7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 4, Episode 9 - Dirty Laundry - full transcript

Reading about hunger put Simon off his food, in fact his gloom spreads to all Camdens. Matt is worried sick as Shana claims doing laundry at his ma's makes her realize they need to take distance, in fact on account of her disrupted family past. The parish receives a §20,000 check from elderly Sachiko Ishida, who refuses to touch it as blood money for her family's World war II internment, so Eric asks veteran Henry Muranaka's help. Cruelly, kids not only ostracize vandals captain Mary but effectively even Lucy. Ruthie demonstrates the power of passive abuse in kindergarten.


I don't want to nag you,

but that's three times this week

we haven't taken a walk because
you ran down to the office

for a minute
that turned into an hour.

Walking out the door.

I love you.

I love you, too.



-Hi, Ruthie.
-Hi, Ruthie.

Are you guys at Chloe's?

No, it's
three-way calling.

Don't you have
three-way calling?


Well, get a clue.
Everyone's got it.

It's cool.

You've got to have
three-way calling

if you want us
all to be friends.

Don't you want
to be friends?

Duh, of course.


Then you have to help us
get rid of Sarah.

She can't be
following us around

because she's a total

Yeah, we can't be
seen with losers,

or other people
are gonna think

that we're
losers, too.

So are you gonna
help us or what?

Sure, I guess.
We're friends, right?

That's right.

See you tomorrow at school
and don't forget.

Yeah, and
don't forget.

What's wrong?

Are you gonna cry
or something?

No, I'm not gonna cry.
I'm reflecting.

I just read this
really terrible book.


I had to, it's required
for school.

Why is reading
terrible books required?

Do they run out of all the good
books by the eighth grade?

It's not terrible,

terribly sad. It's about people

doing awful things.
And then at the end,

Johnny dies after bravely
rescuing these kids from a fire.

Well, that'll teach you not
to play with matches.

No, that's not
what it'll teach you.
Well, then

what does it teach you?
Not to rescue other kids?

No... yeah.

Well, the lesson's

much more complicated than that.
I don't have any time

to explain it all to you now.
I have a paper to write.

Well, then I guess
you should get to your paper.

I don't think
it's right to drag

all of our laundry
over here.

It's just not right.

Don't worry about it,
my mom doesn't care.

I don't care.

That's very nice

of you, but you're
doing laundry

for six kids
and two adults.

And I'm sure you
don't need us dragging

our laundry over here.

Oh, don't be silly.

Mi washer dryer,
es su washer dryer.

I saved two pieces
of fat-free cheesecake,

it's in the fridge.

See, it's really okay.

No, it's not.

I don't feel right
about this.

I wish I hadn't agreed to it.


doing laundry?

Uh, maybe.

Mom's upstairs.

I thought we were going to get
together and talk tonight.

Well, that's what we're doing.
We're here,

together, talking
and washing

and drying and...

you can't talk me into it.
It's just not going to happen.

All I'm asking is
that you consider it.

I have.

So consider it considered,
and the answer is no.


No pressure.

You wanna do a load
of whites together?

To tell you the truth,

I don't want to do anything
that intimate

right now.

You wash your whites first

and I'll get Mary and
Lucy off the stairway.

Don't even think about it,
the cheesecake's ours.

And anything you were snooping
around to hear

is none of your business.

None of your business.

Simon's in charge of the twins,

while we take our walk.
What's this?

Oh, I found that slipped
under the door at my
office on my way out.

I didn't want to take
the time to open it,
because I was rushing

home to walk with... "my woman."

Well, I think we have
a few moments to spare.


It's a check made out
to the church for $20,000.

It is.

It is.


I see me
boy is having himself
a wee leprechaun

of a breakfast.
What happened, me lad?

Guilt happened.
That's what happened.

I can't enjoy my food knowing

that there are so many people
in this world

who are starving.


Well, yeah, you know, there are
people who are starving

and there are things
we can do to help,

but no one is going to be
hungrier if you eat your usual


It's a symbolic gesture.

I want to remind myself
of what's going on.

What is going on, according
to the paper?

Well, let's see,
where would you like to start?

The plight of the Kosovo
refugees, uh,

famine in North Korea,

the kid who got caught stealing
a can of tuna fish

from the 7-Eleven
to feed his family.

I think that was his cat.

The kid, uh,

didn't want his mom to know that
he had taken in a stray cat.

Do you know how many cans
of tuna it would take

to feed all of the stray
cats in the world?

Hey, I got some good news.

One of our parishioners made
a big cash contribution,

it's really going
to help the church.

Why'd they do that?

I don't know. Why not?

Because no matter
how much money it is,

it'll never be enough
to help everyone.

Is it?


I thought you were keeping
an eye on your brothers.


Sam and David are
crawling now.

You have to watch
them every second.

I can't watch them
every second.

The only person who can watch
someone every second is God.

So why don't we just
let God watch 'em?

Because, because that's why
God put everyone on Earth,

to watch after each other.

Well, I've got a big enough job
just watching after myself.

That's no excuse.


You have no idea

what school is like these days.

It's every girl for herself.
You can't be nice to everyone.

And even if someone could save
people from the fire,

he'd probably get hurt,
even killed doing it.

And if you're just
going to get killed

why even try to be a hero?

How much sugar
did you have today?

No, it was in Simon's
terrible book.

He was reading it
and got into a terrible mood

and now I'm in a terrible mood.

But he's got

- an apartment.
- And she's got

her apartment.
-So, they have
the opportunity

and don't forget
the motive.
Motive for what?

We'll talk about this later.




What are you doing?

Oh, I was just watching
Sam and David.

They're so cute
and innocent,

I wish I could keep them
this way forever.

I know.

So, you going to the bank?

Oh, uh, well, not yet.

I gotta get over
to the church

and do some work
on my sermon,

and I wanted to ask Sajicko
if she'd stop over.

I'd just like to talk to her

about the check
before I go ahead

and deposit it.
-Oh, good idea.

I know the church could really
use the money,

but Sajicko, being older
and alone, might need it, too.

But, who knows,
maybe she won the lottery.

I sincerely hope so.
But I doubt it. I...

The check makes me uneasy.

I... I don't have
a good feeling about it.

You haven't been talking
to Simon, have you?

Well, actually I have.

Oh, wow

that kid's a black hole.

He's sucked the life out of this
entire family with his bad mood.

Try to keep out of his
gravitational pull.



Hold on, I'm
almost there.

I'm gonna ace

this test.

I came over
to give you this,

it got mixed up
in my laundry bag.

You didn't have
to bring it over.

I would have gotten it later.

Later is something
I'm not sure about.

I'm confused.

And evidently
doing laundry

just confused you more.

What's wrong? It's
just laundry. See,

this is exactly why we should
just do what other couples do.

Matt, I think we should slow
down and maybe see other people.

W-Where'd this come from?

I just think this relationship
is too much for me.

It's interfering
with my studies.

Right, it's interfering so much,
you have a 4.0 grade average.

I won't be able to keep up
a 4.0, if this keeps up.

This what?

-This relationship.

I don't want to see other
people. And you know what?

I don't think you really want
to see other people

for any other reason
than to push me away.

Oh, so you got it
all figured out already,

don't you, Dr. Freud?

No, I don't have it
all figured out.

All I know is
I want this to work,

and I'd love to find out

why you're being
like this.
-Like what?

Like distant and completely
and unrelentingly stubborn

about something I want to do.

Don't my needs count
for anything?

I, I'm sorry.

I got this test,
I'll call you.

Hey, this isn't my shirt!

Friends together.

Girl power forever.

What are you guys doing?

None of your

Yeah, it's a secret.

It's only for girls,
and you're not a girl.

I am so a girl.

You are not; you're a bird.

Yeah, you're a skinny bird

who can't do anything.

Fly away,
skinny bird, shoo.

Yeah, go
away, birdie.

You guys better stop it.

Oh, poor birdie,
what are you gonna do about it?

Bird face.
Tweet, tweet,

tweet, tweet, tweet.

Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp,



Janice just told me about
the big homecoming party

this weekend for the
boys' basketball team.

Where have you been?

Only everyone
at school is going.

Everyone wants
to show support

after what happened
with the girls' team.

Well, they're all a
bunch of screw-ups.

First, they bombed out
with their grades,

and then they break

into the gym
and vandalize it.

How stupid is that?

I know.

It made the whole school
look bad.

Do you mind?

You're talking
about my sister.

Who's your sister?

Mary Camden.

She was team captain.

Sorry, we didn't know.

No offense to you
or anything.

We like you.

Yeah, you're
really nice.

A-And smart.

You're not anything
like your sister.

You should come
to the party with us.

Yeah, it'll be great.

But you know you can't
bring your sister.

Uh, no offense,

but all the girl players
are officially out.

I don't think so.

No offense or anything.

Lucy looks great

this year.

Too bad she has
that loser sister.

Have you guys seen
my sister Lucy?



Thank you so much
for coming down, Sajicko.

I didn't think that, uh,
donating money would be

such a problem,

I assumed the church
could use the money.

Oh, yes, it's, uh,
something we can always use.

And it's greatly

But... there still seems
to be a problem.

It's just it's...
such a large check,

I just wanted to make sure
it wasn't a mistake.

$20,000, that's,
that's a lot of money.


That's the correct amount.

I see.


I've been...

holding on to the money

because, uh, I didn't know
what to do with it.

It's the reparation money

that I received
from the government.

When I was a child,

my family was taken to an
internment camp during the war.

We lived in
horse stalls

before we were transferred
to the actual camp.

At the same time,

my brother fought
in the 442nd Regiment

for the same country that had us
in the internment camp.

My parents lost their
farming business,

and after the war,

my father returned from camp
a broken man.

My mother worked hard
to support all of us.

Both parents died long
before the reparation money.

Like them,

most of the people who suffered

and deserved the money the most
are not alive today.

I don't want the money.

It's blood money.

Money cannot undo
what's been done.

Rights, dignity,
and respect.

I want it off my hands

so I don't have to talk
about it ever again.

Please, just take the money.


What are we doing?

I'm reading
about internment camps.

Camp, I want to go
to summer camp next year.

Oh, no, no, no.

No, internment camp
is something

you never want
to have to go to.


Internment camps are terrible.

During World War II, when
we were at war with Japan,

our government thought that
anyone of Japanese ancestry

living here could be
a threat to America.

Our government thought
that the Japanese-Americans

might be spies or that they
would give information to Japan.

So we took all
the Japanese living here,

even those
who'd been born here,

and we put them in...

internment camps
where they were locked up,

you know,
like they were in jail.

Everything was taken
from them.

Lot of Americans
thought it was wrong,

but they didn't say anything
because they were afraid

that people would think that
they were siding with the enemy.

Well, didn't they have
any friends who would help them?

Yeah, I'm sure they had
plenty of friends,

but people aren't perfect,
you know?

Being human means

that we not only have strengths;

we have a lot
of weaknesses, too.

Like being afraid
to do the right thing

or, you know,
needing people to like us.

What happened
was wrong

and our government
eventually admitted

that they'd made
a terrible mistake,

that they violated
constitutional rights,

and the government gave
the Japanese some money

as a form of apology.

It's called reparation money.

I just got off the phone
with your teacher.

Seems that Ruthie
and her friends

made a little girl cry
at school today.

I think you have
some explaining to do, Ruthie.

Sarah's not
in our group.

Being seen with her would
bring our standing way down.

I know that
Chloe and Nina

shouldn't have
called her names,

but what can I do?
I'm only human.

It was a weak moment.

That doesn't even come close
to being an excuse.

I'd give her some money
to make it all better,

but I don't have any.

I'm surprised at you.

You know money doesn't make it
all better.

Well, the government does it,
so it must help.

No, it wouldn't.

I want you to apologize
to Sarah tomorrow.

But I didn't say anything.

That's just as bad,
maybe even worse.

How would you like to be
in Sarah's place?

Well, if I apologize to her,
I am going to be in her place.

Well, she shouldn't
have done it.

-I didn't say anything.
-Well, you could have.

You eating
for two now?

It's a high-energy day.

Had a big test
and a big fight with Shana.

She wants to see other people.

Did you do something

to make her want
to see other people?

-No, I didn't do anything.
-Well, what was
the fight about?

I don't feel

talking about it
right now.

Don't worry.

I'll eat these somewhere
else so you two can talk.

The conversation's probably
too intimate for me anyway.

You know, if I still lived here,
you wouldn't have made

that "intimate" comment
in front of Mom.

You're just trying
to make me look bad

because I didn't include you

in a conversation I already told
you is none of your business.


-I'm sorry.
-Well, it's too late.

You know, ever since
I moved out,

everyone treats me
like I'm some guy stopping by

to eat or do laundry.

I'm still part of
the family, you know.

And I'm still
your big brother,

which entitles me
to lecture you.

my private life
is still my private life.

-I'm not apologizing
to her.

But maybe later,
you should talk to her.

Fine, but her comment
was totally uncalled for.

My private life
is my private life.

I understand,
but now that

that word "intimacy" has reared
its interesting head,

do you want to talk
about your private life?

-Not really,
I just want to eat.

I'll clean up
when I'm done.

Okay, okay.

Matt's never yelled
at me like that before.

It's no big deal.

It is to me.

He hurt my feelings.

Then you shouldn't have said

You were just trying
to get him in trouble.

Well, he was
leaving me out

of the conversation.
-You don't like

to be left out, do you?

How would you know anything
about being left out?

I'm persona non grata,
or haven't you noticed?

You have been
in the in crowd

your whole life.

You've been Miss Star Athlete,
Miss Big Deal,

Miss Popularity
all during high school.

You have no idea what's it like
to be left out.

Are you crazy?

Why do you think I
got into basketball

in the first place?

Now, I was, like,
seven feet tall

by the time I got
into fifth grade.

Kids laughed at me
and called me names,

and so I did something.

I learned a sport.

And I used my height, instead of
just complaining about it.

I became an
athlete, instead of

just whining about
being different.

And after all that hard work,

I'm nothing now.

I'm just the tall, bad girl

who let everybody down,
and now I'm paying for it.

Here, go ahead
and finish it off.

Uh, no, that's okay.

Wouldn't want to
let it go to waste.

What's with you?

Those are your
favorite cookies.

Not anymore.

Take a look at the ingredients
on the lid.

preservatives, chemicals.

All that for money.

All that junk is filler.

And the shelf life is
probably... a few hundred years.

I was looking
forward to this.

You might as well eat it.

We're all just pawns being
manipulated by the corruption

of politics
and big business anyway.

Knowing about our health
and environment,

they just make bigger
gas-guzzling SUVs;

package the, the food in plastic

which leaches poisons
into our bodies;

sell arms to other countries,

then declare war on them
because they use them;

and make paper towels
and tissue

that only promote waste.


Hi, Tammy.

No, I don't know if I'm going
to the party or not.

Let me think about it.

Okay, bye.

Just to let you know,

Shana and I aren't
fighting about sex.

That's not what I
meant by intimate,

so you can
tell Lucy that.

I'm sure she's
dying to know.

I'm not your messenger,

and I don't care what
you and Shana are doing.

Oh, right, I forgot.

You don't care about anybody
but yourself.

Hi, this is Shana for Matt.

Matt, listen,
I'm sorry about today.

I really don't want
to see other people,

but I do want a time out
from you.

I'll call you.

So, how you doing?

Oh, okay,

How about you?

Okay, considering that this
bad mood has set off a bad mood

in practically every member
of the family.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I didn't know anyone else
was in a bad mood.

Well, you'll have to stop.

Bad moods are as contagious
as chicken pox.

Yeah, well, it seems
the whole world's in a bad mood.

You know, good moods
are contagious, too.

So as of right now, we're both
gonna be in a better mood.

Just like that?

Yeah, we're gonna put on a smile

and pretend to be
in a good mood.

You mean fake it?

What's the difference
in pretending to be

in a good mood,
and being in a good mood?

You got me.

Right. It's very hard
to tell the difference.

So just start by pretending

and the reality will
catch up with you.

Okay, but I don't know
how long it's gonna last.

I know how to make it last.

Once you get
your mood up,

help someone to actually do
something that contributes

to someone else feeling better
or getting what they need.

Service to others
makes you feel good.

And there are so many
others to serve.

That's right.
So pick one and another one,

and smile, baby, smile!

Hey, Luce, do you
have a second?


I'm sorry about last night.

This is my problem, not yours.

And it's probably
all in my head

that people are shunning me and
the other basketball players.

Okay, maybe they are
shunning me,

but it's got to blow over
eventually, right?

And-and even if it doesn't,
then at least I have my family.


See you on Saturday.

Party, party.

I-I wasn't gonna go.

And then I thought
I might go.

I mean, it's not like
I got in trouble, right?


You did nothing...

except join
a whole group of people

who are trying to exclude me.


Hello. That's it?

Well, I apologized.

Did you want
something else?

I thought maybe you'd want
to try and be friends.

You wouldn't want
to be my friend.

I let Chloe and Nina
make you cry.

I want to be your friend

'cause I really don't think
you're like them.

Yes, I am.


Then I don't want
to be your friend.

I thought you were different.

Okay, if you want to know
so bad, I'll tell you.

Shana and I started
having some problems.

We couldn't talk about them,
so I talked to John about them,

and Shana got mad
because I talked to John.

So I suggested
that we both

go and talk
to someone else together,

someone like a counselor.

They have counselors on campus.

That sounds reasonable.

She refuses to go
and she refuses to talk about

whatever it is
that's bothering her.

Do you think Shana
would want to talk to me?


I mean, she's not close
to her own mom.

Well, I'll call her and ask her
if she has time to drop by

and not make any big deal.


I can't thank you enough
for coming down here

on such short notice.

I'm happy that I could finally
do something for your father.

I owe the Colonel.

Your father has been
very involved with aiding

public awareness about

the 442nd Regimental
Combat Team,

as well as many other veterans
groups and organizations.

Yes, my father
took a trip

around the world last year,

and he came back
quite the political activist.

He's a very busy man.

You should be very proud.

I am.

I also wanted to
meet Sajicko Ishita.

I served with her brother Jim
in the 442nd,

and he was a great man,
a very brave soldier.

I-I didn't know you knew
Sajicko's brother.

My dad just told me
that you were the one to talk to

about facts regarding
the internment camps.

Well, then, it worked out
better than expected.

So do you mind telling me your
take on the reparation money?

How do you feel
about that?

Actually, I welcomed it,

because it paid for
my grandson's medical bills.

He was born with some
physical problems,

and he's had several operations.

The money is helping
pay for his care.

It has been a real
hardship on the family.

My wife died several years ago.

And my daughter
has had a difficult time

taking care of the boy
on her own.

I was able to use that
money to help her.

Uh, don't misunderstand me.

I'm not saying that
the reparation money

evens things out
or makes life fair.

Life is not fair.

Maybe I can present

a different perspective
to Sajicko.

And even
if I can't,

I'm still looking forward
to meeting Jim's sister.

So, Jim...


Jim Ishita...

died in service to his country.

What happened to
Mr. Doom and Gloom?

I'm not raining
on anyone's parade.

I am a new man, a happy man.

Lucky you, I'd love
to be a happy woman.

You can.

There's a clothing drive at my
school for the Kosovo refugees.

Maybe you can get
some things together

for me to take tomorrow.

Okay. I got stuff
I'm never gonna wear again.

All right.

What's all
the racket?!

I've got the blues and I
don't want to be disturbed!

The blues are good,
but a good mood's better.

It has sort of
a healing quality about it.

-You should try it.

You can get in a good mood, too.

No, I can't.

Admit it.

You're not really
enjoying the blues,

are you?

No, not really.

Then get up, do something,
help someone.

Is it me

or is it awkward
in here?

It's awkward in here.

I came over to talk,
and I want to talk,

but I don't know how to talk.

And yet,
here we are,


What do you know?

I know that Matt offended you

by talking to John
about your problems.

Yet he can't talk
to me about me.

And you don't want to go
to counseling with him?

Well, maybe this
isn't that serious.

Maybe you don't need
a professional,

just a-a friend or a... mom.

The thing is,

it's serious.

I have a serious problem.

There are two kinds
those who have

seen a therapist
and those who haven't.

I'm the first,
and Matt's the second.

I don't want to air my
dirty laundry in front of him.

I mean, we're close,
but not that close.

And I'd like to know
how close we're gonna get

before I reveal
everything about myself.

And I can't air
my dirty laundry

in front of my mom because
my mom is my dirty laundry.

My therapist
knows that,

but Matt doesn't.

I mean, I had
a crummy life.

And the crummy part
is over.

I've grown up, and I'm on
my own, and I'm doing fine.

But I didn't grow up
like a normal person.

I mean, I don't even
know how to do

the simplest things
like normal people.

Like laundry and...

Laundry seems so... intimate.

I mean, putting
your dirty stuff in

with other people's
dirty stuff-- is that okay?

I mean, putting
my dirty underwear in

with Matt's dirty underwear

when we haven't even seen
each other's underwear.

Is that okay,
or is that weird?

This is so insane.

I don't care how
other people do laundry.

My-My goal isn't normal,

my goal is to be me.

I guess that's what
I've been so afraid

of talking about with Matt.

I'm sorry, I guess I just needed
to hear all of that out loud.

Thanks for listening.

Hi, Sajicko.

I'm sorry to come by
without calling, but I thought

this would be
a nice surprise for you.

This is Henry

Nice to meet you.

So this is the friend
you wanted me to meet.

I served in

the 442nd with
your brother Jim.

I'm sorry that the Reverend
has wasted your time.

I'm not interested in talking.

I'm sorry.

I hate it when you're mad at me.

Yeah, I know,

I feel just as bad
when you're mad at me.

I-I got upset because when
I said the word intimacy,

everyone just assumed
Shana and I are having sex,

and we-we aren't,

not that that's anybody's

business anyway.

I know, but you were doing
your laundry together.


Are you kidding?

I would have to be
practically married

to let some guy
see my dirty clothes.


What was I thinking?


And-and, I'm sorry.

How was
your day, Dad?

My day was terrible, thank you.

My own father
will be calling soon

to see how I screwed up
a favor he did for me,

but I'm not stressed.

No, no, not stressed.

Thanks for asking.

Oh, hi, hon.

You had a phone call.

Oh, could it have been
the Colonel?

'Cause the entire 442nd's

probably called
to let him know

what a lousy
minister I am.

No, it was Sajicko Ishita.

She wants you to come back over
and bring your friend...

Mr. Muranaka.


Oh, deep breath, relax,
everything is fine.

Hey, you're home.
How was your day?

Much better,
now that you asked.


Hey, uh, if my dad calls,

tell him thanks for everything
and, and I'll call him back.

It was a stupid idea.

I think we need to spend
more time together

before we do laundry.

I just... want to talk
to Mary and then maybe

we can spend time
together tonight.


I have to go to work.

And I have to study.

Uh, before we both run off
in separate directions,

can I tell you
something about me?

Sure, yes, please.


When I was growing up,

I knew my home life
was different

from the other kids.

So, I tried to make myself fit
in by doing well in school.

And it worked,

and now...

after all that effort
for all those years,

after trying to fit in
to normal for so long,

I find myself in a position
where I might get to pull away

from the pack and actually
get to go to medical school

and become a doctor.
That's my dream.

You scare me.

Getting close to you scares me

because I don't want to get
sidetracked from my dream.

I promise I won't
get in your way.

Look, I know you've decided

you want to be a doctor, too,

but it's new for you,

you're just starting
to invest in that dream,

and I've got
my whole heart into it.

Is there room left
in there for me?

Don't worry, I'll make room.

But you've got
to give me time.

Okay, I have to go now.

It was nice talking to you.

You, too.

Thanks for still
wanting to be my friend.

I was really, really, bad.

That's okay.

I used to have a best friend,
but she moved away.

It's been hard to find anyone
else to hang out with

because, well, we never really
talked to anyone else.

I thought it was
going to last forever.


You know, we have conference
calling on our phone.

Maybe we can get
Chloe and Nina on the line

and see if we can join forces.

Is conference calling
like three-way calling?

No, it's better.

You can get a whole bunch of
people on the phone.

Cool! Nina and Chloe
will love this.

Hello? Chloe?

Who is this again?

I'm here.

Who else is here?

It's us,
Sarah and Ruthie.

Sarah's got
conference calling.

Big deal.

They're just trying
to show off.

Well, we tried.

Yeah, but they still
don't want to talk to me.

No, now they don't
want to talk to us.

"Us" sounds nice.

See you at school.

You're going to have
to come out sometime.

Actually, I'm not.

I'm, uh, thinking of signing up
for independent study

and finishing
the school year in here.

Look, I-I said you were selfish,

but I know you're not selfish
and I apologize.

I have been selfish.

Even, even a lot selfish.

Okay, completely selfish,

and, and I was being
completely selfish

when I told Lucy that
it would be betraying me

by going to that party.

Okay, but can
we talk about me?

I mean, it's hard to care
about your family,

yet grow up
and leave your family.

Is that about you?

It sounds like it's about me.

Well, how would it be you?
I'm the one who left.

And yet you're still here.

Well, it's comforting
to come here.

Especially when
the one relationship
you have outside

of here has been
a little shaky lately.

How is it now?

It's, it's good, really good.

Then go home.
I have to talk to my sister.

I'm not going.

No, you should go.
You were right.

You didn't do anything,

and you shouldn't suffer
being left out

just because I'm ostracized.


That's a pretty big word
for you.

I've had a lot of time to study,
being left out and all.

I love you.

I love you, too.

And if you keep up
all this studying,

you could be a Rhodes Scholar
by the end of the year.

What's that?

Never mind.

By the end of the year,

they'll be letting you back
in to all the parties.

Ah, sounds good to me.

I'm uh...

so sorry for being
so rude to you both today.

I don't know what came over me.

I suppose seeing you
brought back bad memories.

I've held such
bitterness in my heart

since Jim was killed
in the war.

Mostly, I have regret.

Deep regret about
my childhood.

The thoughts I had
about myself.

I never admitted
this to anyone,

but in my youth...

I felt deep shame
about being Japanese.

The way I looked.

You see...

there was still so much

after the war,
and I was so embarrassed...


ashamed that I could
be singled out so easily.

I just wanted to be
like everyone else.

I would have done anything
if there were some way

to conceal the fact
that I was...


And at the same
time knowing

that my own brother
fought so heroically

to defend this country,

and died for it.

He was American,

but still proud of his ancestry.

And here I was...


and still too afraid.

I'm sorry.

Here you are listening

to an old woman's
silly complaints

while you fought side by side
with my brother.

No, we were all young then.

Even while
we were fighting,

we had this go-for-broke

The Hawaiian boys
always yelling.

We had something to prove.

It was a terrible situation,

but we didn't know the enormity
of the injustice

until we came back.

At least the ones who were
lucky enough to come back alive.

I made myself a
promise after the war,

to dedicate my life
to helping others.

And to never forget the past.

To make sure it will never
happen again.

Being engaged in life

renewed my faith
in mankind.

Working with
other veterans,

sharing experiences...
good and bad.

Some men who bottled things up
didn't fare as well.

Some turned to drink

or committed suicide.

While others...

became embittered
and lived in the past,

over and over until they
lost all hope.

Everyone had to rebuild
their lives again.

It was a very dark time
in history.

But you have to believe

there will be light
after the darkness.

But most of all...

you have to recognize the light.

Amen to that.

We all get lost
in darkness or

Sometimes it feels
easier to stay in it

than to get out of it.


I would like you
to take this check back,

and think about
it a little more.

Giving away
the reparation money

isn't going to erase your pain.

You need to...

...forgive what's
happened to you.


you need
to forgive yourself.

The church could certainly
use the contribution,

but having a parishioner
make peace with the past

is much more valuable to me
than having this money.

So, promise that
you'll think about it.

I will.

Thank you, Reverend.

Excuse me.

If it's not too much
trouble, Henry,


if you're ever in the area,

maybe we could
talk again.

If it's not too much
of a bother.

I wasn't able to move on
with my life

like you after the war.

I've put my life on hold
for so many years,

but now I...

Well, now is a good place
to start.

How about I take you to dinner?

Uh, well...

yes, please.

That's very nice.

Thank you.

Can you give me a moment?

Thank you and
good-bye, Reverend.

Right. Good-bye.

I still got it.