7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 5, Episode 12 - One Hundred - full transcript

Robbie is threatened with eviction by Eric for apparently keeping secrets about Mary. The home buzzes with rumors and secret talk, but in the end it's all just an elaborate surprise party for Eric's birthday. Johhny dropped his baby at the Camden's door after Frankie enraged him and left completely. Mike trusts Lucy enough to mind his ma one evening, but she confides in Lucy she wants Mike to sell the house, put her in a home and resume his life.

I have a great idea.

Why don't you go

to the church
and finish your sermon

where it's quiet
and you can think.

Hey, I've got a great idea.

Why don't you tell me

why you want me to go to church
and finish my sermon.

You don't have to go
if you don't want to.

You have to leave.

I'm cleaning

the house today and
you will just get in my way.

-You've cleaned before and I
haven't gotten in your way.

But today, I'm cleaning
from top to bottom.

Spring cleaning.

It's winter.

Never put off till tomorrow

what you can clean today.

Yeah, I can work
on my sermon later,

that way I can stay
and help you clean.


I would never want

to come between you
and God's work.

So, are you going?

Yes, I'll go.

I don't know why,
but I'll go.

For how long?


You know, when are
you going to be home?

Never, if you don't stop
acting like a weirdo.

I'll be home for dinner.

Is that enough time for you
to... clean?

I need to leave anyway,

I have to pick up Mrs. Bink
and take her out.

Out where?

With Mrs. Bink,
I ask no questions.

I thought you
were leaving.

Yeah, right after
I call Mary.

Oh, if you call Mary
all the time,

she's going to feel
smothered by you.

I've talked to her once
in two months and...

Saturday is her only
day off from work.

I was going
to call her later,

but now I'm leaving
so I need to call her now.


Hey, George.

May I talk with Mary.
It's Eric.

Mary took off.

She's catching a plane back
to Glenoak, didn't you know?

Who was on the phone?


Did you tell him about Mary?


You shouldn't have done that.

So did you talk to Mary?


Wasn't she home?

Mary's run away.

From home?

To home.

Look, if he, or the colonel
or Ruth were there,

they'd pick up.

We can't answer it.

If it's Eric,
he'll ask about Mary.

But I already told him
about Mary.

Yes, but he still doesn't know
why Mary left.

And I am not going to be
the one to tell him.

I'm sure Mary
didn't run away.

You should look at the
situation logically.

A plane ticket costs money and
Mary doesn't have any money.

So it has to be Robbie.

I bet they've been planning
this from the beginning.

Well, once again,
I have to mention logic.

Mary planned to
spin out of control

and be sent off to Buffalo.

Robbie planned to be homeless,
so he could move into our house

and help her run away back home.

It's a perfect plan.

Now if it made any sense,
we would have figured it out.

Where is that teenage Lothario?

I don't know
what that means.

But if it means Robbie,
he left early this morning.

To meet Mary?

Do you know
why Mary's coming home?

Is it Robbie?

Have they been
planning to meet?

Mary's coming home?

-I don't know. Is she?
-I asked you.

-What do you know?
-About what?

About Mary and Robbie?

I heard she might be
coming home to see him.

I knew it.
I knew it.

I knew it.

Who told you Mary
might be coming home?


I'm going to go
check on the twins.


-We need to talk.
-What's up?

Daddy's crazy.

You're father thinks that

Mary's run away from
the colonel and Ruth.

Where did he get that idea from?

Yeah, that's it.
Blame the cute one.

George told him.

This changes nothing.

You still all have
your assignments.

I think the sooner

you leave the house,
the better.

Oh, and I need a favor.

Your father
is supposed to take

Mrs. Bink somewhere today,

but I think
considering his

mood, that maybe
the two of them

shouldn't spend
the afternoon together.

No, basic chemistry.

When two unstable elements are
introduced, people get hurt.

Uh, I could take care of
Mrs. Bink, but I need to

clean the house,
make some calls,

start the dinner,
dress the boys and
go to the store.

Mom, Simon and I can
take care of Mrs. Bink

and do our errands.


What am I supposed to do?

Well, you can
help me clean.

Uh, you can start by
picking up the living room.

Can I start with a smaller
room like a closet?

You help me,
I'll help you.



Hello, Mary?



No, Reverend Camden, it's Mike.

Mike Pierce, Lucy's friend.

Did you know Mary was coming
back to Glenoak?

Uh, no.

I'll get Lucy.


Lucy! Phone!


Hey, Lucy, it's Mike.

We need to keep this line open.

You've got two minutes.


Hang up.

What's with your dad?

He thinks my sister
ran away from Buffalo.

Where have you been?
Who were you with?

What were you doing?
Why'd you leave?

Who, what, where, why?

These are easy questions if
you're not hiding anything.

I went to meet a friend
for coffee, but he didn't show.

Don't look at her,
look at me.

He, who?

Is "he" a code for Mary?

Stop looking at her
and answer me!

Are you okay, Rev. Camden?

I know about Mary.

George told me that she's
on her way back to Glenoak.

You can drop
the innocent act.

It clashes with your lying,
cheating personality.

If Mary's coming back
to Glenoak,

this is the first
I've heard of it.

If this is how you want
to play this, fine.


if I find out

like I think I'm
going to find out,

that you knew she
was running away

or you helped her run away,

then you, my friend,

are out of this house

Maybe you should just
get out of the house now.

Before you say or do something
that you're going to regret.

You know, go to church,
write your sermon.

I can't leave.

Well, no, I'll call
you or page you

if I hear anything
about Mary.

No, I should
call Mrs. Bink.

I already asked Matt and Simon
to take care of Mrs. Bink.

You know, all you
have to do today

is just calm down
and write your sermon.

But, you know...

What if...?


You know, maybe I should
call my mom.

Um, I think she thought we were
going to take you to the mall

or something, not here.
-You don't have
to call anyone.

Just leave.

We can't just leave you
at the hospital.

What's the B-Team doing here


We volunteered.

Oh, why's that?

We want to spend
more time with you.


Nobody wants
to spend time with me.

Does this have
something to do

with your father and tonight?


you both have better things
to do then stay

and wait for me.

Well, we're not leaving till you
tell us why you're here.

I got a... date.

Are you satisfied?

You're dating someone
in the hospital?

Uh, where do you think

women my age meet men, the gym?

Now get out of here, kids,
you're killing my action.

Okay, um, we have
a lot of stuff to do.

-Where do we go first?
-She's lying.

She's not here for a date.
And we're not going to leave

until we find out
why she's really here.

Do we have enough
time for that?

Uh, it won't take long.

This is my hospital,
my place, my turf.

I know everyone here
and everyone likes me.

Pass the mustard.

Hey, did you know Mary
was coming back home?

Have you talked to her?

Do you think she's been
talking to Robbie?

No. No. I don't know.

Sorry, this whole thing
has me a little crazy.

Did you need something?

The neighbor who usually
sits with Mike's mom is sick.

And Mike has to work today,
which means

he needs to find someone
to leave his mom with.

So you want me
to sit with his mother.

No, Mike asked me.

And I want to, but...
I don't know

how to act around
someone like

Mrs. Pierce.

Someone who's so depressed

that she just sits and stares
at a TV.

Well, you should
treat her

like you would anybody else.

Talk to her like you would
anybody else.

But she doesn't talk back.

Yeah, but she listens.

You know, on some level,
she's there.

She's communicating

and she'll appreciate
having someone

treat her like a human being

even if she can't
express her appreciation.

Seems too simple.

It isn't. When you're
dealing with people

who are different,

it's very hard to treat them
like they're not.

I'll give it a try.

You're sure you don't
want me to tag along?


I'll be fine.

But... thanks.

You also sure
you don't know

anything about Mary?

Ruthie, are you
picking up

the living room?


Are you telling
the truth?


Ruthie, at least
bring your laundry

up to your room
and put it away.

I don't hear
you moving.


Are you okay?

Eric will calm

I'd like to check
the status of a flight.

The 12:14 flight out of Buffalo.

Yes, Buffalo.

I know it was delayed.

I just came from the airport.

George, George?

Mom, hello.



George no esta aqui.

George, is that you?

George no esta aqui.
Mary no esta aqui.

What did you say?

Mary isn't here.

The cat and the monkey
are under the table.

Sorry, that's all I could
remember from Spanish class.

It's not you.

I'm just nervous about
leaving a new person

with my mom.

Don't worry.
We'll be fine.

I'll call you if
anything happens.


And if you order now,

you'll not only get
the Rotisserater

rushed to you in just
ten working days,

but you'll get our accessorator
bonus pack.

Now that we got rid of him,
it's just us girls.

What are you watching?


I've seen this one before,
the Rotisserater.

Personally, I don't think

should be rotisseried.

I think it's more like
a chicken thing.

We've already prepared
these today.

And this is all in
just one morning.

I think the people
at the Rotisserater

have gone a little

Open the door!

I can't.


I'm naked.

You're what?

I'm naked.

Why are you naked

and why haven't you picked up
the living room?

I was cleaning in the nude
and I got cold

so I came upstairs and
put some clothes on.

Look, I don't have time
for games, not today.

We have too many things
to get done before tonight.

I'll start cleaning as soon
as I get... un-naked.

That was close.

Hey, I gave Mom a call and told
her what we were doing.

And she agrees we need
to find Mrs. Bink.

She said if we just get
to the mall,

she'll take care
of everything else.

So, did you find her?

No, no one will give
any information.

What happened to "my turf,
my people"?

Apparently my people
have the day off.

Well, Mrs. Bink is like the CIA.

If she doesn't want to be found,
she's not going to be found.

Maybe we should
just call Dad.

No, Dad wouldn't ask for help,
he'd just find her,

and that's what
we're going to do.

Hey, what are you
guys doing here?

Isn't it your day off?

Yeah, but my mom
asked us

to give Mrs. Bink a ride
here and we lost her.

I just saw her
going to Radiology.

You did?

See you guys at
the house later.

While I can appreciate
how upset you are about Mary,

there really isn't
anything I can do.

Can't you stake out the airport?

This is Glenoak PD.
We don't stake out anything.

We don't have the manpower.

And even if we did,

you don't know for sure
if Mary's flying in

or what airline she might be on.

What are you doing?

I just need a snack.

Getting dressed gets
you really hungry.

Baby cereal and bananas?

It's really good.

Want some?

You know, on a normal day,
I'd have plenty of time

to figure out what you're up to,
but today is a busy day.

So, what do you say
you just give me a break

and tell me what's going on.

Where did you
find this baby?

On the front porch.

-Who would leave a baby
at our house?

That's sweet, but I think God

may have had some help
on this one.


Can I keep the baby?

You took away the kitten
and the monkey, remember?

Come on, I should get
to keep the baby.

Was there a note?

Nope. God is a man
of action not words.

Who do we know who has a baby?

I'm going to go grab a burger,
I'll be back later.

What's that Pete's lady's baby
doing here?

You've seen this baby before?

At Pete's Pizza.

Frankie and Johnnie.

Yeah, that's her name.

Frankie, she waits tables

and she sometimes brings
the baby to work.

Are you sure this is the baby
you saw with Frankie?

No offense, because I know
all babies are beautiful,

but I'd recognize
that head anywhere.

So, this is Mercy.

So, what's Mercy
doing here?

I don't know, but
I'm going to find out.

So, I guess
now I have to call Dad

so he can give back my baby.

No, we're not going
to call your father.

I can handle
this situation myself.

But I'll need a little help.

Are you available?


But I have to tell you
something first.

Something about Mary.

I wasn't sure what you like,

so I made a little bit
of everything.

Turkey, ham, peanut butter,

Not all on the same sandwich.

I like turkey, too.

I want Mike to put me
in a hospital.


I want him to sell the house,
take the money,

get himself an apartment,
and put me in a hospital.

He's been
taking care of me

for too long.

Let the State take care of me.

He's too good a son

to even think
about committing me.

So, you have to talk to him.

He likes you.

He trusts you.

If you tell him to do it,
he'll do it.

If I were strong

I'd leave.

But I'm not.

Whoa, just give me a second,

No offense,
but I thought

if you talked to me today,

it would be about
the weather or something.

Is it cold out?

Not really.

Tell Mike he has to put me
in a hospital.

Come on, my little Spanish
friend, I know you're there.


No, Reverend Camden,
it's Robbie.

I lied.

Mary's on her way
back to Glenoak.

I'm really sorry.

I don't think sorry is going
to work this time.

What time does Mary's
flight get in?

It's flight 458.

It arrives in about two hours.

Let me talk to Annie.

She left.

She was going to clean all day.

She was, but she had
an errand to run

and I volunteered
to watch the babies.

Annie let you baby-sit?

I think she was desperate.

She'd have to be.

So, are you going
to pick up Mary?


After you talk to Mary,

if you want me to leave,
I'll... I'll understand.

Nice job.

Now let's get this place
spic and span.

I'll help you and you help me.

Come on.

Come in.

Like father, like son.

I'll take that as
a compliment.

It's an insult.

You should have left
when I asked you to.

I couldn't.

Remember, like
father like son?

Don't remind me.

Why did you lie?

I don't like anyone
coming with me.

Every year,
your father pretends

that he doesn't know
why I'm here.

And I pretend I believe he
doesn't know why I'm here.

Why are you here?

Don't you know?

No, they wouldn't tell me.

I am here for my
annual mammogram.



Listen, if you're going
to be a doctor,

you're going to have
to work on your reactions.

I'm sorry.

I thought you were having
something else X-rayed.

I didn't know they did
mammograms on Saturday.

Once a month, on Saturday,
they do them for free.

Anything that hurts that
much ought to be free.

So, you ready to leave?

I've been ready to leave
for hours, but I can't.

The doctors asked me
to wait.

They've never asked me
to wait before.

Why do you think
they asked me to wait?

You're going to have to work
on your reactions.


Hi, Annie.

Where you babysitting
for Frankie and Johnnie?

No. Where are they?

I stopped by the trailer,
no one's there.

That doesn't make any sense.

Frankie should have been there.

She's been sick for a week.

She got the flu
or something.

The flu?

Yeah, Johnnie's due at work
any minute now.

What's going on?

Somebody left Mercy
at our doorstep today.

Left her?

Okay, we're closed.

Everybody out.
Sorry, folks,

on the house.

But everybody's
gonna have to leave,
family emergency.

I knew it wasn't the flu.

She's gone.


You lose again.

I'm not very good
at card games.

I know,

that's why I wanted
to play for money.

Everything looks fine.
You can go now.

Hold on just a sec.

-Is there a problem?
-Yes, there is.

Hi, I'm Matt
and this is Mrs. Bink,

your patient.

The patient you made wait
all afternoon.

The patient you scared by making
her wait all afternoon.

And I'm not sure
about Mrs. Bink,

but "everything looks fine,
you can go now,"

isn't really working for me.

My hero.

And that's what mammography is.

That's what they're doing
in there.


Tell me about it.


Hi, Robbie.
How's it going?

Well, Ruthie and I and the twins
already went to the store

and ran all your errands.

The house is clean
and looks great.

I finished the laundry.

The table is set
with the good linens

and I ironed everyone's clothes
for tonight,

including the twins' suits
and your dress.

Your roast is slow cooking
in the oven.

Smells great.

Sam and David are helping Ruthie
with her special project.

Then we're going to do
the boys' special project.

Oh, and Matt called.

They found Mrs. Bink,
but they can't leave.

Lucy also called,
she's stuck at Mike's house.

I told them both

that I could take care of their
stuff at the house for tonight,

so they could take care
of Mrs. Bink and Mike's mom.


Wow good or wow bad?

Oh, wow good.

Uh, I'll be home
as soon as possible.


Now that's a cake and a half.

Excuse me.

What time is 458
from Buffalo suppose to arrive?

It was suppose to land
two hours ago,

but the plane was delayed
coming out of Denver.

It's not due for another hour.

Mary should be
in Glenoak soon.

Do you think
he'll call us?

Oh, when Eric
finds out

why Mary came home,
he'll call.

Your mother spoke to me.


That's great.

She spoke.
That's unbelievable.

She told me she wants you to
put her in an institution.

It's not great.

Why would my mom
want that?

I think the reason she
hasn't been talking is

would drive you away

or make you
put her away.

I don't understand.

I think your mom blames herself
for your suicide attempt

and your father's death.

She said that?

She didn't
have to.

A couple of years ago, a friend
of mine died in a car accident.

She was on her way to pick me up

and the next thing I knew,
she was dead

and her sister was
in the hospital.

I was convinced
that the accident

was all my fault.

I was so sure that
the accident was all my fault,

I couldn't even bring myself
to go to her funeral.

I kept thinking

that if she hadn't been
on her way to pick me up,

she'd still be alive.

I felt so guilty.

To be honest, even today
I still feel a little guilty.

What are you getting at?

If my friend were alive,

the one thing I would want to
hear from her is forgiveness.

I would want her to tell me
that it was not my fault.

Maybe that's

I don't know.

And I know that my experience
is nothing compared

to what you and your mother
have been through.

But guilt is guilt.

And guilt is
a very powerful thing.

Look it.

So, Mary's
coming back?

What's the story with you two?

There is no story.

We're just friends.

Because you're living here?



You know, I don't want
to talk about this.


Because it's none
of your business.

You're new here,
so maybe you haven't heard.

Everything that happens
in this house is my business.

I'll try to remember that.

Things will go much easier
for you if you do.

You didn't answer my question.

No, I didn't.

Do you think Dad's
going to be surprised?

Big time.

Oh, you've got some
explaining to do.

You know, while I
was sitting here

with your uncle waiting
for you to show up.

I kept thinking, I don't
have time for this.

For you.

For your irresponsibility.

For your lack
of respect.

For the empty promises you made

to your wife
and to my husband and me.

Just tell me.
What did you do

to Frankie that made her leave
Mercy on our doorsteps?

Did you hit her?

Did you try to hit the baby?

Were you drunk, high,

-And where is Frankie?

Mrs. Camden said she went
by the trailer.

No one was home.

You told me Frankie
was sick.

Is she sick
or is she just hiding out

until the bruises heal?

What's the use?

You're never going
to believe me anyway.

Does he have parents?

Do they know about their son?

They know their son.

They know his wife.

They don't know
this baby

because they refuse to see her.

Doesn't drip?

That's right.

The problem
with most rotisserie cookers

is that you baste your entree,
stick it in,

and what happens?

I need to talk to you.

And I need for you
to really hear me.

I'm not putting you
in a hospital.

Not now, not ever.

If you don't talk to me
for the rest of my life,

I still won't
ever do that.

I love you,



And nothing you do will
ever change that.

Mom... Dad did
what Dad did.

He killed himself.

He did it.

Not me, not you.

He made the decision
and just did it.

It wasn't your fault.

He had problems

and he chose death
as a solution.

It was a bad

Actually, it's
no solution.

Death solves nothing.

It only leaves pain

and torment for everyone
you leave behind.

Dad was selfish
and it was wrong.

I know this because
I was selfish.

I was wrong.

I tried death myself.

I tried it.

I tried to end my life.

Me, not you.


I took the pills.

I drank the vodka.

I locked the door
and I waited to die.

I gave up
on life.

Me, not you.

I failed.


I... I...

...not Dad, not you,

not anyone.

I thought giving up would be
easier than getting over Dad.

I was wrong.

And it was not

in your power to stop me.

I'm sorry, but that's the truth.

I have free will.

I just exercised it
in the wrong direction.

I want to see you embrace life.

And stop feeling badly.

You've done nothing
but be a great mom.

I'm so lucky to have you
in my life.

So, will you

forgive me?

There's nothing to forgive.

You didn't do anything
but love me and Dad.


I love you so much.

I know.

I love you, too.

Is Mrs. Bink okay?

Yeah, she's fine.

She's still in there
giving the doctor
a hard time.

No, it's-it's okay.

The doctor deserves it.

Look, uh, Mrs. Bink
isn't up

to coming over to
the house tonight,

so we'll drop her off,
go to the mall,

and then get home
and help Mom.

Dad does this stuff
every day, doesn't he?


They don't pay him

I don't think he does
it for the money.

You didn't get
very far, did you?

Where am I going to go?

You can't run
away from this.

This is your life,
your daughter's life.

Frankie didn't leave Mercy
at your house-- I did.

She took off

with her pot dealer.

She's in Vegas,
and she wants a divorce.

So Frankie leaves,
and you just dump Mercy?

No. You don't understand.

Make me understand.

I've never been
this angry before.

I've never felt
this out of control.

I don't know
where it comes from.

No one in my family
has ever hit me,

and I've never hit anyone...

except for your husband
that one time.

But I did hit him
and, if I can do that,

what else am I capable of
when I'm angry?

I thought I was
really making progress

in my Anger
Management classes.

What happened?

Frankie called last night,
and I got angry.

Really angry.

And, when I woke up,
I was still angry.

The baby was crying,
the rent was due.

I've never hurt Mercy...

but I didn't trust myself.

So I thought
the best thing to do

was to get Mercy
out of the house.

I still don't understand

why you left Mercy
on our doorstep.

It's so embarrassing.

Oh, I get it.

Your parents don't know
about any of this, do they?

They know about the drugs
and the drinking,

but they don't know about the...

Anger and the hitting?

If I left Mercy with them,
I'd have to explain.

But you and the Reverend
already know about my problems.

So, basically,
this is about your pride.

Pride is a luxury
you can't afford

if you want to keep your baby.

You need help-- family help.

You're going to have
to tell your parents.

I can't.

You can't leave Mercy
on our doorstep

every time you
have a problem.

My parents
would never understand.

They understand.

I spoke with them
and told them what was going on.

They want to speak with you.
They want to help.

So, now,

all you have to do
is swallow your pride,

get off this bench
and go and talk to them.

We can go back to Pete's
and call them.

It's not going to be easy.

Being a parent never is.

Let's go.

You're not supposed
to be here.

Neither are you.


You're expecting Robbie.

Why did you do it?

I just had to.

You were doing so well.

Well, I still
am doing well.

I'm really
glad to see you,

but you're
in a lot of trouble.


Running away from the Colonel
and Ruth's

so you could be with Robbie--
yeah, that's trouble.


Dad, I didn't come here
to see Robbie.

I came here to see you.

It was supposed
to be a surprise.

Mom thought that Robbie
could get out of the house

to pick me up without anyone
suspecting anything.

Your mother knew about this?

Everyone knew.

The Colonel and Ruth
split the ticket with me.

Why would everyone do that
and not tell me?

That doesn't make any sense.

You're kidding, right?

Happy birthday, Dad.


Happy birthday.

My birthday.

Which is today.

Which I completely forgot about.

Apparently so.

How do you
forget your birthday?

It's easy.
I was insane today.

Completely insane.

Oh, I wish I didn't have
to leave so soon.

I only have an hour before
my return flight leaves.

You can't go.
You just got here.

You have to see the family.

My flight was supposed
to get in last night,

and then it got snowed in
and delayed and rerouted,

and I just... I have to get back
for my class and work.

I have commitments
and, these days,

I'm keeping my commitments.

I love you, Dad.

You came all this way
just to tell me that?

What a great present.

Your mom is something else.

Coming home was my present.

Mom has something else
for you at the house.

What could top this?


Happy birthday!

I'm guessing your birthday
present to me

is that you didn't punch me?

I owe you an apology.

I was out of line.

I'm sorry.

Apology accepted.

Where's Mary?

Mary's plane was so late

she only had time to go
from one gate to the next.

But Mary promises

that she'll come back home
when she has more time off.

Well, I'm glad
you got to see her.

After all,
it is your birthday.

I still can't believe
I forgot my birthday.

You're old.

Old people forget stuff.

Yes, they do.

Well, there's
presents from everyone,

and cake and dinner
in the living room.

Dad, I want to talk
to you alone first.

Happy birthday, Dad.

I know what I want to be.

I'm going to study theology
and become a minister

just like you.

Well, I hope
I'll be as good as you.

I'm going to try.

I found out a while ago,
but I wanted to save it

and give it to you
for your birthday.

It was either that or a tie.

Ties I have, but this...

You want to be a minister?

Come here, you.

Why a minister?
What made you decide?

Close your eyes
and give me your hand.

And no peeking.

You ready?

Don't look.

Okay, now
open your eyes.

This is why I want
to be a minister.

With love from me,
from your family,

and your friends,
and all the people

whom you have helped
in the community.

Happy birthday.

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ When I see their happy faces
smiling back at me ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ I know there's
no greater feeling ♪

♪ Than the love of family ♪

♪ Where can you go ♪

♪ When the world
don't treat you right? ♪

♪ The answer is home ♪

♪ That's the one place
that you find ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ When I see their happy faces
smiling back at me ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ I know there's
no greater feeling ♪

♪ Than the love of family ♪

♪ Where can you go ♪

♪ When the world
don't treat you right? ♪

♪ The answer is home ♪

♪ That's the one place
that you'll find ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ Ooh, 7th Heaven ♪

♪ 7th Heaven. ♪