7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 5, Episode 19 - Virgin - full transcript

Robbie wonders why Matt is suddenly so friendly, ignoring it's because Matt dates his ex Cheryl, who wants him to tell Robbie but doesn't push that, while Robbie spontaneously tells he studies a course with Heather, who needs his help. Simon feels a social outcast when nicknamed 'virgin Camden' because his mother assured Sasha's blabbermouth ma he's sexually inactive, but actually schoolgirls line up to date him. Viciously jealous, Annie meanly forces Eric to give up counseling Serena, yet denies that's her doing and sticks to her guns after Ruthie commends her as bitchy selfishness-model.

Where's Dad?

He's at the church.

Oh, well, I'll
talk to him later.

Is there something
I can help you with?

No, it's a Dad thing.

I need him to help
a friend.

Oh, I don't think my friend
would want to advertise

that she's asking for help.

It's okay,
I don't need to know.

Hi, remember me?

Yeah, of course.


Lucy's friend's sister.


Were you just leaving?

It's okay.

Sit down?

A-Are you sure?
I don't want to keep you.

No, it's fine, really.

What can I do for you?

Do you mind
if I take off my coat?

Not at all.

I'll take it for you.



I'm nervous.

I guess that's what's
making me so hot.

That and well,
I've never done this before.

Although, I probably should've
done it a long time ago.

And the thing is...

you're a minister.

What exactly brings you by?

I promised my daughter
that I would get some help

in changing my life.

I want to change my life.

I... I have to change my life,

or I'm going to lose
my daughter.

And my daughter
is all that I have.

I'll be happy to do
whatever I can for you.

Who is she?
What's her name?

Does she work
at the hospital?

Promise you won't
say anything

to anyone about this,
not even Priscilla.

No, no, I can't
promise that.

And why would I have to?

Unless it is someone
who works at the hospital

and Priscilla knows her.

Just promise me,
and I'll tell you

why you can't say anything
to Priscilla.

I can't.

I tell Priscilla everything.

We don't have secrets
from each other.

Yeah, but this is my secret.

I don't need Priscilla
to help me out, I need you.

Priscilla and I are happy to
keep your secret together...

just between the three of us.

Just forget it.

Look, I got to go.

I told Robbie I'd take him
to pick up his car.

You volunteered to help Robbie?

Yes, I did.

I'm glad I caught you.

One of the parents offered
to drive me to the mechanic's,

so I have my car.

I just didn't get a chance
to call you.

Oh, no problem.

But I would have been happy
to take you.

Hey, John.

Hey, Robbie, sit down.

I have to go.

I'll see you at home.

We should both go.

When's dinner
going to be ready?

As soon as your
father gets home.

But I'm starving.

Well, don't tell that to me,

tell that to your dad.




When are you
coming home for dinner?

I'm starving.

Well, I got... I got held up
at the office.

Uh, go ahead without me, and
I'll get there as soon as I can.

Probably about, uh,
half an hour.


He says to eat without him.

He's going to be
another half an hour.

He's laughing with some woman.

I'm sorry I'm so late.

Something came up.

I heard.
A woman?

Yeah, a woman you know.

Lucy's friend's mother.

Ashley's mother, Serena.


she promised Ashley
she'd get some help.


I'm helping her.

No, you're not
going to help her.

Although I have no objections

to you getting her some
help with someone else.


Sorry, I'm just
not comfortable

with that woman
being in your office

every week for a
counseling session.

Twice a week.

Twice a week with
another therapist.

Look, I understand if you're
upset that I missed dinner.

I'm not upset that
you missed dinner.

You miss dinner
all the time.

I don't miss dinner
all the time.

Over the years,
you've missed dinner

many, many times because you
were helping someone in need,

and I'm used to that.

But I'm not used to
your missing dinner

because you're flirting
with some single woman

who happens to just
drop by your office

to have a good time.

And I have no intention
of getting used to it,

so get someone else
to help her.

Annie. Annie.

Come on, what is this about?

I have no interest
in this woman.

But this woman has
an interest in you.

I saw it when you met her.

And you never see it.

You never see it
when a woman

is blatantly
flirting with you.

If you're not comfortable
with my helping Serena,

I'll find someone
else for her.


Thank you.

Is my dinner in the oven?


So, how was dinner?

Oh, you missed it.
It was great.

Homemade chicken pot pie
with this really flaky crust.

And there's nothing left.

Are you kidding?

When Mom said you
were grabbing a burger,

Ruthie nearly
stabbed me with a fork

trying to get your share.

I mean, delicious.

How was the burger?

I'll let you know.

What was dessert?

Apple pie, the real thing.


No, all gone, Mom had seconds.

Is Dad home?

He just left.

Why wasn't he
home for dinner?

I didn't ask.

Have you made up with Sasha yet?

We're not making up;
we're just friends.

We still speak to each other,
we're just not going out.

And you're okay with that?

I'm the one who wanted to break
up with her in the first place.

I know, I meant are you happy
being just friends with her?

Because she doesn't strike me
as the platonic type.

I'm fine with it.

I mean, she's a nice person.

She just wasn't
the right person for me.

And is Mom still friends
with her mom?

Our mom had Sasha's mom
over for coffee.

Hmm. Well, no one told me.

Yeah, Mom thinks
Sasha's mom needs friends,

friends who can help her
be a better parent.

Fine with me.

Then fine with me.

Good night.


Dad's still not home?

He came.
He left.

Is he going out with that woman?

What woman?
The woman he was
laughing it up with.

The woman who made him
late for dinner.

Oh, so that's why we didn't have
to save him anything for dinner.


You know, I'm sure he just went
to get something to eat,

so I think you and Simon should
just run along, go to bed now.

It's 8:00.

Okay, so just run along.


Yeah, why?

Because you probably have
a lot of homework to do.

No, don't have any.

Me neither.

And I came down here
for a reason.

I came to get juice for Robbie.

Oh, I can get it.

Maybe you didn't hear me.

I'm getting it.

It's for your archenemy, Robbie?

No, I heard it.

I'll get it.

I don't have any enemies.

Why are you in such a hurry
to get us out of the kitchen?

"Why" is such a terrible
question, really.

I mean, every time

you ask why,
a "because" follows.

And every time

you say "because,"
another "why" is asked.

Look, if you want to make
a phone call in private,

you can just take that
into any corner

or closet or bathroom
in the house.

Who's he calling?

Obviously, some woman.

He never minded calling women
in front of us in the past.

Don't go there.


To the place that makes you want

to snoop around for information.



Mom said Dad was home;
I wanted to talk to him.

He was home, but he
went to get a burger.

Well, I thought he already
went out for a burger.

If he did, he's going out
for another one.

I wanted to ask him about
helping a friend.

It must be nice to have friends.

You have friends at school,
don't you?

Not really.

That's not possible.

It's possible.

But what happened
to the two friends

you had fighting over you?

I lost.


The one from my old school,

she found a new best friend

and now she doesn't
have time for me.

And the one from my new school,

well, she was just making
friends with me

so she could find out
what I'm really like

and tell her real friends.

You know, because
I'm the new kid.

And what'd she tell them?

That we're poor.


Yep, she told them that
this isn't our house,

our dad makes no money, and our
mom really makes no money,

and that my big sister
threw her out of the house.

I did not throw her out.
I asked her to leave.

And that was months ago.

I don't care.

I don't want to be friends
with a bunch of snobs anyway.

I just like the school.

They've got
a lot of great stuff,

and the teachers are smart.

But you need friends at school.

And I thought a third
of the girls there

are on scholarship,
just like you.

Yeah, supposedly.

But there's no way
of knowing which ones.

I mean, I can't just
walk up to a girl

and ask her if she's poor, too.

Wait a minute,
I do know of one girl.

So you should make an effort
to be friends with her.

She's probably just as lonely
as you are.

Well, she could be.


We talked about getting
together, but we never did.

I'll talk to her

Ruthie came down
for some juice for me,

but she must have
gotten distracted.

Oh, I'm afraid
I distracted her.

Hey, you don't know
any reason that Matt

is being really nice
to me, do you?


Maybe Matt, like
the rest of the family,

is getting to know
you and like you,

so he's treating you like he
would treat anyone else.

No, I don't think that's it.

I feel like getting out
for awhile.

Do you want to play some pool?

Uh, no thanks.

I just came down to look
for a pencil sharpener.

I've got homework.

I put it
in the junk drawer.



Hey, Annie, this is Serena.
How are you?

I'm fine.

I was looking for Eric.

Oh, he just walked in.

Let me get him for you.

It's for you.

It's your girlfriend,
the funny one.


I just wanted to call
and tell you

what an incredible afternoon
I had.

I'm sorry Serena, I couldn't
hear what you were saying.

Listen, we need to talk.

Julia, wait.

I've been meaning
to call you.



I want you to come
over Saturday.


Because I thought
we could be friends.


Because it's nice
to have a friend.

No, why specifically did you
think we should be friends?

Well, a couple of weeks ago...

I hope you're not going
to try to embarrass me

by bringing up the fact that my
mother was out of work,

and we didn't have money to eat
three meals a day.

I wasn't trying
to embarrass you.

I just thought that
since I'd help you

that maybe we could be friends.

Oh, I knew you'd want something
for all that.

I wasn't expecting
anything in return.

Yes, you were.

You were expecting me
to be your friend...

and I can't.

You're right,
but why can't you?

Because now you know
all my little secrets.

And if you were friends with me,

you would be friends
with my friends.

And you might tell them.

So you already have friends?


And none of them know
that I was temporarily poor.

All they know is that now

my mother is a big executive
at a bank.

And that's all I want
them to know.

But I won't tell them anything.

I can't take that chance.

We can't be friends.

I thought you already
left for work.

No, I was waiting to make
sure your car starts.

If it doesn't,

I can drop you off.

Uh, that's okay, it'll start.

You know, maybe you should
put a new battery in it.

Yeah, maybe, but I can't
afford a new battery.

I could loan you the money.

No, really, the battery
will be fine.

Well, you know, just... just
let me know if it's not fine.

I will. I will.

I have to ask.

Why are you being nice to me?

Well, I... feel
a little guilty, actually.

Guilty about what?

Well, I didn't exactly welcome
you into the house here,

and I should have.

I was wrong about you,
and now I feel guilty.

You shouldn't feel guilty.

I totally understand why you
would have a hard time

with me being here.

It makes me feel bad that you
feel guilty, so please, stop.

I'll try.

Are you sure that's it?

That's it.



Good morning.

Good morning to you, too.

So did you tell him?

I didn't.

Matt, if you want to go out
with me

you have to tell Robbie.

Well, I know, I just
wanted to hear your voice

before I left for work
and classes.

I have a really long day.


And after a really long day,

I'd really like
to see you again.

I'd really like to see
you again, too.

So, what are you waiting for?

Are you waiting to see if things

are going to work out between
the two of us first?

Because that's not fair.

How's anything going to work out
if we're sneaking around?

Here's the thing,

I have this feeling
that Robbie already knows.

And he already knows
and isn't saying anything,

why am I going to just
come out and tell him?

Because I want to know
that he knows.

But why?

Because I don't care

if he already knows or not.

If you don't say anything,
it looks like

we're hiding because we think
we're doing something wrong.

If this is really
about you and me

and not about you and Robbie,
then tell him.

But if this is about you and me,

why do we have to involve

You know why.

If you don't think it's wrong
to go out with me

then tell him you're going out
with me.

And if I'm not busy,
then I'll go out with you.

Don't be busy, please?

I want to see you tonight.


But I asked you out for tonight,
three days ago.

And I said I'd go,
but only if...

I tell Robbie, I got it.

Look, I'll tell him today,
and I'll pick you up at 8:00.

Oh, I was
looking for you.

I know, I was avoiding you.


Wait. What's going on?

You tell me.

I don't know what's
going on, honest.

Did you ask your dad
to help my mom?

I never got a chance.

Your mom dropped by to see
him before I said anything.

You know he's referring her
to someone else.

I heard, but a referral
can be helpful.

But you told me about all
your friends your dad helped.

Friends with drug problems,
friends with alcohol problems,

friends with family problems,
problems that seem a lot worse

than the problems
my mom's having.


So, is he refusing
to help my mom

because I'm not
really your friend

or because she can't be
helped or what?

No, neither, none of that.

I don't really know why my dad
referred her to someone else.

But I'm sure he had
a good reason.

Well, it doesn't matter
what the reason was.

Now she's never going
to get any help.

She's not comfortable going
to anyone else.

Hey, Virgin Camden,
how's it going?

What did you just call me?

Well, Sasha's mom had coffee
with my mom, you know,

because I have a sister
who's a senior.

And now Sasha's mom is out
making friends

because your mom told her
it was a good idea.


And Sasha's mom said
that your mom told her

that you're a virgin.


And it's not like anyone
thought anything else.

It's just, you know,
now Sasha's mom's

is like an advertisement
for you.

She's having a lot of coffee
with a lot of moms.

Dr. James Henry--
ready in room three...

Dr. James Henry--
ready in room three.

What's wrong with you?


What are hiding?

And who are you
hiding it from?

And why didn't you want me
to talk to Robbie yesterday?

No reason, really.

Oh, no.

What... "oh, no"?

Priscilla said
you were probably

dating Robbie's
old girlfriend.

Are you dating Robbie's
old girlfriend?

Are you dating

Not exactly.

You know, and why did you say
anything to Priscilla?

I told you.

We tell each
other everything.

Yeah, but you don't know

So, tell me.

All right, I'm dating Cheryl.

I'm not dating her,
but I bumped into her

in a restaurant, and we went
to a movie afterwards,

and I'd like to go out
with her again.

But she won't go out with me

unless I tell Robbie that
we're seeing each other.

With all the women
who live in Glenoak,

why do you have to date
Robbie's ex-girlfriend? Why?


Because why?

There is no why.

All there is, is what is.

And what is,
is that I'm dating Cheryl.

All I have to do is get up
enough courage to tell Robbie.

That's where you come in.

Oh no, no, no.
I'm not coming in.

I'm not coming into this mess.

No, I just thought if you could
feel Robbie out

on the subject of Cheryl...


Because to tell you the truth,

I think he kind of suspects.

And maybe if he suspects,

he'd tell you he thinks
I'm seeing her.

And then you could ask him,

just hypothetically of course,
how he feels about it.


Because for all we know,
he might not even care

if I go out with her or not.


But why?


Before you say anything,

I just want you to know
that I was sincerely

seeking help yesterday when I
went by to see your husband.

I'm sorry if he
was late coming home.

I'm sorry if he
missed dinner.

I'm sorry I caused
any trouble at all.

It's okay, he's missed
dinner before.

Annie, yesterday afternoon your
husband offered to see me

twice a week free of charge,
if that's what it took

to get my life headed
in a better direction.

He went out of his way to
make me feel comfortable

and to encourage me.

I was so psyched.

And then he comes home,

and all of a sudden he
refers me to someone else.

I know he changed his
mind because of you,

and I don't blame you.

I know what a flirt I am.

And we were having a really good
time yesterday afternoon,

so I don't blame you
if you're jealous.

If I had a husband like that,

I'd probably never let him
leave the house.

Please, give me another chance.

I promise to stick to business
when I'm in those sessions.

Honest, I will.

Serena, I'm sure if Eric
referred you to someone else,

he feels you'd be better off
with someone else.

I don't like to get involved
in his counseling.

But you are involved.

I'm sorry, I have to go.

So, how was your day?

I tried to make a friend,
but it didn't work out.


Because the girl is a loser.

So, what's for dinner?

Beef stew.

Is Dad going to be home tonight,

or can I get dibs
on his portion now.

He's going to be home tonight.


After a bad day, an extra piece
of meat can be real nice.

Why is this girl a loser?

What girl?

The girl you tried
to be friends with.

Oh, because she could
be friends with me

which would make her a winner

because I'm a great friend
to have.

But she declined.


I know that this girl must have
hurt your feelings.

Not really.

I should have expected it.

That's what I get
for helping someone.

"Don't be helpful. Be harmless."

That's what Dad always says.

Yeah, he does say that,
doesn't he?

Thanks for reminding me.

Just out of curiosity,
this isn't the girl

who you were protecting
a couple of weeks ago?

The girl whose identity
you kept secret?

The girl you were helping?
Is it?

Yeah. That one.

Oh, that makes
me very angry.

If I knew who
this girl was,

I would want
to have a word
with her mother.

Don't let her do it,

Can we have
a private conversation?


Where's Dad? I want
to talk to him.

I don't know, but I want
to talk to him, too.

Well, while you're
both waiting for Dad,

can we talk alone?

We should go upstairs.

So, what is this about?

Did you and Sasha's mom talk

about my experience with women
or lack thereof?

Not exactly.

I just told her that
you are not sexually active.

And why did you do that?

Because we were talking
about things,

and those were the things

we were talking about.

You and Sasha and...
and... and sex.

Are you trying to kill me?

I mean, is that what
you're trying to do?

No. I'm not trying
to do anything to you.

I'm trying to do something
for Sasha.

So I talked to her mother.

Well, now Sasha's mother is
telling all the other mothers,

and you know what they're
calling me at school?

Virgin Camden.

Is that so bad?

Can I get an extension
on the deadline?

This isn't school.

Well, in a way, it's school.

I mean, I'm learning a lot.

What are you learning?

Well, for one, I'm learning
who my friends are.

And I'm learning that
I really care about you

because I can't stop
thinking about you.

You don't even know me.

And what I'm getting
to know about you,

other than you're smart
and you're sexy and you're fun,

is that you are also
a big procrastinator.

This is my only night off
this week, so...

So I'll hang up the phone
and stop procrastinating.

Tell Robbie.

I'll tell him, but how?

I mean, how do you say,
"Well, you don't care

if I go out with your old
girlfriend Cheryl, do you?"

Sounds good to me.

The truth always sounds good
to me.

You don't care if I go out

with your old girlfriend
Cheryl, do you?

Yeah, that works.

How was your day?


Serena came by.

Did you tell her
that I said

I didn't want you to help her?

No, I didn't.

Are you sure?

Because that's what she said.

That I said that you said
I couldn't help her?

I'd never do that.
I'd never say that.


'Cause I'd look like a total...

Oh, wrong answer.

What's the right answer?

The right answer is
you don't want to help her

because you doubt her sincerity
in asking you for help.

But I don't doubt her sincerity.

You doubt her sincerity.

Well, you don't have to tell her
that I said that.

I didn't.

What did you tell her?

That after talking to her,

I thought about her situation
a little more

and that I would recommend she
see my friend Cynthia Sugar,

a woman who counsels women,
because I think

she would be the perfect person
for her to talk with.

Well, she thinks
I had something to do

with you recommending her
to someone else.

Not because of anything I said.

Well, then, you must not
have said it right

or she wouldn't come by here
begging me to let you help her.

Annie, I know you're not happy
about my helping this woman,

but I think you're even
unhappier with yourself

for telling me not to help her.

Is that what you think?

Oh, I thought
you had left.

I'll let you get
ready for your date.

No, no. That's okay.
I'm ready.

Um... What are
you doing tonight?

I'm not sure.

Probably just studying
with a friend.

Do you need a ride or anything?


The car is working
fine, but thanks.

Have you to talked to Mary?

No, I haven't.

I've been trying
to give her some room

so she doesn't feel pressured
into coming home.

But I'd really
like her back here.

Do you think
she's seeing Wilson?


That must be tough,
knowing somebody you love

is out with another man, huh?

Yeah, it is tough.

But what are you going to do?


What can you do?


Yeah. You know, what goes on
between a man and a woman

is between that man and woman,

and no other man or woman,
no matter what man or woman

that man or woman has been with
in the past.

Don't you agree?

Yes. I do agree.

So I'd better be going.

Yeah. Have a nice time.



Hey, Julia.

My mom yelled at me
about not being your friend.

So now I have
to be friends with you

because you helped me and stuff.

But you better not tell anyone.

Why don't we just not be friends
and not tell your mom?



That's awfully nice of you
to do that.

Well, I'm a nice person.

That's why I took the risk
of getting kicked out of school

just to feed you.

But it's not like I didn't get
anything out of it myself,

so you don't owe me a thing.

What did you get
out of helping me?

It was fun.

I liked sneaking around
and hiding in the closet.

I like to do things for people.

But, hey, helping someone
can go either way.

Sometimes people are grateful
for the help, sometimes not.

That's life.

So, believe me, you don't
have to be my friend.

But I can lie and tell my mom
you're my friend?

Tell her anything you want.

Can I talk to you alone?

If it's about Serena,
maybe we shouldn't talk.

I can't leave it alone.

I promised Ashley
that I would talk to Dad

about helping Serena,
and now I can't

because I overheard
your conversation.

Why are you so set
against Dad helping Serena?

I don't want to talk about it.

I know I'm only 18,
and I'm still your child,

but I would be grateful
if you would

treat me like a friend
and a woman in this situation,

and honestly tell me
what's going on.

I'd like to, but I can't.

Why? Because you're wrong?


Oh, hi, Julia's mom.

I'm Ruthie's mom.

You look like you just
got run over by a truck.

What's up?

Haven't you heard?

The whole school
is calling me
"Virgin Camden,"

thanks to Mom, who
talked to Sasha's mom,

who talked to a whole
bunch of other moms,

and now my reputation
is ruined,

and she just
doesn't get it.

It's not funny.

It's kind of funny.

How is it funny?

It's just that your mom tries
so hard

to do the right thing, and...

Remember when you told me

she kissed you at school
one day, and you nearly died?


It's kind of like that,
only more excruciating.

But, in time,
it'll be a very funny story.

Funnier than the kissing story.

No, it won't.


Will you come down here
a minute?


What's up?

Julia's mother called.

Did you tell Julia
to lie to her mother?



Well, because
her mother told her

she had to be friends with me,
and she doesn't want to.

So I told her
to tellher we're friends.

But that's a lie.
You told Julia to lie.

Yeah, but isn't making someone
be friends with someone

making them live a lie?


Can't you just explain it
to her mother?

Julia doesn't want
to be friends with me.

It's okay. So I helped her.
So what?

How is it that you're
self-esteem is so high

that you're not driven
to please people?

How is it
that you don't get hurt

when someone doesn't approve
of you or want you for a friend?

You should know.
I get it from you.


When you helped
out Sasha's mom

by telling her personal stuff
about Simon.

You didn't care
if Simon liked you or not.

And he's your
own family,

your own son,
your own flesh and blood.

And look what you did to Dad.

You told him not
to help that
laugher, Serena.

And you didn't care
if Serena liked it or not,

or if Dad liked it or not.

You did your own thing.

You're an individual.

You go, girl!


Hi. This is Jane Carrington.

I was hoping
to speak with Simon.

This is Simon. Hi.

Hi. I was wondering
if you'd be available

to go out to the movies,
maybe on Saturday afternoon?

Are you asking me out?

I know
I don't know you that well,

but I like
what I've heard about you.

What have you heard?

Well, you know.

You want to go out with me

Because you have
a very good reputation.

Sasha's mom told my mom
that your mom said

that you aren't, well...
ready to... you know.


And, well, I'm not ready.

And I'd enjoy going out with
a guy when there's no pressure.

It will be a nice change.

It's just the movies, and it
would be in the afternoon.

I have a car;
I can drive us.

So, I guess
you didn't tell Robbie.

No, but, but he knows.

Can I please come in, please?

No, but you can explain
what you just said

and why you're here after not
saying anything to Robbie.

That was my one stipulation
for going out with you.

You had one more.

I had to agree
to treat you right,

and I'm treating you right.

Look, Robbie knows.

I know he knows.

I tried to tell him tonight,
but he stopped me.

He said that what goes on
between a man and a woman

is no one else's business.

Robbie Palmer said that?

Okay, I said it,
but he agreed with me.

That is so lame.

Why can't you just tell him?

You don't know that he knows.

I don't know for sure,
but I think Robbie knows that

I'm seeing you
or trying to see you,

and he doesn't want
to talk about it.

I wouldn't want
to talk about it

if Robbie were seeing
my old girlfriend.

You know, it's a guy thing.

We don't have to talk about
everything like you women do.

What if we go out
and bump into him somewhere?

If I know Robbie,
he'll just look the other way.

Look, can't we just make this
relationship about the two of us

and not about the two of us
and your old boyfriend?

That sounds sort of reasonable.

Thank you.

Come in.

I'll get my coat.

I'm so sorry to put you
through so much trouble.

It's no trouble at all.

I was really sick
with the flu

and couldn't seem to shake it.

It's really hard
to catch up

once you missed
a week of classes.

I'm happy to help.

Does Matt know that we
have the same class?


It's probably best.

I'm not really sure
if it's best.

I was going
to ask you about that.

When we started class
in January,

it seemed like

a bad time to tell Matt I see
you every day

because he was so upset about
my moving in and everything.

I remember.

But now I feel like maybe
I should mention it.

Then mention it.

My new boyfriend knows we have
the same class

and that we study together.

He doesn't care.

Why should Matt?

You feeling okay?

Okay, but not great.

Can I go get you some medicine
or something?

I'll be fine.

You sure?

I'm sure.

You don't have to knock.

So, what's new?


I've done this before.

It's just been a long time.

Done what before?

Do you remember in the early
years of our marriage

when I thought that every woman
who came to see you

was trying
to steal you away from me?


Well, I did.

But over the years, I...

came to learn
that every woman who comes

to see you is not trying
to steal you away from me...

just a few of them.

But I've also learned

that I can always,
always trust you.

I love you, Annie.

I know.

And I love you.

But despite the fact that
you're a happily married man

with seven children,

there are some women who want
to test that commitment

or who don't care
about it.

They want more than counseling.

They want physical contact,

and I think Serena
is one of those women.

I don't care
if you think I'm jealous.

I don't care if you think
I'm misjudging her,

and I don't care if she thinks
I'm jealous or misjudging her.

I know I'm not wrong.

So go ahead

and help her because I trust you
and you want to help her

and Lucy wants you to help her.

I referred her to someone else.

I mean, if she doesn't want
to go, it's up to her.

I don't have to help her.

No, I really think you do.

We've both made it
too important

to act as if it's not.

Besides, I'm not afraid
of a challenge.

And like I said before,
I trust you.

It's just that if you knew
how much help...

All I want to know is when
she makes her move,

and then I want an apology
from you for not trusting me.

Sorry about earlier.

It was nice of you
to offer to talk to me.

I'm sorry I reacted the way I
did when you turned me down.

Really, I shouldn't
have butted in.

It's between you and Dad.

Well, Ashley is your friend.

We know each other and I would
like us to be friends,

but I think I was a little too
anxious to help Ashley

so she would be friends with me,
and that's not right.

And I was trying to reap
the benefits of having

a father who helps people
for a living

and that's not right either.

Well, helping people
can be complicated.

That's why
your dad is always warning us

to be harmless
instead of helpful.

I should pay attention to that.

It's probably one
of those lessons

I have to learn over and over.

When you're older,
you and I will be adult friends,

and we can talk about
everything, but not yet.

That's fine with me.

Just please know
I'm always on your side.

You're my mom.

It's probably for Simon...


Did you know you actually made
popular Simon even more popular?

I don't know how you do it.

Look, I'm sorry,
but I already made plans.

I'm embarrassed to say,

but I have plans
for next weekend, too.

Well, I'm flattered you asked,
but that's a long time from now.

Isn't it past
your bedtime?

Way past.

I was waiting around
till you and Mom make up.

I can't sleep when you two
are angry with each other.

Well, then sleep well,
my little friend

because the two of us are not
angry with each other.

You don't seem
so sure about that.

I-I'm sure.

Okay, if you say so.

I think I have a compromise

that will make everyone involved
in my life very happy.


Let's go to bed.

Virgin Camden.

Yeah, it's just a little joke.

You've got to have a sense
of humor about these things.

Night, Mom, I love you.

I love you, too.

Yeah, we always say good night
around here.

Family is

very important to me.

Who knew that virtue
turned women on?


Good night.


I want to thank you
for insisting

we go out tonight.

I had a really nice time.

Could we go out
again then?

Sure, I'd love to.

I'd still be more comfortable
if something was said to Robbie,

but, yes, I'd go out with you

You know, just in case you're
thinking about kissing me,

I don't kiss on the first date.

Oh, liar.

And this is sort
of our second date.

And what makes you think I was
thinking about kissing you?

Are you thinking
about kissing me?

I was, but now all this talk
has made me very nervous

about it, so I think I won't.

Thanks for the flowers
and the candy. Good night.

Are you sleeping?

I, you know, I took
into consideration

everything you said,
and I think you'll be happy

to know that although
I am going help Serena,

I'm going to have her
come into a group session

for single parents.

How does that sound?

It sounds very naive,
but I love you.

Good night.

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

Oh, I came by to see John.

I came by to see John, too.

Well, where is he?

What's he doing here
with Heather?

I'm not here to see John.

And I should have
told you this before.

Heather and I have a class

She's been out a week
with the flu.

I went over to help her study

and she got sick
and I brought her here.

John just took her to get
a prescription filled.

Look, Heather
and I are just friends.

You are...


We're just friends.

We're not dating.

She has a boyfriend.

Look, Heather
and I almost got married.

You really should have told me.

What happened to... "What goes
on between a man and a woman

is between that man and woman"?

I'm not an idiot.

I'm-I'm gonna go.