7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 5, Episode 4 - Busted - full transcript

Simon has another hot date, college girl Marcia, but when Matt turns up as driver, she only has eyes for the med student, although Simon gets the porch kiss. Lucy dates and agrees to go steady 'light' with Mike Pierce, whom she met in a dean's office, where he offered to help her apply to colleges, but doubts again after learning about his mental history. Their parents found none of the kids still interested in family movie night, nut discover too late sneaking off for 'intimacy' never goes unseen, this time even worse. Mary nearly gets arrested with teenage parents Johnny and Frankie, who are caught smoking marijuana just after her visit.

Where's Mom?

I am perfectly capable
of feeding my own sons.

I do it all the time.

I've fed my children
for over 21 years now.

And, true, for
many of them,

your mom cooked most
of the meals

while I was out earning the
money to pay for those meals,

but from time to time,

I have fed one of my offspring,
or even all of my offspring,

just as I am doing now
without the aid of Mom.

I'm just looking for Mom

because she asked me
to pick up some soap for her.

Oh, she's upstairs.

Hey, what are you up to tonight?

I haven't found another job yet,

if that's what you're asking.

No. I just thought, if you're
going to be around tonight,

and the other kids are going
to be around tonight,

and Matt has the night off,
I thought maybe

we might all hang out and
watch a movie together.

Because we haven't all
just sat around together

and watched a movie, like,
since Matt moved out.

I sort of made plans.

You met a guy at Unemployment?

Very funny.

I haven't worked anywhere
long enough to get unemployment.

You never really said exactly.

What happened at Pete's?

He said that they weren't doing
as well as he thought,

and he just had to cut back.

Oh, I'm going to Frankie's
and Johnny's house for dinner.

College brochures?

Oh, so now you're
getting on my case

about not going to school, too?

I'm not going. I'll find a job.

These aren't for you.
They're for me.

I'm applying
for early acceptance

and these are the colleges
my counselor said

I could
possibly get into.

So no one's
on your case.

I didn't have anything
else to do tonight,

so I thought
I'd do a little reading,

and ask Mom and Dad
for advice over the weekend.

You're applying
for early acceptance?

She's just doing
it to make me

look bad.
No one's trying

to make you look bad--
this isn't about you.

Oh, right, that's why
you put that stuff down

right in front of my face.


Hey, Frankie.

Are you doing this
to motivate Mary?

No. I'm really not.

Well, it's okay.
It might work anyway.

Nice to know
you care about me.

Hey, I do care, and I'm thrilled
you're going to college.

My sister Lucy
is applying to college.

I always wanted
to go to college.

Not my fault.

I thought about it,

but I didn't do anything
about it.

It would be nice
to get a college degree

so you could finally
have some choices

of what you want to do
with your life.

You haven't been talking
to my parents, have you?

No. Hey, what if you and I
decided to both sign up

for college next semester?

Be sure to apply
for that scholarship.

Are you serious?

Sure, I'm serious.

I don't know what
I want to do either,

but I know I don't want to wait
tables the rest of my life.

If Lucy has anything
on local schools, bring it over.

We'll talk while we make dinner.

Yeah, okay.
It wouldn't hurt to talk.

Oh, and could
you bring three steaks?

I've got everything else.

Sure. No problem.

Hey, how did you guys
get off tonight, anyway?

We just couldn't take
another Friday night,

so we told Pete
that Mercy is sick

and we had
to stay home with her.

Well, come on over.
We're just hanging.

Okay. Well, I'll stop by
the store, and I'll be there.

Don't sound so down. She's fine.

I can't wait
for you to meet her.

Ruthie, what's going on?

Why was that chair
in front of the door?

I slid it over there.
Why did you slide it over there?

Didn't want anyone to come in.

And why didn't you
want anyone to come in?

No reason.

Yes! I've got a date.

Well, that depends
on who the lucky girl is

that you asked out
at the last minute.

Marcia Chalker.

Oh! I like
Marcia Chalker.

She's a very
nice young woman.

She's very smart, too.

She was a finalist in
the National Spelling Bee

a couple of years ago.

She was on television,

No. I don't remember.

Oh. Where are you taking her?

I don't know.
But not to a spelling bee.

Probably a movie.

Okay. Well, you'd better
make sure that Matt knows

you've got a date
so he doesn't
make other plans.

I already talked to him.

If I didn't get a date,
the two of us were just going

to go hang out together
and pick up chicks.

He's coming over
in an hour anyway.

No, you weren't going to go
hang out and pick up chicks.

We're not going to now.
One of us doesn't need to.

You can't just go hang out
with your brother

who's in college
and pick up chicks.

Why not?
Because your mother
won't let you.

It's not a thing
a guy asks permission

from his mother for--
it's just a thing guys do.

There are so many things wrong
with this conversation,

I don't know where to start,
but I choose chicks.

I don't like your
calling young women

chicks or babes or anything else

that depersonalizes them
as human beings.

It makes them sound
like property to be acquired.

And, secondly,
you know, you're never

too old or too cool to do what
your mother tells you.

And, thirdly, you just

started dating, and dating's not
a right, it's a privilege.

The difference between a right
and a privilege is...

a privilege can be taken away.

So just go call Matt
and tell him what
your plans are.

Yes, ma'am.

Thanks once again

for taking the tension off me.

So, you found

someone desperate enough

to go out with you
at the last minute, huh?

She's not desperate.

Oh, I see.
So you're desperate.

There's nothing wrong with me,
and there's nothing wrong

with Marcia.

She was a finalist
in the National Spelling Bee!

G-O-O-D L-U-C-K.

Look, I'm
going to go

call Matt, and then
I'm going to get ready

for what may be the best time
I've ever had in my life.

So stop trying
to ruin it for me.


Hey, what's going on?

I was just

wondering what movie you'd like
to watch tonight.

Youngest gets to pick
except, of course,

Sam and David are too young
to pick, so go for it.

You know there's never going

to be another family movie night
again, don't you?

I mean,

out of the five of us
who speak English,

you've got four daters.

Face it. It's over.

It's not over. Pick.

All right. Got anything PG-13?

You're not 13.
I know.

But with parental guidance,
any movie is okay.

As long as parents explain the
sex and violence and bad words,

what's the harm?

I'll pick.

I've got a project for school.
I'm out.

Were you talking
to Ruthie?

Yeah. I was going
to let her pick a movie

for family night,
but she doesn't seem interested.

Why isn't she interested?

Something to do with a project.

She loves that new school.

What schoolwork could possibly
be more enticing

than watching a movie?

I asked it's
just as well.

Simon talked Marcia Chalker
into going out with him,

so he and Matt
won't be here either.

If Matt and Simon aren't doing
family movie night,

I'm not doing
family movie night.

Well, fine.

Your father and I will
watch a movie together

with no one around.

Just the two of us?

Yeah. A little popcorn.

A little wine.

A little you.

A little nauseous.

You mind

if I have a friend over?

You mean your infamous
"husband" from biology?

The father
of your egg child?

That's over.
This guy's name is Mike.

I met him
in the counselor's office.

He's applying for
early admission, too.

He's done a lot of research,
so he said he'd help me out.


Well, you two can
have the kitchen,

but we have dibs
on the living room.

Fine. It's not like it's a date.

Does that mean there
will be no making out?

This is just a guy.
This is just Mike.

There will be no making out.

How many hours
do you give her

before she
and Just Mike

are making over
the college brochures?

The important thing is,

however long it takes
for them to lock lips,

it will be
over college brochures.

Lucy's going to college.
This will get the Camden

dominoes back in order.

Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon,
Ruthie, Sam, David.

Eventually, one of them
will make enough money

to take care of us
in our old age.

You're not going to grow old,
and neither am I.

We're going
to stay young forever.

Yeah. And I think I know how.

See you at
the movies.

Could you shut her up?!

I'm trying to clean this dump
before Mary gets here!

You think you
could shut her up?!

Smart girl. She knows when
to shut up all on her own.

Hey, look who's here!


Hi. Come on in.

I'd like to, but...


Come on in.

Okay, this is
her house right here.

Aren't we a little
early for a date?
It's still light out.

Marcia has an early curfew.

Wait. Hold it, Romeo.
Are you sure

you know what
you're doing here?

What's to know?

It's a date. It's a movie.

It's pizza.
It's a good night kiss.

It's never just a movie, a
pizza and a good night kiss.

Fill me in later, all
right? I'm busy here.






Sorry my dad
was so weird.

I can't ever remember getting
such a warm reception.

Is he always
like that?

He's never like that.

So he sincerely likes me?

He sincerely likes

the fact that
you're encouraging me

to work toward an early
acceptance to college.

Unfortunately, I don't know

how much work we're
gonna get done

because, despite the fact
that I brought home

a brochure on every college
within a thousand-mile radius,

I can't seem to find
even one of them.

They've disappeared.

That's okay.

I didn't really want to talk
about college tonight anyway.

There are a lot

of ways the two
of us could help each other

besides filling out
college applications.

Excuse me?

Sam and David are
snug in their beds.

Ah... Guess what
I found to rent?

The Graduate.

Maybe family movie night
is a tradition

whose time has passed.

Could be.

Are those...?

Yeah, that's right.


I picked them up
at the bakery

next to the
video store.

And I can have those?

Those are okay for me?

Oh, they're fine.


Where's the make-out queen

and her new student
guidance counselor?

In the kitchen.

Oh, and the little one?

What's her name? Ruthie?

She insists on staying
in her room to finish

whatever that
secret project is.

I have no life.

On the other hand,
everyone else in the house does.

So, you'll help me fill
out the applications

in a way that maximizes the
possibility of acceptance

and in return...
I have

a guaranteed date to every
major event of our senior year.

Gee, I-I don't know.

But we've never
even been out before.

What if we don't
like going out?

It almost
doesn't matter.

If we don't like it at first,
we'll get to like it.

It's like
an arranged marriage,

only we're the ones
arranging it.

Here's what I can offer you.

Outside of a well-
executed application

to every school of your choice,
I'm entirely capable

of showing you every

at each event we attend.

I can dance. I'm an excellent

and I have
impeccable manners,

as well as a car
and a small amount

of spending money.

I have virtually no friends,

so there's no possibility

you won't like
who I hang out with,

and unlike your last boyfriend,

I never have to listen
to what my father says

because... I don't have one.

I really just wanted some
help applying to school.

I wasn't looking
to complicate my life.

Well, sweetheart,
life is complicated.

One night she can't
get a guy to kiss her.


I just think medicine is
the ultimate field to study.

It's so challenging,

especially when you get into
the upper-level courses

where the information
changes from week to week

with all the rapid
advances in research.

I'd go for genetics.

What area are you
concentrating on?

Well, right now

I'm just concentrating
on passing.

Third year. Organic
chemistry, right?




Of course,

that's an easy one.
We'd better
get going.

The movie's gonna start.

And we missed
the first one 'cause

you two were gabbing.

Oh, yeah. The movie.

So, we'll
see you later?

I'll be here.

Knock it off, will ya?

Fire's ready.

So, if the fire's ready...

Do I have to
do everything?

Well, I did everything else.

Fine. I'll cook the steaks.

Don't ever get married.

Marriage takes
a lot of work.

You have no idea.

Oh, I brought Lucy's

college brochures if you
want to take a look at them

while we're waiting
on steaks.

Uh, nah. Maybe
after we've eaten.

I can't concentrate
now-- I'm too hungry.

You want a beer?

Oh, I better not.

I got stopped by a cop
driving home last Friday.

I'll just have a soda.

You think that cop is
stalking you or something?

Have a beer.

Maybe later.

I'm just gonna go upstairs
and check on Sam and David.


I'm going up to check
on Sam and David.

Oh. You're gonna
check on Sam and David?

That's right.

What are you doing?

We're just watching a movie.

Your Mom just went upstairs
to check on the guys.

How's it going?

It's... going fine.

Did you want to join us?

No thanks-- I'm just going

to grab a snack
and go back to my room.

You still don't want to tell us
what you're doing?

I was just checking
on the boys.

Oh, just checking on the boys.

I was just grabbing
a pen and some paper.

Hmm. Did you pick
out a college yet?

Not exactly.


Well. I'm just gonna
check on your mother.

Whatever. May I get
a pen from your office?

You take all the pens you need

to fill out all
the applications you want.

Just keep in mind there
are application fees.

I'm just gonna...
check on Annie.

What if you wait all
that time to kiss her

and then it's no good?

It'll be good.

Aren't you too young

to be talking
about this?

I'm older than I look.

How old are you?

How old are you?

I asked you first.

Doesn't matter.
I don't have to tell you.

Nine. 17?

19. And nine
is too young.

Too young for what?

Your little sister
was advising me

to go ahead
and kiss you.

You were
listening to us?

It's what I do.

Well, what we do is
none of your business.

But you weren't doing anything.

And you have no plans
to do anything. Boring.

What, are you
writing a book, kid?

You are, aren't you?

You're writing
A journal?

A diary, a paper for school?

Believe me,

I'm not writing anything.

I don't have anything
to write about.

But you're supposed
to be writing something.

I'm supposed to be, but I don't
have anything to write about.

Maybe we should give her
something to write about.

If you're suggesting we make
some sort of physical contact...

No. We have writing
of our own to do.

Paper and pen, please.

How was the movie?




We're just gonna go in
and grab a pizza.

We'll meet you back here.

That would be so rude.

Your brother drove us.

The least we can do is
share our pizza with him.

I'm sure he doesn't
want to entrude.

E-N-T-R-U-D-E. Entrude.




On the other hand,
if you're hungry.

I love you.

I love you.
I love you.

Do you want to watch
the rest of the movie?

Yes. Otherwise, someone
might get suspicious.


Uh... But, wait.
Was this unlocked?

You always get
so paranoid.

Come on, let's go.

Have you been involved in...

Was that the baby?

I don't know.
Was it?

Do you want to check?

You're up-- you check.

I'll check. Really,
I don't mind at all.

Why do you have

to act like this
when someone comes over?

I don't act like this
when someone comes over.

I act like this all the time.

You're right. You do act
like this all the time.

So when are you gonna grow up?

Get off my case, will you?

You could help me out around
here just a little, you know?

It's not like I
ask you to do that much.

You don't ask me
to do that much?

You asked me to marry you,

didn't you?

Mercy's fine. She just
dropped her pacifier.


Maybe I should go.

No, please don't go.

I really need you to stay.

He won't be back
for hours

and I hate being here
by myself

with no one
to talk to but Mercy.


Do you smoke?


Um... is that pot?


I just need it to mellow out.

This motherhood
and wife gig really sucks.

It just seems so unfair.

You make one little
mistake, you know?


I made a big mistake, too.

I got arrested for trashing

the school gym last year.

You... you got arrested.

Yeah, I'm still on probation.

Oh, so that's why you don't
drink and smoke or anything.

Yeah, kind of.

And kind of because I
feel out of control anyway.

Like I couldn't get my life back
on track even if I wanted to.

Not that I want to.

It's not so bad just...


Just existing.

I know what you mean.

Every time I make an effort
to do something,

it just feels like there's
so much resistance.

I give up
before I even get started.

Maybe we could help each other.

Maybe we should make
an effort together.

Maybe we could go to college
and see if anything changes.

I brought
the brochures.

Do you want
to look at them?

No I'm, I'm too out of it now.

Maybe some other time.

Yeah, maybe some other time.

Hey, don't
say it like that.

Don't give up on me.

I need a friend.

Well, I need a friend, too.

So tomorrow, we'll look
at the colleges,

we'll pick one
and we'll apply to one.

Okay, tomorrow.

I'll call you.

Uh, do you want me
to help you

finish up the kitchen
before I go.

No, let Johnnie do it
when he get's home.

He's not such a bad guy.

He wanted to
go to college, too,

and major in English Lit,
be a writer.

Hey, well all still
have plenty of time

to be whatever
we want to be, right?


Whatever I'm gonna
be doesn't change

what I already am-- a mom.

I'll see you.

So other than the main events,

either party is free to date
whomever they choose.

As long as those dates
don't interfere

with the commitments
as outlined previously.

Well, I think that's it.

I actually feel good about this.

I knew you would.

I took the liberty of
drafting your applications

for some of the colleges that
you had expressed interest in.

The school is offering
business degrees

actually put a lot of emphasis
on community work.

And liberal
arts colleges

also want you to have
practical business experience.

It's really not easy
to know what to write

because while it looks as if
the admission boards

are looking for
the well-rounded student

some were only interested

in the student with very
specific interests.

Shut up and kiss me.

Not until you get
acceptance letter.

Good night.

Goodnight, son, and and
welcome to Lucy's life.

I hope you will feel free
to join us anytime

for a meal, movie, laundry

whatever you need.
Thank you sir, that's
a very generous offer.

I'm sure we'll
see each other

again soon.

So, uh,

you like him?

I hardly know him.

But what you know
you like?

I guess.

I think he's gonna be
good for you.

Good for us all.

Here, I took those and
now I'm giving them back

and I may want
to borrow them again,

but don't make any
big deal out of this.

Could my night
get any better?

I hope not.

What did you
mean by that?


Boy, writing sure
makes you hungry.

Thanks a lot for the
movie and the pizza.

And it was really, really
nice meeting your brother.

Yes, well he's
a great guy.

Good night.


Aren't you forgetting

Good night, Simon.

I thought if anybody
was going to get

a goodnight kiss,
it would be me.

S-H-U-T U-P.

Come on.
It's still early.

We'll go over
to the Promenade

and hang out and pick up
chicks who... who don't spell.

I can't.


Well, maybe I can.

Yeah, all right.

How was dinner?

Dinner was fine.

You smell like smoke.

Do your friends smoke?

Frankie smokes sometimes.

Every time you come home
from hanging out with them

you smell like smoke.

And sooner or later,

Mom and Dad are
going to notice.

And so what if they do?
It's none of their business.

You're not smoking, are you?

No, I'm not smoking.
Are you smoking?

No, I'm not smoking.

Well, I thought you might be.


I don't know.

You know how I feel about how
dangerous cigarettes are.

Well, there probably
no more dangerous to your health

than dating a mental patient.

Run that by me again.

Mental patient?

I saw your friend
when he was leaving.


Mike, right? Mike Pierce.

Didn't anyone
tell you

that he missed a year of school
while he was hospitalized?

What are you taking about?

I'm taking about he used
to be in my class.

And he took a year of from
school because he went mental.

He tried to kill himself.


I don't think he smokes.

Were you listening
to Mary and me?

No. Honest.

Yes you were.

Okay, so your new
boyfriend's crazy.

It's not like the others
were so great.

Let me see that.

No. It's my diary.

No ones see it but me.

Uh, I thought it was for school.

Okay, so no one see's it
but me and my teacher.

I want to know what you have
been writing in there.

And I want to win
a million bucks.

Not gonna happen.

Okay. Not gonna happen.

You know, I'm just going
to let it go. You're right.

It's your diary--
you can write

whatever you
want to write.

Uh, did all the
kids leave home?


Oh, hi, Marcia, how are you?

Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Well, no he's not here.

He has his own place,
you know.

Yeah, he moved out
a year ago.

Yeah, well, he doesn't
give us his number,

but I could give him yours.

Listed. I see.

Oh, you have your own phone.

That must be nice.

Yeah, uh, what time did
they drop you off.

Uh-huh, all righty.

Well, I'm sure they'll
be here soon.

Yeah, do me a favor--
spell Okefenokee?

Excellent, thanks.

Yes I'll give him the message.


She spelled Okefenokee.

You told her Simon
has his own place?

No. She was looking
for Matt.

Why was she looking
for Matt?

No idea.

They dropped her
off an hour ago.

Uh, I wonder
where they are?

I can tell you where
they better not be.

We should just forget it
and go home, man.

This evening's a bust.

Excuse me, do you know where

the video arcade is?

Sure, it's uh, it's... ow!

Why don't you

show her?

Yeah, uh, okay.
I'll be right back.

We should head up to bed.

Not till Simon gets home.

So the two of them went out.

I think Simon's too young
to be hanging out with Matt.


Yes, this is he.

She told you to call me?

I don't know if there's
anything I can do.

I'll give it some thought
and I'll call you back.

That was one of our
local police officers.

Matt and Simon?

You know Mary's
new little friends.

The, uh, cute couple
with the baby,

the family that she
had dinner with tonight?

They just got busted
for marijuana.

They thought I might
be of some help.

Did you know Ruthie
is keeping a diary?

Not now Luce.

Okay not now, but you may want
to get to it

before Monday when she hands
it into her teacher.

Luce, the diary is going
to have to wait.

Fine, if you don't care she saw
you having sex, why should I.

Lucy said you wanted to see me.

What did I do?

Do you smoke pot?

No! I don't smoke pot.

Just because I'm not to college
does not mean I am doing drugs.

Are you aware of the fact that
your new friends smoked pot?

What new friends?

Frankie smokes

once in a while, but...

She and her husband

got busted for pot.

Who told you that?

Who told me?

Who told me that
they were arrested

for possession of marijuana?

The arresting officer told me.

Why did he tell you?

I thought maybe you'd know.

Your friend Frankie asked
him to call me.

They need help,
they need bail money.

Of course they're gonna
need a whole lot more

than bail money to straighten
out there lives,

but that's what they're
asking for tonight.

I mentioned more then a couple
of times how you help people.

I'm going
to ask you again.

Did you know they
were smoking pot?

Did you offer my help

when you saw that
they were smoking pot?

Did you smoke with them?

Did you try it?

I saw them-- her-- do it for
the first time tonight.

But I didn't smoke with her.
I swear.

Did you leave the house?

Not right away, no.

Well, they got into a fight,
a neighbor called the police.

The police came,
they found the pot.

What if they have
also found you?

I don't know.

Are you going
to help them?

How would you have me help them?

Pay the bail.


Uh, and I don't know.

Do either of them have parents?

Yeah, Frankie's mom
keeps the baby when they work.

Do you happen to know
Frankie's mother's name?

Well, yeah,

but I don't think that Frankie

would want us to call her mother

or she would have
called her mother.

That has to be
why she called you.

Well, the police are
probably handing

the baby over to
a social worker about now.

Do you think it would be better
for the baby to be with

the grandmother or with someone
she doesn't know?

But you could bail them out

and then they could just
take the baby home.

I'm not bailing them out.

Where am I going to get
the money to bail them out?

From the church?

You think I should

take the church's money

and bail two people out of jail
who are that irresponsible?

I mean, what if
they skip bail?

You would do it for anyone else.

Why won't you do it
for my friends?

Because I wouldn't do this
for anyone else.

You don't know them.

They are good people.

They both work and they're
trying to raise this kid

and it's... it's really hard.

So hard they have to smoke pot?

I'll talk to them.

I'll make them stop.

You think they haven't thought
about stopping before?

But when their new friend Mary
talks to them,

they'll just quit?!

Dad, please.

They really are my friends.

Frankie is my friend.

She asked me to bring
over those college

brochures so we could
look over them

and make a plan
about going to school.

And did you?


Because she was too stoned?


who are you?

And what are you doing
with these people?

You know if you're not going
to help them, I'll help them.

How? You don't have a job.

You don't have any money
to help them.

You have to get help yourself

before you can
help anyone else.

I don't need any help.

And if you're not
gonna go down to that

police station
and give them the money,

then I'm going to get down there
and find a way to do it myself.

I will.

You are not going
down to the station

and you are not
going to even

see these people again, ever!

But I will go
and I will talk to them

and I'll do whatever I can
other than give them money.

I didn't mean to scare you.
I never mean to scare anyone.

But I knocked
at the front door
and I didn't want

to ring the bell
because of the babies.

And then I came
around here and...

I didn't mean to scare anyone.

I saw your

the other daughter, when I left.

And I know that she saw me.

I used to be in her class,
but I missed a year of school

and I think she probably
told Lucy.

Did she tell you?

No, but a few other things
have happened

since you
left tonight.

Maybe we can talk
about this tomorrow.
I know it's late,

but I really need
to talk to Lucy.

It really is late.
You do a lot

of work at Kirland, right?

The nut house.

I don't refer to it
as a nut house.

But, yes, I do.

I tried to commit suicide
18 months ago.

But I'm okay now,

and Dr. Lawrence said

he thought that I was ready
to be social again.

That's good. I know him.

You should take his advice.

He's a very smart man.

You can call him about me.

I was going to tell you
when I told Lucy,

but it's hard to know the
right time to bring it up.

I understand.

She's very fickle.

You know?

She's nice, but she's fickle.

So if she changes her mind,
don't take it personally.

It could happen to anyone.

It has happened,
many times.

I just want a chance.

Why don't you make your
way to the living room

and I'll just...

yell up the stairs.

Luce, could you come down here?!

Your friend Mike

is in the living room.

He needs to talk to you.

Mary said he tried
to commit suicide.

He's a mental patient.
Or he was a mental patient.

Have you ever been sick?

Have you ever
seen a doctor?

Did the doctor
help you get well?

Thanks, Dad.

I have got
a phone number.

Your mother told you not
to hang out with Matt

and pick up

Mom told you that?

Yeah, but...

You're never too old
or too cool

to do what your mother
tells you.


I'm just going to take
this page from your diary

and tomorrow you can write
something about your own life.


Ruthie, it really isn't funny.

No, believe me,
it's plenty funny.

I always thought
it was so serious

because you always have this
serious face

when you talk about sex.

But it was funny.

It's also very...

private and very intimate.

And while it's, it's
perfectly natural

for a man and a woman,

a married man,
and a married woman

to... make love

to each other,

it's not meant
for anyone else to watch.

I didn't mean to.

And believe me,
I'll do everything I can

to make sure I never see
anything like that again.

Thank you.

Now... good night.

I love you.

I love you, too.

I didn't know we weren't
supposed to hang out together.

I'm sorry.


Marcia Chalker is
an excellent speller

and a crummy date.

I wanted to go somewhere

I had a bad night.

We all had a bad night.

What's wrong?

I don't want to talk about it,

but your Dad went out
to help Mary's friends

who got themselves
into some legal trouble.

Oh, what kind of
legal trouble?

Can we talk about it tomorrow?

Well, is Mary okay?



Mary's, well...

Mary's struggling this year.

I've noticed.
We've all noticed.

Is, uh, is there
something else?



It's not important.

It's just that there was
an incident at the house.

A serious incident?

Not entirely serious. No.

Ruthie saw

that she shouldn't have.

A private moment
between your father and me.

She saw you guys, uh...




Well it was bound to happen
sooner or later.

No, it wasn't.
It's never happened before.

Never happened


We've all seen you.
I've seen you.

Mary's seen you.
Lucy's seen you.

Simon, Simon's seen you.

Hey wait,
did you do that thing?

When you say
you're going upstairs

to check on one
of the kids

and then dad
says he's going

to go upstairs
to check on you.

And that usually

throws up a red flag
and we all steer clear.

But Ruthie didn't
know the signal.

Well, how did the rest of you
know the signal?

It's kind of an
obvious signal.

No, it isn't.

Yes, it is.

Go to bed.

I don't live here.

Go to bed anyway.

You know,
you're never too old

or too cool to do

what your mother tells...


I can't believe this.

I haven't really talked
about it that much,

other than the thousands of
hours I spent with my shrink.

And then an hour
here and there

with my Mom when
she can manage.

Well, we can talk about it
if you want to.

Or if you don't want to
that's okay, too.

I was rushing you
to make that agreement

because... I just want
to do the same things

everyone else does
their senior year.

Normal has been somewhat
more important to me

than it ever was or
ever really should be.

It's just that...

I miss a year out of my life

and I've got another shot so,
I want to make it right.

I had a hunch

you didn't know about me

since you were so friendly
in the counselor's office.

So I thought I'd get
a commitment out of you

before you found out.

What'd you think I'd do

when I'd find out?




maybe by then you would have
gone out with me a few times

and seen that I'm not as crazy
as people think I am.

I'm not running.

That's all I'm asking.

Okay, I'll give you a chance.

But let's take it slowly.

One senior event date at a time.


I'm going to say good night
before you change your mind.

Good night.


Oh, hey, Frankie.

Your dad got us out.

Thank you so much
for getting him to help us.

I was kind of surprised
you called him.

I didn't know

who else to call.

After I got pregnant my mom told
me never to call her again

if I get into trouble.

Of course, your dad made me
promise to talk to her

and talk to a counselor
and whatever.

Well, at least you didn't have
to call her from jail, you know?

You're really

lucky to have parents
that are always there for you.

I know.

Good night.

I know.