7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 5, Episode 18 - Apologize - full transcript

Robbie is told last, despite Camden's advice for her to be open, that Mary has bumped into her ex Wilson, who does a course in Buffalo, and agreed to a dinner at his place. Robbie is doubly...


Good job.
Good job, guys.

Why can't
we play soccer?

Yeah, we want
to play soccer.

Well, we can't play soccer today
because the field is too wet.


Because it rained.


Why did it rain?

I asked you.

Hi, would I be
in your way

if I used the other end
of the court?

I just wanted to
take a study break.

I just need ten,
15 minutes.

Sure, sure.

Something wrong?

You look so much like
a friend of mine.

You could be her twin.



Look at Mary.

You gave them seven kids.

Can't you give them
call waiting?



Oh, hi, Mary.

I thought Jeremy moved.

Fortunately, he took
my number with him.

So, you two are what?


Well, I knew that.

You mean, what are
we to each other?

I don't know.

So, if someone else
asked you out, would you go?

I don't have
that problem.

I have that problem.

Maybe you should
talk to Matt.

He's had more experience

with long-distance

I'll get him.

No, I don't want you
to get Matt.

I want to talk to you.

Does it have to be me?

Yes, you've had
old boyfriends

come back into
your life before.

Well, it's just I don't
want to hear anything

that will put me
in the middle.

I like Robbie.

Well, Robbie's not
an old boyfriend.

He's the current boyfriend.

Who's the old boyfriend?

Go way back.

Years back.

Am I supposed to guess?

Well, how hard can it be?


Wilson called you?

No, I ran into him
at the train station.

He's doing an internship
this quarter

and going to school
in the summer.

He says it's easier to get
an internship that way.

But he had no idea
I was in Buffalo,

and I had no idea
he was in Buffalo.

That's really wild.

Yeah, so what do I do about it?

First of all, you should
tell Robbie about it.

Let me speak to Mom.

I thought you
wanted my advice.

I got your advice.

Now, I want
a second opinion.

Mom, it's Mary!

Don't let everyone in the house
know I'm on the phone.

You remember our
house, don't you?

I'm not happy.

About what?

I'm not Happy,
our dog Happy.

It's not polite
to just yell out

my name and expect me
to come running.

I'm sorry.


Mary needs you.
She's on the phone.

She needs some advice.

She ran into Wilson West
at the train station today.

He's in Buffalo
doing an internship.

Uh, you really should tell
Robbie about this.

Long-distance relationships
are really tricky.

It's good to tell

100% of the truth
100% of the time.

Well, why can't I
just tell Robbie

that I bumped into Wilson

and we were thinking
about having dinner sometime?

Do you understand 100%?

Do you understand
telling the truth?


Put them together.

But it's just a dinner.

And do I have to tell Robbie
every little thing all the time?

Didn't we just
cover this?

It's Mary.

She ran into Wilson
today in Buffalo.

He's doing an internship.

She's thinking about
having dinner with him.

What's the part that you
don't want to tell Robbie?

The part where I felt happy
to see Wilson.

She was happy to see Wilson.

I don't think you should
tell Robbie that,

but you should mention
that you ran into Wilson

and that you'd like to
have dinner with him.

And depending on how
that makes him feel,

otherwise, you know, you
might just have Wilson

come over and visit
at the colonel's.

That might seem a little
less threatening.

But you let Mom go out
with her old boyfriend.

We're married.

What's your point?

That Robbie and I
should get married

and then I can go out
to dinner with Wilson?

What is so wrong with
my having dinner with Wilson

and not saying anything
to Robbie about it?

Oh... so many things.

It's leaving out information.

It's lying by omission,
and if you still have

feelings for Wilson, then
you're even lying to yourself

because it's not just a dinner.

Why is everyone in here?

We're talking to Mary.

She bumped into
Wilson today.
And she's thinking

about having dinner with him.

You can't have dinner
with Wilson...

at least
not without telling Robbie.

And who are you?

It's me.
It's Simon.

I meant, and who are you
to tell me what to do?


♪ You know I'm rolling
every night and day ♪

♪ You can hear me coming
from a mile away ♪

♪ Just like thunder
coming down the street ♪

♪ I'm a bolt of lightning
with a heart of steel ♪

♪ I got a city
underneath my wheels ♪

♪ Take my advice... ♪

I had no idea you could dance.

Mary taught me.

Where is everyone anyway?

They're all upstairs.

What are they all
doing upstairs?

Talking to Mary.

What's going on with Mary?

I don't know.

But if she's going
to call this much,

she should just
move back home.

♪ You know I'm rolling
every night and day ♪

♪ You can hear me coming... ♪

It's Mary.

She's not calling from jail,
is she?

Oh, man, is she?


Oh, hi.

So, so you're home.

Yeah, I just came in.

I was playing basketball
with the little guys

and the funniest thing happened.


This girl, this woman,
what's a girl at 19?

A woman.

Yeah, okay.

So, this woman comes up,
taps me on the shoulder,

I turn around, and it's you.


She plays basketball,

she goes to college
on a academic scholarship

and she looks like
she could be your twin.

So she's me, but a better me?

I'm sorry, what part
of this is funny?

No, she's not better.

I didn't say she was better.

Yes, you did.

No, I didn't.

I wanted to tell you because...

Marie's dropping by here to give
me her notes in Statistics.


She aced the course.

I'm having a little trouble
with it.

Oh, really.

She saved everything,
even the test.

It will be a big help.

I bet it'll be a big help.

It's like the Twilight Zone.
I'm telling you.

I wish you were here
to meet her.

You have any idea
what's going on with Mary?

No, why?
She just
hung up on me

for absolutely no reason.

There must be a reason.

Well, I'd like to know
what it is.

I was just telling her
about this girl,

this woman I met named Marie
who looks exactly like her.

And you don't think she
should find this upsetting?

Why would she?

Take my word for it,

long-distance relationships
are very tricky.

You know, Mary's in Buffalo,

she's all alone,
she's working hard,

she comes home,
she talks to you

and you spend the
afternoon with a woman

who looks just like her.

She's jealous, you moron.

And she's insecure.

Look, call her back.
Tell her, uh...

tell her you got hit in the head
with a basketball

and you dreamed the whole thing,

and then stay far, far away
from this Marie.

It's not that you're not
passionate about your advice.

It's just that...

well, when was the last time
you were in a relationship?

When was the last time
you even had a date?

Hey, just because
I don't bring home

and my former girlfriends,

doesn't mean I don't date,

If the invitation is still open,

I would love to go out to dinner
with you.

Oh, I'm afraid the invitation
was to stay in for dinner.

I have to take care of Billy
and we're in a new place

and I don't want to leave him
with a babysitter I don't know.

Then I would be happy
to come over there.

You can't believe what
a nice thing it was for me

bumping into you like that.

I don't know anyone here
and I'm working really hard

and I'm so lonely
I can hardly stand it.

Can't wait to see you.

Yeah, it'll be nice.

We can catch up.

And we can have
a really nice dinner.

I've really learned how to cook.

Um, you're still crazy about
spaghetti and meat sauce, right?

Yes, I am.

Well, then come on over
any time you like.

The sooner the better.

I'm on my way.

Do you think Mary will
go out with Wilson?

Well, it depends on what
Robbie's reaction is.

If Robbie doesn't have
a problem with it,

then I'm sure Mary'll go
have dinner with Wilson.

And if he does object?

Then I'm even surer Mary will
go have dinner with Wilson.


you think she'll go out
with Wilson?

I hope not.

I don't think it's a good idea.

In fact, I think
it's a really bad idea.

But either way,
I hope she tells Robbie.

I think she won't
tell Robbie anything.

I think she'll go
out with Wilson.

And I think years from now,
she'll end up married to Wilson.

Why do you think that?

Because Mary likes doing what
no one else wants her to do.

And you want to know
what else I think?

I'm afraid to ask.

I'll tell you--
I think Robbie'll find himself

a nice girl
and settle down, and soon.

And I think you're wrong.

I do, too.

Wilson is not a threat.

And Robbie
probably wouldn't

even mind if Mary went out
to dinner with him.

Robbie's not
the jealous type.

That's not my
point at all.

I don't think
Robbie's the jealous type,

although Mary is
the jealous type.

I just think that
Robbie never had

anything stable in his life.


And Mary had stability
all her life.

So now she wants something else,

like a single,
widowed, teenage dad.

Where do you
get all of this?

When I was little,
I liked to snoop.

And now that
I'm growing up,

my snooping has
turned into...


I'm very good
at observing people.

I think you're a little
overconfident, aren't you?

We'll see.






Mary, Mary.

Mary, Mary!

It's Marie.

No, you're Mary.

Take our word for it.


Is Robbie home?

If I had thought that statistics
were going to be involved

in teaching, then I probably
would have picked another major.

But you said you
aced the course.

Not without
a lot of hard work.

What do you want
to teach?

I'll probably teach math.

But what I really
want to do

is coach high school basketball.

Getting involved in sports
really changed my life.

Uh, Robbie, a word?

Excuse me just for a moment?

Th-This is...
this is sick.

What is sick?

You're supposed to be
in love with my sister.

I know.
Well, get rid of her.

I can't. She just came by
to drop off her stat notes.

She's doing me a favor.
But you're not that stupid
when it comes to women.

She's not just loaning
you her stat notes;
she's hitting on you.

I don't think so.

You are that stupid.

Let me tell you
who's gonna get hit:

the guy who doesn't date.

Tell him to tell that Marie
chick to get out of here. Now.



Tell Dad why.

I don't know why.


That girl looks
exactly like Mary.

I mean, what's next?
I'll tell you what's next.

This boarder of ours
brings home someone that
looks like... like you

or you or Simon

or Lucy or Ruthie
or Sam and David,

and then he's gonna bury
you all in the backyard.

What about you?

Well, no one
looks like me.

Matt, maybe you
should, uh...

Go and see that nice
psychiatrist again.

I don't need to see
a psychiatrist.
I'm not crazy.

That girl looks
exactly like Mary.

Well, not exactly,

but she is amazingly similar,
isn't she?

Yes, similar.

She is.

I heard that
everyone has, like,

a cosmic twin
somewhere in the world,

but I didn't believe it
until today.

She tapped me on the shoulder
at the basketball court,

and when I turned around,
well, at first it was creepy...

No, i-it's still creepy.

And I want no part of this.
I'm going out.

Oh, and I suppose
Dinner's almost ready.

that you're gonna ask Marie
to stay for dinner.

Well, she did bring
Robbie the notes,

and I am going to take
that class next summer...
This is a freak show.

It is! A freak show!

And you guys are all guilty
of paying to see the freak.

I think Matt is making
a wee bit too much of this.

After all, she doesn't
look exactly like Mary.

It's not as if
you're substituting Marie for...

Mary, is it?
No, I'm not--
and I told her

she looks like
my girlfriend.

Did you tell her your girlfriend
lives 3,000 miles away?

Yeah, but I don't think
Marie's hitting on me.

I would know
if she's hitting on me.

So she's just...

a friend, right?

I just met her.

I don't know what she is.

Robbie says he just met her;
he doesn't know

what she is.

So maybe she's just a friend.

Or maybe she could be more,
like his wife.

Oh, and Matt thinks
that Robbie's gonna

replace us all
with look-a-likes.


and Dad thinks that

Matt needs
to see a shrink again.

I'll be back.

Let go!

So, how was Mary
when you talked to her?

I'm afraid we didn't
talk very long.

I insulted her
by telling her

I met someone
who looks like her.

We kind of had a fight.
She hung up on me.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Mary didn't tell Robbie
anything about Wilson.

And they had a fight
about this Marie.

Everything I predicted
is coming true.

I'm gifted.

This can't be happening.

I tried calling Mary,

but either she's not home
or she's not answering.

Or maybe we should
call the colonel
and ask where she is.

I think we all know
where she is.

Not all of us,
not Robbie.

All right, I need you
to do me a favor.

I haven't seen Mary
in a long time.

Me, neither.

You've had your dinner, and
you're ready to go to sleep.

But...I'm gonna let you
stay up for a little while.

Then I want you to
tell me you're sleepy

and you want to watch cartoons
while you fall asleep.

I want to watch Mary
while I fall asleep.

Okay, look, look.

Just do what I ask,
all right?

Remember the deal:

I'm the dad;
you're the kid.

Get the door.

I'm sleepy.

I want to watch cartoons.

Come in.

Hey, you.
How you doing?

How long would I have to wait
for a table for one?

Oh, it'll be a few minutes.

Um, we're really busy tonight.

Can I have your name?

Uh, Camden.

Would that be Matt Camden?

Big brother to Mary,

Lucy, Simon, Ruthie,
Sam and David Camden?

Do I know you?

We've never met,
but you know me and I know you.

I'm Cheryl,
Robbie's old girlfriend.

So you're Cheryl.

So, you're Matt.

So you want to wait?

If it takes all night.

Ruthie, come down
from the stairs

and help me put dinner on.

I'm not up here anymore.

Come down here.

I talked to her, you know.

She's nice, real nice.

Yes, she is.

It's almost like
a new and improved Mary.

If things work out

the way I think they will,

I could lose a sister
and gain a...


What would Marie be to me?

She and Mary
look a little alike,

but it is not
a new and improved Mary.

We love Mary.
Mary is family.

Mary is our
flesh and blood.

You never had a kid
you didn't know about, did you?

There are seven of us.
Somebody could have gotten lost.

How about Dad?

Does he have any kids
he doesn't know about?

Just go tell everybody
dinner is ready.

My dad died
when I was 11.

I'm sorry. That
must have been tough.

It was.

But my faith in God
kept me going.

Dinner's ready, Mary...

I mean Marie.

She must really miss
her big sister.

Yeah, well, we all do.

Especially Robbie.

Dinner's ready.

Well, what are you
so happy about?

This Marie thing
is cracking me up.

I hope Matt's right.

What if Robbie brings home
look-a-likes for all of us?

That would be hysterical.
No, it wouldn't.

Yes, it would.

It's funny.
It's a funny thing.

Do you think Mary

was cloned,
like that sheep Dolly?

I read about that in science.

It's totally a possibility.
No, I don't think

she was cloned,
and I think

it's pretty disloyal to Mary
to think

that some woman who looks
a little like her

can just come in the house
and take her place.
I'm sorry,

but I'm not being disloyal
to anyone; I'm being honest.

And I think if someone's
being disloyal,

it's Mary.

She's the one who's out
sneaking around on Robbie.

I don't know why you find
such delight in that.

My delight is in being right.

And I think
my observations

on Robbie and Mary and life
in general are really good.

I had no idea how good
until tonight.

What's going on?



I like Marie.

Did you know she
was All-State in basketball?

And she's got a 4.0 average
in college.

I did.

So, I tried to call Mary,

but I still didn't
get an answer

so, I tried calling the colonel.

The colonel said she went out
to see an old friend.

Does anyone know

what old friend that would be?

I don't know.

Neither do I.

No one really knows for sure.

Well, who do you think
she's out with?

Look, if Mary went out
with someone,

I think Mary should tell you
who she went out with.

But Mary
didn't tell me.

And I'm getting the feeling
she just picked a fight with me

so she wouldn't feel guilty
about going out.

So whoever it is,
it must be someone

I wouldn't want her out with.

Dinner's ready.

Fine, don't tell me.

Are you still having fun?

Hey, I'm not making
this stuff happen.

I'm just watching it happen.

And no, I'm not having

as much fun as I was
having a minute ago.

Mary's bound to hurt him

and when she does, I just think
he should have someone to go to.

Someone who looks like Mary.

I miss Mary, but I don't
think she's coming back,

and I think Marie is as close
as we're going to get.

Sorry to keep you
waiting for so long,

but this is the best table
for eating alone.

Thank you.

Um, do you get a break?

A break?

Well, maybe you could join me.

Actually, I'm not
the hostess here.

I'm just filling in
until she gets here.

I'm the night
shift manager.

So, if you're asking me
if I'll have dinner with you...

I'd love to.

I've never pictured you
getting into trouble.

It wasn't any real trouble.

But I have to admit,
it could have been.

I still can't believe I broke
into a gym and wrecked it.

The gym where I played
basketball all those years.

And I could have
been the leader.

I could have
stepped forward

and said, "I'm sorry,
but this is wrong."

And I didn't.

I just, I just went along
with everyone else.

And I did something that
completely changed my life.

I guess we have something
in common.

I know all too well

how one night can
change your life.

You got your life
right back together.

It may have seemed
like I did,

but I didn't.

I worked on my life

one day at a time.

I still mourn
for Billy's mother,

and I'm still working
on getting over her death.

But you finished high school,

and you're in college and you're
working at this internship

which will lead to a great job.

Mary, I have to do

the best I can.

I have to be the best person
I can be.

I have to do it for Billy.

And you have to do
the same for you.

I think that I have to tell you
that I have a boyfriend.

Here in Buffalo?

No, back home.

In Glenoak?

Yeah, in Glenoak, at my home.

Robbie lives with my family.

Is he planning to move out here?


Are you planning
to move back there?


Long-distance relationships
don't usually work out.

I know.

Oh wow, I'd better be going.

Um, yeah, did
you drive over?

No, I don't have a car,
but the colonel dropped me off

at the train station
and I took a taxi over here.

I'd like to drive you back
to the train station,


It's okay. If you could
just call me a taxi,

that would be fine.


It was really great
seeing you again.

Yeah, you, too.

You know, Mary, I think
we've been apart from each other

long enough that we really
could be friends.

And if you're
not available

to pursue a relationship

that's more than that,
I'd be happy to be friends.

I ate too much.

I did, too.

The food is good here.

Even though I eat here
almost every night,

I never get tired of it.

I'd might like to eat
here every night.

It's free for employees.

Well, I have a job.

So, what did you have in mind?


Oh, we couldn't.

Yeah, we could.

Are you doing this because
you hate Robbie or something?

No, I admit I'm angry
with Robbie tonight,

but no, I don't hate him.

And in fact, I'm
really impressed

with the way he's pulling
his life together

with his commitment to school

and the way he handles two jobs
and the rest of his life.

I don't entirely trust him,
but he's an okay guy.

We were together
for a long time.

I think he's an okay guy, too.


So, we both have
something in common.

We both like Robbie.

We can't go out with each other

just because we both like
my old boyfriend.

Oh, could we go out
just because I like you?

It's just that I think
you may know too much about me

and that makes me
a little nervous.

The false pregnancy?

You think I might be

hitting on you just
because I know you've had sex?

Sure, whatever happened
between you and Robbie

is none of my business.

I'm not trying to take
advantage of you

and what I know about your past.

So, what are you trying to do?

I'm just trying to find a woman
I can have a relationship with.

I don't know how many
other guys you've dated,

but I've dated
enough women to know

that when I can enjoy
a meal with a woman,

there's a possibility
I can enjoy my life with her.

I mean, look,

we are both members
of the Clean Plate Club.

This isn't a date.

And I really should be
getting back to work.

And if you want
to go out with me,

then I want to be treated

like any other woman
you'd go out with.

I want to be treated
with respect.

Call me ahead of time.

Ask me out for
something nice,

then take me home.

And don't even expect
a good night kiss.

I have no problem with that.

But do you think I might be able
to get your phone number?

Thanks for coming over
and bringing me your notes.

They'll be a big help.

I was happy to help.

So, maybe I'll see you at the
basketball courts tomorrow.

If the soccer fields
are still wet.


earlier tonight I made
Mary upset by telling her

I met a woman
who looks like her.

I hope I haven't been
rude or anything,

but I haven't been able
to get her back on the phone

and I really care about her.

It's kind of hard having
a friend of the opposite sex

when you're in a
long-distance relationship.

I'm sorry. I feel like
I've taken advantage of you

even by taking those notes.

Maybe I should give them back.

Oh, no.

I wish I could meet
a guy like you.

You're so nice.

Please, keep the notes.
No obligation...

except I would
like them back

after Annie is
finished with them.

That's really nice
of you. Thanks.

Good night.

Good night.

Come in.

I think Mary may be
out with Wilson.

She is.

Does everyone know
she's out with Wilson but me?

She called
this afternoon.

She told us she bumped into him

and she was thinking
about having dinner with him.

We all told her,
all of us,

that she talk to you and let
you know what's going on.
So, I was right.

She picked a fight with me

so she wouldn't feel guilty when
she went out without telling me.


I think you should wait
and get all the facts

before you get too upset.

I mean, she could have
been out of the house

for a lot of other reasons.

I talked to the colonel.

He said Mary went out
with an old friend.

I didn't realize
you talked to the colonel.

Wilson is just an old friend.

I don't think
he's any competition.

Oh, what the heck.

I had dinner with Marie.

Why did you have
to go and teach me

what's right and what's wrong?

Because I know what
I did is questionable,

but what she did is just wrong.

She's not on solid ground
yet-- Mary.

My guess is, she's going
to feel terribly guilty.

She's going to call
and apologize

and realize it wasn't worth
risking her relationship

with you to have dinner
with an old friend.

By the way,

if she had asked you about it,
what would you have said?


I don't want Mary out
with an old boyfriend

when she's 3,000 miles away
from me.

I want her to come home.

Can't she just come home?

We've discussed that with her.

She can come home.

We're not keeping her
from coming home.

But we want it to be

her decision.

Because only Mary knows
she should be home or not.

Good evening.
How may I help you?

It's for you.


Hi, this is Matt Camden.

Look, I would have called you
on your cell phone,

but, uh, I figured
you were still at work.

I'm sorry to call at
the last minute like this,

but I was in the neighborhood
and I was wondering

if you would like to catch
a late movie

when you got off from work.

I thought you left.

I couldn't.

I told you to call in advance
if you wanted to go out with me.

I did.

You don't get off till midnight.
That's three hours from now.

You can't hang around here
for three more hours.

Well, I'm going to the library
to study; then I'll be back.

I don't know.

Don't make a big deal of this.

It's just a movie.


So, what do you think
is going to happen now?

The same thing
I thought before.

I don't want to be right,
but I'm right.

Jeremy never called me back
after his interview.

What interview?

He had an interview at this
school, Niagara University.

He was going
to call me.

He's probably on his way
back to the city.


Where is that school?

I don't know.

Somewhere around New York,
I would assume.

Never heard of it.

I haven't either.

But Jeremy says
it's a good school.

I hope he calls me
before I go to bed.

Mary's still not home yet and
Robbie's really upset with her.


I don't want to be right, but...

♪ ♪

Don't worry. I'm not
a freak or anything.

I'm just a student.

I had an interview at Niagara.

Trying to get back
to the city tonight.

I got on the train
going the wrong way

and I had to get off here,

and wait for the next one.

Well, it should be here
in about ten minutes.

Thanks, I was beginning
to wonder.

What did you think
of the movie?

It was okay until that
guy waxed his legs.

I thought that was cute.

Would you like guys
who wax their legs?

I like guys who
understand women.

Well, I understand women.

Yet, from what I heard,

you don't understand them enough
to get attached to them.

Oh, I attach plenty.
I almost got married.


Okay, so you know
about Heather.

But did you know that
I was also attached

to another woman
for a very long time?


But she was attached
to the guy in New York more.

Yeah, well, how about, um...
I think those are
the only two women

you've been out with
more than once.

Unless you go out
with me again.

I'll have to think about it.

I'll wax my legs.

If I go out with you again,
I'll wax your legs.


You know it's always awkward
until that first kiss.

I like awkward.

It suits us.

You got in late
last night.

I must have really
made you angry.

I guess I kind of overreacted.

I didn't mean to run you
out of your own house.

That's okay.

I, you know, went
to the library.

Saw a late movie.

I wish I had gone with you.

I should have taken your advice.

I don't need to be hanging out
with another woman,

especially a woman
who looks that much like Mary.

So, you're not going to be
friends with Marie?


Mary had dinner with Wilson
last night.


But she told
you about it.


She told everyone else
in the family.

Well, she didn't tell me.
I mean, have you talked to her?

I didn't want to keep
calling her last night.

Evidently, she was out
pretty late.

Well, you know,
it's, uh, probably very hard

to talk about old girlfriends.

I, I, I mean old boyfriends
with you.

That kind of thing would be
very hard to talk about.

Only if you still had feelings
for the old boyfriend.

I see.

So, for instance, if someone
were to talk to you

about Cheryl, you...

Wouldn't want to talk about her.

Meaning you still have feelings
for her?

I don't love her,
but I did love her,

and there hasn't been
enough time since we split up

for me to be completely neutral.

Why are we talking about Cheryl

Well, I don't know.

But here's the thing.

You know, Mary and Wilson have
been apart for a very long time

so she's probably neutral.

She probably has no feelings
left whatsoever.

It was probably just
dinner and a movie.

You think they went
to a movie, too?

No, no, no.

Just... call her.

You know, get it over with.

Get everything out in the open.

You know, if you're going
to make a go of it

with Mary, you're going
to have to work hard.

Make it happen.

Hey, Ruthie.

Is Matt acting
a little weird?

He's acting a little
guilty if you ask me.


You don't think
he'd be going out with...


It's too crazy.

Who's too crazy
to go out with Matt?

Never mind.

I just flashed on the
possibility of Matt and Cheryl.

That is crazy.

So, you don't think he could
have been out with her?


Believe me, they're not
the opposites who attract.

Take my word for it.

I'm cursed with insights
about people.

Most of your insight
comes from spying.

It's kind of a transitional
period for me.

You hear anything?

I'll let you know.

Oh, I was, uh, going
to use the phone.

Oh, there are phones
all over the house.

Well, I wanted some privacy.

Uh, I was going to call Mary.

How come no one told me

she was going out
with Wilson last night?

Why? What were you going
to do about it?

Well, someone has to talk
to these two.

I figured
since I've blown a couple

of long-distance relationships

that I should be the one
to do it.


you came home awfully late
last night.



I saw a late movie.




Help yourself to the phone.

Oh, if you're just
calling Mary

I can't imagine why you
need this much privacy.

Could you have him call me
when he gets home from school?

Do you think anyone
ever tells the whole truth

and nothing but the truth
about his or her life?

You hiding something?

It was a rhetorical

All I can tell you is
that the part of you I know

is a truly lovely man

and there is no one else
like you in the world.

Hey, would you watch Sam
and David for five minutes

while I get a shower?


Have you heard from Jeremy?



He'll call.

What's the point?

He's in New York and he's
probably going to end up

going to school in New York
while I'm stuck out here.

Luce, you don't know where
the two of you will end up.

I mean, you really like this guy
and if he didn't like you,

he didn't have to call you
after he moved.

It just feels hopeless, Simon.

I mean, who knows,

somewhere in New York
there may be my Marie,

a girl who looks like me,
but who's even better for him.

Stop it, all right?
Just stop it.

There's no one in the world
who looks like you

and there's no one in the world
who's better than you.


And there's no one in the world
who looks like you

and who's better than you.


Do you think there's any chance
that Ruthie could be right?

Do you think

Robbie will end up with Marie

and Mary will end up
with someone else?

Who knows?

A lot depends on Robbie
and Mary's next conversation.

I was just, uh, waiting
to use the phone.

I want to talk to Mary.

I think I should be
the one to talk to Mary.

You're probably right. Here.


I heard you were out
with Wilson.

And how's your little
friend, Marie?

We're not friends.

And we're not going
to be friends.

I don't want to jeopardize
my relationship with you

for some woman
I don't even know.

Let me just cut to the chase.

I think you should apologize
to me

for what was essentially lying.

You should have told me
you were going out with Wilson.

You told everyone else.

Are you going to see him again?

Mary, I think
you should come home.

I'm sorry, Robbie.

I'm not ready to come home.