7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 6, Episode 19 - Letting Go - full transcript

The Camden home is surprised, especially Eric, by the arrival of Mary with her lover Ben, his brother cop Kevin, now Lucy's, and her new job as flight attendant which enabled their cheap flights. Still obsessed with Matt's secret, hopefully marriage, which Robbie and Ruthie help keep, Eric neglect his counseling appointment with the elderly Tallridges couple about their adult son Jerry's 'sudden' moving out, yet just that will inspire him.


Guess who I'm here with.


Is that you?

Of course it's me.

Mom and Dad have been
trying to reach you.

I've been doing my flight
attendant training all week.

I know. I think that's why Mom
and Dad are trying to reach you.

They want to talk to you
about that.

Great. They can talk to me
all weekend.

Guess who I'm here with.

The Colonel and Grandma Ruth?

Why would I bring the Colonel
and Grandma Ruth home with me?

Home? You're in Glenoak?

I'm not just in Glenoak.

I'm here!



Hi, sweetie.

It's me-- Kevin.

I know who you are.

I just didn't know
I was sweetie.

Your brother's in
love with my sister.

It is too soon for them
to be in love.

What about us?

I'm Kevin, Ben's brother.

Mary brought us out
on a buddy pass.

I take it you're Lucy's

and Mary's dad.

Eric, is
everything okay?

Mary and Lucy and boyfriends.



And... and you must be Kevin!



I'm an airline attendant.

I get buddy passes

and I brought them home
with me for a surprise.

Is it okay?

Oh, it's more
than okay.


Isn't he great?

Oh, he is.

And he's probably
very hungry.

Let me get you guys
something to eat, okay?

I'm gonna make some
sandwiches and um...

Lucy can you get the
pie out of the fridge?

We can make
the sandwiches.

Please, we feel bad we
woke you up and that Mary
let us just drop in.

- Well, you know I...
- I feel badly too,

but mostly I feel badly because

Mary's an airline
attendant who...

flies all over the country,
has her own apartment

in Buffalo without so
much as a word to us.

Oh, it's so great
to have Mary home.

And I can't wait to hear
about the new job.

And I love having company.

Well, I have a counseling
session in the morning, so...

I'll just go.

Thanks for chasing off
the bad guys.

In case you're wondering what
your sister was screaming about

at 2:00 in the morning,
Mary's home.

And she brought Ben,
and Ben's brother.

Now your mother's
making them sandwiches,

even though they're grown men

who can make their
own sandwiches.


Just thought you'd like to know

what the screaming
was all about.

No one was breaking into the
house, just into our lives.

Good morning.

I have to go now.

I have to work...

on Saturday.

You know our son spent
the night out again.


I... I guess I missed telling
you that when you came to bed.

Could you just let me sleep?

Have a nice day.

Hold it!

Have you seen Matt
this morning?


Do you have
any idea where he is?


But I do know

where Kevin and Lucy
and Mary and Ben are.

They're asleep on
the living room floor.


It's like their own
Temptation Island.

Did you just get up?

Did you just get in?

Where are you going?
Where have you been?

Is there something wrong?

Is there something wrong

with staying out all night
when you have six

younger siblings who wonder
what their brother

could possibly be doing
all that time,

where he's sleeping,
who he's sleeping with?

Did Mom tell you that I called
and said I was staying

at Sarah's house because her
parents are out of town?


I stayed at Sarah's house

because her parents
were out of town.

Did you think I was asking
what about that

or about the fact that you
called your mother

and just told her that you
and your fiancée

are shacking up at her house?

Dad, I'm a grown man.

I'm over 21, and Sarah
and I are getting married.

Yeah, I think "getting"
is the key word.

I have accepted the fact

that you went out on a date
with a woman you just met

and asked her to marry you,

in spite of the fact
that the two of you

are starting medical
school next year.

But I do not accept the fact

that after growing up
in this house

you think it's okay to sleep
with her

before you're married to her!

You I know.

You I... I don't.
But I assume, Kevin?

I'm Matt.

Where are Mary and Lucy?

They're still on
the couch asleep.

Um, we slept in
the living room.

They all slept in
the living room. Yeah.

We stayed up late talking.

They stayed up late talking.
I have to go.

Well, are you okay that
we stayed up late

talking and slept in the
living room? Because...

we would never uh...

we didn't...
It's fine.
Everything's fine.




I've still got it.

Thank you, God.

What do you know about Matt
that I don't know about Matt?

Uh... I don't know.

I don't know what you
don't know about Matt.

No, you've got a secret.

Just a short while ago when
I ran into you in the hallway

I asked if you knew where
your brother Matt was

and you got me to go down
to the living room

to check on Mary and Lucy.

Why is that?

Well, they are Mary and Lucy,
and that's a problem in itself.

And then we don't even know
those other two, Ben and Kevin.

And I just thought
you'd like to know

that they were all alone asleep
in the living room.

And why do you have a problem
with Mary and Lucy being alone

with Ben and whatever
his name is,

but you don't have a problem

with Matt being alone
with Sarah?

Could it be...?


Me thinks

that you know something about
Matt and Sarah

and the Mary and Lucy concern
was just a diversion.

I'm only 11.

Diversions are a pretty
complicated tactic,

don't you think?

Not for you.

Maybe I don't like

Ben and Kevin.

Maybe I'm angry with
Mary and Lucy.

No, no, no. No.

Divert me once, shame on you.

Divert me twice, shame on you.

You've got a secret,
don't you?

And it involves Matt.

And if I knew that secret...

perhaps there would
be no wedding.

I have lots
of secrets.

Some of them involve Matt,

some of them involve
Lucy and Mary,

some Simon, some
Robbie, some Mom,

some you even.

Oh, is that right?

What secret do you
know about me?

At night, when you
go downstairs to lock up

and turn out the lights,
you eat a cookie or two

even though you skipped
dessert at dinner

because you're still
on the low-fat diet.

How would you know that?

Because sometimes
I wait for you

to lock up and turn
out the lights

and go back upstairs so I can
be alone in the kitchen.

Why do you want to be
alone in the kitchen?

I have to have my space, clear
my thoughts so I can sleep.

The living room is too big
and creepy in the dark.

And the bathroom's too small
and someone always wants in it.

But the kitchen's
just right.

And it does have cookies.

Aha. Yeah.

And yet, you're not
that big on sweets.

Especially if you've
had dessert at dinner.


you ever make phone calls
to clear your head?

I could use the
phone in the bedroom

if I needed to use the
phone to clear my head.

But Mary and Lucy
would overhear your call.

Who would you be calling
from the kitchen?

Oh, it's usually
too late to be calling
anyone at those hours.



I may have called someone
once or twice.

Really? Who?

Is that who or whom?

Whom did you call?

Oh, and nice try.

Oh, time, weather, information.

No one special.

Oh, you know something,
and it's about Matt...


Yes. No, this...
this is Reverend Camden.

Oh, oh.

I-I'm, uh, I'm so sorry.

Yeah, I'm on...
I'm on my way.

I have a family
counseling session...

but I'll be back.

Well, I went
to the church.

I was late because of,
you know, problems at home,

but, uh, I told the
couple I'd be late

when they called,
and I got there,

and they weren't there.

I mean, they weren't
anywhere in sight.

That was a "Well,
why aren't you helping me
fold the laundry?" well,

not a "Well,
what happened?" well.


What problems at home?
It seems

that, uh, my wife heard from
our oldest son last night

that he would be spending
the night out again and
she forgot to tell me.

Matt wanted to spend
the night at Sarah's house

because her parents
are out of town

and Sarah didn't want
to stay there alone.

And you have no
problem with that?

With what?
Do you know something

about Matt and Sarah
that I don't know?

I don't think so.
Why? What's wrong?

What are you so upset about?

Since when did
sex before marriage

become the acceptable
standard in our family?
We don't know

that they're doing
anything like that.

Oh, don't we?



Let's say that our...

hormonally abundant couple

is not engaging
in premarital sex.

Do you have
to make it sound

like some science experiment
gone awry?

Can't you be a little
less technical?

I think Matt and
Sarah are married.

Oh, what again with that theory?
I think
they're married.

And I think that's why Matt
feels so free about, uh,

"staying over"
at Sarah's.
You know what I think?

I think you're a little nutty,
that's what I think.

What would you think
if I could prove it?

If you could prove that Matt
is already married?

Why can't you do

what you would tell any other
parent in this situation to do?

Why can't you
let go and let God?

Why do you have to prove that

Matt is married
if he says he isn't?

Because if he's married...

it would restore
my faith in my son,

and the world, and...

And what?

And we wouldn't have
to have a wedding

that's not in my church.

Eric, I think we have
to let Matt and Sarah

live their lives
the way they see fit.

If they want a wedding

and they want Sarah's dad
to marry them,

then that's what is.

We have to deal
with what is,

not what could
or should or would be

or what we want it to be.

And I'm quoting from about
a hundred of your lectures.



Eric... Matt

and Sarah
are both adults,

and they're responsible
and considerate adults.

How responsible
can they be

if they got married
on their first date?

I know they did--
I can...

I can... I can feel
it in my bones.

And I... I think I can
prove it if I can just...

If the four of them
end up married,

I think I'll be
the happiest mother on earth.

Are we gonna talk
to Mary, by the way,

about her choice
of careers?

I talked to her
last night.

We all stayed up talking.

About Mary becoming
an airline attendant?

She chose.

It may not be our choice,
but she chose...



So I suggest
you let that go, too.

I don't know you
anymore. Ooh.

I-I mean,

I don't know who you are.

Simon's looking for you--
he's in the boys' room.


No good.

This bed is no good.

No good.

Why are your beds no good?

we get out.

We're too big.


We get new beds.

New bed!

They got new beds.

They can get out of
those, and they're
too big for them.

This just can't be.

I told Mom I'd help
her bring them

out of the basement
later this afternoon

and put them together,
and she said we'll do it

as soon as she's done with
everything else she's doing.

But first we need
some kind of special
wrench or something,

so we're going to
the hardware store,

Mom and I.

As soon as she's finished
with everything else.

Of course, we could
save a lot of time if you
wanted to drive with me

or if I could just
drive by myself, but, of
course, I can't do that,

'cause I don't have
my license, I have
my learner's permit.

So I need a licensed driver
over 25 to drive with me.

You know, Kevin's 25.

He could drive with me.

He's a police
officer, you know.

Lucy's Kevin is twen... twen...

25 years old?

Didn't you know?


No, I can't drive with Kevin,
or no, you didn't know?

The bed

is too small.

Too small.

Too small.


Are you crazy?
You're going
over there again?

Well, I'm sorry, I have to.

Then the safest thing
for us to do

is for you to take me with you.

No, I'm not taking you with me,
but I am gonna

count on you
to keep my little secret.

But I think Dad already knows

I called you
the night you got married.

Well, how would Dad know that?

Because I let it slip
when he was interrogating me

that I use the phone
in the kitchen late at night.

He just hasn't
put it together yet.

And he's not going to if you
don't let anything else slip.

Look, I have to go.

Not let anything else slip?

Like what?

Like the fact that
you and Sarah are
already married?

Because why else would
you be so comfortable

spending the night
at her house,

just the two
of you, alone?

I don't know,
because you trust me?

I do trust you,
which is why, again,

I think there's
a strong possibility

that you're already married.





It's that couple again.

All right. Just tell me.

I'm gonna find out anyway.

Find out what?

Okay, okay!


Would you leave
the children alone?

Uh... no.

I... I was there.

I-I promise.

No, I was.

Are you sure you're
at the right church?

No, no, no, no, no.

Okay, uh, it's
three lights down on the right.

Red brick, big white steeple.

Look, if you want,
we can reschedule next week.

I apologize-- I had no idea
your son was a runaway.

I'll be right there.

But I'll be back.


I really do still have it.

Are you looking for something?

Where's the thing?

What thing?

The thing. The thing.

The-the... phone thing.

The ph... uh...

You mean, the-the phone?

No, the phone...

Uh... bill!

The ledger book
where your mother keeps

the household bills,
where is it?

I have no idea.

I need the phone bill.

I really, really need it!


Yeah, he's right here.

Oh, okay.

I'll tell him. Bye.

The couple you're
supposed to meet
said they found

the church
and they're waiting for you.


And the-the woman sounded
kind of... annoyed.

I'm on my way.

I'm empty-handed,
but I'm on my way.


I could drive you!

Since you probably
shouldn't be behind the wheel.


Is this the Camden residence?


Is Kevin there?


Whom should I say is calling?

Just tell him
he has a phone call, kid.

I don't think so.

Tell him it's Patty Mary.

I need more information,
Patty Mary.

You never told me
you were on the
basketball team.

I wonder why.

I was an idiot
my senior year.

The coach locked out
the team because we all
let our grades slip,

and then a group of us decided
to wreck the gym in retaliation.

Someone called the cops,
we got caught, I got probation.

Anyone else in the family

have a problem with the law
I should know about?

Lucy's old boyfriend Jimmy Moon
got arrested for marijuana.

I'd like to have
a word with you.

Yeah, I'd like a word
with you, too.

Could we see you
in the closet?

Excuse us,

we'll be right back.

So, your girlfriend
did get arrested.

And your girlfriend's
old boyfriend smokes pot.

Who cares?

What's your problem?

I'm sorry, it just slipped out.

How does that stuff
just slip out?

I don't know.

I think I've got one too
many secrets in my head.

I need to talk to Ruthie.

It's kind of important.

Is this about him?
Are you covering

for Robbie
about something?

No. She... she's not

covering for me. This has
nothing to do with me.

Phone. It's for Kevin.

It's for you.

Who is it?

Patty Mary?

She sounds real interesting.


Patty Mary?

It's our sister.


Hold your enthusiasm.


Mom wants you two
to come home right now.

Well, we're in California.

We can't just come
home right now.

We're going home Sunday night.

Right now.

Patty Mary,
what's the problem?

Mom wants you home, and I'm here

to make sure
you do what Mom wants.

I'm at the airport and I'm not
gonna leave without you.

She's here.

And we might have to go home,
although I'm not quite sure why.

Your sister flew here
all the way from Buffalo?

San Francisco.
San Francisco. San Francisco.

How is that she knows you
have a sister

in San Francisco and I don't?

I'm with Patty Mary.

I think they should go home

and you two should
go with them,

and I should go with you.

Forgive me,
I can't help myself.

Where's the phone list?

Where is the list that comes
with the phone bill?

Where's the answer
to the mystery

of the Matt universe?


I'm on my way!

I'm so sorry.

I must have walked

right past you
several times.

I called out to you.

I'm very sorry.

I just have something
going on at the house,

and, well... I...

Didn't you say on the phone
that your son had run away?

Indeed, he has.


I'm tired

from all that
running around.

I, I can't keep
chasing after that boy.

How old is your boy?

He'll be 46 years
old August 19.

So he's 45?

Going on 21.

But he's actually
45 years old?

And up until now
he's lived at your house.

Up until a few months ago.

Is he handicapped?

If you can call not
having a lick of sense

to be handicapped.

But he's not mentally or
physically handicapped?


And when you say, uh...

what is his name?


And Jeremiah ran away.

Do you know where?

He got himself
a rental house

near that new promenade
where all the kids hang out.


Do you find this to be funny?

Because it is not
a laughing matter.

That boy doesn't have

enough money saved
to be out on his own,

and I suspect
the reason he did this

is because of a certain Jezebel.

We want you to help
us talk to him.

We tried, but he's
so darn bullheaded.

But your son is 45.

Don't you think 45
is old enough

to move out of the house,
for whatever reason?

Each child is an individual,

and this particular individual

doesn't have the sense
that God gave him.

The woman he's
interested in

has a child,

and he's certainly
not ready to be a father.

Do you think we could call
Jeremiah and ask him

to join us here? I'd really

like to meet him.

That's a good idea.

You know this isn't
going to go well.

It's going to go well.

I'm going to see
that it goes well.

And if you know
what's good for you...

Okay, I've met them.
Let's go.

What's your rush?

Mom wants you home.

Did your mother know
you were coming here?

Um... not exactly.

I'm not leaving Lucy. This is my
only weekend off for a month.

Our mother is alone, she's
widowed and she's frightened.

So why don't you fly home
and stay with her?

Because I'm in school.

Your mother didn't know you were
coming with me to California?

They said
they were

going on a camping trip.

How did you know we weren't?

You don't camp.

You're afraid
of the woods at night.

Oh, yeah, and Ben told me.

He gave me the number in case
there was an emergency.

And there's an emergency.

Why wouldn't you tell your
mother that you

were coming
with me to California?

She might... worry about...

the flight.

A lot of people are concerned
about flying right now

and... yeah.

I'm going with that.

So you didn't tell your mom you
were coming here to see me

either, huh?

Uh, you she doesn't
know about.

You, she knows about.

So, is it that she's
alone and frightened

and worried about your flying

or that she doesn't
want you to be with me

for a reason?

Neither. I'll bet neither.

So you know something about Mom

that we don't.
Is she sick?

No, she's not sick.

Is there some reason

you wouldn't tell
your mom about me?

What does your mom know about me
that she doesn't like?

She's not sick,

so why would you be so nervous
about leaving her alone

in the...? Aha!

Is she dating?

Is Mom dating?!

She's dating?

We have to go.

Not before you tell me why

your mother doesn't like me.

And not before you tell
me what's wrong with me

that you can't mention
me to your mom.

It better not be that idiot guy
that moved in next door.

I'll kill that guy
if he so much as...


I think I deserve
an answer.

She heard some things
around town. Nothing bad.

It's just that...

We have to go.

I didn't tell
Mom about you

because he wasn't gonna
tell her about her.

Okay, I understand.

But why can't your mom go out
with the guy from next door?

I mean, she's been widowed
a decade, right?

She's still married
to my father.

You don't care
that their mother

heard something
about me?

You don't care
that there's gossip

going around
Buffalo about me?

She heard that you
were arrested.

That gym thing.

My records are
supposed to be sealed.

You might want
to look into that.

Is there a bathroom
in this house?

I have to go,
and then we have to go.


It's the room with the
sink and the toilet.

Simon, I presume.

Yeah. Are you Patty Mary?

Yes, I am.

How old are you?

Almost 16.

How old are you?

Too old for you.

I think she's interested.

I'm just gonna hang out
with you guys until it's safe

to go back out there again.


Do you want to color?

Well, maybe a quick one,

until Simon finds
my screwdriver. Then,

we're gonna get your
new beds together.

Tonight, you'll have new beds--

big boy beds.



Patty Mary? Hi.

I'm Annie.

I'm Mary and Lucy
and Simon's mom.

Simon should be
back any minute.

We're putting some beds
together, if you want to wait.

What, these are... How many
children do you have?


Yeah. Seven.

Well, I can't stay.
I have to get Ben

and Kevin to the airport.

What's the hurry?

It's nothing, really.

Just my mom's
decided to date again.


It'll be okay.

No, it won't.

We don't want her to date.

My phone's ringing.

Answer it.

It's probably my
parents, or I wouldn't.


It's me.
Hi, Ruthie.

You want Matt?

No, I don't. I want you
to talk Matt

into staying
at our house for the evening.

I've been running
from my dad all day

and he's onto me.
I can't take it anymore.

I've been looking
everywhere for you.

This is an actual conversation.

I called someone. We're talking.

I think you're gonna
want to talk to me.

Wait outside, please.

I have to go.


Just so you know,

when the phone bill comes in,

your mom gives me the record.

I go down the list
of calls I made,

add them up
and give her a check.

Then I toss
the phone record.

So I don't know
what you're lying about,

but I just want
to let you know

there's no record
of the calls,

but your dad could still get
a copy from the phone company.

I don't know who
you're trying to protect,

but if you want to tell
me, I'm here for ya.

Thanks. I'll let you know.

How do you know
I'm trying

to protect someone?

That's the only time you lie.

If it gets
to be too much,

you know your secret's
safe with me.

So, what are you angry
at your sisters about?

Who said I was angry?

That stuff just
didn't slip out

about Mary's arrest and Jimmy
Moon and the marijuana.

Okay, maybe I let it slip.

Mary didn't tell me
she was taking that job

and Lucy didn't wake me up

when Mary and Kevin
and Ben came in last night.

Look, Ruthie, you're
grown up enough to realize

that Mary has her life
and Lucy has her life

and you have your life.

They can't always
include you,

and you can't
always include them.

But I include them.

I include them
on everything.


Did you share your
secret with them?


Everyone in a
family has a life

outside that family, too.

It doesn't mean you're
not loved, Snookie.

I don't know when we lost
control of that boy.

Somewhere in his 20s,
I believe.

Yeah, yeah.

That happens.

Do you have any children?

Yes, seven.


Your wife didn't mention that.

My wife? You... you know Annie?

We met her at the market.

She overheard us talking

and volunteered your services.

Oh, did she now?

She did, indeed.


I'm Jeremiah Tallridge.

Most folks call me Jerry.

When did that happen?

High school, Mom.
High school.

Uh, this is Kathleen, and
this is her daughter, Katie.

Hi, Katie.

Come on in.


Kathleen, Katie...

my mom and dad.

It's really nice
to meet you, finally.

What do you mean
by finally?

She means we've been
going out for six months.

If we can all sit down,

I'd like to explain.

Reverend, I have two of the most
wonderful parents in the world.

They're so wonderful

that every time I thought
about leaving their home

I couldn't make myself go.

My dad has always helped
me with my finances.

He set a high standard
of saving for me

even when I was a kid,
and when I was adult

he showed me how to set up
my retirement

and how to make
sound investments

and even how to play
the stock market.

My mom, uh...
well, my mom cooked for me

and cleaned up after me
and picked up my dry cleaning

and ran my errands and...

well, she even made up my bed.

We did, indeed.

Is there something
wrong with that?

I became lazy
and selfish.

Letting them make my every
decision for me

and take care of my every need.

On steak night, Mom even cut up
my steak for me.

I can't help it.

One day I realized I was
a 45-year-old man

living at home with my mother
and father

and the convenience wasn't
worth the sacrifice.

I was lonely.

I told you, didn't I?

I was lonely.

How could you be lonely?

You have us.

I had to leave.

I have to have my own life.

I'm in love.


I'm getting
married to Kathleen.


You are not ready
to be a father!

Oh, but he is.

And a husband, too.

You know,
I've always wanted

to have a family,
and I just couldn't seem

to find the right guy,

so I decided to become
a foster parent.

When Katie was with
me for a year

her mother decided
to let me adopt her.

My mom has problems
and my grandma died,

so there wasn't anybody
else to take care of me.

But I was lucky.

Kathleen found me
after I'd been in

social services for
just a few months.

And then Jerry found us.

I've never had a dad.

Please, can he marry us?


And before you
give your consent,

I want you to know
that while your blessing

means the world to me,

I'm going to have my
own family,

my own house and my
own life so...

I suggest you just let go as
gracefully as you possibly can.

I get it.

Do they have to let go?

I was hoping we could all
hold onto each other.

We'll think about it.

They'll think about it.

I'd say that's a miracle.

Pot roast for dinner,
if anybody's interested!


No, I... I meant the other way.

I heard that!

You're not a bad driver.

Yeah, I think Patty Mary
was quite impressed.

Maybe we can make another
airport run tomorrow

with Mary and Kevin and Ben
when they leave for New York.

Really? You mean it?

Yes, I mean it.

Did I see Patty Mary give
you a telephone number?

I'm supposed to call her
if I ever want to break up

Mary and Ben or Kevin and Lucy.

I don't think I'd do
that if I were you.

But, Dad, it was just an excuse

for her to give me
her phone number.

How can they all be so much
older when I'm not any older?

She's really a
sweet woman, Ma.

You're going to love her.

She wants to say
hello to you.

Hello, Mrs. Kinkirk.

Thanks for encouraging
me to talk to my mom.

And... and you were right.

My dad's always going
to be my dad.

And he's been gone
a long time now and...

we weren't being fair.

That's a lot
of work for one day.

But it seems as if you
and your brother are
used to hard work.

You're maybe two
of the most sensible guys

I've ever seen
my daughters out with.

And the oldest?

How old are you?


And the oldest.


we're happy to have you here.

We hope that you and Kevin will
come back

when Mary flies in again.

Your mom sounds so
excited about her date.

She had a great time.

Uh, my heart can't
take too much of that.

Mr. Chadway's coming for
dinner next Wednesday.

Well, I'll go tell Kevin

so we can schedule
something out of the house.

You know she doesn't
want us there.

Yes, she does.

I don't think
I told you this, but

I'm sorry I didn't consult you
about my new job.

Oh, it's okay.

Hey, I'm happy
you have a new job.

How's it going?

Really? You want to know?

Sure. We've been trying
to call you all week.

I assumed it was to tell me
to come home.

It was.

But we're getting
used to the idea.

Did you take the job
just to be near Ben?

No. I really didn't.

It just happens to be one
of the many benefits.

What about school?

Oh, I can still finish
my college courses.

They have computers
at the training center

and I set it all up so I can do
everything over the Internet.

Give it
a rest, will ya?

I'm going upstairs now.
Good night.

Good night, sir.

Are you coming to church
with us tomorrow, Kevin?

I'm looking forward to it.

I've never been
to a Protestant church.

What? We're Catholic.

Ix-nay on the atholic-cay.

He told me earlier when we
were clearing the dishes.


So, uh... good night.

Wow, Dad's really
growing up.

It's about time.


I don't want to know.

Know what?

Whatever it is, I...

I don't want to know.

I'm letting you go. You're free.

Sarah said I
could take you out

to the stables next week
to ride Ed if you want.


What's up, Snook?

I think Dad's

taking Mom's hormone pills.

Something definitely happened.


The bride and groom are
looking at old photo albums.

And you felt a little
uncomfortable in there?

Not really.

It's just that I've already seen
Matt's baby pictures

and he wasn't that cute.

Man, I hate it

when Joy's out of town.

How about some cards?

Well, I guess it's official.

They're not babies anymore.

It's a good thing.

They're supposed to grow up.

And how is it that you came
to, uh, recommend me

to the Tallridges?

Well, I overheard them
talking in the market

and I sort of included
myself in the conversation.

Kind of intentionally?

Thanks. I needed that.

See? This is good.

Good bed.

Yes, it is.

I'm going to
say good night
to Matt and Sarah

and then I'm gonna
hit the sack.

Uh, it's been a long day.

Yeah, I'm right behind you.

I love you!

I love you.

I love you.

That's Simon.

I just wanted to say good night.

It's not even 9:00.

And Matt was going to show
me your wedding pictures.

Don't you want to hang out
and reminisce with us?

Well, thanks for
the offer, but, uh...

I have to say that I think I'd
rather make some new memories.

Well, that's, uh,
minister talk

for those two can't keep
their hands off each other.

Good night.

I was just trying to remember.

Have I told you that despite

all the shock and surprise
of this sudden romance

that I'm genuinely delighted
to see my son as...

as much in love with his future
bride as I am with my wife?


I hope you two are
gonna be

every bit as happy
as Annie and I are.

Aw, that's... so sweet.

Yeah, mock me.

I love you, son.

And I love you, too.