7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 5, Episode 14 - V-Day - full transcript

Everyone but Lucy is stuck home celebrating the twins' birthday on Valentine's Day; Lucy and Jeremy keep running into Lucy's ex-boyfriend.

What do you want to study
in college?

I don't know.

I'm non-committed and lost.

What would you want to do if you
didn't want to be a minister?

I'd like to sing on Broadway.

Well, I'd like to hear that.

I promise if I ever

get the opportunity
I'll give you a front row ticket

and a backstage pass.

I hate to interrupt but
could I use the phone?

I, I've got a date
for Valentine's Day

and I'm getting
a little worried

that I'm not gonna be
able to get a restaurant

if I wait until you're
off the phone.

I'll call you right back.

A date.

-You have a date?

but I'm not really comfortable
talking about this with you.

Oh, okay.

Just give me a hint

I promise I won't tell.

No, you'll tell.

Tell what.

Robbie has a date
for Valentine's Day.

A date
with who?


I don't have time
for a grammar lesson.

-I just want the info.

you're starting to creep me out.

What's going on?

Robbie has a date
for Valentine's.

But he won't tell us

who it is.
-I don't want

to talk about it, okay?

Mission accepted.


Oh, Robbie, old boy,
wait up.

I wonder who Robbie
could be going out with.

Whoever it is, it's not Mary.

But this is a, a
good thing, right?

I think it was a good thing

until we all started
liking Robbie.

Now I'm not so sure.

So what are we
going to do?

I don't think there's
anything we can do.

There's plenty

we can do,
we're Camdens.

Then let's do it.

Amen, sister.

I was looking
for you.

Oh, you were?

What's up?

I heard you have a date
for Valentine's.

Yeah, but
it's no big deal.

I just don't want to be alone
on Valentine's.

Yeah, I don't want

to be alone for
Valentine's either.

Don't look now,

but I think we have
something in common.

Totally understand
how you feel.

I just don't think Mary

and I are ever gonna
be more than friends,

so I just want to get on
with my life.

Yeah, I don't
think Heather

and I are gonna be any
more than friends either.

Hey, I just got
a great idea.

Maybe you could
fix me up.

You know, so you
and I can move on

with our lives together.

You want me
to fix you up?

Sure. I mean your date must
have a cute friend.

Come on, your date
must have a friend

who would go
out with me,

and then we could
double date.

I'm gonna be nervous enough
on this date.

Yes but you'd be
less nervous

if I were there,
right, buddy?

We're buddy's
aren't we, buddy?


You know tomorrow's
Valentine's Day

and I was thinking
since you're in town

and I'm in town,
maybe we could double?

That sounds like fun.

I could pick you up
around 7:00.

Okay, but remember
I'm staying at my aunt's house.


I'll see you tomorrow.

I've only been waiting hours
to make a call.

I wasn't aware
you had a social life.

He's so pathetic.


How would you like to come

to a birthday party
on Valentine's?

Who is this?

Duh, the love of your life.

Ruthie Camden?

So you gonna come?

Well, sure, sure.

It's the twins' birthday, right?

Yeah, but that will be over
by dark.

Then it's Valentine's
for the rest of the night.

I'll be there.

I'll pick you up.

You can't drive.

Duh, but we've got one

of my sister's ex-boyfriend
living with us and he can drive.

I'll have him pick you up
and drop you off.

How about around 7:00?

Okay, sounds good to me.

I think the best thing
to do is to just let go

and let God take care
of it.

I don't think God
has time to worry

about who Mary's ex-boyfriend
is going out with.

You know what
with all the famine,

disease and war going on.

So, if you're not going
to do anything,

I'll just take care of it.

Robbie's not gonna want to come

to the twins' birthday party
with his date.

Why do you bother?
You know it's not for us.

Could be.

Hang up.

I can understand that you want
to be a good sister

and find out
who is dating Robbie

and I would love
to make you happy

by agreeing to double
with Robbie and his date,

but it's our first date.

And I want it to be special.

It's our first Valentine.

I just want it to be us.

I'm glad you didn't say yes.

I wanted it to be just us, too.

Then it was my pleasure
saying no.

Remember I'm taking you

that requires coat and tie,
not for you, of course.

So where you're taking me
is a surprise?


You like surprises, right?

I love surprises.

I think you'll really
be surprised.

I can't wait.



Oh, hello.

Oh, hi, Mary.

Ah, yeah, I think he's here.

Um, hold on.

Do you know
where Robbie is?

Yeah, he's hiding
in the car in the garage

until everyone goes
to bed,

at which point he plans
to come in

and call whoever it is
he's going out with

and get me a date for tomorrow
night, so we can double.

Who's doubling?

I'm doubling
with Robbie.

No, you're not;
I'm doubling with Robbie.

I'm going out
with Deana

for old time's sake

and I'm counting on Robbie
to drive us.

You're both wrong.

Robbie's picking up

my date.

You don't have
a date.

Yes, I do.

Bert wants to come to the
twins' birthday party.


Bert wants to come?

I swear, Bert is coming.

Don't swear, but I think
Bert coming is very nice.

Well, nice
or not

that doesn't mean
that Robbie's gonna
pick Bert up.

Robbie'll do it.

He owes me for the
use of my room.

And that way, Robbie

and his date will have
to stay at the house.

Oh, that's
a good point.

Okay, none of this
is working for me.

All this discussion
and fighting is pointless.

Robbie already agreed
to get me a date,

which means Robbie
and I are doubling.

Who is it,
Robbie's date?

Who, who is it? Who?

I don't know. He doesn't
want to talk about her.

Have you ever

that maybe Robbie
doesn't even have a date?

Whatever the plan is,

the first order
of business

is Sam and David's
birthday party.

Why doesn't anyone

ever want to come to Sam
and David's birthday party?

It's not that
we don't love them,

it's just that
it's a baby party.

They don't even know
it's their birthday.

You know...

-Love being there...

They're lying.


So, did you
call your date

to get me a date?

Yeah. I'll, uh, ask her
if she knows someone.

You know, you can
bring your date over

to the house
for Sam and David's party.

Thanks, but I think I'll just

pick her up

Uh, but I am
looking forward

to Sam and
David's party.

I made them
each a present.

Who could Robbie
be going out with?

Guess we'll find out
on Valentine's.

Is someone on that phone?

I forgot.


Robbie is going out
with someone?!

I hate all of my clothes,
all of them.

Every last thing
I own is hideous.

What about Mary's clothes?

She didn't take

all of them
with her.


Wearing Mary's clothes
just wouldn't feel special.

I really want to feel
special tonight.

Do you have to have
special clothes to feel special?

I just put on a clean pair
of underwear and I feel great!

You know,

you're right.

I am making much, much,
much too big a deal

out of what I'm wearing
on my date tonight.

What's this?

It's a dress that I saw
in a window today

that I just couldn't
get off my mind,

so I came home
and I went over the budget

and I talked to Dad

and voilà.

It's so perfect!

So are you.

And me?

You're beyond perfection.


Now my underwear awaits me.

I hope you have
a great time tonight, Luce.


I really like Jeremy.

I like him like I haven't
liked any other guy

that I've ever gone out with.

I know-- thus the new dress.

You're the best.

I'm really sorry, but
my date didn't have

a friend for you
to go out with.

Well, you realize
if you don't get me a date,

Simon will want you to double
with him and Deana.

I kind of thought
since you're free now,

you could drive Simon and Deana.

Yeah, I-I could, but that still
leaves Ruthie and Bert.

Again, I thought since
you don't have a date,

you could pick up Bert
and then pick up Deana.

You can't get me a date?

I tried.


I'm not staying home alone
on Valentine's.

What are you doing tonight?

Hello, Matt.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, hello.

What are you doing tonight?

Well, it's Valentine's Day,

so I'll be spending the night
with my Valentine--

my beloved,

my fiancée, Priscilla.

Uh, so do you want some company?

On Valentine's Day?

Matt can come by
tonight, yeah.

It's Valentine's Day and you
want to spend it with Matt?

Valentine's Day
is just a lame holiday

invented by the card companies.

Who needs it?

She's right. You know,
she's right.

-Shut up.
-I'm sorry,

but I like true romance,

not fake "bought in a store"

What's so special about
celebrating your love

at the same time millions of
other people are doing it, too?

Are you breaking up with me?

No. I'm madly in love

and happily engaged to you,

but I just don't like the
pressure of Valentine's Day.

What pressure?

This! This is pressure!

Come on over.


But you can't stay long

because even if my lovely bride
doesn't like Valentines,

I do, and I don't want
to spend it with you.

Sure, no problem.

Hey, I hear its
"Old Home Week."

You're going out
with Deana.

Oh. Yeah.

From the look on your face,

you don't seem
too excited about it.

It's not that.

It's just that since Matt
doesn't have a date,

now, he's gonna be driving us
instead of Robbie.

Well, Matt's a good driver.

That's not the point. The point
is I wanted to go with Robbie.

We have to respect
Robbie's privacy.

It's not like he's a member
of the family.

His privacy can't be invaded
for no good reason.




Just ask him.

Hasn't somebody already
tried that?

We've all tried.
Now it's your turn.

I'm not taking a turn.

You can't just can't let him
go out there and get involved

with someone knowing how much
Mary cares for him.

I'd love to stay
and chat,

but I have
to dress the twins.

They have a party
to go to.

So who's Mary dating?

I don't know.

Come on. Let's get these guys
into their birthday suits.

Wouldn't it be funny

if they really did wear
their birthday suites?

If they went
to their birthday party naked?

Uh, it probably wouldn't
be that funny.

Okay. If you had found
that funny,

I probably wouldn't be

coming back to this,

but is Mary dating someone?

Don't you have a date
to get ready for?

I'll take that as a yes.

Let's go!

Hey... I never said yes.

Did I say yes?


Oh, Mary, hi.

Well, sure, hold on.

Um, it's Mary,
for Robbie.

Well, I'll tell him.

Wow, you're looking good.


What? I speak the truth.

Where are you going?

Someplace I never heard of.

My date made the reservation.

You're going someplace
you never heard of?

What if you can't afford it?

No, I called.

It's not that bad if you don't
order wine or anything.

And I'm not ordering wine.

They serve wine?
You're dating a drinker?

No, I'm not dating a drinker.

But it's not easy
to start dating again,

and you guys aren't helping.

Maybe this will help.
Mary's dating someone.

I'm going downstairs to see
if there's anything I can do

to help your mom with the party.

How do you know
Mary's dating someone?

Connect the dots.

Dad doesn't care
Robbie has a date.

Why wouldn't Dad care
Robbie has a date?

Because Mary has a date.

Hello! Hello,

I'm still here and I want

to know
who Robbie's going out with!

Put him on the phone!

Who's Mary dating?

Okay, who's Mary dating?

Mary's dating someone?

The Colonel thinks
that Mary might be interested

in one of the guys
who volunteers

at the homeless shelter.

But he just thinks that.
He doesn't know for sure.

And you didn't share this
with me because...

'Cause I didn't really have
anything to share.

What are they wearing?

Uh, clean clothes.

They would've looked better
in their birthday suits.

Go get your dates.

Let's get this
party over with.

You want me just to call Mary

and ask her
who she's going out with?

No. I want you to go downstairs

and I want you to ask Robbie

who he's going out with.


And I want you to find out
if Mary said anything to him

about going out with someone.


And ask Robbie if he's going out
with this woman

just because
Mary's going out.


I'd rather not say.

Second, Mary told me
she's interested in this guy,

but she hasn't gone
out with him.

And third, yes,
that's why I don't feel

like being alone
on Valentine's Day.

Where's Bert?

Bert's sick.

Bert is sick?

Who cares?
I only asked him over,

so I could find out
who Robbie was going out with.

Lets go.

You both remember Deana,

and this is her date,


Its nice to meet you.


where's your date?

I thought we were

Oh, my date fell through,

but you're both still welcome
to come over.

I'm so sorry.
I misunderstood,

and I think Peter
and I would feel awkward

if you don't have
a date.

We'll just stay here.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Who cares?

I only asked her out

so I could find out
who Robbie was going out with.

Face it.

We're losers.

No, we're not.

We're not losers.

We're losers.


okay, it's over.


Go forth and have your
Valentine's Day fun.

Go on.

It was a nice party and
I won't be home late.

Good night.

Can you guys
get that?


How do I look?



she's not a loser.

Us... losers.

For me?

That's for you.

The roses are for your mom

and the candy--
for your dad.

It's very sweet.

Lucy, you look so beautiful.

We'd better get going,

but we won't be late.

My cell phone number,
just in case you need it.

I've never had
someone give me candy

so they could take
out my daughter.

-I like it.
-Oh, what's wrong with me?

I just can't get Robbie
out of my mind.

Who do you think
he's going out with?

Yeah, that would be
my guess, too.

Well, if it is
who we think it is,

Mary is going to be very upset.

Don't you think?

I don't think I know.

Would you like
me to order?

Yeah, thanks.

Would a bowl of
soup be enough?

A bowl of soup sounds
very filling.

I'm joking.

I think I can do
a little better than that.

Are you ready to order?

Uh, yes and no.

Considering we're teenagers
on a limited budget,

what would you recommend?

Besides another restaurant.

I'd recommend
two house salads

and splitting an entree,
say the chicken marsala?

That way, you could
get out for under...

Is that okay with you?


We'll take
your suggestion.

Oh, wait.

Do you still
want that soup?

My dad's philosophy is
order cheap and tip big.

That way you can come back
as often as you'd like.

My dad was
a waiter.

What does he do now?

He's a musician.

He plays at clubs
here and there

and he gives music lessons.

Your table's ready.

Friends of yours?


Hey, Luce.

Oh. Jimmy Moon.


Just Rod.

Guys, this is Jeremy,
my date.

It's so great that we
ran into you tonight.

We were just saying
how we didn't get to talk

to you much
at your dad's party

last week.

I was kind of busy that night.

Isn't she a great girl?

I was Lucy's boyfriend.

So was I.

It is so good
to see both of you,

but Jeremy and I are
on our first date and...

First date?

Oh, you're kidding.

On Valentine's Day.

That is so
romantic, dude.

How's it going?

It was going just fine.

We'd better
get back to work.

That's a good idea.

But if there's anything
we can do for you--

you know, clear the table
or get you water

or clean napkins,

anything at all,
just let us know.

Congratulations. You really
rolled in the prize here.

Lucy's the best.


I think so, too.

I am so sorry.

Hey, I wouldn't let anyone
spoil this evening for us.

I should give you your
Valentine's gift now

before Matt gets here.

You shouldn't give me
a Valentine's gift at all.


There's something
I have to tell you.

And, after I tell you,
if you still want to give me

a Valentine's gift,
then you can,


Aren't you going
to get that?

Hold on.

What is it you
have to tell me?

I'm sorry, Matt,
come on in.

What's going on?

I'm not sure.

So how was the twins'
birthday party?

Oh, same as last year.

I brought you some cake.

Thank you.

I'm not hungry.

Not hungry for
homemade cake?

Matt, would you like
a glass of milk?

You have milk?

Of course we have milk.

I would love a glass
of milk, thank you.

So what kind of
cake is this?

It's, uh, chocolate
with vanilla frosting.

Mmm, my favorite.

Priscilla, I thought it

was something you
wanted to tell me.
It can wait,

we have company now.

That was the nicest
dinner I've ever had.

This is the best
Valentine's Day ever.

Hey, the night isn't over.

Thanks for understanding
about Rod and Jimmy.

Not a problem.

Who's that?

No one told me, but it
must be ex-boyfriend night.


That's Jordan; we dated.

first he dated Mary

and then I dated him,

and then Mary dated him again

and then I broke up with him.

this is Jeremy.

Is this your boyfriend?

We're on our first date.

Valentine's Day--
first date, nice touch.

-Hope it works out for you.

Lucy's the best.

She deserves the best.

Well, I should
get going.

You look great.

Call me if it doesn't work out.

Are you ready
to take me home yet?

Not even close.

Did I say I'm sorry
because I am so very sorry.

You have nothing
to be sorry about.

Are you ready for
your surprise?

Wasn't the beautiful
restaurant the surprise?

No, that was just an opener.

Let's keep walking.

Matt, it's getting
kind of late, buddy.

Maybe you ought to get going.

Well, it's 9:00.

Yeah, it's not late.

Well, it is late,
considering you have

something you want
to tell me, honey.

You want me to step

into the bathroom,
so you guys can talk?

No, no, that's okay,
I'll step outside,

take a walk.

No, no, that's not right,
I'll go for a walk.

Or maybe I'll go
for a walk home.

Nope, you guys seem to be
having a good time.

I'll just, um,

take a walk around the block.

Clear my head.

Okay, what's going
on with you two?

What's going on is I've been
living with a big secret

and today's a bad day
for this particular secret.

Do you want to tell
me what it is?

I don't want to tell anyone,

but I have to tell John.

I'll go get him.

Don't, I'm still
working up the courage,

and as soon as I get it,
then you can go home.

Maybe we can get Mom
to drive us around

so we can spy on Robbie.

We don't know where he is.

Well, we can ride around
till we find him.

So... Bert sick?

Bert wasn't sick.

It was a lame excuse.

Why would Bert make up
an excuse not to see you?

Why ask why, who cares?

And Deana?

It was a miscommunication.

Am I the only here
who can deal with rejection?


'Hi, Dad, it's me.

Mary, how are you?

Where's Robbie?

He's not here.

When is he coming home?

You know, I'm not sure;
he didn't say.

How's your life going?

Anything new going on?


Just tell Robbie to call me.

Okay, I'll tell him.


Mary wants Robbie to call her

as soon as he gets in.

When do you think that'll be?

Knowing Robbie, it could be
the twelfth of never.

I thought maybe
you weren't coming.

I'm still not sure
if I should be here.

I'm not for sure if I should
be here, either.

I've missed you.

Missed you, too.

Have you really missed me
or are you just lonely?

Could we start
with something easier

like, "How have you been?"

I've been okay.

Want to grab some dinner?

We missed our reservation.

No. I've been calling
the restaurant every 15 minutes.

I'm not that hungry.

What do you want to do?

Shouldn't we go in?

I'm afraid if we
go in, we'll...

It's a little
presumptuous, isn't it?

This isn't right.

We can't go back
to where we were.

No kidding we can't.

Not after you decided
not to marry me.

Not after you kicked me out
and left me homeless.

-I'm sorry.

This is all my fault.

When it comes to relationships,
I am such a screwup.

I cheated on
Mary with you.

I cheated on
you with Mary.

And now, why would either
of you ever trust me again?

So that's it?

If either of us ever
trust you again,

it would be me, right?

'Cause you would never
ask Mary to trust you,

but, well, I owe it to you
because I made you homeless,

and I almost tricked you
into marrying me.

Right, is that it?

No, that isn't it.

Then what is it?

I'm comfortable with you.

I can be who I am with you.

What about Mary?

You're not comfortable with Mary

because you have to be
a better person to be with Mary?

Be a better person, Robbie.

Be the person you want to be.

Be the person I know you can be.

I love you for who you are,

but I can see
that you're changing,

and if loving Mary Camden keeps
you changing for the better,

then love her, not me.

'Cause I want someone
who feels about me

the way you feel about Mary.

So I understand,
I really do.

I don't want "comfortable,"

I want "thrilled."

I deserve "thrilled."

And I'm gonna get "thrilled,"

just not this Valentine's Day.

Oh, here's the name

and number of a
friend for Matt.

I put a lot

of thought into it,
so don't waste the number.

I won't.

Thanks for dumping me again.


Happy Valentine's Day, Robbie.

Same to you.

Oh, look at the time.

Uh, gotta run.

Thanks for nothing,
but it was fun.

Look, I don't know what you
don't want to tell me, Pris,

but whatever it is,
just tell me,

because I love you
and nothing you tell me

is ever gonna change that.

I should've
told you this before.

Just tell me now.

Well, it has a lot to do

with why my parents
don't want me to marry you.

Just tell me.

Can you turn around?

I don't want to see your face
when I tell you.

I've been married before.

I'm still listening.

My high school boyfriend
and I got married

the summer we graduated
because we thought it was

the only way to guarantee
our relationship would last

when we went to
separate colleges.

Still listening.

Well, it didn't work out,

and our parents made us
get the marriage annulled.

And what does that
got to do with us?

Well, it's Valentine's,
and I can't let you

tell me how much you love me
on Valentine's Day

when I'm living
with this big lie.

I should've told you

before we got serious;
do you hate me?

My mom was
married for a year,

her first year in college
to her college boyfriend,

who was drafted
and sent to Vietnam.

They got married
on Valentine's Day.

Every year her ex calls her,

and every year my dad
gets jealous.

You never thought to tell me

your mother was married to
someone before your father?

Well, no, I mean,
it's kind of ironic,

even funny, isn't it,
that the same thing

would happen to me,
marrying a woman

who was already married?

I don't see anything
funny or ironic

about you keeping
this from me.

I didn't think I was
keeping anything from you.

Are you saying
you don't care?

Why would I care?

Why wouldn't you care?

Are we talking about
you or my mother here?

That's pretty scary if you
don't know if you're talking

about your mother
or your girlfriend.

-I didn't say that.
-Yes, you did.

Wait, are we having
our first fight?


Hey. I'm looking for Matt.

You really and
truly don't care

that I was
married before?

-I have only
one thing

to say to you--
that I've never loved a man more

than I love you
at this moment, John Hamilton.

I told you we
were losers.

There's a horse
sticking its head

in our kitchen window,
isn't there?


I know you
like presents.

So, happy Valentine's Day,

The horse

has to be back by midnight.

It's my uncle's.
You know, he owns some stables.

My mom followed me
in the car.

I walked him over
from my house.

You know, I would have been here
sooner, but the horse is slow.

This is so cool.
Can we ride it around the block?


There's a horse
in your backyard.

I know.

My parents' plans

and I have to
catch a plane back

in the morning,
and I didn't want to leave

without saying good-bye.

Can we still be friends?

I miss being friends with you.

I missed you.

Let's go out back and talk.

Do you know

that Ruthie and some kid
in a suit

are riding a horse
down the street?

Yeah, I know.

So, who'd you
go out with?

Who do you think
I went out with?


Really, that's
who it was?

It's not

going to work out for us,

but I felt like
I should give it a try.

Well, why didn't it work out?

Because I'm hopelessly in love
with your sister.


No, not good.

Mary's interested
in someone else.

Nah, she'll be back,
and when she gets back.

Don't tell her that you went out
with Cheryl,

or that you're not interested
in Cheryl,

because I know how this romance
stuff works, trust me.

By the way, Cheryl has a friend

she thought
you might be interested in.

What? I thought you know
how this romance stuff works.

You don't call her
right now.

You're going
to look desperate.

I am desperate.

Leave a message.

Uh, hi. This is Matt Camden.

I'm a friend of Cheryl's.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Look, you-you're

out right now.


Hey, you're home. Cool.

I don't feel
like a surprise.

No, you're going
to like this surprise.

It's a... it's
a combo surprise

for you and
for the twins.

-Here we go...
-I don't...
It's weird.

No peaking. Okay.


-Yeah, yeah.

You can take off
your blindfold.

Oh, thank you.

Hi, babies.

Happy Valentine's Day.

I know the boys'

is a bust every year, and
the kids aren't really into it,

and it kind of makes you sad,
so this year I thought

I'd so something special
for them and for you.

Do you remember
when Ruthie was born,

and your parents stayed here
and took care of the kids?

Well, your dad

shot some home movies
of your mom and the kids,

and he sent them to me,

and I had them transferred
to video,

so now you and the boys
can enjoy them

every Valentine's Day
for the rest of your lives.

The boys didn't have
the-the honor or the pleasure

of knowing how great
your mom was,

so now you can show them,

and they can get
to know her, too,

just like the other kids.

I think they should know
who Grandma is, don't you?

I mean, really,
she started it all.

If she hadn't had you,

we wouldn't have all
these wonderful kids.

Okay, ready?



I'm off to meet
Cheryl's friend.


It's me.

Don't say anything. Just listen.

I went out with Cheryl tonight
because I was upset

you might be interested
in someone else,

but I don't love Cheryl.

I love you,

and I'm going to commit my life

to being a man worthy
of being loved by you.

Happy Valentine's Day.

I can't walk
another step.

You don't have to.

What's going on?

This is my surprise.

My dad's rehearsing here,
and he said you can

use the stage.

To do what?

To sing.

No. No way.

But you promised
me tickets

and a backstage pass.


Just wanted
to say good night.

Oh, good night.

By the way, um,

my date with Cheryl
didn't work out,

and I called Mary.

I just wanted
you guys to know.

I want to be honest with you.

That's good.
Honesty is good.

Did-did you

get to talk to Mary?



sometimes the best things
in life are worth waiting for

and worth working for.

Could you play it again?

I want to see it again.

Thank you.

All right, okay,
okay, okay.

Come on, come on over here.

Now, I'm going to teach you
Grandpa's favorite song.

You ready?


Are you ready, Grandpa?

Okay, okay...

There's Grandma.

Hey, Ganma.

♪ When I fall in love ♪

♪ When I fall in love ♪

♪ It will be forever ♪

♪ It will be forever... ♪

♪ When I fall in love ♪

♪ It will be forever ♪

♪ Or I'll never fall in love ♪

♪ In a restless world ♪

♪ Like this is ♪

♪ Love is ended
before it's begun ♪

♪ And too many
moonlight kisses ♪

♪ Seem to melt
in the warmth of the sun ♪

♪ When I give my heart ♪

♪ It will be completely ♪

♪ Or I'll never give my heart ♪

♪ And the moment ♪

♪ I can feel that ♪

♪ You feel that way, too ♪

She's the one.

♪ I will give my heart to you. ♪

♪ ♪