7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 5, Episode 13 - The Kiss - full transcript

Robbie is not amused by week-long roommate Matt's jealous whining, but still helps him make up with John, who lacked the courage to tell Priscilla her 'Japanese' room remodeling disgusts ...

You got your acceptance
letter to college

and the deal was...

When I got my
letter, we'd...


Let's try that again.

That was like
kissing my sister.

No offense, but...

I think we have what's known
as absolutely no chemistry.

I was afraid this
might happen.

Then why'd you kiss me?

I was making
good on a promise.

And now that I have, I'd like
you to do something for me.

That's pretty nervy,
asking for a favor

after insulting my kissing.

Come on, you knew it
was gonna be like this.

If you didn't, then
you would have been

all over me
months ago.

I wasn't all over you
because we had an agreement.


You were never
attracted to me,

and although I am
attracted to you,

chemistry is two
attractions mixing together.

And we don't have that.

Nope. Nothing.

Nada. Zip. Zero.

Hey, I just saw Mike leaving.

Yeah, yeah, Mike.
So what?

I'm going to talk to Mom.

I can help you.

It's a guy thing.

You know, I'm a guy.

And I can, I
can help you

with guy things.

You don't always need
to go to your mother

when you want
to talk about a guy.

Uh, I'm here, too.


I kissed Mike and he said

it was like
kissing... his sister.

That's great.

-It's great, no,

great for me, not for you.
No. Luce, come back.

-Just give me
another chance.
-I'm Mama.

This is Mama.

Can you say "Mama"?

What's going on?

They won't call me Mama.

But they're calling
Ruthie, Mama.


So... I'm Mama.

I'm the Mama who carried
them around for nine months

and gave birth to them.

There is only
one Mama, and I'm it.

Okay. You're the Mama.

Is something wrong?

Just a guy thing.

It can wait.


Mama... Mama.

How's it going in there.

In the bathroom?

Why do you care?

No reason.

Um, okay. What are you up to?


I offered to help
with Sam and David,

but Mom said no.

Oh. It looked like

she had everything
under control.

Hey, I was just going
out to meet John.


Yeah, he called earlier
but you weren't around.


And he asked me
if I wanted to play

some pool when he got off work.

And you're going...

out... to play
pool with John?

Yeah, just for an hour or so.

You're welcome to come.

Oh, I'm welcome
to come along with you...

and my best friend.

I'm sure John won't mind.

Yeah, I'll pass.

All right, see you later.

"Well, you're welcome to come."

What are you doing?

I'm running the last
lap in the Indy 500.

And I'm in the lead.

So, they teach sarcasm
in high school now?

My favorite class.

Why do you have
to be such a jerk?


Okay, sorry, Mr. Sensitive.

What's up?


Why can't Robbie move out?

I mean, he has a job.
He makes good money.

It's not like he can't
get another place to live.

I'll help him get
another place to live.

He doesn't want another
place to live.

He likes it just fine where
he is in "Hello Kittyville."

But this is
our house, our family.

Robbie has a family
of his own.

I know.

Lucy made out
with half of them.

Wait. So, if Robbie has his
own family and friends,

why does he have to take
our family and friends?

Well, good-bye, Mr. Sensitive
and hello, Mr. Nutjob.

Now that you've completely
disrupted my concentration,

what are you talking about?

Do you feel like
playing some pool?

Do you, do you, do you feel
like playing some pool?

Well, sure I feel like it,
but I have a test to study for.

Just... just for an hour.

Why don't you call John?

Well, because
I don't want to, okay?

I want to play pool
with my brother.

What about tomorrow night?

Friday night?

Well, do you have a date?

No. Do you have a date?


All right, so, tomorrow
night, we'll play pool.

You sure you can't go tonight?

I'm studying.

All right. Fine.

School is more
important than family. Study.

Study hard.
See where that gets ya.

A room at your
parents' house

with your sister's
ex-boyfriend and a date

with your brother
on a Friday night!

Hey. Do you know who

your little friend
Robbie's out with?

John! My best friend. John.

That's probably because

he likes
Robbie better.

So, how are things
going with Priscilla?


The place is a little
small for two people,

but that's okay.

She's getting it fixed up
all nice and cozy.

It's cleaner than it ever
was when Matt lived there.

And there's food
in the refrigerator.

She's making me cookies and
brownies and stuff like that.

You're miserable aren't you?

Yes. Yes, I am,

but please don't tell anybody.

Don't worry, I won't tell.

So, what am I gonna do?

Do you love her?

Have you talked to her?

She's very sensitive,
and I don't want

to hurt her feelings.

You have to talk to her.

Just be honest and just tell her
what she's doing

that bugs you and then
try to work it out.

The Camden family is
really rubbing off on you.

Hey, I wasn't sure if
you knew I was home.

I knew.

-What are you doing?
-Three guesses.

-You have a test.
-I don't study
just for the fun of it.

I could grill you.

Run some questions with you.

Maybe we can make flashcards.

Dad, it's Shakespeare.

I don't think flashcards are
gonna help with Hamlet.


I think Matt was looking

for someone to play pool with.

Hey, I understand
you're looking

for someone to
play pool with?

I-I changed my mind.

I don't want
to play pool.

I don't want to do anything

but enjoy the solitude
of the room

while my roommate is out.

Where is Robbie?

Playing pool with John.

Why aren't you playing
pool with John?

Because Robbie
intercepted the call

and stole my invitation
and my best friend.

You could join them.

We could join them.

No, I-I spend enough
time with Robbie.

You're not feeling
a little jealous are you?

I wasn't dating John.

We're just friends--
best friends.

You want to talk?

There's nothing to talk about.

I just want to be alone.

If you change your mind...

I won't.

Hey, Luce.

I admit I spoke too quickly

on that guy problem.

I know Mike must have
hurt your feelings

and if you want
to talk about it...

We talked about it. She's fine.

Ruthie talked to you?

What? Do you
think I can't talk?


Hey, Mike.

Oh, it's Mike.
That's great.

Are you still angry?


It's nothing personal.

It's just a fact.

Kissing you is like...

I'm not angry.

But I could get angry again.

Fine. Look, let me do you
a favor. Let me fix you up.

Thanks for the pity offer,
but I can get my own dates.

It's not pity.
I want something in return.

I'll fix you up,
and can fix me up.

Do you know Elena Casey?

Elena Casey?


Who do you want
to fix me up with?

I have someone in mind,

a friend from another school.

I'll call him tomorrow.

I'll give him your
number and address.

I think you two would
probably like each other.

He wants to be an architect.

He comes from a big family.

He's nice.

"Nice." Great.

I'll talk to Elena for you.

Cool. Talk to you tomorrow.

-You off the phone?

How'd it go?

I'm going to fix

Mike up with some
girl I don't know

and then he's going to fix me up
with some guy I don't know.

Well, that's... interesting.

You can always tell what someone
really thinks of you

by who they fix you up with,
you know what I mean?

You asking me?


All right, if I can be

of any further
conversational assistance,

do not hesitate to call.

We won't.


Who did Mike want
to go out with?

Casey. Elena Casey.

Here you go.

What's wrong with her face?

I think she has acne.

Say "Good night, Mama."

Just say "Mama."

How about "Ma"?

Good night. I love you.

-What what?

I can tell you're
upset about something.

I'm not really upset, but...

Good, because I hate it
when you're upset

when I'm already upset.

Because we can't both be upset
at the same time.

Okay, you first.

It's just that, that, you know,
the kids are growing up.

Yeah, and they're
not calling me Mama.

None of the kids have
ever done this before.

I've always been Mama.

I want to be Mama.

I don't know how this happened.


I do know how it happened.

I should never have signed up
for school again.

I'm out of the house
entirely too much.

I'm spread
way too thin.

I'm losing my family and I don't
know how I let it get to this.

I am a very bad mama.

Bad mama.

Hi, honey, I'm home.

I think.

Still awake, huh?

Who am I? Who am I?


Yay! Very good.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Once again.

Who am I?



Yay, all right.

Yay! Yay!




Mama! Mama!


My ride's here.

So, are they calling you
"Mama" today?

Nice talking to you.

You know, breakfast
is the most important

meal of the day.

It's time to bond.

Time to be with those you love.

A time to communicate.

To set the tone for the day.

It's a time to eat.

So, what's going on
in your life?


Mama. Mama.


What's wrong?


Oh, come on.
Something's wrong.

Did you have fun last night?

What was last night?

Uh, don't play games with me.

I'm not in the mood.

Look, I'm sharing a room
with Robbie

and more "Hello Kitty"
merchandise that can be found

in the city of Osaka,
so I hope you're happy.

I'm ecstatic.



-I'm Lucy Camden.

Do you know Mike Pierce?

I've see him looking at me,
but people tend to do that.

He wants to ask you out.

He asked me to ask you

because he can't seem
to get close enough to you

to ask you himself.

That's what he wants?

Mike Pierce wants
to go out with me?

Mike is a great guy and...

Is this some kind of prank?

Because if it is,
it's not funny.

And chances are,
it's been done before.

Along with a lot nastier pranks.

And frankly,

I'm surprised at you and Mike.

You don't seem like the type
of inconsiderate morons

who normally try to trick me.

-We're not trying to trick you.


He wants to ask you out.

But he said every time he
approaches you, you walk away.

So he asked me to ask you.

That's all that's
going on here, I swear.

Well, if he's seriously

Trust me,
he's seriously interested.

Wow. That would be great

because in my estimation, Mike
Pierce is a real human being.

Yeah, he is.

And he's smart.

He's like one of the smartest
guys in the senior class.

Intelligence is so sexy,
don't you think?

And he's creative.

He's a musician.

He plays piano.

I've never heard him play,

Wow, Mike Pierce.

Yeah, Mike Pierce.

And bonus, he reminds me
of Steve McQueen.

I love Steve McQueen.

Wait, wait, wait,
flag on the play.

Weren't you going out with Mike?

We tried, but no chemistry.

We're still friends, though.

Very good friends.

So, he can go out with someone,

have it not work out
and still be friends?

That shows a lot of character.

Of course you have to take into
account the gossip factor.

Believe me, if I cared
what other people said,

I wouldn't get up
in the morning.

Tell Mike I'd be absolutely
thrilled to go out with him.

That's who Mike wants
to go out with?


Mike obviously sees beyond
physical appearance.

I respected him before,
but I really respect him now.

You missed out
on a great guy, Luce.

We're still friends.

Yeah, but
the prize goes to...


Elena's definitely
the winner.

Mike is going to fix me up
with a friend of his.

I, too, could be a winner.

You're kidding yourself
if you think

there's another Mike Pierce
on this planet.

I realize that.

I just realized
it a little too late.

Besides, he said I kiss
like his sister.


Let him go.

Learn from your mistake
and move on.

All right, all right.

I'll let it go.

Learn from my mistake
and move on.

Hey, you want to join me
for a cup of coffee?

I, I don't have time.

Why don't you
just tell me

what the cup of
coffee is about?

It's not about anything,
other than...

I-I feel like all you kids
always go to your mother,

you know, and you don't
come to me anymore

for anything.

So, you think we
all love Mom best?

I wouldn't put it
like that.

You're jealous of Mom?

Yeah, I'd put it
like that.

Well, it sounds
like a problem

between you and her.

Shouldn't you be
talking to her?

I should,
but I'm talking to you.


Because I...

just needed to hear myself
say it out loud

and now that I have,
well, it sounds ridiculous,

so never mind.

I just thought that

maybe if I talked about my own
feelings of pettiness

and jealousy with you, that you
might talk to me about Robbie.

I'm not jealous of Robbie.

Yes, you are.

I'm not.
I'm jealous of John.

Dr. Richards, you have a call
on extension 25.

I'm starting to feel
like Lucy did at 13.

Yeah, I am, too, only...

now of course, Lucy is, well,

more confident
than either of us.

-Nice talking to you.
-Same here.

And let us never speak
of these things again.

Yes, never.

Hey, oh, watch this.
Who am I?

Who am I?

Who am I?


That doesn't bother you,
does it?

Uh, no,
it doesn't bother me at all.

Did Mary ever call Matt "mama"?

Did Lucy ever call Mary "mama"?


Did Simon ever call Lucy "mama"?


Did I ever call Simon "mama"?




Oh, please for the love of...
Mama-- just say it!

I've been looking
for you all over.

I've wanted to thank you
for talking to Elena.

How'd you know?

I just talked to her.

She found me after lunch.

We have a date for tonight.

I'll wait for you
at the car.

She's even nicer
than I thought.

Did you know she's a musician?

She plays violin
and she's in community theatre

and she's smart.

She wants to become a doctor,

and colleges
are actually coming after her.

Isn't that great?

Yeah. Great.

What, is something wrong?

Now that wasn't like kissing
your sister.

It wasn't, was it?

No, but...

But what?

I'm still going
to go out with Elena.

But, but the kiss?

The kiss came too late.

Sorry, Luce.

Yeah, me, too.

What did you do?

I didn't do anything.

You did something.

Elena stood me up.

I waited for her
for an hour at the Promenade

and she didn't show.

I didn't do anything.

Did you say something to her
after I talked to her?

No, I swear.


You didn't say anything
to Elena, did you?

Why would I do that?

What would Simon say to Elena?

Maybe he'd say that after
I talked to Elena,

I realized how much I cared
about you.

And that I wanted another chance
to go out with you.

And that... I'm jealous.

I thought that's
why you kissed me.

I didn't realize what I had
until it was gone.

No, I think it's more like you
didn't want something

until someone else wanted it.

You fix this, Luce, or we're
not going to be friends.

We're going to play pool.

Yeah, you want to come?

Uh, it looks like you're doing
a brother night out thing.

I don't want to interfere.

I've gotten enough
from the Camden's

without horning in on family
relationship and friends.

John said something
to you, didn't he?


My dad?

If you've got a
problem with me,

you don't have to go tell
John or your dad or Simon.


No one said anything.

You've been more than
your usual

extremely unfriendly,
hostile self lately.

And I have no trouble figuring
it all out by myself.

You know, maybe it
wasn't such a good idea

I went out
with John last night.

You know,
but John needed to get out.

I think he's having a hard time
since you left.

He doesn't want to admit it.

It's not easy
living with a woman.

-It isn't?
-It isn't?

No, it isn't.

I know from experience.

Well, I'm very interested
to hear about

all that when you
have the time.

No, he'll have the time
when you're like 18.

Any particular reason

John's finding it hard
to live with Priscilla?

Talk to John.

Maybe I will.

So, he misses me?

I think he does.

Well, if you need
to talk to John,

then Robbie and I can go
shoot some pool, talk,

and you can catch up
with us later.

Well, only if
that's okay with Matt.

It's okay with Matt.

You know I'll meet
you later, thanks.

-Maybe you should
ask your mom.

Ask me what?

Is it okay if Simon and
I go to the pool hall.

I thought Matt was going to go.

Well, I'm going to meet
them later.

It's okay.

Have fun.

What's wrong with you?


My own children won't call me
Mama, that's all.



Sam and David.

Oh, I...

Oh, did I mention that they're
calling Ruthie "mama"?

Ruthie-- she's their sister,
and I'm their mama. Yeah.

So, you're jealous of Ruthie.

No, I'm not jealous of Ruthie.

I'm jealous of Dada.

They call your father "dada."

And he's not with them
nearly as much as I am.

Did you know that you said
dada first?

So did Mary and Lucy
and Simon and Ruthie.

But you see, Sam and David
said mama first.

And now they won't say it to me.

It was a gift and now
they've taken it back.

It's just not fair.

I pour my soul out to you and
your response is laughter.

I'm laughing because
you're jealous of Dad

and Dad's jealous of you.


Dad thinks all of us kids
love you best.


Now he thinks that we all go to
you to solve our problems.

Well that's because your
father's busy

solving everyone
else's problems.

And I do whatever I can
to lighten the load.

Which includes trying
to help you

and everyone else around here.

Don't explain it to me,
explain it to Dad.

No, wait,
on second thought,

don't explain it to Dad, he
told me not to say anything.

Well, because being jealous made
him feel so... Lucy.

Really, he'd be upset with me
if you said anything.

I understand.
I'll find a way to bring it up.

A way that won't tip him off
to the fact you ratted him out.

You don't lie well.
You know that, don't you?

I'm not going to lie.

I'm going to finesse the truth.

I don't know if you're really
that good at finessing.

Trust me.

I do, but, I think I'll go
out just the same.

I'll be right back.

Can I talk to you?

I'm Lucy Camden's brother,

It's okay.

I might want to hear this.

I saw you at the car

and I know you saw them.

Are you in on whatever
pathetic scam this was?

Honest, it wasn't a scam.

This is what happened.

When Lucy talked to you,

you made Mike sound
like such a great guy,

she started to have second
thoughts about giving him up.

Not that he's her property
to give or to keep.

So, I'm somehow responsible?

No, no, not at all.

It's just that Lucy got jealous

when Mike wanted to go out
with you.

Jealous of me?

Lucy Camden was jealous of me?

Why not?

Mike is interested in you.

He's no longer interested
in Lucy.

Yeah, why is that?

Between you and me he said
kissing her

is like kissing his sister.

It didn't look like a kiss
between brother and sister

today after school.

I know you saw them.

But I had a feeling
you'd deal with it.

Give Mike or Lucy a chance
to explain.

I just couldn't take it if you
were all goofing on me.

I'm telling you the truth.

Mike is interested in you.

He only likes Lucy as a friend.

Lucy just let her emotions get
the best of her today.

She does that sometimes.

Not as much as she used to.

But, believe me, she's got some
pretty big emotions.

Let me get Robbie to drive us
back to the house

right now
so you can talk to them.

Okay, but my parents
can drive us.


I have something
to confess.

I'm afraid you've
got the wrong church.

Seriously, um, I am feeling
really overburdened.

You know, I'm trying
to go back to school.

I've got two babies,

and a whole gaggle
of other children
from ten to 21,

and they're all constantly
coming to me

with their problems... I just
can't handle it right now.

But I told Matt that my problem
is that the kids

aren't coming to me
with their problems,

not that you're not coming to me
with the kids' problems.

But, uh, thanks for trying
to make me feel better, Mama.

That's not funny.

Come on, we're both being

a little oversensitive,
aren't we?

Why are we like this?

Uh, I think it's because

there's been some shifting
since Mary left.

We both felt

needed when we were pulling
together to help Mary.

Now that she's gone,

I think we just need
to give ourselves

a chance to settle a bit.

We're both a little insecure.

We'll probably stay that way
till Mary's okay again.

Still this mama thing
is getting to me.

All the kids said dada first,

all of them,
except Sam and David.

Yeah, I know.

You don't have to gloat.

You're still gloating.

You know it's polite to knock.

If you're going to make out
on top of the desk,

it's polite to lock the door.

What's up?

I thought you were
at the pool hall.

I have a problem.

Well, I don't have a problem,

Lucy's friend, Elena,
she has a problem.

She's in the living room.

I brought her here so she could
talk to Lucy.

Where's Lucy?

Out with Mike looking for Elena.

It's... it's all a big

And... you want me to help?

It's kind of complicated.

It's right up your alley.


Does it hurt?

Mostly my heart and my ego.

How do you get it?

It's hereditary.

You get it from genes.

Like, if your mom or your dad,

or your uncle or your aunt had
it, you can get it.

So, how do you get rid of it?

In my case I can't.

I've tried every kind of pill,

lotion, cream,
but nothing works.

Maybe in a few years my acne
will clear up on its on.

That happens.

Unfortunately, it usually
happens in your 20s.

That's a long time from now.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, too.

Mike really likes you.

How do you know that?

I know practically
everything around here.

I hear practically
everything around here.

I'm very quiet and sneaky.

But I'm honest.

Matt, come in.

Uh, I couldn't find
John at the hospital.

Is he...?

What is this, Benihana?


Uh, the only thing missing
is that grill that seats ten.

Why would you do this
to this apartment?

I just made it more
me and John

and less you and John.

Nothing in this
place is John.

He must hate it.

He loves it.

Well, he's lying.

He wouldn't lie to me.

Where is the toaster

and the coffeemaker
and the trash can.

Everything's put away.

Where are the bunk beds?
Where's John suppose to sleep?

John doesn't like
sleeping on the floor.

He did last night.

What... do you know that John
loves sleeping up high

so much that he bought his old
bunk beds from his mother?

He has a whole theory

about the air being best
next to the ceiling.

And you're trying to tell me

that he likes this little pad
on the floor.

Even if he likes it,
he'll break it.

I mean, this furniture
is for tiny people.

John's a big guy.

Big guys don't live on
tiny furniture.

Why does this make you so happy?

You're kidding, right?


Because John's miserable.

And that makes you happy?

Oh, yeah.

You know, I am totally jealous

and afraid that my best friend's
going to get married

and totally forget about me.

Now I know he'll never
forget about me.

He'll always remember me because

every day he'll come home
to this place and think...

what happened to the guy
with all the big furniture?

I'm sorry.

Having acne forced me
to look past my appearance

and realize there's more
to me than just acne.

Um, first chair violinist
in the all-state orchestra.

I have a 4.0 grade average.

I'm funny.

I'm attractive.

I'm me.

And I've realized all this
because I have acne.

So, really, when you think
about it, it's a blessing.

And when I go to college,
I'd like to be a dermatologist.

So I can find a cure
for this blessing.

If no one beats me to it,
and I hope they do.

So, you really don't need me
at all, do you?

No, Simon just asked if I'd
share my problems with you.

I'll leave you
three alone.

I saw you two kissing today.

What's going on?

I wasn't kissing.

I was receiving.

It's true.

This whole mess is my fault.

I was jealous and desperate
and I didn't want to give up.

Simon told me everything.

Apology accepted.


I don't deserve it, but thanks.

I think you owe me an apology.

You stood me up.

What if we go out
and get an ice cream?

Then that would count
as the aforementioned date.

And you would no longer
owe me an apology.

Thanks, Luce.

Are we still friends?

Yeah, good friends.

Why didn't you tell me
you hated this place?

Is this how our marriage
is going to be?

I do things you don't like
and you're going to lie to me?

Matt said you liked
the old bunk beds.

And the furniture is too tiny

and you don't like
sleeping on the floor.

Apparently, Matt
knows what you like.

You're not afraid
to talk to him.

Maybe you should marry Matt.

Actually, I think that's
what he wants anyway.

He's absolutely giddy that
you're so unhappy with me.

I'm sorry?

I should have said
something to you,

but you worked so hard,

I just didn't want
to hurt your feelings.

And I'm very happy with you.

It's the apartment that
I'm not so crazy about.

Come on, baby, I love you.
Don't be mad at me.


I'm sorry, too.

I should've talked to you

before I changed
the whole apartment.

So, what are we going to do?

Well, we're gonna live
happily ever after

with the girl of my dreams
in a little Japanese apartment.

And then, maybe someday,
we'll open up a Benihana.

I'm sorry I interfered
with Elena,

but when I saw her at the
pool hall with her parents...
-You were right.

And no one would have
gotten hurt

if I had just thought about
what you said

and hadn't acted so rash
by kissing Mike at school.

I have to get used
to this side of you...

the giving-good-advice side.

Mama, mama.



Why do they
do this, why?

please answer me.

Why do my babies
keep calling Ruthie "Mama?"

Because Ruthie
taught them to do that.

She gives Sam
and David a cookie

every time they
call her Mama.

Excuse me.

Why didn't you tell Mom
about this sooner?

Because I didn't know that

Sam and David calling
Ruthie "Mama" bothered her.

Hey, where's Simon?

Uh, he left with some girl.


He didn't pick her up,

he brought her back
to your house to talk to Lucy.

So you've been just sitting here
all night by yourself?



I didn't want you to show up

and have no one be here.

Well, I'm sorry for being late.

I went to see John at the
apartment, but he wasn't there.

So I gave up and went
to the hospital,

but I missed him there, too.

How's the apartment?

It's more of a dojo

than an apartment.

I heard it's very Japanese.

Yeah, he must
really love her

if he's willing to live
in a place like that.

Lookie here, it's
the loose lips convention.

I called the house, Simon told
me I could find you here.

I need to talk to both of you.

Oh, no problem.

Can we talk while we play pool?

By the way, I just love

what Priscilla's done
with the apartment.

Me, too.

-Oh, yeah.


Come on out.
I know you're in here.

How did you know
I was here?

I didn't.

I've been going into
every room saying that.

I knew eventually I'd come
to a room where you were.

Why did you do it?

Why did you teach the twins
to call you "Mama?"

Is it because
I'm going to school

and with everything
I have to do around here,

you were feeling left out?

Did you do it to get
my attention?

Do you think we're not spending
enough time together?

What? You can tell me.

I was goofing on you.


It was a joke.

I didn't think you'd take it
so seriously.


Goofing on me?
So it was a joke?

You're not angry with me

for not spending
more time with you?

For going to school?

For having the twins?

We spend plenty of time

I like the twins
and you like school.


When I'm angry at people,
I tell them.

I'm not angry at you
for anything.

You're a great mom.

I was just bored.


Yes, really.

It was pretty funny.

They're easier to train
than Happy.

Don't ever do it again.

I apologized,

and Mike and Elena are
out on their date.

The date they were supposed
to be on until I got involved.

Oh, you shouldn't be
too hard on yourself.

You made a wrong,
but you turned it into a right.


Do you think
I'll ever find someone?

Yes, definitely.

Probably when
you least expect it.

How do I do that,
least expect?

I expect.

No, actually, I want.

I want a guy.

I don't want to want one,
but I do.

I've got all this fun
senior stuff coming up--

Valentine's, senior prom,

I want a guy for all that.

What are you going to do
while you wait for the guy?

I've got classes and friends and
family and Habitat for Humanity.

Right. Luce...

you've got a life,
with or without a guy.

When you do get a guy,

he'll be the luckiest guy
in the world

because he gets you.


You're an only child, too?

That's why I want to have

a house full of kids
when I get married.

I want a lot of kids, too.

-How many?

Five, nothing.
I want a dozen.

I could handle a dozen.

Maybe two.

Do you want something to drink?

Why not?

Hi, can I talk to Lucy Camden?

I'm Lucy Camden.

I'm Jeremy.

A friend of Mike Pierce.

Mike told you about me, right?

He was going to fix us up?

I'm sorry to
come by so late,

but I just got Mike's message,

and I didn't want you to think
I wasn't interested.

I work on Friday nights
and well, I...

I think I'm talking too much.

Maybe I should just go home and
call you and do this properly.

No. No, no.

Don't go anywhere.
Come in.

Please, come in.

-Are you sure?



You're really pretty.

There's a lot more
to me than looks.

I bet there is.

It's late, but I could make you
some cocoa and we could talk.

Lead the way.