admit
you're wrong,

and you are wrong.

You should be the one
marrying your daughter,

but since you won't...

What is this, like,
some little... little bluff?

Some little trick?

You think that I'm actually
then gonna marry Sarah and Matt?

No trick.

Oh, you got to
be kidding me.

You wouldn't
do this.

God bless him.

What is he, like, 82?

Hello? Abe?

How are you? It's Richard.

Yeah, how are you?

Listen, uh,

Rosina told...


I... No, no, I don't have
a problem with it.

No, no! No, I-I don't.

Okay. Shalom.

Abe Silverman is not
marrying my daughter.

He's a hack.

Oh, I get it.


Wow, I... Oh, and I...

I see through your little plan.


Do you actually think, Rosina,

that I'm that crazy,

that I'll see my daughter
get married at my synagogue

by someone else,
and I'll be that crazy

that I'll just throw
my principles out,

and then zoom right in there
and-and marry her?

Well, no!

I will not do that.

And you know why?

Because I do not believe
in the marriage.

Sarah and I are going to go
get our hair and makeup done,

and then I have some
last-minute details to check on.

There's a chicken in the fridge
in case you get hungry.

And, uh, because
of the reception,

I won't be home until very late.

You can't have

a reception without me.

I'm having a wedding
without you.

Oh, and by the way,
your mother and father

are having their car bring them
here before the ceremony.

I told them
you had something

you wanted
to tell them.

I thought you should be the one
to tell them

you're refusing to marry
their only granddaughter.

Mom says I have
to help you pack.


Look, I-I know you wanted
to be my best man.

Do you want to know
why I didn't ask you?

You look at being the best man

as being some kind of passing of
the older brother baton, right?

Simon, being the big
brother in this family

is something I became
over a long period of time.

I'm 22; you're 15;
and the truth is,

I don't think you're ready
to take over for me around here.

I mean, you haven't had
the smoothest year,

what with your slow-speed
car chase and getting drunk.

I thought if I asked Robbie,

maybe you would look at him
as someone to look up to,

and someone to help you
when I'm not around next year.

Don't be in a hurry
to grow up... and use Robbie.

He's here, and he's a good guy,
and he can help you,

and you can help him.

And I know that if you
two just work together,

then maybe I could
stop worrying

about what's going
to happen when I leave.

And just so you know,

after everything I've
been through with Robbie,

asking him to be my best man,
trusting him with my family--

it's not easy for me.

It's something I fought

ever since Robbie came
to live with us.

So Robbie might be
my best man tonight,

but you've been my best man

since Mom and Dad brought you
home from the hospital.

I love you.

And I'm-I'm sorry if
I hurt your feelings.

You're trying to make me cry?

I'm trying to make
you understand.

I understand.

I was wondering if you wanted
to help me with the boys.

I have to, uh, finish my speech
for the reception.

This best man stuff's harder
than I thought.

You can have your room back
if you want it.

I'm fine with the garage.

You know, I really need to, uh,
finish this best man speech.

I'm having a lot of trouble,
so if you don't mind?

Are you kicking me out?

Yeah, just like
you kicked me out.

Well, are you kicking
Sam and David out, too?

No, Sam and David can stay.

Oh, that's not fair.

Well, neither is the way
you're treating me.

You know, when you're ready
to apologize to me

and explain why you've been
so mean to me, I'll be here.

Are you ready?

Oh, there.


Oh, it's so good
to see you.



Oh. Well, now, um...

are we going straight
to the church, or are we...?


Oh, oh, uh, synagogue.

Of course, I forgot.

So, we're going to take you
guys straight to the hotel,

then someone will be by
to pick you up later

and take you to
the synagogue.

Oh, well, I'll just
go over with Eric.


We should tell them.

Well, tell us what?

Dad had a fight
with Sarah's dad,

and then Dad had
a fight with Matt,

because Matt was going
to convert today

before the wedding,
so, Sarah's dad

to marry them, and...

Dad refuses to go.

So, there's not going
to be a wedding?

Are you telling me
that I've been wanded

and strip-searched for nothing?

Oh, oh, no. Uh, they found
some sort of a...

a... a fill-in

so there is still
gonna be a wedding.

But your father refuses to go?

Refuses to be at the wedding

of his firstborn son
and my eldest grandchild?

Take them
to the hotel.

Take me to Eric.

Where's everybody else?

They're all at the hotel.

Do I understand

you are not going
to the wedding?

I have my reasons for not going,

and they're not up
for discussion or debate.

Who do you think
you're talking to,

some friend
who stopped by for coffee?

I'm your father
and Matt's grandfather,

and I have just flown
2,000 miles

to attend his wedding,
and whether you want to or not,

you're going to tell me
what the devil is going on here.

Matt plans to convert.

Who cares?

I care.

And obviously,
you don't understand,

and that's why I don't want
to talk about this, okay?

You feel that
you raised Matt

in a certain way, your way.

And now, as an adult he's...

he's choosing his own path.

And you feel
that he's rejecting you,

or rejecting the road

you thought
he would take in life--

indeed, the road you picked
for him to take in life--

and now you're hurt
'cause you can't understand

why he doesn't want
to take your road.

Okay, maybe you do understand.

But you don't...

How do you think I felt
when you rejected the Marines?

I didn't reject the Marines.


Chose a different path?

Took a different road?

When you came to me and said

you were not going to enlist
in the Marine Corps,

and indeed had already
enrolled in seminary,

I felt you were rejecting me
and my whole way of life,

and at that time,
that was unbearable.

And then I realized

you weren't rejecting
the Marines or me.

You were choosing
something else,

following your own heart,
as is Matt.

Matt may leave
your house, Eric,

and he may leave your church,

but he can never leave behind
what you taught him.

What makes him him is you.

You raised him.

He'll always be your son.

And as long as he goes out
in the world and does some good,

does it really make
any difference

whether he's Christian
or Jewish,

as long as he's still Matt?

That I eventually had
to realize about you.

You may not be a Marine,
but by heaven, you are my son,

and up until now,

you've always done
the right thing

and made me proud.

Do the right thing
and make me proud.

How do you think
it's going in there?

Well, if anyone can
get through to Dad,
it's the Colonel.

I mean, he got
through to me.

I'll get it.

It's for you.

Okay, Matt and Sarah are going
to Catalina for their honeymoon.

I confirmed the plane

and hotel reservations
this morning.

Two of Sarah's cousins
will be bringing the gifts

to the reception.

I made sure Matt has

all the necessary paperwork
he'll need for the ceremony,

and I'm going
to bring it with me

to the synagogue.

I bought Matt a gift
for the wedding

and helped him buy gifts
for the other groomsmen.

Now, I'm taking Matt with me

to the synagogue, but,
uh, after the wedding,

he'll ride in a limo with
Sarah to the reception.

And now...
congratulate me.

I finally finished the speech
for the reception.

I'm sure it's not as good
as the one you wrote,

but it's the best I could do.

I'll congratulate you
if you forgive me.

I've been a real jerk to you,
and I'm sorry.

You are family.

You're a big part of this family
and an important part, and...

and I don't know
what we'd do without you.

I don't know
what I'd do without you,

especially since Matt's leaving.

So what do you say we both
take over for Matt

and keep an eye on things
around here?

I know I can't do it alone.

I can't do it alone, either.

I guess it's a good thing
we have each other then, huh?

What's this?

It's my best man speech.

I thought maybe you can use it.

I worked on it for over a month.

You probably won't have to
change much, you know, since...

Matt's your brother, too.

Thanks, man.

It's nothing.

No, it's something.

My speech stinks.

Look, all I can say
is... I'm sorry.

I hope it's enough,

and I hope you can forgive me
for the way I've been acting.

What happened?

A little colonel
yelled in my ear.

Can you find it in your heart
to forgive me?

Yeah, I can.

My dad taught me that.


But just so you know,

I'm still planning
on converting.

Not today, but someday.

When you do I...
I want to be there

for you

and for me and for Sarah.

Does this mean you're
coming to the wedding?

I just hope they didn't
find somebody else

to hold the candle.

If Sarah's father
doesn't show,

you might end up doing
more than holding the candle.

Do you think
they're still outside?

I'm too chicken to look.

I can't believe Ben flew
all the way here.

He's going to ask me
to marry him again.

I can't believe Kevin
flew all the way here

and I made a date
with another guy.

They're gone.

You can stop hiding.
What'd they say?

Yeah, what'd they say?

You can find out tonight
at Matt's wedding.

I invited 'em.


Then I have enough time
to call Doug and cancel.

If Ben asks me
to marry him again,

I'm going to have
to break up with him.

Who are you and what did you do
with Mary Camden?

If Kevin came here as a sign
that he's willing

to give up his life in Buffalo
and move to Glenoak,

should I tell him
about Doug?

It's finally happened.

She's more crazy than you.


did you come back
to insult me some more?

I won't insult you
if you don't insult me.


And... I'll say I'm sorry
if you'll say you're sorry.


Can we talk?


Hey, Eric, don't let
the intermittent hives,

uh, throw you or take it

but my mother and father
just left and, uh...

don't ask, but my wife was very
kind enough to sic them on me.

Anyway, please.

So, what's up?

I made peace with Matt,

and, uh, I think you should
do the same thing with Sarah.

I really think you need
to be there tonight.

You need to marry them.

And I say that knowing
that if you don't show

I could end up with a bigger
part in the ceremony

than holding a candle.

Listen, Eric.

I told Sarah that I could
not marry her and your son

because I did not believe
in the wedding.


But the truth is...

I was scared.

All right?

Because I did believe
in the wedding.

These past 90 days
when I got to know your son,

I got to tell you, I, uh,
I just can't imagine

a better man marrying
my daughter.

I mean, he's not Jewish,

but, uh, you know,
I don't want to...

I don't want
to be greedy.

I guess I just, you know,
always took it for granted

that, you know, she was
going to marry a Jewish man.

But when she brought
Matt home, you know,

I-I suddenly felt betrayed.

I felt upset and, uh...

But then when I
got to know him,

you know, I got
really confused,

because I just could not
accept this marriage.

I tried, but there
was a part of me

that just would
not accept it.

And then ultimately,
what happened,

I started to get very
comfortable, you know,

with the idea of
a Matt and a Sarah.

Then I started to feel,
like, uncomfortable

and that led me to feel like
I needed to, like, you know,

stop the wedding.

Matt's going to convert.

But not for you
or your wife.

He's doing it... for himself.

To unify his family.

Sarah and Matt
are going to be a family.

So are you going
to marry 'em tonight?

Hey, you know, I'm certainly
not going to let

that hack Abe Silverman
marry my only daughter.


So listen, uh,
one other thing.

Do you think you want
to do a little more

than just, uh, like you said,
you know, hold the candle?

Because I-I got to
tell you, I apologize.

It was... it was
so rude of me

to exclude you from the...
from the wedding ceremony.

I mean, you know, Matt's
your son; you're a minister.

I mean, uh...
I mean, really.

I mean, why don't we both
do this thing together? Huh?

What, co-officiate
the ceremony?

Well, I'm honored.

Well, you should be.

Hey, listen, you know, we
still got a little bit of time

and I'm-I'm pretty hungry.

I could use some roast beef.

So why don't we head
to the kitchen,

put a little rewrite
on the wedding ceremony?

I make a great sandwich,
you know, lean.

You'll love it.

You must like roast beef.

You know, real lean.

And I'll cut the sandwiches
really perfect for you.

It'll be great.

Richard, this could
be the beginning

of a beautiful friendship.

I'm out of here.

We need to talk.

I put in for a transfer
to Glenoak.

I invited another guy
to the wedding.

I am not ready
to get married.

Well, I'm not ready, either.

So why did you ask?

Because I don't want
to lose you.

You're not going to lose me

unless you ask me to give up
what I'm doing.

Come on.

We love each other, and
we want to be together,

but you're a fireman,
and I'm a flight attendant.

And, eventually, one of us is
gonna have to give up our job

if we want to be together.

Says who?

I do love you, and I want
to be with you and no one else.

So when we can,
with our schedules,

we'll spend as much time
as we can together.

I would never ask you
to give up something you love

just to be with me.

If I did, then...
I wouldn't really love you.

So, can I wear that ring
that you tried to give me?

You want to wear my class ring?

But it's not an engagement ring.

Well, that's why
I want to wear it.

So, that's why I did it,

and I'd understand if you
never wanted to see me again.

Lucy, it's okay.

You were angry at me,
and I understand.

And I want to see you again.

I want to see you
for the rest of my life.

So you're not angry?

No. But maybe I'll cancel
my work transfer,

and we'll just take things
a little slower.

Now, this guy you invited,
he's not here, is he?

No. Good.

Because I brought my gun,
and I'd hate to have to use it.

Oh. You're joking.

Yes, I'm joking.

But no more asking guys out.

No more.


You look stunning in your tux.

Okay, what's going on
with you and Robbie?

Simon's never going to be you.

I speak the truth,
and you know it.

But Robbie-- he has a shot.

And I just don't know
if I could take it

if I got to like him

like I like you
and then he left, too.

Don't be mad at me for leaving

and don't be mad at Robbie
for staying.

And give Simon a chance.
He might surprise you.

Now, I may be in New York,
but you can come and visit,

and you can call me
any time you want, day or night.

I'll always be here
for you, Ruthie, always.

How much did you hear?

All of it.


How very Camden of you.

I'm sorry.

What are you sorry about?

That you like me so much.

So did somebody
call for a rabbi?


Do you really think

that after everything
you did to me, to Matt,

that you can just show up here

and I'll forgive and forget
and let you marry us?



you're right.

Oh, boy.

Look at you.

Well, as you know, I have
a wedding ceremony to perform

so I'll try to make this
short and sweet.

I love you.

I'll always love you.

I love Matt.

He's cool. I'm glad
he's part of the family.

And I'm sorry.



You made it.

Is Richard coming?

Rosina wasn't sure.

He's here.


I can't believe I ever thought
I could miss Matt's wedding.

Our Matt.

For the last 48 hours

I think I'm going to plead
temporary religious insanity.

Well, you've got a good case.

Are you okay

with everything,
even the conversion?

I'm okay with Matt.

And... I trust that
he'll always do the right thing

and make me proud.

So, I guess...

yeah, I'm okay
with the conversion.

Okay, you two, break it up.

You know I have to say

I didn't think this wedding
was going to happen.

You got to believe.

You... you got
to have faith.

Matt... it's time.

Doc, you look very dashing
in your tux.

Tell me about it.

I've been beating the
women off with a stick.


Gently shoving.

You doubt me.


♪& ♪&

♪& ♪&

♪& ♪&

Welcome friends,

all who have come
in peace

to witness the joining

of Sarah and Matt
in marriage.

You know, both Sarah and Matt
wanted a ceremony

that wove together
the threads

of their two faiths
and their two families.

And so today we're going
to be doing things

a little differently
up here,

as you can understand.

And, fortunately, joining me

for this very,
very happy occasion

is Reverend Eric Camden,

Matt's father and,
and what my, uh,

my copilot, uh,
if you will

for this ceremony, huh?

Dearly beloved,
we have to come together

in the presence of God

to witness and bless
the joining together

of Matt and Sarah
in holy matrimony.

I look to all of you
and say

if any of you
can give just cause

why they should not
be lawfully married,

speak now or forever
hold your peace.

You know,
it did dawn on me

that perhaps some
of our guests may wonder

what is this chuppah,
this wedding canopy that,

that, that Sarah and, and
Matt stand under is all about.

Well, to me it represents

their new home.

Their new home
that they are creating

as they become man and wife.

A home that will give them
love and shelter

and protect them and...

...It's a Jewish tradition

to recite the Shehecheyanu,
a prayer

at joyous occasions.

And at my daughter's wedding,
this is certainly that.

Baruch atah adonai,

eloheinu melech ha'olam...

...Matt and Sarah,
please join your right hands

and declare your intentions

in the presence of God
and this gathering.

Matt, repeat after me.

I, Matt, take you, Sarah,
to be my wife...

I, Matt,

take you, Sarah,
to be my wife...

...to have and to hold
from this day forward...

...to have and to hold
from this day forward...

...for better or worse...

...for better, for worse...

...for richer or poorer...

...for richer or poorer...

...in sickness
and in health...

...in sickness and
in health...

...to love and to cherish
till death do us part...

...to love and to cherish
till death do us part...

...this is my solemn vow.

...this is my solemn vow.

Sarah, please repeat
after me.

I, Sarah, take you, Matt,
to be my husband...

I, Sarah, take you, Matt,
to be my husband...

...to have and to hold
from this day forward...

...to have and to hold
from this day forward...

...for better or worse...

...for better, for worse...

...for richer or poorer...

...for richer, for poorer...

...in sickness
and in health...

...in sickness
and in health...

...to love and to cherish
till death do us part...

...to love and to cherish
until death do us part...

...this is my solemn vow.

...this is my solemn vow.

Matt, as you place the ring
on Sarah's hand,

please say these words...

Harei At Mekudeshes Li

B'taba'as Zo

b'aynay Adonai.

Harei At Mekudeshes Li

B'taba'as Zo
b'aynay Adonai.

Sarah, as you place the ring
on Matt's hand,

please say these words...

Harei At Mekudeshes Li

B'taba'as Zo
b'aynay Adonai.

Harei At Mekudeshes Li

B'taba'as Zo
b'aynay Adonai.

Now that Matt and Sarah have
given themselves to each other

by exchanging vows
and rings,

we pronounce...

...that they are husband
and wife.

Matt and Sarah,

Adonai v'yishmarecha.

May God bless you
and keep you.

Yare Adonai panav

aylecha veechuneak.

May the Lord's countenance shine
upon you and be gracious to you.

Yeesa Adonai panav aylecha
v'yasem lecha shalom.

May the Lord look upon you
with favor and grant you peace.

We end this ceremony

with the traditional
breaking of the glass.

This is a very old

It, it goes back

to the beginning
of Judaism, actually.

Some say it recalls
the destruction

of the ancient temple,
and others

say it's symbolic
of the breaking of barriers

of people with different
faiths and cultures.

But to me

it's a simple reminder

that even moments of joy
have to be tempered

with the knowledge
of the fragility of life.

The fragility
of this glass suggests

the fragility
of human relationships.

So, Matt,

after you break
the glass

we shall all pray

that your union, your love

and your bond will be

as difficult to break

as it would be to make
that glass whole again.

And I invite everyone

in the congregation
after Matt breaks the glass

to shout out,
"Mazel tov,"

which of course means
"Good luck,

and congratulations."

Mazel tov!

Mazel tov!

Mazel tov!

Kid, what are you
waiting for?

Go on.
Kiss your bride.

We did it.

Piece of cake.