7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 6, Episode 14 - Hot Pants - full transcript

The next Valentine's day, Robbie prepared a surprise for Joy. Mary meanly supposes the hotel she overheard him contacting by phone means another sex trap. Joy, who assumed the butler to be away like her father really is, isn't discouraged, but bitterly claims Robbie doesn't love her truly because he refuses to risk getting intimate. Matt contacts all his 'true lovers', wondering why he never stayed hooked up. Lucy again assumes Jeremy, who is back in town and double-dating with Mike, wants her back and pretends to have a date. Mary is shocked to see Wilson moved back and goes steady with her former school friend Corey Conway. Simon gets permission to let his hot senior date Maria 'help babysit' and gets her cute kid brother Jake to spare Ruthie dateless embarrassment.

Happy Valentine's Day.


I've got a big surprise
for you tonight.

Is the surprise
better than that?

Oh, much.


Hi, is this the
Glen Garland Hotel?

Hey, I'm coming
there tonight.

Can you give me



Joy, it's me.

Hi, me.

So, are we still on for tonight?

Of course
we're still on for tonight.


'Cause I have someplace
very special to take you.


It's a surprise.

A hotel.

I knew it.

Some things never change.

Are you okay?

No, I'm sick.

You're faking.

Come on-- why don't you want
to go to school?

Talk to me.

You have to leave.

It's my room.

I need to talk to Lucy, alone.

It's important.

It's about Robbie.

Are you ever going
to get over him?

That was rude.

I know what Robbie's

big Valentine's Day surprise is
for Joy.


Are you talking to me?

Yeah, I'm talking to you.

Hi, I'm Maria Davis.

I know; I-I know
who you are,

that's why I'm
a little surprised

that you're talking to me.


Because you're a
senior, and you're...

Maria Davis and I'm me.

Yeah, that's why
I'm talking to you...

because you're you.

Are you going to the
school dance tonight?

No, actually, I'm kind
of grounded for life.

Yeah, I, uh, heard
about Mike's party.

Were you there?

No, I don't like Mike.

So, are you going to
the school dance tonight?

Not anymore.

Now, since you're grounded,
what can you do tonight?

Actually, I volunteered to watch
my little brothers

for my parents, so they could
have the night off.

Maybe... I could come over
and help you.

You mean come to my house

on Valentine's Day
to help me baby-sit?

I'll have to ask my parents
if that's okay.

Well, I hope they say yes.

Call me.

I've been waiting
to talk to you alone.

I know what
you're planning for Joy.

I overheard you on the phone.

Listening to my phone

What is wrong with you?

What is wrong with me?

What is wrong with you?!

I don't know-- why don't you
hang around outside my door,

listen in a little bit more,
and then tell me.

You cannot go through with

what you have planned
for tonight.

It's wrong and you know it.

You hate that I love her,
don't you?

You are so jealous,
you can't even see straight.

I am not jealous.

You know,
when you chose Wilson over me,

I was lonely and hurt,

and I never thought
I'd get over you.

But I did...
and then I found Joy.

Look, I'm sorry
Wilson broke up with you.

But we're not
gonna get back together.

We're over.

You need to understand that,
even if there wasn't a Joy,

there still wouldn't be
a you and me.

Joy's my future.

You're my past.

So, are you ready
to tell me

why you didn't want to
go to school today?

Oh... just a second.


What are you wearing?


Yeah, it's me.

what are you wearing?

What do you mean,
what am I wearing?

I mean...
what are you wearing?

I'm wearing my clothes.

What kind of clothes?

The same clothes you saw me in
this morning.

Well, don't you want
to take off your sweater?

No, I'm cold.
Are you okay?

You sound strange.

I'm sick.

You're sick?

Yeah, I'm lovesick
for you, baby.


Okay, if you don't want
to play my game,

would you at least tell me

what your big surprise
is for tonight?

I'm dying to know.

You'll have to wait.

Ruthie, don't you want to talk?

Not anymore.

How long have
you been standing there?

Well, let's just say I've heard
enough to, uh, embarrass you

for several lifetimes.

Look, I... I need to
ask you a question,

and it would help me if, when
you answered my question,

you didn't use
your sexy voice.

What's your question?

Why did I break up with Cheryl?

And Heather and-and Shana,

and every other great woman
I've ever been out with?

Still can't get a date, huh?

So you wish to seek the truth
about your love life, eh?

Uh, no, I want you to tell me
what the truth is.

Well, unfortunately,

I think you need to figure
this one out for yourself.

Yeah, but I don't know
where to start.

Well, why not start

with the last great woman
you went out with.


With any luck,

she's having
a bad Valentine's Day too.



What... what are
you doing here?

I have a few days off
from school.

I was just visiting a friend
who's in the music department.

You took a few days off

to visit a friend
in the music department?!


Oh, and, uh...

I got some unfinished business
to take care of.

Jeremy, it's an engagement ring,
not a boomerang.

You weren't supposed
to bring it back unless...

Oh, come on,
don't do this to me.

Not on Valentine's Day.

Not on a Valentine's Day
that I don't have a date for.

Don't do this, please.

We cannot get
back together again.

I mean, it's over;
we're over.

Why do you always think I want
to get back together?

I told the jeweler
who sold me the ring what...

what happened with us,
and he said

that if I brought it back,
he'd work something out.

So we almost
got married,

but if I hadn't run
into you today,

you wouldn't have
come by to see me?

Well, you know what?

Let's not think about that.

I mean, you're here,
and I'm here.

Do you want
to go out tonight?

Because I've already told you
I... I don't have any plans.

I do.

I'm meeting a friend
at the pool hall.

A-And I'd invite you along,

but I don't think
you'd be comfortable

with this particular friend.

I'll see you around.

Thanks for meeting me
on such short notice.

I have to say, I was a little
surprised to hear from you.

On the phone,
you said it was important.

It is.

I probably shouldn't tell you
what I'm going to tell you,

but I was in the same position
you are in just two years ago,

and it would've been
really nice

if someone had told me
what I'm going to tell you.

I'm sorry, you're making
absolutely no sense.

Which I have to say,
Robbie says you do a lot.

Robbie's planning on taking you
to a hotel.

He's going to try to sleep
with you.

And two years ago, he tried
the exact same thing with me.


Okay, well get out of here.

I don't know about you,
but I've got a date.

There they go again.

Okay, bring your dishes
to the kitchen.

I'm gonna go change,

and then I'm gonna go
to pick up Joy.

You and Joy are still going out?

Joy told me
about your little meeting,

and you'll be sad to know that
instead of breaking us up...

you just brought us
closer together.

Uh, Mary and I are
going out, okay? Bye.

Have fun.

Wait, what are we doing?

You drive, I'll explain.
Let's go.

I'll take the boys

Oh, but first I wanted
to ask you something.

It's a favor.

This girl from my school, Maria,

she offered to come over
and help me baby-sit.

Now, I know I'm grounded.

But she's really cute.

And, technically,
if she comes over here,

then I'm not going out, right?

Oh, please.

Just, just give me

And then you can add many years
onto my sentence.

I-I really think I might have
a future with her-- please?

All right.

I love you.

Oh, that's nice,
but, uh,

let's keep things
parentally guided

with your friend.

No making out.

Oh, yeah. No problem.

I barely even know Maria.

I'm hoping to get
to know her tonight.


All right.

All right.




I guess I'll take off now.

You have a date?

I'm hoping to have a date
with destiny.


I think Matt's going
to see Cheryl tonight.

You think they're going
to get back together?

Mm, it's Valentine's Day;
anything's possible.

We're alone.

Well, in a house
with seven kids,

we're as alone
as we're ever gonna get.

And speaking of
our seven kids,

how's Ruthie?

Well, she did start
talking to me,

but then she spent the rest
of the day in her room,

so, I'm sure when she's ready
to talk, she'll talk.

Well, I guess I'm gonna
go get cleaned up

and changed and then give you
your Valentine's surprise.

When you're ready, meet
me in the backyard,

'cause I got a little surprise
of my own for you.


Can I talk to you
about something?

Is it important?

Kind of.

Well, can we talk
later tonight?

Where are you going
in such a hurry?

Oh, I'm going to see Cheryl.

Are you getting back together?

I don't know-- I've been
looking for her all day,

and someone at the restaurant
told me she'd be home tonight.

So, we'll talk later?

Sure, whatever.

Oh, you're the best.
Wish me luck.

Hey, you okay?

You want to tell me
why you didn't want
to go to school today?

Okay, well help me
set this stuff up for Mom

and we'll talk.

I don't want to help you set up
anything for Mom.

I just want to talk.

Why won't anyone talk to me?


it's this stinkin' holiday.

I hate Valentine's Day.
I hate it!

I'm sorry.

Well, you don't have to help me,
we'll just talk.

Too late.

Don't follow me.

I can't believe
you talked me

into coming out dateless
on Valentine's Day,

just so you could spy
on your ex-fiancé.

I thought you were
over him.

Well, surprise, I'm not.

I just want to see what kind
of woman he replaced me with

and then we can go.

How do you know
he's meeting a woman?

I just know.

Well, what if he sees you?

I'm stealth, I'm a cat,
he won't see me.


What are you
doing here?

We're waiting
for our dates.

The dates we have


When I saw you earlier,

you said you didn't
have a date for tonight.

Yes, I didn't.

But then... I got one.

Who is it?

Um, he's...

Well, he's...

He's Mary's friend.

Go find our dates.

Well, since you're here, do you
want to see who I'm meeting?

Okay. Sure.

Since I've got time, since my,
um, date isn't here yet.


Hey, Lucy!

What are you doing here?

I'm waiting
for my date.

Well, you can wait with us.

I'm waiting for my girlfriend,
she's late, too.

I heard you were
dating someone.

Almost a year now.

So, hey, when your date gets
here, why don't you join us?

Oh... sure.

Okay, why not.

Oh, but Jeremy
doesn't have a date.

Oh, yeah he does--
my girlfriend fixed him up.



This is Jeremy,
my friend from New York.

And Jeremy, this is
my friend Amber.

Very nice to meet you.

And who are you?


I'm Lucy Camden.

I'm sure Mike's told you
about me.

No. Why would he?

Uh, we used to date.


Lucy's going
to wait with us

until her date
gets here.


Wow, you got here fast.

Yeah, where are
your parents?

Out back.

Anyone else
at home?

Well, my little brothers
are in the living room,

my younger sister's
upstairs in her...

Happy Valentine's Day.


Almost, almost, almost.

Here we go.

♪ Ta-da. ♪


Are... are those
the emergency candles?

And my flowers!

Happy Valentine's Day.

This is the sweetest,

most pathetic thing
you've ever done.

Aw, shucks.

Well, shouldn't we
go inside though?

I mean it's February;
it's cold.

Well, uh, out here,
we're alone.

Oh, thanks.
In there,
not so alone.

Alone, okay.

Thank you.



What's your big surprise?

I really would've thought
you would've guessed.

Haven't you noticed how
much happier I've been

in the last two weeks?

I went to the doctor.

I started hormone
replacement therapy.

And I feel great.

My energy is back and I
am happy; really happy.

You took hormones for me?

I took hormones for me.

Okay, whatever.

You're happy again,
that's all that matters.

Okay, I have to admit,
I... no, I had noticed

that you'd been a little...
easier to be around lately.

I mean, well,
you know what I mean.

You have to know

or you wouldn't have
gone on hormones.

Well, this...

this is the best gift

you could ever have
gotten for me.

I love you.




Wait, come on.


Hi, Daddy.
Hi, Daddy.

Okay, come on.

Mmm... wait.

Did you hear something?

You talk too much.

What are you
doing here?

Seeking the truth.

I've been looking for you
all day.

Can I come in?

Now's not such a good time.

You really should've called.

What, do you have a guy
in there?

You really should've called.

No, I...

shouldn't have come.


Have a nice Valentine's Day.

I'll be right back.

Matt, stop.

Look, I'm sorry about all this.
But I...

You have nothing to
be sorry about.

I just shouldn't have come.
It was stupid.

So why did you come?

Valentine's Day?

I just wanted
to figure out

why we weren't
together anymore.

I don't understand why I keep
letting great women like you

slip through my fingers.

I mean, you could've
been the one.

You should've
been the one.

I should've never
let you go.

I'm not the one,

or at least I'm not your one.

Come on, you know
we don't belong together.

Yeah, but if not
you, who?

Who do I belong with?

I don't know.

I just know it's not me.

I'm sorry.

Another Coke, please.


Wow, Corey,

it's been a couple of years.

It's great to see you.

When you find out
who I'm here with,

you might not be so happy
to see me.

What the...?


Hi, Mary.

Sorry I'm late,
but I had to go

to three different flower
shops to find red roses.

Aw, you shouldn't have.

You should save your money.

You don't need to give
me expensive flowers.

I know you love me.

Come on.

What if your dad
walks in?

I have a Valentine's
surprise for you, too.

My parents took my little
brother to my aunt's,

and they won't be back
till tomorrow.

My dad knew
we were going out.

But he trusted you and he
said that I could stay home.

What about your butler?

He went to
his sister's house

and he won't be back
for a couple of days.

So, we're...
we're all alone?

You're on scholarship.

You work two jobs.

You don't have
to take me to a hotel

so we can be together.

We can be together here.


It's okay.

And when you say
"be together," you mean...?

I'm not ready to be with you
like... that.

But after
thinking about us all day,

I realize I am ready to be
a little more serious with you.

And by "serious" you mean?

My parents
are gone for the night.

We have the house to ourselves.

Let's just see what happens.

So tell me again
why you're in Glenoak?

Well, about a month
after you left Buffalo,

I got laid off
from my job.

I told my dad and he said
he had work for me here.

And I miss Grandma
and Grandpa.

And I just wanted
to come home.

Can Billy and I get
another pitcher of soda?

Uh, sure.

They are so cute together.

And Billy, he is
so protective of her.

It's like they're instant
brother and sister.

Okay, um...

so how did you two
end up together?

We were sitting next
to each other on a plane.

A flight to Glenoak.

Is that fate or what?

You mean this weekend?

I've been back since Christmas.

I knew I'd eventually
bump into you,

I just didn't think
it'd be Valentine's Day.

Wilson and I didn't
know how to tell you.

Well, for future reference,

this really
isn't such a good way.

Um, did you move back
to Glenoak?

No, not yet.

I'm still in school back East.

But tomorrow is
my mother's birthday,

so I took a few days off
from school.

And I'm glad she took

a few days off,
'cause I missed her.

I missed you, too.

I have to go to the bathroom.

Boy, Luce, your date
sure is late.

You don't have a date,
do you, Lucy?

You don't, do you?

You just came here
tonight to spy on me,

to see who I was meeting,
because you're not over me.

That's why you always

think that we're going
to get back together.

I have a date.

I don't think
she has a date.

I don't think she
has a date, either.

Why don't you two
go back to discussing

your blow-dry techniques.

Really, it's quite stimulating.

Look, Luce, maybe
you should just

call your date,
see where he is.

Or maybe you should just admit

that you're spying on me
and go home.

Where you this mean
when we were engaged?

Were you this psychotic
when we were engaged?

Maybe I was, and maybe it was
your pot-smoking parents

that drove me to it.

Hey, don't talk
about my parents that way.

Hey, don't talk about me
the way you're talking about me.

Okay, guys come on.
Just let's...

Shut up!
Shut up!

You know, my parents

were not to blame
for our breakup.

Well, then tell me
who to blame--

I mean, who to thank--
for our breakup.

I wish I'd never met you.

I'm going to the restroom now,
you shouldn't wait for me.

No, Mike, it's okay.

You, I regret not dating.

Him, I am very thankful
to be free of.

Happy Valentine's Day
to you all.

She really is psychotic.

I don't know what
I want to do first,

throw up or scream.

Oh, was that Wilson
you were talking to?

Yes; he's dating Corey.

Wait, basketball Corey?

With the daughter?

I'm so glad
you dragged me out tonight.

I couldn't have gotten this
kind of humiliation at home.

Oh, shut up.
Oh, you shut up.

So, what's going on with Jeremy?

Oh, well, you know,

he's on a blind date

with a supermodel.

Well, at least you know

who he replaced you with.

Oh, thanks. That helps.

Oh, and Mike Pierce
is here, too.

He's dating a supermodel also.

Apparently there must be

some sort of teen supermodel
surplus in Glenoak.

We should just leave.

We can't.

Well, I'm waiting for my date.

Hello, stupid,
you don't have a date.

Yeah, but if I leave before
Jeremy and Mike leave,

then Jeremy will know that.

I won't give him
that satisfaction.

No, but you'll hang out
in the restroom all night?


Robbie? Are you okay?

You've been in there
for a long time.

Uh, yeah,
I'll be out in a second.

So, do you want
to go upstairs in my room?

Uh, we should talk.

There's been a misunderstanding.

I don't know why Mary
thought what she thought,

but my Valentine's Day
surprise for you

is not us sleeping together.

But you wanted
to take me to a hotel.

Yeah, but not so we could
have... you know.

That's okay,
I told you I didn't want

to be with you like that anyway.

We could still
go upstairs and...

I don't know, make out.

I don't want to make out.


I do want to make out.

But we're alone.

And I don't think
I could trust myself to stop.

So why don't we just
go to the hotel,

so I can give
you my surprise, hmm?

But I thought you loved me.

I do.
But what?

You just loved your other
girlfriends more?

Really, I want to understand.

You lived with Cheryl.

You wanted to sleep with Mary.

But me, you don't even want
to make out with me!

I love you.

Yeah, but you must've
loved them more

because you wanted
to be with them...

and you, apparently,
don't want to be with me.

Uh... the boys
are asleep.

I know.

I put them to bed myself,
thank you.

So how's your
Valentine's Day going?

Well, your mother dumped
a glass of wine on me

and then locked me out
of the bedroom.

Well, that's one way
to celebrate.

But you seem to be
having a good night.

I'm sorry about the make-out
thing, but she is an animal.

But-But she's
really sweet, too.

From what I saw of her,

when she was on top of you,
she seemed quite lovely.

I'm going to go upstairs

and see if your mother
will let me in our room.

Try begging.

Thanks for the tip.


Are you okay?

The one day I needed you people.

The one day I need
relationship advice,

is anyone there for me?


Relationship advice?

Not that you care,
but I was supposed to go

to my friend Kim's
Valentine's Day party tonight.

But you didn't want to go

and that's why you said
you were sick today?

I asked this boy, Frank,
to go with me.

I only did it
because Kim dared me to.

He said "yes,"

then, later, he told me
he was going with Kim.

It was all some big joke

that Kim thought would be funny.

Well, ha-ha.

Tomorrow, I'm dead meat.

Kim's gonna know that
I wasn't really sick today.

She's gonna know that

I was too chicken to go
to her party alone.

So, you see, if I don't

show up at her party
with a date,

I'll never live it down.

And where am I gonna
get a date now?

I wish I was ten again.

I was happy when I was ten.

I just bared my soul

and your response is nothing?

I shouldn't have told you.

You can't help me.

No one can help me.

I'll just have to go
to school tomorrow

and be embarrassed
for the rest of my life.

Thanks for nothing.

I'm lonely.

What's wrong?

It's my little sister.

She needs a date for a party.

You wouldn't happen
to know any cute

11-year-old boys
that are free tonight.

What about my brother Jake?

Have I told you
how much I like you?

First, my sister

and then more of that.

A lot more of that.

Come on, I have
to ask my dad

if you and your brother can
take Ruthie and me to a party.

Matt, what are you doing?

You've been parked outside
my house for a long time now.

You know, the last time

you were parked outside
my house for a long time,

you were trying to get
back together with Heather.

And if memory serves me right,

you actually ran away
and tried to get married.


are you here for Heather?


Why are you doing this?

You know you and Heather
aren't meant for each other.

No matter how much
you feel for one another,

she's not the one for you.

And you're not the one for her.

M-Maybe you're wrong.

Maybe Heather wasn't the one
for me a year or two ago,

but maybe she's just
what I need right now.

What you need is to move on.

Don't get me wrong.

I think you're great.

But I know that if you get back
together with my daughter,

it's just gonna mean pain
for both of you.

I've-I've been doing
a lot of thinking

about all my... my past
relationships and...

And you're lonely, I understand.

But please,
think before you act.

I don't want Heather
to get hurt.

And you may be able to convince
her that the two of you

belong together,
but it's just not going to last.

If the two of you
were meant to be together,

you'd be married right now.

Can I talk to her?

You think she's the love
of your life,

and you've forgotten that she
moved to New York in December?


Look, I just want
to talk to her.

Actually, I have to talk to her,

so are you going
to give me her number

or are you going to make me call
every person in New York,

because you can't stop me
from talking to her?

Joy, come out of there, please?

Joy, Joy, Joy!

Why can't you see that
I don't want to be with you

not because I don't love you,
but because I do love you?

I've been with a few women.

I've tried to be
with a lot of other women.

But you...

you are so different.

You should know

that I don't want to be
with you until you're my wife.

And that's something
I'm not willing to negotiate.

Because you and I both know
that making out here,

alone, is a bad idea.

Because you know
and I know that...

once we get started...

because we love
each other so much,

we might not want to stop.

So I'm sorry if tonight was
a big disappointment for you.

I'm sorry
if I disappointed you.

Well, I'm not disappointed.

I am surprised though.

Miss Reyes, come out
of the bathroom.

What are you doing here?

Why aren't you
at your sister's?

I forgot something.

I forgot how much I detest
my sister's children.

How much of that
did you hear?

Oh, I heard it all.

I'm in trouble,
aren't I?

How can you be
in trouble?

He works for you.

I work for Mr. Reyes.

Oh! Then I'm in trouble.


Happy Valentine's Day to me.

This was a mistake.

No, you had to come
to this party.

Your future in school depends
on it.

I hope you're right.

I'm right, trust me.

Hi, Ruthie.

Hi, Kim, Frank.

I can't believe
you came.

I can't believe
you brought
your brother.

You would have
been better off
just not showing up,

because you are never
going to live this down.

I didn't come here with Ruthie.

I brought Ruthie.

That's who Ruthie brought.

We had to park
around the block. Sorry.

And-And who are
you people?

Maria's with me.

And I'm with Ruthie.

Do you want to dance?

I love this song.

This isn't a dance.

It's a party.

So what?

I said it's a party,
not a dance!

It's not a dance!

Like we care
what you think.



Hey, Happy
Valentine's Day.

Now it is.


So, what are you doing
this weekend?

Going out with you.




If you ask me to dance,
I'm gonna kill you.

Don't worry,
you're not my type.

It's funny, I really
think leaving us

is the best thing that
ever happened to these guys.

I mean, look how
happy they are.

And look how miserable we are.

We have tortured ourselves

It's time to go.


What's going on?

I thought you
kicked Robbie out.

Oh, Mr. Palmer and I have
come to an agreement.

He will keep his hands off you,

and I will not have him killed.

And I won't tell your father
about tonight.

And Mister...


I'm sorry,
I don't know your name.

It's Mister.

Just Mister?

Yes, just Mister.

So Mister is gonna
let you come out with me,

so I can give you the
Valentine's Day surprise

I wanted to
give you tonight.

So you're not going
to tell on me?

Well, technically--
uh, thanks to Mr. Palmer--

you really weren't doing

Let's just keep it
that way.

I'll have her home
in a couple hours.

That killing thing--
just a joke, right?

Oh... the butler would never
kill anybody.






I'm sorry, I...
I must have misdialed.

How about all the other times
you called and hung up on me?

I've got caller I.D.;
I know when you've called.

Well, I've been trying to work
up the courage to talk to you.

Why do you need to work up
the courage?

Why can't you just talk to me?

We're still friends, right?

If you need to talk,
we can talk.

Okay, well, since I have you
on the phone,

can I ask you a question?


Why did we break up?

Having a rough Valentine's Day?

Can you just answer
the question?

We broke up because I fell
in love with someone else.

Yeah, how is Brett?


Oh, I'm... sorry.

He's engaged to me.

We're getting married next year.

So who were you trying to call?

My old girlfriend, Heather.

I got her phone number
from her mother,

and she just moved to New York.

I know.

You know Heather?

You didn't misdial.

Heather's my new roommate.


When Heather knew
she was moving to New York,

she called me
and asked if I knew of

any cheap apartments
for rent.

Brett and I were looking
for a new roommate, so...

Look, can you tell her
I'm on the phone

and then translate for us?

I need to talk to her.

Well, she's not here;
she's on a date.

Okay... Look, I'm going
just hang up now.


Are you calling every
ex-girlfriend you ever had

trying to figure out
why you're alone?


Do yourself a favor

and stop looking for the future
in the past.

The great love of your life
is out there somewhere,

just waiting for you
to find her.

And you're never gonna find her

if you're stuck in the past
with me and Heather

and all the rest
of the women you've dated.


So, boldly go forward and...

find the woman of your dreams.

You know what?

When you find her...

she's gonna be one lucky woman

because you are one great guy.


Don't mention it.

Good night.


As Kitty is my witness,

I will never have another
Valentine's Day like this again.

I'm sorry.

Me too.

You didn't do anything.

I-I didn't?


Look... I know that I've been
difficult to live with.

I've been unpredictable
and nutty and unhappy,

and a whole lot
of other things.

So when you said what
you said to me tonight,

about how I'm sometimes
difficult to live with,

it reminded of how badly
I've treated you

since all this
change stuff started.

And I just got
so upset with myself.

You haven't treated me
so badly.

Okay, sometimes...
it was bad.

But I know you love me.

Oh, I do.

It's... it's why I started
taking hormones.

And I lied.
I-I didn't do it just for me.

I did it for us.

I didn't mean to upset you.

I was silly to think
that we could get to our future

without dealing with our past.

So... can we start over?


Right now?

I think we just did.

I wonder how Simon and Ruthie
are doing.

Oh, I feel so badly.

She needed to talk
to one of us tonight,

and nobody was there for her.

Simon was there for her.

Not that it matters,

but what I'm doing
with you tonight,

I never did with Mary.

You're late.

I was expecting
you hours ago.

We ran into
a few problems.

What's going on?

Mom, this is Joy.

Joy, this is Mom.



So that's
your big surprise?

I'm just in town for one night,

but Robbie insisted
that I meet you.

He's never done that before.

You must be very special.

She is.

I love her.

Ma, why don't you
get your coat

and we'll all go out
and get some coffee?


So, why is
your mom in town?

Uh, she's just picking up
some medical records.

I might be going to Florida
more often.

Is... is she okay?

Is it something serious?

They don't know.

I know you'll take
great care of her.

Meeting your mom is
the best surprise

you could have ever given me.

I love you.

I really do.

Happy Valentine's Day.