7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 6, Episode 18 - The Ring - full transcript

Matt ignores at his peril Robbie and Simon's warning not to believe a girl's claim she needs no gift, especially concerning the diamond engagement ring. Eric's solution within budget, industrial imitation, is 'welcomed' even more bitter, until an heirloom is passed on. Lucy flew along to Buffalo with Mary to 'pick up her stuff', but discovers aboard she wants another shot at Ben. After provoking airport security, Lucy gets an instant crush on gallant, hot cop Kevin Kinkirk. She arranges a double-date with his brother, who turns out to be none other then Ben, who is however most suspicious of record-fickle Mary until Kevin gives the decisive push.

You know, flight
attendants have

a lot more important
things to do

on a plane than
bring you nuts.

No, they don't.

I'm sorry, but the captain has

put on the seat belt sign

indicating our final
descent into Buffalo.

I know I speak for all of us
serving you today when I say

we really are
going to miss you.

Can I get some peanuts?

I'm... sorry.

We've closed up the galley.

I don't want a steak,
I just want some more nuts.

Is there anything else
I can help you with?

Yeah, you could get me
the blanket and pillow

I asked for three hours ago.

Hey, can I help it
if I'm a little

when I fly?

I get nervous and I need
comforting things me around me

like a blanket or a
pillow or... nuts.

Forget about the nuts.

We're almost in Buffalo.

Why aren't you
more excited?

Don't get me wrong,

I'm happy to be going
with you for the weekend,

and I'm grateful that you
sprung for my ticket,

but it's not
a vacation.

We're just going to the
colonel's so you can pack

and ship the stuff
you left behind.

This trip is more than that.

It's a fresh start for me.

Fresh start?

Oh, no.

How could I
be so stupid?

You're not going back
for your stuff.

You're going back for Ben.

I'm right, aren't I?

This trip is about Ben.

The trip is
partly about Ben.

And I'll bet he doesn't even
know you're coming to Buffalo.

Hey, when he
came to Glenoak,

I didn't know he
was coming to Glenoak.

And when he
left Glenoak,

he made it clear that he
didn't want to see you again.

Which is why I'm not telling
him I'll be in Buffalo.

Just relax; everything
is gonna be fine.

I've got a plan.

Your plans always
end badly.

Not this time.

Yeah, we've got
a little rough air

up ahead,
on our approach to Buffalo,

so make sure you've got
your seat belts fastened.

Gonna be a bumpy ride
all the way down.

Are you okay?

I'd be better
if I had nuts.

Attention, all passengers
holding tickets on Flight 33.

Your gate has been
changed to 10B.

Passengers holding tickets
for flight 33,

your gate now is 10B.

How many times are we gonna
watch that bag go around?

Until it turns into my bag,
the bag they apparently lost.

I don't really
like this airline.

So, why did we fly them?

Well, they had a
two-for-one ticket deal.

So my ticket didn't
cost you anything?

Then why have I
been thanking you

for buying me a ticket
when... you didn't?

Because you're nice?

They probably didn't
lose my bag.

My ticket, which
didn't cost anything,

probably doesn't
include luggage service.

You know what?

No peanuts, no blankets.

The flight attendants were rude.

The ride was bumpy.

They lost my bag.

These are signs
of a doomed trip.

Face it. The universe knows
what you're up to with Ben

and the universe is not happy,
and for some reason,

the universe is
taking it out on me.

So, come on, you know,
let's just get on a plane

and go back home before
a cab runs me over.

We're not going home.

I told you-- I have a plan.

I've got things to do.

And people to stalk?

It's love.

It's a felony.

I'm not leaving
till I see Ben.

Fine. We'll stay.

Just watch my bag while I go
to the lost luggage department

and beg for my suitcase back.

Hey, Robbie and I are taking
the boys to the movies.

Do you want to come with us?

Dad's doing a premarital
counseling session

with Sarah and me
at the church.

How'd you let him talk
you into that one?

Well, that's the
agreement we made:

Marriage at Sarah's
father's synagogue

and counseling with Dad.

Yeah, but if you do
counseling with your dad,
there may not be a wedding.

I'm well aware of how Dad feels
about my impending marriage.

Well, how do you feel about
your impending marriage?

I don't know; I don't feel like
it's that big a deal.

You're not anxious
or nervous?

What's there to be
anxious about?

You're no longer
gonna be single.

Well, that's kind of the point.

I'm not getting
married so I can be alone.

I just don't see how
you can be so calm.

And getting married is
a big transition.

It's like starting
your life over.

I'm not going into the
witness relocation program.

I'm just getting married.

Okay, but I've known a lot of
guys who have gotten married,

and I have to say, if you
gave them the choice today,

between marriage and the
witness relocation program,

well... let's just
say most of them

wouldn't chose marriage.

Well, that's not me.

I'm happy and I'm confident

that I'm gonna be happy
for the rest of my life.

Matt and Sarah are late
for their counseling session.

They're not late.

They still have 15 minutes.

They'll be there.

Look, they have a lot
of work ahead of them

and they don't have a lot
of time before the wedding.

A lot of work?

Yes, a lot of work.

Remember, this is just
a premarital counseling session

like all your other
premarital counseling sessions.

What else would it be?

A convenient forum for you

to hammer home your opinion

that Matt and Sarah
don't know each other

well enough to get married.

You need to keep in mind

that, no matter what
your feelings are,

Matt and Sarah
want to get married

and they are in love
with each other.

I'm just saying
take it easy on them, okay?

Will life take it easy on them?

Probably not.

But if you don't
go easy on them,

I'm going to go hard on you.


I'm bored.

Well, Simon and Robbie

are gonna take the
twins to the movies.

You could go
with them.

Thanks, but I've
had my fill of movies

where animals talk,
sing or solve crimes.

Well, um, why don't you
come with Sarah and me?

After she and Matt
go to counseling

she's gonna pick me up
and show me

where they want
to have the reception.

I thought Matt and Sarah

weren't doing any
big wedding stuff,

just a dinner in her backyard.

Well, Sarah changed her mind.

Did she change
Matt's mind too?

Well, she must have.

Then why isn't Matt
going with you guys?

Well, guys don't always like
to do wedding things.

Do you want to come with us?

Mmm... no.

The airline
gave me a number

to check the status of
my bag, so we can go.

Let's get out of here.

I made some phone calls

and found out that
Ben's not gonna be

at the firehouse this weekend.

So, we'll swing by the
colonel's and then...

Well, you know.

I don't.

Swing by the colonel's?

We're not staying
at the colonel's?

No, we're staying
at Wilson's old apartment.

I'm friendly with his
ex-landlady, Mrs. Corning,

and when I told her I was
coming for the weekend,

she offered me Wilson's
old apartment.

It's vacant.

Come on, we're big girls now.

We don't need to stay
with our grandparents.

They know we're
not staying with them.

They're okay with that.

This is all part
of your grand plan, right?

The grand plan that
has something,

but not everything,
to do with Ben?

Fine, whatever.

Where's my bag?

Lost, remember?

Not that bag-- the other bag,

the bag I asked you to watch.

I couldn't have been gone
more than a minute.

I had to make a phone call.

Excuse me, have you seen
a small black bag?

The police took it.

You're not the police?

No, I am airport security,

part of an interim
private security team

hired by the management to make
this airport a safer place.

That's all
very informative,

but really
all I care about is my bag.

Any bag left unattended
in the terminal

is confiscated and destroyed.

It's a matter
of national security.

I doubt my makeup is a matter
of national security,

so can I have
my bag back please?




Give me back my bag.

Ma'am, please step back.

You're not gonna give me
my bag back, are you?

No, I am not.

Doomed, doomed, doomed.

This whole trip is doomed!

Excuse me, ma'am,
but what exactly is doomed?

The plane I was on.
This airport.

This baggage carousel.
Me. Her. You.

Come on Lucy,
let's go.

I'm afraid... I'm gonna have
to ask you to step aside

and take your shoes off.

We need to wand you.

Well, I might step aside,

but I'm not taking anything off.

Are you refusing
to be searched?

Yes, I am.

As an American,
law-abiding citizen,

I'm refusing to be searched.

Make a note that the suspect
refused to be searched.


What? Oh, right.

You know-- I'm a terrorist.

Me, Lucy Camden, leader
of the al-Qaeda network,

Glenoak Division.

Okay, that's it-- you're gonna
have to come with us

to the security office.

I didn't do anything.

You threatened
your flight,

this airport, this baggage area.

You refused to submit
to a routine search

and you said you
were a terrorist.

Oh, and you were rude to me.

Are you with this woman?

If you say no,
I'll kill you.

Ma'am, I really think

things will go better for you

if you would stop
making threats.

Lucy... shut up.

Oh, oh... before we go in
there and talk to your dad,

I need to tell
you something.

It's no big deal,
but you should know.

I probably should have
told you a while ago.

You're pregnant.


I'm pregnant.

I want a big wedding.

I know we agreed to
small and simple.

So is big a problem for you?

Well, is your dad still paying?

Invite the whole town.

You're really okay with this?

It doesn't matter what
kind of wedding we have,

we're already married.

My mom is gonna
be so excited.

We've been planning
for weeks.

Wait, uh...
planning for weeks?

What are you two doing
in the hallway?

Come into the office,
so the three of us can talk.

But-But if you've been
planning it for weeks,

why did you just ask
my permission?

I didn't ask your permission.

I asked your opinion.

Permission, opinion...

Did you two start without me?

What's the point
in asking my opinion

on something you've
already decided?

Uh... I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have asked.

Don't use your best stuff
up in the hallway.

Save a little for counseling.
Come on.

I don't think you-you
should've made

wedding plans
with your mother
before talking to me.


You shouldn't have decided that
I didn't need an engagement ring

before talking to me.


You're not buying Sarah
an engagement ring?


He said I didn't need one.

No, we agreed
you didn't need one

because we were
getting married so soon.

We thought
it would be silly

to spend the money
on an engagement ring

when we could better
use the money towards--

Oh, you know,
I don't know, um...

food, rent,
tuition, books.

Silly stuff like that!

No-- "we" didn't
decide anything.

You decided
and then you told me.

There was no discussion.

And even if there was,
what did you expect me to do?

Argue with you until
you went out and got me a ring?

Oh, how romantic!

Now that's a story I can
tell our grandchildren.

Kids, gather round.

Let me tell you about the day

that I twisted
your grandfather's arm

until he... he bought me
an engagement ring.

Do you honestly think I didn't
want an engagement ring?

I thought you were being honest

when you told me that you didn't
want an engagement ring.

I didn't say that.
I never said that.

You told me
you didn't see the point

in buying an engagement ring.

There's a big difference.

So what am I supposed to do now,
go out and buy you a ring?

No, you don't have
to do anything.



This is taking forever.

It's not my fault.

Yes, it is.

You shouldn't have antagonized
the security people

and you shouldn't have said
you were a terrorist!

I was joking.

Can't anyone take a joke?

You can't say jokes
like that in an airport.

They don't hear jokes,
they hear threats.

When did you become
so knowledgeable

about airport security?

You know whose fault
this really is, don't you?

It's the idiot

police officer who decided

my bag was a threat
to national security.

I'd like to meet
the pea-brain moron with a badge

who decided my hairdryer and
makeup were a threat to anyone.

Ah, that would be me.

Hi, I'm Officer Kinkirk,
or, as my friends call me,

the "pea-brained moron
with a badge."

You can call me Kevin
if you'd like.

Look, Officer... Kevin,

are we allowed to leave?

My sister wasn't
threatening anyone.

She was just upset.

You're free to go.

You both passed
the security check.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

but, these days, we have to take
every threat seriously.

Even threats
from beautiful girls.

I came up here to apologize

in person about your bag.

But, in my own defense,
it was unattended for awhile,

and I do have my orders.

Yeah, sure, no problem.

I have your bag outside.

I got to it before
it was destroyed.

I was really lucky.

Yeah... lucky.

Really lucky.

Thank you very much.

Uh, we should be going.

Maybe I can take you two
out for dinner tonight.

Sort of
an apology dinner.

I could bring my brother along--
you know, to even things out.

I'd really like a chance to make
this up to you in some way.

I know we just met, but...

can't get any safer
than a police officer.

Thanks, but no thanks.
We have plans.

Excuse me.

We have plans?

Did you see him?

He's gorgeous.

Like Brad Pitt gorgeous.

And for your information,

when Brad Pitt asks you out,
you never have plans.

You are always free
for Brad Pitt.

We're free. Get it?

Free as birds, because
that is the best-looking man

who has flirted with me
in over a year.

No, that is the best-looking man
who has ever flirted with me.

So we're going to accept
his gracious invitation.

No, I want to see Ben.

You don't even know
where Ben is.

And I can't go alone.

You have to come with me.


I don't want to do this,

but you forced my hand.

If you don't come
with me tonight,

I'm going to call Mom and Dad

and tell them all
about your plan.

You don't know anything.

I know you have a plan,
and they know that's not good.

It's never good.

I can't believe
you'd call them.

Okay, I get it.
He's gorgeous.

But if we have time
after dinner,

you're coming to Ben's
apartment with me.


Where should we meet you?

You must be loving this.


Well, Sarah and me fighting.

I mean you just wanted
to get us into counseling

so you can prove to us that
we don't know each other
well enough to get married.

You would just love
to break us up.

Technically, you never
made it into counseling.

And... is that how
you really feel?

That I just want
to break you two up?

Oh, come on, don't
act all innocent.

You haven't supported me from
the beginning, but you should.

You really should.

Because I need you.
I really do.

I mean, Sarah's
father hates me.

Just... just hates me.

I'm all alone out here
and I could use someone

on my side, because if
today is any indication,

the next couple months
are not gonna be easy.

I'm on your side.

Really, I want to help.

Okay, then lend me $4,000.

Look, the only reason
I didn't get Sarah a ring

is because I couldn't afford
the kind of ring she deserves.

The kind of ring
she expects.

We were walking past

this jewelry store one night...

and she saw this ring
in the window

and I could tell she loved it.

So I went back the next day.

When the guy told me how much...

I guess I thought
if I could convince her

that she didn't want it,
that would be better

than me not being able to afford
to give it to her.

So you want her to have a ring,

she wants to have a ring,
but you can't afford a ring.

Well, thanks for the recap.

You can afford a ring.

No, I can't.

I only have $300.

What kind of ring
can I get for $300?

Oh, wait, I know--

I could get her a color copy
of the ring she wants.

Come on, let's go.


To the jewelry store.

Are you going to help me?

Yes, I am.

Maybe I should help
your mom with lunch.

Maybe you should help yourself.

Do you think I'm being
silly about the ring?



Uh, because you're already
married for one...

and it's a stupid piece
of jewelry for two.

Why do you care
so much about a ring?

You've got him.

Isn't that more important?

See, the way I see it,
engagement rings

are just place keepers until
you can put a wedding ring on.

And you've already put
a wedding ring on,

so you don't need
an engagement ring.

Do you want to lose him
over a ring?

I'm going to lose him?

Probably not this time.

But... if you keep
placing more value

on something instead
of someone...

No offense Ruthie,
but... you don't understand.

No offense,
but I understand plenty.

It's a gift and a curse.

Just answer one
simple question.

Which means more to you,
Matt or a ring?

Can't I have both?


I love Matt.

That's what I thought.

So tell him you don't care
about the ring.

I don't care about the ring.

Maybe you should practice
that a little.


I just got the gas and the
electricity turned back on.

The phone should be
working by tonight.

Oh, I uh...

threw some stuff
in here from our garage.

Oh, and I put some stuff
in the refrigerator

to tide you over
for tonight.

Wow, this is really nice of you.

It's nothing.

No, it's something.

I mean we're only here
for a couple of days and...

you went to so much trouble.

Uh, Luce, you can use
the shower first.

I have a date.

Good for you.

I thought we had
an agreement.

Are you breaking
that agreement?

Because I turned down
quite a few people

that wanted this apartment.

So I don't think
I could refund your...

your deposit check.

No, I'm taking the apartment.

But your sister said you were...

Actually, no one knows what
I'm really doing in Buffalo,

except you, and I would
really appreciate

if you wouldn't say anything.

I won't tell Lucy.

But you should let your family
know what you're doing.

And you should do it sooner
rather than later.

This doesn't have anything
to do with Ben, does it?

Because you should never base
your life decisions

on whether a relationship's
gonna work out.

No, I plan to make this my home
away from home

whether Ben wants me
back or not.

Well, in that case, welcome
to the building.

Hello there.

Sarah's staying
for dinner.
That's great.

Where's Matt?

He's waiting for you
in the living room.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.


I thought about
everything, and I don't
need an engagement ring.

And we can stick to
our original plans and
have a small wedding.

I have you--

I don't need
anything else.

I thought about
everything, too,
and if you want

to have a big wedding,
that's fine-- I want
you to be happy.

Oh, and about the ring...

I don't need one. Really.

I thought I did, and
then I talked to Ruthie.

Are you
sure she's just 11?

What's this?

What did you do?

He bought her
an engagement ring?!


You bought me an
engagement ring?

You didn't give him
any money, did you?

We don't have any money.

Matt can't afford
to buy a ring on his own.

You can't afford this.

Yes, I can.

No, you can't.

It only cost $200.

Excuse me?

What did you say?

What did you say?

The ring's...

A fake?


It's gemette.

A perfectly simulated,
diamond-like substance.

When's dinner?

Maybe it's not too late--
maybe you can

- stop Matt from...
- Sarah, please, stop.

It's gemette.
It-it's gemette!

I can't even believe
you bought me a fake ring.

How could you?!

It's so fake
and cheap and...

If not getting me a ring
weren't bad enough!

Just leave me alone, okay?
Leave me alone!

Oh, hey, thanks, Dad.

She loved the ring.

I'm guessing dinner's gonna
be a little late tonight?

Just... yeah.

He's late. Let's go.

He's not late, we're early,
and we're not going anywhere.

You look great.

You look nice, too.


My brother should be here
any minute.

We came in separate cars.

Oh, there he is.

So, this is
my brother Ben.

Ben, this is Lucy
and her sister...

I'm sorry,
I don't remember your name.

It's Mary.

How do you know what...

Oh, we've already met.

Okay, what are
you doing here?

We should get back
to the table.

Forget the table.

Tell me why you're here.

Lucy made me come.

I think she really
likes your brother.

No, not what are you
doing at this restaurant--

what are you
doing in Buffalo?

I told you when I
was back in Glenoak

that you and I
don't have a future.

You're not mature enough.

You don't know what you
want out of life,

let alone a relationship,and
you're still hung up on Wilson.

I'm over him.

Well, what about Robbie?

I'm over him, too.

And now I know what
I want out of life.

Well, you can't have me.

Just try and tell me that
you came back to Buffalo

for something
other than me.

I'm moving back to Buffalo
for something other than you.

You're moving here?!

Sort of.

And it has nothing
to do with me.


'Cause I have a girlfriend.

Sarah would only talk
to me long enough

to tell me that she
doesn't want to talk to me.

Oh, and that she won't go home,

because if she goes home upset,
her father will ask why

and she doesn't want to tell
her father she's upset

because I gave her
a fake engagement ring.

Did I thank you
for helping me today?

I mean, her father
hates me enough

just because I'm not Jewish.

Now he can hate me
'cause I'm cheap, too.

"Where's that, uh,

cheap Christian loser who
wants to marry my daughter?"

I really thought it was
the feeling that counted,

not the cost.

Yes, but I think her thinking is

that the feeling that goes
with the fake ring is fake.

Well, we have
to do something.

Well, I guess since
I got him into this...

I could sell some blood
so we could loan him some money

so he could get Sarah
another ring-- a real ring.

But this time you better
help him pick it out.

You're right; we should help him
get Sarah another ring.

And I'm going to pick it out.

I know just the right ring.

Now what's the problem?

The ring he
gave me is fake.

So's the engagement.

It looks real.
Are you sure it's fake?

It's pretty, though.

It is nice-looking.


if you didn't know it was fake,
would you like it?

Why would you like it?

You ask a lot of questions.

Yes, I do.

Well, if it wasn't a fake,

then the sentiment
would be real.

How do you know
the sentiment isn't real?

Has it ever occurred to you

that Matt just might be bad
at giving things to girls?

Because he is, you know.

He got it from my dad--
they're both lousy gift-givers.

Once my dad gave my mom
a vacuum for her birthday.

A vacuum!

But it isn't a gift;
it's an engagement ring.

Yes, but you still have
to go into a store

and pick it out and pay for it,

so it falls
into the gift category.

But an engagement ring
should be...

Engagement-- and that brings me
to my other point;

a point I thought
I already made;

a point that I've already
pointed out several times today.

You two are already married.

You've got him.

He's yours and you're his.

And he's real.

So who cares about
what's on your finger?

Have you got it this time?

'Cause I'm getting
a little tired of telling you

the same thing
over and over again.

I got it.


You bought her
a fake ring?

You bought her
a fake ring?

It's not fake--
it's gemette,

a perfectly simulated,
diamond-like substance.

Okay, it's a fake--
but a, but a very tasteful fake.

I told you this was gonna be
a tough transition for you.

He told you it was gonna
be a tough transition.

What are you, his parrot?

You really need to accept
that getting married

is gonna be harder
than you think.

You're getting tripped up
because you think

this whole marriage thing
is not a big deal.

Well, let me be the first
to tell you, it's a big deal.

It's a very big deal.

Why am I even listening
to the two of you?

What makes you guys
such experts?

Oh, you know,
it must be the many marriages

you've both been through.

Seriously, what do
either of you know?

I know not to give
the woman I love,

my fiancé,
a fake engagement ring.

That I know.

I know that, too.

I'm going for a walk.

Did you ever
shoot anybody?


Do you want
to shoot at somebody?


So why'd you become
a police officer?

We're a public service
family, and I didn't want

to be a fireman, like our
dad-- that's Ben's thing.

So I took the
police exam, got in,

and, well, even with
airport duty, I love it.

Can I get the check?

We haven't even
had dessert.

D-Did you know that
Mary was gonna be
a police officer?

And then she gave
firefighting a
shot, and now...

I-I'm sorry, what's
your career this week?

Mary and I go to college
together in Glenoak.

What I do in my life is
really none of your business.

You know, it's great to
finally meet you, Mary.

Ben talks about
you all the time.

It's Mary this
and Mary that,

and Mary has the
most beautiful...

Ben talks about me
all the time?

Well, maybe jus...

He talks about
you all the time.

Talking about me
all the time

must make Ben's girlfriend
very uncomfortable.

Ben doesn't have
a girlfriend.

Quit looking at me--
you don't have a girlfriend.

So, I lied about
having a girlfriend.

I only did it because I
didn't want you to think

that you and I had a
chance, because we don't.

Whatever chance we had, you
blew when I was in Glenoak.

I know you still care about me.

The way you looked at me
in my parents' living room.

The way you held my hand.

You care.

You still care.

You're just too stubborn
to admit it.

Is it because,
when you came to see me,

I made the huge mistake
of not being over Wilson--

a man that I dated on and off
for almost four years,

a man I almost married?

I told you that I take my
relationships very seriously,

and you don't seem to be
serious about anything.

You're just scared.

You're afraid
that I could hurt you.

And I could--
and you could hurt me.

But maybe, this time,
we both get it right

and nobody gets hurt.

Maybe we'll both end up

in the kind of relationship
that we want...

the kind of relationship
we deserve.

So, what do you say?

Well, as much
as I like you, I'm...

not gonna wait around while
you decide if you have the guts

to start over
with a new girlfriend.

Luce, I'm...I'm gonna
take a cab and, um,

I'll meet you at the apartment.

I'm-I'm sure Kevin
can give you a ride back.



You stay.

Don't ruin your night.

My night's already ruined.

Thanks for dinner.

Bye, Ben.

Have a nice life.

Don't be a fool, man--
don't let her get away.

Take a chance.

You know you love her.

Boy, I hope everything
works out with them.

I hope everything
works out for us.

I have a very good feeling
about us.

Check, please.

You're right.

I'm scared.

I've only ever had one serious
relationship in my life,

and it took me so long to
get over her; I just didn't...

Please. I'm sorry.

Don't go.

I'm being a jerk,
and I want you to stay.


I just don't understand
how things got so screwed up.


The key ingredient

to any successful marriage
is honesty.

And, if you and Sarah
are going to work this out,

you both have to start
being honest with one another.

Honest about what you want
and what you don't want

from your marriage, from
your lives, from each other.

And you can't be
honest with someone

if you're not

You know,
talking and listening.

Listening even when
no one is saying anything.

You mean like
when someone says

that they don't want
an engagement ring,

but you know in your heart
that they really do.


Try talking with this.

It was my grandmother's
engagement ring.

And then she gave it
to my mother

and, just before
my mother passed away,

she gave it to me,

and now I'm giving it to you
to give to Sarah.

I don't know what to say.

Sarah's not looking
for a piece of jewelry.

She's looking for a memory
that will last a lifetime.

And I think it might help her

if the memory has
a real ring attached to it.

But, Mom, are... are you sure
you want me to have this?

Want Sarah to have this?

Do you love her?

With all my heart.

Then I'm sure
I want you both to have it.

Okay, let's do this
one more time.

Sarah, I'm...
I'm asking you again.

Will you marry me?

Yes. But I'm keeping the ring
you already gave me.

Wait. But this ring
is... is real.

This is my grandmother's ring.

My... my mom wants you
to have it.

I want you to have it.

Okay. I'll keep it.

But the ring I'm going to wear

as my engagement ring
is the one you gave me.

But our...
our grandchildren...

I'm going to tell
our grandchildren

that I love their grandfather
very much,

and, that when he had no money,

he went out and he bought me
a beautiful ring

that I haven't taken off since
the day he put it on my finger.

Oh, that's... that's sweet,

but this is my...
my grandmother's ring.

My... my grandmother's ring.

Good point.

Give me the ring.

So, uh... what do you want
to do about the wedding?

How about we go back
to small and simple.

Just family.

Whatever you want.

But, just so you know,
I have a big family.

How big?

200, give or take 20.

Wow! 200 people?

When Joy and I get married,

pfft-- we're eloping.

I wonder
if I'll ever get married.

You'll never marry.

And then you'll die alone.
Very sad.

You, I feel,
will marry many times.

Good luck.


Now, that was a nice ending
to a not-so-great day.


My mom would have wanted
Matt to have that ring.

So he's really
going to do this.

He's really going
to get married?

Are you finally on board
with this wedding?

Do I have a choice?

Then mazel tov.

I'm... I'm on board.

I couldn't be happier.

So that's why you
came back to Buffalo?

I finally know what
I want to do with my life,

and it feels great.


I really thought
you came back to
Buffalo just for me.

Well, I... I had
a choice of several
cities for a base,

but I chose Buffalo.

I chose you,
hoping you might choose me, too.

But let's take
it slow, okay?

I mean, neither one
of us is really ready
to rush into anything.

I'll take it as slow
as you want.

Or as fast as you want.

Are you trying to seduce me?

I'm just trying to kiss you.

Why didn't you say so?

Well, I thought I just did.

Maybe we should take it
a little faster than slow.

Medium it is.

I wonder where Lucy is.
It's late.

My brother's totally

I'm not worried about Lucy.

I'm worried about Kevin.

When Lucy likes someone,
she can be a tad intense.

Do you want me to wait
until she gets home?

No. I'll be okay.

In that case,
I better get going.

I'll call you
in the morning.

Medium, remember?

I'll call you
in the afternoon.



Come on, Kev.
Let's go.

I had a great time.

We can all
see that.

Come on.
Say good night.

Good night.
Good night.

Did you know Lucy
was going to be a minister?

Man, I love Buffalo.

This is a fun town!

If you don't hurry up,
we're going to miss our flight.

And thank you.

Thanks for what?

For bringing me here.

I'm glad you had
a good time with Kevin.

We're going to keep in touch,

and he's going
to come to Glenoak

when he gets some vacation time.

Luce, I'm not going back.

I'm staying here in Buffalo.

I know you like Ben,

but you can't just
camp out in Buffalo

and hope that
things work out.

I mean,
you have to go home.

I'm not in Buffalo for Ben.

I'm here for me.

I'm going to be a flight
attendant for JetBlue Airlines.

I start my training tomorrow.

That's your plan?

A flight attendant?

But school...

I'm going to finish school.

Once I finish my training,

I can fly out to Glenoak
anytime I want,

and I can still do classes
with you.

Are you serious?

Yeah. I want to do this.

I thought about it a lot,
and it just feels right.

Don't get me wrong.

I'm scared to start
something new again.

But I think, this time,
it's all going to work out.

But what about Mom and Dad?

That's where I have
to ask you just a little favor.

Raise your arms,
please, sir.


Let's get this over with.

Hello, baby! Oh!

So, did you and Mary
have a good time?


Where is Mary?


Did she miss the flight?

No. She's staying.

She rented
Wilson's old apartment.


Mary's going
to be a flight attendant

for JetBlue Airlines.

That's it?

No note? No nothing?

She... she's just
not coming back?

You're joking.

You're not joking.

No. I'm not joking.

She'll be flying back and forth
between here and Buffalo.

Um... So she'll be back,

but then she'll have
to leave again.

Did I mention
I met this really cute guy?

No? Well, I did.

He's great. He's a cop.
He's cute.

He's Ben's brother.

You know,
Mary's firefighter Ben.

Okay, well, let's get
down to baggage claim.

I'm feeling lucky.