7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 5, Episode 5 - Blind - full transcript

Highschool freshman Simon desperately looks for a new image, but clothes nor hairstyle do the trick, so he ends up with an earring. Matt is puzzled when a girl he approaches in the library calls her brother's help against him as 'stalker' after hearing he once dated Heather. Mary breaks every rule and promise when babysitting for Hank by taking in Frances's baby so her 'friend' can spy on Johnny, but the Camden parents' pool night just there makes the real, for all concerned unpleasant difference when Eric blindly assumes Johnny to be an abusive adulterer, while Frankie rather trapped him.

You look familiar.

You look familiar, too.

I used to work here
at the library. Kim.

Oh, well that must be
why I recognized you. Matt.

Matt... Camden?


You use to date
Heather Kane, right?

Heather's deaf, right?

So, um...

do you want to take a break

and get a cup of... coffee?

No, thank you.

Come on, please, please?

I have to have a sleepover

tomorrow night
for my two best friends.

Your two best friends?

Yeah, Rachel's my best friend
from my new school

and Sarah's my best friend
from my old school.

Well, honey, it's been
a really busy week.

Um, why don't you have
them over next weekend?

Maybe I could help out
with Ruthie's sleepover.

You're volunteering
to be in charge?

Please volunteer, please!

Well, I don't have any plans
for tomorrow night, so sure.

I'll be in charge.


Wow, you have no idea
what you're getting into.

They'll come over after dinner,

eat some popcorn, watch a video
and go to bed.


Oh, hi, Julie, what's up?

Hank wants you to help him
move his office?

Hold on a sec.

Do you want to baby-sit

for Julie all day tomorrow?

It's her lucky day.

I'm available and broke.

Broke? You're broke?

What time do you need me
at your place?

I love you and I don't want
to hurt your feelings...

but lately,
you've been a little unfocused

and irresponsible.

Honestly, I'm not sure

I want to leave you
in charge of Erica.

Just give me a chance
to prove I'm responsible.




Hey, we didn't say anything.

Now, when you say you're broke,

what exactly does that mean?


- Mary?
- Hey, Frankie.

Do you think you could
baby-sit Mercy today?

I hate to ask,
but since we got arrested

my mother won't baby-sit

And, uh, you're my only friend.

I don't know who else to ask.

I would, but I'm already

babysitting for my aunt
and uncle all day.

But that's perfect,
what's one more kid?

No, my aunt would not like that.

So don't tell her.

I can't do that.

I'm sorry.

Sarah and Rachel
are coming over.

Yes, I know.

Your friends
are coming over tonight.

No, they're coming over now.

Wh-- it's still morning.

Sleepovers happen at night.

Thus the name "sleepover."

If they happened during the day,
it would be called a "dayover."

I wanted my sleepover
to be special.

Sarah and Rachel will be here
all day and all night.

Cool, huh?

Are you sure
you can handle this?

Of course I can handle this.

As a matter of fact,
I can handle the whole house.

Yeah, why don't you and
Dad take today off?

I'll take care of Ruthie's
sleepover and Sam and David.

What do you
think of my hair?

It looks nice.

I'm a freshman in high school,

I do not want to look nice.

Sorry, you do look nice.

Well, I'm tired of being nice.

Well, I want a new image.

I want to be a new Simon.

A manlier Simon, a cooler Simon.

So which Simon is going to help
me with Ruthie's sleepover?

It'll be fun!

Nice try, Tom Sawyer,

but I'm not going to help you
with Ruthie's sleepover.




Yeah, good choice, good choice.

Oh, quick, you've got to help
me get the boys dressed.

We've got to get out of the
house as soon as possible.

Lucy just volunteered
to baby-sit.

She's going to take care
of Ruthie's friends

and watch Sam and David,
but we have to leave

before she changes her
mind or finds someone

to spend the day
making out with.

Lucy can do that,
take care of everyone?

She has Simon to back her up,

and she promised to page
us if she needs anything.

So we get the whole day

to ourselves?

I love Lucy.

Me, too.

Okay, the phone rings
and someone asks

if we're at home,
what do you do?

I say you're "not available"
and ask to take a message.

But what if...

you guys have been grilling me

since I got here
with "what ifs."

I'm not 12.

I'm 18 and I know
how to baby-sit.

I know how to answer
the phone and the door,

and I also know that Mom and Dad
are a phone call away

and so are the police.

So stop worrying and leave,
or I will.

Okay, we're going out to dinner

after we finish at the hospital.

So we won't be home
until about 9:00 or 10:00.

Not if you don't leave.

And no visitors, okay?

I won't even use the phone.

Unless of course,

I need to call the police.

I'm sorry.

We're just a little nervous.

We've never left the baby
all day before.

And yet, you hide it so well.

Bye-bye, good girl.


Oh, bye-bye, sweetie.



I'm not charging enough.

I met this woman
at the library,

and I think Heather might've
said something to her.

Something about me,
something bad.

When I asked her out,
she said no.

Heather must've said something.

I don't think Heather would ever
say anything bad about you.

No, no, she must have.

Heather isn't capable

of saying anything
bad about anybody.

She doesn't have a
mean bone in her body.

She dumped me at the altar.

Not marrying you was a nice
thing, a rational thing.

A good thing;
it was not a mean thing.

You know, this
sounds oddly familiar.

You meet a girl,
you ask her out.

She says "no"
and it drives you crazy.

Just face it.

You, my friend, cannot deal
well with rejection.

That is-- that's not true.

No, no.

Oh, no, you've got
that look in your eye.

What look?
That look that says

you're about to do
something stupid.

Something you're going
to regret.

No, I'm going out.

To do something stupid.


I need to do something
to change my image.

Everyone sees me as this

nice little... kid.

I'm not a kid, I'm a freshman
in high school, I'm a man.

Yeah, we're men.

A kid can't grow a mustache.

A kid doesn't have a deep voice.

A kid doesn't think
about girls all the time.

And I do mean all the time.

Well, maybe you should
change your hair.

I tried.

I need to do something radical,

something big.

Something that when people see
me they think to themselves,

"There's a man."

What about a tattoo?

That may be a bit too manly.

Frankie, what are
you doing here?

I called the house and your
sister told me where you were.

Well, I wish you would
have called first.

My aunt and uncle don't want me
to have any visitors.

They're not here.

And I'm not a visitor,
I'm a friend.

Okay, you can come in,
but just for a minute.

Look, I came all this way
to beg you in person.

Please watch Mercy, please?

Be my friend,
do me this one favor.

Look, I just need an hour.

And your sister said
your aunt and uncle

are going to be gone all day.

I think Johnnie's
cheating on me.

I want to follow him.

Catch him in the act.

But I can't do that
unless you watch Mercy.

Just for an hour, right?

Two hours, max.

Don't mess this up.

I won't, I won't.

I'll just go get Mercy.

You left her in the car?

I rolled the window down.

you're the best friend ever.

Or the stupidest friend ever.

You know, we need
to savor this.


We are actually out on
a Saturday afternoon

with nothing to do.

This is big, this
is wonderful.

It's going to be a
big, wonderful day.

Do you know them?

Well... yes, I do.

I, I met him last week
when I got him out of jail.

That's Frankie and Johnnie?

Well, that's Johnnie,
but it's not Frankie.

As a condition
of their release from jail,

Frankie and Johnnie
were supposed to attend

the drug and alcohol counseling,
which started today.

Well, maybe he's already gone.

The outpatient program is
eight consecutive Saturdays

from 9:00 to 5:00.

Big, wonderful Saturday?

As soon as I ruin his.

Why would anyone
wear shoes this high?

Well, you have to
when you date boys.


To be as tall
as the boy.

Oh, I guess I'll just date
short people.

How short?

Pretty short.

Not circus short, but short.

No, definitely not circus short.

Rachel will be here pretty soon.

I can't wait
for you to meet her.

I thought it was just going
to be us.

It is going to be us--
us and Rachel.

I don't like kids.

I like adults.

Adults can drive
you places,

and adults have money,

and adults can get you into
PG-13 movies.

Adults are good.

Kids... not so good.

But I'm a kid.

Well, you're different.

I should just go.

Come on,
I want you to meet Rachel.

I want us all to be friends.

Look who's here.


Rachel, this is Sarah.

Sarah, this is Rachel.

What do you say
you guys go outside

and I'll prepare a
picnic lunch for you?

I don't eat

It's a bug thing.

Then we'll have
an indoor picnic.

With orange soda?

I love orange soda.

I don't like orange soda,
and neither does Ruthie.

Ruthie likes orange soda.

Anybody want
a cookie?

Ruthie is my best friend

and I think I'd know
if she likes orange soda.

Well, she was
my best friend first.

But you obviously don't
know her as well as I do.

Yes, I do.

No, you don't.

Really tasty cookies--
they're still warm.


What's Ruthie's
favorite color?


What does she want to
be when she grows up?

A vet.

Queen Elizabeth!

I told you you
don't know her.

I know her.

She's a dancer and an artist,
and she loves to ride horses.

She's my best friend.

She likes to write stories,
ride bikes, and explore.

That's the real Ruthie.

That's the Ruthie
who's my best friend.

Ruthie isn't
who you think she is.

No, Ruthie isn't
who you think she is.

Do you like to ride bikes, write
stories, and drink orange soda?


I told you I don't like kids.

Well, they seem to be
getting along great.

What are you? Blind?

What do you think?

I think Mom's going to
kill you when she finds out

you cut the sleeves off of one
of your good church shirts.

It's my shirt.

Not until you pay for it,
which you're going to have to do

when Mom sees
you cut the sleeves off.


They're not available.

May I take a message?

Hank, I know it's you.



Is everything okay?

You called five minutes ago.

Julie called ten minutes ago.

Everything is fine.


That was your daddy.

He's crazy, but he loves you.

Not funny.

I am definitely
not charging enough.

Are we just going
to follow him around all day?

Oh, look, I know you
wanted to spend the day

just being free
and having fun,

but I gave my
word to the court

and I put my
reputation on the line

to get Frankie and
Johnnie out of jail.

He promised me he'd
go to counseling.

Why don't you just go over
and talk to him?

That's not how I do it.

I don't want
to ruin your Saturday,

so if, if you want
to go, we can go.

Mary promised that she'd stay
away from him, right?

Yeah, Mary promised, but...

she promises a lot of things.

Pass the menu.

Okay, Heather wasn't home.

So you weren't able
to do anything stupid.

I went to the library
and got Kim's phone number.

So you were able
to do something stupid.

Yeah, I told the head librarian
that Kim took one of my books

and I needed to get it back
because I have a test tomorrow.

That's why I needed
her phone number.

I'm good.

Hey, James Bond,
you didn't save the world.

You got an elderly woman
with a hearing aid

to give you a phone number.

And an address.

You know,
I can't decide which to do:

call her or just go over
to her apartment.

Ah, the decisions of a stalker.

Well, I'm not stalking her.

I just want to talk to her.

You say "to-ma-to,"
I say "to-mah-to."


Hi, Kim, it's Matt Camden
from the library.

How did you get my number?

It's unlisted.

The head librarian gave it
to me.

She shouldn't have done that.

It's unlisted for a reason.

Look, no offense,
but just please leave me alone.


Maybe she thinks
I'm on the rebound from Heather.

Yeah, yeah, that's it.

Maybe she just doesn't like you.


How's everything going?

Oh, I'm fine,
the babies are fine.

I just wish
everyone would stop calling.

Oh, did I say "babies"?

Yes, you said "babies."

Oh... it's a mistake.

It's, uh, it's just Erica.

No one else, no
other babies.


Well, I'd better go.


That was called
lying to your mother.

Speaking of mommies,
where is yours?


The clothes thing isn't working,
the hair thing isn't working.

Maybe I should just give up.

All right, no, I think I know
something that you could do--

something manly,
but it is pretty radical.

Can you get out of the house?

Uh, m-my parents aren't home.

Good, because this is
definitely not something

your parents would let you do.

Cool, where do I have to go?

47 Maple Street,
my cousin's house,

I'll meet you there.

I'm on my way.

Mary seems
to be doing okay.

And Lucy and Simon?

Well, Simon is not helping
Lucy much,

but it sounds like she's got
everything under control.

Thank you.

Look, I know the menu says
free refills,

but I think I'm going
to have to cut you guys off.

So, uh, what are you going
to do about Johnnie?


aside from smoking
a carton of cigarettes

and half-making out
with a woman who isn't his wife,

he's not really doing anything.

So are you going
to confront him?

Not yet.

Timing is everything.

drink it or leave it alone.

You're right.

What was I thinking?

No beer.

I-I don't even know
why I opened it.

I mean, I would,
I would like a beer,

b-but now would not be
the time for one.


if I don't drink it,
it'll just go to waste.

That seems wrong.

Hey, Johnnie.

Hey, you're that priest guy
who, uh...


I-I'm a minister,
and-and I'm Mary's father,

Eric Camden, and, yes,

I'm the person who got you out
of jail last week.

Hey, thanks, man.

I owe you.

Have you forgotten
about your drug

and alcohol
counseling session today?

Was that today?

Yeah, I really don't need
that counseling crap.





I knew it.

I knew you were cheating on me.

I wasn't cheating.

Reverend Camden.


I should have dumped you
when I had the chance,

and I should have done it
before you ruined my life.

Oh, come on.

Don't say that,
because it isn't true.

You ruined my life, so shut up.

I'll say what I want,
you two-timing loser.

Don't call me a loser.


I said shut up!

Let's all just take
a time out.

I said shut up.
Make me.

I will.
Tough words
for a loser.


Reverend Camden, do you want me
to call the police?

Uh, no...

Is he all right?

Is he okay?

I told you,
timing is everything.

He looks like
he's all right.


How's the sleepover going?

It's so bad,
I wish I could leave.


No matter what I do,

Rachel and Sarah
just hate each other.

So, now I have two best friends

who can't stand
to be in the same room.

Maybe I could talk
to Sarah and Rachel.

I don't think
that will do any good.

Have you seen Simon?

I-I haven't seen him for hours.
Where could he be?

So, what do you think?

I like it.

Are you Matt Camden?

Yeah, I'm-I'm looking for Kim.

I'm Kim's brother.

Oh, I-I didn't know
she lived with her brother.

I don't live here.

She asked me to come over.

Oh, uh, well, is-is Kim home?

I-I wanted to talk to her.

She doesn't want to talk to you.

She's scared of you.

Look, I just wanted to...

Just leave, okay?

I just wanted to talk to her.

What's wrong with you?

What kind of guy harasses
a blind woman?


Yes, blind.

Kim, my sister, has RP--
retinitis pigmentosa.

I don't know.

Maybe you should
talk to her.

I'm sorry.

Look, you promised me

and the judge
and the police,

no more drugs,
no more drinking,

no more fighting,
no more trouble,

and because you
promised all of that,

I used my good word,

and I got you out of jail,
so you could do what?

Mess around with
your girlfriend?

Beat up your wife...?

What are you doing?

What do you mean?

What are you doing
with that man?

Johnnie is a great
husband and father.

He tried to hit you.

He would have hit you
if my husband hadn't stepped in.

But I love him, okay?

Do you love your baby?

Of course I love her.

Then why do you keep
putting her at risk?

If Johnnie
had hit you, or

someone had called the police,

you and Johnnie would be
in jail right now.

If that happened,
what would happen to Mercy?

You don't understand
what Frankie's like.

She's always fighting with me,

and the baby's
always crying.

She calls me lazy,

and sometimes,
I just can't take it.

That's what happened today.

You know, we had a fight,
and I left.

I mean, none
of this is my fault.

I-I didn't want a baby.

I didn't want to get married.

But you did want to have sex?

Right? That you did want.

You just didn't want
the responsibility

that comes with the sex.

Great husbands don't smoke pot,

cheat, hit their wives.

Open your eyes,
Frankie, and see

who you're really married to
before it's too late.

When you look in the mirror,

what kind of a man do you see
looking back at you?

'Cause I see a man
with a lot of problems,

none of which
he's willing to address.

I see a man in
trouble, on the edge.

A man who's capable
of hitting his wife,

maybe even his baby.

I see a man with a
substance abuse problem.

I see a man who lies and cheats

and makes excuses.

I see a man
who lied to me

and who lies to
himself every day.

I see a man who needs help
but refuses to get any.

Are you actually suggesting
that I leave Johnnie?

I can't raise a
kid on my own.

You can't raise a kid with a man
who hits you. You can't.

Mercy will grow up thinking

that's what women do--
they get hit.

Is that what you want
to teach her?

He needs help.

You need help.

You have to see that.

I love him.

Do you love yourself

enough to give up a life
that's hurting your daughter?

Can I ask what happened?

Well, about
six months ago,

it started getting harder
for me to see at night,

so, I went to
the eye doctor,

and after a bunch of tests,

he diagnosed me as
being in the early stages

of retinitis pigmentosa. RP?


I can still see in
very bright light,

but I do have
night blindness.

I'm lucky my RP is
progressing very slowly.

If I'm very lucky, this will be
as bad as my eyesight will get.

Some people with RP lose
their eyesight completely

in a matter of months.

Other people lose a percentage
of their eyesight permanently.

There's about 70
different types of RP.

Well, is there some cure for RP
or some medical treatment?

No, there's no cure.

But there's a lot
of promising research.

And hopefully, scientists
will come up with something.

So, you-you didn't want
to have coffee with me

because you have RP?

Not exactly.

I thought maybe you were
into women with disabilities.


Well, Heather's deaf, and I'm...

I'm-I'm not into women
with disabilities.

I'm just into women.

So, you-you don't want
to date me,

the friends thing
probably won't work.

We could become study partners.

Maybe we just got off
to a bad start,

but I don't really feel
comfortable studying with you.



So, can I still speak to you
if I see you on campus?

Not if I see you first.

That was a joke.

I've lost my sight,
not my sense of humor.

So, all you can tell us,

is that the phone
is off the hook?


Yes. Thank you.

I'm sure everything's fine.


Right, nothing to worry about.

You get the check,
I'll get the car.

We haven't ordered.

Right, let's go.

Ruthie will be back
in a couple of minutes.


We need to talk.


Look, this house
isn't big enough

for the both of us.


One of us has to leave.



I'm not leaving.

Well, I'm not leaving.

Look, both of us can't be
Ruthie's best friend.

Best implies one, not two.

One of us has
to stop being Ruthie's friend.

I have been watching
and listening

to you guys all day, and
a couple of things are clear.

You both like Ruthie,

and you both have a different
relationship with Ruthie.

Which happens.

Different people see
different things in you

and bring out
different qualities, and...

No offense, but if I wanted

a back-to-school-special
lecture, I'd turn on my TV.

Okay, you, be quiet for a second
and listen to me.

And, you--
well, you like adults,

and I'm an adult,

a very tired adult who's tired

of having to listen
to you and Rachel fight.

I need a time-out.

An adult time-out.

Which will only happen
if you both go home.

Now! Right away.

I will call your parents,

I will tell them whatever
you want me to tell them,

but, please, just go home.

I promise Ruthie will have you
both over again...




Ruthie, your friends want
to talk to you.

I'm sorry for everything.

And for cheating on you,

for almost hitting you,

for everything.

I know you're sorry.

Unless we tell Mary's parents
what they want to hear,

we're never going
to get rid of them.

Let me do the talking.

Johnnie and I
are going to sign up

for marriage

We both see that we're
in way over our heads,

and we need some
professional help.

And we're going
to show up

for all of our court-appointed
drug and alcohol counseling.

We'll find out how we can
make up for missing today.

We're serious about
cleaning up our lives.

And Johnnie swears
that he'll never hit me

or anyone else again.

My fighting days are over.


We'd like to thank you both
for helping us again.

Yeah, thanks.

Annie and I would...
greatly appreciate it

if you stayed away
from Mary until you...

I won't even call Mary until
Johnnie and I are doing better.

I'm sorry, but how did Mary ever
become friends with those two?

They have absolutely nothing
in common with her.

She doesn't have anything
in common with them, right?

Where have you been?

I've been looking for you

for hours!

I went out.

You went out?

You aren't allowed
to just go out

on a Saturday night by yourself!

Why are you so happy?
Oh, come on.

Don't you see something
different about me?

Don't you? Don't you? Don't you?
Come on, look.

I don't see anything different.

You didn't.

I did.
You didn't!

My friend Jim has a cousin who
does ear piercing and tattoos.


No, no, no, I didn't get
a tattoo.

I ju... I just pierced my ear.

Just pierced your ear?

Mom and Dad are gonna kill you!

Or me, or the
both of us.

Hi, I'm Simon-- Simon Camden.

Super cool guy.

Mr. Cool.


What is going
on here?!

You're home early.

How long have you
been upstairs?

And who does
this baby belong to?

And more importantly,

who does this belong to?

I put Erica down.

She seems to be okay.

I knew we shouldn't
have gone out.

I knew it.

Nothing happened.

Please, don't overreact.

Mercy is my friend
Frankie's baby.

Would that be

your recently arrested,
pot-smoking friend, Frankie?

The police dropped the charges.

I don't care.

Frankie had an emergency,

and she didn't have anyone
to leave the baby with.

Oh, this was a mistake.

I'm never leaving
Erica again, ever!

Please, don't say that.

We come home,
the house is a mess,

the baby is a mess,
there's another baby here

we don't even know,

and after we told you
no visitors,

you have a friend over who was
arrested for drug possession.

And you were drinking!

What is wrong with you?

The beer wasn't mine,
it was Frankie's.

Frankie drank it.

That's your defense?

"The beer belongs to
my pot-smoking friend."

How stupid do you think we are?

Okay, let's forget
the fact

that I'm a recovering alcoholic
and the sight of alcohol

in my house
doesn't exactly make me happy.

Let's assume
you're telling the truth;

it's not your beer.

Let's talk about how you,
my underage niece,

would come to have another
underage friend who has beer.

What is going on
with you?

Who are you?

Look, I am really sorry
for tonight.

And I swear, if you will just
forget about the whole evening--

the beer, the babies,
my friend Frankie--

I give you my word
that it will never happen again.

I think you should go home.

Don't tell Mom and Dad
about tonight.

We have to think about that.


Just, just think about it.


And, uh, don't worry
about paying me.

Tonight's no charge.

Go home, Mary.

What happened to your eye?

It's a long story.

The kitchen
looks great.

How's everything

There's leftover dinner
in the fridge,

Sam and David are in bed,
the living room is picked up,

and I just threw in
a load of clothes.


Well, I got something
not so great to tell you about.


Who beat you up?

Uh, nobody beat me up.

Uh, somebody hit me by accident.

Can I touch it?


Uh, you cannot touch it.

How's the sleepover going?

It's over.

Rachel and Sarah
went home.

Sarah and Rachel's parents
picked them up an hour ago.

No one was having any fun.


You don't seem
that upset about it.

Sarah and Rachel
don't like each other.

But they both like me,
so it's okay.


She's good.

And not so good.

Wow! What'd you do?

I got my ear pierced.


Looks like a girl.

So, how did your
evening of stalking go?

She's blind.


Did you mean it
when you said

you're never gonna
leave Erica again?

Yes... and no.

Just give me time.

You know, I don't know
if I believe Mary.

I think we should tell
Eric and Annie about her--

about the beer and that she's
still hanging out with Frankie.

I hate to get her in trouble.

If this were
an isolated incident...

She wasn't drunk.

She could be telling the truth.

But if she is in trouble
and we don't do anything,

how are we gonna feel later?

That we knew she was in trouble
and we did nothing.

But if I take it out,
the hole will close up.


That's not fair!

Why can't I keep the earring?

Because you look like a girl.


Sleep tight.

You went out of the house
tonight without our permission.

You went to the
house of someone

we don't know
and have never met.

At that house,
you allowed that someone,

who we don't know,
to pierce your ear.

Be grateful that
the only thing we're doing

is making you take
your earring out.


I'm really sorry.

I tried to take care
of everyone,

but I screwed up.

I'm sorry about Simon
and the earring.

You weren't in charge of Simon.

Simon was in charge of Simon.

He may see himself as a man,
but he has to act like a man

before anyone else
is gonna see him that way.

A man would've
helped you tonight.

A man wouldn't have
sneaked out of the house

and gotten his ear pierced
without permission.

You did a great job,
Luce, a really great job.


So are you available
next weekend?

Man, I got to get a boyfriend.

You hit my Dad?


It's okay.

We promised we'd do
that counseling crap

and stop drinking.


that's it.

Your parents bought it.

Oh, and they made us promise
not to hang out with you, too.

If my aunt or uncle
tells my mom or dad

that I was
babysitting for you

or that I had that beer,
they're going to...

Stop worrying.

They won't say anything.

You need to just kick back
and relax a little.

You're way too tense.

The last time you guys
helped me kick back a little,

a cop stopped me
on the way home.

I'm not drinking.

No, I'm not talking
about beer.

You said you and Johnnie
weren't gonna smoke pot anymore.

We're quitting.

We just don't want to waste
the rest of the stash.

So, after we're finished smoking
it all, that's it, no more.

Do you want
to join us?

It's just like having a beer.

It chills you,
but you don't lose control.

But don't do anything
you don't want to do.

Yeah, if you don't want any,
that's just more for us.

So what do you say?