7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 4, Episode 3 - Yak Sada - full transcript

Annie and Lucy get involved in an organized protest about the treatment of women in Afghanistan. A young couple talks to Eric about sexual equality in their own marriage. Ruthie wants to play on the school's football team.

The old shingle's out again.

I got a counseling session

I'm back in business!

Oh, that's
great, honey.

I think it's too soon.

It's been three weeks
since your heart attack.

Oh, yes, it's way too soon.

You know how talking
to two almost newlyweds

puts a strain on the heart.

I'm going to drop
the kids off at school,

run by the market,
but I'll be back
by the time

the twins are awake again

to take them off your hands
before your session starts.

Market or not,
I'm more than happy

to get the twins
fed and dressed.

I just... I just can't wait
for this counseling session.

It makes me feel alive
to be working again.

Well, good for you, but
just don't work too hard.

Oh, no, no.
I wouldn't want to be too alive.

Mom. Mom. When are
we going to replace
the station wagon?

When we have the time,

when we get
the doctor bills paid...

But, until then,
move it.

We've got places to go,
people to meet,
groceries to buy.

Hey, I'm glad I caught you.

Could you drop by Shana's
apartment? Something's up.

I don't know what,
but it's something serious

because Shana's not talking.

Gee. Could I?

I'm not going to just
show up at Shana's door

and try to weasel
something out of her

she's chosen not to talk about.

I'm not stupid.

I won't have you just show up.

I told her you'd hem this
for her and drop it off.

When does Shana need the skirt?



She's got some big interview.

The secret
is the "with whom" part.

Don't you want to know
the "with whom" part?

I want to hem this skirt
by lunchtime today less.

You are a bad, bad son.

Run up to my bedroom and grab

the sewing basket,
and throw it in

the car as we're backing out.

Don't you ever use that look
on me again.


Thank you.

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ When I see
their happy faces ♪

♪ Smiling back at me ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ I know there's
no greater feeling ♪

♪ Than the love of family ♪

♪ Where can you go ♪

♪ When the world
don't treat you right? ♪

♪ The answer is home ♪

♪ That's the one place
that you'll find ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ Mmm, 7th Heaven ♪

♪ 7th Heaven. ♪

Annie, this is
so nice of you.

I have an interview
this morning,

and I wanted
to wear a skirt,

and that's the
only skirt I have

that's not something
I'd wear to a wedding.

Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no, no.

Can I use your phone?

Yeah. Sure.

Yeah, you know,
I'm sure Annie will be back

any minute.

Or not.


Are your counselees there?

Yeah. Are you okay?

Matt asked me to drop by
and help Shana with something,

and your counseling session
just went right out of my head.

I'm so sorry.

I'll be right there.

They're fine.

I'm fine. Everybody's fine.

Are you sure?
I can be there in ten minutes.

No, I'm sure that,
that Ryan and Jessica won't mind

and, you know, I don't have
anything else scheduled

for today, so just
take your time.

Yeah, I know, I promise.

Yes, I promise.

Okay, I'll see you later.

Love you, too.

Ah... sorry
for the inconvenience.

These things happen
when you've got seven kids.

Where's Annie?

Uh, she's with a friend.

My mom would never have left
babies alone with my dad.

Oh... why's that?

She just wouldn't.

Okay, what about your mom?

Uh, well...

But her mom and dad divorced
when she was just a little kid.

So we know firsthand

that marriage is
an endangered institution.

And we plan to stick
to the traditional values

that we talked about
in your class to make sure

that our marriage works.

You know,
like you said,

the husband has
to be responsible

for providing for the family.

Uh, I believe I said "parents."

The, the parents--
or parent, as the case may be,

has to be responsible
for providing for the family.

Of course, uh,
those responsibilities

can be divided up in any
number of ways, depending on

what the couple doing
the dividing wants.

Jessica will be responsible
for cooking and cleaning

and laundry
and child care.

And I will be responsible
for bringing home the paycheck,

deciding how
that money is spent,

and when it's time
for us to have children.

These are pretty traditional
division of responsibilities,

not much different from the way
that you and Annie do things.

You think that's
what Annie and I do?



I have to admit that the
division of labor around here

has been a little off lately,
but, you see,

that's because
of my heart attack.

When I was in,

and when I get back
to fighting form,

do whatever's necessary,

whenever necessary,

and, when applicable,
to whomever necessary.

Hmm. Right?

Thank you so much
for doing this.

I know how busy you are.

It's okay.

You said something
about an interview?

I'd really rather wait
and see how it turns out

and then let you know
all the details

if that's okay.

Oh, it's absolutely okay.

I'll just grab the milk
that I put in your fridge

and hit the road.
I'll get it.

Are you okay, Annie?

I-I'm fine.


So what if you're better
than the other girls?

Other girls?

You know what I mean.

I know exactly
what you mean.

You talked me into
signing up for Home Ec

so we could have
a class together,

but it never
occurred to me

that I'd be the only
guy in the class.

Okay, so it did
occur to me,

and I didn't exactly
mind the idea because

I'm in touch with my female side
and, well, you know.

But I never thought I'd be
so good at cooking

that the girls would treat me
like one of them.

One of you.

You know
what I mean.

if it bugs you that much,

transfer out to... woodshop.

You can't transfer
without a note.

My mom already said no
and my dad'll say

the same thing
if I ask him.

Besides, I-I told them
I was doing this

so I could flex
my culinary muscles.

They probably knew
you were lying then

because that sounds like a lie,

so you should just be straight
with them now.

You'd rather be in woodshop

because there are more guys
in there.

And wood.

Men love wood.

The smell of wood,
the look of wood.

The way it looks
when it's varnished,

the way it crackles in a fire.

The way it can be
as flexible and airy

as a piece of kite paper
or as solid and unyielding

as the oak hull of a
mighty Viking ship.

Yep, wood is the substance
of our lives, you know.

You're a freak.

All right,

I've got to get back
to work this afternoon,

and we've got a lot of other
things to do this morning

besides this.

This is the most important
thing you have to do

before your wedding.

There's still a lot of
issues left to resolve

before you two
stand up

in front of your
families and friends

and promise to be together
for the rest of your lives.

After we're married,

we'll have the rest
of our lives

to talk
about those things.

Now, I don't mean
to be insensitive here,

but it's not our fault
that you had a heart attack,

which forced us to push
these counseling sessions back

to just before the wedding.

We haven't even
discussed the vows.

Love, honor and obey.
What's to discuss?

Well, for one thing, there's
that pesky word "obey."

Jump on in here any time
you want, Jessica.


Everything okay?

Everything's fine.

That guy really bugs me.

You can't be bugged, honey.
You can't.

Deep breath.

He still bugs me, but in
a philosophical kind of way.

I've got to get the twins
to Dr. Martin's.

They're due for a check-up.

Routine inspection.

Nothing to worry
or be bugged about, okay?

Now, don't you worry or get
bugged while I'm gone, okay?


What are you doing here?

I-I came by to see if you needed
a ride to your interview.

No, you didn't.

You came by to try and nose in
on my interview.

Shana, everything all right?

The interview is
at your apartment?

What kind of interview is

in an apartment?
Okay, just remember,
I haven't seen him in 20 years.

Haven't seen whom?

Matt, I'd like you
to meet m-my dad.

I'll pick Ruthie up

from soccer practice.

I'm happy to pick Ruthie up
so you can do your homework.

Come on. I, I never get to drive

and besides, I, I want
to see how Ruthie's doing.

Ruthie said we were not allowed
near the field

till the first game.

She was very clear about that.

Fine, I won't spy.

Well, spy a little;
just don't get caught.

Got it.

And of course,
report back to me.


Did Mary leave?
What's wrong?

Oh, nothing's wrong.

I just wanted to go with Mary,
uh, to pick up Ruthie.

That's all.

W...if I don't leave now,
I'm gonna miss her.

You already have.

You didn't answer
my question.

Why do you want to go
with your sister so badly?

Oh, I... well, I don't know.

No reason. Hmm.

Yeah, right.

Why didn't you
leave your gear in
the locker room?

I wanted to show it to you.

Don't I look cool?

Downright frosty.

But how'd you play?

I don't want to brag,

but I have moves on the field
that I've never seen.

I'll be right back.

Here, nummy-nums, okay?

Hey, how'd the checkups go?

Well, there was a lot less
crying than the last time.

Oh, good for you,
you're getting braver.

Ha, they're both in the top
third of their height

and weight percentiles.

That's right.

No "just average" for my boys.

Our boys.

Have you heard
about this?

Uh, well, I, I've seen
a few things

in the paper
and on the news.

Uh, a group called
the... the Taliban is in power

in Afghanistan.

The atrocities they're
committing against women

in the name of religion
are shocking.

The Taliban

claims that their
practices and policies

are fundamentalist

but, uh, most of their
policies are nowhere

to be found
in Islamic texts.

Look at this.

"Women are dying
because very few women
are even allowed

"to practice medicine,

"and women can't receive care
from a male physician.

"They can be beaten
in public

"if they're not dressed
in a traditional burka,

and many women can't
even afford one."

"If their feet aren't covered

"or their shoes make a noise,
they can be beaten.

"They can't leave the house
without a close male relative.

"In fact, they can be beaten
for laughing in public...

"and girls are banned
from school.

"Abdullahi an-Na'im, a Muslim
and US scholar, in an excerpt

"from a Physicians for
Human Rights report, said that

"'Human Rights Organizations

"'like Physicians for Human
Rights, are condemning

"'these policies and practices

"'from a human rights
point of view.

"'Unless Muslims do the same

"'from an Islamic point of view
as well,

"'the Taliban will get away
with their false claim

"'that these heinous crimes
against humanity are dictated

by Islam as a religion.'"

I don't know whether to be angry

about what the Afghan women
don't have

or grateful for what I do.

There's no reason why
you can't be both.

Let me say good night
to these guys.

You have to sleep,

because when you sleep,
you grow.

And the next time
we're at the doctor's,

we'll rule his little percentile
charts, won't we, boys?

Hey, you wanna join me
on the front porch?

I'd follow you
to the ends of the world.

Well, I fixed that railing
this afternoon,

but it needs
a new coat of paint.

Aren't you tired?

Nah, I love my work.

And even though my dad
abandoned my family

and has been
out of the picture
for 20 years,

he's still my dad,

He seems to be doing well,
and he is my dad,

so why wouldn't he want
to help me, you know?

It's not like
I've ever asked him
for anything before.

I've been working two jobs
since I was 16,

and I want to get
into med school,

and I really think I could
if I could just spend

a little more time studying
and a little less time working.

I hope your dad
can help you out.


But who knows?

Could you at least sound

I don't want
to give you false hope.

What is false hope?

It's when you hope
something works out,

but there's not much of a chance
that it will.

That makes no sense.

Hope is hope,

and the hope
wasn't false.

It was the real thing.

A person has the right

to hope for whatever
they wanna hope for.

It doesn't make
sense to say

a person has the right
to hope in some cases

and not a right to hope
in other cases,

especially because those
are probably the cases

where they need
to hope the most.

Okay, false hope is a misnomer.

Thank you.

Uh, it's just that it seems
like he's a decent guy

despite the past 20 years.

I've refused
to marry couples before,

but their wedding's next Sunday,

and Jessica's a parishioner
of mine,

so I owe it to her
to at least talk to her.

You wouldn't believe
how relaxing it is
just to paint.

And look, I have
an extra brush.

Ryan seemed like a good enough
guy in the marriage classes,

but then the big day

and his head cracks open
and a monster crawls out.

I love Indian summer, don't you?

And the smell of night air
over the... paint.

Yeah, that's the honeysuckle.

I'm nuts to let this guy
get to me.

You're right.

You shouldn't let him
get to you.

I'll tell you
this much,

I'm not gonna
spend a week

worrying about it;
I'm not.

I'll just pick up a phone.
I'll call Jessica.

I'll ask her
to come over.

I'll explain myself to her.
That'll be that.

You don't have to explain
yourself to anyone.

Just say no.

Do what the doctor says
and use your recent heart attack

as an excuse not

to do all
the stressful things

that you didn't have to do
in the first place.

And if you don't want
to marry two people,

don't marry them,
end of story!

You know,
that's a very good point.

Help me paint. It's fun.

I just don't want this woman
to ruin her life.

Jessica's going to have to save
her own life, and she will.

Okay, you're right.

I appreciate your listening.

I'll just have a word with her,

just one small quick word;
I will tell Jessica

I can't perform the service,
let her figure out the rest.


Jessica's a very smart women.
She can and will figure it out.

Now, I know there's not a chance
you're gonna leave this alone,

but are you sure
you don't wanna paint?

It's like really relaxing!

No, thanks, Tom Sawyer.
Nice try, though.

Thanks. I thought so.

I took the class
to be with Deena and now

I'm one of the girls!

Well, that's just stupid.

I spend almost every weekend

wearing overalls, carrying
a hammer and building houses.

That doesn't make me a guy.

That's because
you're no good at it.


You're beautiful.


Well, I mean,

you've always been beautiful.

I just never told you
because you're my sister.

Really? I was
just playing around

with a couple of new looks.

I don't even know if I'm gonna

go with one of them,
you know, full-time.

Well, you should know if you do,

you're not making my job
as a brother any easier.

Thank you.


This is Simon.

Yeah, cinnamon.

No problem.

One of my classmates wasn't sure

what she was missing
from her snickerdoodles.

How did you know
it was cinnamon?

I just know these things.

I don't know how.

Aren't you listening?

I'll listen.

I'm a good listener.

It's nothing.

I tried a new
makeover thing, okay?

Okay, sure, sure,
yeah, I get it.


You're beautiful.

Thank you.

Anyway, um, I heard
Habitat for Humanity

bought that, uh, old place
on Riverview Drive.

Yeah, the place looks
worse than it is.

The cornerstone and retaining
walls are in good shape.

There are a lot of dead walls
we'll have to modify,

and we'll have to put new coping
on all the exterior walls,

you know, the ones
that are masonry.

But it's not so bad.

It's not so bad at all.

I mean, what's a little coping?

How you doing, Dad?

It's been great
having some time off.

You haven't been on vacation.
You had a heart attack.

Ah, why split hairs?

I couldn't be better.

Could I?

I mean, if I knew
what was going on with Simon,

could I be better?

No, it's
totally stupid.

If it gets less stupid,
let me know.

What's the deal with Ruthie?

What's the deal with you?

I tried something new, okay?

I just felt
like it.

I started seeing how
a house is a reflection

of the people in it, and I feel
really good about myself

right now, and I want
my outside to reflect

my inside.


Yeah, fine by me.


So, um, Ruthie's
playing football,

not soccer.


Football is a contact sport,
and Mom knows that.

And if she found out

that her
baby's nickname

in that contact sport is "The
Hammer," she'd pull her out.

And that'd be wrong because,
because Ruthie loves it,

and she's great at it.

How long do you and The Hammer

think you can keep
this little secret?

We just have to make it
to the first game.

Once Mom and Dad see Ruthie

in all her gridiron glory,
they'll have to let her do it.

She has got

the swiveling-est hips
you have ever seen.

She can't be tackled.

And if someone tries,
whoop, it's Hammer time.

Well, that's great.

I know, but you-you can't
say anything to Ruthie

because I wasn't supposed
to say anything to anyone.


Hey, Jessica, it's your friendly
neighborhood minister calling.

Uh, I would like to have
a private conversation with you

in person, if you could
find a moment to, uh,

drop by at your earliest
convenience. Thanks.

Got anything
to eat?

Oh, seek and ye shall find.

Uh, but first smell
whatever ye find,

because some other ye had
a science project in there.

Um, hey, are you back
in the snooping business?

I was never in
the snooping business.

Okay, are you back to checking
out things for God yet?

Because I need someone
to check out Shana's dad.

Shana tracked him down
and met with him

for the first time in years

and asked him to help her
out with school.

Not a bad idea.
Maybe, but

maybe the guy's broke,
and maybe he just came around

because he's hoping to get
some money off his daughter.

Well, maybe, but college
students aren't known

for having a lot
of disposable income.

Okay, but Shana's dad's
back in the picture,

and I want to know if that's
a good thing or a bad thing.

You know, could you
please ask around?

I'm not sure if my network's

up for that degree
of asking around.

I have faith in you
and your network.

Aren't you sweet.

Please, I mean, the guy
abandoned her and left her

with a crazy brother
and an even crazier mother.

Yeah, they have
their problems,

but Shana's brother's
doing great in treatment.

How do you know that?

Made a couple of calls.

I'll make a couple of calls.


Mom, hey, could you
proofread my report

for English Lit?
I couldn't run
the dishwasher

because the latch
is loose again.


Uh, proofread and,
and fix the latch.

Mom, you okay?

Yeah, do you know anything about
the situation in Afghanistan?

Why do you ask?

Because the female population

is being practically wiped out
over there.

You know, I think,
I read something

about it in a
newspaper like
a year ago.

Is, is that still going on?

Yes, that's still going on.

Well, somebody should do
something about it.

I agree.

Good night.

Uh, if I might have
a moment of your time.

Um, the thing is,

this Home
Ec class

isn't turning out
like I thought it would.

So you want to just drop it
because it's harder

than you thought
it was going to be?

Let me let you in
on a little secret:

life is often harder
than you think it's going to be.

Well, yeah, but not my life.


We're sorry for coming
over without calling,

but you did say you
wanted to talk to me,

and, and I wanted
to talk to you too.

Ryan and I have done
a lot of talking

about the counseling
session we had earlier.

I was always afraid that I was
never going to find anyone

who really loved me,
and I'd end up spending
the rest of my life alone.

Then I met Ryan,

and I love him,
and I believe he loves me, too.

But under the

I don't think you're
the right minister to marry us.

We're going to
get someone else.

You have a problem with the way
I show my love for Jessica.

Jessica doesn't.

Well, that looks like
an interesting breakfast.

How can I help?

Why are you already worried
about dinner?

I'm not worried about dinner,

I just have it all planned out.



Oh, yes, he is.

It's Sergeant Michaels.



I'm sorry to just
drop by like this.

Um, I'm Mrs. Ryan
Thomlin, Senior.

Oh, come in.

I believe your
husband was supposed

to marry my son Ryan
and Jessica Tanner.

Uh, he was, Mrs. Tomlin,
but they fired him.

Please call me Betty.
That's my name.


May I speak to your husband?

Um, of course.

Uh, can I get you anything,
a cup of tea or...?

All right.
Oh, no, no, thank you.

I'm just fine. Thanks.

Okay, thanks.

Shana's dad's a mogul.

Computer software.
He's also completely legit.

I mean no parking tickets,
no criminal offenses,

no record of any kind.

Except the one for abandoning
his daughter, son and wife,

but anyway, Ryan's mother
is in your office; she asked

to speak to you.

Oh, this should
be interesting.

Yes, it should be.

Mrs. Tomlin, hi.

What can I do for you?

Betty, please.

And it's not what you can do
for me, but rather

what I can do for you.

You don't really want to see
Jessica marry my son, do you?



May I use the telephone, please?


Oh, thanks.

Jessica, it's Betty.

Yes, I'm over at, uh,
Reverend Camden's house,

and Ryan asked
that you join us,

but please don't
call him, dear.

He has that meeting
this morning,

and he doesn't want
to be disturbed.

Yes, thank you.

Phew, Jessica's on her way.

Why don't you just meet
with Jessica?

Because Ryan and my husband

treat me like a mentally
challenged housekeeper

and Jessica tends to think
like they think,

but you're a man

and a minister,
and because of that,

there's a chance
she'll listen to you.

Is this going to cause you
some problems at home?

Let me count the ways.

But I can take care
of myself; in fact,

I was just waiting for this
wedding to get over with

so I could tell Ryan and his
father that I filed for divorce.

I'm sorry to interrupt,

but I have to take
the kids to school.

Oh, dear, I suspect

that you're the only
sane man involved

with this stupid wedding.

Well, the, the sanity
part is debatable,

and I'm no longer
in this stupid wedding,

but I'd love to hear
what you have to say anyway.

Um, Jessica's parents
are divorced.

Jessica's mom thinks
Ryan's a real catch.

Because he's going to work,

and let her daughter have
the "luxury" of staying home.

Jessica's mother
has worked very hard

for a very long time

at a job she hates
very much,

and she envies
Jessica's opportunity

to have someone
pay the bills.

Uh, that explains a lot.

I too

have had the "luxury"
of staying home,

and having Ryan, Senior

tell me how to do
every blessed thing in life

from how to cook his meals,
how to make his bed,

and how to save money
at the market,

even though he never actually
did any of those things himself.

So, Ryan's had a strong role
model for this kind of behavior,

but uh, surely he knows that not
all families work that way.

Reverend, I tried in my own way,
to make him understand that.

I knew too late

that Ryan's father
was never going to change.

I didn't want
to divorce him

while Ryan was growing
up, so I stayed,

and by staying, yes,
I played a big part

in setting a bad example
for my own son.

It must have felt like
a lose-lose situation.

For me, until now.

But it doesn't have to be
for Jessica.

Remember, mouth guard in,
chin strap tight,

tuck the ball

close to your body;
carrying it around

like a loaf of bread
is asking to fumble.


You are playing football,
not soccer, right?

Who blabbed?

You left this in your sweats.

Are you going to make me quit?


But I don't want you to tell
Mary that I know. Okay?

Good one, Mom.

Hey, you,

be careful. I love you.

Is Ryan's mother okay?

Why, yes, dear, I'm fine.

Come on in.

Before either of you
says anything,

I have something to say.

I've been doing
a lot of thinking

about what's going on,

I can't marry Ryan...

At least not
until we come

to a better understanding
of what marriage is about.

And I'm sorry
if that upsets you,

but that's just the way it is.


What are you doing here?

Well, I felt like
I brushed you off last night

when you tried to talk to me
about changing classes,

so I stopped in and talked
with your guidance counselor.

Evidently you're
a little more

of a kitchen magician
than you've led me to believe.

I should have been
straight with you.

I took this class
so I could be with Deena,

and as it turns out,

I'm some sort of a super chef,

and now everyone's treating me
like I'm one of the girls.

I mean, I know there are
a lot of great chefs

who are men, but for now,
I'd just rather be in wood shop.

Well, there is your love of wood
to consider.

Well, I can't help it.
I just love it.

From paper to particleboard
and everything in between.

Well, your counselor said
you can transfer in.

That's great.

Of course your first project

in woodshop is a spice rack.

Oh, thanks.

Why are you doing this to me?

Oh, I'm sorry.

See you later.

If I wanted someone
to check into my father,

I would've just gone
to your father.

Then you should
only be

half mad,
because that's who I went to.

I'm, I'm sorry
if I did something

I shouldn't have,
or if I offended you

by trying to look out for you,

but I just wanted
to make sure

that your dad is the kind of guy

who deserves a second chance
to be your father.

And you can find that out
with a few phone calls?

You can find out if
someone's done okay

for himself in the software
business, and your father has.

Now I just hope

he does right by you.

Is that true hope or false hope?

It's sincere hope.

- Fight freedom.
- Here you go.

It's my free period,

so I asked the principal
if I can use it to do this,

and she said she was sure
you'd approve.
I know.

She called me.

And not only do I approve,
but I am very proud of you.

I figure it's the least
we can do

to try and raise awareness
about this problem.

You're right.
It's the least we can do.

Come on.



I'm thinking of staying out
a while longer.

Lucy just got out of school,
and we're hanging out.

Uh, Matt's going
to pick Simon up.

Well, don't worry about a thing.

Uh, I'm almost done
with the laundry, and, uh,

we Camden men can take care
of ourselves.

I'm sure you can.


That was your mama.

Can you say, "Mama"?


Well, well, well.

Would you look at this?

A meeting of

the Camden men
and only the Camden men.

- Yes.
- All right.

You're on bathroom duty.

I'm gonna start
on a load of towels,

and Simon the Great
can get started in the kitchen.

Uh, do you want
snickerdoodles, brownies

or chocolate chip cookies?

I mean, personally, I'd
go with the snickerdoodles.

They're lighter and
you can eat more.

Oh, you thought I could
cook, like, a dinner?


It's junior high
Home Ec.

not Marcella Hazan's
Cooking School.


I don't know.

Simon's gonna cook.

Can you say, "Uh-oh"?

Ice pack! We have
to get an ice pack.

Are you okay?

Ha. You should
see the other guy.

Don't worry. I'll live.

Yeah, but if Mom and
Dad see you, I won't.

Can't help you there.

That's your department.


Come in.

I can't stay long, right?

I just have a minute.

I'm glad you found me.

It's great to see

my little girl is growing
into such an incredible woman.

You-you have the, the same
kind of drive to succeed

that I had when
I was your age.

But if I hadn't worked
my way through school,

if someone had just come along
and paid my way,

then I might have
lost that drive.

I could help you,

but I think it would just
hurt you in the long run.

You understand, don't you?

So, we could, uh,
still be friends?


We were never friends, uh, and
you were never a father to me.

You never...

paid child support.

You never called.

You never visited.

You, you never even
sent me a birthday card.

And in spite of that,

I gave you a chance
to act like a dad

and help me when I needed it.

If you were any kind of dad,

you'd have known
how hard that was for me.

If you were any kind of dad,
you'd have known

that I would have never gone
to anyone and ask for help

if there was any way
to avoid it.

But you didn't know any of that

because you aren't
any kind of a dad.

You never were
and you never will be.

But that's okay.

I wanted you to help me mostly
because I wanted to believe

my dad was the kind of man
who would always be there for me

if I really needed him.

But I found out the truth
about the man in the moon

and I got over it,
and I'll get over you, too.

And I'll do just fine
without you. I always have.

Someday... you'll
thank me for this.

Sure I will.

Just one more thing.

Mom worked your way
through college; you didn't.

Look what I got playing soccer.

Are you okay?

Things happen when you get
tackled and there's a pile-up.

You don't want to know.

But I couldn't
be better.

You can't hide anything from me.

I'm the mom.

Are you going to make her
stop playing?

I already asked her,
and she said no.

You knew that she knew?

Yeah, good one, huh?

I'll take Ruthie home
and then I'll come back.

No, you don't have to.

I know, but I want to.

Whatever it is, I'm in.

What is it?
What are we doing?

We'll take a break
and explain it to you.

"After rinsing,
pound the chicken,

"roll in bread crumbs.

Place in baking dish."

You know, um...

A good snickerdoodle
is harder than this.

So, what are we supposed to do
with that tomato sauce stuff

Mom made this morning?

We might've missed a step.

I'll get it.

I'm coming!

So, thanks to you,

Jessica's not
going to marry me.

Actually, you have
your own "ideas" to thank.

I know what a wife is.

A wife is a man's servant,

just like man is God's servant.

I see.

So men get to do
what God tells them,

or what they think
God tells them,

and women get to do
what men tell them?

Something like that, yes.

Did you tell Jessica
she can't call off the wedding?

Of course I told her
she can't call off the wedding.

We'd look like idiots in front
of our friends and family.

And I love her.

So tell everyone your minister
had a heart attack,

and he can't perform
the service,

and you don't want anyone else
to marry you.

Let's come in the kitchen
and talk.

My parents are
getting a divorce.

My dad tried talking
to my mom,

but she won't listen.

Now, their marriage
is just over,

and nobody can stop her.

Life is full
of uncertainties.

You know,
you can't control life.

That's why it's nice to have
someone in there with you,

watching and coping with all
the uncertainties together.

It may be too late
for your mom and dad,

but it's certainly
not too late for you.

Come on.

By the way, do you know
anything about sauces?

I was wondering if
you would do me a favor?


I feel a little weird asking

because you've been
doing so much lately,

and I haven't been
a whole lot of help.

When you've had a little
more recovery time,

then I'll let you
be more of a help.

And just so you know, nobody
makes me do the things I do.

I choose to do them,
and I love my life.

Now, what's the favor?

Uh, these first
few days back

have been a little
tougher than I thought.

How would you feel about
delivering the sermon on Sunday?

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

I-I would like to
avoid the pressure,

and I have a feeling
there are a few things

you wouldn't mind
getting off your chest.

You're not afraid of any
pressure, but thank you.

This means the world to me.

Oh, I love my life.
I love my life!

As I stand up here

in front of all of you,
all of this,

it's hard for me to believe
that everybody in here

can actually hear me.

But the person who usually
stands up here told me

that's why we leave all the
important stuff up to the choir.

Because it's easy
for one small voice to get lost

in this big old church,

but if you put
a few voices together,

then you've got yourself
a choir,

and the one voice of the choir
can be heard

in the furthest corners
of the biggest church,

and on a good day,
even outside on the sidewalk,

and that's good to know because
when we leave this building

and you're out there
on that sidewalk,

you realize that
that's where the one voice

is hardest to hear,
and needed the most.

I know this because, uh,

I've been out on one small piece
of that sidewalk this week,

literally, with my daughters,

and a protest sign,

because a group in Afghanistan
called the Taliban

has come to power.

The fundamental rights
that we take for granted,

leaving the house alone,
in clothes of our choice,

going to school,
laughing in public,

they're not only gone
for Afghani women,

but they are punishable,
in some cases, by death.

The women of Afghanistan
have been made shadows,

and they cannot be heard because
their voices have been silenced.

Well, mine hasn't.

The women of Afghanistan
are not shadows.

They are grandmothers
and sisters

and daughters and mothers.

We all are,

and if I, if we choose
not to use our voices

for them and for ourselves,

then we are just giving away

of extraordinary value

that those women
have had brutally taken away.

I know it's scary
to hear your own voice,

and what a risk you take
when you put it out there.

I also know how important
it is to use it anyway,

in here, out there,
on the sidewalk.

It is their and our only hope.