7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 6, Episode 16 - I Really Did - full transcript

After a love night, Matt has got married with rabbi Glass's daughter Sarah. Robbie is mildly amused at the fuzz of all other Camdens speculating and worrying whether Matt 'was dumber than Mary with Wilson'. Only Ruthie finds out, answering when Matt calls, but is sworn to secrecy. Meanwhile Matt and Sarah go tell her parents first, but she shies away from telling the truth and pretends they just got engaged, a lie they now have to extend to the Camden home, where the 'news' only adds to the mounting stress.

I love you.

And I love you.

Always and forever.

Are you expecting a call?

No. Are you
expecting a call?


Should we answer that?

You-you mean
you want me to answer it.

It's probably
the front desk.

Oh, maybe there
was a problem

with your credit card.

I doubt it,
Mr. Camden.

No one knows
we're here,
Mrs. Camden.

I love the sound of that.

So answer
the phone, already.

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Camden.


I don't believe it!

You really are stupider
than Mary.


You got married?!


Don't you shush me.

I just missed your wedding,
and I don't even know the bride!

Ruthie, where are you?

I'm in the kitchen.

But don't worry, the rest
of them are sound asleep.

Ruthie, please,
you can't say anything.

You have to let me tell them.
Promise me.

And what do I get if I keep
this a secret?

We'll-We'll name our firstborn
after you.

Not unless she's dead.

Jewish custom.

I don't know.
This is big.

And they already suspect.

How did you find me?

It's Glenoak!
It's not New York.

And I'm smarter than you.

So, who's my new sister-in-law?

Her name is Sarah.

And, look, you get off the phone

before someone overhears

Hey, you're hardly
in any position

to be bossing me around.

Ruthie, I love you.

And I know you.

You won't tell anyone

because you know how important
this is to me.

Good night, Ruthie.

I'll see you tomorrow?

Good night.

And Matt?

Yeah, Ruthie?

I love you, too.


Everything's going to be
fine, don't worry.

And if everything's
not fine?

Well, I'll still be
here for you.

I'll always be here
for you, Mrs. Camden.

Thank you, sweetie.


We have got
to get our mood up.

This is not the first time
he stayed out all night.

Yes, it is.

No, he stayed out all night

when he followed Heather
to school on the bus.

But he called first,
so we wouldn't worry.

Well, that was years ago.

And he wasn't with Heather
all night.

He was on his way
to see Heather.

Again, years ago.

He is over 21.

Matt probably thinks
he doesn't have to call.

Well, to tell you the truth,
I don't want him to call,

'cause I'm worried
about what the call might be.

I'm sure he's fine.

You know, just because
he stayed out all night,

doesn't mean he did
anything stupid.

They might have fallen asleep

but I doubt it's anything more
than that.

Matt home?

Sorry. Do you want me to go
look for him?

No, I don't want you to go
look for him.

Well, I'm gonna
get the boys all cleaned up.

And then I'm going to get ready

to have a nice, calm,
wonderful day.

Come on.

Got any idea about
where to look for him?

No, but I can ride around,

maybe drive past the hotels
in the area.

He wasn't at a hotel.

He better not have been
at a hotel

or I really will forbid him
from going out with this

Sarah again.

I'm sorry. It's just that
he's a little old to...

Then again, he does live
under your roof.

Yes, he does.

Of course, he's leaving soon
to go off to medical school,

and when he does,
you're gonna have a hard time

trying to control what he can
and can't do.

You know what,


I'm not in a good mood

about Matt staying
out, so you...

just watch it, and tell
the rest of them to watch it.


What's your problem?

I'm sorry, really.

I'll tell them.

Hey, you two, watch it.

He's not in a good mood.

Have you heard from Matt?

No, but your dad plans to forbid
Matt from ever seeing Sarah

again, if they spent
the night with each other.

And what's he going to do
if they're married?

He's married.
You know he's married.

I know he stayed out
all night, but...

none of us know
if he's married.

Since when does
everyone get up

at the crack of dawn?

You know, you guys
are really loud,

and I was
really asleep.

How can you sleep
with everything going on?

I'm 15. I sleep.

And if you really want
to know where Matt is,

I suggest you ask
the keeper of the key

to all things knowable.

Where is she?

Well, she's asleep.

Yeah, she was still in bed
when we came down.

He better get here
before I get home from school.

You can only expect
so much from me.

Put her down.

Put... her... down!


Excuse me, sir.

Good morning.

Go to your room.

Where's Ma?

I have something to tell
the two of you.

No, I-I-I don't think

that you have anything to tell
the two of us.

And-and by the way, that thing
you were doing over there,

that better have been
a rehearsal.

Because you, young lady,
are not married, okay?

And you're not gonna be married
until you are 30 years old

and until you fall in love
with someone who is

a little more...
like a Jew.


Why aren't dressed?
We have company.

He carried her
into the house.

Well, maybe she felt faint.

She probably
needs to eat.


Darling, I was worried
about you.

It's not like you
to stay out all night.

Tell your father it was car
trouble and let Mark go home.

Matt Camden.

How could I forget
such a lovely name?

Not a Jewish name,
but very nice.

Anyone hungry?

You want to go
into the kitchen?

I'm not going

And I don't want to hear
anything that these two

have to say.

I'm gonna shower,
I'm gonna eat,

and then I'm gonna say
a very long prayer

to turn back
the hands of time.

You should eat something.


You're staying?

Ma, we have
something to tell you.

After you eat.

When your father finishes his

Maybe even when his prayers are

How can you see my daughter's
beautiful smile

with your hair in your face
like that?

Okay, you know,
she suspects, but...

she's gonna be
okay with it.


And your father?

He suspects, and, uh...

he's not gonna be
okay with it.


You think he'd at least be
responsible enough to pick up

a phone and say, "Hi, Dad,
I'm not coming home tonight.

"I'm being a completely
irresponsible, uncontrollable,

"hormonal freak, who's
completely forgotten who he is

and how he is raised..."

And I'll tell you
something else!

If those two got married...!

Don't do this, okay?

Don't work yourself up
into an emotional frenzy

and then jump all over Matt
when he gets home.

He wouldn't have
gotten married

to a woman he just met.

He may want to get married
to a woman he just met,

but he wouldn't do that.

Don't push him away.

We only have him
a short time longer.

He stayed out all night.

He can't just
stay out all night!

I'm afraid he can.

He just never has.

He was wrong not to call,
but, hey, please.

I'm a little surprised that
I'm the one who's upset here.

I just don't want
to be responsible

for pushing him into a marriage

that we both know
he's not ready for.

Now, if we remain calm,

and don't make a big deal out
of this, then he'll be okay.

I know he will.

Ruthie has to
be somewhere.

She can't have
just disappeared.

And the fact that she's nowhere
to be found has to mean

she knows something.

Her bike's missing!

She's riding her bike!

We'll get a bike,
we'll find her.


Not to worry,
I can fix the flats.

Help me find the stuff
you patch tires with.

You know the stuff.

I... No, no, no, I don't.

I don't know the stuff.

The bicycle tire stuff.

Just help me look.

Well, why can't we just
take my car?

Right, the car.

Let's go.

Oh, I-I'm sorry I forgot
to make your lunch. Uh...

You think I could possibly
stay home from school today?

You know, just in case things
get interesting around here.

Things are always interesting
around here.

You've got to go to school.

Come on, Simon.

I'll give you a ride
if you want.

Have a nice day.


Don't worry.

Regular guys
stay out all night

all the time.

It doesn't mean anything.

He probably wasn't
even having, you know...

I'm sorry.

I-I shouldn't have said that
in front of the children.

Come on, we better go.





Oh, Matt!

Hey, uh, I just want
to let you know

that I'm at Sarah's house,

and I'll be home
in a couple hours with Sarah.

I have to go.

Love you. Bye.

This isn't good.


You wanted to
tell me something.

I can't believe
we can't find her.

Well, she couldn't have
ridden her bike very far.

We'll just keep
circling the block.

Maybe she's back home.

There's no way
we would have missed her.

Well, drive by the house
again anyway.

If we make Mom and Dad aware
that we're looking for her,

then they're gonna be looking
for her,

and then they're gonna find her,

and then they're gonna
get the information first.

Do we really care
if they get the information?

We just want to know, right?

We want to know first.

That's it. Matt!

Let's try to find Matt.

He's not as smart as Ruthie.

We can get the information
from him easier

than we can get it from her.

Where are we gonna find Matt?

Are you getting hungry?


We should eat first.

That'll help us think.

Oh, man.

Look, Matt, here's
the big picture.

Well, wait for Sarah.

You promised.

Well, what's
taking so long?

I mean, what, does she dress up
now to have a conversation?

Were you asking me?

No, I-I wasn't asking you.

You know why?

Because you wouldn't know.

You really know
nothing about our Sarah.

Maybe you should go home, Mark.

I'll have her call you.


Could I speak with Matt
outside alone, please?

Wait. Rosina, what, is-is it...?

What am
I seeing?

Is... Is this our daughter?

I mean, you're-you're not acting
like our daughter.

Our daughter does not have
conversations outside alone.

We'll be
right back.


Ai, yi, yi.

This is really...

I-I... Mm.

I think she's had
a change of heart.

Oh, Rosina,
don't go there, please.

Come on.

She stayed out all night

with a guy
she went out with once,

and we should be happy?

I don't think so.

I've changed
my mind.

We don't have to
tell them today.

Why do we have to
tell them today?

Because no matter
when we tell them,

the truth remains the same.

We're married, Mrs. Camden.

I do love the
sound of that.

I do, too.


Mmm. The thing is, you
better let me tell them.


You know the whole kill the
messenger routine? I don't want

you to get caught
up in that.
Well, what about you?

Oh, they won't kill
me. They love me.

Well, they're not really
gonna kill me,

and we're in this
together for life.

Yeah, but I've known
them longer than you,

and I can break it
to them in a way

that will be less painful.

What way will that be?

I have a way of
breaking bad news

to them that
works every time.

Well, have you ever had bad news

like this to tell them
in the past?

No... but here's
how it works.

I'll tell them some really,
really horrible news first,

and then when they're moaning
and groaning about that,

then I'll say "Just kidding,

but the good news is, Matt
and I just got married."

What are you gonna tell them
that would be more horrible

to them than you got married?

I'm pregnant.

Yeah, that would be worse,

but I don't think
you should do that.

Trust me.

I really want
to be with you

when you tell them.

That's what we agreed to do--

tell your parents,
then tell my parents.

Yeah, I was thinking
about that, too.

New plan. I'll tell my parents
in my way,

and you tell your parents
in your way,

and then in a couple of days
when they're over the shock,

we'll get together,
have a nice dinner.

No, no, no.

No, I want to go back
in there and tell

your mother and
father we're married

and take whatever's coming to us
and get it over with

so we can start our lives

Okay, but don't say
that I didn't warn you

that my way's better.

Why don't we compromise?

You tell them however you want
to tell them with me here,

and then I'll tell my parents

however I want to tell them
with you there.

If it doesn't go well here,
then I'm afraid

I'm gonna have to let you
tell your parents alone.

Well, it's not gonna go well.

I agree,
so you tell your parents alone.

Where's my father?

I have something
to tell the two of you.

Upstairs with
the sports page.

We may be
here a while.

Oh, wait. I know
where Ruthie is.

I thought we were
looking for Matt.

What's today?


And where does Ruthie go
on Mondays?


And hello!

Where are we supposed
to be on Mondays?


Now aren't you happy
that we have the same class?

What are you doing?

I'm gonna try
to work in here.

Well, I'm working
in here.
Oh, it doesn't matter.

I'm not gonna get
anything done anyway.

You know, I think
we should just go
about our business,

act as normal as possible,
and then when Matt gets home,

act as if nothing
has happened.

What kind of plan is that?

Well, it's the kind of a plan

that's better
than any plan you have.

You haven't even
heard my plan.

Go ahead.

As soon as he walks
through that door,

I'm gonna tell him
just what I think

about his staying out all night.

And I'm gonna tell him
that if he got married,

he can just have it annulled.

What good is that going to do?

It's gonna do me
a world of good.

He's over 21.

He's an adult.

He's going off to school
next year to become a doctor.

He's a good boy... man.

And again, we don't know
what he was doing out all night,

but we should trust
that whatever it was

reflects everything
that we have taught him.

Ha! Did we teach him
to stay out all night

on a first date
with a woman? Did we?

Get out of my kitchen.

I'll call you if I see him.


Hey, Ruthie,
good to see you.

I have no idea.

Did you just ask me
where Matt was last night?

No, I didn't.

Oh, I'm glad.

Really, really glad.

Because if you did,
I might not be able

to keep it a secret
for one second longer.

But I didn't.

I was just saying, if you did.

So, I won't.

Why not?

Don't you want to
know where Matt was?

You know, I don't
think I do.

Why not?

Because it sounds as if
I shouldn't know where he was.

I don't like to know things
I shouldn't know.

I don't, either.

Yet, these things
just come to me.

And sometimes, I can hardly
keep them to myself.

Sometimes they just leak out.

It's a burden.
A burden I want to unload.

I'm no good
at keeping secrets, I'm not.

Okay, Ruthie, deep breath.

Now, I happen to know
you really can keep a secret.

You're really good
at keeping secrets.

Remember that I never found out
why you were late to homeroom

when I was principal
at Eleanor Roosevelt?

I know you were keeping a secret
for a student there,

and I never found out
what it was.

I remember, but
this is different.

This is big.

Just the same.

If you told the secret,
would someone get hurt?

Sooner or later,
people are gonna know,

and there's gonna be plenty
of hurt going around.

Enough for our entire
family, and even another one.

Believe me, plenty of hurt.

And do you want
to be responsible

for plenty of hurt going around?



You're right.

Thanks. I'm better now.

But I may need to come
and see you later.


I think I have something
in my ear.

I... I couldn't hear that,

I, I really, I...

I didn't hear what you said.

Honey, you're what?


But, ha...

not by Mark, because
you just met him.

Is it Kenny's?

You're actually hoping
I'm pregnant

with Kenny's baby?

Who's Kenny?

Until today

he was the man I least
liked in the universe.

This isn't quite

going like you
planned, is it?


I was kidding.

I'm not pregnant.

Now, wait a minute.
Hold on.

Really, before, before
you speak again, I...

Sarah, I know
this game.

This is the crazy
made-up bad news first

followed by the real
bad news game.

That never works.

Yes, it does.

So, the crazy made-up bad
news is you're pregnant...

But the...

real, uh,

news is that
you're, uh...

No, don't...

oh, don't let it be.

Oh, please.

We got...

...engaged last night.


That was quick.

That was very quick

but that's not the worst
thing that can happen.

That's the worst thing
that can happen.

They could be married.

And they're not married,
they're engaged.

And, and she's
not pregnant!

Mazel tov!


You saw how
they were behaving.

I couldn't just tell them we got
married on our first date,

they'd think
we're both nuts.

I-I think we talked
about this.

We talked about how crazy
it was, but we did it.

We got married.

What are we supposed to
do now, get unmarried?


We're supposed to go over

and tell your parents
we're engaged.

It's better than married.

Let them sit with engaged
for a while and...

then we'll tell them
the truth.

Yeah, I don't think lying
about being married

is a good way to start
off a marriage.

It's not good,
it's not bad.

It's just what is.

All right, all right, it
may slightly complicate

an already complicated

but we do
what we have to do.

And what is it
we have to do?

Obviously, we have to lie

until we come up
with a new plan for the truth.

By then they'll know you better,
they'll love you,

and just give them time.

And how much time?

As much time as they need.

I want my parents to be thrilled

when we finally tell them
the truth.

And what happens if someone else
tells them first?

No one knows.

Ruthie knows.

I forgot.

So, she won't tell.

Oh, she'll tell, she's 11.

She can't keep a secret
like this.

She won't tell.

You don't even know her.

You've never met her.
She'll tell.

Here's something
you should know.

I come from a long line
of worriers.

Worrying in my family
goes back

so far you
don't want to know.

I can worry better
than you can worry.

You let me worry
about Ruthie.

Hi, I've got

Yeah, not so fast.

How was your day?

Nothing out of the usual.

How was your lunch?

I forgot my lunch.

I had to eat cafeteria food.

Yes, I noticed you forgot
your lunch.

You left awfully early.

Yes, I did.



I don't think so.

Okay, I was up, I was ready.

I had no place else to go.

Yasmine was going early,
so I went early, too.


We've been looking
for you.

I'm right here.

Well, where you been?


Yeah, we thought so.

Why were you looking for Ruthie?

We just wanted to give her
a ride home, that's all.

And where was I going to sit?

I don't know what they're up to,
but they're up to something.

What are you up to?

I'm not going
to lie to you.

I think Ruthie knows

about Matt
and his date last night

and we want to know
what it is.

Is Matt home?

No, he's not.

I didn't say anything.

I'm sorry, but really,
what are you gonna do?

He stayed out all night.
Is it the end of the world?

He's home!

And he's got her
with him!

Let's go, boys!


Go, go, go.

Where have you been?

We have to talk.

It doesn't look like
we have time to talk.

What's going on?

Matt and Sarah are home!

Ruthie ran out!
She knows something!


Maybe we should go into
the living room?

It-It's nice to see
you again, Sarah.

And you, too, son.

Uh, yeah.


Sarah, this is Lucy,

and Mary,

and Simon,
and Ruthie

and that's Robbie.

He's not family,
but he's like family.

Funny you should
mention family...

Matt tells me
you like horses, Ruthie.

Yeah, I like horses.

Unfortunately, I
heroed myself

out of the private school
I was attending

where I could
ride horses.

But I like horses a lot.

You know, I happen
to have a horse.

What kind of horse?


I was making a joke.

I do that when I'm nervous.

So look,

when I'm not nervous maybe you
and I could talk about my horse.

A horse I can't take care of

when I go away
to Columbia next year.

If I knew you better,
I wouldn't think

that sounded like a
bribe of some sort.

A what?

I think I know you well
enough to know what you mean.


I bet you and I are going
to be friends.

Ah, what he's trying
to say is...


We're engaged.

We went out,
we fell in love,

we wanted to get married.

I know what you all
are thinking.

You're, you're thinking
this is crazy.

You're, you're thinking
that we, we don't
know each other

and when we get to know
each other that we,

we might change
our minds, but...

We're not going to
change our minds.

I want to be married
to Sarah.

And I really am in
love with her.

She's a wonderful woman

and I'm happy we
found each other.

And I've been, um,

really lonely.

You know, even in my,

my past relationships
I've-I've felt lonely.

But I don't feel
lonely anymore.

Sarah and I have
a lot in common,

and most of what we
have in common is

that we both love
our families.

And we want to
be a family.

A family that loves and
respects each other

as much as I love and
respect all of you.

And I...

I hope you respect
our decision

because this
is my wife,

and this is
what I want.



So, what kind of horse
did you say it was?

You're engaged?

Yes, we are.

Then congratulations, son.

I'm very happy for you.


Well, this makes everything
I've done this year look sane.


And, uh,
it's best wishes

for the bride
until the wedding.

But then
it's congratulations,

so, welcome
to our family.

I wonder if she knows
the history of engagements

in this family.

So, when's the big day?

We were thinking, uh...
really soon.

May, June.

This May, June?

Or maybe sooner.

Ever been
to a Jewish wedding?

Sarah's father
is a rabbi.

I'm gonna miss
you tonight.

I'll miss you, too.

So, uh, Ruthie,

tomorrow we'll check out Ed.

Sounds good to me.

I'm gonna walk my wife
to the door,

and then on the way home,
we're gonna have a long talk.

I look forward to it.

Would you just let me
get that for you?

I've got school tomorrow.

You think they're
still out there?


You sure they're not
gonna drive away?

Yes, I'm sure they're
not gonna drive away.

But I'm not so
sure they're not married.

You know,
I'm not either.

But I'm going
with engaged.

You know?

It's not that
we don't like her.

No, it's not that
we don't like her.

It's just that
we don't know her.

We don't know her!

You know, I'm...
I'm happy for Matt.

I'm-I'm sad for me,
but I'm happy for Matt.

Yeah, I'm happy
for Matt, too.

And I'm sad for you.

Does it have to be
a Jewish wedding?

Well, maybe I can
talk to Matt.

Oh, talk to Matt.

In a way, I...
in a way,

I wish they'd gotten
married last night.

I didn't want to...
I didn't want to say it,

but now that
you've said it,

I wish they'd gotten married
last night, too.

Life's funny, isn't it?

Matt's marrying
a nice Jewish girl.

Who would have thought?

You don't think they really did
get married last night,

and maybe that they're just
telling us they're engaged

to kind of get us used
to the idea?

It's possible.

You know, I like that.

I like that idea a lot.

So I'm going with married.

They're already married.



No, problem.
I had one, too.

You know, I don't think Mom's
ever given us cheese for dinner.

You know, not just cheese,
anyway, without the macaroni.

No, that was a first.

But... it's understandable.

I mean, Matt did
just surprise us

with the biggest news
of his life.

What makes me think he's lying?

Don't you think they're engaged?


But maybe they stayed out
all night,

and they're just saying
they got engaged

because they don't want to just
say they stayed out all night.

He sounded really serious.

Yeah, but...
but too serious.

You know, that's why I don't
think they got engaged.

I think they got married.

They're just giving everyone
some time to get used

to the idea
before they spring it on us.

I bet you're right.

Do you think they'll still plan
a wedding?

Yeah. And they'll get
into all that picking out

china and flowers
and junk,

and then one day,
Matt will get sick of doing it

and just admit
they're already married.

Jeremy and I used to do that.

Sit around looking at china
patterns, and flowers and...


It's okay, Luce.

You'll find
the right guy someday.

You just...
you just weren't ready.

One night,
when you least expect it,

you'll walk into a room and...
and there he'll be.

Thanks, Simon.

I love you for saying that.

What do you think?

About what?

Matt and Sarah!

What about Matt and Sarah?

I still think
about marrying you, you know.

You do?

I know you're in love with Joy.

But when Joy's away,
I... kind of forget about her.

I-I know that you don't, but...

but I do.

I love her, Mary.

And you... you guys are like
brothers and sisters to me now.

You know that.

But I missed out on the times

that made you part
of our family.

So sometimes, it still feels
like you're part of the family,

in the way that I intended
you to be part of the family--

as my husband.

Sometimes I fantasize
that we're married,

and we're living with my folks

and working our way through
college and planning to get jobs

and leave and start a
family of our own one day.

If you weren't in love
with Joy...

would you try going out
with me again,

just for old times' sake,

just to see if we still felt
something for each other?

But I am in love with Joy.

And I don't want to do
this "what if" game.

It'll only lead to trouble,

and I've had enough trouble
in my life.

So let's change
the subject, please.

Want ads?

Don't tell me you finally ran
out of money

and you're going to get a job?

I was thinking about it.

So I guess I'll just make myself
that sandwich I came down for.

You never answered my question.

What do you think
about Matt and Sarah?

I'm very happy for them.

I'm happy for them both.

Do you think
they're engaged for real?

Yeah, they're at least engaged,
maybe even married.

Maybe, but... but I hope not.

I'm... I'm kind
of looking forward

to going to a Jewish wedding.

Maybe I'll even meet a guy.

I knew you
weren't sleeping.

You don't want to talk?

Does she really have
a horse?

No, wait.
Why am I asking you?

You don't know her
any better than I do.

Well, I know
she's an honest person,

so if she says she has a horse,
she has a horse.

Wouldn't that be great
if she gave me her horse?

She never said anything
about giving you her horse.

She said she'd let you take care
of her horse.

For nine years?
'Cause that's how long

you two will be
in medical school.

Well, the important thing is
not whether or not

you get a horse,
the important thing is

is that you don't tell anyone
what you know.

I want to tell the family
Sarah and I are married

when the time's right.

Is that before or after
the second wedding?

They never need to know.

We could just let them think

that the day we have the big one

is the day
we got married for real.

Except for this one
little problem--


I'm not the problem.

I can keep this little secret
a secret.

I promise.

Could you, Ruthie?

Could you keep it a secret

that you know we got married
last night?

Could you just forget
and never say anything?

I mean, because that's
a terribly big secret

for a little girl to keep
for the rest of her life.

And I don't know
if I should even ask you.

You can ask me anything,
horse or no horse.

You're my brother.

And this is a good secret.

The best secret I've ever heard.

And we both know
I've heard 'em all.

I can do it.

With God as my witness,

I will never, ever tell this
secret to anyone.

'Cause I owe it to you for being
my big brother for 11 years.

I love you.

I respect you.

You have my word of honor.

This stays with me.