7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 5, Episode 3 - Losers - full transcript

Matt is far from amused suddenly to be phoned and hence paged in hospital during his orderly duty by successive relatives, which might even get him fired. Simon keeps calling, but instead of picking him up and driving him for $20 with college date Lulu, big brother semi-accidentally snaps her up himself. Eric calls in vain as with everyone he asks for a 'guys pool night', but has a blast with parish bachelorettes, so Annie shouldn't have bothered and just enjoyed her restaurant 'work date' with her child psychology professor. Lucy is off course refused relieve 'babysitting' her school project egg and works it out on her charming, visiting lab partner. Mary frustrates everyone just failing to be clear about joining in the Friday 'private hour' of her waiter colleagues, teenage parent couple Johhny and 'Frankie'.

Uh, you have
a busy day ahead.

No busier than your day.

You've had a
really busy week.

I know.

You have a busy week
every week.

I was thinking that maybe

you might want to go out tonight
for awhile...

without me.



How'd you know?

How'd I know what?

How'd you know I was feeling...

a little confined.

Well, I didn't know.

Ah, you knew.

No, I didn't, really.

Come on, honey, you always know
when I need a night out.

Well, I know now.

No, I just...

I just need to commune
with a little male energy.

You know?
Hang out with the guys.

Talk the talk,
walk the walk.

Well, you should do that.

Thanks. I will.

What are you gonna do?

Well, I was thinking
since you're going out,

that, uh, maybe I could get
some work done on my term paper.

Oh, that's good.

It's just that I need to get
the idea for the paper

approved by my professor first.

So, talk to him.

Yeah, I will.

It's just that the only time
he had available

was 7:00 tonight.

Uh, in his office,
after his last class.

All right.
Red flag on the play.

7:00 Friday night is
the only time he has available?

The only time.

I doubt it.

You're gonna be out
with your friends anyway.

It's just going to be
a short meeting,

half-hour, maybe less.

Simon, Lucy, Mary can baby-sit.

No, I can't baby-sit.
I have a date.

At least I hope I do.

Lou-Lou, hottest babe
in the sophomore class.

Better known

to you as
Lou-Ellen Almire

who goes to our church.

She's hot?

Sorry, but...

when did Lou-Ellen get hot?

This summer.

And where are you
planning to go?

Wherever Lou-Lou
will let me take her.

And, uh, how are you going
to take Lou-Lou anywhere?

Your father and I have plans
this evening.

I wasn't planning
on asking you guys.

Well, Mary has a two-seater car

and either Mary or Lucy
has to baby-sit.

I'll baby-sit.

I'll find some
guy at school

with a car who has a date
and we'll double.

That's how it's done.

Not unless I know the guy
with a car.

Why is Mary's car
in the driveway?

Isn't she supposed to be
at work?

Or did she get fired again?

Time for school.

What's up?

Uh, you tell us.

Is it your day off?

Did you get fired?

Building burn down?

Business close
for an epidemic?



I just got another job,
that's all.

I'm working at
Pete's Pizza.
I just...

I didn't like the pool hall.

I kept getting
the day shift and...

well, I like the night life.

I like to boogie.

Is it me or is she
starting to spin?

I need a parent

So we'll take
the night off.

And we'll regroup
and refocus

when we're refreshed.


'Cause she is
starting to spin.


Wish I could dance like that.

Well, maybe they teach dancing
at your new fancy school.

Not that kind of dancing.

Shouldn't you be
on your way to school?

I'm in a car pool.

It's like a welcome wagon.

A bunch of girls
all come together in a van

and pick me up.

So they can have time
to get to know me.

It's supposed to help me
not feel so new.

Well, that's really nice.

Yeah, they're all nice girls.

But they're not my big sister.

Could we please do something
together this weekend?

Like tonight?

We haven't done anything
together in a really long time.

Well, unfortunately,
I have to work.

Well, what time do you get off?

Um, sometime around midnight.

They want me to work a double
shift tonight, 12:00 to 12:00.

Well, maybe we can
do something then.

Yeah, maybe we could.

I could bring a pizza
home with me,

and I could wake you up and
we could have a midnight snack.

Yeah, then you could
sleep over in my room.

It's a date.

Ruthie, honey,
your ride is here.

Lou, it's Eric Camden.

I was just wondering
what you're doing tonight.

Why, is there a problem?

No, no problem.

I just thought we could,
you know,

shoot a game of pool, hang out.

By ourselves?

You could bring

some of the guys along
if you want.

What guys?

I don't know,

some of the church guys.

What church guys?

The guys, you know,
who come to church.

Unfortunately, I already
have plans with my wife.

We always go out Friday night.

Okay, well,
maybe some other time.

Eric Camden wanted me to go

shoot some pool
with him tonight.


Are you going?


I'm never quite comfortable
with Eric on a social level.

I'm always afraid I'm gonna
slip up and curse or something.

If you want to let
yourself off the hook,

I'm not too comfortable
with the idea

of the two of you
hanging out together anyway.

I don't mind if you do some
church work together,

but outside of that
I'd say it sounds like trouble.


The man deals with trouble
all the time.

Trouble just comes to him.

What if it comes to him
and he's with you?

♪♪♪ ♪♪♪

Glenoak Hospital.

Yes, hello, I was wondering
if it'd be possible

to have Matt Camden paged.

One moment, please.

Camden, on line four.

This is Matt Camden.

Hey, glad they found you.

You want to go out and shoot
a little pool tonight?

Who is this?


You want to go shoot
some pool tonight?

With you?

Yes, with me.

I mean, if you want,
you can bring John along.

You called me at work
to go play pool?

I'm sorry, were you
in the middle of something?

Just emptying a bedpan,

but still you've never
called me at work.

Why do you want to go play pool,

is someone in the family
in trouble?

Is it Mary, Lucy or Simon?

No, no one's in trouble.

I'm just looking to get out
for a little while.

You never do that.

That's why I'm doing it.

What does Mom think?

She suggested it.

Because she's meeting
with her professor tonight.

On a Friday night?
Are you okay with that?

Yeah, if that's what
she wants to do.

Uh, so, the two of you
are having problems.

We're not having problems.

Matt Camden, you have
a call on line six.

Matt Camden, call on line six.
I have... I have to go.

Well, look, if you're not
doing anything...

Matt Camden.

You've got to help me out.

Who is this?

Simon. Simon Camden,
your brother.

Why are you calling me at work?

I need a favor.

Yeah, I need a favor, too.

Tell the family
not to call me here.

I'm going to get in trouble.

I'll tell them.
Look, I need you

to drive me on a date tonight.
It's with...

20 big ones.

You drive us to the movies,
you pick us up.

I don't care what you do
with the rest of your time.


Be at the house at 7:00.

Wait, wait, wait a minute.

You two aren't going to be
making out

in the back seat, are you?

30 bucks.

Matt Camden, you have a call
on line three.

Matt Camden, you have
a call on line three.


What makes you think it's Mom?

It's Lucy.

Why are you calling me
on this number?

I'm going to lose my job!

Calm down.

I just wanted to know

if you would please baby-sit
Sam and David tonight.

I told Mom I would,
but I suddenly got a date.

Who's your date?

You don't know him.

He's my lab partner
in my family class.

Lab partner in a family class?

Huh? What's the lab? Sex?

Did they disrupt your lobotomy
so you could take this call?

What's wrong with you?

I have to pretend I'm married,

and we have this egg
that's supposed to be a baby,

and we have to, like,
watch it or something

so we can see how much trouble
it is to be parents.


I'm on my way.

Hi, wife.

Hi, husband.

I called my brother,
but he turned me down.

I can always come
over to your house
and help you baby-sit.

What's one more kid?

I'll have to ask my mom,
but I'm sure it
won't be a problem.

Put the kids to bed,
and then watch a video.

Whatever you say, dear.

All right. But don't
try and make out with me

in front of your brother
or anything.

I'm not going to spend

Friday night making out
in the back of a car

while some old guy watches us.

I wouldn't dream of it.

I don't know why I'm doing this.

Probably 'cause you're so cute.

Here you go.

Hey, you want to sit down
and have a piece with us?

No, I don't. Can...
can I get you something else?

Yeah, I'll have
your phone number
written on your underwear.

Having fun yet?

Not really.

Let my wife
handle them.

She's good
with those types.

Frances is your wife?

Not Frances.
No one calls her Frances.

It's Frankie. We've been married

for a year.

But you look so young.

We are young.

Frankie's your age,
and I'm 21.

You know, I thought about
getting married last year.

What changed
your mind?

Just wasn't ready.

Yeah, neither was I,
but the baby changed all that.

Hey, Mary! We're saving
a piece for you.


Do you who you're talking to?

Minister's daughter.

Give her a break.
Behave yourself.

And if we don't?

Then you're all going to Hell.


I mean it.

Sorry, Mary.

What did you say to them?

Nothing. Don't
worry about it.

Look, all you
have to worry about

is getting through
the dinner rush,
then the movie rush,

then we're home free.

Yeah. That seems like forever.

Yeah, the first night's
always the roughest.

But Pete's a nice guy and,
hey, he leaves at 11:00.

We get to close up.

You want to stick around
for a beer?

No, thanks.

It'll be fun.

We have the whole place
to ourselves.

We just turn up the music,
kick back a cool one.

It's kind
of a Friday night ritual.

I'm underage, and I don't want
to get Johnny in trouble

for selling alcohol to a minor.

I'm not going to sell it to you.

I'm going to give it to you.
Come on.

Just one.

I promise,
we'll have a real good time.

What's the movie rated?

It's PG-13.

Have you told Matt what time
and where to pick you up?

I'll tell him when
he gets here.

If I told him any
sooner, he'd just forget.


What did I miss?

Well, Matt's driving
Simon on his date.

Oh, that's nice.
He couldn't play pool with me,

but he can drive Simon
on his date.

I'm paying him.


Who are you going
to play pool with?

I couldn't get anyone to go.
Everybody's busy.

Did you call the new priest
at the little Catholic Church?

No. I just didn't feel like
being on my best behavior.

You know
what I mean.

The guy's new in town,
and he's a priest.

Did you call Rabbi Stein?

It's Friday night.

Um. Hey, what about the guy

that took over the little church
on the corner?

You know, the good-looking
single guy?

Well, he is.

No. I just didn't feel
like hanging out

with any of those guys.

Takes me all night
to get comfortable,

and I always feel
like I'm going to slip up

and do something antireligious.

So you're just going
to go out alone?

Yeah. Just going to go shoot
some pool by myself.

Oh, you know what? I'll cancel.
I'll come with you.

Or not?

Why don't we do this?

Why don't you go
to your meeting,

and I'll go to the pool hall,

and when you're done
with your meeting,

you come over and we'll
shoot a game together?

You haven't let me shoot a game
with you

since I scratched the felt
off the Buckman's table.

New table.

So I'll meet you at 8:00.

I'm taking off.

I'm going to go to the library
before my meeting.

Okay. I'll see you at 8:00.

Okay. Bye.



I got him. I got him.

Come on. Big jump.

My lab partner
in my family class

is coming over
to help me baby-sit.

Well... What's... what's lab
in family class? Sex?

No, no. We have to pretend

to be a married couple
for 24 hours.

He's not sleeping over.

24 hours total, not consecutive.

But thanks for trusting me.

I've got to go.

When is this husband
coming over?

Oh, he should be here any minute
with our baby.

The egg thing?

Are you going to be able
to keep an eye on Ruthie,

the twins and an egg
all at once?

Not a problem.

Where are the boys?

They crawled back upstairs.

Hey, you going to bed already?

I have to get up at midnight.

Mary's bringing home a pizza,
and we're having a sleepover.

It's going to be great.

Would you like me to set
an alarm clock for you

so you wake up?

You're the best dad ever.

It seems like just yesterday,
Mary was your age.

Two more.

Three iced teas and a lemonade.

How's it going?

I can't believe what
I'm making in tips.

Yeah. Friday night's
the best.

Are you going to hang out
with us after work?

You know, I really can't.

I told my little sister

that I'd be home
by midnight with pizza.

I used to work in the kitchen.

I'll put in a pizza for you,

and we'll have a drink
while we wait for it.

There you go.

Don't you have to get home
to the baby?

Not on Friday night.

Her Mom thinks
we're open till 1:00.

Gives us an extra hour.

Okay, that probably

didn't sound so responsible.

But, believe me, it's tough
working and raising a kid.

Frankie gets
totally stressed out.

She needs the hour, man.
We both do.

And she could use a friend.

I mean, it's been
really hard on her.

All her friends
pretty much ditched her

when we got pregnant.

So what do you say? One beer?

I don't know about the beer,

but I will stick around
long enough to get the pizza.

It's 7:00.
I hope you're on your way.

Hey, what time
is Matt coming?

He's supposed
to be here now.

If you don't want to wait,
I'm happy to drive you.

Sophomore. Hot babe.
You can't drive us.

Well, I'll be at the pool hall
if you change your mind.

Hey, this is Matt and John.

Leave us a message at the beep.

Hey, your friends at table seven
are looking for you.

I got them their drinks,
but they want you.

They're regulars.

They probably just
want to know how
the baby's doing.

I'm just going to
finish my cigarette.
You want one?

Oh, no thanks. I don't smoke.

I started when I was, like, 12.

But I quit after I found out
I was pregnant.

But, as soon as I popped
Mercy out, I lit up again.

Mercy. What a great name.

She's a great baby.
She's so good. She never cries.

Probably because
my mom watches her
most of the time.

She's good with babies.

It's teenagers she can't handle.

I better get inside.



What would you like to drink?

Nothing really.
Water's fine for me.

Okay. A bottle of water and
a bottle of the nice Chianti.

Please, have a seat.

Oh, well, I might need
to refer to my notes.

After we eat.

Well, it's just that I have
to meet my husband in an hour

at the pool hall.

No problem.

Outside of Italy, this is
the best place to get lasagna.

I already ate
when I fed the kids.

So you'll try a little?

I already ordered.

How many kids do you have?


From two to 21.


Do you plan to stop there?

Well, our dining room table
seats 12, so who knows?

Funny woman.


Reverend Camden!

Don't you recognize us
outside of church?

You know, I didn't,
but I do now.

Hi, Pat, Devon, Lela.

Cheryl, how are you?

Better now that
you're here.

Look, you've got
to help me out.

Um, we're playing doubles
but I have to get home.

I have a date.

How about taking my place?



Why not?


Good luck, it's your shot.

Yeah, we're solids.
Solids, huh?

Can you hold that?

Thank you.

Solids, huh?

Watch this.

Where are you?

Where's Lucy?

She's suppose to be watching
Sam and David.

I think her husband
just got here.

Well, don't look at me,
I found them that way.

Oh, come on.
It's bath time.

Have I told you how lovely
you look tonight, dear?

Shut up.

I thought you
weren't hungry.

It's just so good to eat
someone else's cooking.

Uh, I'd love to try yours.



Of course.

You'll have to come
to dinner sometime.

No, I can't.

I really don't like children.

But, you teach Early
Childhood Education.

To adults.

I like adults.

I was supposed to be at
the pool hall an hour ago.

Well, you can't leave
before dessert.

Here, call him.

No, I can't.

But you still haven't told me
about your paper.


Reverend Camden?

You've got a phone call.


This is Reverend Camden.
How may I be of service?

Hi, it's Annie.

Hey, how you doing?

Well, I was just calling
to apologize.

Professor Hatch and I are just
finishing up our dinner.

Oh, it's not a problem.

Take all the time you need.

I'll see you when you get here.

Date still on?

Not exactly.

She told me to call her back
when I get my license.

I would have helped you out,

but we've kind of had
our hands full all night.

It's not your fault.

It's Matt's fault.

Are you sure Matt committed
to taking you?

Oh, I'm sure.

You don't think he's been in
some kind of terrible accident

or anything, do you?

Nah, I don't either.

But I'd sure love to know

what could possibly be
more important than Lou-Lou.

It wasn't such a terrible
evening, was it?

No, not at all.

It was fun.

I love be married to you.

You're a very good mother.

Thanks. And you're
a very good father.


Hey, Lucy, how are things going?

Oh, things are fine.

We're just getting
Sam and David to bed.

They have their juice?

Yes, they had juice.

So, you don't need me?

Not really. Why?

Well, I'm on my way
to the pool hall,

but I'm running so late

I thought maybe I'd just
come straight home.

Everything's fine.

Uh, is Simon home yet?

Never left.
Matt never picked him up.

Well, did Matt call?

No, and Simon called him
a hundred times.

Uh, well, maybe he had to work.


Simon paged him at the hospital,
but he didn't answer.

Well, he's been telling us
not to call him there anymore.

Maybe he's just not answering
the page.

Or maybe he just forgot.

Poor Simon.

Yeah. Poor, poor, popular,
good looking, charismatic Simon,

who could hang out with
any girl in his class,

but insists on going out
with sophomores.

I don't think I'd worry
too much about him.

Okay, well, I'm going to head
over to the pool hall.

Call me if you need me.

Oh, Luce, I forgot,
how's your baby?

My baby?

Oh, no.
Where's the egg?

Have you seen the egg?

I haven't seen the egg.

I haven't seen Matt.

I haven't seen Lou-Lou.

It's not like it can walk.
Where did you leave it?

It was in the kitchen.

It's not in the kitchen.

Um, wait, Ruthie.



Have you seen our baby?



You mean this?

I don't think so.

Ruthie, give it to me.

Why should I?

If it was a real kid,

something could have happened to
her while you weren't watching.

Let me try.

You know, Ruthie,
we have to report

on what we are doing with
that egg every 15 minutes.

I'd hate to report
that for 15 minutes

we were begging you to give us
our daughter back.

Ruthie Camden, and dumb
is not my middle name.

Ruthie, give me the egg.

It's gonna look bad enough that
we've left her alone for hours.

Don't make it any worse.

Well, than I guess
I'll just have to report

that because you two
were working

you found a responsible

That sounded good.

Except we're actually supposed

to be spending time
with the egg.

Yeah, yeah,
but like all parents,

who are supposed to spend time
with their kids,

you two got a little

and had to get some help.

No harm done.

As long as you realize teenagers
aren't meant to be parents.

That's all you really have
to put in the report.

It's the purpose
of the whole thing, isn't it?

She goes to private school.

Hi. How was your evening?

Oh, it was fine.

And yours?


Yeah, I played pool with
some people from the church.

Some women people.

Devon, Pat and Cheryl.

Oh, they're very nice,

very good looking,
very single people.

You jealous?

Maybe a little.

I didn't plan to spend
the evening with them.

It just happened.

Well, I didn't mean to spend

the evening with my professor.

That just happened, too.

Well, I find myself just
a tad bit jealous, too.



Can jealousy be a good thing?

Can flirting be a good thing.

Were you flirting?

Maybe a little.

But you know in an old married
guy, minister kind of way.

I was maybe
flirting a little, too,

in a "I'm a wife,
mother of seven children,

"but it still boosts my ego

when another man finds me
attractive" sort of way.

Buy you a drink?

Yeah, I'll just have
a cup of coffee.

We should head home.

There's nothing wrong
at the house, is there?

No, I'm just anxious
to get to bed.

But you just said
you'd have a cup of coffee.

Oh, I get it.

Two cups of coffee.

Is anything wrong?

I left my house
to get some milk and...

Oh, no, I have to go.

I was suppose to drive my kid
brother somewhere hours ago.

You should call him.

No, I'm sorry,
but I've got to go.

I hope you call me, okay?

Matt, I don't have your number.

You don't have my number.

How could I not give
you my number?

Is that Matt?

About that number.

Yeah, right.

Uh, that would be
my parents.

Ah, and that would be
my cue to exit.

So, that's why you
forgot about Simon.

How mad is he?

I don't know.
I haven't talked to him.

All right, I'm on my way.

As long as you're
on your way home,

you want to do us
a favor?

Make sure Lucy's date
leaves at midnight

and don't let Mary keep
Ruthie up too late.

Mary's bringing home
pizza after work

and they're having
a little sleepover.

Where are you two gonna be?

Where are we gonna be?

Want to get a room?

At a hotel.

I know a guy.

What kind of pizza
did you want to take home?

Um, Ruthie likes hamburger,
sausage and pepperoni.

Uh, an all-meat special.
My favorite.

I'll throw it in the oven
right now.


And what kind of beer
did you want?


I don't know.

Something light.

I forgot.

I just completely forgot.
I'm sorry.

You know, I never even
really said I'd do it.

You never said you wouldn't.

Yeah, but I never said I would.

You should have called me back
this afternoon and reminded me.

Yeah, it's all my fault.

No, it's all my fault.

In the back of my mind,

I knew I was supposed to drive
you somewhere, but I...

Not somewhere.

On a date with Lou-Lou,
a sophomore.

Now, she'll probably
never even talk to me again.

I'm sorry.

I'm really, really sorry.

I left the house
to get some milk and I...

And you saw a woman.

And your woman is more important
than my woman.

Yeah, but not more important
than you, man.

Yeah, nice try.

Come on, come here,
hey, look.

I'll drive you
next weekend, promise.

For free?

All right.


Hey, what's this doing here?

That's Lucy's daughter.

Oh, yeah?

So, uh that would be her husband

that she's kissing
on the front porch.


Well, what do you think of him?

He's actually okay.


Oh, look who finally
made it home.

You can't take your eyes
off them for a second.

This is the busiest night.

It won't be this busy
again till next Friday.

Well, that's okay,
I made a lot of money.

You still live
at home, right?

Right now, yeah.

I haven't made up my mind

about what I want
to do with my life.

I wish I had made up my mind

with what I was going to do
with my life.

I'm a mother...

for the rest of my life.

I would love to see
Mercy sometime.

Hey, you can see her
whenever you want.

Especially, if you want
to baby-sit.

Don't hit Mary up
for baby-sitting.

We just met her.

No, I could baby-sit sometime.

I have six siblings.
I know how to take care of kids.

See, Frankie's mom is great
to help us out,

but that's only
when we're working.

She doesn't believe in
giving us free baby-sitting

just so we can have a life.

Of course, Mercy's our life now
and that's fine.

It's not like I created her
all by myself.

And it's not like
I didn't marry you.

Well, if that pizza's ready,
I should really be going.

I didn't realize the time,
I really gotta run.


Don't tell me
you're that lightweight.

No, I'm...

I'm just really tired.

But, um, thanks for getting me
through my first day of work.

We'll see you tomorrow.

Think she's okay to drive?

I think she's had one beer

and we've had
more than one beer.

So you're not driving her home.

But nice try.

Why are you here?

I was just checking up on you.

What time is it?

It's almost 12:30.
You should get some sleep.

No, I've got to get up.

Is Mary home?

No, she's not home yet.

She probably got stuck at work.

We're having a party.

Maybe you should party
tomorrow night.

No, Mary said tonight.

She said she'd be here.
She'll be here.

Being married to you
is really an adventure.

A wonderful,
wonderful adventure.

Thank you very much,
Mrs. Camden.

And did you call
our adventurous kids?

Mm-hmm, I spoke with Matt.

Simon's forgiven him,

but he has to drive Simon
on a date for free next weekend.

That might happen, yeah.

What else?

Matt dropped Lucy's egg.

Well, good.

That'll just drive
the point home.


And Sam and David
are safe in bed.

And Ruthie?

She's waiting for Mary.

Why am I not surprised?

Spin. Spin.

Maybe Mary's just
running late from work.

I told Matt to call us here
when she gets home.

But Matt's not us.

And we're going home.


As in Reverend Camden?

Do you go to our church?


You, uh, definitely didn't come

to a complete stop
at that stop sign.

I know.
Well, I'm sorry,

I was just trying to get home.

And Ruthie is waiting for me
to bring her this pizza.

I'm sorry.

I was just in a hurry and...

You playing ball this year?

Uh, no, I'm not
in school right now.

I decided not to go to college.

I just haven't made up my mind

what I want to do
with the rest of life,

so, in the meantime,
I'm working.

I just didn't want to waste
my time or my parent's money.

Well, uh, you might want
to waste just a little more time

at those stop signs.

Look, I'm gonna let you off
with a warning this time.

But, uh, don't do it
again, okay?

I won't. Honest.

Thank you.

Don't ever get in
so much of a hurry

that, uh, you're not careful.

I want you to be able to eat
pizza with your sister

for the rest of your life.

Yeah, I do, too.


Oh, I didn't see you there.

Yet here we are.

1:00 in the morning,
sitting in the kitchen,

waiting for our
daughter to get home.

Uh, is Ruthie asleep?

Yeah, she's asleep but she's
expecting you to wake her up.

I ran late from work.

And so you must
be punished.


For being late from work?

And the penalty is
two slices of pizza.

So... you're kidding.

About your being
punished, yes,

the two slices
of pizza, no.

Good night.

Good night.


And she smelled like
cigarette smoke.

Thus, the breath spray.

I wonder where she's been?

I don't know.

But we're going to have
to keep watching her

as she continues down her

treacherous road.

Well, fasten your seat belt.

It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Hey, Ruthie,
I've got pizza.

What time is it?

It's really late.

Some other time.


Some other time.

Now, go back to sleep.

I love you.

If you loved me, you'd have
been home at midnight.