7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 6, Episode 15 - I Really Do - full transcript

Robbie's apparently firm happiness with Joy causes envy with his roommate. Matt is now in love with wedding plans, enough to vow his next steady date must be for keeps. Matt misses his date with a promising candidate, being commandeered for clinic duty. Yet thus he meets a fellow med student, Rabbi Richard Glass's daughter Sarah, who get doc's blessing. She insists they must meet each-other's families. Although both parents pairs plead against a mixed religions couple, the love-birds soldier on.


Trying to
find a bride?

No, I'm just reading
one of the articles.


I was.
You went out

and bought a Brides magazine
to read the articles?

Maybe. What's it to you?

Okay, what article?
Well, right now,

I happen to be reading
an article

about how women met
their future husbands.

So you are looking for a bride?

Look, I'm just reading, okay?


Okay, okay, I'm looking
for my future bride.

Isn't getting into med school
enough for right now?

You have to have a bride, too?

Yeah, I've decided I do,
and the next woman

I go out with,
I'm going out with her

with that intent--
to marry her.

I'm never again

going one date past the date

that says
I can't marry the woman.

It just seems odd to me

that this is the thing
you've chosen to worry about.

What's so odd about it?

I mean, like Dad always says,
there's two things

that are most important
in life--

what work you do
and who you love.

Now that I know what work
I'm going to be doing,

I want to be in love,
and I want to be married.

Medical school is going
to be difficult enough

without having
the responsibility

of a wife and a family,
isn't it?

Is responsibility a burden?

I think not.

It's what Amanda asked David

when he was afraid
to make a commitment.

He asked her to marry him
the next day.

You're not gonna go out
and do anything stupid, are you?

I might.

All right.

Hey, do you have
a date tonight?

I do.

You should get out and
enjoy yourself more.

You won't have
much time for that

once you start
medical school.

I agree.

Come on,
who are you going out with?

It-It's someone new.

A woman in one
of my study groups.

Oh. You can bring her by
if you want.

Oh, may I?

Come on, what would it hurt?

I'll keep that in mind.



Could we borrow
your Brides magazine?

Well, you could, but, uh,
why would you need to?

I bet you money

we'll get married
before he does.

How much money?

Yeah, what do we care
if he gets married?

He's not getting married till
he gets out of medical school,

and that's years from now.

And you don't think
we'll be married

before he gets out
of medical school?

It's not likely.

45, 46, 47,

48, 49, 50.

What, you didn't have
a single large bill?

Perhaps if you had notified
the bank during banking hours,

I could have come up
with a five or ten.

But you're just getting rid
of your ones.

Come on.
If you have
to have bills

larger than ones, I suggest
you stop by the real bank

and use your bank card.

Look, I don't have time.

I happen to have a
couple of twenties.

The only large
bills I have.

I'll take 'em.

Hey, that's 90 bucks.
You asked for 50.

I changed my mind.
You know I'm good for it.

Look, I'll give it back
to you tomorrow.

Wait. You plan to spend 90 bucks

on some chick you've never
even gone out with before?

Maybe. I'd like
to at least have the option.

90 bucks?

90 bucks.

You better marry her.

Robbie or Ruthie?

I got it from Ruthie.

And obviously,
she got if from Robbie.

You actually bought
a Brides magazine?

No. I got it out
of the waiting room

at the clinic, if you must know.

Good night. Thank you.

I think you're aware that
I have some place to go.

Is she pretty?

Is she smart?


Is she marriage

Yes. Well, no.

I-I-I don't know,
but I intend to find out.

Yeah, that's what I've heard.

Do Mom and Dad know?

Have you told them?

I wouldn't share
your personal information

with Mom and Dad.

Just Simon, Mary and Lucy?

And David and Sam,
but they won't tell anyone.

They can't tell anyone.

They can't communicate.

Okay. Well, thanks for
not telling Mom and Dad,

but I have to go now.

Be careful out there.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means, don't

get married just
to be getting married.


I mean it.

I said I promise.

You didn't mean it.

Yes, I did. I'm not going

to be getting married
just to be getting married.

If I get married, it's because

I met the right woman,
and I'm in love,

and I want to share the rest
of my life with her.

You worry me.

You worry me.

I worry everyone.

What, with my brain
and my good looks,

there's no telling
what I could do.

Can I go now?

Don't do anything stupid.

I told Robbie I wouldn't.

Tell me.
I won't do anything stupid.

I wish I could believe that.

Oh, by the way, that lady
from the clinic called.

What lady?

The boss lady.
She wants you to come in.

I can't go in. I have a date.

That's exactly what I told her.

There you go.


Matt marry.

Matt marry?
Yeah, I don't think so.

Yes. Yes.



What book?

Bride book.

Brides book?


Matt has a Brides book?


Where'd you get this?

From Matt.


Now, more like Lucy and Mary.




Yes, yes.

Lucy and Mary
want to be brides.



Do-Do you know anything
about this magazine?

It's a Brides magazine.

Where'd you find that?

Well, Sam and David
gave it to me.

They keep saying
it's Matt's book.

Is it Matt's book?

It must be, if they say so.

Hey, I was just
looking for that.


Oh, Matt was
reading it before.

Sounded pretty

Wait. I-I want to know

what Matt was doing
with that magazine.

He brought it home
from work.

But why?
You might
as well know.

Matt's looking
for a bride.

Matt's looking for a bride?


Well I-I hardly think

that, uh, Matt needs to be
getting married and trying

to go to medical school
at the same time.


That's what I told him.

Who's he going out with?

Some new chick.

New? That's good.

Not necessarily.

From what Matt said,

John asked Susan to get
married on their first date.

Oh, but the good news is,
he got called into work.

Is he going?

Couldn't say.

You know Matt.

He probably
went to work.


The doctor will see you.

Hey, did you call me?

We have a Red Cross
blood drive tomorrow,

and we need you.

But that's why they
scheduled me for tomorrow

and why they didn't
schedule me for tonight.

Someone called in sick,
then I scheduled you.

Suit up. Time's

Well, I have a date.

That's so sweet.

Suit up. Time's a-wasting.

It wasn't just any date.

Well, I'm sure. Not just anyone
would go out with you.

No, I happen to be
looking for a wife.

You didn't expect to find her
in one night, did you?


I mean,
can't you get anyone else?

Believe me, I tried
everyone else.

Hey, this is Matt.

Look, I'm really sorry,

but they called me
at the last minute to work.

Could we reschedule?

Thanks. Bye.

So, I hear you're
looking for a wife?

So, you're serious?

You're looking
for a wife?

Yes, I'm serious.

So specifically, what are
you looking for in a wife?

I'm looking for someone

who can understand the demands
of medical school

and be supportive,

realizing that eventually
the sacrifices will pay off.

Someone who is kind
and generous,

patient and forgiving,

and a sense of humor
would be nice.

What are you looking
for in a husband?

What makes you think I'm
looking for a husband?

Well, isn't everyone
looking for someone?



if I were looking
for a husband,

I'd want someone
who can understand

the demands of medical
school and be supportive,

realizing that eventually
the sacrifices will pay off.

Someone who is kind and
generous and patient

and forgiving and, oh, yeah,

a sense of humor would be nice.

Weren't you quoting what
Kathleen said to Marshall

in an article
in Brides magazine,

June 2000?

The issue was
sitting out

in the waiting area.

You didn't happen to take it
home with you, did you?

Why, were you reading it?

That's your answer, a question?

I thought you weren't looking
for a husband.

I mean, if you're not looking
for a husband,

why were you reading
Brides magazine?

Isn't everyone
looking for someone?

You, you can't just repeat
what I say.

So, are you
dating anyone?

I'm always dating someone.

Are you dating anyone?

Well, I was dating someone.

Why aren't you dating now?

Ah, because it wasn't
going anywhere.

I felt like I
wasn't ready.

But I, I wasn't ready because
she wasn't the right woman.

Although she was a
nice enough woman.

Or maybe you can't
make a commitment.

No, I can make a commitment.

I'm committed.

To what?

I'm committed to finding
the right woman.

Do you mean, "perfect"
or "right?"

No, I'm not looking for perfect.

I'm looking for someone
that I can share my life with.

And when you find her?

When I find her, then I'm going
to ask her to marry me.

Ever ask a woman
to marry you before?


Okay once.

How far did you get
with the wedding plans?

To the altar.


And then you backed out?

She backed out.



we're still friends.


What, that's not good?

We're, we're still friends
is not good?

Were you thinking
about getting married

and going to medical school
at the same time

or are you thinking
about getting engaged

and going to medical school
at the same time,

and then later after medical
school getting married?

The first one.
Good to know.

And when you said the first one,

you mean you're thinking
about getting married

and going to medical school at
the same time the first year,

the second year or third year?

All years.

What field of study?

Uh, I want to be a gynecologist,


I love woman, I love life,
I want to deliver babies.

I see.

And how many babies do you want
from your wife?

I'm not sure.

I could go with as few as one,
as many as seven.




Who's dying?

I don't know.

Sooner or later, everyone
I imagine.

Don't you just have a
habit of showing up

when there's a life
and death crisis?

Well, my work's always
been about life.

Somebody having a life crisis
around here?

Well, I-I think I am.

You think?

If it were a real crisis,
wouldn't you know?

Well, I want to get married.

Is that a crisis?

Depends on who you're marrying.
Who are you marrying?

Oh, she's nice.

Who's nice?

That woman
that just walked by.

No, I wasn't talking
about her.

Well, who were you
talking about?

I don't know. I just
want to get married.

Well, good for you.

Marriage is
a wonderful thing.

Someone to love and someone
to love you unconditionally,

all of your life.
I don't know what's
come over me.

I feel compelled to get
married right now.

So get married, right now.

But that's crazy,
isn't it?

I mean, to decide
to get married

and find a woman
and get married.

what would be the sane way
to go about doing it?

I don't know.

I mean, you meet someone.

You fall in love.

You get married.

I like her.

You know her?

I met her tonight.

Her name's Sarah.

So fall in love with Sarah.

Marry Sarah. She's nice.

I-I don't know her.

I was talking about this woman

that I was supposed
to go out with tonight.

Well, do you know her?

Then take the other one.

Take Sarah.


you know that I know women.

So take my advice.

Sarah's a keeper.

You're locking up, right Camden?

Yeah, I'll
lock up.

And I hope you're wearing
your dancing shoes.

Of course.

Go for it, kid.

So, uh...

...are you going to ask me out
for a cup of coffee or what?

Where do you think
Matt is?
I don't know,

but we're not waiting
up for him, are we?

Do you think
he went to work

or do you think
he went out on a date?
He went to work.

I called.

And you're just now
telling me that?

You could have called.

But I didn't.

Matt just seemed...

He wouldn't.

He wouldn't.

He wouldn't.

He wouldn't.

He wouldn't.



You don't like sugar in coffee?

Oh, I didn't say anything.

Well, do you?

I don't. I like it black.

How can you
drink it black?

I like it.

Try it with a little sugar
in it.

Taste it.

It's very good.

You liked it better black?


I find that hard
to believe.

I do.

How many brothers and
sisters do you have?


I'm an only child.

How many kids are
in your family?

Uh, seven, I'm
the oldest.

So that's why you said

you'd be willing
to have seven children?

Do you like being
in a big family?

Well, most of the time.

Uh, you like being
an only child?


It's like living
in a spotlight.

I'm the focus of my parent's
every obsession.

Am I eating enough?
Am I sleeping enough?

Am I warm enough?
Am I cold enough?

It's endless.

I can't wait
to get away.

But, at the same time,
it's gonna be hard to leave.

I'm going to school
at Columbia.

Wait, so am I.

Yeah, but it, but it's not
gonna be easy for me

to leave my brothers
and sisters.

How old are they?

Well, Mary's 20,
Lucy's 19,

Simon's 15, Ruthie's 11,

and Sam and David,
the twins are three.


Where'd you grow up?

I grew up in Flatbush,
in Brooklyn.

My family moved here the year
that I started high school,

but my grandparents
still live there.

I've lived in the same
house all my life.

Do you still live
at home?

Me, too.

what does your
father do?

He's a rabbi.

What does
your father do?

He's a minister, you know,
for a Protestant church.

I see.

Protestant's not Catholic,

Uh, Protestant ministers marry,
Catholic priests don't.

Both have Jesus.

Oh, yeah, I thought so.

Not, that I know much about it,

You know, I have to say,

I didn't see that coming.

Neither did I.

You had no hint
that I was Jewish?

Well, it never occurred to me.

You thought I was Jewish?

I had false hope.

You know, I, I...

I've never understood the term
"false hope."

I mean, what is that?

I mean if you hope,
you hope right?

If the thing
you hope for

turns out the way
you want it,

then you have true hope,
and if it doesn't

turn out the way you want it,
you have false hope?

You sure you aren't Jewish?

I'm sure.

So, I guess I should say,

"Thank you for the coffee
and have a nice life."

Well, I-I never said

I was looking for someone
for my father to marry.

I'm looking for someone
for me to marry.

I wasn't thinking
about your father,

I was thinking about my father.


So I should say,

"Thank you for the coffee
and have a nice life"?

You should if you never want
to see me again.

I want to see you again.

So tomorrow night,

you pick me up at 7:00
and you'll meet my family

and then we'll drop by your
house and meet your family

and we'll go from there.

Well, how about I pick you up
at 7:00

and meet your family
and then we'll drop by my house

and you can meet my family.

You have control issues?

No. Do you have control issues?

I have no issues.

I just thought
maybe you'd never ask.

It's not like you asked me
for coffee,

although I wanted you to.

Aren't you, uh,

gonna drink that?

Oh, I don't like coffee,
even with sugar in it.

I can pay you back for it
if you want?

No, that, that's
okay. A coffee's

a cheap date whether
you drink it or not.

So this is a date?

We came in separate cars.

So, we'll make tomorrow
night a real date.

That depends.

Where are you taking me
tomorrow night?

If we're gonna meet
each other's parents,

then we should probably plan
on going out for dinner.

I mean, unless you
want to eat

with my family or
your family and...

I prefer we spend
most of the evening
with each other.

Truthfully, you make me
a little nervous

and I don't know if I can
eat dinner with you.

And you make me a
little nervous.

But we should eat
dinner together.

See what that's like.

I like red meat.

It doesn't have to be steak.
I like hamburgers.

I do, too.

I just wish
he'd come home.

Are we going to sleep
if he doesn't come home?


You want to go look for him?

Where would I go look for him?

Where would we look
for him?

Where would we
look for him?

♪ ♪


I came in the front door.

Where have you been?

Well, I w-- I was at work
and then I was out with Sarah,

a woman you'll meet
tomorrow night.

Are you going to marry her?

I might.

So Sarah says
you're looking for a wife.

I am looking for a wife.

And you're looking
outside your faith for a wife.

Well, I wasn't intending

to look outside my faith
or inside my faith.

I mean, what's really important
is that one have faith, right?

In this particular case,
the case involving my daughter,

it's important that you,
my young man,

are of the Jewish faith, and
I'm certain you understand why.


I'll take that as a no,

that you don't

but I can explain.

So... how's it going?

How would you expect?

I would expect that
everything is going fine,

since this is a
friend of mine.

Correct me if I'm wrong-- this
is not just a friend of yours.

This is a friend of yours

that you're hoping will be
a husband of yours.

I shouldn't have
said anything.

You must be Matt.

How lovely to meet you.

You understand
why we don't want our daughter

to marry you,
don't you?



a no, huh?

Let me see if
I can explain.

We can explain.

Neither of you
should explain.

We should go.
No, please.

You go now, he might
not understand.

You might not

Our dream

is for you to have a
nice Jewish husband

and raise nice
Jewish children

and carry on
our nice

Jewish faith,

of which this friend of
yours you want to marry

knows nothing.

I could learn,
couldn't I?

You could.

But, hey, you're going
to medical school, huh?

I mean, you're
going to have

enough learning
for a lifetime,

what with all those names
of the new, uh...

germs and, uh,
and diseases.

Uh, i-it's


my wife and I don't mean
to offend you.

However, this is our daughter,

our only daughter,

and we just don't
think it's appropriate

that you're taking her
out to dinner

with the intent to find out...

...if the two of you
are compatible as man and wife.

What, he should take me to bed?

Oh, God.

Oy vey.

Oh, would you lighten up,


what your father
is trying to say is:

Why go out to dinner to find out
something you already know?

Matt is a lovely man
who is not for you.

Isn't that right, Matt?

Despite the differences
in our religions,

I'm very interested
in your daughter,

and I'm very serious
about wanting to be married

at this time in my life.

I admit w-we just met,

and we don't know each other
that well,

but... I would like to get
to know her better.

I don't like him for you.

I would like him

to have someone else,
a nice someone else,

because he should have nice.

He's a nice man,
but I don't like him for you.

What your mother said.

It's been wonderful
having you meet Matt.

We're going to dinner now.

Enjoy the evening.


Thank you
for your honesty.

Sarah, darling,
take a sweater.

It's cold outside.

He's not that bad.

It's hard not
to like him.


She's our only daughter.

We want her
to be happy.

She can be just as
happy married to a Jew.

You know, just, just give
me a second to recover.

Thanks for the
warning, by the way.

I should have
warned you

my parents are not going
to let me go out to dinner

with you without giving you
a hard time?

Yes, but not now,
before I came over.

You look pale.

They hate me.

What are you talking about?
They let me go.

Come on.

Let's go meet the Camdens
and compare notes.

So Matt was telling us that
you two just met last night?

I overheard him say that
he was looking for a wife.

So I figured
what the heck?

I'd ask him out
for a cup of coffee.

What could it hurt?

Sure, what can it hurt?

Yeah, but, I mean...

you two are both going off
to medical school next year,

you're both going
to be studying

to be doctors,
and, well...

It would be a lot
to take on.

it's just that...

I can't imagine going
through medical school

and planning
a wedding.


it's all very...


Yes, if not, uh...



I have to say that while I had
never considered it before,

marriage could offer
some stability

and security
and comfort

during a very
challenging time.

It might be nice to come
home from a horrible day

at school
and long hours at a hospital

and be with a husband or wife

who's going
through the same thing.

I don't know, it could work,
don't you think?

I-It could,
but, but you two are just

on your first real date,

so I'm sure after you spent
more and more time together,

you'll be able
to make a good decision...

that will affect
the rest of your lives.

On the other hand, how
much can you really know

about each other
if you don't make a commitment

to be with each other
for the rest of your lives?

I-I'm sure the
two of you really

didn't know each other
until you got married,

and you've been married
over 20 years

and you're still getting
to know each other.

I mean, if you had
just been dating,

when times got tough,

you probably would have gone
your separate ways.

You can't seriously
be thinking

about making a decision about
marriage on your first date.



Okay, maybe,
but maybe not.

I mean, it's, it's,
it's not likely.

It-It's more unlikely.

The odds are that you won't
make this kind of decision

on your first date
or even your second or third.

I-It's more likely that, uh,
you'll make that decision

after many dates,
many, many dates.

At least, say,
six months of dates.

Are you, uh,
getting hungry?


It was very nice
meeting you.

Nice meeting you.


They wouldn't.

No, they wouldn't.

I mean, he's impulsive,
but he's not insane.

He's a very intelligent
young man.

He's going to medical school
on a scholarship.

Did she say "Shalom"?

Hold on...
hold on.

You, uh...

you didn't forget to tell them
I was Jewish, did you?

You know, I-I don't
think it ever came up.

You didn't tell them
my father's a rabbi?

Why not?


Because I'm Jewish
and my father's a rabbi.

Well, it doesn't matter to me,
so why would it matter to them?

It matters to me.

Well, you want me
to go back in and tell them?

Would you?

If that's what you want.

You're not telling them

because you've already decided
that we would never work out

and you're only taking me
to dinner

because you said you would,

and then you intend
to take me home

and never call me again.

Because I'll tell you

I don't like hamburgers
that much.

Would you just

get in the car?
And furthermore,

I haven't said that I find you
to be so attractive

that I would do something stupid


...marry you.

Could you do that again?

I could do that for
the rest of my life,

but just so you know,

my entire family's
probably watching.

I don't care.


Hey, they look good together.


You're his father,
do something.

Like what?

Like anything.

Just stop them before they do
something they may regret

for the rest of their lives.

Better hurry up,
they're in the car.


So, you think He's been here,
and we think He's coming.

That's how I see it.

Okay, that works for me.

How can you be Republican?

Well, I don't know.

I interned for Hillary Clinton.

And that drove you to vote

I-I wasn't driven to it.

I like Bush.
I voted for Bush.

Your father has
to be a Democrat.


Is he?

He is.

So is my father and so am I.

I could never
vote for a Republican,

unless Rumsfeld runs

for something.


So I like Rumsfeld.

He was appointed by Bush.

Okay, I like Bush, too.

I admit it, but I am
still a Democrat.

Oh, it doesn't sound
like you're a Democrat.

I am.

Are you sure?

Yankees, I don't care
who won the World Series,

the Yankees are the greatest
baseball team in America.

I don't follow baseball.

Okay, this could be a problem

because I am a huge Yankees fan.

I watch every game.

How could that be a problem?

Are you kidding?

It's baseball.

It's life.

It's everything.

So when we're
in school in New York,

one day when we both happen
to have the day off,

we'll go to Yankee Stadium, you
can teach me all about baseball.

What? I have to teach you

about Jews and I have
to teach you about baseball?

What are your options
unless you want to marry

a nice Jewish man
who knows about baseball.

I could do that.

But let's say
that I don't want to.

What are you going to teach me?

I'm very good at ironing.

You know anything about ironing?

I'm trying to be serious

and you want
to talk about ironing.

All right, so let's get serious.

You think you could marry
someone who's not Jewish?

I never considered it before.

And then last night,
you walked into my life.

And I find you

so attractive and considerate

and passionate...

that I find myself wondering

what it would be like
to be married to you.

At the same time, I am
so frightened by the idea

of being with someone who
is so different from my family.

And you?

You could marry
someone who's Jewish?

Because make

no mistake about it, Matt,
I am Jewish.

I don't know if I could
marry someone Jewish.

But I know I could marry you,
and I know you're Jewish.

And I respect who you are
and I have no desire

to change you
or what you believe.

Don't make me cry,
I want dessert.

I couldn't stop thinking
about you all night last night.

I couldn't stop thinking
about you all day today.

I pictured us
in school together.

I pictured us graduating.

Starting our own
practice together,

having children together,
growing old together.

I did the same thing.

But every time I got
to the holidays,

I wondered...

could I live
with a Christmas tree?

Really, in my mind,

this became an obstacle
of gigantic proportion.

A Christmas tree is nice.

Our family always
has a Christmas tree.

One that Dad gets
someplace cheap

and it's filled with a bunch
of old ornaments

we made ourselves.

But I don't care about having
or not having a Christmas tree.

Because the true meaning
of Christmas

is that God keeps His promises,

has given all of us
the gifts of love and life.

And we can share those gifts,

even though you're Jewish
and I'm Christian.

I'm not saying
there wouldn't be

for the two of us.

I'm just saying that we...
both have a foundation

for meeting all
of life's challenges

if that's what
we decide we want to do.

Okay, really you're gonna
make me cry.

All right, new subject.

Did I mention
I don't have any money?

I-I don't mean

for dinner.

I can pay for dinner.

But I have to have
a scholarship in order

to go to med school or a student
loan, and I have to work.

It's not something I do for fun
or for experience.

My family isn't rich
as you can probably tell.

And I don't have
any money other than

a couple hundred dollars

and there are
no hidden assets

like a trust fund or stocks
or any of that stuff.

I'm pretty good with what
little money I do have.

And I don't
spend more than I make.

And I don't use credit.

I just wanted to be

truthful about
my finances.

Then I guess
I should be truthful.

I guess I'm what people call...

what's the word?


And I don't mean my parents
are wealthy, I mean

I'm wealthy and I do
have a trust fund.

And I do have
considerable savings

and I have investments.

Now, you're going
to make me cry.

You know, I've never even
talked to anyone

about money before
outside my family.

It's kind of a relief
to know that I can.

It's so, uh...

it's so...


I think we can talk
about sex now.


I think we should.

We could.

We could talk about sex
every night this week?

We've done pretty well so far.

I agree, but maybe
we've talked about it enough.

We'll go out every
night this week

and not talk about sex.

Either way, if we date
every night this week,

my parents are definitely
going to think

that we're serious
about each other.

I think we are serious
about each other.

What will your parents think?

That I'm in love with you.

It's a little too soon for that,
don't you think?

Well, I just thought since...

we were talking
about getting married...

I don't want you to tell me

that you love me until
or unless we say "I do."

I don't know if I'll be able
to wait that long.

Well, how long do you think
that would be?

Let's just make a deal.

Let's agree that I get to be
the one to pop the question.

Oh, like I would ask you?

There would be something
wrong with that?

Do we have a deal?

If that's what you want.

That's what I want.

But do it right when you do it,
a real proposal,

if you decide to ask me.

Well, should I ask
your father first?

No, I'd like you to be alive
for the wedding,

not to mention the honeymoon.



Will you marry me?


As soon as you want.
You set the date.

Yes. I accept.

I will. Oh, I do.

Maybe I'll just go stand
in the middle of the street,

so we don't miss him.

- I can go with you.
- Me, too.

We'll go, too.

What, are you nuts?

It's not going to do
any good for all of us

to go out and stand
in the street in our pajamas.

She's right.

There's nothing we can do.

You know, we can't
all just stand here

looking out the window
until he comes home.

Maybe he's not coming home.

Oh, don't say that.

I was thinking
the same thing.

I think he's crazy enough

to run off and get married.

I almost did.

So he's not me.

But he could do something
as stupid as I would.

I mean, he is my brother.

Why is everyone looking at me?

Because while Matt might
do something

as stupid as you would,

he wouldn't do something
stupider than you would.

I'm not so sure.

- Thank you.
- He's known

this woman a little more
than 24 hours.

I think, I-I think you
better call the police.

What are the police
going to do?

I don't know,
but if they can make us

go to bed,
I'm all for calling 'em.

You can go to bed.

But not before the rest of you.

Fine, e-enough.

We'll all go to bed.