7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 5, Episode 2 - Help! - full transcript

Matt blames his first-ever bad grade, for the crucial course organic chemistry, on everyone and collect excuses to delay studying rather then seek help. Simon is desperately lonely again after Jim's ma absurdly blamed him, but finds unhoped popularity when helping Lucy campaign for ball queen. Eric worries more about a surprise visit then the obvious reason, another attempt to make Mary see sense now she's behind with her car insurance payments.

Here's the good news.

This was
just a practice test

to help you prepare
for the midterm.

It doesn't count.

Here's the bad news.

Half of you didn't pass.

The other half
barely passed.

Oh, here's
some more bad news.

The midterm's in 2 weeks,

so if you don't know
the material by now,

when are you
going to learn it?

What does this all mean?

For those of you that
are taking organic chemistry

as a requirement
for pre-med,

you might want
to double-major in pre-law,

because if you don't
understand chemistry,

you're gonna be a doctor
who's gonna need a lawyer.

Just wanting to be
a doctor isn't enough.

You have to study hard,
you have to work hard,

and you have to
get through this class.

Class dismissed,

and for some of you,
i think permanently.

Please, just give me
another week.

Yeah, I know
i said that a week ago,

but I swear
i just need
one more week,

and then I can pay you.

Yeah, I know
my check bounced,

but you can't
cancel my car insurance.

You better
get out there.

Your tables
are stacking up.

I'll be right there.

You better.
The manager's out there,

and he doesn't
look happy.


Hello. Hello? Ohh!


See, I know it's not
my chosen profession,

but for the next 2 days
while you study

for your first big test
in child psychology,

I am large and in charge
of the Camden brood.

You know, there was a time
when that would terrify me,

but ever since
the twins were born,

you've become
really quite competent
at household chores.


Ha! Competent.

Competent would be
plain old casserole.

I'm making
tuna casserole.

Oh, well.

Is Mary coming home
for dinner?

No. Someone
called in sick
from the pool hall,

so she volunteered
to work a double shift.


How many months
is she behind

in her room and board?

Uh, well, let's see.

She was supposed
to start payment
a month ago, so one.


The principal wants
to see your father and me
at school tomorrow?

Wow. What'd you do?

No. I think the question is,
what did you do?

I didn't
do anything.

I swear.

So have you
found a way

to get me out
of miss riddle's
class yet?

We're workin' on it.

Well, work faster.

You have to sign
my tardy slip.

Why were you
late to class?

Because I went up
the down stairs,

and by the time I went
back down the down stairs

and up the up stairs,
i was late.

I hate high school!

I'm not
in any trouble,

and I wasn't
late for class,

and I love high school.

Ask me why.

your big news?

I was--

oh, I'll get it.

No, no,
I'll get the door.

You need
to start studying.

I was nominated
for homecoming queen.

Thanks for your support.

Guess who's
coming to dinner.

I made up the twin bed
in Simon's room
for the colonel.

Has he told you
how long he's staying

or why he's really here?

Uh, only for
a couple of days,
and no.

He says he's
just passing through

on his way
back to New York.

He was supposed to stay
with Julie and Hank,

but Hank
got called out of town
to lecture in Chicago

and decided to take
Julie and the baby
with him.

i think they ran.

Do you blame them?

No. I envy them.

I want to be them.

Colonel-free in Chicago.

Ah, you're overreacting.

Having the colonel
spend a few days with us

won't be that bad.

Last time
my dad was here,
i had a heart attack.

That's not funny.

I'd feel better about
the colonel being here

if I knew why
he was here.

Well, maybe
it's like you said.

He--he just wants to spend
a couple of days with us.

Oh, poor, sweet,
naive Annie.

Well, whatever
the colonel is doing here,

I'm sure
you'll figure it out.

In the meantime,
I've got some studying to do.

Dinner was good,
but it was too beige.


Yeah. Macaroni
and tuna--beige.

Even the corn
was beige.

No, it was white.
White corn.

And the salad was green.

Ok, I'll give you that,

but for desert,
vanilla ice cream--
beige again.

Come on. Where's
the chocolate sauce?

Where's the excitement
on my plate?

I really look forward
to dinner.

It needs to be
something special.

I'll keep that in mind.

Well, I hate
to disagree with
such a beautiful girl,

but I thought the dinner
was excellent.

You're becoming
quite the cook, son.

Thank you.

So, Annie's
back in school...


What is this, uh...
4 degrees?

Uh, 3.

Ah. Yeah.

Why are you here?

Do I need a reason?


What are you gonna do
about organic chemistry?

I think
it's pretty serious.

I'm gonna talk to
my Professor in the morning.

That's a good idea.
Maybe he can help you.

I don't need help.

Yeah? Then why are you
gonna go see him?

To explain about
Heather and the wedding.


I've been unfocused
and kind of
all over the place

since Heather dumped me
at the altar this summer.

And what does that
have to do with
your failing chemistry?

Don't you see?
This whole Heather thing

has kept me
from doing my best work.

Or maybe Heather
has nothin' to do
with it.

Maybe you just
don't understand
the material.

No, I understand
the material.

I'm distracted.
It's Heather.

Yeah, I'm sure
once Professor talley

understands the pressures
I've been under

and sees how distracted
I've been,

he'll go
a little easier on me.

Tip big.
I need the money.

Well, here's one big,
gigantic tip--

I hear the colonel's
in town for a little
unscheduled business.

He's stayin'
at the house.

I'm guessing the colonel
won't think too highly

of your putting
your education on hold
so you can wait tables.

The only thing worse
than a lecture from dad is...

A lecture
from the colonel.


Well, wonder
what the colonel

will think of your "d"
in organic chemistry.

I don't
live there anymore,

and I got no plans
to visit.

All right.


Oh. Ok, thanks.

Oh, maybe
going back to college
was a bad idea.

Is that
what my father said?


Oh, do you think
he's here
because he thinks

I'm neglecting the kids
by going back to school?

It doesn't matter
what the colonel thinks.

What matters is
that you pass your test.

Yeah, but what about
going to ruthie's
school tomorrow?

I'll handle it.
I know,

but I just hate
not being there.

I'm always there.
I'm the mom.

It's my job to always
be there for the kids.

You know, at first
i wasn't thrilled

with your going back
to college,

but your going to school
isn't about me.

It's about you.
You do so much for me

and the kids
and the church.

It's your turn to do
something for yourself.

Boy, what a difference
a week makes.

Well, what kind of a man
would I be if I didn't
support you 100%

by helping out
with the house
and the kids?

A jerk.

So start studying.

Ok, thanks.


Congratulations on
your homecoming queen

Hey, what's wrong?

Jim called...

To tell me that
his mother doesn't want
us hanging out together.

She blames me
for the whole
tp thing last week,

so I will, once again,
be all alone.

But, hey,
4 years of high school
isn't that long, right?

I was thinking
about your unhappy
high-school situation,

and I thought
i could help.

If you help me with
my homecoming queen campaign,

you could meet
lots of people--girls, even.

You feel sorry for me,
don't you?

And that's why
you want my help,
isn't it?

No! I thought--

ok, I feel sorry
for you.

I remember
what it was like

to be the new kid
in a new school,

but I really do
need your help

because I really want
to be homecoming queen.

You do?

And while you're
trying to get me elected,

you could get out there
and meet some people.

Girls, even.

So are you in?

Ok, I'll do it.


We'll start
campaigning tomorrow.

Hey, luce...


And I don't know why my mom
would want to go to school

when she doesn't have to.

I hate school.

My teacher's mean.
She used to call me stupid.

Well, what are
your mom and dad doing
about this teacher?

Well, they're tryin'
to get me out of her class,

but so far, nothin'.

So I've decided
to go over their heads.

Way over their heads.


He's helped me before.

I wish
i could be like Mary

and not have to go
to school.

Yeah, I was hoping Mary
would have changed
her mind by now.

Nope. No school,

and she's had about
a billion jobs this summer.

Yes, that's
what Julie told me.


So, what else has been
going on with Mary?

How much time
do you have?

I've got all
the time in the world.

Do you have a minute?

Yeah. Come on in.

I'm glad you stopped by.
I need to talk to you.

I'm really sorry about
all the personal calls today.

I'm having trouble with
my car insurance company.

What kind of trouble?

They want $200,
and I don't have $200,

and if I don't get it
to them soon,

they're gonna cancel
my insurance.

I'm a little overextended.

Maybe your parents
could help you out.

They didn't even want me

to get the car
in the first place,

and I had a credit card
a while back,

but that's only
for emergencies,

and that's maxed out.

I've had
a lot of emergencies.

Yes, I hear that.

Um, so I was
hoping that maybe

you could advance me
a couple weeks' pay?

Um, I would never ask,
but I'm--I'm desperate.

I'm not gonna
be able to do that.

Well, I had to ask.

You should stay.

We really need to talk.

About what?

Why don't you
shut the door?

This doesn't sound good.

I'm afraid it isn't.

Oh, hey,
you need to hurry.

Simon and Lucy
are waitin' for you
in the car.

I remembered something
i did at school.

Last week my friend Sarah

wanted to know what it
felt like to be a mummy,

so we went to the bathroom
during recess

and I wrapped her
in toilet paper.

Actually, your principal
called this morning,

and you're not
in any trouble.

He thinks
he may have found a way

to get you out
of miss riddle's class.

Thank God.

What'd you say?

Thank God.
You should thank God.

Why's that?

Because I talked to God
and told him

how unhappy I was at school
and asked him to help.

You prayed to get out
of miss riddle's class?

You don't ask,
you don't get.

I just thought you and mom
could use some help.

Now, what
were you saying?

Ah, good morning.

You do know
it's morning, don't you?

Good morning,
you two.

Ah, good morning,

the studying?

Oh, I'm just takin'
a little break.

Um, aren't you gonna
be late for work?

Um, I have the day off.

My manager
called this morning
and said it was slow

and I don't have to come in.

That's funny.

I didn't hear
the phone ring.

Oh, really? Uh, maybe
you were in the shower.


Can you afford
not to work?

You do have
a car payment
due soon,

and then there's
the insurance,

and you still
haven't paid

last month's
room and board.

I can afford it,

and I've got everything
under control.

Well, I'm glad
you're off today.

It'll give us
a chance to chat.

I'd love to stay
and talk,

but I promised a friend
that I'd help her move.


Lucy Camden
is your sister, right?

Yeah. But even
if she wasn't,

I'd still vote for her.

She's lucky to have
such a cute brother

tryin' to get her votes.


So, I'm having a party
this weekend.

Do you wanna come?

I'd love to come.

Everyone will be there.

You know,
the surprise candidate
won last year.

You've got
a good chance.

Surprise candidate?

It's catchy, huh?

You have fliers posted
in the women's rest room.

How'd you do that?

I have my ways.

Thanks for asking me
to help out.

Once people found out
i was your brother,

everyone wanted
to talk to me.


Yeah. I just got invited
to a big party
this weekend.

gonna be there.

It's like overnight,

I'm the king
of the freshmen.

And with your help,
I'll soon be the queen
of the school.

Oh, you know,
I've got to be

at ruthie's school
in an hour,

and on the way, I've got
to stop in on 2 parishioners

who just had surgery
at the hospital,

and when I get home
i need to start dinner--

something non-beige
for ruthie.

You think you could
do me a favor
and watch the boys?

Of course.
Glad to be of service.

Hey, aren't you
supposed to be at work?

Oh, Mary's got
the day off today.

Isn't that right,

Can you afford
to have a day off?

Yes, I can afford it. Ok?

Nice job,
waiting tables.

Look, Annie and i
aren't happy

that she's not
going to college,

but she is working.

She's earning a living,
paying her bills.

Who let her buy the car?

No one let her.

She just went out
and bought it.

And as much as I think
she shouldn't have,

that car is a responsibility
that she can't run away from.

She has to work hard
and keep her job

because she has
to pay for that car.

Son, to win a war,
you've got to fight.

You've got to get in there
and get your hands dirty

and make something happen,

and you have
to have a battle plan.

What's your battle plan?

This isn't a war.

Oh, it's a war,
all right.

And at stake
is Mary's future.

As much as we
would like to force Mary

into doing what we know
is best for her, we can't.

She's an adult. She has
to do this on her own.

And what if she doesn't?

She will.

How'd it go
with Professor talley?

Not good.

Professor talley
doesn't care about
my personal life.

He said I either
bring up my grade,
or I'm out.



Isn't organic chemistry
a core course?

So if you fail,
you're out of pre-med

or behind by
a whole semester, right?

This is big!
How can you be so calm?

I'm calm because
this has very little
to do with me.

It's all
Heather's fault.


If Heather and i
had just gotten married

or stayed together,

my head would be
in a better place.

You know, as it is,

because of everything
that's gone on with her,

I'm behind
in my classes.

I can catch up,
but, really,

you have to see that
this is not my fault.

You can't be serious.

I'm serious.
But what's done is done.

Now I just have
to do damage control.

Does that include
actual studying?

Reverend Camden.
Please come in.

Will Mrs. Camden
be joining us?

Oh, no,
she couldn't make it.


So, you've come up
with a way

to get ruthie out
of miss riddle's class?

Yes, I, uh,
i think I have.

Do you remember last may
when all the kids
in the third grade

were given
a basic skills test?

Ruthie did very well.

she tested off the charts.

According to her scores,

ruthie tested
in the 95th percentile
for the country,

which means that
she's very, very bright.

But her grades
are just average.

I think it's because
she's bored and frustrated,

and because of that,

she's not working
anywhere near her potential.

I think
if we don't find a way

to get her out
of miss riddle's class,

we're really
handicapping her future.

I agree.

I feel ruthie might
do better at another school.

Can't you
just transfer her
to another class?

Not without transferring
another student out.

Besides, ruthie's special.

She needs a special school.

Now, I've taken the liberty
of making some phone calls,

and I think ruthie
would do very well
at Eleanor Roosevelt.

Yeah, but that's a--
that's a private school.

An excellent private school.

It's actually
a bit of a coup

that we can get
ruthie admitted.

They usually
don't take students

after the school year
has already started,

but one of their students
was just admitted to college.

A third-grader
is going to college?

No. I believe it was someone
from the sixth grade class.

Ruthie's very lucky.


We've never had a child
in private school before.

Don't think of it
as a private school.

Think of it
as the best school--

the best school
for ruthie.

How's the campaign

Really well.
I think Lucy could win.

She would make a great
homecoming queen.

When I'm a senior,

I want to be
homecoming queen, too.

Well, I'll handle
your campaign, too.

If you want?

You're lucky you
have a popular sister

to pave the way for you.

You're basically cool
by association.

People always
want to be with
the a-list people,

and if they
can't be with them,

then they'll settle for
being with the people
who know them.

trickles down.

Like I said,
you're very lucky.

Well, I'm really lookin'
forward to your party
this weekend.

Can I bring anything?

Yeah, your sister.

Here's all the info
where I live
and everything.

This is
gonna be great.

I just put the boys
down for their nap.

Oh, thanks
for helping.

It's been a while
since I've taken
a college exam,

and I can use
all the extra
study time I can get.

You don't think
i should be goin'
back to school, do you?

Where'd you get
an idea like that?

I think it's
highly commendable that
you're going to college.

You do?


College is hard work.

Raising a family
is tough,

and you never look
for the easy way.

Annie, you're
the absolute embodiment
of the old saying,

"where there's a will,
there's a way."

Thank you.

I just wish
Mary had some of
your drive and ambition.

She's drifting.

We all want Mary
to go to college,

but--but she
has to want to do it,

or it'll never work.

I mean, we can't
make her do it.

That's what Eric said.

And you don't
agree with him?

Let's just say I think
it's a risky plan.

I think
Mary will be fine.

She's had a bumpy summer,

but she's been working
in the pool hall

the last few weeks,
and she seems settled

and yet unhappy enough

to consider going
to college next semester.

Lunch break?

Waitin' for someone?

I've never seen you
here before.

I am here every day,

I got fired, ok?

I don't have a job.

I'm not on a lunch break,

nor am I waiting for anyone.

I--i am unemployed.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

I--i shouldn't
have yelled like that.

I'm under
a lot of pressure,

and I just
bought a new car,

and if I don't find a job
by next Wednesday,

then I'm going to
have to tell my parents

that I can't afford
my car payment.

You're worried
they'll be mad at you?

No. I'm worried
that I'm gonna
have to listen to them

say "i told you so"
for the rest of my life.

don't give up hope.

You'll find a job.

After my son
graduated from college,

it took him 2 years
to find a good job,

but he
eventually found one,

a good one...
With benefits
and stock options.

He couldn't be happier.


When he was jobless
and depressed,

I used to remind him

that no matter
what happens to him
in his life,

he'll always have
his college degree
to fall back on.

That's something
they can never
take away from him,

something that he can
always count on--

his college education.

Well, I just graduated
from high school, and, um,

I'm not really sure
if I'm going
to go to college.


Are you ok?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Well, for the last 4 hours,
I've been watchin' you

clean the kitchen
and fold your laundry.

You don't clean the kitchen
or fold laundry.

When are you
gonna study?

I'm gonna study,
but I have to finish
my laundry first.

I--i have
to have clothes.

If I didn't know
any better,

I would say you don't
really want to study.

I'm gonna study.

I asked my mom if she could
help me with my laundry,

but the colonel's
at the house,

so I have to do it.

And I did start to study,

but I couldn't concentrate

because every time
i looked up from my book,

I noticed how dirty
the kitchen was.

Well, how clean
the kitchen was
never bothered you before.

Well, it bothered me today.

You know,
and I hate to mention it,

but if you had cleaned up
your breakfast dishes
from this morning,

I wouldn't have wasted
my whole afternoon

taking care of
that little chore for you.

Are you tryin' to blame me
for you not studyin'?

So you failed
your organic chemistry
pretest because of Heather,

and you didn't study
this afternoon

because I didn't
clean the kitchen,

and you're not
studyin' right now

because your mom
didn't do your laundry?

I'm just curious.

Now, when you don't
pass your midterm

and you get
kicked out of premed,
who you gonna blame?

Me, Heather, your mom,
the colonel,

the man on the moon,
the problems
in the middle east,

global warming, what?

I don't understand
why you're so upset.

I'm gonna do fine
on my midterm.

But if you don't, it won't
be your fault, right?

you don't understand.

No, I think
you don't understand
organic chemistry...

Among other things,

and you're just
too pigheaded to admit it,

and instead of
just asking for help
or saying, "i need help,"

you'll blame everybody
and everything

as long as that allows you
not to blame yourself.

You know, you are
totally out of line.

I don't think I am.

Do you get
good grades?

Yes, I do.


That's because I do
everything around here

and you do nothing.


Mr. Russo set up
a tour of the campus

for all of us tomorrow.

You know, they have
great programs
for ruthie,

specialized programs
that allow kids to
pursue their interests.

And they pride

on giving kids
a love of education.

That's all great, but,
i mean, can we afford it?

I have a call in
to the principal

to see what options
are available.

I'd hate
to have ruthie's
potential limited

by our bank account or,

in this case,
lack thereof.

Maybe we're gettin'
ahead of ourselves.

Maybe ruthie doesn't
want to go to a new school.

Well, we'll talk to her
and see how she feels,

but I think
she'd do anything

to get out of
miss riddle's class.

Unless she's like Mary
and prefers no class at all.

Ah, I think I know

why the colonel
is paying us a visit.


I don't know what
he thinks he can do.

It's not like
he can force her
to go to college.

If it were that easy,
she'd be in college now.

I've been waiting
for you to get home.

Oh, I had
a vestry meeting.

So, am I free?

Can I get out
of miss riddle's class?

it looks that way.

You and God
make a good team.

So, whose class
did I get transferred to?

How'd you like
to go to a new school?

Not a new class,
a whole new school.

How'd you like to go
to Eleanor Roosevelt?

It's a very nice
private school.

That's it?
That's your idea
of helpin' me out,

making me leave school?

I don't want
to leave my school.

Why can't
miss riddle leave?

What? I can't go.

I don't have a best friend
at Eleanor Roosevelt.

Best friend?

Sarah's my best friend.

I have to have
a best friend.

Or...Can Sarah
come with me?


That's what I thought.

This is the last time
i ever ask God for help.

Hi. I've been
lookin' for ya.

I offered to give
your dad a little break

and pick up dinner

Would you
give me a ride?

I really want
to take a drive

in your fancy
new sports car.

Ok. Sure.

Well, I thought we'd
pick up something to go

at the pool hall.

I mean, they make
a great burger.
I love burgers.

The pool hall?

Yeah. Unless there's
some reason you don't
want to go there.

Ah, well,
that's fine, then.

I haven't been there
in some time.

I'll refresh my memory
and, uh...

Get another look
at what you gave up
college for.

Are you ok?

No, I'm not ok.

Mom and dad
are shippin' me off
to boarding school.

What boarding school?

Eleanor Roosevelt.

That's not
a boarding school.

Might as well be
a boarding school.

I have to leave
all my friends.

You'll make new friends.

Like Simon?
He went to a new school,

and now
he has no friends.

It's a very prestigious
private school.

Speak English.

If you get in,
you should be honored.
You should go.

No. I will not go.

They cannot make me.

I'm gonna run away
and join the circus.

If you run away
and join the circus,

you'll have to make
all new friends, too.

No, I won't.
My friend Sarah
will come with me

and work
with the monkeys,

and I'll perform
on horseback,

and then
when we're older,
we'll marry clowns.

You've put
way too much thought
into this circus idea.

Why has God
forsaken me? Why?

Did you tell
some girl

that I would
go to her party
this weekend?

Um, i--i was gonna
talk to you about that.

When were you gonna
talk to me about it?

I'm sorry.

my new friend Marie

who I feel will
no longer be my friend

if you don't
go to her party.

Well, my friend June
just called to inform me

that if I go
to this party,

which I didn't
know I was going to,

that I would
become the equivalent
of a social outcast

and can kiss
homecoming queen good-bye.

Professor talley?

Ah, Mr. Camden.

What may I do
for you?

Perhaps you want to tell me
some more sad tales?

Maybe you've thought up
some more reasons

why you failed
the pretest. Hmm?


I need help.

I'm sorry. I'm not good
with matters of the heart.

I'm a man of science.

I don't need help
with my love life.

I need help
with chemistry.

I don't get it
at all.

I'm completely lost.

No matter
how hard I try,

I still can't
make sense of it.

That's never
happened to me.


I've always been
good in science,

but not this.
I don't know
what to do.

And you're just
coming to me now,

a week
before the midterm?

I--i thought if I asked
you for help, you'd...

Look at it
as a sign of weakness.

I want to be a doctor.

Doctors are supposed to
know this stuff, right?

Asking for help
is not a sign of weakness.

It's a sign of maturity.

I guess I just didn't
want you to think

I didn't understand
the material.

When you made
a "d" on the pretest,

I think the cat
was out of the bag.

I didn't want you
to think I was stupid.

I doubt you're stupid.

I don't think
you would've made it

to your third year
of premed if you were.

Since the beginning
of the semester,

I have offered help
to any student who needs it.

All you had to do was ask.

In medicine,
as in many things in life,

knowing when
to ask for help

can mean the difference
between success and failure...

Sometimes, the difference
between life and death.

Here's a blank copy
of the pretest.

Stay here tonight.
Take it again.

But this time, use your text
and your study guides.

Then tomorrow
come by my office.

Anything you don't understand,
I'll help you with.


Mr. Camden.




Now? Go and study?


Why aren't we going in?

They're gonna
find out anyway.

I don't work here anymore.

My manager
had to let somebody go,

and since
i was last hired...

You were first fired.


I was fired.

So. You lost your job.

So what are you
going to do now?

Get another job.'

go ahead, lecture me.
I know you want to.


Well, what?

You're not gonna
lecture me?

No, I don't believe I am.

So you haven't
told mom and dad

about my losing
my job?


So are you or aren't you
gonna tell them?

This is killing me.

You want to know
what's killing me?


You have
so much potential,

and yet you find yourself
wandering aimlessly
through your young life,

getting fired from
one job after another.

Hey, this is
the first job
I've gotten fired from.

I quit the other ones.

But is this the way
you envisioned your life?

A minimum wage nomad

leaving a trail of
dead-end jobs in your wake?

I'm not gonna be
making minimum wage

for the rest of my life.

I've got plans...

Big plans.

Yeah, well, I've got news
for you, young lady.

Life is what happens
while you're making big plans.

I need some help.

Well, it's
about time you asked.


I've been waiting for you
to come to me, Mary.

So you're gonna help me?

Yes, I'm gonna help you.

All you had to do was ask.

Oh, this is great.

Oh, thank you.

It's just gonna be a loan,
and I'll pay you back,

and $500 should do it.

What are you
talking about?

What? I thought
you were gonna help me.

Well, I am.

I'm gonna help you
straighten out your life.

I'm gonna help you
get back on track,

set some goals,
get into college.


Ok. I get it. Um...

So you're gonna help me,
but only if I do

what you, mom,
and dad want me to do.

Well, I'm not gonna
just give you money.

You're not giving it to me.
It's a loan.

No. I'm sorry.

Come on.
I need the money.

I have bills to pay.

All right.

If you won't
enroll in college,

I have a friend who owns
a sporting goods store.

He needs a cashier.

It doesn't
sound like much,

but there's room
for growth, and...

If later on
you go to college,

they'll work around
your schedule.

So you'll call some guy

and get him
to get me a job,

but you won't
loan me any money?


I don't want to work
at a sporting goods store.

I guess this means
that you're telling
mom and dad

that I lost my job, too.

Oh, yes, you'd
like that, wouldn't you?

Then you wouldn't
have to do it.

No. You lost the job,
you tell them.


If you change your mind,

the offer of help
will always be there.

I won't change my mind.

I don't need help.
I need money.

So thank you
for nothing.

Oh. I was just about
to call the police.

Where you been
all night?

I was
at the library.

Not cleaning it,
i hope.

I'm sorry for earlier.

I was the one
that was out of line.

I was just scared.

I was looking to blame
anyone but myself

for failin'
that chemistry pretest.

And blaming was easier
than facin' the fact

that I didn't understand
the material
and I needed help.

And I ran
into Professor talley
at the library.

He's gonna
help me get ready
for the midterm.

Well, I'm so happy
that you're getting help,

I'm not even gonna say,
"i told you so."

Thanks. You're a pal.

Morning, boys.

Morning, ruthie.

What's wrong with you?

God let me down.


I don't want
to be mad at him,

but I don't want
to leave my friends

and go to a new school.


Does God make mistakes?

Ah, come here.

I don't think so.
I don't think so.

Can I tell you
a story?

Hop up there.

When I joined the corps,
i was just 18.

I was young and scared.

You were scared?

Yes, very much so.

I was about
to get on a bus

and leave everything
i knew behind,

and I didn't know
if I could do that.

So, how'd you do it?

One day at a time.

I remember thinking,

"how am I ever
gonna get through
this next 5 months?"

And then I thought,

"well, at least
i can get through
this one day."

And then the one day
turned into a week

and the week
into a month,

and the first thing
you know,

I had finished
basic training.

Well, sure, I missed

my friends
and my family,

but I made new friends,

and then
later on I realized

if I hadn't
gone down that road,

hadn't joined
the marines,

I never would have
met grandma Ruth

or had Eric or Julie.

So at first it seemed
scary and not so good,

but later on,
it all made sense.

Maybe it would
be a good idea

if you took a look
at this new school,

see what road
God is sending you down.

What you think of now
as a mistake

or a prayer unanswered

could end up being
just what you want.

Hey, ruthie, it's time
to get ready for school.

Can we still go
to that new school today?




What is this for?

Ruthie's tuition.

Oh, that's so sweet,

but ruthie qualifies
for a full scholarship.

Yeah, the only thing
keeping ruthie from
going there was...



We know you
came to visit
to check up on Mary,

but we don't want
you and mom
to worry.

And Mary's
gonna be fine.

She's gonna
go to college.

It's just a phase
she's goin' through.

It'll pass,
and she'll get
on with her life.

But if you need help...

I won't
hesitate to call.

Thank you.

Hi, Lucy. So, are you
coming to my party?

Simon said
you would come.

Yeah. I'm comin'.


Wait, wait.
You're going?

What about the election?
Are you dropping out?

No, I'm running.

Then what about
what your friend said--

none of the cool people
are gonna vote for you.

But all
the freshmen will.

And it doesn't
really matter,

because I'll probably
lose anyway.

No one ever said
i was gonna win.

Yeah, but still, you--

let's see,
be homecoming queen

or help out my brother
by going to a party?

It was close,
but I, uh, chose you.


I aced my test!

Ha ha!
Ha ha ha!


No, really.

If it weren't for you
helping me out at home,

I couldn't
go back to school.

It means so much to me.

Which is why
I'm helping you out.

I love you.

I love you, too.

They have horses.

The school
offers both English

and Western style

And there's
no homework.

We think the children
work hard all day.

At night they should
be free to relax
and be kids.

After all, we have them
7 hours a day.

Of course, if ruthie
wants to spend time at home

studying any subject
beyond the core curriculum,
we'll set up

an individual program
for her.

I might want
to do that,

considering I don't
have to be at school

till 10:00.

We have
a flexible schedule.

Students can start
as late as 10:00,

but then they go to 5:00.

Not every student
does his or her best work

early in the morning.

Plus, we have a 14-to-1
student-teacher ratio

and a whole list
of after-school
trips and projects.

Last year we took
a group of students

to the national gallery
in Washington, D.C.

And then met
the president.

Well. Ha ha ha.

I think ruthie
would be a wonderful
addition to our school.

If you have any questions,
please call.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

Thank you.

Bye, ruthie.

Boy, when God
answers a prayer,
he answers a prayer.

Does that mean you want
to go to school here?

Oh, yeah.

Please, I am begging you,
don't cancel my policy.

We can give you
2 more days to pay,
and that's it.

I know, but I got fired,

and you have to give me
more than a couple of days

to come up with the money.

We can't grant you
any more extensions,
miss Camden.

But I can't drive my car
without insurance.

Do you get it?

No car equals no job.

I have to have a car.

It's our policy
to inform--

look, you can tell
whoever you want

that you're canceling
my insurance,

but you can't stop me
from driving my own car.

Oh, yeah? Watch me!